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From Leaders On Leadership 1997 by George Barna. Published by Regal Books, a division of Gospel igh!, "en!ura, #alifornia, $%&. &ll righ!s reserved. 'a!abase ())) i*+al!, ,n-. .'o no! s!eal./ evi!i-us 19011. ,! is unla1ful !o reprodu-e !hese files or -opy !his ma!erial in any form 1i!hou! e+press 1ri!!en permission from !he publisher. For more informa!ion abou! permission !o use !his -on!en!, visi! 111.gospelligh!.-om. imi!ed permission is gran!ed !o !he original pur-haser of !his resour-e !o 2uo!e passages up !o 3)) 1ords for non4 -ommer-ial purposes as long as no -hanges are made !o !he passage. 5he follo1ing -redi! line mus! appear 1i!h any 2uo!a!ions0 From Leaders On Leadership 1997 by George Barna. All rig !" re"er#e$. P%bli" e$ by Regal Boo&"' a $i#i"ion o( Go")el Lig !' *en!%ra' +ali(ornia' ,SA. For more in(orma!ion' #i"i! ---.go")ellig ! Gospel igh! (3)) 6noll 'rive "en!ura, #alifornia, 93))3, $%& 111.gospelligh!.-om 7)849::497(1

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; &llo1 me !o e+press my sin-ere gra!i!ude !o !he people 1ho have made !his book possible. Fif!een people have -on!ribu!ed !o !his book. , believe !ha! !he -umula!ive effor!s of !his !eam has demons!ra!ed !he meaning of synergy. <y !hanks goes !o ea-h man 1ho shares his kno1ledge, 1isdom, e+perien-e, !ime and hear! 1i!h us !hrough his -on!ribu!ion !o !his book. <y friends a! Regal Books have been suppor!ive par!ners in minis!ry for many years. , -oun! !hem as friends, -olleagues in minis!ry and respe-!ed professionals in publishing. 5hey deserve our appre-ia!ion for sharing !he vision for !his book and e+hibi!ing grea! pa!ien-e in 1ai!ing for i! !o -ome !oge!her. <y family probably makes !he grea!es! sa-rifi-e of all ea-h !ime , -rea!e a book. <y !enden-y is !o devo!e myself fully !o -omple!ing a book pro=e-!, emerging from my room for meals and !o !u-k !he girls in a! nigh!. <y 1ife, >an-y, be-omes !he !rue leader of !he family in my absen-e during su-h periods of li!erary hiberna!ion. <y daugh!ers, %aman!ha and #orban, probably 1onder 1ha! happens !o 'addy during !hese periods. &l!hough , !ried !o keep our family !ime sa-red during !he days 1hen , 1orked on !his book, , kno1 all !hree girls gave up some of !he !ime and in!era-!ion !ha! 1e -herish. >an-y, in par!i-ular, 1orked hard !o pro!e-! my !ime and fa-ili!a!e a reasonable level of unin!errup!ed -on-en!ra!ion. ,n !he e2ua!ion of e!ernal value, , pray !ha! !he !rade4offs made during !his pro=e-! are =us!ifiable before God. , love >an-y, %aman!ha and #orban and pray !ha! !his book 1ill help !o raise up !he kind of leaders 1ho 1ill enhan-e !heir lives. ,n !he final analysis, ho1ever, !his is a vain e+er-ise in -hasing !he 1ind if i! does no! produ-e !ha! 1hi-h brings grea!er glory and honor !o God. ike every !rue #hris!ian leader, my desire is !ha! !his effor! is one !ha! 1ill enable many more people !o kno1, love and serve ?im 1i!h all !heir hear!s, minds, souls and s!reng!h. For !ha! is !he -hief end of humankind. ,! has been my privilege !o kno1 ?im and !o offer !his pro=e-! as a means of being a blessing !o ?im and ?is people.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; @hen , 1as young, spor!s 1ere !he -en!er of my 1orld. , 1as espe-ially in!eres!ed in ma=or4 league baseball. Besides spending mos! of my 1aking hours playing baseball, 1a!-hing baseball, !hinking abou! baseball or !alking abou! baseball, , also played a board game -alled .#hallenge !he Aankees./ Ba-k in !he early si+!ies, !he >e1 Aork Aankees 1ere a perennial po1erhouse, al1ays a good be! !o 1in !he &meri-an eague pennan!. 5he poin! of !he game 1as !o -rea!e a my!hi-al all4s!ar !eam !ha! 1ould play agains! !he Aankees !o see if !he Bron+ Bombers -ould be bea!en. , 1as born in >e1 Aork #i!y and 1as an avid Aankee fan during my forma!ive years, so , spen! hundreds and hundreds of hours playing !ha! game. B&n inve!era!e s!a!is!i-ian, even by age si+, , developed no!ebook af!er no!ebook of hand4!abula!ed s!a!is!i-s based on !he pre!end ba!!les !hese fan!asy !eams 1aged. %ome!imes i! is easy !o foresee 1ha! a -hild 1ill do 1i!h his life 1hen he is gro1n.C Dne of !he mos! en=oyable aspe-!s of !he game 1as dreaming up a killer lineup of opposing players !o !ake on !he -hamps. B,! 1as !he modern4day e2uivalen! of !he .'ream 5eam/ -on-ep! populariEed by &meri-aFs Dlympi- baske!ball !eams.C 5ha! 1as a -ouple of de-ades agoG bu! !he same sense of =oy and 1onder 1as rekindled in -rea!ing !his book abou! leadership. &s !he one 1ho -on-eived !he pro=e-!, , began 1i!h a blank sla!e, s!ar!ing 1i!h !he !opi-s , !hough! should be in-luded in a handbook abou! leadership aspe-!s. , !hen had !he privilege of asking a veri!able all4s!ar !eam of leaders and leader developers !o =oin me in -rea!ing !his volume. 5he subs!an-e of !his book -omes from a !eam of e+per!s !ha! is as a1esome as any you -an imagine assembling from 1i!hin !he #hris!ian -ommuni!y. <u-h like an all4s!ar !eam, ea-h of !he par!i-ipan!s is .playing his o1n posi!ion/H!ha! is, 1ri!ing abou! !he !opi- or sub=e-! he has s!udied, e+perien-ed, mas!ered and men!ored abou! for years. ,! is e+-i!ing !o provide for you !he 1ords of 1isdom from men 1ho have an in!ense passion for !he !opi- abou! 1hi-h !hey have 1ri!!en. & long !ime ago, , dis-overed !ha! !here are !1o kinds of people0 !hose 1ho !ry !o -u! -os!s by a--ep!ing inferior produ-!s !ha! 1ill enable !hem !o .ge! by,/ and !hose 1ho pay more !o ge! !he bes! produ-!s !ha!, hopefully, las! longer and provide superior performan-e. 5his book refle-!s !he la!!er s!ra!egy0 ge! !he bes! .!alen!/ available and benefi! from !heir e+perien-es and insigh!s. 5his lineup of !alen! parallels !ha! of !he 1991 Aankees0 I /a.& Hay(or$, .!he pas!orFs pas!or,/ ins!ru-!ing us abou! !he character of a leaderG I Leig !on For$ des-ribing 1ha! i! !akes !o develop a person 1ho has po!en!ial in!o a !ransforming leaderG I Pe!er 0agner fo-using on !he signifi-an-e of prayer in leading peopleG I Bobby and Ri. ar$ +lin!on ou!lining !he phases and cycles !ha! na!urally o--ur in !he life of a leaderG I Gene Ge!1 e+ege!ing Scripture !o remind us of 1ha! God looks for in a !rue leaderG I Elmer 2o-n" unraveling his years of e+perien-e !o divulge ho1 change and innovation define a leaderG I 3enn Gangel providing an overvie1 of what leaders do !ha! make !hem leadersG I H. B. Lon$on revealing ho1 a leader -an main!ain !he parado+i-al balan-e be!1een being tough and tenderG I Do%g 4%rren sharing his e+perien-e and edu-a!ion regarding 1ha! i! !akes !o be a change agentG 3

I 2om P illi)" e+plaining !he pro-ess of building a team !ha! ge!s !he =ob doneG I Han" Fin1el a1akening us !o !he impor!an-e of organizational culture, and ho1 !o develop a -ul!ure !ha! fa-ili!a!es influen-eG I 0ally Eri.&"on giving insigh! in!o !he pro-ess of preparing for and implemen!ing transitionpassing !he !or-hG I /im *an 5)eren guiding us !hrough !he me!hods of per-eiving, a-kno1ledging and resolving conflictH!he si!ua!ions !ha! of!en make or break !he leader. >o1 !he -onfession. 5he only 1ay , -ould ge! named !o !his !eam 1as !o -rea!e i!J %o par! of !he fun for me in !his pro-ess 1as appoin!ing myself !o !he !eamH!he advan!age of o1ning !he ball re2uired !o play !he game. , !rus! !his book 1ill open your mind and your hear! !o ne1 !ru!hs, prin-iples and possibili!ies you may no! have -onsidered. <y horiEons have been e+panded by !he 1isdom and perspe-!ive so generously offered by !his !eam of leader4servan!s. Dne las! baseball analogy. & fas-ina!ing aspe-! of !he Aankees 1as !ha! !he !eam played 1ell !oge!her even !hough !hey -ame from a varie!y of ba-kgrounds and had diverse lifes!yles. 5he !eam ranged from !he hard4drinking, ro1dy par!y boys su-h as <i-key <an!le, Kim Bou!on and @hi!ey Ford !o !he -lean4-u!, #hris!4honoring Bobby Ri-hardson. ong before !oleran-e, pluralism and diversi!y 1ere so-ial fads, !he Aankees 1ere e+emplifying a form of harmonious diversi!y. @ell, !his book -on!ains some diversi!y, !oo. ,f , 1ere !o 1ri!e ea-h of !hese -hap!ers, , 1ould have presen!ed a differen! perspe-!ive from 1ha! some of !he presen! au!hors have provided. Remember !his0 Leadership is an art, no! a s-ien-e. ,f you 1ish !o lead GodFs people, you mus! fashion your o1n philosophy of leadership !ha! is -onsis!en! 1i!h ?is prin-iples of personal righ!eousness and bibli-al leadership, find your o1n voi-e and s!yle as a leader and demons!ra!e in!ernal -onsis!en-y in ho1 you lead. 5he ideas in !his book are =us! !ha!0 ideas for your -onsidera!ion. ,f you agree 1i!h every!hing in !his book, you have no! been reading -arefully or refle-!ively. Aou must disagree 1i!h some of !he -on!en!. 5ha! is heal!hy. eaders are independen! !hinkersHs!ra!egi- in !heir independen-e, bu! !hough!ful enough !o kno1 1hen !o agree and 1hen !o disagree 1i!h ideas !o 1hi-h !hey are e+posed.

ABO,2 2HE 2EA4

Before 1e ge! in!o i!, le!Fs !ake a momen! !o -onsider !he influen-e agen!s -on!ained in !hese pages. Aou may no! be familiar 1i!h all !he players, so le! me provide a fe1 1ords of in!rodu-!ion. George Barna6 &s presiden! of !he Barna Resear-h Group, !d. in D+nard, #alifornia, he has served -lien!s ranging from For!une 8)) -ompanies !o -hur-hes and para-hur-h minis!ries a-ross !he na!ion. ?e has 1ri!!en more !han () books, in-luding The Frog in the Kettle, The ower of !ision, Turning !ision into "ction, and publishes a bimon!hly ne1sle!!er, The #arna $eport. & former pas!or, and seminary and universi!y professor, he is also e+e-u!ive dire-!or of !he &meri-an Perspe-!ives ,ns!i!u!e. Ri. ar$ +lin!on6 #urren!ly leading a ne1 -hur-h fo-used on rea-hing young adul!s, Ri-hard has !augh! -ourses abou! leadership a! Fuller %eminary and is involved in leadership developmen! a-!ivi!ies around !he 1orld. ?e also helps !o lead Barnabas Resour-es, a -hannel for !he leadership ma!erials developed 1i!h Bobby #lin!on. ?e lives in %ou!hern #alifornia. /. Rober! +lin!on6 Professor of eadership a! Fuller %eminary, Bobby has devo!ed his life !o -hallenging, mo!iva!ing and enabling leaders !hrough !ea-hing, modeling, men!oring and providing leadership resour-es. ,n addi!ion !o founding Barnabas Resour-es, he has :

1ri!!en The %a&ing of a Leader and has -oau!hored 'onnecting. ?e also serves as a -onsul!an! !o many minis!ries regarding leadership developmen!, and 1orks 1i!h !housands of #hris!ian leaders !o1ard fa-ili!a!ing !heir gif!s and abili!ies. 0alla.e Eri.&"on6 &f!er serving as senior pas!or of four -hur-hes, @ally 1en! !o %ou!h 6orea as field dire-!or for #ompassion ,n!erna!ional. ?e la!er ini!ia!ed field opera!ions for #ompassion in #en!ral and %ou!h &meri-a, and be-ame !he minis!ryFs presiden! in 1978. 'uring his !erm of leadership, #ompassionFs annual gross revenues 1en! from L3 million !o more !han L8) millionG !he number of sponsored -hildren =umped from (8,))) !o more !han 17),))). &n *agle %-ou! and member of several boards of dire-!ors, he lives in Phoeni+. Han" Fin1el6 *+e-u!ive 'ire-!or of #B ,n!erna!ional, !he missionary sending and !raining agen-y of !he #onserva!ive Bap!is! &sso-ia!ion, lo-a!ed in @hea!on, ,llinois. &f!er spending !en years in "ienna, !raining *as!ern *uropean pas!ors in bibli-al edu-a!ion, he re!urned !o !he $ni!ed %!a!es !o help lead #B,. &mong his books is The Top Ten %ista&es Leaders %a&e. Leig !on For$6 6no1n !o many as an evangelis!, he spen! many years 1orking 1i!h !he Billy Graham *vangelis!i- &sso-ia!ion as an asso-ia!e evangelis! and vi-e presiden! of !ha! minis!ry. ?e is !he ?onorary ife #hairman of !he ausanne #ommi!!ee for @orld *vangeliEa!ion. ?e -urren!ly fo-uses upon developing young evangelis!i- leaders !hrough his minis!ryFs &rro1 eadership program. ?is !en books in-lude The ower of Story and Transforming Leadership. ?e lives in #harlo!!e, >or!h #arolina. 3enne! Gangel6 "i-e presiden! of &-ademi- &ffairs and a-ademi- dean a! 'allas 5heologi-al %eminary, 1here he also is a professor of #hris!ian edu-a!ion. ?e has served in pas!oral minis!ry in several -hur-hes. 6enn has 1ri!!en more !han () books, in-luding Leading and Feeding, 'ompetent to Lead and Leadership for 'hurch (ducation. ?e has also 1ri!!en more !han 1,))) ar!i-les for periodi-als, and has au!hored !he Personal Gro1!h Bible %!udies and !he &--en! on Bible 5ru!h %!udy %eries. Gene Ge!16 & former Bible -ollege and seminary professor, Gene is bes! kno1n as a Bible !ea-her and -hur-h plan!er. ?e plan!ed and is -urren!ly !he senior pas!or of Fello1ship Bible #hur-h >or!h near 'allas. ?e has 1ri!!en more !han 3) books, in-luding The %easure of a %an, " #iblical Theology of %aterial ossessions and Sharpening the Focus of the 'hurch. ?e dire-!s !he #en!er for #hur-h Rene1al and is also !he fea!ured presen!er on !he daily radio broad-as! .Rene1al./ /a.& Hay(or$6 %in-e arriving as senior pas!or of 5he #hur-h Dn 5he @ay in "an >uys, #alifornia, in 1999, !he -hur-h has gro1n from 17 people !o 7,)))4plus members !oday. ?e -an be heard on a daily radio broad-as! and a 1eekly !elevision broad-as!, and serves as edi!orial advisor !o %inistries Today magaEine. ?e has 1ri!!en more !han () books, in-luding $estoring Fallen Leaders and )orship *is %a+esty, and 1as general edi!or of !he Spirit, Filled Life #ible- & prolifi- song 1ri!er, he has -omposed nearly 8)) songs and hymns, in-luding .<a=es!y./ H. B. Lon$on6 &f!er pas!oring for 31 years, in-luding !he 3,())4member Pasadena Firs! #hur-h of !he >aEarene, ?. B. is presen!ly vi-e presiden! of <inis!ry Du!rea-hMPas!oral <inis!ries for Fo-us on !he Family. For () years he hos!ed a daily radio programG -urren!ly hos!s a mon!hly audio!ape series, .Pas!or !o Pas!or/G and -ommuni-a!es ea-h 1eek 1i!h pas!ors and -hur-h leaders !hrough .5he Pas!orFs @eekly Briefing/ fa+4le!!er. ?is -oau!hored books in-lude The *eart of a .reat astor and astors at $is&Do%g 4%rren6 &s senior pas!or of *as!side Fours2uare #hur-h near %ea!!le for 18 years, 'oug led !ha! -ongrega!ion !o gro1 !o more !han :,))) 1eekly par!i-ipan!s, using innova!ive me!hods and programs. ?e is also responsible for plan!ing more !han 9) -hur-hes. #urren!ly he is involved in radio minis!ry, evangelis!i- -ampaigns and 1orship developmen!. ?e is a 8

mon!hly -olumnis! in several #hris!ian magaEines and has 1ri!!en several 1orship songs. ?is books in-lude The #aby #oomerang and Leadershift. 2om P illi)"6 Formerly a pas!or and for many years !he ,n!erna!ional 'ire-!or of #ounseling and Follo14$p for !he Billy Graham *vangelis!i- &sso-ia!ion. 5om no1 serves as !he presiden! of ,n!erna!ional %!uden!s, ,n-., an evangelis!i- minis!ry !o foreign s!uden!s enrolled in &meri-an universi!ies. ?e has 1ri!!en !he book $evival Signs and is a fre2uen! speaker a! leadership -onferen-es and a gues! prea-her in -hur-hes around !he 1orld. ?e lives in #olorado %prings. Elmer 2o-n"6 'ean of !he %-hool of Religion a! iber!y $niversi!y in yn-hburg, "irginia, he has also served as presiden! of a Bible -ollege and a seminary professor. ?e -ofounded iber!y $niversi!y 1i!h Kerry Fal1ell. <ore !han ())) ar!i-les of his have been published, and he has 1ri!!en more !han 8) books. &mong !hose books are The /ames of the *oly Spirit, 01 of Today2s %ost 3nnovative 'hurches and (vangelism and 'hurch .rowth4 " ractical (ncyclopedia/im *an 5)eren6 & marke!ing s!ra!egis! and -rea!ive -ommuni-a!ions -onsul!an!, Kim has 1orked 1i!h a 1ide varie!y of -hur-hes, para-hur-h minis!ries and nonprofi! organiEa!ions in !he areas of vision developmen!, s!ra!egi- planning, -ommuni-a!ions, resour-e developmen! and -onfli-! resolu!ion. &mong his mos! re-en! effor!s have been serving several -hur-hes as ,n!en!ional ,n!erim Pas!or. +. Pe!er 0agner6 ong!ime professor of #hur-h Gro1!h a! Fuller 5heologi-al %eminary, Pe!er has been a leader in !he global prayer movemen!, !hrough !he &.'. ())) minis!ry, Global ?arves! <inis!ries Bover 1hi-h he presidesC and as one of !he founders of !he @orld Prayer #en!er in #olorado %prings. ?e has 1ri!!en and edi!ed more !han 3) books, in-luding Leading 5our 'hurch to .rowth, Strategies for 'hurch .rowth and The rayer )arrior Series- & former missionary !o Bolivia, he no1 resides in #olorado %prings.


