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General and Professional Education B GENERAL EDUCATION 1. %. -. Use answer sheet no. 01 to be detached from the bottom of yo r e!

am"nee ID#Answer $heet $et. &ar' $et (o! )A* "f yo r Test (oo'+et "s $et A, $et (o! )(* "f yo r set boo'+ets are $et (. After yo ha.e f"n"shed answer"n/ GENERAL EDUCATION0 s bm"t yo r ANSWER SHEET No. 01 to yo r room watchers. Reta"n the test boo'+et w"th yo .

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. U1on see"n/ water f+ow"n/ and f+ood"n/0 the mother e!c+a"med2 A. )3ho d"d that4 3hat a tra/edy. (. )Than' God we ha.e water.* %. C. )3hat a waste5 Let6s conser.e water.* D. ) Let6s ta'e a bath.*

The mother remar'ed0 )I am sed to the same ta+es.* A. Th"s "s .ery or"/"na+. (. There "s noth"n/ new "n the story C. There "s a m"scomm n"cat"on. D. Th"s "s news.


7ow do yo con.ert the statement to a 8 est"on4 3h"ch "s the most a11ro1r"ate for ) The rebe+s wanted to s rrender.* A. (. C. D. The rebe+s wanted to s rrender0 do they4 The rebe+s s rrender0 d"d they4 C. The rebe+s wanted to s rrender0 d"dn6t they4 3hat d"d the rebe+s want4


The best d"rect"on for treat"n/ bamboo shoots "s :::::::::::::::. A. e!1ose to w"ndy he"/hts (. dry and br sh w"th chem"ca+s C. dry by m +ch"n/ D. e!1ose a++ to d"rect s n+"/ht


A f"e+d commander /a.e h"s orders. 7e meant dro1 1re."o s order. 3h"ch messa/e was heard4 A. Re1eat5 Re1eat5 (. Co1y5 Co1y5 C. Ne/at".e5 De+ete5 D. O.er5 O.er5


3h"ch of these ca1"ta+"=ed words do not rhyme4 A. That6s not easy to (EAR. (. Let6s /".e a C7EER C. I 'now "t CLEAR.. D. It shows0 "t6s $7EER tr th.


3hat "s the react"on of the sho1 teacher 1on see"n/ the too+s scattered4 A. That6s .ery '"nd of yo . C. It6s a++ r"/ht0 yo may /o. (. Lea.e yo r too+s a+one. D. Ret rn yo r too+s to the 1ro1er+y c


3h"ch sentence ses a 1re1os"t"on "m1ro1er+y4 A. (. C. D. $he came ON to attend the hear"n/ The acc"dent ha11ened ON h"s b"rthday. The w"tness was bare+y IN t"me for the affa"r. Te++ her to be On t"me.


$t dents are ass"/ned homewor'. 7ow does the teacher mana/e to chec' a++ ass"/nments4 A. (. C. D. Ass"/n /ro 1 to co nter chec' st dent6s wor's. Ass"/n /ro 1 +eaders to chec'. D"sre/ard the ass"/nment and 1roceed to a new +esson. Co++ect ass"/nments after c+ass.

10. D r"n/ the er 1t"on of &ayon Ao+cano0 what messa/e was sent to the baran/ay fo+'s4 A. (. C. D. 3a"t for the f"na+ order of the ch"ef. . Get ready5 E.erybody +ea.e yo r carabaos. E.erybody ca++. E.erybody ate the area.

11. Ra++"es sta/ed a/a"nst +ewd f"+ms are react"ons for :::::::::::::::::. A. &ore censor"n/ by a thor"t"es (. &ore freedom of e!1ress"on C. D"sa11ro.a+ of 8 est"onab+e actors D. B rther contro+ of med"a.

1%. Barmers were ad."sed abo t the occ rrence of E+ N"Co. Th"s means ::::::::::: A. there w"++ be fam"ne. (. There w"++ be dra /ht C. there w"++ be ab ndance D. there w"++ be f+ood

1-. 7ow do 1eo1+e react to a bor"n/ +ect re or e.en comm"ttee hear"n/s4 They s a++y A. Norma++y Deer. (. 3a+' o t "n d"s/ st. C. Eee1 8 "et and +"sten. D. C+a1 +o d and c+ear.

19. A messa/e was sent by the ch"ef of off"ce. 3hat sho +d be the s bord"nate answer4 A. Noted0 $"r. (. $orry0 I6m b sy $"r. 1;. 7ow sho +d th"s s+o/an be 1r"nted4 A. Eee1 r"/ht (. C+asses are on/o"n/ 3h"ch "s the best order4 A. 1090-0% (. 90-010% C. 10%0-09 D. -090%01 C. At corr"dors D. &a"nta"n s"+ence C. $"r0 I /ot "t r"/ht. D. I6++ .er"fy $"r.

1<. Not a++ ED6s "n .erbs so nd a+"'e. 3h"ch ED "s d"fferent4 A. (. C. D. $he fa"+ed to /et the needed Answer. $he was not /rant ED an a d"ence $he wanted a cha1eron. $he s"/ned a contract.

1>. Ident"fy the 1resent B"+"1"no .a+ es and the"r "nf+ ence on the B"+"1"no Fo th as stated. A. (. C. D. Lac' of d"sc"1+"ne :::::::::::: 7 mor E!treme 1ersona+"sm ::::::::::::::::Ind"."d a+"sm Ba"th :::::::::::::: Att"t d"na+ conf+"ct Lac' of "n"t"at".e :::::::::::::Gass"on"sm

1?. The mo."e was f ++y boo'ed. ( t the crowd s"/hed "n d"s/ st0 what ::::::::::5 A. an e!a//erat"on C. a waste (. an e!1ens".e one D. a show 1@. The mana/er to+d h"s wor'ers0 )3e ha.e to red ce o r wor'force.* 3hat d"d he mean4 A. (. C. D. 3or'ers are free to +ea.e. 3or'ers ha.e to do b+e t"me on the"r Dobs. 3or'ers are warned of a 1oss"b+e +ay off. 3or'ers sho +d s bm"t to a red c"n/ /ym.

%0. The 1arent remar'ed0 ) ::::::::::::::::: I come +ate0 D st +oc' the door.* A. "n the e.ent (. "n the "nter.a+ C. "n the 1rocess D. "n the absence.

%1. The co1yreader fo nd the news story bor"n/. 7e fo nd "t f ++ of :::::::::::. A. adDect".es (. .erbs C. 1rono ns D. ad.erbs

%%. There were three / ests on sta/e. They were made 1 of a 1arent0 the /o.ernor0 and the 1r"nc"1a+. 3ho sho +d be ac'now+ed/ed f"rst by the .a+ed"ctor"an4 A. the c+assmates (. .erbs C. the /o.ernor D. the 1arent

%-. Off"ce ho rs are shortened by 1res"dent"a+ 1roc+amat"on when ::::::::::::. A. (. C. D. there "s dan/er to +".es ca sed by f+ood0 etc. there "s em"nent fam"ne there "s f"re there "s an e1"dem"c of f+

%9. Terror"sm has scared tra.e+ers. Tra.e+ers are warned by re+at".es thro /h :::::: %;. A. ad."sory notes C. te!t messa/es (. te+e1hone D. te+efa! %<. After car"n/ for a so+d"er for twenty years0 he e.ent a++y t rned tra"tor to the f+a/ :::::::::::::::::. A. The case "s "m1oss"b+e. (. The case "s 1arado!"ca+. C. The case "s norma+. D. The case "s tra/"c.

