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Referex Engineeering Chemical Petrochemical and Process Collection

Title List as of June 29, 2004 ISBN 0444511407a 0444511407b 088415260x 0750651008 0884150259 0884151018 0884156516 0125824610 075063605xa 075063605xb 087201200x 0750644451 075064950x 0750693851 0750670223 0884153150 087201147x 0125769601 0884153207 0750648333 0750655208 0750676027 0750627824 0884152731 0750672943 0884152596 0444828230 0080440290 0884152898 088415758x 0750650036 0884150119 0080441068 0121189309 0884152200 0884153177 0750674997 0884150569 0750671262 0750672099 0884158578 0884158586 0884158594 0884158608 0750674989

0750674369 0750671351 0122896769 0750673176 0750671238 0122619129 0750611820 075064883x 0750615478a 0750615478b 0750615478c 0884154815 0444510524 0750637706 075067136x 0884153428 0750677112 0750674393 0884156575 0872011496 0872014266 0750675799 0750674717 0080437125 0122368452 0750677406 088415372x 0750672080 0750694831 0750675713 0750675683 0884155250 0126561508 0884157709 0884153010 0750675675 0750675217 0884159485 0750645687 0884156427 0884156435 0884158217 0884158225 0750674954 0444823735 0884155099 0884158861 0884159205

Referex Engineeering Chemical Petrochemical and Process Collection

itle List as of June 29, 2004 Title Adhesion Science and Engineering Volume 1 Adhesion Science and Engineering Volume 2, The Mechanics of Adhesion/Surfaces, Chemistry Applications Advanced Blowout and Well Control Advanced Control Engineering Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants, Volume 1 Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants, Volume 2 Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants, Volume 3 (Third Edition) Biomaterials Science: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine Bretherick' s Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards, Volume 1 (6th Edition) Bretherick' s Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards, Volume 2 (6th Edition) Centrifugal Pumps: Design and Application Chemical Engineering, Volume 2 Chemical Engineering: Solutions, Volume 1 Chemical Process Equipment Chemical Process Safety: Learning from Case Histories Chemistry of Petrochemical Processes Composition and Properties of Drilling and Completion Fluids Computational Flow Modeling for Chemical Reactor Engineering: Process Systems Engineering, Volume 5 Computational Rheology for Pipeline and Annular Flow Crystallization Crystallization Process Systems Dust Explosions in the Process Industries (Third Edition) Electrostatic Hazards Environmental Control in Petroleum Engineering Environmental Engineering Estimator's Piping Man-Hour Manual Experiments in Catalytic Reaction Engineering Extractive Metallurgy of Copper (4th Edition) Fluid Catalytic Cracking Handbook Fluid Flow Measurement: A Practical Guide to Accurate Flow Measurement (Second Edition) Fluidization Dynamics Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover Fundamentals and Technology of Combustion Fundamentals of Air Pollution Gas Purification Geologic Analysis of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Handbook of Air Pollution Prevention and Control Handbook of Cathodic Corrosion Protection Handbook of Chemical Processing Equipment Handbook of Hazardous Chemical Properties Handbook of Thermodynamic Diagrams, Volume 1 Handbook of Thermodynamic Diagrams, Volume 2 Handbook of Thermodynamic Diagrams, Volume 3 Handbook of Thermodynamic Diagrams, Volume 4 Handbook of Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Hazardous Waste Compliance Hazardous Waste Handbook Industrial Ventilation Design Guidebook Industrial Waste Treatment Handbook Instrumentation Reference Book Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis Using Mathematica Introduction to Colloid and Surface Chemistry Learning from Accidents Lee' s Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, Volume 1: Hazard Identification, Asessment and Control (2nd edition) Lee' s Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, Volume 2: Hazard Identification, Asessment and Control (2nd edition) Lee' s Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, Volume 3: Hazard Identification, Asessment and Control (2nd edition) Modeling of Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design Modelling in Transport Phenomena Non-Newtonian Flow Nuclear Energy Petroleum Geology of the South Caspian Basin Petrophysics Pipe Drafting and Design Pipe Drafting and Design: Using Manual, Autocad, and Pro-Pipe Applications Pipeline Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Pipeline Pigging and Inspection Technology (Second Edition) Pipeline Risk Management Manual Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook Pipeline and Risers Pollution Prevention through Process Integration Pressure Vessel Design Manual Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation Probabilistic Safety Assessment in the Chemical and Nuclear Industries Pumping Station Design Purification of Laboratory Chemicals (Fifth Edition) Quantitative Methods in Reservoir Engineering Reciprocating Compressors Renewable Energy Reservoir Engineering Handbook Reservoir Formation Damage, Fundamentals, Modeling, Assessment, and Mitigation Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers Serious Incident Prevention: How to Sustain Accident-Free Operations in Your Plant or Company Shale Shaker and Drilling Fluids Systems: Techniques and Technology for Improving Solids Control Management Solid-Liquid Separation Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Volume 2 Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering: Volume 2 Surface Production Operations, Volume 1: Design of Oil-Handling Systems and Facilities Surface Production Operations, Volume 2: Design of Gas-Handling Systems and Facilities Techniques for Adaptive Control Thermodynamics of Systems Containing Flexible-Chain Polymers Turboexpanders and Process Applications Valve Selection Handbook What Went Wrong?