Dne of !he !ragedies of -ommuni-a!ing in !he *nglish language is i!s inabili!y !o smoo!hly -onvey -er!ain -on-ep!s. &n e+ample of !ha! limi!a!ion rela!es !o !he use of pronouns. >ei!her , nor !he -on!ribu!ing au!hors believe !ha! only one gender -an lead peopleG 1e empha!i-ally insis! !ha! bo!h men and 1omen may provide leadership in various si!ua!ions and !hrough differen! s!yles of leadership. $nfor!una!ely, our language does no! have an in-lusive pronoun, one !ha! means .he or she./ #onse2uen!ly, 1e are lef! 1i!h several inade2ua!e -hoi-es in sen!en-e -ons!ru-!ion. 5he -ons!an! use of .he or she/ is s!ru-!urally -umbersome and of!en undermines !he flo1 of !he -on!en!. 5o inser! .!heir/ is gramma!i-ally improper. 5hus, !hroughou! !he book , have u!iliEed .he/ as !he primary pronoun rela!ed !o !he leader, solely !o fa-ili!a!e a smoo!her flo1. Forgive me if you find !his offensive or un-omfor!able0 , e+perien-ed -onsiderable anguish in seeking a viable al!erna!ive. , 1as unsu--essful in !ha! 2ues!. , pray !ha! i! 1ill no! preven! you from absorbing !he in!ended meaning of !he 1ords, 1hi-h has no!hing !o do 1i!h gender and every!hing !o do 1i!h leadership in !he servi-e of a God 1ho loves all ?is people.

1 No! ing I" 4ore Im)or!an! 2 an Lea$er" i)

George Barna
, have spen! !he las! fif!een years resear-hing all fa-e!s of &meri-an life. $sing na!ion1ide surveys among represen!a!ive samples of large numbers of &meri-ans, , have s!udied peopleFs values, beliefs, lifes!yles, a!!i!udes, opinions, rela!ionships, aspira!ions and demographi-s. , have e+amined !he e+pe-!a!ions, goals, s!ra!egies, s!reng!hs and 1eaknesses of businesses, ranging from For!une 8)) -orpora!ions !o one4man -onsul!ing en!erprises. , have devo!ed !housands of hours !o ge!!ing inside !he 1orld of #hris!ian -hur-hes and para-hur-h minis!ries, e+ploring !he belief sys!ems, !raining pra-!i-es, edu-a!ional pro-edures, 1orship e+perien-es, fund4raising adven!ures, -ommuni!y4building endeavors, organiEa!ional s!ru-!ures and s!aff pro-edures of !hose en!i!ies. For -on!e+!, , have spen! many 1eeks overseas, gaining e+posure !o various -ul!ures, perspe-!ives and s!yles of a-!ivi!y. , have spen! many hours praying for 1isdom, dis-ernmen! and insigh!. , have sough! !he -ounsel of o!hers 1ho are older, 1iser, more e+perien-ed, brigh!er and be!!er read !han , am. %ome have said , am obsessive abou! having informa!ion before making a =udgmen!. , like !o do my home1ork before dra1ing a -on-lusion. 5he more impor!an! !he -on-lusion, !he more -onvin-ed , need !o be !ha! , have -overed all !he bases and have as!u!ely analyEed and in!erpre!ed !he da!a. >o1, af!er fif!een years of diligen! digging in!o !he 1orld around me, , have rea-hed a -on-lusion regarding !he fu!ure of !he #hris!ian #hur-h in &meri-a.1 >o!hing is more impor!an! !han leadership. >o1, !he !heologi-ally minded 1ill immedia!ely a!!a-k !his s!a!emen! and say !ha! !he mos! impor!an! !hing is .holiness/ or .righ!eousness/ or .-ommi!men! !o #hris!/ or .radi-al obedien-e !o God./ Dn a !heologi-al level, , 1holehear!edly agree. $nfor!una!ely, mos! &meri-ans do no! live on a !heologi-al level. 5he reali!y is !ha! for any of us !o be-ome holy, righ!eous, -ommi!!ed !o #hris! or radi-ally obedien! !o God, 1e need leaders 1ho 1ill do 1ha!ever i! !akes !o fa-ili!a!e su-h 2uali!ies in us sinful, selfish, misguided mor!als.


Dh4oh, !here i! goes, !he es-ala!ing noise of !he 1ailing and gnashing of !ee!h on ear!h. , !hink, ho1ever, !ha! su-h a s2ualler is no! !aking pla-e up in heaven in response !o !his s!a!emen!. @hy no!N Be-ause God has provided us 1i!h leaders year af!er year !o a!!emp! !o guide ?is people for1ard spiri!ually. ,f leaders 1ere no! re2uired for us !o progress in spiri!ual dep!h and #hris!ian forma!ion, ?e 1ould no! have sen! !hem. ?e 1ould no! -on!inue !o send !hem. @e do no! serve a God 1ho !inkers or fools around 1i!h our lives ou! of -uriosi!y or idleness. ?e -ould, of -ourse, bu! ?e doesnF!. 5herefore, leaders mus! be ne-essary. ,f leaders 1ere no! ne-essary, ?e 1ould no! have in-luded leadership among !he spiri!ual gif!s ?e ins!ills 1i!hin !he -hosen fe1. 5he Bible 1ould no! provide so many in-redible prin-iples of leadership, and !he ?oly %piri! 1ould no! have inspired !he au!hors of !he Bible !o in-orpora!e so many e+amples of s!rong leadership. For ins!an-e, Ke!hro 1ould no! have res-ued <oses from !he flood of adminis!ra!ion. Kesus 1ould no! have !rained !he apos!les. Paul 1ould no! have men!ored 5imo!hy, and so on.



, have 1i!nessed pas!or af!er pas!or, e+!ensively !rained !o e+ege!e !he %-rip!ures, and gif!ed !o -ommuni-a!e GodFs !ru!h, undeniably fail 1hen i! -omes !o guiding !he Body of believers. 5hey have failed in mobiliEing !hem for a-!ion, holding !hem a--oun!able for !heir behavior, mo!iva!ing !hem !o sus!ain a spiri!ual revolu!ion and a!!ra-!ing !he resour-es ne-essary !o do !he 1ork modeled by #hris!. , have dis-overed !hrough our resear-h !ha! even in evangelism, 1e pla-e our emphasis on prea-hing, 1hen, in fa-!, !he grea!es! evangelis!i- effe-! -omes from rela!ionships be!1een believers and nonbelievers.( 5ha! is a ma!!er of s!ra!egyHa leadership issue. <os! re-en!ly, , have !ra-ked peopleFs e+odus from !he #hur-hH!hose 1ho have leadership gif!s and abili!iesHbe-ause !hey -an no longer s!oma-h being par! of an alleged movemen! !ha! la-ks s!rong, visionary leadership. 5hese are people of -apa-i!yG !hose 1ho -an make !hings happen. , have 1a!-hed 1i!h sorro1 as !hey have !ried !o pene!ra!e !he -ul!ure of !he #hur-h and offer !heir effor!s. 5hey have been unable !o do so be-ause !heir -hur-hes are nei!her led by leaders nor by !hose 1ho unders!and leadership. Aes, !housands of minis!ries have su-h leadership, bu! in !he larger s-ope of &meri-an minis!ry, !hose -hur-hes and para-hur-h minis!ries are !he e+-ep!ion !o !he rule. , have s!udied modern his!ory !o -omprehend !he dynami-s of revolu!ions, people movemen!s, so-ie!al sys!ems and na!ional for!unes. 5he resul! is !he -onvi-!ion !ha! !here have no! beenHand are no! likely !o beHany signifi-an! and su--essful movemen!s, revolu!ions or o!her sys!ems in 1hi-h s!rong, visionary leaders 1ere no! a! !he fron! of !hose groups, leading !he 1ay for -hange in !hough!, 1ord and deed. , believe in prea-hing !he @ord of God, -onfessing our sins before one ano!her, -elebra!ing !he mira-ulous 1orks of !he ?oly %piri!, re!urning a! leas! a !en!h of our s!uff !o GodFs 1ork, !he po1er of prayer and salva!ion by gra-e alone !hrough !he a!oning blood of #hris!0 , believe all !his and mu-h more. , also believe !ha! in &meri-a !oday, fe1er and fe1er people 1ill embra-e !hese !hings unless !he #hur-h -an raise up s!rong servan!4leaders 1ho 1ill -ommi! !heir lives !o using !heir na!ural abili!ies, marke!pla-e e+perien-es, edu-a!ion, !raining and spiri!ual gif!s !o ma+imiEe !heir -all !o lead GodFs people for1ard. , am not saying !ha! leadership is more impor!an! on a spiri!ual or e!ernal level !han our !heology and spiri!ual -ommi!men!s. , am saying !ha! 1i!hou! effe-!ive, godly, #hris!4honoring leadership, mos! people in &meri-a seem des!ined !o a life in 1hi-h Kesus #hris! is li!!le more !han an e+pression u!!ered in !imes of frus!ra!ion, or an an-ien! and personally irrelevan! !ea-her of ni-e prin-iples and an!i2ua!ed religious pra-!i-es. 5ha! realiEa!ion 1ounds me deep in my spiri!. , 1an! my non4#hris!ian neighbors and my #hris!4re=e-!ing family members !o kno1 ?im, love ?im and serve ?im as , do. , have -ome !o dis-over, ho1ever, !ha! unless 1e -an develop effe-!ive leadership 1i!hin !he #hur-h, 1e are no! doing all 1e have been -alled by God !o do !o effe-!ively and obedien!ly serve ?im. 5ha! is 1hy , believe no!hing is more impor!an! for !he fu!ure of !he #hris!ian #hur-h in &meri-a !han leadership.


,n !his book you 1ill read abou! !he hear!, !he mind and !he pra-!i-es of leaders. Aou 1ill learn abou! 1ays of developing your po!en!ial if you have been -alled by God !o lead. Aou 1ill dis-over some of !he !rials !ha! grea! men of God have e+perien-ed in !heir o1n =ourneys of leadership 1i!hin !he #hur-h. <os! impor!an!ly, be affirmed in !his0 ,f God has -alled you !o lead, le! no!hing s!and in !he 1ay of !he privilege you have !o serve ?im and !o serve ?is people !hrough applying !he gif! and !he resour-es and oppor!uni!y ?e has provided !o you. Aou are among a spe-ial breed of people 7

1ho have been iden!ified by ?im for a -hallenging bu! re1arding !ask0 leading ?is people !o vi-!ory. ,n ?is eyes you are no be!!er !han anyone else by vir!ue of !ha! -all or !ha! gif!, bu! you are undeniably spe-ial as you pursue !ha! -alling. 6eep PaulFs 1ords foremos! in your mind0 Run !he ra-e in su-h a 1ay as !o be holy and pleasing before God, so !ha! one day you 1ill hear !hose -herished 1ordsH.1ell done, good and fai!hful servan!/ B<a!!he1 (80(1C.

@ha! e+a-!ly are 1e speaking abou! 1hen 1e !hro1 abou! !his 1ord .leadership/N ,ndeed, if 1e are going !o spend !he ne+! 3))4plus pages !oge!her -onsidering !his -ru-ial sub=e-!, le!Fs a! leas! be -lear abou! our fo-us. $nfor!una!ely, !here is no universally a--ep!ed defini!ion of leadership. &sk !en leadership analys!s !o define !heir dis-ipline and !hey 1ill probably provide a doEen or more defini!ions. ?o1 is !his possibleN Be-ause leadership is no! a s-ien-eG i! is an ar!. &r!, by i!s very na!ure, vir!ually defies defini!ion. *ven !he mos! brillian! !eam of people 1ould see differen! elemen!s and nuan-es in a Pi-asso or Rembrand!Has !hey do 1hen asked !o spe-ify !he essen-e of leadership. >ever!heless, some very smar! and e+perien-ed people have !endered some des-rip!ions of leadership !ha! meri! our -onsidera!ion. , have narro1ed !he lis! from more !han () fas-ina!ing defini!ions do1n !o !he half doEen in !he follo1ing lis!. 5hey are lis!ed in alphabe!i-al order by au!hor. , believe !ha! !hese, for !he mos! par!, represen! !he hear! of !he varie!y !ha! e+is!s in re-en! popular li!era!ure abou! leadership.3 Read !hem. 5hink -ri!i-ally abou! !hem. 5hen , 1ill add my !1o -en!s. @arren Bennis and Bur! >anus . eadership is...doing !he righ! !hings./ Kames <-Gregor Burns . eadership is 1hen persons 1i!h -er!ain mo!ives and purposes mobiliEe, in -ompe!i!ion or -onfli-! 1i!h o!hers, ins!i!u!ional, poli!i-al, psy-hologi-al and o!her resour-es so as !o arouse, engage and sa!isfy !he mo!ives of follo1ers./ "an-e Pa-kard . eadership is ge!!ing o!hers !o 1an! !o do some!hing !ha! you are -onvin-ed should be done./ 5om Pe!ers . eadership is mas!ering parado+es and 1ha! !hey s!and for./ K. Ds1ald %anders . eadership is influen-e./ Garry @ills . eadership is mobiliEing o!hers !o1ard a goal shared by !he leader and follo1ers./ *a-h of !hese briefs adds a ni-e !ou-h !o our -omprehension of leadership. , believe, ho1ever, mos! of !hem are no! -omple!ely ade2ua!e. Bennis and >anus, for ins!an-e, have !urned a ni-e phrase, bu! !heir defini!ions are !oo broad. ,n !he -ourse of daily a-!ivi!y 1e do many !hings !ha! are .righ!,/ bu! are no! des!ined !o dra1 follo1ers !o usHhen-e, !hey are no! a-!s of leadership. For ins!an-e, 1hen , pu! my daugh!ers !o bed a! nigh! and !urn ou! !he bedroom ligh!s 9

so !hey -an sleep be!!er, , have done !he righ! !hing, bu! !his a-! is no! likely !o 1in me a horde of follo1ers, nor does i! 2ualify as an a-! of leadership. Gran!ed, leaders do !he righ! !hing, bu! !hey do mu-h more !han !ha!, !oo. ,n-iden!ally, as savory as i! is, !he defini!ion by 5om Pe!ers suffers from !he same faul!0 i! is simply !oo broad. 5he defini!ion by %anders fails !he !es! for !he same reason. ?is 1ords sugges! !ha! any !ime you affe-! someone, you are e+er!ing leadership. &gain, an e+ample !o demons!ra!e my poin!. , a!!ended a so-iology -lass in 1hi-h !he professor persuaded me !ha! household in-ome is -losely !ied !o edu-a!ional a-hievemen!. ?is !ea-hing has forever influen-ed my !hinking. ?o1ever, , am no! his follo1er. ?e affe-!ed my !hinking, bu! !he mere a-! of informing or even having -hanged my no!ion of household e-onomi-s is no! !o be -onfused 1i!h providing leadership. 5he defini!ion by <r. Burns fails !he !es! in !ha! i! is eminen!ly possible !o .arouse, engage and sa!isfy/ my mo!ives, ye! , may no! be a follo1er of !he one 1ho ins!iga!ed su-h a personal response. 5he musi- of Billy Koel a--omplishes !he aforemen!ioned !rio of verbs, bu! , am no! a follo1er of <r. Koel. @hen , finish reading a novel by Kohn Grisham, , have been aroused, engaged and sa!isfied, bu! he has no! provided me 1i!h leadership. 5he Pa-kard defini!ion speaks more of manipula!ion !han of !rue leadership. , believe people -an be led 1i!hou! being hood1inked in!o doing !ha! 1hi-h !hey ordinarily 1ould disdain. , am mos! -omfor!able 1i!h !he defini!ion offered by Garry @ills. &l!hough i! leaves ou! many of !he spe-ifi- a!!ribu!es !ha! mus! be involved in leading, his is a simple defini!ion !ha! does no! pre-lude !he elemen!s , 1ould prefer Be.g., -ommuni-a!ing vision, inspiring, dire-!ing and empo1ering peopleC, ye! does pre-lude !he kinds of rou!ine daily behaviors !ha! !he less -areful defini!ions failed !o s-reen ou!. . eadership is mobiliEing o!hers !o1ard a goal shared by !he leader and follo1ers./ Garry @ills %o !he preferred defini!ionHand one !ha! 1ill serve us 1ell in !his bookHin-ludes five key a!!ribu!es. & leader is one 1ho mobili1e"G one 1hose fo-us is influen-ing )eo)leG a person 1ho is goal $ri#enG someone 1ho has an orien!a!ion in .ommon 1i!h !hose 1ho rely upon him for leadershipG and someone 1ho has people 1illing !o (ollo- !hem. 2 e + ri"!li&e + ara.!er o( a Lea$er
O a servan!Fs hear! O hones!y O loyal!y O perseveran-e O !rus!1or!hiness O -ourage O humili!y O sensi!ivi!y O !ea-habili!y O values driven O op!imis!iO even !empered O =oyful O gen!le O -onsis!en! O spiri!ual dep!h O forgiving O -ompassiona!e O energe!iO fai!hful O self4-on!rolled O loving O 1ise O dis-erning O en-ouraging O passiona!e O fair O pa!ien! O kind O mer-iful O reliable