%>. (aran/ay e+ect"ons are set for H +y. 3ho w"++ be de1r".ed to .ote4 A. (. C. D. Those who are ndera/e. Those attend"n/ c+asses "n &an"+a. Those who fa"+ed to re/"stered Those who are res"dents of other 1+aces.

%?. An ado1ted /"r+ e+o1ed w"th a fore"/ner. Ima/"ne the tterance of the mother as A. Irres1ons"b+e "ndeed. (. 3hat a shame. C. 7ow d"d I fa"+4 D. Than' God0 I6m free.

%@. 3hat "s "m1+"ed abo t the 1+ace of o r co ntry "n techno+o/y4 A. B"+"1"nos ha.e to +earn more from $"n/a1ore. (. B"+"1"nos score beh"nd "n com1 ters. C. B"+"1"nos are abreast "n I.T. w"th Ind"a. D. B"+"1"nos are at 1ar w"th any co ntry "n I.T. -0. Arran/e these 1hrases to ma'e /ood sentence. A. (. C. D. "nto a dar' street who escorted her home a+tho /h a stran/er she fo++owed the man

The best arran/ement "s2 A. -090%01 (. 1090%0C. -0%0109 D. 10%0-0-

-1. A ch"+d screamed. )I +ost my 1enc"+. 3ho :::::::::4* A. (. C. D. "s the th"ef amon/ s dared to ch my th"n/s sto+e "t a/a"n made a m"sta'e and 1"c'ed my 1enc"+

-%. $ome med"a 1ersona+"t"es are char/ed of corr 1t"on. They are char/ed as :::::::::. A. en.e+o1 menta+"st (. char/ers C. f"!ers D. comm"ss"oners

--. Loss of 8 a+"f"ed teachers /o"n/ abroad "s one ty1e of ::::::::::::::. A. Em1+oyment (. bra"n dra"n C. nem1+oyment D. m"/rat"on

-9. New ed"f"ce "n Intram ros are 1rotested a/a"nst as a ::::::::::::: A. desecrat"on of nat"ona+ shr"nes (. d"s/race C. desecrat"on of nat"ona+ heroes D. destr ct"on of h"stor"ca+ +andmar'

-;. E.ery H ne0 &an"+a has "ts fest".a+ of o tstand"n/ B"+"1"no f"+ms. Th"s was a 1roDect "n"t"ated by ::::::::::::. A. Gat. Lacson. (. Gat. At"en=a -<. A father ref sed re.en/e when he ttered A. (. C. D. )Don*t ta'e the +aw "nto yo r hands.* )An eye for an eye*. )H st"ce "s a+ways de+ayed*. )That6s m rder.* C. Gat. A"++e/as D. Gat. L"m

->. One who h"res a GR man rea++y wants :::::::::::::::. A. (. C. D. a correct"on of wron/ 1erce1t"ons a dama/e contro+ a b "+dI 1 of h"s 1eo1+e a 1roDect"on of h"s "ma/e

-?. The teacher ca++ed the attent"on of the c+ass on "nf+ect"ons "n s1eech. 3h"ch /".es the f"na+ +ow "nf+ect"on4 A. a dash C. a 8 est"on (. a sem"co+on D. a comma -@. A f"re a+arm was r n/. 7ow many c+asses e!"t 1ro1er+y4 3hat "s heard from the 1r"nc"1a+4 A. (. C. D. )'ee1 coo+. Get down 8 "et+y )Get "n to ch w"th yo r 1arents0 fast.* )Lea.e yo r th"n/s. &arch down the sta"r br"s'+y.* )D"sm"ss yo r c+asses.*

90. D r"n/ army conscr"1t"on0 the cand"dates sho +d be A. 1hys"ca++y f"t (. a con.erted c"t"=en C. a c"t"=en D. menta++y and 1hys"ca++y f"t

91. Gres"dent Ramos &a/saysay was chanted a son/ ::::::::: A. Bor 3hom the (e++ To++s (. Bor Democracy 3"++ D"e C. To 3hom It &ay Deser.e D. Bor A++ & st D"e

9%. D r"n/ conferences one r +e on ce++ 1hone ho+ders "s2 A. a++ow yo r ce++ 1hone to ."brate C. sh t off yo r ca++ 1hones (. answer any ca++ anyt"me D. sw"tch yo r ce++ n"t to )s"+ent* 9-. 3hen a +eader "s s cceeded by another +eader0 the former "s referred to as the :::::::::::::::::. A. re1+aced (. e+ected C. de1osed D. dethroned

99. J emada6s 1oem says )On the street of th"s 1os"t"on of God6s wor+d I fee+ a ne"/hbor to a rat0 so brother to a worm, chas"n/ ra"nbows at m ddy mar/"ns.* A. L"fe can be so fr "tf + (. L"fe "s not worth +"."n/. C. L"fe "s em1ty and mean"n/+ess. D. L"fe "s f ++ of cha++en/es.

9;. Fo n/ /o to /+"tters and /o+d. Th"s means the st dents are A. se+f"sh (. thr"fty 9<. 3atch how &oby D"c' "s treated "n2 A. (. C. D. 3ha+"n/ "s not tr +y str ct red. 3ha+es are ord"nary creat res. A wha+e "s a w"+d mamma+ that ha nts mar"ners. 3ha+"n/ "s an o+d hobby. C. se+fIconsc"o s D. se+fId"rected

9>. T"em1o f rther says2 )The modern heroes are nderstandab+e 1rod cts of one +"terary her"ta/e and the 1resent wor+d. 7eroes of the 1resent are 1rototy1es of the soc"ety "n wh"ch they f+o r"sh.* A. (. C. D. L"terat re has heroes who re1resent the 1eo1+e0 race and t"mes. &odern soc"ety affects the modern heroes of +"terat re. &odern heroes embody .a+ es of the"r soc"ety. &odern and c+ass"ca+0 heroes are a+"'e.

9?. Ed"th T"em1o te++s of a hero, )In c+ass"ca+ t"mes the tra/"c hero was a /ood man nob+y endowed by +"nea+ her"ta/e0 and by nat re "s ran'ed as we++ as "n character0 a f+aw stands o t "n raw re+"ef by the s"n/+eness and wh"ch +t"mate+y ca ses h"s downfa++.* A. (. C. D. C+ass"ca+ heroes are fa"+ res "n +"fe. The hero6s e.ent a++y fa++ "s ca sed by the her"ta/e of stat re. The f+aws of heroes start from h"s or"/"na+ /oodness. The hero cons"stent+y stands on to1.

9@. Hose Garc"a A"++a e!1er"mented on the se of form. A. (. C. D. 7"s 1oems fo++owed a cent"1ede or a b"rd. 7"s 1oem fo++owed a str ct re. 7"s 1oems were of romant"c tones. 7"s 1oems d"sre/arded s bstance.

