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The Russian Jewish Organized Crime Link to the Death of Ryan!

Posted on January 25, 2014 by ajmacdonaldjr

The Russian Jewish Organized Crime Link to the Death of Ryan Loskarn The arrest and death of Washington politico Ryan Loskarn is suspicious. But not nearly as suspicious as the (unsolved) death (= murder) of Washingtonian Jeffrey Nedoroscik.

Loskarn was likely caught up in the Washington politico child porn and sex blackmail trap, which has been used for years to ensnare virtually every politico in Washington. Loskarn was probably compromised long ago, perhaps after the end of a Washington party. At such parties, important politicos are often invited to an after party, which includes illegal activities, such as drug use and/or sex with a minor. Such activities are then used (forever) against the politicos for blackmail. But who knows what happened, exactly, in Ryans case? Its possible Ryan was framed. Its possible he was set up for blackmail and the evidence used against him to destroy him and his promising career when he became expendable, a liability, or an enemy. Someone in Washington knows, we can be certain of that. All we can be certain of is that Ryans dead. This sort of thing has been going on in Washington for many years, and young politicos like Ryan Loskarn can be easily suckered into the Washington sewer of sexual and political

corruption and blackmail in their quest for ever more political connections and power. But well never hear the truth about the arrest and death of Ryan Loskarn in the mainstream media, because the truth about Washington perversion, corruption, and blackmail is surrounded by a conspiracy of silence

Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover Up Conspiracy of Silence, a documentary listed for viewing in TV Guide Magazine was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on May 3 1994. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. Many children suffered the indignity of wearing nothing but their underwear and a number displayed on a piece of cardboard hanging from their necks when being auctioned off to foreigners in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Toronto, Canada VIDEO Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover Up http:// BOOK The Franklin Cover-Up (.pdf) w/images/8/8e/The_Franklin_Cover-Up.pdf

Former Sen. Alexander Chief of Staff Ryan Loskarn Found Dead The former chief of staff to Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, Jesse Ryan Loskarn, was found dead of an apparent suicide on Thursday January 23, reports Politico Read more: Former Sen. Alexander Chief of Staff Ryan Loskarn Found Dead Ryan Loskarn believed to have committed suicide Jesse Ryan Loskarn, a one-time star staffer who was the former top aide to Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, was found dead Thursday afternoon following charges he possessed and distributed child pornography, according to the sheriffs office in Carroll County, Maryland. Loskarn, 35, is believed to have committed suicide Read more: Ryan Loskarn believed to have committed suicide Jesse Ryan Loskarn, former Lamar Alexander aide, dead in suicide

Jesse Ryan Loskarn, a former aide to Sen. Lamar Alexander (RTenn.) who faced charges of possessing and distributing child pornography, hanged himself and died Thursday in a Maryland home, his family and police officials said Friday Read more: Jesse Ryan Loskarn, former Lamar Alexander aide, dead in suicide Ryan Loskarn in court on child pornography charges It is unclear why it took federal agents almost three years to question or detains Loskarn after his name and address first emerged in a child pornography probe Loskarn is one of the most well-known Hill staffers and an influential policy aide. He is also very well-liked in the Senate, and the small community of those who work on the Hill was shocked by the news Read more: Ryan Loskarn in court on child pornography charges

GOP Strategists Child Porn Charges Tied To Major Canadian Case The Project Spade investigation began in October 2010 after undercover officers in Toronto made contact with a man on the internet sharing graphic images of young children being sexually abused. Officers then determined that the man now identified as Brian Way was allegedly running an exploitation movie production and distribution company. The company operated a website where customers from around the world placed orders to have movies sent to them through the mail or internet, Joanna BeavenDesjardins, an inspector with the Toronto police, said a press conference in November Loskarn is not the only shocking arrest related to Project Spade. Among those cuffed were six law enforcement officials, nine religious leaders, 40 school teachers, three foster parents, and nine doctors and nurses. The Toronto man at the center of the investigation, Brian Way, was charged in Canada with 24 offenses, including numerous child-pornography and proceeds-of-crime offenses, as well as instructing a criminal organization Read more: GOP Strategists Child Porn Charges Tied To Major Canadian Case