2 e +om)e!" o( a + ri"!ian Lea$er

O effe-!ive -ommuni-a!ion O iden!ifying, ar!i-ula!ing, -as!ing vision


O mo!iva!ing people O -oa-hing and developing people O syn!hesiEing informa!ion O persuading people O ini!ia!ing s!ra!egi- a-!ion O engaging in s!ra!egi- !hinking O resolving -onfli-! O developing resour-es O delega!ing au!hori!y and responsibili!y O reinfor-ing -ommi!men! O -elebra!ing su--esses O de-ision making O !eam building O ins!iga!ing evalua!ion O -rea!ing a viable -orpora!e -ul!ure O main!aining fo-us and priori!ies O upholding a--oun!abili!y O iden!ifying oppor!uni!ies for influen-e O rela!ing every!hing ba-k !o GodFs plans and prin-iples O modeling !he spiri!ual dis-iplines O managing o!her key leaders


,n subse2uen! -hap!ers you 1ill dis-over in grea!er de!ail 1ha! leaders do. Give me a momen! !o iden!ify 1ha! makes a leader someone 1e iden!ify as a leader. &ll !he #hris!ian leaders , have s!udiedHin %-rip!ure, in person, in his!ory booksHpossess !hree dis!in-! bu! rela!ed 2uali!ies. 5he -ombina!ion of !hese 2uali!ies is 1ha! enables !hem !o do 1ha! leaders do. Remove any one of !hese 2uali!ies, and !he person 1ould be a valued member of a group, bu! no! a leader. Firs!, a #hris!ian leader is .alle$ by Go$. ?e is -alled !o servan!hood, bu! a uni2ue brand of servan!hood. 5his is one 1ho serves by leading. 5he vas! ma=ori!y of GodFs human -rea!ion are follo1ers. 5hose 1ho have been anoin!ed by ?im !o lead are mos! valuable !o !he Body of believersHin fun-!ional !ermsHby !heir 1illingness !o follo1 !heir -all and do !ha! 1hi-h follo1ers so despera!ely need. %e-ond, a #hris!ian leader is a person of + ri"!li&e . ara.!er. Be-ause !he -en!ral fun-!ion of a leader is !o enable people !o kno1, love and serve God 1i!h !heir en!ire hear!s, minds, souls and s!reng!h, !he leader mus! himself possess !he kind of personal a!!ribu!esH-hara-!eris!i-s of !he hear!, manifes!ed !hrough spee-h and behaviorH!ha! refle-! !he na!ure of our God. 5hird, a #hris!ian leader possesses (%n.!ional .om)e!" !ha! allo1 him !o perform !asks and guide people !o1ard a--omplishing !he ends of GodFs servan!s. 5hese are !he abili!ies !ha! re-eive prolifi- a!!en!ion0 inspiring people, dire-!ing !heir energy and resour-es, -as!ing vision, building !eams, -elebra!ing vi-!ories, delega!ing au!hori!y, making de-isions, developing s!ra!egy, a--ep!ing responsibili!y for ou!-omes and so on. ,n #hris!ian -ir-les, 1e of!en !hink of !his pa-kage of elemen!s as .!he spiri!ual gif! of leadership./ 5he gif! involves re-eiving from God all of !he ne-essary .s!uff/ !o be a grea! leader for GodFs purposes. B& believer, in-iden!ally, may be given !ha! gif! and -hoose no! !o use i!H 1hi-h represen!s a loss !o bo!h !he #hur-h and !o !he leader personally.C 11

5he li!era!ure abou! leadership fo-uses almos! e+-lusively on fun-!ional -ompe!en-ies. 5hose abili!ies are impor!an!, !o be sure, bu! a leader 1ho has grea! !e-hni-al abili!ies and skills, bu! la-ks GodFs -all, is merely follo1ing his personal in-lina!ions. Dne 1ho la-ks !he personal a!!ribu!es !ha! model #hris!ian prin-iples 1ill be an ineffe-!ive leader, unable !o main!ain follo1ers. Df -ourse, one 1ho desires !o lead people bu! does no! have !he -ompe!en-ies !o ge! !he =ob done 1ill never build !he !ra-k re-ord ne-essary !o a!!ra-! follo1ers. & #hris!ian leader is someone 1ho is -alled by God !o leadG leads 1i!h and !hrough #hris!like -hara-!erG and demons!ra!es !he fun-!ional -ompe!en-ies !ha! permi! leadership !o !ake pla-e. >o!i-e, of -ourse, !ha! !he firs! elemen! ne-essary is GodFs -all !o lead. ,f you have no! been -hosen by him !o lead ?is people, i! does no! ma!!er ho1 1onderful your -hara-!er or ho1 1ell skilled you are for !he !ask, you 1ill never be-ome a grea! #hris!ian leader. Aou may lead, of -ourseHour poli!i-al sys!em, edu-a!ional ins!i!u!ions and -orpora!ions are pa-ked 1i!h people 1ho are leading in spi!e of no! being -alled by God !o be spiri!ual leaders. 5he differen-e is !ha! , am !alking abou! leading GodFs people no! !o higher profi!abili!y, no! !o grea! effi-ien-y, bu! !o superior godliness and !o spiri!ual !ru!h. Fur!her, , am no! !alking abou! meddling in human affairs !o make in-remen!al gains for 1orldly purposes, bu! inves!ing in people su-h !ha! !hey re-ogniEe and ma+imiEe !he 1ays God has -alled, gif!ed and seeks !o refine !hem.


?o1 do you kno1 if you have been -alled by God !o be a spiri!ual leader of peopleN 5his is ano!her of !hose i!ems, as is !he defini!ion of leadership, !ha! genera!es subs!an!ial -on!roversy. e! me !hro1 my fuel on !he fire by sugges!ing some elemen!s !o look for as you !ry !o dis-ern 1he!her or no! you have !ha! -alling. 5he follo1ing eigh! signs indi-a!e !ha! you have likely been -alled as a #hris!ian leader. ,n my e+perien-e, !hose 1hom God has !apped !o lead possess all eigh! of !hese !rai!s. Sensing the call. ,f you !ruly have been -alled, you 1ill have a sense of divine sele-!ion for !he !ask. Aou 1ill have an inner -onvi-!ion !ha!, as amaEing as i! may seem, God 1an!s you !o lead people for ?im and !o ?im. Aou have a real sense of GodFs %piri! -onfirming 1i!hin you !he fa-! !ha! you are among !he rela!ive handful of people 1hom ?e 1an!s !o use !o influen-e follo1ers !o live for a differen! purpose, in differen! 1ays. Kosiah, !he boy4king of Kudah, revolu!ioniEed his fa!herFs kingdom, based upon !he -er!ain!y 1i!hin !ha! he 1as raised up by God for !ha! !ime, in !ha! pla-e, for !ha! purpose. %ome!imes, in-iden!ally, a leader 1ill figh! or deny !his -all. 5he ?oly %piri! is persis!en!, ho1ever, and as !he eviden-e moun!s, 1e -anno! resis!Hunless 1e are -omfor!able engaging in 1illful disobedien-e. 6ndeniable inclination. 5rue leaders are na!urally in-lined !o lead. %ome!imes, su-h as George @ashing!on or PaulFs -olleague 5imo!hy, !hey assume posi!ions of leadership relu-!an!ly. D!her people, su-h as Bill ?ybels, Pa! Rober!son or !he apos!le Paul, are eager !o lead be-ause !hey simply -anno! help i!0 i! is 1ho !hey are. & person may be dra1n in!o leadership or have a na!ural en!husiasm and en=oymen! for leadership. $l!ima!ely, !hough, !he urge or fel! need !o serve as a leader is undeniable. %ind of a leader. , have found !ha! a leader per-eives !he 1orld and !hinks differen!ly from o!hers. KoshuaFs s!ory is one !ha! allo1s us !o ge! in!o his head and unders!and ho1 a leader !hinks. eaders, by defini!ion being people of vision, are fo-used on !he fu!ure. 5hey !hink abou! !he long4!erm impli-a!ions of !odayFs oppor!uni!ies and -hoi-es. 5hey are mindful of !he big pi-!ure, no! sa!isfied 1i!h fo-using only on !he mi-ro4level even!s of !he day. 5hey harbor a s!reak of idealism !ha! is some!imes e+pressed in revolu!ionary !hinking. 5hey are e+-i!ed by 1(

-hange and 1an! !o shape i!. 5hey 1ork hard, bu! more impor!an!ly, !hey 1ork smar!0 !hey are s!ra!egi- !hinkers. 7iscernible influence. & !rue leader is one 1hose life bears !he frui! of effe-!ive leadership. ,f you have been -alled by God, ?e 1ill manifes! !ha! -all by giving you !angible eviden-e of a spe-ial gif! !o lead. 5he a--umula!ion of eviden-e !ha! you have !he abili!y !o -hange !he 1ay individuals or groups !hink, speak and live is one of GodFs means of -onvi-!ing you of !he -all. The company of leaders. People are mos! -omfor!able around o!hers 1ho are like !hemselves. , have found !ha! mos! leaders like !o hang ou! 1i!h o!her leaders. 5here is a na!ural -amaraderie among !hem. 5hey speak !he same language. 5hey resona!e 1i!h !he same issues and s!ruggles. Being in !he presen-e of o!her leaders defines !he -omfor! Eone of one -alled !o lead. (8ternal encouragement. Dne 1ay of kno1ing if you are -alled !o be a leader of GodFs people is 1he!her you re-eive affirma!ion from o!her people. %u-h affirma!ion is mos! no!e1or!hy 1hen i! -omes from o!her !rue leaders. eaders kno1 !heir o1n kind0 !hey kno1 1ha! i! !akes, 1ha! i! looks like. ,f !hey sense !he -all in you, lis!en !o !heir 1ords. 5imo!hy re-eived su-h e+hor!a!ions from his men!or, Paul. 3nternal strength. %urprisingly fe1 people have !he in!ernal s!reng!h !o s!and up for 1ha! is righ!. @e -all !his -ourage. GodFs leaders are al1ays people of grea! -ourage. ,f you are -omfor!able !aking reasonable risks, !raversing un-har!ed !erri!ory, and do no! flin-h a! !he prospe-! of !aking !he hea! for !he de-isions you have made, you may 1ell have !he inner s!uff God provides !o !hose 1ho are -alled !o lead ?is sheep. 5here is no be!!er e+ample of !hese 2uali!ies !han Kesus ?imself. Loving it. eading people is rarely a =oyride. GodFs leadersHyes, even !hose -alled by ?im Hendure in-redible amoun!s of hear!a-he, -on!roversy and animosi!y. 5he end produ-!H!he ou!-omes of leadershipHis 1ha! makes i! 1or!h1hile for leaders. ,f you have re-eived !ha! 1arm, !ingling feeling of vi-!ory, a sense !ha! all !he hardships 1ere 1or!h !he ou!-ome, you kno1 1ha! a -alled leader e+perien-es in !he !ren-hes of !he spiri!ual ba!!le.

Before !he ad=oining -hap!ers move us in!o !he nu!s and bol!s of -hara-!er and fun-!ion, le!Fs be -lear abou! one more !hing. eading is differen! from managing, !ea-hing, -ounseling and helping. , have seen many minis!ries undermined by people 1ho serve in posi!ions of leadership, bu! are in-apable of leading. 5he mos! -ommon design is for a -hur-h !o e+pe-! leadership from !he senior pas!or. ?e !ries !o provide i!, bu! mos! pas!ors are, by !heir o1n re-koning, !rained and gif!ed as !ea-hers. 5hey !ry !o lead by using !heir !ea-hing gif!s and abili!ies. 5ea-hing -an influen-e people, bu! as , no!ed in referen-e !o !he %anders defini!ion of leadership, leading !akes more !han =us! influen-e. *ven!uallyHalmos! inevi!ablyH!he pas!or4!ea-her fails as a leader, !he -hur-h be-omes disgrun!led and havo- resul!s. 5he same happens 1hen people 1ho are gif!ed as adminis!ra!ors Bi.e., managersC or -ounselors or helpers a!!emp! !o provide primary leadership. 5hey be-ome frus!ra!ed, !heir people be-ome frus!ra!ed, and !he minis!ry is harmed. Be-ause !hey are no! leadersHand !hey refuse !o !eam up 1i!h people 1ho -an -omplemen! 1ha! !hey bring !o !he !able by providing !he ne-essary degree of leadershipH!hey do no! a!!ra-! follo1ers, and !he en!ire minis!ry en!erprise is undermined.: &gain, please do no! !ake !his ou! of -on!e+!. , believe !ha! people 1ho have !he !ea-hing gif! are grea!ly needed in !he #hur-h !oday. 5hey need !o use !ha! gif! !o -hallenge, ins!ru-!, inspire and enligh!en GodFs people. 5ea-hing, ho1ever, is no! synonymous 1i!h leading. Aes, some people 1ho !ea-h 1ell are also gif!ed leaders. @e -anno! assume, !hough, !ha! be-ause a person 13

has an advan-ed degree and aspires !o !he senior pas!ora!e Bor a similar posi!ion in a para-hur-h minis!ryC he is a leader. 5he Bible is ra!her -lear in demons!ra!ing !ha! leadership happens bes! 1hen i! o--urs in !he -on!e+! of a gif!ed !eam of people suppor!ing a leader 1ho has been -alled and gif!ed by God for !he purpose of leading. <oses had Koshua, &aron and ?ur. Kesus had Pe!er, Kames and Kohn. Paul had 5imo!hy, 5y-hi-us, uke and 5i!us. &s Paul 1ro!e in 1 #or. 1(07, ea-h believer is given a gif! !o be used .for !he -ommon good/ 9/3!:- &s su-h, i! is no! mean! !o be e+haus!ive, bu! -omplemen!ary. >o gif! Bor individual possessing a gif!C is be!!er !han any o!her. &s a leader, , need grea! !ea-hers, adminis!ra!ors, -ounselors and people of o!her gif!s !o help me lead. &s a !ea-her, , 1ould 1an! grea! leaders, managers and o!her helpers pulling !heir 1eigh! alongside of me. God -rea!ed us !o be in -ommuni!yG 1e need ea-h o!her for !he Body !o fun-!ion properly. #rea!ing a frame1ork in 1hi-h su-h synergy -an o--ur is one of !he grea! -hallenges !o a leader. <ake no mis!ake abou! i!0 managemen! is no! leadership. 5ea-hing is no! leadership. #ounseling is no! leadership. 5hese o!her dis-iplines are no less valuable !han leadership, bu! !hey mus! no! be -onfused 1i!h or subs!i!u!ed for leadership.


5he #hur-h in &meri-a is in a -risis !ime. @e have a -risis of fai!h0 5ens of millions of &meri-ans are sear-hing for some!hing !o believe in. @e have a -risis of spiri!ual dep!h0 <illions of born4again believers have li!!le or no spiri!ual dep!h. 5hey are ineffe-!ive servan!s of God be-ause !hey do no! kno1 1ha! !hey believe, or ho1 !o use !heir fai!h !o -hange !he 1orld. @e also have a -risis of innova!ion0 5he #hur-h seems afraid !o inves! in ne1 modes of being !he #hur-h, breaking free from an!i2ua!ed models and irrelevan! !radi!ions !o1ard living !he gospel in a !1en!y4firs!4-en!ury -on!e+!. <os! of all, 1e have a -risis of #hris!ian leadership. , -on!end !ha! all !hese o!her -rises 1ould no! be -rises bu! simply oppor!uni!ies for radi-al !ransforma!ionHif 1e had !rue leaders leading !he #hur-h. eaders 1ould inspire 1idespread, genuine in!eres! in #hris!iani!y !hrough !he s!ra!egies and s!ru-!ures !hey 1ould fa-ili!a!e for !he fai!h !o be-ome real in peopleFs lives. People 1ould be-ome in!ensely #hris!ian, -ommi!!ed !o kno1ing, living and sharing !heir fai!h if !hey had leaders 1ho modeled !ha! fai!h in a-!ion and 1ho empo1ered !hem !o do !he same. 5he #hur-h 1ould infil!ra!e &meri-an so-ie!y !o i!s very -ore if 1e had leaders in -harge, people 1ho e+perimen!, !ake risks and -rea!e ne1 possibili!ies !hrough -as!ing GodFs vision. eaders are !he missing link !o !he heal!h of !he #hur-h. ,f ?e has -alled you !o lead, lead. ,! is your privilege, your responsibili!y and your =oy. Praise ?im for !he oppor!uni!y !o e+perien-e !he life ?e has given you !o i!s fulles! !hrough !he e+er-ise of your -all, your gif! and your abili!ies. ead GodFs people in su-h a 1ay as !o make ?im proud.


7 0 a! Lea$er" Do
3enne! O. Gangel
#hur-hes, mission boards, -olleges and seminaries, para-hur-h organiEa!ions and s-ores of o!her #hris!ian organiEa!ions suffer in !hese -risis !imes be-ause of misleadership. >o! be-ause of bad people. >o! be-ause of laEiness. >o! be-ause of insuffi-ien! funding. >o! be-ause !heir -on!ribu!ion !o !he 6ingdom is no! needed. 5hey suffer be-ause of ineffe-!ive leadership. ike i!s -ompanions, !his -hap!er !akes a narro1 fo-us -learly iden!ified in i!s !i!le. &f!er !hir!y4seven years in a-ademi- life, ho1ever, , balk a! moving any far!her 1i!hou! sharing !he defini!ion of leadership !ha! has shaped my !hinking and !he -on!en! of !his -hap!er. , -onsider leadership !o be !he e+er-ise of oneFs spiri!ual gif!s under !he -all of God !o serve a -er!ain group of people in a-hieving !he goals God has given !hem !o1ard !he end of glorifying #hris!. >o1 le!Fs ge! spe-ifi-. @ha! do leaders doN , believe !he !asks leaders fulfill -ome in si+ primary areas of a-!ivi!y0 rela!ing, organiEing, a-hieving, !hinking, envisioning and enduring.