;0. The Gres"dent ordered a fo rIday off"ce "n a wee'. 3h"ch sched +e "s fo++owed4 A. >200 A& to ;200 G& (. >200 A& to ;200 G& C. ?200 A& to >200 G& D. <200 A& to @200 G&

;1. 7"story c"ted a +eader+ess nat"on. Th"s means :::::::::::::::. A. (. C. D. nat"on can s r.".e +eader+ess a +eader can fade away b t another comes 1 a +eader "s a+ways born h"stor"ca+ e.ents are matched w"th +eaders

;%. The re1ort from con/ress re/"stered reDected on the 1ro1osed b"++. Th"s means::::::::::: A. some chan/ed 1art"es (. some fa.ored +eadersh"1

C. some 1ro.ed the"r +ac' of coo1erat"on D. the maDor"ty fa"+ed to /et the /ro 1 s 11ort ;-. 7ow "s +"fe 1ortrayed "n these +"nes4 )L"fe "s b t a wa+'"n/ shadow0 a 1 n 1+ayer that str ts and fretsK.And "s heard no more.* A. L"fe "s 1ass"n/ (. L"fe /oes by sta/es C. There "s etern"ty D. L"fe has "ts end.

;9. An/ 'a/awaran n/ 1an/I"ban/ bansa ay / +on/I/ +o 'a1a/ may /"yera sa "ban/ bansa. Ano an/ nan/ /"na/am1anan n/ Ambassador sa E wa"t4 A. (. C. D. A+am"n an/ m/a t"rahan n/ m/a G"+"1"no sa bay"n/ "yon. I1 n"n an/ m/a may'aya at "1a+"1ad 1a w". (ayaan/ 0ma/s"1a/I w"an sa sar"+"n/ s"'a1 an/ bawat "sa. ("+an/"n an/ m/a +a+a'e.

;;. Nan/ G m to' an/ ( +'an/ &ayon0 an/ m/a tao6y ::::::::::: sa "ban/ bayan. A. Na/s"1a/handa (. Na/s"1a/ta/o C. na/s"+"'as D. na/s"1a/ta'bo

;<. &ay naa's"denten/ +"man/ taon/ bata sa +ansan/an. $"no an/ nan/ s"s"h"n sa 1an/yayar" A. (. C. D. an/ sasa'yan na wa+an/ 1reno. . An/ 1abayan/ ma/ +an/ An/ 1 +"s na wa+a sa 'anto An/ ts 1er na mab"+"s ma/1ata'bo

;>. Noon/ 'aarawan n/ Gan/ +on/ Arroyo0 ano an/ /"nawa n/ m/a sasa'yan4 A. na'"1a/I /nay sa &&DA (. na/s"Ia'+as C. na/bara sa daan D. na/b"/ay n/ +"bren/ sa'ay

;?. Anon/ h ' man an/ s"yan/ ::::::::: n/ 'ason/ ' ra1syon. A. Co rt of A11ea+s L man/+"+"t"s (. Omb dsman C. $and"/an/ (ayan I na/+"+"t"s D. Eorte $ 1rema L ma/+"+"t"s

;@. Ano an/ /"nawa sa E wa"t ' n/ araw n/ 'a+ayaan4 A. (. C. D. <0. Na/1 1 /ay sa band"+a at na/Iaa+ay n/ b +a'+a' sa m/a bayan". Na/s"s"1a/Ita+atastasan n/ 'ah + /an n/ araw. Na/s"s"1a/Iaw"t at sayaw. Na/wawa/ayway n/ band"+a.

A'o6y nan/an/a'on/ matata1os sa "san/ 'arera. $"ya6y 'asama sa ::::::: A. (. C. D. os1"ta+ sa 1an/an/ana' n/ asawa / st"n/ ma/s ot n/ to/a "san/ araw "san/ ra++y sa ED$A s"ya6y hawa' an/ ma+am"/ na ba'a+

<1. Na/ +at an/ m/a Amer"'ano noon/ ::::::::::: an/ m/a 7a1on sa Gear+ 7arbor. A. Dadat"n/ (. &a/s"dat"n/ C. na/s"dat"n/ D. d mat"n/

<%. Ano an/ "san/ ba/ay na d" da1at 'asan/' tan n/ "san/ 'a/awad n/ /obyerno4 A. (. C. D. &a/trabaho haban/ may sahod Da1at mamaha/" n/ 1era sa "san/ 'and"dato. D" da1at mam +"t"'a. Da1at ma/s"'a1 y maman.

<-. E n/ m"nsan an/ m/a As"ano ay na/'a'a"nt"nd"han. A+"n an/ mas ma+a1"t na w"'a sa G"+"1"no4

A. Ha1an (. &a+ays"a <9. An/ sar= e+a noon/ 1anahon n/ East"+a ay d"nadaan sa A. (. C. D. 1amama/"tan n/ +at"n at East"+a 1amama/"tan n/ ha+on/ Ta/a+o/ at East"+a 1amama/"tan n/ East"+a 1amama/"tan n/ sa+"ta sa "san/ bayan

C. Lat"n D. Ints"'

<;. &ay "san/ 1rofessor sa chem"stry an/ "b"/ na mat to an/ ma/Iaara+ sa 1amama/"tan n/ 1a/t t ro sa G"+"1"no. Ano an/ 1"na'a an/I'a1 naI1 na sa '+ase n"ya4 A. (. C. D. An/ sa+"tan/ te'n"'a+ ay 'anyan/ b"na/o. An/ sa+"tan/ te'n"'a+ ay 'anyan/ /"nam"t. Lahat ay G"+"1"no. Ta/+"sh an/ 1a/t t ro n"ya.

<<. &aram"n/ r" n/ G"+"1"no an/ na'atan//a1Itan//a1 ay an/ :::::::::::::::::: A. (. C. D. ayon sa 1an"t"'an. 1 no n/ sa+"tan/ h"ram an/ t w"ran/ G"+"1"no sa 'ab Ta/+"sh

an/ w"'a

<>. . A+"n an/ /"nawa ' n/ ("yernes $anto4 A. G"ton/ 1an/ nah"n/ sa+"ta (. $am1 n/ tos n/ D"yos C. $"na' +o D. 1asyon sa bayan

<?. An/ man//a/awa ay d" san/Iayon sa ma+""t na 1a/taas n/ sahod. A+"n an/ /"nawa n"+an/ 1ah"wat"/4 A. Na/s"1a/Ia'+as sa trabaho (. D" 1 maso' C. $ m +at ny o1en +etter D. $"nabotahe an/ tan//a1an

<@. )An/ +a'" sa +ayaw0 'aran"wan/ h bad*. Ayon 'ay (a+a/tas 'aya A. an/ m/a bata na'a1a/ta1os sa 1a/Iaara+ (. an/ m/a bata ay +a//"n/ ma/a/a+an/ C. an/ babae ay d" na/Iaart"sta D. an/ ma/a bata d" s m s nod sa ma/ +an/ >0. A+am n"ya an/ +ahat n/ n"t d" n"ya /"nawa an/ sab" n"ya A. Gadre Damaso (. Gac"ano C. G"+oso1o Tasyo D. &ar"a C+ara