Author Dillard, D.A.;Pocius, A.V.;Chaudhury, M. Dillard, D. A.;Pocius, A. V.;Chaudhury, M. Grace, Robert D Burns, Roland Ludwig, Ernest E. Ludwig, Ernest E Ludwig, Ernest E. Ratner, Buddy D.;Hoffman, Allan;Schoen, Frederick;Lemons, Jack Urben, Peter;Bretherick, Leslie Urben, Peter;Bretherick, Leslie Lobanoff, Val S.;Ross, Robert R. Richardson, J F Richardson, J F;Coulson, J M;Backhurst, J R;Harker, J H Walas, Stan Sanders, Roy E Matar, Ph.D., Sami;F. Hatch, Ph.D., Lewis Gray, George R.;Darley, HCH Ranade, Vivek Chin, Wilson C. Mullin, J W Jones, Alan G Eckhoff, Rolf K Luttgens, Gunter;Wilson, Norman Reis, John C. Weiner, Ruth;Matthews, Robin Page, John S Berty, J M Davenport, WGL;King, M;Schlesinger, M;Biswas, AK Sadeghbeigi, Reza Upp, E. Loy;LaNasa, Paul J. Gibilaro, L G Lapeyrouse, Norton J El-Mahallawy, F;Din Habik, S. E Boubel, Richard;Fox, Donald;Turner, Bruce;Stern, Arthur Kohl, Arthur L;Nielsen, Richard Nelson, Ronald Cheremisinoff, Nicholas P von Baeckmann, Walter;Schwenk, Wilhelm;Prinz, Werner Cheremisinoff, Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, Nicholas P Yaws, Carl L. Yaws, Carl L. Yaws, Carl L Yaws, Carl L Cheremisinoff, Nicholas P.

