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Megan Herrick 1/20/14 ENC 1145 Second Draft Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; the Room

of Requirement

One of the many remixes involved in the Harry Potter series is represented in the sixth book and movie. In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, there is a scene where Harry needs to hide the HalfBlood Princes book in the Room of Requirement. At this point in the story, it has become apparent to Harry and his cohorts that this book is dangerous to be in contact with, and they rush to hide it somewhere where no one with be able to find it. This scene in the novel and the movie are completely different considering the context of when it occurs, and even where it is placed in the story line. The context behind the scene in the novel of hiding the Half-Blood Princes book was to make sure that Snape didnt get his hands on it. Harry had just had a confrontation with Malfoy in the boys bathroom, and he had used an unknown spell from the book called Sectumsempra, which mortally injured Malfoy, who seemed to have been slashed by an invisible sword (Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince). Moaning Murtle was in the bathroom at the time and raised a wild racket after Harry released the spell, which Snape overheard and came running to the rescue. He somehow healed the remnants of the spell on Malfoy, and took him to the hospital wing to continue healing. When Snape returned from taking Malfoy to the hospital wing, he menacingly questioned Harry as to where he had found such a spell. Harry lied and said he had found it in one of the library books, but Snape saw right through him. As Snape attempted to search Harrys mind for the truth, Harry desperately tried to block

any thoughts of book, but the Half-Blood Princes copy of Advanced Potion-Making swam hazily to the forefront of his mind (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince). Snape told him to bring him his schoolbag and all of his school books, and as Harry ran he struggled to figure out what to do. He ran into Ron and made Ron give him his potions book, and quickly ran to the Room of Requirement to hide it there. He had to walk past the entrance three times before the door appeared, and inside he found a room filled with huge piles of hidden objects that wizards had hidden in there for years. Harry managed to find a distinctive place to hide the book, and then ran back to the bathroom to meet Snape. In the novel scene, the Room of Requirement was used as a very important hiding space for the Half-Blood Princes book. The scene from the movie has many differences. It does occur after the incident with Malfoy, but Snape does not force Harry to bring him his books. In this remix of the scene, Harry returns to the Gryffindor common room with Ron, Hermione, and Ginny and they collectively decide that it would be best if the book was hidden, even from Harry himself because he seemed inseparable from it. So Ginny takes Harry to Room of Requirement, alone. Already the media is obviously playing up the love interest between Harry and Ginny, and also they arent rushed to hide the book, much unlike Harry in the book version of this scene. Once in the room, Ginny tells Harry to close his eyes, so he wont be tempted (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince). This is a very big difference compared to the book, because this scene in the book emphasizes that Harry hides the Half-Blood Princes book in a very obvious place so that he will know where to find it again. In the movie, the scripting plays on Harry being slightly out of control with the book, to the point where it needed to be hidden without him knowing where it is. Once Ginny hides the book, she returns to a Harry with eyes still closed, and it is in the Room of Requirement that they share their first kiss. In the book, Harry and Ginny first kiss in the common room, but the film industry took the opportunity to play up the romance between Harry and his best friends little sister as much as they could.