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Manufacturer & Exporter of Quality Knitted Fabrics & High Fashion Apparels

Atul Global Pvt. Ltd. Started its business operations in 1996 with manufacturing of knitted fabrics. From
1996 to Year 2001, Company saw immense growth in knitting business & our monthly production
touched a level of 300MT per month.

Our foresight into ever changing & highly competitive global market led to vertical integration &
company ventured into apparel manufacturing in year 2002 with the clear objective of catering to the
high fashion apparel segment. Apparel division started off its operations with “Lee Cooper” India and a
leading domestic jeans wear brand “Numero Uno”. Today, Atul Global is positioned as a leading high
fashion apparel manufacturer for national & international apparel brands & retail chains.

The company is managed by professionals under the guidance of and leadership of Mr. Jaswant Rai
Gupta. Mr. Gupta is an extremely well known personality in the field of textiles and garments. The
company is run by over 5 professional managers each of whom is the leader in his field of activity. Our
goal is to be a world class supplier conforming to the highest standards of customer satisfaction. Team
Atul Global is dedicated to meet all the needs of buyers, by ensuring great quality, timely delivery &
good prices.

At Atul Global we believe in building relationships. No wonder that most of our clients have been with
us for Years.
Production Unit of Atul Global P Ltd, is located in Ludhiana city of Punjab
(INDIA). Our production facilities are equipped with latest state of the art
machines which give us tremendous edge in terms of Quality and Timely
delivery. Our operational facilities are:

KNITTING: We have a wide range of State of art knitting machines, which

includes Jersey, Interlock, Auto Stripes, Jacquards, Ribs, Fleece, Terry etc. We
have Knitting machines ranging from 16G to 32G. Some of these machines are
with Lycra attachments. Other machines such as Cone winders & Rolling
machines supports our knitting & checking departments well & help us in
increasing the productivity.

DYEING: We have an associated modern dying house with a capacity of 3-4

Tonnes per day. The dyeing plant is fully equipped with a range of finishing
machines such as the balloon Padder, relaxed dryer, compactors, brushing &
calendaring machines etc. Baby soft flow dyeing machines are available to
cater to small quantities and sampling. Dyeing operations are carried out in a
separate firm which is our sister concern
SAMPLING: We have the dedicated state of the art sampling unit. We
produce approx 100-200 samples per month. Separate sampling team makes
sure that the samples are developed in time & as per the requirement of the
concerned buyer

STITCHING: We have an extremely modern stitching factory comprising of

latest technology Flat-locks, Over-locks, and lockstitch machines. Our
Stitching unit is equipped with special purpose machines like two needle
Lockstitches, Collar attachment machines, Rib Cutting Machines, 12 needle
Flat lock machine, Elastic attachment machine.
Large space has been provided for Cutting section, Panel checking/Bundling,
Finishing. Garment Finishing Unit is equipped with Steam presses &
Electronic Spotting machines.

QUALITY: Apparel division too has its own quality system in place. Quality
personnel are involved at each stage of production starting from cutting,
bundling, and line checking to finishing of garment. The department of quality
assurance is carrying out checks at following stages.

1. Dummy fitting before production

2. Checks during Production
3. Final Packing
Atul Global Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company for quality management systems.
We aim to enhance client satisfaction through the effective application of system, including
processes for continual improvements. A well organized system in place will only bring in
efficiency in work & make us more cost competitive.

We are also a certified fabric manufacturer & registered as a fabric supplier with COTTON
INC., US. We hold the license to use below given famous trademarks, of COTTON INC, on
fabrics & Apparels manufactured by our company for suitable categories. These trademarks
symbolize the quality standards maintained & the fact that our products are internationally
recognized for content & quality.
Trademark Cotton: Trademark Cotton can be used on 100% cotton fabrics
& end products that contain 100% upland Cotton. The trademark cannot be
used on cotton products not made of Upland cotton

NATURAL BLEND: Our suitable products are approved for quality &
contents to use the trademark NATURAL BLEND. This trademark is very
special & can be used on Specific high quality products which can match the
quality, Structure & blends’ parameters to the benchmark standards.

