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Updated May 2013 Taylor & Francis Style Sheet (own style) British Journal for the History

of Philosophy (RBJH) Royal Octavo For online articles:

British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 2013

Journal title and acronym Trim size Catchline

For print/online issues:

British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 2013 Vol. 00, No. 0, 000-000,

Footline Running heads Logo Article type Title Authors Affiliation Article history dates

20XX BSHP (verso) AUTHOR NAME AND AUTHOR NAME (recto) (SHORT) TITLE Routledge ARTICLE (CENTRED) CAPS AND SMALL CAPS (CENTRED) Author Name and Author Name (centred) Roman. University name only. Given at end of article, ranged right. Present Given at end of article before author affiliation, ranged in right, Roman. journal? Yes Submitted 21 January 2012, revised 7 May and 9 June, accepted 14 June Text smaller, indented both sides Centred Please raise an author query if abstract is not supplied. Present in KEYWORDS: word; another word; lower case journal? Yes except proper nouns Set in alignment with the abstract, same size font as the abstract. Please raise an author query if key words are not supplied.



Correspondence details Editorial

No LETTER FROM THE EDITOR (small and large caps) Centred (Given at end) Editors name Email address 1 January 2012


Paragraphs Tables Figures Displayed quotations

A. CAPS B. Bold Upper and Lower Case C. Normal upper and lower case Indented. Full out after headings and extracted quotes. No No If more than 40 words. Indented left and right. Source on next line in

Equations Acknowledgements Biographical notes on contributors Footnotes

brackets, ranged right. No As a footnote. Do NOT introduce an Acknowledgements heading. Present in journal? No Yes. Use superscript Arabic number after punctuation.1 Please refer to separate reference style sheet for styling footnotes. No UK spelling. Follow Oxford English Dictionary (-ize endings, not ise). Ensure the word judgement follows UK spelling (do not use judgment, this is the American spelling). Also: Descartes's, et al. /i.e./ e.g. /ibid./ op. cit./ Chapter/ edn/ first, second, third/ No full points in UK, USA, etc. UK punctuation. Single quotation marks, double within. Spaced en dash. Words for under 100, min. numbers, numerals for exact measurements and ages, per cent, comma for thousands and tens of thousands. 8 July 1990, 1980s, nineteenth century, contracted year spans. Yes please refer to separate reference style sheet. Bibliography at end is a requirement. Alphabetical in order of authors surname. Please raise an author query if Bibliography is not supplied. Please refer to the separate reference style sheet. Francesco Tomasoni: Christian Thomasius. Brescia: Editrice Morcelliana, 2005, pp. 302. 24.00 (hb). ISBN 8837220359. Reviewer Name Affiliation 20XX, Reviewer Name

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