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These instructions are not mine, they are 76dragon's (TPB) and I take no credit for them in any

way. They are being used because they worked for me without any incident or hiccu !!! Part " #$%&'$ &() *)&B$ I+,T*((*TI&+, (I- *PP(I.*B($) B$-&#$ I+,T*((I+/ *)&B$ .,0 #emo1e the fo22owing *dobe a 2ications and fi2es before insta22ing the *dobe .,0 %aster .o22ection3 4* 2ications4*dobe5 (e1erything with *dobe) 4(ibrary4* 2ication ,u ort4*dobe 4(ibrary4* 2ication ,u ort4-($6net Pub2isher 4(ibrary4Preferences4com.adobe... (e1erything with com.adobe) 74(ibrary4* 2ication ,u ort4*dobe 74(ibrary4* 2ication ,u ort4*dobe4*crobat 74(ibrary4Preferences4*crobat 74(ibrary4Preferences4*crobat )isti22er Prefs 74(ibrary4Preferences4*dobe... (e1erything with *dobe) 74(ibrary4Preferences4com.adobe... (e1erything with com.adobe) Part 8 I+,T*((*TI&+ &- *)&B$ I22ustrator .,0 (&r any other .,0 ruduct) )isconnect from network4internet (Turn *irPort &ff). )oub2e c2ick 9*dobe .,0 %aster .o22ection.dmg9 to insta22 the *dobe .,0 %aster .o22ection. :hi2st insta22ing .,0, ensure that you choose 9Insta22 this roduct as a tria29 and )& +&T enter any seria2s. If you'1e a2ready insta22ed .,0 a 2ications using a seria2, 2oad any of the insta22ed .,0 a 2ications and se2ect ;e2 < )eacti1ate. =uit a22 of the insta22ed .,0 a 2ications. T$#%I+*( (aunch a Termina2 window (in 4* 2ications4>ti2ities) and co y and aste3 sudo 4* 2ications4Te?t$dit.a 4.ontents4%ac&,4Te?t$dit 4etc4hosts ;it return and ty e your admin assword. The 9hosts9 fi2e shou2d automatica22y o en in Te?t$dit. T$6T$)IT If the fo22owing 2ines are a2ready art of the 9hosts9 fi2e c2ose it and continue with the 9-inish9 section. If not hit return (in the o ened 9hosts9 fi2e) and co y and aste fo22owing 2ines3 "87.@.@." "87.@.@." "87.@.@." "87.@.@." acti1ate.wi "87.@.@." wi "87.@.@." "87.@.@." "87.@.@." "87.@.@."

"87.@.@." "87.@.@." "87.@.@." "87.@.@." "87.@.@." ereg.wi wwisBdubc"B1i

,a1e the 9hosts9 fi2e, )& +&T ,a1e *s5. ,te A -I+*(ID$ *)&B$ .,0 I+,T*((*TI&+ In Termina2 co y and aste3 sudo dscacheuti2 Bf2ushcache ;it return (and ty e your admin assword if asked for it). The *dobe acti1ation ser1ers are now b2ocked. -I+I,; *)&B$ .,0 I+,T*((*TI&+ (aunch any of the insta22ed .,0 a 2ications and enter one of the fo22owing seria2s3 "A80B@6"7BEA60B8AA"B6668BFAGF "A80B@68"BF"80B@760BA6GEB@6"G "A80B@A60B0F8FB6""EBEE"7BEG88 "A80B@"0@B""6AB70A8B"686BAGA@ "A80B@"7EB"F87BF@"FB@"8AB880G "A80B@7@8BA6FAB"0GGBF"66BA0"0 "A80B@0GFB88G@B@@7"BAG@FB"AG8 .onnect back to network4internet (Turn *irPort &n). Hou can start using .,0 a 2ications. #un any .,0 a 2ication < ;e2 < > dates5 mu2ti 2e times unti2 a22 insta22ed *dobe .,0 a 2ications are u to date.