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Tools of the ninja First, let's define what a tool is.

A tool is an instrument or device used to carry out a particular function. A hammer is used to drive or pull nails, a phone is used to communicate over great distances, and money is a tool to negotiate trade. The ninja of old carried with them six basic tools at all times. These tools were: Amigasa .... This was a common, wide brimmed straw hat. The ninja could cover his face with this type of head covering. This made it easy to blend into a crowd of people. A modern day example of this tool would be a ball cap, or hoodie. Kaginawa ...... The aginawa, or grappling hoo was considered a major tool and could be used for climbing walls, setting snares or trip wires, or tripping wires and traps. !t could also be used as a flail in close "uarters or to hoist items up walls or trees.. The si#e, weight and number of prongs varied from clan to clan, but the uses are the same. Sekihitsu .... This was rolled clay formed into a pencil and was used to collect information or to mar trees and such. Another version of this was a sharpened stic that was charred on one end and used for messages that could be easily smeared$cleaned off of a surface. A ninjas primary job was intelligence gathering, so a good recording tool was important to eep close. A modern version of this would be the pen or sharpie. Kusuri .. Field medicine !f a ninja becomes sic or injured on his mission he may unable to see help as samurai could be loo ing for him. %o a medical it containing stomach and fever medicine, bandages for wounds, and in some cases, poison and antidotes were an essential part of the ninjas' tool set. Sanjaku tenugui........ A & ft. piece of cloth was used to cover the head or face and was also used as a headband or an extra length of rope. !t was ept around the waist or folded away in his jac et. A modern version of this could be a baclava, erchief or belt. Uchitake .... The Uchitake is a cylinder used as fire starter to commit arson, start a camp fire or light hand grenades. !t consisted of perforated tubing which held treated vegetable matter that would slow burn and eep embers for up to a full day. A lighter is the e"uivalent tool to this ancient instrument. These were the basic tools carried by the ninja, however sometimes other tools were needed to accomplish a mission. %ome of these tools 'and their modern e"uivalent( included: Torches 'Flashlight(

)olored rice 'form of coded communication, * way radios( +adders'collapsible and extendable( ,afts -rea ing and entering tools'loc pic set$bump ey, multi tool( +istening devices'bugs, wire taps( )ompass .aps /il ,ain )loa 'poncho(