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York heating and air conditioning for dealers: Innovative Products

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HA/HB 180 to 600 Millennium Split Condenser

Nominal Capacities 15 - 50 Tons Efficiency 9.5 to 10 EER Warranty Compressor - 5 years / 1 year Parts - 1 year

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Millennium Split System 2 and 4 Pipe Condensers 15 to 50 Ton All models include the Simplicity controls system, engineered for ease of set up and programming, to provide alarm monitoring. Free local networking carries all alarm and diagnostic data directly to an on-site PC. When available, York Wireless data can be transmitted virtually anywhere. These units are completely assembled, piped and wired at the factory to provide one-piece shipment and rigging. Each unit is pressurized with a holding charge of refrigerant-22 for storage and/or shipping. The compact design, clean styling, low silhouette, and quiet operation make these condensing units suitable for almost any outdoor location. On rooftops . . . because they weigh much less than a single package unit of similar capacity and are much easier to rig and support. At ground level . . . because their ample sub-cooling capacity allows them to be located three or more stories below the evaporator coil. Every compressor, condenser fan motor, crankcase heater, and electrical control circuit is checked to assure a trouble-free start-up and years of reliable operation. The condenser fan guards are vinyl-coated to provide additional rust protection and to enhance the appearance of the unit. Scroll compressors are mounted on rubber isolators to reduce the transmission of vibration. Vertical discharge condenser fans direct sound upward and away from any surrounding structures. All sheet metal parts are constructed of commercial grade (G90) galvanized steel. After fabrication, each part is thoroughly cleaned to remove any grease or dirt from its surfaces. The external parts are coated with a powder paint to assure a quality finish for many years. This UL approved coating system has passed the 750 hour, 20% salt spray test per ASTM Standard B117. All models include a 1-year limited warranty on the complete unit. A 5-year compressor warranty comes standard on the 180 & 240 Mbh models and is available as an option on 300 to 600 Mbh models. Special Benefits Meets or exceeds Ashrae 90.1-1999 standards Simplicity Controls Inherently protect condenser fan motors V-Coil Design with exterior service port connections Five-minute anti-short cycle timer and minimum compressor run time Standard operation to 40 F. Field-installed Low Ambient VFD Control to 0F Factory installed disconnect and Technicoat coils option Scroll compressors provide both high efficiency and reliability Condenser coils are constructed of copper tubes and aluminum fins for durability and long lasting efficient operation Crankcase heaters that will be de-energized when the compressor is operating Self contained high and low pressure controls Solid state or internal line break compressor motor protection Class 2, 24-volt thermostat control circuit A filter-drier is shipped in the unit's control box for field installation in the liquid line. (HA300 and HB360,480 & 600 Models Only) Copper stub-outs are factory mounted on the suction and liquid lines to simplify the field piping connections Multiple controls to provide stable system operation at ambient temperatures down to 40F with kits available for operation to 0F Compressor staging for capacity reduction provides more economical operation and even temperature levels within the conditioned space



York heating and air conditioning for dealers: Innovative Products

A lockout circuit prevents the unit from cycling on safety control Pumpout on unit startup to prevent allowing liquid refrigerant returning to the compressor is standard on 25 through 50 ton models and optional for 15 and 20 tons 5 year compressor & 1 year parts on HB180 & 240. 1 year parts and compressor on HA/HB 300-600
PUBLICATIONS AND MANUALS Description Tech Guides Technical Guide - 50 Hz HA300 MbH, HB360 thru HB600 MbH Split System AirCooled Condensing Units Technical Guide - HA300, HB360 thru 600 Split-System Air Cooled Condensing Systems Technical Guide - HB/LB 180 & 240 Split System Cooling Units Four-Pipe System (9.7 EER) Subm ittal Draw ings Submittal Data Sheet - HA300/HB360-600 Split System Condensing Units Submittal Data Sheet - HB 180 & 240 Split System Condensing Units Application Data Sheets Application Data - General Piping Recommendations & Refrigerant Line Length for Split System Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps Repair Parts Repair Parts - 50 Hz HA300 & HB360 - 600 Mbh Condensing Units Repair Parts - HA 300 Mbh / HB 360-600 Mbh Outdoor Split System Repair Parts - HB180 & 240 Mbh Outdoor Split System Warranty Inform ation Warranty - 1 Year UPG Parts & Compressor 50.05-WC10V-0995 15.0 KB PDF 035-19044-001-A-0902 24.0 KB PDF 035-18558-000-A-1101 29.0 KB PDF 035-18559-000-A-1101 29.0 KB PDF 247077-UAD-H-0209 435.0 KB PDF 036-22157-003-A-0105 1.5 MB PDF 036-22151-003-A-0804 74.0 KB PDF 036-21345-001-C-0306 1.1 MB PDF 246673-YTG-D-0306 246671-YTG-C-0206 1.9 MB PDF 1.0 MB PDF Part Num ber File Size

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