, in!end no order of priori!y in offering !he uni!s of !his -hap!erG all leaders do all these things all the time- , mus! begin, !hough, 1i!h !he behavior !ha! dis!inguishes leadership from management or administration- 5he la!!er !1o !erms, mos! 1ill agree, are synonymous, des-ribing ho1 !o handle resour-es and pro-edures 1i!hin an organiEa!ion in a manner designed !o rea-h i!s goals. Re-en!ly , -rossed !he border in!o #anada !o !ea-h a! a gradua!e ins!i!u!ion !here for one 1eek. For !he be!!er par! of an hour, , 1as de!ained in !he immigra!ion sha-k, filling ou! paper1ork re2uired by >&F5& and paying !he fee !ha! 1ould allo1 me !o fun-!ion for one 1eek as a gues! le-!urer. By GodFs gra-e, !he line 1as shor!. 5he !1o -lerks gave !heir a!!en!ion !o me and af!er endless -ompu!er en!ries, paper1ork, s!amping proper seals and approvals, , 1as on my 1ay in!o !he provin-e of Bri!ish #olumbia. 5hose -lerks 1ere doing 1ha! !hey had been !old and my presen-e seemed irrelevan! !o !he !ask. 5hey 1ere .managing,/ bu! !hey 1ere no! .leading./ 5hey 1ere guarding resour-es, la1s, pro-edures and guidelines. <os! #hris!ian leaders have su-h responsibili!ies all the time. Pu! ano!her 1ay, mos! #hris!ian leaders are re2uired !o be good managers Badminis!ra!orsC, as 1ell. #ut leadership focuses on human resources. ,! has !o do 1i!h !he 1ay 1e !rea! people, develop people and rela!e !o people.

eaders -anno! es-ape visibili!y. 5hey s!and up fron! a! mee!ings Bor si! on !he pla!form a! -hur-h servi-esC and !hey mee! 1i!h boards and e+e-u!ive -ommi!!ees regularly. @e mus! also a-kno1ledge a -er!ain .image leadership/ -onveyed !o large groups of people a! a dis!an-e. <illions of people 1ho have never me! Billy Graham personally 1ould no! hesi!a!e a momen! !o affirm his leadership. ,n !he !ren-hes, in !he day4by4day fun-!ioning of a #hris!ian organiEa!ion, ho1ever, a leader a-hieves goals and a--omplishes !asks !hrough rela!ionships. Kohn <a+1ell !alks abou! a developmen!al se2uen-e for leadership po!en!ial based on a long4!erm pro-ess of 1orking 1i!h a group of people 1ho genuinely desire !o gro1. 5ha! model -onsis!s of five progressive -omponen!s. , <D'* H, do i!. 18

, <*>5DRH, do i! and you 1a!-h me. , <D>,5DRHyou do i! and , 1a!-h you. , <D5,"&5*Hyou do i!. @* <$ 5,P AHyou do i! and !rain someone else.1

People =oining #hris!ian organiEa!ions of!en e+pe-! u!opia. Believers, ho1ever, do no! -he-k !heir old na!ures a! !he door 1hen signing -on!ra-!s or !aking posi!ions in a .minis!ry./ #ons!an!ly on guard for !heir o1n behavior and aler! !o !he a!!a-ks of %a!an in a se-ular organiEa!ion, !hey le! do1n !ha! guard in a -hur-h or para-hur-h minis!ry. &n unspoken, unseen mo!!o seems !o say, .Dur people are #hris!iansG !herefore !hey 1ill au!oma!i-ally be be!!er 1orkers, higher a-hievers and kind !o everyone./ 5hen !he sin na!ure asser!s i!self, people a-! upse! and hur! and 1e s!ar! 1ondering 1here !he Bible 1en! 1rong in i!s e+plana!ions of &oinonia. Df -ourse, !his is a leadership problem. eaders have a -lear4-u! responsibili!y !o pro!e-! !he absolu!e -en!rali!y of rela!ionships 1i!hin !he organiEa!ion. #*Ds, vi-e presiden!s and managers e+plain 1ha! 1e -an be-ome !hrough GodFs gra-e as 1e learn abou! !he pro-ess of #hris!ian leadership. <ake no mis!ake abou! i!Hleadership is learned behavior-

Par! of effe-!ive leadership rela!es !o unders!anding people. ,n a helpful ar!i-le in !he *arvest #usiness $eview, Kudy Rosener e+plains ho1 1omen differ from men in ho1 !hey lead. &--ording !o Rosener, 1omen fo-us on .in!era-!ive leadership,/ en-ouraging par!i-ipa!ion, sharing po1er and informa!ion, enhan-ing !he self41or!h of o!hers and energiEing o!hers. Rosener -alls on organiEa!ions !o en-ourage leaders !o lead in !heir o1n s!yles and s!reng!hs and says, .5hen !he ne1ly re-ogniEed in!era-!ive leadership s!yle -an be valued and re1arded as highly as !he -ommand4and4-on!rol s!yle has been for de-ades. By valuing a diversi!y of leadership s!yles, organiEa!ions 1ill find !he s!reng!h and fle+ibili!y !o survive in a highly -ompe!i!ive, in-reasingly diverse e-onomi- environmen!./ ( %ome 1ould -all !his .!ransa-!ional leadership./ Re-en! resear-h argues !ha! follo1ers form leaders as mu-h as leaders form follo1ers and !ha! !ransa-!ional leadership BRosenerFs .in!era-!ive/C has !he bes! -han-e of be-oming .!ransforma!ional./ ,n !heir famous book Leaders4 The Strategy for Ta&ing 'harge, @arren Bennis and Bur! >anus vie1 ins!i!u!ional vision as -oming from !he !op do1n, shaped, ar!i-ula!ed and -ommuni-a!ed by !he leader.3 5hen !he follo1ers appropria!e i! as !heir o1n. &s signifi-an! and valuable as !ha! book is, i! allo1s li!!le room for !eam leadership e+-ep! a! !he level of middle managemen! and belo1. Perhaps !he bias of !he book resul!s na!urally from !he resear-h me!hodology, .a s!udy of 9) individual leaders./ eaders rela!e !o people. 5hough se-ular leadership li!era!ure !alks a good bi! abou! rela!ionships and many of i!s -on-ep!s are of ines!imable value, #hris!ians ul!ima!ely -ome !o !he >e1 5es!amen! for !he !ru!h abou! !his sub=e-!. ook a! !he -hur-h par!i-ipan!s !hroughou! !he book of &-!s. @a!-h !hem sele-! a repla-emen! for Kudas in &-!s 1. %ee !hem in a-!ion ele-!ing leaders !o serve !he 1ido1s in &-!s 9. #arefully observe !hem sending ou! !he firs! missionaries in &-!s 13. 5he !eam model domina!es every!hing. &maEing, isnF! i!N 5he more #hris!ian leaders de-en!raliEe programs, delibera!ely and in!en!ionally pushing au!hori!y do1n !he ranks, !he more bibli-ally !hey fun-!ion. 5he Bible manda!es !ha! spiri!ual leaders possess and display !he frui! of !he %piri! Bsee Gala!ians 80((C and a loving, -aring, burden4bearing a!!i!ude !o1ard o!hers Bsee Phil. (014:C. 5hen !heir -apa-i!y for leadership rela!ions is God given and %piri! empo1ered. @ha! s!ands in !he 1ay 19

is our inade2ua!e kno1ledge of ho1 !o make i! 1ork in a realis!i-, -arefully designed pa!!ern do1n in !he !ren-hes on !he fron! lines.

,n !heir mos! helpful book 'redibility, Kames 6ouEes and Barry Posner des-ribe !he differen-es !hey dis-overed in !heir survey of leaders be!1een 1977 Bfor !he publi-a!ion of !heir ou!s!anding book The Leadership 'hallengeC and 1993 Bfor !he publi-a!ion of 'redibilityC. &--ording !o !heir repor!, honesty, vision and inspiration all ranked higher in 1993 !han !hey did si+ years earlier. Df !he fa-!ors !ha! made !he !op4!en lis! in 1977, only competence and intelligence dropped in per-eived impor!an-e. <ay God deliver us in #hris!ian organiEa!ions from managerial superiori!y 1i!hou! bibli-al -ompassion and %piri!4filled behavior. %ay *e also deliver us from thin&ing that #ible &nowledge and spiritual lifestyle somehow substitute for competence in leading a 'hristian organization-

5he >e1 5es!amen! -ould no! be more -lear abou! !he gif! of adminis!ra!ion. 5he 1ord &ubernesis appears in &-!s (7011G and Rev. 17017 1here !he -on!e+! demands i!s li!eral meaning of .helmsman/ or .shipmas!er./ ,n 1 #or. 1(0(7, !hough, Paul uses !he 1ord me!aphori-ally !o des-ribe .organiEers,/ people 1ho -arry ou! adminis!ra!ive leadership in !he #hur-h. Aou are #hris!Fs bodyP!ha!Fs 1ho you areJ Aou mus! never forge! !his. Dnly as you a--ep! your par! of !ha! body does your .par!/ mean any!hing. AouFre familiar 1i!h some of !he par!s !ha! God has formed in his -hur-h, 1hi-h is his .body/0 apos!les, prophe!s, !ea-hers, mira-le 1orkers, healers, helpers, organiEers, !hose 1ho pray in !ongues B1 #or. 1(0(74(7, The %essageC. %adly, !he la-k of in!eres! in organiEing as a -ore leadership behavior be!rays some -arelessness among #hris!ian leaders in !his pos!modern era. , -hose !o dis-uss !he rela!ional -omponen! of leadership firs! be-ause leaders mus! -ommuni-a!e 1i!h people. ,f , 1ere -rea!ing a s!air4s!ep -har! of 1ha! leaders do, ho1ever, organiEing 1ould be my firs! s!ep, for 1i!hou! i! one -an only e+pe-! !o s!umble on !he res!. ,n !he follo1ing 2uo!e from Pe!er 'ru-ker, simply subs!i!u!e !he 1ord .organiEing/ for .managemen!/ and you have !he essen-e of !he idea. Pas!ors need managemen! QorganiEingR no! be-ause !hey should manage, bu! be-ause i! is !he only 1ay !o ge! !he !ime, !hough!, and freedom for !he real =ob. ,! is !heir !ool for making sure all !he o!her !hings !ha! have !o be done ge! done and ye! do no! ea! !hem alive in !he pro-ess. <anagemen! is no! !he ans1er !o all !he problems of minis!ry. Ae! managemen! is a !ool all of you need. Aou mus! learn !o ge! !he o!her !hings done by managing yourself, your parish, and your =ob. Aou mus! learn !o se! ob=e-!ives for yourself and for !he various ma=or !asks you !hink you should be doing. 5ha!Fs !he hardes! !hing !o do0 !o !hink !hrough 1ha! you are !o a--omplish.:

Be-ause !he .organiEing/ menu is so vas!, le!Fs pun-h up one basi- dimension for -loser observa!ion0 -rea!ing =ob des-rip!ions. Kob -on!rol is essen!ial !o any ade2ua!e leadership, bu! =ob -on!rol 1ill never be yours un!il you kno1 1ha! !he =ob is. &s you read !hese 1ords, someone some1here fa-es evalua!ion a--ording !o a se! of imaginary per-ep!ions ra!her !han on !he basis of -learly defined !asks and a-hievable ob=e-!ives. ,n shor!, he has been 1orking 1i!hou! a =ob 17

des-rip!ion and s!ands organiEa!ionally defenseless before any superiors 1ho .feel/ or .!hink/ !ha! personFs leadership performan-e has been inade2ua!e. Df -ourse, =ob des-rip!ions -an be misused. People 1ho should kno1 be!!er and 1hose boundaries of innova!ive leadership should refle-! grea!er ma!uri!y 1ill say on o--asion, ., 1onF! do !ha!G i!Fs no! in my =ob des-rip!ion./ 5ha! no more argues agains! ade2ua!e =ob des-rip!ions !han somebodyFs divor-e papers -ondemn marriage and family life. Rober! @el-h 1arns, .,n a re-en! informal survey of minis!ry personnel in a ma=or evangeli-al denomina!ion, nearly a !hird of !he pas!ors and more !han half of !he non4pas!oring s!aff began !heir posi!ions 1i!hou! =ob des-rip!ions. ,n ano!her informal survey, nearly !1o4!hirds of suppor! personnel ei!her had no 1ri!!en =ob des-rip!ion or fel! !he ones !hey had didnF! a--ura!ely des-ribe 1ha! !hey 1ere doing./ 8 @el-h goes on !o give us a -lear4-u! defini!ion0 & =ob des-rip!ion is a 1ri!!en ins!rumen! !ha! por!rays in a sys!ema!i-, -on-ise, and logi-al fashion 1ha! is e+pe-!ed of an individual 1ho fills a -er!ain posi!ion. Kob des-rip!ions should be -rea!ed for all minis!ry posi!ions0 for professional minis!ry s!aff, suppor! s!aff, even unpaid, designa!ed lay leadership posi!ions. & =ob des-rip!ion should -on!ain five elemen!s0 B1C a !i!le, B(C a s!a!emen! of prin-ipal fun-!ion, B3C a des-rip!ion of ho1 !he person fi!s in!o !he organiEa!ion, B:C a s!a!emen! of 2ualifi-a!ions for !he posi!ion, and B8C a lis!ing of !ask du!ies.9

'eveloping and using an organiEa!ional -har! is every bi! as impor!an! as a =ob des-rip!ion. &n a--ura!e -har! offers !1o pie-es of informa!ion 1i!hou! 1hi-h no leader -an ade2ua!ely fun-!ion0 lines of authority and span of control. , have !alked abou! !hese a! grea! leng!h in Feeding and Leading and more re-en!ly in Team Leadership for 'hristian %inistry, so !here is no need !o e+pand !hem here.7 %uffi-e i! !o say, organiEa!ion depends upon oneFs abili!y !o kno1 1here he serves in !he organiEa!ion, 1here and ho1 o!hers fun-!ion and ho1 !he myriad in!errela!ionships -ome !oge!her !o -rea!e !ha! leadership !eam.

arry Bird, !he baske!ball grea!, on-e e+plained 1hy he 1as so dependable in !he -lu!-h. ?e !old repor!ers !ha! lo!s of players 1an! !o be !he hero and !ake !he las! sho! 1hen !he s-ore is !ied or !he !eam is ahead. Dnly a handful, ho1ever, 1an! !he ball 1hen !heir !eam is do1n a poin!G !ha!Fs !he mark of a -hampion. ,f 1e -an dis!inguish leaders from managers by !heir -ommi!men!s !o people rela!ionships Band 1e -anC, !hey are fur!her marked by !heir fo-us on goal a-hievemen! ra!her !han !ime spen! in !he offi-e. %omeone on-e sugges!ed !ha! leaders fa-e four !asks0 !o fulfill !he goals of !he organiEa!ion, !o provide for innova!ion, !o involve o!her people and !o sus!ain personnel morale. ,n my vie1, if !he firs! of !hose goes a1ry, !he res! do no! ma!!er.

@e hardly have spa-e here !o make fine4line dis!in-!ions be!1een mission, goals. ob+ectives and action steps. <os! readers 1ill re-ogniEe !ha! !hose !erms represen! a pre-ise and definable in-reasing of spe-ifi-i!y. @ha! mus! all leaders kno1 abou! ob=e-!ivesN ,! is useful !o kno1 1ha! ob=e-!ives do for us. 5hey make possible !he -on-en!ra!ion of resour-es and effor!s. 5o do !ha!, !hey mus! be -apable of -onversion in!o spe-ifi- !arge!s and assignmen!s. 5he ob=e-!ives of an organiEa!ion, a! leas! in general, mus! be kno1n and unders!ood by all employees, espe-ially !he members of !he leadership !eam. People in our organiEa!ions mus! .-laim/ ob=e-!ives, re-ogniEe !hem as !heir o1n and 1ork a! !hem 1i!h -olle-!ive en!husiasm. 17

&ll !his, of -ourse, s!ems from !he mission s!a!emen!Hour reason for beingH!he boundaries !ha! 1rap !he minis!ry like an a!!ra-!ive #hris!mas presen!.