>1. $a "san/ 'anto may baba+a2 )7"wa+ay"n an/ nat t naw at d" nat t naw na bas ra.* A+"n d"tto an/ tama4 A. &ay 1era sa bas ra. (. Isan/ +a+a/yan 1ara sa +ahat. C. hat"n//ab" D. mada+"n/ araw

>%. La/"n/ naaa+a+a aan/ w"'a n" R"=a+ na mamamatay s"ya sa :::::::::::::::: A. b 'an/I+"wayway (. ta'"1Is"+"m C. hat"n//ab" D. mada+"n/ araw

>-. )Darat"n/ 'a ba4 Ta+a/a ba4* tanon/ n/ "san/ 'as"ntahan. A+"n 'aya an/ waston/ sa/ot4 A. ) (a'"t ma' +"t 'a4* (. )Oo0 ma/Iantay 'a +an/.* C. )Oo naman.* D. )D" 'a ba nan"n"wa+a4 (asata.*

>9. An/ h"+"n/ n/ namatay na art"sta ay s"ya6y "+"b"n/ sa ta'"1Is"+"m. Anon/ oras "yon4

A. (. C. D.

mada+"n/ araw sa 1a/"tan n/ a+asIs"n/'o at a+aIsa"s n/ ha1on "'aIan"m n/ ma/a "'aIwa+o n/ /ab"

>;. Nab"/o s"ya sa 'anyan/ 1an/ara10 n/ayon s"ya6y A. Ga+"'aw (. d" na'"'"n"/ sa +ahat C. nasa +ansan/an D. bas"n/ s"s"w

><. )(a/o a'o s m nod0 "'aw na m na0* an/ t /on n/ "san/ 'a/awad. Ito6y A. 1a/baba+a n/ "san/ we+/a C. 1a/' tya sa +"der (. t /on n/ wa+an/ t"wa+a D. "san/ ha+"mbawa n/ tamad >>. )An/ 'ara1atan mo0 "1a/+aban mo.* Ano an/ "b"/ sab"h"n n"to4 A. I1a/tan//o+ 'a n/ abo/ado (. A+am"n mo an/ m/a 'ara1atan/ 1antao. C. A+am"n mo an/ 'ara1atan n/ Amer"'ano D. Tawa/"n mo an/ 1 +"s. >?. $". &. 7. de+ G"+ar ay ta/as nod n" R"=a+ sa +aran/an n/ ::::::::::::::. A. Gan//a/amot (. (ar"+ C. s"mbahan D. 1a/s s +at

>@. )$a "'aI-0 n/ A/osto ay "san/ 1"yesta o1"sya+ at wa+an/ 1aso' sa +ahat n/ antas 'aya :::::::::::::::. A. (. C. D. an/ 1a1aso' ay babayaran n/ mat"no an/ 1a1aso' tataas an/ s we+do an/ 1a1aso' ay "tataas an/ ran//o an/ d" 1 maso' 'a'a+tasan n/ s we+do

?0. $" N"noy A8 "no ay b ma+"' sa G"+"1"nas. Ayon sa 'anya. A. (. C. D. d" da1at b hay"n an/ m/a G"+"1"no an/ 'amatayan 'o 1ara sa 1am"+ya +an/ da1at ban/ ma/1a'amatay dah"+ +an/ sa G"+"1"no an/ +ah"n/ G"+"1"no h"/"t sa +ahat ay da1at "1a/+aban han//an/ 'amatayan

?0.)Ito6y b n/a n/ a'"n/ 1aw"s0* sab" n" G"na. Ano an/ mensahe n"ya4 E. B. G. 7. Na/t"ya/a s"ya ma'a1a/1 ndar n/ /am"t Na/1a'aba"t s"ya. Na/sar"+" s"ya n/ hana1b hay G"na1aw"san s"ya sa Gawa"n.

?1. G".e the .a+ e of N "n %< %#? M %% N O N I. I9? %P(. 9@ 9P< C. 9? 1#D. 9? %#1?

?%. A 1+ay/ro nd occ 1"ed 1#; of an em1ty f"e+d for bas'etba++ and baseba++ areas. The who+e +and "s 1.; hectares. 7ow many s8 are meters were +eft4 H. 1%0;00 (. 110000 C. 1%0000 D. 1-0000

?-. A farmer owned -0% hectares. 7e 1+anted 1#- of the area to cocon ts. The rest were con.erted to man/o and other fr "ts. G".e the n mbers of hectare sed for man/o and other fr "t trees. E. %0-.- ha L. %0% ha C. %09 ha D. %01.-- ha

?9. There are two 1"eces of c+oth w"th ?9#10 and %; %#; meters "n +en/th. G".e the tota+ +en/th of the c+oth.

&. -% 9#; meters N. -% -#; meters ?;. 3hat "s the LC& of th"s set of n mbers Q90;010R4 O. 9 (. %0 C. 10

C. -% >#10 meters D. -% 1#; meters

D. ?

?<. G".e the 1rod ct of 10% m +t"1+"ed y 0.0;. G. ;.11 (. ;.1 C. ;10 D. ;1

?>. G".e the LC& of th"s set of n mbers Q%901%01<R4 J. @< (. -?9 C. @? D. 1@%

??. There were ;00 ho ses so+d by a s bd"."s"on owner. Each rec"1"ent occ 1"ed ?0 s8 are meters each. 7ow b"/ was the who+e area4 R. 9 ha $. 19 ha ?@. 3h"ch of these n mbers "s d"."s"b+e by ?4 T. -00 U. @00 C. 900 D.@000 C. 10 ha D. ; ha.

@0. &r. R"ch has a tota+ asset of G -.1 b"++"on. 7e /a.e Hay G %90 m"++"on0 and R"co G 1.% b"++"on. 7ow m ch w"++ the on+y da /hter rece".e4 A. G1> b"++"on 3. G 1.<<0 b"++"on C. G ?0 m"++"on D. G 1.> b"++"on

@1. A father d"ed +ea."n/ ;< hectares. 7e had f".e ch"+dren. 3hat "s the mother6s share when d"."ded by co rt4 S. 9.< ha F. ;.< ha @%. 3h"ch "s not a +ea1 year "n set 4 T. %00% (.%000 C. %009 D. %00? C. .%? ha D. @.-- ha

@-. In A stra+"a each f+oc' has 90 heads. There are a tota+ of %0?00heads. 7ow many f+oc's w"++ the farm ha.e4 AA. >0 (. 100 C. 90 D. <0

@9. G".e the rat"o of the 1? off"cers to the 1% "ns r/ents. ((. %2; (. -2; C. %2D. -2%

@;. 3h"ch of these are 1arts of e8 ".a+ent rat"os4 A. 1<2%? and -<2<(. 1<2%9 and 1021; C. %>29; and 9?2>% D. 9210 and 1<29;

@<. If women were /ro 1ed by decades and a/es0 where w"++ &rs. Go of ?> years be+on/4 A. > (. ? C. < D. @