348 people arrested in child-porn case connected to Canadian firm According to U.S. court documents, the Azov investigation was prompted by about 20 complaints to Toronto police. Some of the complaints came from other law-enforcement agencies, some from cyber-tipsters and even some from business rivals of Mr. Way, sources said. Insp. Beaven-Desjardins said police first heard about Azov in 2005 but did not pursue a case against the company. The force had a better case by the time it looked at Azov again in 2010 because the videos were more clearly against the law, she said. Azov was not exactly a covert operation: It was incorporated, held trademarks and fought for them in very public legal battles that stretched over years. Starting in 2004, David Eisenlohr, a California mail-order distributor selling what he calls European naturist videos, complained to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that Mr. Way was stealing his films and reselling them online at a cheaper price. Mr. Eisenlohr then came to the attention of U.S. investigators in March, 2006, when photo-lab employees at a Wal-Mart in Virginia saw a man, David Tetterton, trying to print explicit

photos from their self-serve kiosk. Evidence seized from Mr. Tettertons house led to Mr. Eisenlohr, who was indicted with trading child pornography. Even as he faced criminal charges, Mr. Eisenlohr continued his campaign against his Canadian competitor. In 2007, he wrote a letter to then Canadian justice minister Rob Nicholson to complain about Mr. Way stealing my intellectual property using the internet and ask whether there were laws in Canada to stop him. Its crazy, guys arguing over what we consider child-exploitation material, one police detective said about the feud. In court, Mr. Eisenlohr successfully argued that his nude videos were not pornographic and he was acquitted in 2009 Read more: 348 people arrested in child-porn case connected to Canadian firm

Jews are Prominent in Pedophile Bust The international network of child porn producers and distributors was directed by the International Jewish mob. The key protagonists in this particular case!are Markus Roth of

Germany and Brian Way of Canada. Brian Ways mom, Sandra Waslov was also involved in setting up the joint operation with her son running and managing operations. She has been indicted and is currently a fugitive on the run. How did Way come into the police radar? Well, another fellow Jew by the name ofDavid Eisenlohr, similarly involved in pederasty complained to the US Patent and Trademark office that Brian aka Steve Way was stealing and selling his videos on the Internet. Other Jewish characters like Markus Roth exploited poor !and vulnerable young boys from villages in Romania under the guise of giving martial arts classes. He coerced/manipulated them into engaging in sexual acts. In August 201o,!Mr. Roth was sentenced to three years of prison for taking more than 100 pornographic films of children. Authorities said the films were sold to Canada at $1,000 a piece. He carried out such activities with former KGB Soviet Ukrainian Jewish spy Igor Rusanov, left, who was arrested in 2011. Rusanov! is said to have had sex with many of the boys. Rusanov is suspected of having links to the Russian-Israeli Mafia. Their company (Azovfilm) client list resulted in many arrests

Read more: Jews are Prominent in Pedophile Bust http:// %20.html

AZOV-FILMS USED FOR BLACKMAIL? Igor Rusanov, from the Ukraine, made most of the child porn films!for Azov-Films. After university, Rusanov was in the Soviet military studying covert command and control, secrecy and encrypted!communication. He graduated with honors and had the highest form of access!to state secrets. In other words, Rusanov was most likely a spy. Rusanov spent some time in the Soviet Union. In 1991, the Ukraine became independent. Rusanov became involved with the promotion of tourism and youth activities in the Ukraine. Rusanov then!seems!to have switched allegiance.

Beginning in 2002, he began working in collaboration with the American-influenced!Christian Center for Science and Apologetics,!which runs camps for children. The Christian Center for Science and Apologetics may, or may not, be a front for the CIA Read more: AZOV-FILMS USED FOR BLACKMAIL? http:// The Judeo-Russian Maa While the FBI and major media obsess about the Sicilian Mafia (the Cosa Nostra) a far more powerful and sinister force is in existence that has controlled most of the globes organized crime for at least two decadesthe Jewish mafia from Russia (a Kosher Nostra). Yet there is not even a desk at the FBI for their crimes, which dwarf those of the Italian gangsters in scope, violence and depth Read more: The Judeo-Russian Maa doc/157885372/The-Judeo-Russian-Mafia-From-the-Gulag-toBrooklyn-to-World-Dominion


Organized crime (OC) has longstanding roots in Israel, but in recent years there has been a sharp increase in the reach and impact of OC networks. In seeking a competitive advantage in such lucrative trades as narcotics and prostitution, Israeli crime groups have demonstrated their ability and willingness to engage in violent!attacks on each other with little regard for innocent bystanders. The Israeli National Police (INP) and the courts have engaged in a vigorous campaign against organized crime leaders, including the creation of a new specialized anti-OC unit, but they remain unable to cope with the full scope of the problem. Organized crime in Israel now has global reach, with direct impact inside the United States. Post is currently utilizing all available tools to deny Israeli OC figures access to the United States in order to prevent!them from furthering their criminal activities on U.S. soil Read more: ISRAEL: A PROMISED LAND FOR ORGANIZED CRIME? 2009/05/09TELAVIV1098.html VIDEO Israel: The Promised Land for Organized Crime

Source: The Russian Jewish Organized Crime Link to the Death of Ryan Loskarn