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In this project, a 3D geological (static) model of a sample petroleum reservoir will be built. All steps will be shown in detail with screen shots of the necessary figures. he software to be used is Petrel, which is a product of !chlumberger, used to build 3D geological models of petroleum reservoirs. It was founded in "##$, and commercially released in "##%. It became part of the !chlumberger Information !olutions in &anuary '((3. he project is divided in chapters as indicated in the )etrel *or+flow ools shown in ,ig. ".". After some modifications and enhancements to the )etrel *or+flow, the chapters will be presented as follows". '. 3. /. 1. $. 4. %. #. "(. "". "'. "3. Introduction Data Import Input Data .diting *ell 0orrelation ,ault 2odeling )illar 3ridding 5ertical 6ayering 3eometrical )roperty 2odeling 7pscaling in the 5ertical Direction8*ell 6ogs 7pscaling ,acies 2odeling )etrophysical 2odeling Defining ,luid 0ontacts 5olume 0alculation

Fig. 1.1: )etrel *or+flow ools


1.1The Required Reservoir Data

he following wells, along with their well headers (well location map), well deviations (well paths), well logs, and well tops (formation tops), are supplied- A"(, A"1, A"$, 9", 9', 9/, 9%, 9#, 0", 0', 03, 0/, 01, 0$, and 04. he stratigraphic succession of the reservoir under study is given in the following tableSuccession " (top) ' 3 / (bottom) Horizon 0retaceous arbert :ess .tive Zone arbert83 arbert8' arbert8" :ess8' :ess8"

he data that are given for each hori;on includes- 3D seismic lines, fault polygons, fault stic+s, and isochors.


Petrel !ser Inter"ace

*hen starting )etrel, it displays three main windows- the Dis#la$ %indo&, the Pro'ect ()#lorer, and the Process Diagra* as shown in ,ig. ".'. All windows are either doc+ed or float. Double8clic+ing the window toggles its doc+ing state. If the project e<plorer or the process diagram windows are not shown, they can be displayed from the +ie& menu command using First Petrel ()#lorer and Second Petrel ()#lorer respectively. =n the other hand, if a 3D window is not shown, it can be displayed using the %indo&s tab of the process diagram as shown in ,ig. ".'.

1. .1 Dis#la$ %indo&
he display window is the parent window of )etrel (gray area). It forms the client area where a variety of windows, which are listed under the %indo&s menu command, can be hosted (displayed) in this area. .<amples are 3D and 'D windows, well section windows (for well correlation), interpretation windows (for seismic interpretation), map>intersection windows (for plotting), etc.

1. .

Pro'ect ()#lorer

his window contains all the data sorted in different tabs in the order they should be used. All data that are not lin+ed to any 3D grid will be sorted under the In#ut tab. .<amples are wells and well tops, interpreted lines, polygons, functions, well sections, 'D grids and more. All data lin+ed to a 3D grid will be sorted, together with the 3D gird information system data, under the ,odels tab. .<amples are the generated faults, gridded hori;ons, 3D properties, ;ones, etc. '

1. .- Process Diagra*
his window contains a list of all available processes in )etrel. hey are sorted in the order they should be used, and the first processes will have to be e<ecuted before you get access to other processes down the list. ,or e<ample, you must create a 3D grid before you can insert hori;ons into it, and you must create ;ones before you can insert layers into them.

Pro'ect ()#lorer

Process Diagra*

Dis#la$ %indo&

Fig. 1. : )etrel user interface

1. .. Tool/ars
he basic toolbars in )etrel are ". ,ile Actions

'. .dit Actions

3. 3D 9uttons

/. 3D ools

1. 3D )rocesses

he ,ile>.dit Actions toolbars are relevant to the )roject .<plorer and the )rocess Diagram windows. he other three toolbars are relevant to 3D *indows. *hen the ,ile and .dit Actions toolbars are hidden, they can be displayed by selecting Sho& all relevant Tool/ars from the +ie& menu. he other toolbars are displayed by hiding and redisplaying 3D *indows. Double8clic+ing on a toolbar toggles its doc+ing state.

1. .0 1hanging the 2ac3ground 1olor o" a -D %indo&

he color of a 3D window can be changed as follows". !elect 4#en %indo& Settings "or 1olor56a*e from the 3D 9uttons toolbar as shown in the toolbar below (first icon to the left of the 3D 9uttons toolbar).

'. A 7Settings "or 8-D %indo& 18 7 dialog bo< appears as shown in ,ig. ".3. !elect the desired color from the 1olor drop8down combo bo<, and press the 49 button.

Fig. 1.-: !ettings for ?3D *indow "?

3. !elect the @Toggle 2ac3ground 1olor and 2lac3A from the 3D 9uttons toolbar as shown above (second icon to the left of the 3D 9uttons toolbar).


,ain Ste#s to 2uilding a 6e& Static ,odel

*hen starting a new project, Petrel organi;es the input data in the In#ut tab of the Pro'ect ()#lorer window. he following steps are reBuired to build a 3D geological model of a petroleum reservoir, ". Data Import '. Input Data .diting 3. *ell 0orrelation /. ,ault 2odeling 1. )illar 3ridding $. 5ertical 6ayering 4. 3eometrical )roperty 2odeling %. 7pscaling in the 5ertical Direction8*ell 6ogs 7pscaling #. ,acies 2odeling "(. )etrophysical 2odeling "". Defining ,luid 0ontacts


1reating a 6e& Pro'ect

o start a new project, follow the steps-

". !elect 6e& Pro'ect from the File menu. A Save warning of a previous project may appear. If no project is active, ignore the message and press 6o, '. A new Display *indow appears with blac+ bac+ground color, 3. !elect Save Pro'ect from the File menu, /. *hen the Save Pro'ect :s dialog bo< appears, specify the name and location of the project. :ow you are ready to start the first step of building a 3D geological model, which is Data Import as e<plained in the ne<t section.