@>. Gedro s1ent G9?0000 for - s"des of h"s fence. 7ow m ch w"++ the rema"n"n/ fence cost4

A. G1<0000 (. G%%0000

C. %00000

D. 1;0000

@?. G".e the f"na+ 1ercenta/e rate of comm"ss"on /a"ned by Hohnny. 7e so+d an en/"ne for G%;?0000. 7"s comm"ss"on was G->0;%0 m"n s G;0-00 for trans1ortat"on A. 19.1-U (. 1%.9?U C. 19.;9U D. 1%.0;U

@@. The 1r"ce of /+assware was G1<0.00 a set. After a day the 1r"ce was ra"sed by 10U. 3hat was the f"na+ cost of the /+assware4 A. G1><.00 (. 1@<.00 C. 1<<.00 D. %><.00

100. If 9>.;U of the 10000 freshmen are /"r+s0 then the n mber of boys A. ;0U /reater than the /"r+s C. not ascerta"ned from the /".en (. ?>; a++ to/ether D. %;U /reater than the /"r+s 101. 3r"te the rat"o to the +owest term for 9 ho rs to -0 m"n tes. A. -0290 (. 92% C. %2-0 D. 92-0

10%. The yo th "s cons"dered ;;U of the .ot"n/ 1o1 +at"on. &ar"'"na has 1.-<0 m"++"on .oters. 7ow many .oters are the yo th4 A. ><?0000 (. >;00000 C. >??0000 D. >9?0000

10-. Cement"n/ of roads are be"n/ done "n some areas. One baran/ay has % +anes w"th > by %00 meters +on/. 3hat "s the tota+ area to be cemented4 A. @0000 s8.m. (. 190000 s8.m. C. 10;00 s8.m. D. 10?00 s8.m.

109. Gastor "rr"/ated % hectares of h"s r"ce f"e+d. ( t th"s on+y 1#; of the who+e area G".e the who+e area of Gastor6s +and. A. 10 ha (. %0 ha C. %9 ha D. 11 ha

10;. 3hat 1r"=e w"++ each rece".e from a f"rst 1r"=e of 9;000000004 There were 1; rec"1"ents of the Dac'1ot. A. %0;000000.00 (. -00000000.00 C. -01000000.00 D. 9;0000.00

10<. &s. Fan t"+ed her new '"tchen. Area "s -.; meters by %.? meters. 7ow many s8 are meters w"++ be t"+ed4 A. 10.? s8.m. C. @? s8.m. (. 10? s8.m. D. @.? s8.m. 10>. 3hat "s the area of the wa++ that co.ered the fam"+y "n &ar"'"a4 After the reco.ery the men fo nd the he"/ht of the wa++ at < meters w"th a w"dth of of 1% meters. Determ"ne the area of the fa++en wa++. A. 10% s8.m. (. >% s8.m. C. >%0 s8.m. D. @% s8.m.

10?. 7ow many feet of cont"n o s 1a1er w"++ yo 1r"nt an ?1I1a/ed re1ort "n d 1+"cate4 One 1a/e "s ? "nches "n +en/th. 7ow many feet wo +d yo need of the cont"n o s 1a1er4 A. 19% ft. (. 1>% ft. C. 1;% ft. D. 1<% ft.

10@. Ana "s 1ac'"n/ her th"n/s bo /ht "n $"n/a1ore. $he needs a bo! /ood for >; c ."n. 3h"ch co +d answer her need4

A. 9!9!9 "nches (. -!<!> "nches

C. -!<!; "nches D. -!;!; "nches

110. 7ow many c b"c meters of sand w"++ be re8 "red to f"++ a rec+amat"on area of < hectares w"th 1.; meters de1th4 A. @00@00 c b"c meter (. @00000 c b"c meter C. 1100000 c b"c meter D. 1000000 c b"c meter

111. A 1at"ent we"/hs 1<0 +bs. 7e needs med"c"ne of 0.0- cc a day. 7ow many cc6s are re8 "red for < days4 A. %<.? cc (. %; cc C. %<.9cc D. %?.? cc

11%. Cec"+ we"/hs ?9 '"+os. 7ow w"++ she we"/h "n 1o nds4 A. 1?9.9 +bs (. 1??.9 +bs C. 1?@.; +bs D. 1?0.9 +bs

11-. Ra"n fe++ on $ nday and the read"n/ was %.9 cm. On &onday "t read ;.% cm. 7ow m ch ra"n fe++ on &onday n"/ht4 A. -.? cm (. 9.; cm C. %.? cm D. 9.? cm

119. There are - +ayers of e//s so+d at %.%? each. If a who+e se++er /ets ;U d"sco nt0 how m ch w"++ be 1a"d for a++4 A. G >?.%% (. G>>.@? C. @%.00 D. ?%.0?

11;. 3r"te "n s"m1+e form Q-abR% A. -a-b- (. @a%b% C. -a%b D. %>a%b

11<. G+or"a de1os"ted G<00 at ?U com1o nded ann a+ "nterest for 9 years. 3hat "s the tota+ amo nt4 A. G%01<%.@(. G>0;;?.%> 11>. C. G10;;?.%> D. G?01<%.@-

The Ao+ me of a +ar/er rectan/ +ar bo! "s - t"mes the .o+ me of a sma++er rectan/ +ar bo!. 3hat "s the .o+ me of S4 A. % (. ; C. D. 9

11?. D"."de Q!%I@RIQ%!M<R F ? A. 9Q!I-R ? 11@. $"m1+"fy !% Q-y%R !y %y (. - % y 1%0. $o+.e for !OV<!I1 O %V! A. 1#10 (. N C. I1#10 D. I1#% (. F % C. F ! D. -! % (. 9Q!M@R ? ! C. 9Q!I@R ! D. 9Q!M-R

1%1. R".ers "n &etro &an"+a are the "dent"f"ed ca ses "f hea.y f+ood. A thor"t"es acco nt th"s to

A. waste b rn"n/ "n home yards (. waste d m1"n/ on r".er ban's

C. waste c+ass"f"cat"on D. waste "nc"nerat"on

1%%. G"//ery farms affected by B&D are 1roh"b"ted from A. (. C. D. castrat"n/ the"r 1"/+ets "so+at"n/ the"r 1"/+ets b tcher"n/ the"r 1"/s "n the mar'et mat"n/ the"r sows when "n heat.

