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Dearest648 caucus goer, Happiestof New Yearsto you- it's goingto be an excitingzltill My nameis BethFraser.

I am currentlyyour DeputySecretary of Stateand am runningfor the Minnesota House of Representatives to repla.u .u.r"nt stateRep. MichaelPaymar, who hasannounced that he will not be runningfor re-election. I havespentthe last 17 years successfuIlywinning passageof progressive -ieneEEnct-th-erelationshipsI havebuilt and put them to work for you. For the last sevenyears,I haveservedas a Deputy Secretary of State working for Secretary of State Mark Ritchie. In this rolel led the fight igainst voter suppression efforts,includingthe "PhotoID" constituUonal amendmenlI believe that every eligiblevoter shouldbe ableto vote and know that their vote counts. As DeputySecretary, I havebeendeeplyinvolvedin the legislativeprocess and frequentlytestiff beforecommittees, draft amendments to bills and stra te$zewith progressive legislativeallies. These efforts have won the passageof votlng rights legislation time and again, expanding and protectingthe right to vote for all people. In additionto work on voting rights,I've alsohad the opportunityto help make our communitiessafer. I won passageof the law to establish the jafe at Home program. The program is run by the Secretary of State'sOffice,which allowe.d me to learn from other stateswith similar programsand design the strongest address confidentiality program for survivors of domestic violence and stalking in the Prior to joining t!* Secretary Ritchie'sstaff,I spent eight years leading the public policy work at the Minnesota Altiance for Piogr"rrir" Action fnow TakeAction Minnesota). ThereI gainedexperience in buildin[ broad coalitioni and legislative advocacy. I succeeded at winning passage of natlon-leading legislation to ensure accountability for privatecorporations which receivepubliJsubsidies. I also advocated for Fair And CleanElections, a statebudgetthat supportsthe common good,and foundedthe Voting RightsCoalition. I cameto Minn::ot" nearlytwenty yearsagoto organize communitymembers in the Jordanneighborhood of Minneapolis throughthe LutheranVolunteerCorps. That experience taughtme that aII peopledeserve respect and dignity, - and that our government shouldbe opento all, regardress of og,ti.", or income.
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I want to be the next state legislator from 64Bto fight for social and economic justice for everyone. And I would tike your support If elected, I will focuson: ' Building on Michael Paymarrsgreat work on building safe communities, including: o Sffen$hcning protecflottsfor survlvoruof domesdcvloleRce Passing commonsense gun laws,like background checks on all gun purchases Continuing to nght against voter suppression and for the expansion of voting rights, includingbills to makevoting more convenientfor eligible voters, suchas: o Earlyvoting o Restoringvoting rights to felonswho are backin the community Establishing a statewide tiving wage requirernent when public fundsare givento private corporations As a lesbian, I will be a champion for anti-bullnng eftrts and other laws ensuringequaltreatment for the LGBTcommunity Supportinglaws that increase racial equity and decreaseincome inequality Opposing copper-nickel mining proposals without proof that they would not pollutethe environment and burdenfuture generationiwith the cosl of cleanup. I hopeto talk to you in personin the next few weeksso that I canlearn what your prioritiesare and how you think I canbestseryethe peopleof 64BandMinnesota., email me at bethforhouse@gmiil.lom, or call me at 651276-9929. I look forward to meetingyou and earningyour support.

If youwoulillikem learn more about meandmyeampaign, pleese vlsirmywebslrc



P.S. If you'dliketo c!-at in person, I'm hosting "meet weekly andgreets,, on Sarurdays at localcoffee shops.Flndourwhenandwherethe nexroRe ls ar bEps/]!usr& faeebs lks qm/b_q ti for64b.