Remember, !oo, !ha! 1e manage !he pa-e of organiEa!ional -hange and goal a-hievemen! by 1ha! 5homas Gilmore -alls .small 1ins and large gains./ 7 Pi-!ure a pas!or 1ho agrees !o serve a s!ruggling rural -hur-h. &!!endan-e slides on a slo1 de-line, offerings do no! mee! !he budge!, fe1 lay leaders 1an! !raining and i! looks as !hough some minor mira-les may be ne-essary. >o! so. %e!!ing -lear4-u! goals -an -rea!e a s-enario for small 1insH!ha! is, implemen!ed ou!-omes of modera!e impor!an-e !ha! give hope !o suppor!ers, a!!ra-! peopleFs a!!en!ion and lay a ground1ork of en-ouragemen! !ha! fu!ure good !hings may be on !he 1ayJ

Df -ru-ial impor!an-e here is !he 1illingness no! !o be de!erred or dis-ouraged by a fe1 una-hieved goals. & leader 1ho has no! follo1ed !he pro-ess of goal se!!ing may se! a lis! of !en goals for his organiEa!ion during a given year. e!Fs assume only seven are a-hieved sa!isfa-!orily. &-!ually, !ha! is an ou!s!anding re-ord, 1ell above any ba!!ing average or field goal shoo!ing per-en!age a professional a!hle!e migh! a-hieve. 51o !hings surfa-e here0 Firs!, !hose seven a-hieved goals probably represen! several more !han one 1ould a-hieve 1i!hou! !he pro-ess des-ribed here. %e-ond, !he remaining !hree, if !hey have been priori!iEed -orre-!ly, may ei!her be dropped Bbe-ause !hey are no longer ne-essaryC, res!ru-!ured or moved higher in !he priori!y lis! for !he ne+! year. &ll #hris!ian leadersHyoung and old, ve!erans and rookies, serving huge organiEa!ions or !iny minis!riesHshould be able !o say !o !heir superiors, .'onF! =udge me by !he !ime , spend in my offi-eG =udge !he effe-!iveness of my leadership by ho1 1ell !his leadership !eam a-hieves !he goals 1e have mu!ually agreed upon mon!h by mon!h, year by year and over !he long haul./

%urely one ma=or fla1 -onne-!ed 1i!h mu-h #hris!ian leadership in our day is !ha! !oo many leaders have !oo li!!le !ime !o !hink. ,! seems !ypi-al of au!o-ra!i- leaders !o make .knee4=erk/ de-isions based on .gu!4level/ feelings abou! ho1 -er!ain !hings should be done. %ome!imes !hese de-isions resul! from pas! e+perien-e 1i!h similar problems, and o!her !imes !hey are !he resul! of 1a!-hing o!her leaders fun-!ion in a similar 1ay. 5o !he unini!ia!ed, su-h 2ui-k de-ision making looks like s!rong leadership0 !he abili!y !o respond immedia!ely by !elling us .1ha! 1e should do./ <ore likely, su-h behavior resul!s from a la-k of !raining in de-ision4making pro-ess, problem4solving !e-hni2ues and !he general dis-ipline of !hinking. 5o be sure, no! every de-ision a leader fa-es allo1s for full problem4solving pro-ess. Bu! many do, and on-e de-isions have been submi!!ed !o !ha! kind of pro-edure, fu!ure de-isions 1ill be fa-ili!a!ed and improved. Be!!er !hinking -omes !hrough in!elligen! pra-!i-e. Good leaders -ul!iva!e !he skills of observa!ion, fa-! ga!hering, refle-!ion, reasoning and =udgmen! !o arrive a! a solu!ion !ha! advan-es !he -ause of !he organiEa!ions !hey serve. ,n many 1ays, !o !hink is !o learn. @e all have men!al po-ke!s in 1hi-h debris of old, unresolved problems lies ro!!ing by !he s!ream of !hough!. %erious men!al e+er-ise of de-ision making -an -lean ou! !hose po-ke!s and make room for fresh and -rea!ive ideas.


@ha! -auses ineffe-!ive de-ision makingN , have already hin!ed a! !he inabili!y !o handle !he pro-esses involved, bu! a! leas! four o!her !hings =ump !o !he fron! of !he line here. 19

1. Lac& of clear,cut ob+ectives- eaders 1i!hou! -lear4-u! ob=e-!ives for !heir o1n minis!ries or 1ho serve organiEa!ions 1i!hou! -lear4-u! ob=e-!ives based on !he mission 1ill s!ruggle !o make 1ise de-isions. (. 3nsecurity of position or authority- ,f you are no! sure you have !he =urisdi-!ion !o make !he de-ision, !ha! doub! 1ill of!en obs-ure !he de-ision i!self. For e+ample, a -ollege presiden! mus! kno1 e+a-!ly 1ha! -an be de-ided by him and his -abine! and 1ha! has !o go !o !he board of !rus!ees. <ake no mis!ake abou! i!, !ha! delinea!ion pro-ess 1orks bo!h 1ays. ?e mus! no! allo1 !he board !o make de-isions !ha! govern adminis!ra!ive de!ails any more !han he -an allo1 !he -abine! !o se! poli-y for !he ins!i!u!ion. 3. Lac& of information- #ri!i-al !hinkingMde-ision making is a grea! deal like resear-h. Dne goes !hrough pro-edures, and !he old adage -er!ainly appliesH/garbage in, garbage ou!./ & ma=or de-ision affe-!ing !he fu!ure of your organiEa!ion -ould 1ork agains! you very 2ui-kly if you la-k a -ru-ial pie-e of informa!ion. :. Fear- Good de-isions are of!en hindered by fear0 fear of -hange, fear of making !he 1rong de-ision, fear of !he -onse2uen-es !ha! migh! ensue, maybe even a fear of !he de-ision4 making pro-ess i!self. 5his alone has paralyEed many and driven !hem ou! of minis!ry leadership posi!ions. ,n an informa!ion age !ha! bo!h -ompli-a!es and fa-ili!a!es -ri!i-al !hinking and de-ision making, !he la!e !1en!ie!h4-en!ury leader !hro1s ou! old boundaries and approa-hes problems, programs and organiEa!ions 1i!h ne1 paradigms, -ons!an!ly asking 2ues!ions !ha! pene!ra!e !he roo! of !he problem and give impe!us for !ruly uni2ue solu!ions.

?o1 do 1e define !his me!hod of approa-hing !he 1orld and i!s problems afreshN &s %!ephen Brookfield no!es, .#en!ral !o -ri!i-al !hinking is !he -apa-i!y !o imagine and e+plore al!erna!ives !o e+is!ing 1ays of !hinking and living....#ri!i-al !hinkers are -on!inually e+ploring ne1 1ays of !hinking abou! aspe-!s of !heir lives./ ?e e+pands on !he defini!ion0 .#ri!i-al !hinking is -omple+ and fre2uen!ly perple+ing, sin-e i! re2uires !he suspension of belief and !he =e!!isoning of assump!ions previously a--ep!ed 1i!hou! 2ues!ion./ 9 BrookfieldFs defini!ion leads !o an in!eres!ing line of !hough! for #hris!ians 1ho ground !he se-uri!y of !heir fai!h in !he inerran-y of %-rip!ure. ?o1 far -an 1e go in men!al pro-esses 1i!hou! moving in!o !he shif!ing sand of rela!ivismN 5he ans1er, of -ourse, is !ha! every!hing 1e do in leadership is !empered by our loyal!y !o %-rip!ure. #hris!ian leaders hold a manda!e !o bring people !o ma!uri!y, !o genuine adul!hood, !o a pla-e 1here !hey are no longer !ossed abou! nor inde-isive abou! !he founda!ions of !heir fai!h Bsee *phes. :C. @e mus! ask 1ha! #hris!ian ma!uri!y looks like, and ho1 and 1here do -ri!i-al !hinking skills fi! in!o !ha! ma!uri!y. Dnly ma!ure leaders make ma!ure de-isions.

5eam de-ision making or .par!nering/ implies an in!ense 1illingness !o dispense 1i!h au!hori!arian rule so !he !eam -an fun-!ion freely. #oopera!ion, no! -ompe!i!ion, be-omes !he key 1ord. & -oopera!ive environmen! designs 1ays !he 1hole Body -an move for1ard, no! 1ays one par! -an shine a! !he e+pense of ano!her. @ise leaders .do no! lis!en !o !he advi-e of o!hers and !hen make !heir o1n de-isions./ %u-h ou!da!ed .pro-ess/ may ade2ua!ely des-ribe *isenho1er de!ermining 1hen !o invade >ormandy, bu! i! has no pla-e in a #hris!ian leadership !eam. ". &. ?o1ard and K. ?. Bar!on des-ribe a good mee!ing as one in 1hi-h !he par!i-ipan!s engage effe-!ively in ra!ional dis-ussion, .doing good !hinking !oge!her 1i!h o!hers and helping !hem do good !hinking 1i!h ea-h o!her, engaging in a pro-ess of in2uiry, presen!ing and ()

defending and -hallenging your o1n opinions and !hose of o!hers !hrough a dialogue of dis-overy./ 1) Good -ri!i-al !hinkingMde-ision4making mee!ings !ake pla-e 1hen par!i-ipan!s unders!and !he purpose of !he mee!ing, en=oy freedom !o e+press !heir vie1poin!s 1i!hou! reprisal, do a reasonable amoun! of prepara!ion for !he mee!ing and 1illingly abide by !he !eamFs -on-lusions.

%ome re-en! managemen! li!era!ure, in-luding from !he pens of !hose 1ho should kno1 be!!er, has -ommonly -onfused mission and vision. <ission is !ha! simple and !erse s!a!emen! !ha! iden!ifies 1hy an organiEa!ion e+is!s and 1ha! i! e+pe-!s !o do on ear!h. !ision then describes how that organization will design its future to achieve its mission. "ision gro1s ou! of mission, bu! !hey are hardly iden!i-al -on-ep!s. ,n one impor!an! 1ay, ho1ever, vision and mission are alikeH!hey are bo!h uni2ue !o !he individual organiEa!ion.

5o be sure, mission s!a!emen!s sound a grea! deal more generi- !han vision des-rip!ions, bu! !he mission and vision of any organiEa!ion dare no! be based on 1ha! o!her -hur-hes or similar organiEa!ions have a-hieved. ?erein, in my opinion, lies !he 1eakness of mu-h minis!ry s!ra!egy. 'es-ribing su--esses and -a!egoriEing !heir similari!ies !ends !o press us all in!o seeking !o be like somebody else ra!her !han asking in simple puri!y and e+pe-!a!ion, .@hy has God raised up !his minis!ry in !his pla-e a! !his !ime and 1ha! does ?e 1an! from usN/

"ision brings many good !hings !o an organiEa!ion, no! !he leas! of 1hi-h is en-ouragemen! and !he an!i-ipa!ion !ha! .1e are going some1here./ *ven more !han en-ouragemen!, !hough, perhaps is fo-us. 5oo many leaders Band hen-e !oo many minis!ry organiEa!ionsC remain unfo-used. 5hey -arry ou! !heir day4by4day a-!ivi!ies in some!hing of a survival mode ra!her !han lif!ing !heir eyes !o !he 1hi!ened fields. &s Barna pu! i!, .For !he vision !o be effe-!ive...i! mus! be simple enough !o be remembered and spe-ifi- enough !o give dire-!ion./ 11 Dbviously, envisioning re2uires !hinking !ime in even grea!er amoun!s !han does de-ision making. Dne of !he grea! vir!ues of delega!ion is !o free up leaders !o !hink abou! !he fu!ure. <y friend ei!h &nderson reminds us0 ,! !akes years !o rea-h a poin! of bo!h !rus! and !ime, bu! !he pas!or 1ho 1orks !o1ard !ha! s1ee! spo! begins !o spend more !ime on fu!ure possibili!ies !han on -urren! programs. 5ime is found !o dream abou! su-h a-!ivi!ies as s!ar!ing a daugh!er -hur-h, providing a %a!urday4 nigh! servi-e, e+panding s!aff, or spearheading ne1 missions pro=e-!s. &! a ma!ure s!age of a pas!ora!e, !hese are fi!!ing !asks, bu! !hey !ypi-ally remain unrea-hable in a pas!orFs early days a! a -hur-h. Pas!ors need !o look ou! !he 1indo1, bu! in !he early years par!i-ularly, !hey are be!!er off preparing for !ha! responsibili!y by spending plen!y of !ime a! !he desk.1( %o bo!h repu!a!ion and -redibili!y loom essen!ial for !he visionary. &nderson is righ!0 Aoung, imma!ure, ine+perien-ed leaders need !o spend !ime a! !he desk, perhaps 2uie!ly an!i-ipa!ing 1ha! -an la!er be developed 1i!h o!hers as a -olle-!ive minis!ry vision for !he fu!ure of !ha! 1ork.

%urveying (,(17 pas!ors, and re-eiving a response from 787, Kohn aRue des-ribes a .Profile of 5odayFs Pas!or0 5ransi!ions./ 13 ?e dis-overed a !ypi-al !enure of :.9 years for a pas!or of for!y4 si+ B!he mean age in !he s!udyC. ,n minis!ry for eigh!een years, he has -hanged -hur-hes !hree (1

!imes and has only neared !he mid!erm of his -areer. ,n fa-!, -laims aRue, sin-e !he mid4197)s, !enure has de-lined from an average of seven years per -hur-h !o less !han five. @hy do !hey leaveN aRueFs responden!s offer four reasons0 1. 5he pas!or a-2uired a ne1 vision or sensed a -all !o a ne1 pla-e Bresponsible for 37 per-en! of !he depar!uresCG (. 5he pas!or a-hieved a sense of resolu!ion0 !he minis!ry 1as -omple!e or -ould go no far!her under his leadership B(9 per-en!CG 3. 5he pas!or 1as given an oppor!uni!y !o do some!hing grea!er else1here Bi.e., o--upa!ional advan-emen! or promo!ion Q(3 per-en!RCG :. $nresolved or ongoing !ension or !rouble 1i!hin a -hur-h or minis!ry B17 per-en!C. For all #hris!ian leaders, !he abili!y !o endure is -ru-ial.


5o 1ha! familiar me!aphor -an 1e -ompare leadership longevi!yN Permi! me a paro-hial -hoi-e 1hose -ul!ural and geographi-al boundaries !he reader 1ill immedia!ely see. ,n !he early F9)s, !he 'allas #o1boys -onsis!en!ly fielded a losing foo!ball !eam. Dne year !hey pos!ed a 3P13 re-ord and allo1ed !heir rookie 2uar!erba-k, 5roy &ikman, !o be ba!!ered all season long. Kus! a fe1 years la!er !hey 1on !1o %uper Bo1ls. @ha! made !he differen-eN %ome 1ill argue !he -oa-hing of Kimmy Kohnson. D!hers 1ill sugges! !he a-2uisi!ion of running ba-k *mmi!! %mi!h or 1ide re-eiver <i-hael ,rvin. Foo!ball e+per!s, ho1ever, have long agreed !ha! 5roy &ikman e+hibi!s a 2uali!y of leadership un-ommon even among professional 2uar!erba-ksH!he abili!y !o s!ay in !he po-ke! as long as possible. ?e -anno! ou!!hro1 'an <arino, and he -er!ainly -anno! ou!run %!eve Aoung. Bu! kno1ing he 1ill be bruised and ba!!ered, he advan-es !he !eam by holding on !o !he ball un!il !he las! possible se-ond. 5oo of!en #hris!ian leaders !hro1 !he ball !oo soon. <aybe !hey 1ill !hro1 i! !o spare !hemselves a nas!y hi! or !o avoid losing yardage. Perhaps !hey fumble or, in a pani-, !hro1 an in!er-ep!ion !ha! resul!s in a !ou-hdo1n. Bu! , s!and in danger of pushing !he me!aphor !oo far. 5he poin! is obvious0 *ffe-!ive leaders s!ay in a minis!ry as long as ne-essary !o ge! !he =ob done. 5he abili!y !o plan, !o make de-isions and !o envision a minis!ryFs fu!ure re2uires a 1illingness !o see yourself in !he s-enario for a long !ime. ,f follo1ers see you as .in!erim,/ shor!4!erm, or even a -areer -limber 1ho -onsiders a presen! pos! only !emporary, !hey 1ill defer !heir in!eres! in follo1ing and shy a1ay from involvemen! in !eam leadership.


5ake a look around. 5he effe-!ive -orpora!ions as 1ell as !he effe-!ive -hur-hes in >or!h &meri-a are usually headed by people 1ho have .s!ayed 1i!h !he s!uff/ over !he long haul. 5hey have seen good !imes and !hey have seen bad. 5hey have fa-ed bo!h and many have had !o deal 1i!h do1nsiEing. 5hey have all learned !ha! !he old a+iom .su--ess breeds su--ess/ is inade2ua!e. $nder !he righ! -ondi!ions, and 1i!h !he righ! kind of leadership, failure, !oo, may breed su--ess. @ha! ini!ially appears !o be a failure e+perien-e may simply be !he means !hrough 1hi-h a person develops ma!uri!y, -redibili!y and !he righ! !o be -alled .leader./


@ha! do leaders doN 5hey do pre-isely 1ha! God has -alled !hem !o do, and !hey re-ogniEe !ha! !he -alling !o lead springs from ?is gra-e. %ome have learned !hrough years of !raining and men!oring by a godly e+ample. D!hers have learned from 1a!-hing failure. General >orman %-h1arEkopf on-e said0 ((

%ome of !he bes! leadership lessons , learned as a young offi-er 1ere from !errible offi-ers. , mean, absolu!ely morally bankrup! offi-ers 1ho had no redeeming 2uali!ies. People follo1ed !hem ou! of sheer 1onder for 1ha! !hey 1ould do ne+!. Aou learn far more from nega!ive leadership !han from posi!ive leadership. Be-ause you learn ho1 no! !o do i!. &nd, !herefore, you learn ho1 !o do i!.1: @ha! do leaders doN 5hey rela!e, organiEe, a-hieve, !hink, envision and endure. Perhaps mos! impor!an!, !hough, is !ha! !hey do none of !hese !hings alone. 5he an-ien! -on-ep! of !he leader as <osai- prophe! or monar-hi-al ruler speaking alone 1i!h God and !hen -oming do1n !o !ell ordinary people 1ha! ?e said 1ill no! s!and up !o !he po1erful !hrus! of !eam leadership in !he >e1 5es!amen!. 5he apos!le Paul and his missionary !eam involved !hemselves in !he lives of people around !he <edi!erranean 1orld, and -hur-hes 1ere born or gre1 and developed. 5he apos!le !akes pain in his le!!ers !o e+plain !ha! he did no! move in!o !o1n as a !hunderous and dynami- personali!y, bu! boas!ed in only !1o 2uali!ies he -ould !ruly -all his o1n0 1eakness and suffering Bsee ( #or. 1101941(01)C. <odern !ransa-!ional leaders develop minis!ry !eams by .=oining/ !he !roops as servan!s. 5he =oiner !hen be-omes !he affirming leader be-ause affirma!ion is a servan!Fs 1ay of se-uring !he impor!an-e of o!her people and !heir minis!ries. Forge! ho1 you played. 'id !he !eam 1inN 6en #allahan in-luded a 1onderful sen!en-e in an ar!i-le abou! leadership. .&ll !he 1hile !he manager is preo--upied 1i!h poli-ies, !he boss 1i!h po1er, !he enabler 1i!h pro-ess, and !he -harisma!i- inspirer 1i!h !he ne+! apo-alyp!i- even!, !he leader is Spreo--upiedF 1i!h helping !he group !o1ard fulfillmen! of !he founda!ional life sear-hes./ 18


; 2 e *i"ion 2 ing
George Barna
e!Fs ge! one !hing s!raigh! from !he s!ar!. ,f you 1an! !o be a leader, vision is no! an op!ionG i! is par! of !he s!andard e2uipmen! of a real leader. By defini!ion, a leader has vision0 @ha! else 1ould a leader lead people !o1ard, if no! !o fulfill !ha! visionN $nders!and !ha! !o be a 'hristian leader, !he vision !o1ard 1hi-h you lead people mus! no! be a vision of your o1n making, bu! a vision God gives !o you. %o 1ha! is visionN ,! is a -lear men!al por!rai! of a preferable fu!ure, -ommuni-a!ed by God !o ?is -hosen servan!4leaders, based upon an a--ura!e unders!anding of God, self and -ir-ums!an-es. Gran!ed, defini!ions are dry as sa1dus!H!his one is no e+-ep!ionHbu! !hey are vi!ally impor!an! for !he purposes of -larifi-a!ion, insigh! and for framing oneFs unders!anding. 5ake a momen! !o ponder ea-h of !he -hara-!eris!i-s embedded in !his defini!ion.