1%-. &"n"n/ "n &t. D ma+wa+ was sto11ed by DENR and the co rt. 3hat was the reason4 A. (. C. D. water was fo nd 1o++ ted by merc ry water "s red ced by m"n"n/ 1erm"ts were not "ss ed to m"ners some m"ners were r"ch

1%9. Earth day "s ce+ebrated on A1r"+ %% e.ery year. 7"stor"ca++y0 th"s day too' off "n the Gh"+"11"nes "n the A. 1@<06s (. 1@;06s C. 1@906s D. 1@>06s

1%;. The man co +d not be con."nced by the f"nd"n/s on the fa++en br"d/e. To be s re he ad."sed .er"f"cat"on thro /h A. obDect".e+y (. cr"t"ca+ ana+ys"s C. c r"os"ty D. rat"ona++y

1%<. 3aste from the '"tchen "s cons"dered sef + "f 1ro1er+y se1arated. 7ow are these c+ass"f"ed4 A. nonIb"ode/radab+e (. b"ode/radab+e C. meta++"c recesses D. m sc +ar system

1%>. (eef from E ro1e was banned for some t"me. The d"sease ca sed by these contam"nated meat "s re1orted to affect. A. bra"n f nct"on (. eyes"/ht C. b+ood c"rc +at"on D. m sc +ar system

1%?. The 1rofess"ona+s who hand+e an"ma+ d"seases are 'nown as A. .eter"nar"ans (. doctors of catt+e C. an"ma+ h sbandry D. doctors of med"c"ne

1%@. The Gh"+"11"ne A"r Borce too' off to scatter sa+t to the e!"st"n/ c+o ds. Th"s was an attem1t to A. (. C. D. enco ra/e earth8 a'e occ rrences 1rod ce ra"n dry f"e+ds dr".e the c+o ds f rther to the sea a.o"d water e.a1orat"on

1-0. Den/ e affected 1at"ents are eas"+y "dent"f"ed thro /h A. (. C. D. h"/h w"th rashes "n %I- days 1resence of m co s "n the nostr"+s 1resence of red s1ots "n the arms and other body 1arts 1resence of b+ac' s1ots aro nd the eyes

1-1. The ( rea of B"sher"es has d"sco.ered ways to contro+ the se! of d"fferent f"sh .ar"et"es. They s cceeded best "n

A. t"+a1"a (. car1

C. ta+a'"to' D. m"+'f"sh or ban/ s

1-%. A/r"c +t r"sts ad."se farmers d r"n/ the 1resence of E+ N"Co to ra"se A. more roots cro1s (. more corn cro1s C. more r"ce cro1s D. more +eafy .e/etab+es

1--. There were 1eo1+e cons"dered sc"ent"f"ca++y consc"o s and ad.anced. They were A. Gree's and Ch"nese (. E/y1t"ans and Gree's C. (aby+on"ans and E/y1t"ans D. (aby+on"ans and Gree's

1-9. Den/ e has ca sed death to many ch"+dren and ad +ts. A++ these are traced to A. 1oor d"s1osa+ of waste (. 1oor hoard"n/ of water "n tan's C. 1oor ma"ntenance of home com1ost 1"ts D. 1oor .ent"+at"on 1-;. Aery +ate+y the 37O /a.e warn"n/ on the rec rrence of :::::::::::::::. A. T( "n &a+ays"a (. Cho+era "n As"a C. &a+ar"a "n the Gh"+"11"nes D. Anthra! "n &"ndanao

1-<. The 1 b+"c schoo+ ch"+dren 1on enter"n/ /rade one were fo nd s ffer"n/ /reat+y of A. '"dney tro b+e (. t berc +os"s C. eye d"sease D. denta+ ca."t"es

1->. D r"n/ the bomb"n/ of the 3or+d Trade Center on $e1tember 110 %0010 the word saw the e.ents at once. Th"s "s acco ntab+e to A. +"/ht C. techno+o/"ca+ comm n"cat"on (. d"/"ta+ e!1os re D. rad"o 1-?. &s. Cr = has a rare co++ect"on of orch"ds. $he a11+"ed De++y on her orch"d6s $oon the orch"d s+ow+y w"tted beca se A. the were sh"ny beca se of De++y (. the stomata "n the were co.ered C. the De++y cons med the heat. D. The were made hot by the De++y 1-@. The DENR are str"ct on /"."n/ 1erm"ts to m"ners and other +and sers. 3hat "s sec red to be ab+e to estab+"sh a factory4 A. E+ectro/ram (. +"cense to o1erate C. +"cense to c t trees D. en."ronmenta+ contro+ com1+"ance

190. B+ood has de.astated &"ndanao and many other 1ro."nces. Th"s root ca se "s traced to A. wanton destr ct"on of /o+d m"nes (. con.ers"on of a/r"c +t ra+ +and to s bd"."s"ons C. wanton c tt"n/ of forest trees D. s"n/ wood for f e+ 191. The menace of AID$ does not e!c+ de ch"+dren. 7ow are mothers "nfected w"th AID$ hand+ed by the De1artment of 7ea+th4 They are :::::::::: A. /".en fert"+"ty 1"++s (. mon"tored c+ose+y "n c+"n"c C. made to marry yo n/ D. +"/ated ear+y

19%. The Gh"+"11"nes has +ost "ts f"sh breed"n/ 1+aces. The destr ct"on "s fo nd most "n

A.. she++f"sh destr ct"on (. man/ro.e destr ct"on

C. mo nta"n s"de shores D. dee1 sea areas

19-. Bert"+"=ers are enco ra/ed "n farm"n/0 what "s the best ste1 before a11+y"n/ any fert"+"=er4 That "s thro /h :::::::::::::::. A. so"+ ana+ys"s (. m"nera+ ana+ys"s C. water content ana+ys"s D. so"+ th"c'ness meas rement

199. The hea+th De1artment went on a =ero cam1a"/n amon/ bab"es and ch"+dren from - months to 10 years. Th"s was done to A. sto1 the s1read of 1o+"o (. red ce ty1ho"d C. red ce occ rrence of cancer D. co nteract t berc +os"s

19;. There was a recent e1"dem"c amon/ cows "n E ro1e. The Gh"+"11"nes too' 1re.ent".e meas res a/a"nst mad cows thro /h A. .acc"nat"on of cows (. banned "m1ortat"on cows C. meat "ns1ect"on D. e!1ort"n/ beef to E ro1e

19<. Aery recent+y se.era+ mon'ey farms were c+osed and the"r 1ets destroyed. The mon'eys were fo nd "nfected w"th A. b+ood d"sease C. AID$ (. tetan s D. rab"es C. 19>. B"sh farmers abo nd for +".e f"sh bro /ht to mar'et. 3h"ch of these .ar"et"es demand o!y/en care4 A. crabs (. ban/ s C. sa1sa1 19?. Geo1+e are d"sco ra/ed "n b rn"n/ the"r /arba/e. Th"s has been destr ct".e to A. ne"/hbor6s hea+th (. 1+ants aro nd C. b"rds "n the area D. the o=one +ayer

D. +a1 +a1

19@. $e.era+ ho/ farms were affected by the foot and mo th d"sease. A"s"tors who entered the 1"//ery s"tes are A. made of se /owns and ca1s (. 1or' are /".en free C. .acc"nated w"tho t A&B D. made to ste1 and d"s"nfectants

1;0. Ch"+dren are d"sco ra/ed to 1+ay "n f+oodwater s"nce A. feces of coc'roaches are f+oat"n/ (. feces and r"ne of an"ma+s abo nd C. r"ne of rats are conta/"o s D. r"ne of 1eo1+e are aro nd 1;1. D r"n/ wars0 what "s most dreaded by nat"ons4 A. b"o+o/"ca+ war (. Anthra! C. atom"c bomb D. hydro/en bomb

1;%. &others s"c' w"th d"abetes are s a++y fo nd to be fond of A. cand"es (. crabs C. tamar"nd D. meat

1;-. The Gh"+"11"nes and other nat"ons6 hea+th are we++ m"n"stered by an or/an"=at"on.3h"ch "s ment"oned for th"s4 A. UNE$CO (. 3or+d 7ea+th Or/an"=at"on C. Un"ted Arabs D. Un"ted Nat"ons

1;9. The $ 1reme Co rt a11ro.ed a b"dd"n/ to d"s1ose of waste +e/a++y. The o11os"t"on was a/a"nst "t beca se of ::::::::::::::.

