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Thinking in GIS

Thinking in GIS

a blog about GIS from a urban geogeek living at the countryside

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Spatial Database for Postgres and ArcGis users: how to choose

Posted: June 06, 2008 Categories: GeoServer, GIS, ArcIMS, QGIS, FeatureServer, uDig, ArcObjects, PostGIS, gvSIG, ArcGis Desktop, ZigGis, ArcSde Feedback: 14 Comments and 0 Reactions

As many of you can have already read, ArcSDE for Postgres is coming out at ArcGIS 9.3 (it is currently in the release candidate state). It will let you store geometries in two formats, Esri geometry and PostGIS geometry, in the same fashion ArcSde for Oracle is letting Esri or Oracle geometries be stored. I have seen some interest in the GIS community about this new, and i was reading interesting posts by Bill Dollins, Paul Ramsey, James Fee and Dave Bouwman, so I thought i would post here my opinion. Plus, as some of you may already know, zigGis Read the full post

zigGis 1.2 released

Posted: March 21, 2007 Categories: ArcGis Desktop, ZigGis, GIS, PostGIS Feedback: 6 Comments and 0 Reactions

zigGIS 1.2, the Open Source ArcGIS Desktop's connector to PostGIS, has just been released and you can download it here.This is a major release, as far it implements new important features like selections and rendering. At this time editing is still not supported (so it is still a read only connector).Also ArcMap documents persistence is now fully supported, meaning that you can save your mxd document with your PostGIS layer in them, and then open them again without problems.zigGIS should correctly work with ArcGis 9.0 (sp3), 9.1 and 9.2. Before installing it don't forget to install .NET support for ArcGis.Here Read the full post

PostGis WorkspaceFactory

Posted: February 21, 2007 Categories: GIS, .NET, ArcObjects, devs, PostGIS, ArcGis Desktop, ZigGis, COM Feedback: 0 Comments and 0 Reactions

In my previous post I have showed you how to install and using zigGIS for adding PostGIS data into ArcMap.From the ArcMap user interface you just need to press the zigGIS button and an "Add PostGIS data" dialog will be shown to you. From there you can set a zig File path, where PostGIS connections

Thinking in GIS

settings are stored, and then a PostGIS layers list will be shown and you can check which layer(s) add to the map.In this post I will show how to programmatically use zigGIS and ArcObjects to add PostGIS data into ArcMap.zigGIS is a Microsoft .NET 2.0 Read the full post

Installing zigGIS 1.1 for connecting ArcMap to PostGIS layers

Posted: February 14, 2007 Categories: GIS, .NET, ArcObjects, devs, PostGIS, ArcGis Desktop, ZigGis, COM Feedback: 1 Comment and 0 Reactions

zigGIS is an Open Source PostGIS connector for ArcGIS Desktop, that enables ArcMap to add PostGIS layers in the map.Differently from other kinds of connectors, like for example PgArc, the very nice feature of zigGIS is the direct-read of PostGIS data, without the needs of proxy shapefiles. This meaning that the PostGIS features are directly readed and displayed in ArcMap from the PostGIS data source without a previous conversion to a Shapefile or personal GDB.This is a very interesting project, but still in a very early phase, in fact there are still important issues that are planned to be solved Read the full post

COM ArcObject passed to .NET library: how to cast, access and debug it

Posted: January 04, 2007 Categories: GIS, .NET, ArcObjects, devs, ArcGis Desktop, COM Feedback: 0 Comments and 0 Reactions

Generally when developing your .NET ArcObjects library you are managing all .NET objects, because the ArcObjects are wrapped by the RCW, Runtime Callable Wrapper (preferably created by Esri, using the Primary Interoperability Assemblies, PIA, installed with ArcGIS desktop in the GAC).You can then expose your .NET library to COM by a CCW, COM callable wrapper, creating a tlb with regasm (automatically done using Visual Studio if you check the 'Register for COM interop' option, under the Build tag of project's property dialog).Using the RCW ArcObjects we are always using Managed code, so we don't get in troubles.But what if a Read the full post

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