"ision is .-lear,/ sugges!ing !ha! !he leader 1ho possesses su-h vision kno1s e+a-!ly 1ha! he 1an!s !o a-hieve and 1ha! !he end produ-! 1ill look like. 5his -lari!y permi!s a leader !o be -onfiden! and de-isive. "ision -omes in !he form of a .men!al por!rai!,/ indi-a!ing !his is a pi-!ure !ha! e+is!s in !he mindFs eye of !he leader. 5o some, !he very -on-ep! of vision may seem mys!i-al and .ou! !here,/ bu! !o !hose 1ho possess i!, vision is as !angible as your !a+ bill. "ision fo-uses on 1ha! does no! ye! e+is!, bu! shouldHa .preferable fu!ure./ 5he !erm .preferable/ is key, be-ause i! manda!es -hange. "ision is abou! -rea!ing some!hing ne1, no! in disdain for !he pas!, bu! buil! upon !he founda!ion of !he pas! and !he presen!, emerging 1i!h a reali!y !ha! is be!!er !han !ha! 1hi-h is -urren!ly available. @hen fully ena-!ed, vision brings us -loser !o our ideals.


5rue vision -omes from God. @hen 1e personally -on=ure up a vision of !he fu!ure, i! is fallible, fla1ed and limi!edG GodFs vision is perfe-! in every 1ay. Dnly ?e kno1s 1ha! is bes! for usG only ?e -ares enough abou! us !o -all leaders !o !he fore and ins!ill ?is vision 1i!hin !hem, for !he benefi! of all. >o!i-e !ha! !he vision origina!es 1i!h God, and ?e presen!s i! !o .-hosen/ people. ,n o!her 1ords, ?is vision is a gif!, and i! is given 1hen ?e is ready !o give i!, !o 1hom ?e 1ishes !o give i!. ?is -hoi-e of re-ipien!s are .servan!4leaders/0 !hose ?e has -alled !o be leaders of people, bu! 1ho main!ain hear!s and demeanors of servan!s. %ervan!4leaders are no! doorma!s, bu! !hose 1ho serve -ons!i!uen-ies by providing godly, effe-!ive leadership. 5heir leadership is !heir servi-e, in !he same 1ay au!o me-hani-s may serve by repairing !he broken do1n -ars of single mo!hers. 5he defini!ion also informs us !ha! !he vision God provides 1ill al1ays be -onsis!en! 1i!h !he -on!e+! of !he leader, hen-e i!s rela!ionship !o .an a--ura!e unders!anding of God, self and -ir-ums!an-es./ "ision, !hen, is a vie1 of !he kind of 1orld God 1an!s us !o live 1i!hin, a 1orld ?e -an -rea!e !hrough us if all !hose ?e has -alled as leaders 1ould lead a--ording !o !he guidan-e provided by ?is %piri!. Dn-e you grasp !he vision, you 1ill never be !he same. ,f you are a !rue (:

leader and !ruly #hris!ian, !he 1orld 1ill never be !he same ei!her, be-ause you 1ill be !o!ally sold ou! !o !ha! perspe-!ive of 1ha! !he 1orld -ould, should and 1ill be as a resul! of !ha! vision. eaders, -on!rary !o popular !hough!, are a-!ually a rare -ommodi!y in &meri-a. <y resear-h sugges!s !ha! fe1er !han one ou! of every five people is a leader by na!ureG perhaps one ou! of !en adul!s is a leader by -alling and spiri!ual gif!ing. <os! people 1an! !o be led, bu! !hey 1ill no! volun!arily follo1 someone !hey deem un1or!hy of !heir suppor!. ,n essen-e, !hey 1ill refuse !o pla-e !heir !rus! and fu!ure in !he hands of an alleged leader 1ho does no! possess vision. &f!er all, vision is a -lear and -ompelling pi-!ure of a be!!er !omorro1 !ha! inspires people !o -hange, !o ge! involved, !o -are and !o do !hings !ha! -on!ribu!e !o !he -ommon good. @ho 1ouldnF! 1an! !o be par! of su-h a movemen! of humani!y and %piri!N Dr, !o look a! i! from !he o!her side of !he -oin, 1ho 1an!s !o be devo!ed !o a leader 1ho is pursuing some!hing less !han !he idealN %olomon gave us a pre-ise unders!anding of !he impor!an-e of vision0 .@here !here is no vision, !he people perish/. BProverbs (9017, K;!C. 5he /3! rendering is even more !elling0 .@here !here is no revela!ion, !he people -as! off res!rain!./ ,n o!her 1ords, unless !he people have a defini!e sense of purpose, dire-!ion and parame!ers, !hey live a--ording !o !heir o1n -hoi-es and 1illHmu-h !o !heir o1n de!rimen!.


5he -en!rali!y of vision permea!es leadership in every dimension of life, 1he!her 1e dis-uss leadership 1i!hin !he family, 1i!hin !he #hur-h, 1i!hin publi- edu-a!ion or any o!her field. Be-ause na!ional poli!i-s !ou-hes ea-h of our lives and be-ause !he media applies su-h de!ailed and un-easing s-ru!iny !o !hose involved in !he poli!i-al arena, !he 1orld of poli!i-s provides !he mos! a--essible 1indo1 !hrough 1hi-h 1e regularly see !he impor!an-e of vision in leadership. ,n seeking reele-!ion in 199(, George Bush ridi-uled !he mediaFs -ons!an! 2uiEEing abou! his vision for !he na!ionFs fu!ure, sar-as!i-ally no!ing heFd had enough harping abou! .!he vision !hing./ ?e 1as defea!ed by an unkno1n -hallenger 1ho appeared !o provide su-h a visionH al!hough i! 1as a! odds 1i!h !he ideologi-al preferen-es of !he na!ion. People are a!!ra-!ed !o !hose 1ho have visionHeven 1hen !ha! vision is no! en!irely -onsis!en! 1i!h !heir o1n in-lina!ions. 5he impor!an-e of vision is unders-ored by !he -hange in #lin!onFs o1n for!unes as !he na!ionFs poli!i-al leader. &s , 1ri!e !his -hap!er, 1e are en!ering !he final fe1 1eeks of !he 1999 presiden!ial ele-!ion. #lin!on has had a huge lead over his Republi-an -hallenger, Bob 'ole, ever sin-e 'ole be-ame his par!yFs nominee. By all measures, #lin!on should be an over1helming favori!e. 'uring his firs! !erm in offi-e, !he na!ional defi-i! has been redu-ed by 9) per-en!. ,n!eres! ra!es are lo1. #api!al spending and e-onomi- inves!men! are up. $nemploymen! is lo1, !hanks !o !he -rea!ion of 1) million ne1 =obs sin-e #lin!on en!ered !he @hi!e ?ouse. 5he .misery inde+/Ha =oin! measure of infla!ion and unemploymen!His a! i!s lo1es! level in !hree de-ades. & ma=ori!y of &meri-ans say !he presiden! has done a good =ob 1i!h !he e-onomy. For!y4!hree per-en! say !hey are be!!er off !oday !han 1hen he !ook offi-e. &l!hough <r. #lin!onFs personal life and morals have been 1idely -has!ised, our surveys sugges! !ha! his morali!y is less impor!an! !o !he average vo!er !han 1ha! he 1ill do for household finan-es and -rime redu-!ion0 Remember, he .feels our pain./ Ae!, regardless of !he ele-!ionFs ou!-ome, &meri-ans are suffering from a-u!e poli!i-al malaise. <r. #lin!on is bu! one of many poli!i-al leaders holding offi-e !oday 1ho have helped !o -rea!e su-h universal disen-han!men!. $sing !he presiden! as a means of e+plaining !his sense of despair, <or!imer Tu-kerman of 6-S- /ews < )orld $eport offered some insigh!. (8

5he reason is !ha! he Q#lin!onR does no! seem !o pro=e-! a posi!ive vision of 1here he 1an!s !o lead !he -oun!ry. ?e has defined himself more by 1ha! he is agains! !han by 1ha! he is for. ?is 1anderings from one side of !he poli!i-al spe-!rum !o !he o!her have -rea!ed a sense of un-er!ain!y abou! 1ho he is and 1ha! he s!ands for.1 5ha! analysis -on!ains several insigh!s0 !he need !o -ons!an!ly -onvey vision !o follo1ersG !he ne-essi!y of providing a vision !ha! rela!es !o posi!ive -hangeG !he need !o remain ideologi-ally Bor, !heologi-allyC -onsis!en!G !he impor!an-e of using vision !o fa-ili!a!e -onfiden-e among follo1ersG !he role of vision in defining 1ha! you, as a leader, represen!.


Perhaps !he mos! signifi-an! insigh! !his -ri!i2ue brings !o mind is !his0 5he only =us!ifiable reason !o a--ep! !he privilege and responsibili!y of leadership is !o help people a--omplish !he frui!ion of a vision from God. 5hose 1ho 1ish !o lead be-ause !hey are gif!ed, be-ause !hey are e+perien-ed, be-ause !hey en=oy !he po1er, be-ause !hey have innova!ive ideas, be-ause !hey love !he a!!en!ion, be-ause !hey have been groomed for su-h servi-eH!hese are dangerous people. 5heir mo!iva!ions are inappropria!e. Be-ause a leader is a servan!, and !he leaderFs primary !ask is !o provide !he guidan-e people need !o be-ome more #hris!like, !hose 1ho seek posi!ions of leadership for reasons o!her !han fulfilling a God4given vision are no! !ruly leaders. ook again a! Tu-kermanFs analysis of <r. #lin!on. &! !he risk of offending some readersH and , do no! in!end !o do soH1e mus! ask ourselves ho1 many people in posi!ions of minis!ry leadership !he Tu-kerman -ri!i2ue fi!s. @e all kno1 minis!ry figures 1ho are superb a! bemoaning !he de!eriora!ion of -ul!ural mores and personal values, !he -ollapse of !he family or !he de-line of bibli-al kno1ledge and lifes!yles. ?o1 many of !hese figures offer pra-!i-al and in!elligen! al!erna!ive -ourses of a-!ion for us !o follo1N ?o1 many of !hem pla-e !hose -on-erns in!o !he .big pi-!ure/ of !odayFs -ondi!ions and oppor!uni!ies, inspiring us !o rise above medio-ri!y and -omfor! !o do !ha! 1hi-h is morally and e!hi-ally righ!, regardless of !he -os!N ?o1 many -hallenge us !o evalua!e our po!en!ial responses !o -ir-ums!an-es by -onsidering GodFs @ordN ?o1 many refuse !o play !he vi-!im of -hanging reali!ies, bu! ins!ead refle-! a -omfor! abou! !aking us !o a be!!er reali!y, no ma!!er ho1 diffi-ul! some of !he s!eps !o1ard !ha! superior ou!-ome migh! beN Real leaders do more !han simply poin! ou! problemsG !hey ar!i-ula!e and involve people in real solu!ions. 5hose solu!ions, ho1ever, are indefensible unless !hey are based on !rue vision. %olu!ions !ha! are no! based on vision !end !o be remedial in na!ure, akin !o pla-ing a bandage on a gunsho! 1ound. 5rue vision leads !o holis!i-, -onsis!en! and !ransforming a-!ion. ,! resul!s in nei!her !emporary nor dis=oin!ed solu!ions. "ision brings vi-!ory. 5he presen-e of vision is one of !he mos! a--ura!e means of de!ermining if a person is a leader or merely filling a posi!ion of leadership. 5he e2ua!ion is 2ui!e simple0 no vision U no leadership. <any people dress like leaders, speak like leaders and have !i!les !ha! sugges! !hey are leaders. 5here is one inerran! measure of #hris!ian leadership, ho1ever0 does !he person possess GodFs vision for !he people he has been -alled !o lead. "ision is a ne-essary B!hough by i!self in-omple!eC re2uiremen! for au!hen!i- leadership.


&s , 1as doing resear-h for my book Turning !ision into "ction, , had !he oppor!uni!y !o disse-! !he bibli-al a--oun!s of !he leadership provided by several doEen people. ,n e+amining !he lives of people su-h as Koshua, Kosiah, >ehemiah, Pe!er, Paul and Kesus, i! be-ame abundan!ly -lear !ha! ea-h of !hem had a -lear sense of vision !hey had gained from God. ,f you evalua!e !heir s!ories -losely, i! is possible !o des-ribe !he uni2ue vision God gave !o ea-h of !hem.( (9

<y e+plora!ion in!o !he 1orld of bibli-al visionaries also un-overed eigh!een lessons abou! vision.3 5his is no! !he pla-e !o rei!era!e !hose insigh!s, e+-ep! !o sugges! !ha! if you are -alled by God !o be a leader, an in-redible !ra-k re-ord has been ini!ia!ed for us by our prede-essors in !he 6ingdom. By -arefully s!udying ho1 !hey iden!ified !he vision and ho1 i! affe-!ed !heir leadership, you -an gro1 in some profound 1ays. Dne of !he hallmarks of God is !ha! 1hen ?e -alls someone !o lead people, ?e al1ays provides !ha! person 1i!h all !he !ools and resour-es ne-essary !o be a grea! leader. "ision is one of !hose !ools. &mong !he insigh!s , gleaned from an earlier book , had 1ri!!en -on-erning vision is !ha! four primary fa-!ors are involved in dis-erning GodFs vision for your life and minis!ry.: Briefly, !hose four aspe-!s are0 I Knowing yourself4 God -anno! !rus! you 1i!h !he leadership of ?is mos! beloved -rea!ion, nor 1i!h !he 1ise use of ?is pre-ious vision, unless you unders!and yourself inside ou!. Grea! leaders kno1 1ho !hey are a! !he mos! in!ima!e levels of self4kno1ledge. &ny!hing less 1ould render !hem dangerous. I Knowing .od4 Aou are mos! useful in !he unfolding of ?is kingdom 1hen you are 1illing !o be used for ?is purposes, in ?is !iming, in ?is manner, !o ?is glory. ?e 1ill open your eyes !o a -ap!iva!ing version of a fu!ure reali!y, one you may play a signifi-an! role in bringing !o frui!ion, 1hen you have gained in!ense in!ima-y 1i!h ?im. Aou do !his !hrough prayer, !hrough medi!a!ion, !hrough fas!ing and !hrough reading !he %-rip!uresHespe-ially !hose passages !ha! model ?is rela!ionship 1i!h his!ori-al visionary leaders. I Knowing your conte8t4 God 1orks !hrough us 1i!hin !he -on!e+! of human reali!y. ,f you are !o be useful in shaping !he fu!ure, you mus! unders!and !he pas! and !he presen!. 5his means ge!!ing a good grip on !he -ommuni!y you have been -alled !o lead 1i!hinG !he people 1ho 1ill be !ou-hed by, and !aking par! in !he minis!ry endeavor you 1ill leadG o!her #hris!ian leaders God has also -alled !o minis!er in your mids!, albei! in differen! 1ays and 1i!h differen! Bbu! invariably -omplemen!ary and -onne-!edC visionsG and your 1orldly -ompe!i!ors, 1ho 1ork on !he basis of human vision and seek !o dis!ra-! people from !he !hings of God. I Knowing good advice4 Dne of !he benefi!s of 1orking 1i!h o!hers is !ha! !hey may see !hings 1e -anno! be-ause 1e are !oo -lose !o a si!ua!ion. @hen i! -omes !o !he prolonged pro-ess of de!ermining GodFs vision for our lives and minis!ries, i! is easy !o lose ourselves or our grip on reali!y in !he pro-ess. Df!en, one of !he mos! valuable asse!s on !he vision4 de!ermina!ion !rail is !o seek !he -ounsel of a handful of people 1ho in!ima!ely kno1 you, God and your minis!ry -on!e+!. &s iron sharpens iron, !hey may 1ell provide you 1i!h keen insigh! you are in-apable of mus!ering in !he mids! of your vision 2ues!. e! me offer a fe1 more bi!s of insigh! !ha! migh! help you as you 1ork !hrough !he vision developmen! pro-ess. & hard pill for some follo1ers !o s1allo1 is !ha! God -onveys ?is vision !o leaders 1i!hou! asking !he follo1ers for !heir inpu!J &s a leader, you may 1ish !o ask for peopleFs inpu!G bu! remember !ha! !he ul!ima!e defini!ion of !he vision is from God, no! your peers. 5hey may play a role in helping !o shape your !hinking or perhaps !he 1ay you ul!ima!ely ar!i-ula!e or posi!ion !he vision. "ision, ho1ever, is no! de!ermined by a !1o4!hirds vo!eG i! is no! !he resul! of -onsensus among a group of in!eres!ed par!iesG and vision is no! a -ommi!!ee4based pro-ess. ,f God has -alled you !o lead, perhaps !he mos! vi!al and signifi-an! fun-!ion you 1ill fill is !ha! of being !he pro=e-!or and !he pro!e-!or of !he vision. 5he goal is no! !o be-ome !he peopleFs mos! popular leader, bu! !o be-ome GodFs mos! !rus!1or!hy leader. eadership is no! easyG i! involves !aking a lo! of unfair, unne-essary and unfa!homable hi!s. %ome!imes you 1onF! be able !o !ell your ba-kers from your de!ra-!ors Beven 1i!h a s-ore-ardJC. ,n !he end, al!hough leaders (7

re-eive a lo! of applause and are fre2uen!ly in !he publi- eye, leadership is a lonely business. ,! is a 1earing !ask. Gaining GodFs vision for !he fu!ure is e+hilara!ing. Pu!!ing i! in!o pra-!i-e in !his fallen 1orld is punishing. ,f you 1an! !o be a visionary leader, gird up for !he ba!!le.