Florczak, Clifford;Roughton, James Lippitt, John;Webb, Paul;Martin, William Goodfellow, Howard;Tahti, Esko Woodard, Frank Boyes, Walt Foley, Henry Shaw, Duncan Kletz, Trevor A Lees, Frank P Lees, Frank P Lees, Frank P Coker, A. Kayode Tosun, I. Chhabra, R P;Richardson, J F Murray, Raymond Buryakovsky, Leonid;Chilingar, George V.;Aminzadeh, Fred Tiab, Djebbar;Donaldson, Erle Parisher, Roy A.;Rhea, Robert A. Parisher, Roy A.;Rhea, Robert A. Parker, Marshall;Peattie, Edward G. Tiratsoo, John Muhlbauer, W. Kent McAllister, E.W. Bai, Yong El-Halwagi, Mahmoud Moss, Dennis R Fanchi, John R. Fullwood, Ralph Sanks, Robert L. Armarego, W L F;Chai, Dr. Christina Chin, Wilson C Bloch, Heinz;Hoefner, John J. Sorensen, Bent Ahmed, Tarek Civan, Faruk Branan, Carl R Burns, Thomas American Assoc. of Drilling Engr.s Svarovsky, Ladislav Lyons, Ph.D., P.E., William C. Lyons, Ph.D., P.E., William C. Arnold, Ken;Stewart, Maurice Arnold, Ken;Stewart, Maurice VanDoren, Vance Klenin, Vitaly J. Bloch, Heinz;Soares, Claire Zappe, R W Kletz, Trevor A

Referex Engineeering Electronics and Electrical Collection

Title List as of June 29, 2004 ISBN 012466606x 0750639962 0750696400 0750642343 0750673397 0750675470 075064947x 0120451441 0750656360 075063636x 075064625x 0750675438 0750672803 0750648139 0750671947 0340740760 0127345302 1878707981 187870799x 075067444x 0750649305 0750699167 0750657847 0750646373 0750674032 1878707523 1589950046 0750675349 0126912955 0120845903 0750654228 1878707507 0750650788 0124005608 0750650133 0122078926 0750634294 0122370759 0122078918 0121197905 0120777908 0123951712 0123951704 075065046x 0750626291 Title A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing Adaptive Control Systems Analog Circuit Design Analog Circuits Cookbook Analog Interfacing to Embedded Microprocessors Analog and Digital Filter Design Antenna Toolkit Applications of Nonlinear Fiber Optics Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook Audio and Hi-Fi Handbook Battery Reference Book Bebop to the Boolean Boogie Building a Successful Board-Test Strategy CE Conformity Marking CMOS IC Layout Computer Busses DSP Integrated Circuits Designing Embedded Internet Devices Dictionary of Video Television Technology Digital Signal Processing: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists EMC for Product Designers Electric Vehicle Battery Systems Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology Electrical Engineer's Reference Book Electromagnetics Explained Embedded Controller Hardware Design Embedded FreeBSD Cookbook Embedded Microprocessor Systems Engineering Digital Design Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers Essential Java for Scientists and Engineers Fabricating Printed Circuit Boards Feature Extraction and Image Processing Fiber Bragg Gratings Fiber Optic Cabling Fiber Optic Data Communication Fuzzy Controllers Handbook Handbook of Digital Signal Processing Handbook of Fiber Optic Data Communication Handbook of Image and Video Processing Handbook of Medical Imaging Handbook of Optical Fiber Telecommunications Handbook of Optical Fiber Telecommunications High Frequency and Microwave Engineering High Performance Audio Power Amplifiers

0750636343 1856173879 0750637684 0750673516 0126853517 0750650303 0127748113 0340614579 0124518311 0122698517 0750611588 0750675462 0750676116 0750698667 0122821602 0120471418 0750655585 0750652977 0750648791 0750657219 0750648104 0750657200 0750659882 0750656085 0120451433 012237472x 0750677015 0750697024 0123951720 0123951739 0126858756 0126354901 0750651261 0125816502 0750629266 075067329x 1856173909 0750653698 0121370305 075065757x 1878707574 0750699469 0750648449 0750643552 0750657731 0750672811 0750652144 0750672919 0750672188 0750635894 0750649321 0124518303

