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A Link to the Past

by Robert Gervais If you missed out on gaming experiences developed for classic Nintendo consoles, fret not, for the Library possesses a wonderful machine that will play classic NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and SNES (Super NES) games for your enjoyment! The FC Twin by Yobo Gameware is a console that enables you to emulate your way to entertainment nirvana and spend the weekend thusly engaged. To be clear, the path to 8-bit transcendence has been well traveled by several of your fellow patrons... present company included. Over the Winter Break, I was intent on nay, determined to blaze a mushroom laden trail for you, our Minion Reader. Sufce it to say that I was mesmerized at FC Twins ability to successfully load my cartridges without the customary slap-and-kick demanded by the ever-ripening consoles of yesteryear. After playing through the collection of my youth, I will state for the record, unabashedly, that I am terrible at every video game that 1985 has to offer, and I show no signs of further improvement. Game after punishing game punctuated FC Twins point that I no longer have the reballs and the shields to complement the whatnots that made me the savior of Hyrule. While I no longer possess the in-game acrobatics needed to make King Koopa shake in his shell while I shimmy out of the Castle with Princess Peach, I appreciate the opportunity to experience the legendary games that made Nintendo the tour de force that it has become in our industry. If youre interested in playing classic NES and SNES games, heres the howto. 1. Stop by the library. If youre reading this, you know where to nd us. 2. Ask at the counter for the FC Twin console. We also have SNES cartridges available for check-out. 3. Plug-in the FC Twin to the monitor. If youre confused, Uncle Google and Aunt YouTube can help. 4. Load the NES or SNES cartridge. Resisting your slap-and-kick muscle memory of course. 5. Time warp back to 1985. Do this. For Science! 6. Play your favorite SNES or NES games in 8-bit or 16-bit mode, et voila. If you follow the aforementioned howto... you might start thinking that calculator watches and oppy disks are cool again. Happy Gaming!

Librarian Judi Windleharth Director of the Library and Academic Support Center 425.895.4420 No question is too small. Trust me. Spring 2013 hours Monday - Friday 8:45 am - 8 pm Saturday Noon - 4 pm

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New things in the library this semester: 1.) Electronics drop box Its red, its right next to the book return. Return your tablet pens, tablets, headphones, calculators, DVDs and games in the new drop box.

3.) New minions Welcome Travis new guy Robinson. He is a freshman BAGD student, and has visited 28 different countries. Also welcome Kevin Gray. He is a sophomore RTIS student who is so new that we dont even have a caricature of him yet. He is from Westchester, New York, which is where Professor Xavier's Mansion is located in the Marvel Universe. He actually claims to like incredibly frustrating 2-D platformers.


2.) New shelves Now more room for books. Check out the new book shelf at the front of the library for recently added items. NEW STUFF


Now with real library shelving!