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Kaanchi Kaamaakshi Aadhi Parasakthi Front Hall Kaamaakshi mother is always with full of grace.

Her Sanctum Santorum is fully made out of pure Gold. She does her wonders from within that. Architect may be a bit less talented even though the entire building seems more fully perfect. Any how it is made up of gold. The following works are highly good for your kind reference: 1. Markandeya purana[mythology] Sri Kaamaakshi vilasa comes next to Devi Mahathmiya 2. Brahmanda puraana Lalithopaakyaanam 3. SanathKumaara Samhitha Kaanchi Mahaathmiya, Dhaksha kaanda 4. Srimath Bhaagavatha 5. Kaanchi purana One and the only Paraasakthi takes different forms so as to direct the human beings on the proper path. Her statue had been created so perfectly, hence worshiped accordingly. She is the empress for all the other forms of Sakthies. More prominent are the following: Meenakshi Madurai [sweetness] Chief Minister Akilaandeswari Aanaikaa[Elephant forest] Army commander Sri Sankaraachaarya installed the famous Sri chakra in front of Kaamakshi.

Sri Lalitha Raja Rajeswari She has four hands and bears the following accordingly: 1. Sugar cane bow 2. Arrows 3. Rope 4. Elephant goad She is seated on her throne with all these. The following: 1. Pancha Dasaakshari[50 syllables] 2. Shodassy [16 syllables] are the mantras dedicated for worshipping her. Perfect Brahma Sakthi Sri Sankaraachchaarya decided to honor the Akilaandeswari , who resides on the outside wheel of the Sri Chakra by putting the Sri Chakra on her studs to be worn on her ears. This is the method of combining everyone together. Original Kaamaakshi is there but during the day time penancing Kaamaakshi as a duplicate but she is imitating Meenaakshi with two hands and named Shyamala, according to the mythology, holding a parrot too show the unity.

Golden rained Empress of Kaanchi She offered five handed Ganesha as named Thundeera. She is seated on the seat of words chanted as Aimkara. Her softest hand rained the golden rain for all.

The golden rain was not only on the Kaanchi city but it happened all over the Thonda Mandal region, where Pallava kings ruled more properly and popularly for a longer period. Present day Bhangaaru [gold] Kaamaakshi made out of pure gold divine statue was married to Ekambareswara of Kaanchi was done by Lord Brahma. This golden Kaamaakshi should be worshiped according to perfect Saaktha Agamas [Tantras] It is titled Chowbagya Chinthamani Kalpa written by Great sage Dhurvaasa. Saiva agama is dedicated to Ekamranatha[God of one mango] ( There is a mango tree within that deitys temple compound and bears only one fruit per year and that is dedicated to the said deity} Lord Brahma then decided and created Sugantha kunthala ambika meaning [tamil Elavarkulali] goddess with the hair of fragrance. She is there in the temple of Ekambara natha. Bhangaru Kaamaamshi was then installed at Kaama Kottam Sri Kamaakshi temple that spot had been named as Dhuruwa sthaanam. Actual meaning of Dhuruwa is not moving. Dhuruwa is the North pole star. He had full devotion of God and hence received this status. He has become the axis of all the stars in this Universe. Brahma also considered similar status for the Swarna [golden] Kaamaakshi. Parasakthi is not bound by Brahma. Brahma writing cannot control her. After seventeen centuries, she has changed places like Kanchi to sanely, udayar Palayam, aroor and finally settled down at Thanjavoor. She was not satisfied with Pallavas capitol so she moved up to the Chola capitol. [Dhuruvas story too analyzed separately]

Hymawathi Our goddess was not simply named hymawathi, just because she became the daughter of Himawan. She is beautiful like gold, which is also called Hema and that is why she is called as Hemavathi too. She is Sama Gana priya, Sama veda Upanishad and Kena Upanishad describe her as, Bahu sopa mana, Uma, Hymawathi , who is full of light is Hymawathi. Sri Sankar Bhagavath Paadhaal, describes her as wearing glolden ornaments and also the daughter of the king of Hima(laya) mountain. Big light of her is the wisdom. Avidya-maya, for which too , she is the source, She shows herself as Sri Vidya , sakthi, Sri Lalitha, Raja Rajeswari and finally another form is the Kaamaakshi. The most prominent statue was made out of granite and another granite form is the penancing Kaamaakshi. Sanctum Sanctorum granite Kaamaakshi represented by metal made festival Kaamaakshi was created after the approval of the main Kamaakshi. Lord brahma wished to view Sia&Sakthywedding ceremony so as a boon original Kaamaakshi instructed him to make a golden image of herself and provided as the wife during the Ekambara natha wedding ceremony. Brahma wanted to have the golden image to be permanently kept at the Kamaakshi temple. So he prepared another one for the marriage festival from the second year. It was kept permanently there. Mother Kamaakshi initiated a thought for Brahma to be done immediately and he took a lotus flower and threw it up sky wards. Celestials were showering with flowers from the sky but the lotus flower thrown by Brahma moved upwards. When it went to the top it became a lightning and when it returned to earth it changed into a man. That person worshiped Brahma and stood straight.