High Voltage Engineering Fundamentals High-temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Industrial Health and Safety Industrial Power Engineering Handbook Intelligent Communication Systems Introduction to Fiber Optics Introduction to Information Optics Introduction to Medical Electronics Applications Introduction to Microcontrollers Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition J P Transformer Book Linux for Embedded and Real-Time Applications Mixed-signal and DSP Design Techniques Modern Dictionary of Electronics Multimedia Communications Multiresolution Signal Decomposition: Transforms, Subbands, Wavelets Neural and Fuzzy Logic Control of Drives and Power Systems Newnes Data Communications Pocket Book Newnes Electrical Engineer's Handbook Newnes Guide to Digital TV Newnes Guide to Television and Video Technology Newnes Interfacing Companion Newnes PC Troubleshooting Pocket Book Newnes Radio and RF Engineering Pocket Book Nonlinear Fiber Optics (Third Edition) Observers in Control Systems Op Amps for Everyone Op Amps: Design, Application, and Troubleshooting Optical Fiber Telecommunications IV-A Optical Fiber Telecommunications IV-B Pattern Recognition Photoreactive Organic Thin Films Power Electronic Control in Electrical Systems Power Electronics Handbook Power Electronics Handbook Power Supply Cookbook Practical Handbook of Photovoltaics Practical RF Handbook Practical Switching Power Supply Design Programmable Controllers Programming Microcontrollers in C RF Circuit Design RF Components and Circuits RF and Microwave Radiation Safety Radar Systems, Peak Detection and Tracking Radio Frequency Transistors Radio and Electronics Cookbook Reference Data for Engineers Ninth Edition Reflow Soldering Processes SMT Soldering Handbook (Second Edition) Sensors and Transducers Single and Multi-Chip Microcontroller Interfacing

0750676183 0750650451 1878707558 0750670622 0750698691 0750678151 0124680410 0750694998 012222695x 0750671750 0120530791 1878707566 0122252616

Statistics and Probability for Engineering Applications Telecommunication Circuits and Technology Telecommunications Demystified The Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design The Art of Designing Embedded Systems The Digital Consumer Technology Handbook Third Generation CDMA Systems for Enhanced Data Services Troubleshooting Analog Circuits Tunable Lasers Handbook Understanding Telephone Electronics Video Coding for Mobile Communications Video Demystified WDM Technologies: Active Optical Components

Author Mallat, St phane Feng, Gang;Lozano, Rogelio Williams, Jim Hickman, Ian Ball, Stuart Winder, Steve Carr, Joseph Agrawal, Govind Self, Douglas Sinclair, Ian Crompton, T R Maxfield, Clive Scheiber, Stephen F. Tricker, Ray Clein, Dan Buchanan, William Wanhammar, Lars DeMuth, Brian;Eisenreich, Dan Jack, Keith;Tsatsoulin, Vladimir Smith, Steven Williams, Tim Dhameja, Sandeep Bird, John Laughton, M A;Warne, D F Schmit, Ron Arnold, Ken Cevoli, Paul Ball, Stuart Tinder, Richard Becker, Philippe;Olsson, Anders;Simpson, Jay Hahn, Brian;Malan, Katherine Varteresian, Jon Nixon, Mark;Aquado, Alberto S Kashyap, Raman Elliot, Barry;Gilmore, Mike DeCusatis, Casimer Reznik, Leon Elliott, Douglas DeCusatis, Casimer Bovik, Al Bankman, Isaac Koch, Thomas Koch, Thomas da Silva, Ed Duncan, Ben

