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PHY10 Course Calendar for 1st Term 2013 - 2014 NOV !A" F# $% PHY 10 ( A4 T $# TU#'!AY ( THU&'!AY &OO$

)*00 + 10*30 A$ ,30-

Week #

Date July 17

TOPIC/S Orientation VECTORS Intro uction to Vector an Scalar 'uantities -Analytical an .ra!(ical /et(o s0 Vector A 5nit Vector Dot Pro uct 8 Scalar Pro uct Long Quiz No. 1 ition an Su%traction

ACTIVITIES Discussion of nature an sco!e of course" #ra in# syste$ an istri%ution of course sylla%us Discuss t(e nature of )ector an scalar *uantities Discuss t(e analytical an #ra!(ical $et(o s of a in# an su%tractin# )ectors1 .i)e e2a$!les on (o3 )ectors are a e an su%tracte analytically an #ra!(ically1 Discuss (o3 to e2!ress )ector to unit )ector an )ice6)ersa1 .i)e e2a$!les on (o3 unit )ectors are a e an su%tracte 1 Sol)e e2a$!les of ot !ro uct an cross !ro uct1 Seat3ork Written E2a$ination -Pro%le$6%ase 0 Co)era#e: Vector A ition an Su%traction %y #ra!(ical an Analytical /et(o " Vector Pro uct1 Su%$ission of Pro%le$ set 1 Discuss / eri)e t(e ifferent e*uations of kine$atics1 Illustrate its a!!lication %y sol)in# !ro%le$s a%out $otion alon# t(e (ori<ontal1 Illustrate a!!lication %y sol)in# !ro%le$s a%out $otion in a =ree6=all Discuss a!!lication .i)e seat3ork Written E2a$ination -Pro%le$6%ase 0 Co)era#e: /otion alon# t(e @ori<ontal" =reely =allin# Ao ies an Pro?ectile /otion1 Su%$ission of Pro%le$ set + E2ercise on ra3in# force ia#ra$s1 Discuss t(e ifferent kin s of forces1 Illustrate (o3 force ia#ra$s are ra3n1 Discuss t(e conce!ts an a!!lication of t(e 1st con ition of E*uili%riu$1 Discuss t(e conce!ts %e(in Ce3tonDs Ea3s of /otion an sol)e !ro%le$s1 Sol)e !ro%le$s a!!lyin# Ce3tonDs la3s of $otion t(at in)ol)e ifferent kin s of forces1 Written E2a$ination -Pro%le$6%ase 0 Co)era#e: =orces" =irst Con ition of E*uili%riu$ 8 Ce3tonDs la3s of /otion1 Su%$ission of !ro%le$ set 71 Discuss t(e conce!ts of circular $otion1 .i)e sa$!le !ro%le$s1 Sol)e sa$!le !ro%le$s 8 iscuss its a!!lication1

Week 1 July 1&

July +, Week + July +4 July 71 Week 7

Au# 9+

Au# 97 Week , Au# 9& Au# 1, Week > Au# 14

KINEMATICS /otion alon# t(e 2 ; a2is Continuation of kinematics /otion alon# t(e y ; a2is -=ree =all0 Continuation of kinematics Pro?ectile /otion Long Quiz No. !Kinematics"

Au# +1 Week 4 Au# +7 Au# +F

Week 7

Bin s of =orces =irst Con ition of E*uili%riu$ Ce3tonDs Ea3s of /otion Continuation: Ce3tonDs Ea3s of /otion Long Quiz No. # Ci$cu%a$ Motion -@ori<ontal Circle 8 Aankin# of Cur)es0 Ci$cu%a$ Motion -Vertical Circle 8 Conical Pen ulu$0

Au# 79 Se! 9, Week F Se! 94

Se! 11 Week & Se! 17 Se! 1F Se! +9 Week 11 TAA

&ni'e$sa% La( of )$a'itation

&ni'e$sa% %a( of )$a'itation

Discuss conce!ts on 5ni)ersal Ea3 of .ra)itation .i)e sa$!le !ro%le$s a!!lyin# Circular /otion in .ra)itation Written E2a$ination -Pro%le$6%ase 0 Co)era#e: 5ni)ersal Ea3 of .ra)itation an Circular /otion1 Su%$ission of Pro%le$ set , Written E2a$ination -Pro%le$6%ase 0

Week 19

Long Quiz No. * Su+mission of Cou$se ,o$tfo%io -INAL E.AMINATION

Te2t%ook Ot/e$ Refe$ences

@alli ay an Gesnick" Princi!les of P(ysics &t( E ition H Jo(n Wiley 8 Sons" Pu%lis(in# Co1" Inc1 Ioun#" @u#( D1" =ree $an" Go#er A1 an =or " Ee3is: 5ni)ersity P(ysics 3it( /o ern P(ysics 1+t( E ition H A ison Wesley Pu%lis(in# Co1" Inc1 ,assing )$a0e is 123 .ra in# Syste$ : Eon# E2a$s / Dia#nostic E2a$ 4>J : Ot(er Eearnin# Acti)ities -@W" etc10 19J : =inal E2a$ination +>J : Total 199J )$a0ing Sca%e .eneral A)era#e &4191 ; 199199 &7191 ; &4199 &9191 ; &7199 F4191 ; &9199 F7191 6F4199

Cou$se E'a%uation

.ra e 1199 11+> 11>9 117> +199

.eneral A)era#e F9191 6 F7199 74191 ; F9199 77191 674199 79199 6 77199 91999

.ra e +1+> +1>9 +17> 7199 >199

Asi0e f$om aca0emic 0eficienc45 ot/e$ g$oun0s fo$ a fai%ing g$a0e a$e6 Any for$ of c(eatin# urin# e2a$inations /ore t(an +9 J a%sences of t(e total nu$%er of $eetin#s in a ter$ =ailure to take t(e final e2a$ination 3it( no )ali reason Long E7ams T(ere 3ill %e t(ree -,0 lon# e2a$s in t(e entire ter$ 3(ic( are !ro%le$6%ase T(e final e2a$ination is co$!re(ensi)e co)erin# all c(a!ters co)ere in t(e course1 -Pro%le$ ;Aase 0 Strictly no make-up, late or early exams Ot/e$ Lea$ning Acti'ities Seat3orks @o$e3orks M4 Contact Num+e$ M4 Emai% A00$ess +,7>999 loc1 ,791 fe$no)i aHya(oo1co$ / f$no)i aH$a!ua1e u1!(