NATURAL STRETCH: ‘Natural Stretch’ is third trademark & made for

some of the most technical fabrics. Again the Trademark can be used on
very specific technical fabrics that satisfy the requirements for quality,
blend & weight of the fabric as per the benchmark standards set by
We manufacture a variety of fabrics for Indian domestic as well as international markets. A
thorough& strict quality check system has been put into place to maintain the product quality.
Quality check is made at each step right from Yarn stage to grey fabric, Post dyeing & then on
final processed fabric so any problem can be traced down at the initial stages & end product is
always as per required standard. We specialize in below given fabrics:
 Single Jersey / Double Jersey Fabrics  Ottoman & Corduroy Knits
 Single/Double Pique , Honey Comb  Fleece with/without brushing
 Ribs  Perfumed Fabrics in various fragrances
 Jacquards including Tube Jacquards  Burn outs / Brasso
 Stripes in Jersey/Interlock/Ribs & Fleece  Rib & Sinker Eyelets
 Mesh Fabric  Pattern Cancellation Stripes

In addition to the above fabric structures we have developed fabrics in some special yarns &
various blends in these yarns, which makes our fabric range very special
 Upland Cotton & PIMA Cotton  Bamboo Fabric & Cotton-Bamboo
 Cotton-Silk  Single Color Napped Yarn
 100% Modal & Cotton-Modal  Multi Color Napped Yarn
 Viscose & Cotton-Viscose  Cotton-Linen
 Organic Cotton  Modal-Polyester

We are doing Lycra based fabrics in most of then above yarn blends. Most of these blends can be
done in Solids, Yarn Dyeing & Melanges
The company produces all types of knitted garments. Its core strengths are:

CHILDREN WEAR : We produce children wear from new born to age

16 yrs. All most all items are in circular knits such as T-shirts, sweat
shirts, nightwear’s, rompers, jumpers, sets etc. We realize, children
wear is special and needs to be taken extra care so all the products go
through stringent quality control.

MEN’S WEAR: We produce both for the high street stores as well as
for the hyper markets. The idea is to provide affordable fashion with
good quality & price. Our product range is from basic jerseys in prints,
Stripes, cut & sewn and complicated knitted jackets.
The company produces all types of knitted garments. Its core strengths are:

WOMEN’s WEAR : We produce high quality Fashion Women’s wear apparels.

Fabrics such as Lycra jersey’s, modal, viscose, viscose Lycra, Ribs, Drop needle,
Slub, etc. are widely used in Women wear garments. Different Print techniques
can be used in garments & the garments can be decorated with intricate
ornamentation and sequences.

SPECIAL PRODUCTS: AGPL understands the growing concerns over

environmental issues & is committed towards making world greener. It is
this willingness to create greener & eco-friendly products which has helped
us develop eco friendly fabrics & Apparels. Today, we are making fabrics
that are dyed & printed using nearly 100% natural process &
natural/Vegetable dyes.
These special fabrics can be made in organic cotton as well to make it even
more natural & pure. This is a unique combination of age old methods of
printing & dyeing the fabrics using Vegetable/non-toxic dyes with today’s
technology oriented knitting machines that has been developed to suit
today’s environmentally aware consumer & client base. We specialize in
 Block
below givenPrinting  Hand Embroidery
Printing & Embroidery techniques:
 Dabu & Indigo Printing  Batik Printing
 Vegetable Discharge Print  Bandhini (Vegetable Tie &
 Ajrak, Bagru Techniques Dye)
 Madhubani & Kalamkari
Thanks to our performance and reputation we are fortunate to have some of the most discerning buyers
as our clients. Some of our customers listed below:
Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries or Product details


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