A. b ry"n/ waste (. b"ode/radab+e se/re/at"on

C. "nc"nerat"on of waste D. se1arat"n/ 1+ast"c and 1a1er

1;;. Ch"c'en 1o! s a++y occ rs "n A / st. At what sta/e "s "t .ery conta/"o s4 A. when wo nds are 1ee+"n/ off4 C. when a++ wo nds ha.e d"sa11eared (. 3hen wo nds ha.e swo++en D. d r"n/ the f"rst wee' 1;<. The schoo+ 1hys"c"an d"a/nosed ch"+dren "n "nner towns s ffer"n/ from n"/ht b+"ndness. 7e 1rescr"bes the ta'"n/ "n of. A. ."tam"n C C. 1otass" m (. "ron s +fate D. ."tam"n (1% 1;>. C+ean"n/ of schoo+ 1rem"ses "s 1art of schoo+ c+ean+"ness. 3hat "s the best t"me to cond ct /ro nd "m1ro.ement4 A. >21; A& (. -2-0 G& C. ;210 G& C. @2%0 A& 1;?. H +"a6s mother has German meas+es when she was carry"n/ H +"a "n her womb. 3h"ch of these 1hys"ca+ a11earances shows the effect on the ch"+d4 A. (+"ndness C. retardat"on "n s1eech (. defect".e s"/ht D. defect".e hear"n/ 1;@. In order not +ose the mother6s teeth what "s "nc+ ded "n the"r d"et A. "ron C. carbohydrates (. fat D. ."tam"ns 1<0. D r"n/ c+ass "n /arden"n/ one boy was b"tten by a sna'e. 3hat "s the best f"rst a"d4 A. t"e a band aro nd the wo nd (. wash the wo nd w"th soa1 and water C. 1o nd /ar+"c and s1read "t the wo nd D. t"e band abo.e the b"te 1<1. A ch"+d saw an "nc"dent of '"++"n/ "n schoo+. The a thor"t"es co +d not com1e+ the ch"+d to /o to co rt 3hat sho +d be 1resent to a++ow the ch"+d to test"fy4 A. (. C. D. Consent of the try"n/ D d/e Consent of the schoo+ 1r"nc"1a+ Consent of the c+assroom teacher Consent of the 1arent to test"fy and 1art"c"1ate

1<%. The /o.ernment wants a 1"ece of 1r".ate +and for a /o.ernment 1roDect. The owner res"sted the /o.ernment6s demand. 7ow may a /o.ernment own the +and4 A. r"/ht of em"nent doma"n C. r"/ht of habeas cor1 s (. r"/ht of /o.ernment ownersh"1 D. r"/ht of so.ere"/n the /o.erned 1<-. A rad"o stat"on was 1ad+oc'ed after a m"dn"/ht broadcast. The o1erator acc sed the a thor"t"es of A. (. C. D. s s s s 11ress"on of the r"/ht to e!1ress one6s ."ews 11ress"on of the freedom of re+"/"on 11ress"on of r"/hts to D st"ce 11ress"on of the freedom of s1eech

1<9. A man ser.ed h"s sentence for ? years0 a+tho /h he was sentenced %0 years "m1r"sonment. 3hat d"d the man enDoy4 A. a comm tat"on of years (. a 1ardon C. tota+ freedom D. a 1aro+e

1<;. A fam"+y b "+t "s ho se "n an "nner 1"ece of +and. 7e was not a++owed to /o thro /h a ne"/hbor6s yard. 7e was acc sed of tres1ass"n/ 1r".ate 1ro1erty. The +aw a++ow s ch 1assa/e. 1<<. A ch"+d after b"rth has a r"/ht to a name A. a r"/ht for D st treatment (. a r"/ht for s r.".a+ C. a r"/ht to s ffra/e D. a r"/ht to h"s "dent"ty 1<>. &r. $on was born as a Ch"nese nat"ona+. 7e wants to r n as a con/ressman. 7e was nat ra+"=ed at a/e 1?. Can he r n for a con/ressman a. Fes0 beca se he was a nat ra+"=ed c"t"=en. b. Fes0 beca se he "s a c"t"=en. c. No0 beca se a nat ra+"=ed c"t"=en can6t r n for con/ress. d. No0 beca se h"s 1arents are a+ready c"t"=ens. 1<?. A ch"+d was born before the marr"a/e of one. Now0 he demands for a share of h"s "nher"tance. 7ow w"++ he be c+ass"f"ed4 A. nat ra+ born (. ado1ted ch"+d C. "++e/"t"mate ch"+d D. Le/"t"mate ch"+d

1<@. There are m"+"tary confrontat"ons "n some 1arts of the Gh"+"11"nes. 7ow does the /o.ernment address the s"t at"ons4 A. (. C. D. dec+are cease f"re dec+are amnesty for a++ ne/ot"ate w"th re1resentat".es of both 1ane+s dec+are war =ones

1>0. The Gh"+"11"nes 1r"des "tse+f as the f"rst 1res"d"n/ off"cers of the Un"ted Nat"ons.3ho was the 1ersona+"ty4 A. Genera+ Rom +o (. Ambassador E+"=a+de C. Ambassador &aceda D. Genera+ Fan

1>1. In order to a.o"d conf+"ct w"th Ch"na what does the Gh"+"11"nes "n.o+.e "n terms of Grat+ey Is+ands4 A. Laws on terr"tor"a+ bo ndar"es (. Laws on sea +"m"ts C. Terr"tor"a+ $ 1remacy D. Laws on "mm"/rat"on

1>%. Under what cond"t"ons are Amer"can forces adm"tted to the Gh"+"11"nes6 conf+"ctareas4 A. ."s"t"n/ tra"n"n/ force (. econom"c s 11ort forces C. ad.ance force D. reco.ery teams

1>-. 3hy are baran/ay cha"rman ass"/ned to sett+es baran/ay cases4 A. They 'now a++ the res"dents. (. They are com1etent D d/es. C. They ha.e tra"n"n/. D. They ha.e b"ases.

