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1) Regular Clothes 2) Locks 3) Air Coolers (at campus) 4) Mattress sheets + Blanket 5) Marksheets + Certificates + Extra-Curriculars (Original + Attested

+ Xerox) 6) Laptop 7) Printer [not really required] 8) Formals/Suits - Business wear 9) LAN cable [they do sell this on campus for ultra high margin] 10) Water Bucket 11) Umbrella 12) Iron [only if you are not going to use local dhobi] 13) Personal care/Toiletries (Soap case +Soap + Detergent + Deodrants + Perfume +Toothpaste + Toothbrush,etc. that will take of your hygiene :) [okay this wa s for girls, alright] 14) Shoe polish 15) Electricity Extension [again a must item, will realize over time] 16) Nail cutter 17) Room Heater [at campus] 18) Curtains 19) Shaving Kits 20) Make-up kits (for Girls : It may contain a list, which is way more longer th an anything else :P) 21) Gym clothes 22) Mosquito Nets [not required] 23) Table Lamp [not required] 24) Hangers 25) Combs 26) Affidavit/Oath Comm 27) Books to read [for book lovers :) ] 28) HDD [..................INDISPENSABLE ITEM...NEVER FORGET!!!................. ..] 29) Glares / Spectacles 30) Identification proofs (Passport + Voter's ID + Driver's license + PAN Card) 31) Mini Refrigerator (Disclaimer: Its not legal to keep it,and you may face tro uble for keeping it...well somebody just mentioned abt it so wrote it :P) [has i ts own niche, available at campus] 32) Basic stationary items (Notebooks + pens + stapler+ scissors + cello-tape, e tc) [at campus] 33) Computer Speakers/Headphones 34) Water Bottles/Containers 35) Footwear (Shoes + Chappal/Slippers/Sandals) 36) Scientific Calculator [Casio 991 ES - Please dont buy Casio 991 MS or Financ ial Calculator] 37) Alarm Clock 38) Electric Kettle (Maggie noodles or for the occasional sore throat) 39) Wall clock with large display(for those who dont want to rely on their Mobil e/Laptop) [again niche] 40) Pen Drive (really helpful and handy ) 41) Laundry bag (to collect your clothes for the weekend wash) 42) Liquidator Mosquito Repellent 43) Calendar (its fun crossing out the dates to countdown the days to the term b reak) 44) Swim wear (for the people who plan chilling out in the pool after a long tir ing days of classes :P) 45) Swimming goggles/ head gear (the water in the pool is highly chlorinated) 46) Socks (i am sure you pack this along with your shoes but what the heck) 47) File covers .. To keep the umpteen no. of handouts and cases given to you by the Profs. 48) Harmonium File Folders (to keep the umpteen no. of Xeroxes of your marks car

ds, files etc) 49) Passport photos + stamp size photos (You will need it for your id card, Uman g Card, bank loans etc. For the guys it would be helpful if you take it with you in a suit (Photoshopped too would be fine) 50) For the junta who dont have a passport , make sure you apply at once when yo u come to IIM lucknow, you might need it for your exchange program. 51) Riding gears [For the bikers] 52) Mini medical kit (meds for simple cold n flu + bandaids + vicks/zandu balm )