,f you 1an! !o be a visionary leaderH1hi-h, in-iden!ally, is a redundan! e+pression be-ause you -anno! be a leader unless you have vision, and God 1ill no! give you ?is vision unless you are going !o leadHnine se2uen!ial s!eps are rela!ed !o ma+imiEing your visionary leadership.


Aou 1onF! ge! very far if you !ake !he George Bush approa-hHpooh4poohing !he signifi-an-e of vision 1i!hou! really -omprehending i!s -en!rali!y and i!s po1er. Aou mus! unders!and !he purpose of vision, i!s impor!an-e and impa-!, and i!s po!en!ial appli-a!ions. "ision e+is!s !o provide a link be!1een mission and a-!ion. #on!rary !o a 1idely held mis-on-ep!ion, vision and mission are no! synonymous. <ission is a broad4based des-rip!ion of 1hy you e+is!Hyour purpose for being. ,! defines !he ou!er parame!ers of a--ep!able a-!ivi!y. "ision is mu-h more spe-ifi-G i! de!ails !he par!i-ular dire-!ion you 1ill pursue 1i!hin !he broad frame1ork of your mission. "ision provides fo-us. 5o use a spor!s analogy, mission is !he s!adium in 1hi-h you 1ill playG vision iden!ifies !he spor! !o be played 1i!hin !he s!adium. "ision, !hen, is a spe-ifi-, de!ailed, -us!omiEed, dis!in-!ive and uni2ue no!ion of 1ha! you are seeking !o do !o -rea!e a par!i-ular ou!-ome. "ision is impor!an! be-ause i! provides guidan-e !ha! makes you effe-!ive as a leader and influen!ial as a !eam of people. , have dis-overed !ha! !he primary benefi!s of opera!ing in -on-er! 1i!h GodFs vision are !ha! vision provides -on!inui!y 1i!h !he pas! 1hile building a superior fu!ureG i! empo1ers people !o do !he 1ork of GodG i! heigh!ens peopleFs -ommi!men!s !o !heir fai!h, !heir -ommuni!y of fai!h and !heir o1n sense of -alling and self41or!hG and i! brings uni!y !o GodFs people. "ision is an indispensable !ool as a leader begins building momen!um for posi!ive, life4 !ransforming -hange. "ision be-omes !he -ore from 1hi-h s!ra!egy and !a-!i-s are developed, -ulmina!ing in a plan of a-!ion !ha! people -an implemen! and evalua!e. & leader 1ho has GodFs vision 1ill use i! in -onversa!ion, in -on-ep!ualiEa!ion, in evalua!ion, in resour-e developmen!H 1ell, in =us! abou! every dimension of leadership a-!ivi!y. GodFs vision mo!iva!es people !o ge! e+-i!ed and !o ge! involved. Dbviously, vision is !he kind of !ool no leader -an afford !o be 1i!hou!J


& person 1ho a!!emp!s !o lead o!hers 1i!hou! vision is simply playing a dangerous, arrogan! game. &nyone 1ho is -alled by God !o be a leader mus! devo!e serious !ime, energy, s!udy and spiri!ual -ommi!men! !o dis-erning GodFs vision for minis!ry. 5he elemen!s des-ribed in !he previous se-!ion ou!line ho1 !o go abou! iden!ifying !he vision. e! me add an impor!an! -avea!. Gaining !he vision is simple, bu! i! is no! 2ui-k. , have 1orked 1i!h many grea! #hris!ian leaders a-ross &meri-a 1ho spen! mon!hs or years Bli!erallyC in!era-!ing 1i!h God !o gain a--ess !o !he vision. 5he amoun! of !ime inves!ed in dis-erning !he vision is no! rela!ed !o !he personFs e+perien-e, godliness or na!ural abili!ies. ,! is simply par! of GodFs refining pro-ess for you. , firmly believe !ha! God !akes grea!er pleasure in !he pro-ess of 1orking 1i!h us !o ge! !he vision !han ?e !akes in us finally a!!aining i!. <os! visionaries admi! !ha! !he pro-ess of seeking !he vision brough! !hem -loser !o God !han !hey had ever been before. 5he pro-ess is every bi! as impor!an! as !he produ-!G do no! rush i!. (7


God has developed !he vision for you, spe-ifi-ally. ,! fi!s your abili!ies, your -on!e+! and your oppor!uni!ies. ?e does no! -arelessly provide generi- visions0 ea-h one is !ailor4made !o fi! you, and you alone. 5ha! vision 1ill empo1er you !o a--omplish grea!Hsome!imes mira-ulousH !hings for ?im. Bu! you have !o o1n !he vision -omple!ely. ,! mus! be a per-ep!ion of a -oming reali!y !o 1hi-h you are !o!ally -ommi!!ed. <ar!in u!her 6ing Kr. des-ribed i! !his 1ay0 .,f a man hasnF! dis-overed some!hing he is 1illing !o die for, he isnF! fi! !o live./ $l!ima!ely, of -ourse, you and , mus! be 1illing !o die !o self and !o die for #hris!. ?o1 do 1e ob=e-!ively do !ha!N By -ommi!!ing our lives !o ?im, giving ?im full po1er and au!hori!y over our lives. 5his rela!es !o our !rus! in ?im, and ?im alone by ?is gra-e, for our spiri!ual salva!ion. For !hose of us -alled !o be leaders, i! means !ha! 1e pu! ourselves on !he line, every day, !o see ?is vision for ?is people -ome !o life !hrough us. &re you 1illing !o die for !he vision God has en!rus!ed !o youN

"ision is no! an e!hereal, mys!i-al -on-ep!G i! is a pra-!i-al !ool. Aou mus! make !he vision real. Be-ause !he purpose of vision is !o help you lead people, !his in!ima!es !ha! you mus! make !he vision !angible and -ompelling no! only !o yourself, bu! also par!i-ularly !o o!hers. 5he key !o !his pro-ess is -rea!ing a vision s!a!emen!. 5his is a brief and memorable Bbu! no! !ri!eC des-rip!ion of !he vision. #hoose !he language -arefully. 6eep i! !o no more !han !1o sen!en-es, probably no more !han !1en!y 1ords0 people 1onF! remember more !han !ha!. &void !e-hni-al or e--lesias!i-al !erminology. <emoriEe i! so !ha! i! no! only flavors your !hinking, bu! also is al1ays a! your finger!ips should i! be a useful addi!ion !o a -onversa!ion or o!her -ommuni-a!ion. 5he follo1ing e+amples of mission and vision s!a!emen!s are provided !o give you a feel for 1ha! 1e are !alking abou!. <inis!ry0 Barna Resear-h Group <ission0 5o serve !he #hur-h !hrough marke!ing resear-h 1hile remaining profi!able. B>D5*0 Barna Resear-h is a for4profi! -orpora!ion.C "ision0 5o provide -urren!, a--ura!e and reliable informa!ion, in bi!e4siEe pie-es, a! affordable pri-es, so minis!ries -an make be!!er s!ra!egi- de-isions for minis!ry. <inis!ry0 Dakdale #ommuni!y #hur-h <ission0 5o e+al! GodG edify !he sain!sG e2uip believers !o serveG evangeliEe !he -ommuni!yG e+!end GodFs love !o !he believers. "ision0 5o provide a safe and loving pla-e 1here emo!ional healing -an o--ur, -ulmina!ing in an e+!ensive ne!1ork of affirming rela!ionships.

For a leader !o be effe-!ive, he mus! influen-e people. For !ha! influen-e !o happen, !he leader mus! mo!iva!e people !o a-!. ,! is !he vision !ha! 1ill inspire !hem !o sa-rifi-e 1ho !hey are, and !ha! !hey have !o a--omplish some!hing !ha! is no! purely selfish. For !his !o o--ur, !hen, you mus! ar!i-ula!e !he vision. @hen should !he vision be -ommuni-a!ed !o peopleN &! every oppor!uni!y you -an. For ins!an-e, senior pas!ors migh! rela!e !he -en!ral message or !heme of !heir sermons !o !he visionG in-lude appli-a!ions of !he vision in !heir le!!ers !o -ongregan!s or ar!i-les !hey 1ri!e for !he -hur-h ne1sle!!erG raise !he vision as an idea genera!or a! planning mee!ingsG evalua!e !he (9

minis!ry in -omparison !o !he visionG inspire visi!ors !o !he -hur-h 1i!h a mo!iva!ing presen!a!ion of !he vision as !he hear! of !he minis!ryG prepare !he budge! in rela!ion !o !he appli-a!ions of !he visionG and so for!h. ?o1 should i! be ar!i-ula!edN By e+pressing en!husiasm, relevan-e and -onfiden-e. @henever you have a -han-e !o influen-e someone 1i!h !he vision, e+ploi! !he oppor!uni!y. RealiEe !ha! vision is mos! effe-!ively -augh! no! by mass presen!a!ions, bu! by e+ample and !hrough rela!ionships. %ermons and o!her mass4even! presen!a!ions -an -er!ainly raise peopleFs a1areness of !he vision and perhaps in!rigue !hem. <y e+perien-e in s!udying !he !ransfer of vision from !he visionary !o his follo1ers, ho1ever, is !ha! people are mos! likely !o buy !he vision 1hen !hey have an in!ima!e mee!ing 1i!h !he visionary, or someone else 1ho has 1holehear!edly embra-ed !he vision and has be-ome an evangelis! for i!. ,n mass presen!a!ions, in!eres! may be raised, bu! so are many unans1ered 2ues!ions. ,n a one4!o4one dis-ussion abou! !he vision, !hose 2ues!ions are pu! !o res! and !he vision -an be more easily personaliEed. @ha! makes a vision mos! a!!ra-!ive is fervor. @hen someone finds someone else of like mind 1ho is passiona!e abou! a -ause, !he person 1an!s !o kno1 more abou! i!Hin mu-h !he same manner non4#hris!ians are mos! of!en a!!ra-!ed !o #hris! 1hen !hey have observed a believer 1ho is arden!ly in love 1i!h #hris! and has -ommi!!ed his or her life !o serving ?im.

,! is one !hing !o be passiona!e and genuine in your vision. ,! is ano!her !hing al!oge!her !o invi!e o!hers !o embra-e !he vision 1i!h !he same Eeal you possess. "isionary leaders are, !o some e+!en!, salesmen0 !heir abili!ies !o lead depends in par! on !heir abili!ies !o a!!ra-! people 1ho 1ill inves! in !he minis!ry, and !ha! de-ision hinges on peopleFs desires !o see !he vision be fulfilled. >o ma!!er ho1 appealing !he vision may be, i! 1ill !ake some degree of salesmanship !o a!!ra-! people !o ge! on board. Perhaps !his seems -rassG or maybe you have a dis!as!e for selling. ,! may be you do no! believe !ha! a grea! ideaHGodFs idea, no lessHshould re2uire any kind of human promo!ion. ,f so, , have !1o !hough!s for you !o -onsider. Firs!, realiEe you are in!era-!ing 1i!h fallen people, in a -ompe!i!ive marke!pla-e. 5ru!h does no! al1ays 1in over peopleFs hear!sHal!hough all !ru!h is GodFs !ru!h. @hen !ru!h has an effe-!ive -hampion, ho1ever, peopleFs eyes -an be opened and !heir hear!s 1on by 1ha! is righ!. "ision is no differen!. @hen GodFs vision has a die4hard proponen! 1ho -an effe-!ively and persis!en!ly -ommuni-a!e !ha! vision !o people 1ho are sear-hing for a -ompelling -ause and a -anF!4miss proposi!ion, you are no! so mu-h selling as you are -ounseling people. %e-ond, if you ge! !o !he poin! 1here God en!rus!s ?is vision !o you, selling 1onF! seem like su-h a big deal. Aour fo-us shif!s from self4-en!eredness B.1ha! if !hey re=e-! me,/ .1ha! if , feel un-omfor!able,/ .1ha! if , donF! do an effe-!ive presen!a!ion/C !o God4-en!eredness B., -anF! le! God do1n,/ .1ha! a blessing !o be able !o serve ?im !his 1ay,/ .?is people 1ill 1an! !o ge! in on !his/C.

P,2 I2 IN2O A+2ION

,f your vision remains =us! a -ompelling idea or an alluring dream, you have failed. "ision is abou! !he means !o -rea!e a preferable fu!ure. Par! of your responsibili!y as a leader is no! only !o iden!ify, ar!i-ula!e and sell !he vision, bu! also !o ensure !ha! i! be-omes a reali!y. ,mplemen!ing !he vision -alls for several !hings. Aou mus! have a !eam !ha! is energe!i-ally behind !he vision. Aou mus! amass !he resour-es re2uired for implemen!a!ion. Aou need a plan, -omple!e 1i!h goals, s!ra!egies and !a-!i-s, !o move for1ard effe-!ively and effi-ien!ly. Aou need !o -rea!e pro-esses !o in!rodu-e !he vision in!o minis!ry in pra-!i-al 1ays. Aou mus! have 3)

evalua!ive !ools prepared so you -an assess ho1 1ell you are doing along !he 1ay, fine4!uning your implemen!a!ion effor!s as you go along. Please make an impor!an! dis!in-!ion here. Aour salva!ion is no! affe-!ed by ho1 1ell you -hampion !he vision. Aour e!ernal pla-e in ?is presen-e res!s solely on your response !o #hris!Fs dea!h for you on !he -ross. Aour response !o your -all !o lead, your involvemen! in using your leadership gif! and !alen!s, and your su--ess in making !he vision a reali!y are elemen!s of your obedien-eHdemons!ra!ions of your 1illingness !o serve. Pu! !he vision in!o a-!ion for !he righ! reasonHno! !o gain =e1els in your -ro1n, bu! !o kno1 !he =oy of making a posi!ive differen-e in !he 1orld by pouring yourself in!o serving #hris!.


,n !he -ourse of !ime, !hings -hange0 demographi-s, your minis!ry !eam, your oppor!uni!ies and so on. Dn !he one hand, , dis-overed !ha! !he vision usually ou!lives !he visionary B1hi-h, in-iden!ally, makes a s!rong -ase for no! only passing !he vision on !o !he ne+! genera!ion, bu! also for developing an emerging genera!ion of leaders 1ho -an -arry on !he vision 1i!h your passion and kno1ledgeC. Dn !he o!her hand, during your pursui! of i!s fulfillmen!, you 1ill probably have !o .!ou-h up/ !he peripheral -on!ours of !he vision. $nders!and !ha! !he -ore elemen!sH!he hear!Hof !he vision 1ill no! -hange. @ha! may shif! some1ha! are some of !he less -en!ral elemen!s of !he fo-us.


>a!urally, 1hen people ge! involved in a -ause !ha! is -oun!er-ul!ure Band 1ha! minis!ry isnF!NC, 1hi-h demands -onsiderable personal sa-rifi-e, and is in -ompe!i!ion 1i!h a ple!hora of o!her al!erna!ives for peopleFs a!!en!ion, involvemen! and resour-es, an effe-!ive leader is one 1ho 1ill reinfor-e peopleFs de-isions !o -hoose !he vision as !heir fo-us. 5his, of -ourse, is a basi- !ene! of good marke!ing0 &l1ays reinfor-e !he buyerFs de-ision. ,! is also a fundamen!al prin-iple of grea! leadership0 &l1ays en-ourage your people, for 1i!hou! !heir hard 1ork and -on!inuing passion you are no longer leading. Aou reinfor-e !he de-ision in !he follo1ing 1ays0 I I I I I I By e+pressing appre-ia!ion for !heir involvemen!. By -elebra!ing !heir su--esses. By -ons!an!ly re-ommuni-a!ing !he vision in ne1 1ays, in uni2ue bu! relevan! -on!e+!s. By providing !hem 1i!h insigh! in!o progress made. By des-ribing !he gro1!h of !he movemen! or !he effe-! of !he -ause. By le!!ing !hem observe, in unguarded momen!s, your genuine and unbridled en!husiasm for !he vision, !he people 1ho have -augh! and nur!ured i! and !he for1ard movemen! !ha! is eviden!. I By finding ne1 1ays !o mo!iva!e people 1ho are on !he verge of burnou! or loss of perspe-!ive. &s , have s!udied visionary leaders break !hrough barriers !ha! nobody bu! !he visionaryFs o1n people believed -ould be over-ome, !hese nine s!eps have been !he -onsis!en! pa!h !o su-h overa-hievemen!. 5hese have been benefi-ial, along 1i!h a -ons!an! die! of spiri!ual dis-ipline0 prayer, medi!a!ion, fas!ing, devouring %-rip!ure, praise, 1orship, -ommunion among !he bre!hren and -onfession.



& phrase from Proverbs !ha! is used repea!edly s!i-ks in my mind0 .Ge! 1isdomJ/ &s 1e -onsider 1ha! i! means and 1ha! i! !akes !o be a leader, 1e -an modify !ha! phrase sligh!ly !o unders-ore one of !he fundamen!al needs of a godly leader0 .Ge! visionJ/ RealiEe !ha! a leader is -alled !o a higher s!andard of performan-e !han are follo1ers. 5he means !o pleasing God in leadership is !hrough radi-al obedien-e !o ?is 1ill for our leadership. "ision represen!s a su--in-! des-rip!ion of 1ha! 1e are s!riving !o a--omplish !hrough !he a-! of leading GodFs people. "ision is !he s!ar!ing poin! of effe-!ive leadership. ,! is also !he end poin! be-ause all our effor!s are ul!ima!ely measured in !erms of !he progress 1e made !o1ard fully and fai!hfully implemen!ing !he vision. %o 1ha! is GodFs vision for !he people ?e has -alled you !o leadN $n!il !ha! vision is -rys!al -lear !o you, you 1ill no! be GodFs leader for !he !ime and spa-e in 1hi-h you opera!e. ?onor God and ?is people by dis-overing !ha! vision and -ommi!!ing your life !o i!.