Kuffel, E;Zaengl, W S;Kuffel, J Singhal, S.C.;Kendall, K. McMillan, Alan Agrawal, KC Terashima, Nobuyoshi Crisp, John Yu, Francis;Jutamulia, Suganda;Yin, Shizuhuo Nokes, L;Jennings, D;Flint, T;Turton, B Lipovski, G. Fukunaga, Keinosuke Heathcote, Martin Abbott, Doug Analog Devices Inc., Engineering Staff;Kester, Walt Graf, Rudolf F. Gibson, Jerry Akansu, Ali;Haddad, Richard Cirstea, Marcian;Dinu, Andrei;McCormick, Malcolm;Khor, Jeen Ghee Winder, Steve;Tooley, Mike Warne, D F Brice, Richard Trundle, Eugene Fischer-Cripps, Tony Anderson, Howard;Tooley, Mike Winder, Steve;Carr, Joseph Agrawal, Govind Ellis, George Mancini, Ron Terrell, David Kaminow, Ivan;Li, Tingye Kaminow, Ivan;Li, Tingye Theodoridis, Sergios;Koutroumbas, Konstantinos Sekkat, Zouheir Acha, Enrique;Agelidis, Vassilios;Anaya, Olimpo;Miller, T J E Rashid, Muhammad H. Mazda, Fraidoon Brown, Marty Markvart, T.;Castaner, L. Hickman, Ian Brown, Martin Parr, E A VanSickle, Ted Bowick, Christopher Carr, Joe Kitchen, Ronald Kolawole, Michael Dye, Norman;Granberg, Helge RSGB Van Valkenburg, Mac E.;Middleton, Wendy M. Lee, Ning-Cheng Strauss, Rudolf Sinclair, Ian Lipovski, G.

DeCoursey, William Leven, Andrew Nassar, Carl Williams, Jim Ganssle, Jack Dhir, Amit Mandyam, Giridhar;Lai, Jersey Pease, Robert Duarte, Frank Carr, Joseph;Winder, Steve;Bigelow, Stephen Al-Mualla, Mohammed;Canagarajah, C;Bull, David Jack, Keith Fujiwara, Masahiko;Dutta, Niloy;Dutta, Achyut

Referex Engineeering Mechanical and Materials Collection

Title List as of June 29, 2004 ISBN 0080439381 0080442730 0750651318 0080426999a 0080426999b 0750651113 0750651253 0750657723 0340705884 0750675314 0750650540 0750650893 0750672439 0750653965 0750653973 0750656107 0125824602 0750650753 0080441637 0080426832 0080426824 0750647906 0884151646 0080430090 0750610778a 0750610778b 0750650761 0750651385 0750691689 0080426956 0750630817 0750640197 0750657766 0080430104 0080438644 0750673044 0080439594 0080441041 0080441297 0750650494 0750650559 0750650508 0121782514 0750670592 0125443609

075064284x 0750642866 0884157326 0750656131 0750648341 0750661798 0750650885 0750648880 185617395x 0750658444 0750644516 0750628944 0750625309 0750625295 0750648856 0884154114 1856174093 0750650923 0750643986 0080439217 012471370x 0750619600 0750642181 0080427022 0750653000 1856173895 0080440649 0750672196 034069159x 0444829520 0750656115 0750645644 0750631406 0444898751 0444898751a 0444898751b 0750673281 1856174166 0750637641 0750641320 0750658460 0080439500a 0884156613 0872017818 088415663x 0080429998 0750648511 0750658436 075064219x 0750651687 0126185204 0750671580

0884157903 0750654937 0750652314 0750648872 0750641339 0750641010 0750636254 0750636246 0750657669 0750644478 0080426794 012524990x 0750644494 0080426964 0340676507 0750651555 0750611987 0750636238 0750651415 0750670088 0750671505