1>9. 3ho re/"stered /+adness and 1eace beca se of the access to ed cat"on "n the Af/han"stan 3ar4 A. ch"+dren (. w"dows C. women D. war heroes

1>;. A f"sh dea+er rece".ed a tr c'+oad of f"sh. 7e fo nd some not mar'etab+e. 3hat do yo th"n' was h"s dec"s"on4 A. (. C. D. coo' the s1o"+ed f"sh and d"str"b te "t to ne"/hbors choose the /ood ones and e+"m"nate the s1o"+ed ones se++ the who+e +oad co+or the f"sh and d"s1+ay once a/a"n

1><. A ma"d "s cont"n o s+y mo+ested by the son of a r"ch +and+ord. 3hat m st the +and+ord do to 1rotect the ma"d4 A. term"nate the ser."ces of the ma"d C. re1ort the case to the 1o+"ceman (. warn the son of h"s acts D. +oc' the ma"d "n her room 1>>. The son of a 1r"nc"1a+ wants to be the .a+ed"ctor"an of a c+ass. 3hat sho +d the the 1r"nc"1a+ do to a.o"d cr"t"c"sm4 A. (. C. D. Ass"st the son "n h"s c+ass 1re1arat"on and 1art"c"1at"on "n schoo+ act"."t"es. Transfer the br"/hter st dent to a +ower sect"on. Ca++ the r".a+s and /".e a stern warn"n/. Confront the teachers on the son6s /rade.

1>?. Hose R"=a+ faced the f"r"n/ s8 ad "n (a/ mbayan. Th"s "s a tr e 1ract"ce of A. Coward"ce (. Es1"ona/e C. 1atr"ot"sm D. treachery

1>@. A s bord"nate co +d not ta'e the "ns +ts h"s s 1er"or does on h"m da"+y. 3hat does th"s re+at"onsh"1 "nd"cate4 A. (. C. D. s bord"nate6s fee+"n/s are .a+ e+ess s bord"nates sho +d be ta'en as the .a+ e of res1ect for another "s 1re.a"+"n/ s 1er"ors are s 1er"or

1?0. A cab"net secretary has a ch"+d to another woman. 7e a11o"nts th"s ch"+d as an off"ce c+er'. 3hat does he ."o+ate by s ch act4 A. Ba.or"t"sm (. b"/amy C. ne1ot"sm D. career"sm

1?1. Coo1erat".es are .ery he+1f + to farmers es1ec"a++y "n "rr"/at"on of r"ce f"e+ds. Th"s "s e."dent when A. (. C. D. members are acco ntab+e for the"r fe++ow member6s cred"t +"nes members 1ay the"r d es after three har.ests members ta'e t rn "n /ett"n/ water rat"on nonImembers are de1r".ed of water

1?%. 3hen the /ood bo /ht are +ess than the s a+ .o+ me from a certa"n amo nt. There "s a noted A. Inf+at"on (. econom"c cr"s"s C. art"f"c"a+ money hoard"n/ D. recess"on

1?-. The wor+d mar'et has enDoyed entrance of /oods "n a++ co ntr"es. As far as meat "s concerned A. (. C. D. farmers6 meat are not sa+eab+e farmers are com1et"t".e farmers6 setbac' "s so /reat to farmers thr".e beca se of coo1erat".es

1?9. Aery +ate+y0 Gh"+"11"ne man/ are e!1orted to A stra+"a0 b t a new co ntry has 1rod ced more 8 a+"ty man/oes and man/o 1rod cts. Th"s "s "n A. $"n/a1ore (. Indones"a C. Eorea D. Tha"+and

1?;. New techn"8 es "n food 1rod ct"on are +earned thro /h A. te+e."s"on mod +es (. baran/ay for m 1?<. Bree trade means :::::::::::. A. (. C. D. +e.e+ of ta!"n/ "s m t a+ between co ntr"es /oods are a++ "m1orted /oods come "n nta!ed /o.ernment restr"cts entry of "dent"f"ed /oods C. ed"tor"a+ and cartoons D. rad"o comments

1?>."on has been made that b"/ +oans that are hard+y 1a"d come from A. 3or+d (an's (. Un"on (an's C. Centra+ (an's D. Ha1anese ban's

1??. The /o.ernment6s a11roach to a.o"d +ow 1r"ces of 1rod cts d r"n/ har.est "s thro /h A. (. C. D. or/an"="n/ coo1erat".es amon/ farmers 1 tt"n/ 1 bonded wareho se /"."n/ b s"ness ca1"ta+ to farmers e!chan/e of 1rod cts

1?@. Ch"nese traders ta /ht ear+y B"+"1"nos the .a+ e of honesty. They d"d ::::::::. A. (. C. D. they a++owed traders to "ss e 1ostdated chec' thro /h +end"n/ money at a h"/h 1ercenta/e they +eft /oods for barter and re8 "red rece"1ts they demanded de1os"ts for /ood 1 rchased

1@0. &any obser.e that ::::::::::::::::. E. B. G. 7. r"ch co ntr"es ab se the"r 1ower co ntr"es that are econom"ca++y stab+e are /reedy co ntr"es w"th no econom"c 1rob+ems become wor+d +eaders co ntr"es w"th 1oor economy are s bser."ent to the r"ch

1@1. Democracy reco/n"=es the e8 a+"ty of men and women. Name a co ntry where women are not afforded h"/her ed cat"on. A. Ar/ent"na (. Ga'"stan C. Un"ted $tates D. Ga+est"ne

1@%. $8 atters accord"n/ to +aw cannot be eDected for the"r 1resent 1+aces of res"dence n+ess A. (. C. D. there "s +".e+"hood "n the re+ocat"on 1+ace they are 1a"d for the"r o+d ho ses they are ass red a 1+ace to /o they are /".en d"st rbance fees

1@-. 3hat has made wor+d b s"ness fast4 A. rad"o networ' (. news 1r"nt C. modern techno+o/y D. com1 ters

1@9. 3hat "s the nearest As"an +an/ a/e to B"+"1"no4 A. (r"t"sh En/+"sh (. Ch"nese0 &andar"n C. &a+ays"a0 (ahasa D. Ha1anese0 N"1on/o

1@;. Gh"+"11"ne economy "s meas red thro /h :::::::::::::::::::: A. borrow"n/ rates (. the r"se and fa++ of do++ar e!chan/e rates C. "nf+at"on rates D. +end"n/ rates

1@<. Trade "s fast when the :::::::::::::::::. A. (. C. D. f"/ re e!1+a"n 1rod cts trans+at"on of +abe+s are done we++ +an/ a/e sed "s we++ nderstood "++ strat"on are sed "n the +abe+s

1@>. 3h"ch /ro 1 "s "dent"f"ed w"th common as1"rat"ons4 They are A. ethn"c /ro 1s (. a+"en forces C. nat".es D. fore"/n "n.estors

1@?. The ho s"n/ 1ro/ram for a++ these years d"d not s cceed beca se A. (. C. D. s8 s8 s8 s8 atters are s1o"+ed by 1o+"t"c"ans atters se++ the"r a++otted ho ses to merchants atters ret rn to the s8 atters att"n/ "s a form of +".e+"hood

1@@. 3hat has so+.ed the caste and soc"a+ strata system "n the Gh"+"11"nes soc"ety4 A. schoo+s "n e.ery baran/ay (. baran/ay em1owerment C. schoo+s for hand"ca11ed D. baran/ay h"/h schoo+s o1ened

%00. Arab"an d"/n"tar"es ha.e a way of /reet"n/ fr"ends. Th"s "s thro /h :::::::::. A. 7and /r"1 (. Embrace C. 1o+ar to 1a+m D. handsha'e


&. '.

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