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MUTUA Security of each and every one of us is one of the most important things in life. The ability to live, work, and sleep at peace with no fear of harm to oneself or attacks is essential for the achievement of a good life. As a Governor, I am committed to provision of security so as to make Machakos ounty the safest region in !enya. My plan is to enable our mothers, sisters and daughters to even walk at " a.m. at night with no fear of attack. #very person should sleep soundly without fear of being invaded by thieves, and businesses should open all night long with no fear of thieves or car$ackers. #veryone should en$oy life without the harassment and danger of insecurity. %uring my campaign for Governor I promised that in Machakos, we will prioritise security so that every citi&en and visitor can work and move freely without fear. 'e have researched on ways of enhancing security and the patterns of insecurity in Machakos and in !enya and from that developed mechanisms for a omprehensive Security and #mergency (rogram for the iti&ens and visitors of our ounty. 'e are achieving this through monies we budgeted for this work. This (rogram will touch and affect every household, village, road, and town in Machakos ounty. The Machakos (rogram includes the following )* initiatives+ ). Police pre e!ce "!# re po! e $%ro&'% "("il")ili$* o+ (e%icle , )*, fuelled and maintained security vehicles so that each of our -. locations will have a police car, all our highways will have highway patrol cars and our towns will have enough police coverage. In the ne/t financial year we will double the fleet.


*. Co&!$* -i#e CCTV S* $e. , 'e have installed 0,, on all our towns and highways.



These, together with the security

vehicles, will be monitored and controlled at five C"ll "!# Oper"$io!"l Ce!$re in Machakos Town, Athi 2iver, Masii, Matuu and !angundo towns. All the security cars have tracking devices on them so that the nearest car to a crime can be dispatched. All highways in Machakos, all banks, all markets and streets of ma$or towns are already under *3hr T1 surveillance. ". Sec&ri$*'e!c* !&.)er /// or 001 Oper"$io!"l 12 %o&r , These will be manned using call centres for speedy security and emergency response. 3. S$ree$ li'%$i!' $o e!%"!ce (i i)ili$* 4 All tarmacked highways in Machakos are getting lights installed using a hybrid system of both !(5 electricity and Solar (ower 6*,,, lights to be installed7.

0. M&li3" M-i4i Li'%$ i! "ll M"c%"3o $o-! 5(ill"'e ce!$re 4 8,, Mulika Mwi&i lights to enable shops to stay open late 4 every sub9location and every village centre will be lit.

-. Co.p&$eri4e# Cri.i!"l Occ&rre!ce Recor#i!' 4 :ecause we are in a digital era, all (olice Stations are being provided with a computer network system controlled by the !enya (olice and A( ommanders so as to ensure efficiency.

;. M"c%"3o Fore! ic Ce!$re 4 The first <orensics entre in !enya is now operational and features scene of crime teams, special %=A e>uipment and cutting edge forensics investigation. The center will be open to the (ublic on March )0, *,)3 in 30 days? time.

8. M"c%"3o'e!c* "!# Sec&ri$* P"$rol )" e 4 All highways and towns are being set up with emergency bases with a security car, ambulance, fire engine and breakdown vehicle for speedy and effective security and emergency operations.

.. Police Po $ "!# Police Ho& i!' 4 To enable security coverage, we are increasing police posts in the county from *) to 3, and eventually to ),,. In addition, we are about to start construction of houses for the police using ",, Million !enya Shillings so that our !enyan @fficers who put their lives in the line for all of us live in decent and respectable homes.

),. Police Do' 4 To enable tracking of crooks, we have invested in 3, police dogs who will be used in all villages and towns to track rapists, thieves, murderers etc. #very ward will have a trained (olice %og.

)). Police G&! De$ec$or 4 To flush out criminals who use guns to terrori&e our iti&ens, we have ordered ), gun detectors so that in every village, police can go door to door and flush out illegal guns. )*. Alco%ol Blo- 4 To supplement the great work being done by the =ational Government and to enforce the do not drink and drive law, we have partnered with the =ational Aighway and Transport :oard for police in Machakos to have ade>uate alcohol blow devices and speed guns. The message is clear, while in Machakos, obey the !enyan law.


5adies and Gentlemen, my philosophy is that to combat security, a Government has to provide re>uired resources as a priority. @nce the security organs are well e>uipped, then we are able to carry out the other initiatives of community policing, police on the beat and even village household partnerships, much more efficiently. 'e are working towards creating an enabling environment for business and *3 hour operation so as to provide employment, generate wealth and fight poverty. Security is not a =ational Government or ounty Government issue only. I am asking all of us, each one of us, to discourage crime by not buying goods they know or suspect are stolen and also to identify and report criminals in their neighbourhood to the authorities or by calling the security hotline number ... or ))* for action. In conclusion, we want to partner with everybody to wipe out crime from our lives in Machakos. I encourage all households to purchase battery generated sirens or alarms. That way, if somebody is attacked and they turn on the siren, then the neighbours can alert the police and the police can respond more efficiently. The ones not able to afford an alarm or siren, I encourage them to have a whistle 6firimbi7. :ecause of the police cars, motorcycles, tracking dogs and criminals will be stopped and dealt with in minutes. T1s,

'e thank the =ational Government and the support by A.#. Bhuru !enyatta, GA and the Ministry of Interior and Security Agencies for their support and partnership.

<inally, we urge all criminals, car $ackers, thugs, rapists and thieves to change their habits or ship out of town because Machakos will soon be a crime free ounty and remain the place to be.



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