Referex Engineeering Mechanical and Materials Collection

tle List as of June 29, 2004 Title 3D Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites Advanced Gas Turbine Cycles Advanced Vehicle Technology Advances in the Bonded Composite Repair of Metallic Aircraft Structure, Volume 1 Advances in the Bonded Composite Repair of Metallic Aircraft Structure, Volume 2 Aerodynamics for Engineering Students Aeronautical Engineer's Data Book Aircraft Design Projects Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students An Introduction to Predictive Maintenance Automotive Chassis: Engineering Principles Automotive Computer Controlled Systems Automotive Quality Systems Handbook Basic Ship Theory, Volume 1 Basic Ship Theory, Volume 2 Beginning AutoCAD 2002 Biomaterials Science: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine Bramwell's Helicopter Dynamics Carbon Alloys Carbon Materials for Advanced Technologies Carbon Nanotubes Castings Compressors: Selection and Sizing Computational Fluid Dynamics: Principles and Applications Corrosion, Volume 1 Corrosion, Volume 2 Designing Capable and Reliable Products Electronic Navigation Systems Encyclopedia of Materials Characterization Engineered Interfaces in Fiber Reinforced Composites Engineering Materials, Volume 1 Engineering Materials, Volume 2: An Introduction to Microstructures, Processing and Design (Second Edition) Engineering Mathematics Engineering Rock Mechanics Engineering Rock Mechanics Engineering Tribology Failure Analysis Case Studies II Fiber Fracture Fiber Fracture Finite Element Method, Volume 1 Finite Element Method, Volume 2 Finite Element Method, Volume 3 Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery Fluid-Structure Interactions

Foseco Ferrous Foundryman' s Handbook (Eleventh Edition) Foseco Non-Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook Guide to Microsoft Excel 2002 for Scientists and Engineers Guide to Ship Repair Estimates Guide to the Collision Avoidance Rules Handbook of Production Management Methods Hazardous Chemicals Handbook Hydroblasting and Coating of Steel Structures ISO 9000: 2000: An A-Z Guide ISO 9000: Quality Systems Handbook Introduction to Continuum Mechanics Introduction to Marine Engineering Introduction to Naval Architecture Introduction to Practical Fluid Flow Introduction to Space Sciences and Spacecraft Applications Know and Understand Centrifugal Pumps Lightweight Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Design Marine Auxiliary Machinery Marine Structural Design Mechanical Engineer's Handbook Mechanical Engineers Data Handbook Mechanical Engineers Reference Book Mechanics and Analysis of Composite Materials Mechanics of Sheet Metal Forming Membranes for Industrial Wastewater Recovery and Re-use Metal Fatigue: Effects of Small Defects and Nonmetallic Inclusions Metal Foams: A Design Guide Metal Machining Methods for Monitoring and Diagnosing the Efficiency of Catalytic Converters Modelling with AutoCAD 2002 Modern Physical Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Newnes Industrial Control Wiring Guide Physical Metallurgy, Volume 1 Physical Metallurgy, Volume 2 Physical Metallurgy, Volume 3 Plant Engineer's Handbook Plastics Engineered Product Design Plastics Engineering Plastics Materials Pounder's Marine Diesel Engines Practical Design of Ships and Other Floating Structures, Volume 1 Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants, Volume 1: Improving Machinery Reliability Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants, Volume 3: Machinery Component Maintenance and Repair Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants, Volume 4: Major Process Equipment Maintenance and Repair Practical Ship Design Practical Ship Hydrodynamics Project Planning and Control (Fourth Edition) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Reliability, Maintainability and Risk Robotics Root Cause Failure Analysis

Rules of Thumb for Mechanical Engineers Safety at Work Seamanship Techniques Ship Construction Ship Design for Efficiency and Economy (Second Edition) Ship Stability for Masters and Mates (Fifth Edition) Smithells Light Metals Handbook Smithells Metals Reference Book Statistical Process Control TPM - A Route to World Class Performance The Coming of Materials Science The Materials Science of Thin Films The Motor Vehicle The Science and Technology of Carbon Nanotubes Theory Design of Air Cushion Craft Thermochemical Processes: Principles and Models Tribology Handbook Tribology in Machine Design Tyre and Vehicle Dynamics Understanding Automotive Electronics Vibration Fundamentals