Brahma embraced that person and adressed him as Akasa Bhoopathi meaning the king of the sky. You become the king of this Thonda Mandal with the blessing of the mother goddeess Kaamaakshi according to rightousness. He was immediately crowned accordingly. There are Saiva pancha(5) bhootha(elements) holy spots and Kaanchi become dedicated to the earth but according to Saktha holy spots dedicated to 5 elements , this is dedicated to the element of the sky. This means Siva yoga individual asceticism do not care for the earth but in Sakthi yoga it becomes the clean sky by embracing it as spiritual truth and kindness. End of sky and end of earth get mixed in the mother philosophy and the example is the Kaanchipuram. Even the king too same as he got both elements in his name. He lost interest in the vedic religion, when he turned into anti-religious, there was no proper temple worship and festivals. Country became the poorest. King hd no children. When the king became worried about childlessness, he started to worshipthe mother goddess. He returned back to vedic religions. Divine worship returned and the country too came back to normal. Mother goddess blessed the king with a son, while the naming ceremony took place, every one heard the sound of raining but instead of water gold pices are showering from the sky. All those who were there attending the ceremony saw the goddess attending to this from the sky and from her hands. Shower was not only for the town but the entire country was benefiting from this. It was the twelfth day from the child was born. That child got down from the bedding and started crawling towards the king. The king saw the son coming towards him and enjoyed the glare of his face.

The child is only 12 days old, started to speak to his father,Daddy, I will tell you the reason for the golden rain. In todays feast you offered rice with green grams, with those green grams was a small gold ball of the green gram size. How this has happened, my mother,that is your wife was checking the grade of the green grams before it was cooked. At that same time a small golden ball from her hand ornament got mixed with the green grams. Even the cooks have not noticed it but that golden green gram reached our mother goddess Kaamaakshi, hence it rained gold. King was highly wondering about all these and he asked his son, My dear son, I do not know as to whether you are a divine one, kindly explain to me as to how it reached the mother goddess? Mother Goddess is attending your feast in the guise of a married woman and seated among the ladies and having meals herself. You come with me and I will show you. Thus said the child went to the place where women were having their meals. He pointed the place to his father, while the father looked there and found no one, but there was a plantain leaf in which only a part of the meals taken and a small amount left behind with the finger mark of eating. Mother goddess has vanished and the king felt tears pouring out from his eyes. The news spread instantly and all feared as to whether any of them made any mistakes. The infant was eating that particular balance meal available on that plantain leaf. Further he had been offering handfuls of the balance to everyone, saying Eat this, this mothers prasadha. It was not decreasing but increasing so everyone there enjoyed their share of it. All the ascetics knew that the child is not an ordinary one and he is the Lord Ganesha born as the prince.

Some of you might argue as to why cannot be that child is Lord Muruga. In that case, Lord Muruga used to like another small grain variety but Lord Ganesha prefers green grams all the time. Green grams are a legume. It is not grain, ayurvedically it has certain medical effects. You must have it at least once a week. Mooladhara chakra is occupied by Lord Ganesha and it is the first chakra according to yogasana system. You will find this fact on your own. Another one called Saagini is one of the assistant of the mother goddess also placed in the same chakra according to saktha cult. She is the Mudhkavdhana saktha siddha in the sahasra nama[ thousand names 1000] list. Mudhka, meaning green grams. Mudhka odhana meaning rice with green grams.This cleans the bowels and body also at the same time cooling the body.Great sage Mudkala maharishi grown up eating green grams alone forever.It provides more nutritionwhen sprouted and eaten fresh without cooking. Combination of rice and green grams also more nutritious. In china and Japan, it is a must along with rice. Even Yogis prefer rice with green grams. Ascetics identified the child as Lord Ganesha and called him Thundeera Thundam means elephants trunk, so he had been named such. All were blessing the child and all of them came to know that it is the Lord Ganesha , who has become their prince. He told them everything clearly. Do not fear or worry about the mother goddess vanished suddenly, she left a balance of the meal for all of you to eat as a divine gift. The new prince was crowned at the proper age and the father went to the forest along with his wife so as to attend penance. Thundeera too denounced the crown when the suitable time neared and he never went to the forest, he wanted to stay closer to mother goddess Kaamaakshi. He folded his hands and sat in the corner near to Bhangaaru Kaamaakshi. We should not disturb him as he is in penance. Whenever you pass him at the temple, you must keep your mouth closed and hands folded.

Apart from the Vaishnava devotees all the others never accepted the fact that they took reincarnation. This story appears in the Vinaayaka purana(mythology) and not in any other books. The country was called Thundeera, as it was ruled by the Thundeera. Another name for that area was Dhandaka Aranya as it was also ruled by Dhandaka. Later it got the name Thonda Naadu(country) as it was then ruled by Thondaman. You may find several Ganeshas in the Kamakshi temple with different poses and suitably rendered with names as follows: Sthamba prathishta Vinayaka Vigna nivarana Ganapathi Ishda siththi Vinayaka Saupakya Ganapathi Santhana Ganapathi Thiru manjana Vinayaka Vara siththi Vinayaka

Thiruvanaikkaval mother Goddess Akila Aanda Nayaki( of the Universe) had limitless power and to reduce it Adhi shankaraachcharya installed Ganesha just in front of her. Hence the blessings of Kanchi Kamakshi flow through her son Vinayaka.