Author Tong, L;Mouritz, AP;Bannister, M Horlock, Sir John Heisler, Heinz Baker, AA;Rose, LRF;Jones, R Baker, AA;Rose, LRF;Jones, R Houghton, E. L.;Carpenter, P.W. Matthews, Cliff Jenkinson, Lloyd R;Marchman, Jim Megson, THG Mobley, R Keith Reimpell, Jornsen;Stoll, Helmut;Betzler, Jurgen Bonnick, Allan Hoyle, David Tupper, E C;Rawson, K J Tupper, E C;Rawson, K J McFarlene, Bob Ratner, Buddy D.;Schoen, Frederick J.;Lemons, Jack E. Bramwell, A. R. S.;Balmford, David;Done, George Yasuda, E.;Ingaki, M.;Kaneko, K.;Endo, M.;Oya, A.;Tanabe, Y. Burchell, TD Endo, M.;Iijima, S.;Dresselhaus, M.S. Campbell, John Brown, Royce N. Blazek, J Burstein, G T;Shreir, L L;Jarman, R A Burstein, G T;Shreir, L L;Jarman, R A Booker, J D;Raines, M;Swift, K G Tetley, Laurie;Calcutt, David Evans, Charles;Brundle, Richard;Wilson, Shaun Kim, Jang-Kyo;Mai, Yiu-Wing Jones, D R H;Ashby, Michael Jones, David R H;Ashby, Michael Bird, John Harrison, JP;Hudson, JA Harrison, JP;Hudson, JA Stachowiak, Gwidon;Batchelor, A W Jones, DRH Elices, M;Llorca, J Carpinteri, Andrea;De Freitas, Manuel;Spagnoli, Andrea Zienkiewicz, O C;Taylor, R L Zienkiewicz, O C;Taylor, R L Zienkiewicz, O C;Taylor, R L Kundu, Pijush;Cohen, Ira Dixon, S L Paidoussis, Michael

Brown, John Brown, John Boyce, Meherwan P Liengme, Bernard Butler, Don Cockcroft, A;Lameijer, J Halevi, Gideon Carson, Philip;Mumford, C J Momber, A Hoyle, David Hoyle, David Lai, W Michael;Rubin, David;Krempl, Erhard Taylor, D A Tupper, E C King, R Peter Campbell, Bruce A.;McCandless, Samuel Walter;McCandless, W. Bachus, Larry;Custodio, Angel Fenton, John;Hodkinson, Ron McGeorge, H D Bai, Y Marghitu, Dan;Irwin, J. Carvill, James Smith, E H Vasiliev, VV;Morozov, E Hu, Jack Judd, S.;Jefferson, B. Murakami, Y Ashby, Michael;Evans, Tony;Fleck, NA;Gibson, L.J.;Hutchinson, J.W.;Wadley, H.N.G. Childs, THC;Maekawa, K;Obikawa, T;Yamane, Y Sideris, M McFarlane, Bob Smallman CBE, R E;Bishop, R J Mercer, R B Cahn, RW;Haansen, P Cahn, RW;Haansen, P Cahn, RW;Haansen, P Mobley, R. Keith Rosato, D V Crawford, R J Brydson, J A Woodyard, Doug Wu, You-Sheng;Zhou, Guo-Jun;Cui, Wei-Cheng Bloch, Heinz P. Bloch, Heinz P;Geitner, Fred K Bloch, Heinz P.;Geitner, Fred K. Watson, D.G.M. Bertram, Volker Lester, Albert Trott, A R;Welch, T C Smith, David Sandler, Ben Mobley, R Keith

Pope, J Edward Ridley, John;Channing, John House, D J Ayres, D J Bertram, Volker;Schneekluth, H Derrett, D R;Barrass, Dr C B Brandes, E A;Brook, G B Brandes, E A;Brook, G B Oakland, John S Wilmott, Peter;McCarthy, Dennis Cahn, R.W. Ohring, Milton Garrett, T. K.;Steeds, W.;Newton, N. Tanaka, K.;Yamabe, T.;Fukui, K. Yun, Liang;Bliault, Alan Alcock, C B Neale, M J Stolarski, T A Pacejka, Hans Ribbens, William Mobley, R Keith