> 2 e + ara.!er o( a Lea$er

/a.& 0. Hay(or$
5he 1ords have e-hoed in my mind ever sin-e , firs! read !hem years ago in a book by &dela Rogers %!. Kohns, Tell /o %an- 5hey are no! pu! in !he mou!h of one of her -hara-!ers, bu! !hey re-ur again and again as some!hing of an an!iphonal refle-!ion on !he repe!i!ive flo1 of human responses !o life from era !o era0 *very!hingFs differen! bu! no!hingFs -hanged, and every!hingFs -hanged bu! no!hingFs differen!. ?aving re-en!ly -on-luded !he final year of my four!h de-ade in publi- minis!ry, !hose 1ords resounded again. 5hey are nei!her a -yni-al s!a!emen! born of 1eariness or boredom, nor are !hey spoken from a presump!uous pla!form of pre!en!ious snobbishness. &s 1i!h all of life, ho1ever, -us!oms and !e-hnologies, s!ru-!ures and fashions -hange, !here is s!ill .no!hing ne1 under !he sun/ B*--les. 109C. 5he -ons!an! !ha! makes !his !rue is human na!ureHno!hing -hanges. ,n referen-e !o !he ma!!er of leadership, af!er !he s1elling of a 1ave of insigh! and informa!ion abou! sys!ems analysis and managemen! !e-hni2ue !he pas! !en !o fif!een years have given us, !he ma+im s!ill applies. &s far as leaders go, =(verything2s different> Be.g., many aspe-!s of perspe-!ive on s!yleC =but nothing2s changed> Bregarding !he presupposi!ions !ha! undergird mos! leadership !hough!C. 5o !his day, !he no!ion !ha! skill and s!reng!h, !alen! and !ena-i!y are !he sour-e of effe-!ive leadership is as -ommon as ever, in-luding in #hris!ian -ir-les. 5he prevailing mind4se! is !ha! leaders .1in/ by applying smar!s and s!yle. Df -ourse, fe1 ven!ure an ou!righ! s!a!emen! !o !his effe-!. ,f pressed !o !he 1all, no! a !hough!ful leader around 1ould disagree !ha! !he real .s!uff/ of a leader goes deeper !han his gif!s. @e all kno1 !he righ! ans1ers0 %ubs!an-e before s!yleG 1ha! you are is more impor!an! !han 1ha! you do. @i!hou! !he sligh!es! slur in!ended, and 1i!hou! any measure of sneering disapproval, ho1ever, , kno1 !ha! mos! of us 1ho lead are !emp!ed and pressed !o find !he .!ri-ks of !he !rade,/ !o learn ho1 !o .1ork !he angles/ or !o seek !o .posi!ion myself for !he SbreaksF 1hen Soppor!uni!y kno-ks.F/ ,! is more !han likely , bump in!o !hese !emp!a!ions a li!!le more fre2uen!ly !han do some pas!or4leaders. 5he fa-! !ha! GodFs sovereign gra-e and providen-e has si!ua!ed me in a se!!ing usually des-ribed as .mega-hur-h,/ pu!s people like me on !he spo! in a! leas! !1o 1ays. Firs!, ou!siders presume 1e have learned some se-re!sH!ha! 1e have some !ransferable me!hods or .godly gimmi-ks,/ if you please. %e-ond, inside 1e feel periodi- pressure !o ans1er 2ues!ions abou! -hur-h gro1!h, frui! or .su--ess,/ in !erms !ha! seem suffi-ien!ly in!elligen! Bi.e., in !ou-h and familiar 1i!h !he -u!!ing4edge lingo of !he -urren! e+e-u!iveMmanagerial !heoryC. , find !hese ma!!ers !ough !o !alk abou!Hmaybe .deli-a!e/ is a be!!er !erm. ,f !here is any!hing , do no! 1an! !o do, i! is !o sound like some .old dude/ 1ho has gone sour on 1ha!ever is ne1 or progressive. *ven more, , never 1an! !o -ome a-ross sounding self4righ!eous or .above all !ha!./ , 1res!le 1i!h !he demands of leadership as mu-h as anybody, in-luding !he re2uiremen! !ha! 1e keep in !ou-h 1i!h me!hods, sys!ems, !e-hnologies and so on. %!ill, !he !hings !ha! never -hange B even !hough .every!hingFs differen!/C keep s!aring us in !he fa-e0


I Possession of godly -hara-!er, alone, assures !rue frui!, las!ing influen-e and durable leadership. >o amoun! of .fan-y foo!1ork/ or .bells and 1his!les/ ever produ-e a genuine, godly leader. I Dur human disposi!ion finds i! easier !o spend !ime .!1eaking sys!ems/ !han priori!iEing hones!4!o4God in!rospe-!ion and -ons!an! availabili!y !o !ransforma!ion.


5his -hap!er is !he resul! of a phone -all0 .Ka-k, 1ould you 1ri!e abou! a leaderFs -hara-!er./ @hen , asked .@hy meN/ , 1as looking for help abou! dire-!ion in !he ar!i-le, bu! !he ans1er 1en! some!hing more like !his0 .Aou are so fre2uen!ly men!ioned as a !rus!ed leader, one 1hose leadership is based on elemen!s of -hara-!er !ha! ge! us -loser !o Kesus more !han on !he prevailing Sho! leadership ideas.F/ 5he 1ords 1ere humbling !o me. . ord,/ , prayed, ., hope in Aour eyes !his is !rue, and no! simply an impression or -on-lusion mis!akenly dra1n by undis-erning souls./ ?o1ever impre-ise anyoneFs opinions abou! me migh! be, , kne1 !ha! a! leas! !hose 1ords e+press !he -en!ral value of my o1n approa-h !o leadership. &l!hough , have no suspi-ion or -ri!i-ism !o make of any Eealous leaderFs effor!s !o seek help from leadership me!hods or sys!ems, !rue leadership ul!ima!ely is found only at ;esus2 feet and is shaped and kep! only in the heart. %o , kne1 , had found a viable approa-h !o handling !he sub=e-! ma!!er of !his -hap!er0 , 1ould simply rela!e !he 1ay -hara-!er in leadership mos! fre2uen!ly surfa-es in my o1n life.

,! seems like a s-enario , have lived ou! a hundred !imes. @e are approa-hing !he -on-lusion of a leaderFs -onferen-e. , have been speaking !o gif!ed -hur-h leaders for several sessionsHsome!imes for !1o or !hree days. @e have had some in!er-hange before !his, bu! no1 !he floor is open. ,! is !he lis!eners !urn !o !alk abou! any!hing !ha! is on !heir minds. 5he !heme or fo-us of !he -onferen-e usually makes no differen-e on-e 1e rea-h !his poin!. 5he sub=e-! of my messages or seminar sessions may range from vision -as!ing, 1orship leadership, s!aff managemen!, sermon prepara!ion or spiri!ual gif!s !o finan-es in !he -hur-h, es-ha!ology, menFs minis!ry, family life or 1ha!ever else. ,rrespe-!ive of !he sub=e-!, on-e !he floor is open for 2ues!ions, i! seems inevi!able !ha! some!hing like 1ha! follo1s 1ill !ake pla-e. :%e"!ion6 .Pas!or Ka-k, ho1 many hours do you spend in s!udy ea-h 1eek/G or Band of!en =oined !o !hose 1ordsC .?o1 mu-h !ime do you spend in prayer, say, 1eekly or on an average ea-h dayN/ 4y re)ly6 .5hank you. ,!Fs a 1or!hy, indeed, a grea!ly dis-erning 2ues!ion. Bu! 1i!h all due respe-!, le! me ask you for !1o !hings. Firs!, your forgiveness, be-ause , 1ould ra!her no! ans1er !ha! 2ues!ion. %e-ond, , 1an! !o ask for your pa!ien-e, be-ause ,Fd like !o dis-uss !he sub=e-! , believe is behind su-h a per-ep!ive 2ues!ion./ Df -ourse, in responding 1i!hin !hese V and & sessions , have al1ays -learly affirmed !he fundamen!al impor!an-e of s!eadfas! prayer as a dis-ipline and of sys!ema!i- s!udy as an essen!ial dis-ipline for a pas!or4!ea-her. , 1ould no! be embarrassed !o des-ribe !he pa!!ern , employ in ea-h of !hose !1o pursui!s nor !he amoun! of !ime involved. <y primary reason for no! ans1ering !he 2ues!ion is be-ause i! overlooks !he .hear!/ of !he leader. *ven !he dis-iplines of devo!ion and


s-holarship are -apable of being employed 1i!h su-h sys!ema!i- s!yle and skillful pursui! !ha! a person -ould easily remain self4dependen! or un1i!!ingly -arnal.


6eeping !his in mind, !hen, le! me se! for!h my agenda for !his -hap!er. @i!hou! in!ending !o mo-k !he value of pra-!i-al me!hodology, or !o minimiEe !he impor!an-e of su-h basi-s as prayer and s!udy, , 1an! !o fo-us on 1ha! , vie1 !o be !he key !o !rue leadership0 !he leaderFs .hear!./ *ven if you are no! involved in any role of -hur-h leadership, =oin me in !arge!ing !he -en!ral issue of ho1 a leaderFs -hara-!er is -u!. &l!hough !he lessons and illus!ra!ions , share are !aken from my =ourney as a pas!or4!ea-her, , !hink !he underlying prin-iples and life appli-a!ions 1ill be e2ually and fully appli-able !o anyone0 5o !he pas!or, or leader, or -hur-hmanG Dr !he businessman, or foreman, or -lerkG Dr !he poli!i-ian, or a!!orney, physi-ianG Dr !he 1ife, or husband, or !e-hni-ianG Dr !he manager, or homemaker, or !ea-her. 5he prin-iples and pa!!erns dis-ussed here apply !o every person 1ho leadsHand leading is some!hing 1e all do. *very one of us has some kind of leadership role, al!hough !he s-ope of influen-e and !he number of observer4follo1ers varies 1idely. >one of us ough! !o ever -onsider ourselves insula!ed from !he responsibili!y !o -ul!iva!e prin-iples !ha! 1ill assure !he daily pursui! of #hris!like -hara-!er marks our leadership. ,n my vie1, no!hing is more essen!ial !o !his !han a dis!in-! s!an-e of !he soulHa .hear! 2ues!/ !ha! !rans-ends even oneFs dis-iplines of devo!ion or diligen-e in du!y.

,! is hard !o say e+a-!ly 1hen i! began, for in momen!s even in my you!h God 1as doing preliminary 1ork in !hese regards. <y paren!s and my -hur-h upbringing un2ues!ionably fa-!or in!o !he e2ua!ion, bu! !he 1a!ershed poin! !ook pla-e shor!ly af!er , -ame !o my presen! pas!ora!e. ,! 1as !1en!y4seven years ago, af!er !hir!een years of already4fulfilling4and4frui!ful minis!ry. <y earlier years had been so blessed !ha! , 1as fully ready !o laun-h my ne1 assignmen! 1i!h !he same Eeal and leadership s!yle , had pra-!i-ed for more !han a de-ade. & -lus!er of !hree !hings had happened in !he pre-eding fe1 years and mon!hs, ho1ever, all of 1hi-h seemed !o -onverge one day and bring me !o a poin! of re-onsidera!ion. 5he firs! 1as, even !hen, ra!her dis!an! in !ime. , had e+perien-ed a .near4fall,/ a !ime 1hen God delivered me from a po!en!ially adul!erous rela!ionship. 5he e+perien-e broke !he ba-k of an unper-eived self4righ!eousness 1i!hin me. 5ha! res-ue4by4gra-e also !augh! me ho1 de-ep!ive .su--ess in manFs eyes/ -an be, for my near disas!er had o--urred in !he mids! of a season of grea! blessing on my minis!ry.

5he se-ond 1as more re-en!0 only mon!hs before , had been grea!ly s!irred by !he ?oly %piri! a! a -onferen-e on evangelism. 5he profound a1akening , e+perien-ed 1as no! !o a Eeal for 1inning soulsH, already fel! !ha!. , 1as shaken !o !he roo!s of my spiri!ual !hough! and perspe-!ive abou! minis!ry by a ne1 revela!ion !o me in !he %-rip!ures0 @orship is !he #hur-hFs firs! minis!ry, and 1hen bibli-ally pursued i! 1ill be-ome !he foun!ainhead of evangelismJ Given my prior 38

orien!a!ion, !his insigh! 1as !horoughly .off !he 1all./ , 1as geared !o promo!ionalism, !o .dynami-, -on!emporary -ommuni-a!ion and ou!rea-h/ and !he like. %uddenly, ho1ever, , 1as -onfron!ed 1i!h !he one !imeless paradigm for leadership. 5his unplanned soul4shaping en-oun!er sho1ed me a !imeless paradigm for effe-!ive leadership and evangelism !ha! is 1oven !hroughou! GodFs @ord. #onsider0 I &braham, leaving a !rail of al!ars Band !hereby be-oming !he fa!her of na!ionsCG I <oses, barefoo! before !he burning bush Band !hereby be-oming !he deliverer of a na!ionCG I 'avid, 1orshiping as a you!hful shepherd Band finding !he 1ay !o vi-!ory over enemies ranging from lions !o Golia!hCG I 'aniel, kneeling before God in prayer Band rising !o be-ome an influen-e in !he -our!s of kingsCG I 5he one hundred and !1en!y sain!s !arrying in !he presen-e of God for %piri!4fullness Band finding !he #hur-hFs age4long harves! born from !heir praiseCG and I 5he &n!io-h elders .minis!ering !o !he ord and fas!ing/ Band dis-overing !he ?oly %piri!Fs plan for 1orld evangelismC. 5hrough !he s!irring of !he %piri! , 1as in!rodu-ed !o a radi-ally differen! perspe-!ive abou! leadership and profoundly influen-ed for !he res! of my life. 5he 1hole no!ion of leading on GodFs !erms -alled me !o a ne1 mind4se!Hone 2ui!e differen! from my in-lina!ion !o rely upon promo!ional !e-hni2ues and minis!ry s!yle. ,! 1as no! as !hough , had never in-luded prayer on my agenda, nor had , previously been so arrogan! as !o presume .!he arm of flesh/ as my s!reng!h. , hadnF!J , s!ill had been far more shaped by !he .e+!ernals/ of leadership en!erprise, ho1ever, !han by !he .in!ernals/ of my hear!Fs .!ou-h/ 1i!h God.

5he !hird even! 1as !he realiEa!ion !ha! 1ha!ever gif! of .leadership/ any man or 1oman has, i! is never a gif! !o be held in our o1n hands. , 1as s!unned by !he realiEa!ion !ha! !he fines! gif!s , may have re-eived from God ?imself migh! be e+er-ised apar! from ?is %piri!Fs -on!rol. ,! o--urred !o me !ha! !hose gif!s migh! be idola!rously -herished as !hough !hey 1ere my o1n, a selfishly !reasured possession. %uddenly , sa1 !ha! my leadership is a day4!o4day gif!, some!hing only !o be s!e1arded from ou! of !he hand of !he Fa!her. , sa1 ho1 Kesus ?imself led and minis!ered only on a momen!4!o4 momen! basis0 ., did no! speak of my o1n a--ord, bu! !he Fa!her 1ho sen! me -ommanded me 1ha! !o say and ho1 !o say i!....%o 1ha!ever , say is =us! 1ha! !he Fa!her has !old me !o say/ BKohn 1(0:948), /3!C.

5his .-lus!er of !hree/ se! !he s!age in my o1n soul for pursuing my leadership far more simply and, by every apparen! gauge, far more effe-!ively. , 1as mel!ed 1i!h a sense of my o1n perpe!ual vulnerabili!y !o evil, and my o1n perpe!ual -apa-i!y for self4de-ep!ion. , 1as a1akened !o my o1n need for regular breaking before !he al!ar of priva!e 1orship, and !o my -all !o s!eadfas!ly lead people !o !he same s!an-e of soul before our #rea!or4Redeemer. ,ndeed, !hese !hree lessons -onvi-!ed me of !he need !o never presume , kno1 any!hing abou! leadingH!oday or any o!her dayHand !o learn !o e+er-ise my leadership in dependen-y upon !he gra-e and 1isdom of God day !o day, momen! by momen!. 5his marked !he end of my un-ons-ious habi! of depending upon my o1n e+perien-e, a-2uired skills, learning or e+per!ise. 39

Gradually, , -ame !o embra-e !his -on-ep! , believe -ons!i!u!es !he key !o be-oming a leader. , believe i! enables one !o be-ome a leader 1ho is !ruly effective Birrespe-!ive of ho1 .effi-ien!/ he may beCG 1ho builds trust Band !hereby never needs !o .demand loyal!y/CG and 1ho realiEes long4!erm durability B1hi-h is born of abiding subs!an-e !ha! ou!las!s !ransien! .s!yles/C. Bes! of all, su-h a leader realiEes frui!ful leadershipHdefined no! as !he abili!y !o .produ-e resul!s,/ bu! as !he -apa-i!y !o bring !hose , lead !o !heir deepes! enri-hmen! and highes! fulfillmen!. Frui!ful leadership is no! ge!!ing o!hers !o fulfill my goals Bor even my God4given vision for our -olle-!ive en!erprise and goodC, bu! helping o!hers realiEe GodFs -rea!ive in!en! for !heir livesHpersonally, domes!i-ally, vo-a!ionally and e!ernally. 5o be-ome su-h a leader, , believe !he -en!ral -hallenge 1e ea-h fa-e is !o learn !o !end !o our primary -hallenge0 to &eep my heart as a leader-

+,22ING 2O 2HE +ORE

,! is popular !hese days !o announ-e oneFs .-ore values./ >o!hing is more chic in managemen! -ir-les !han formula!ing a missionMvision s!a!emen!. #ompanion !o !his is a se! of .-ore values/H a lis! of basi- emphases in!ended !o de-lare !he -on!rolling prin-iples seen as essen!ial !o fulfilling !he mission and vision. ,n applying su-h a pro-edure, 1e learn ho1 !he goals of a -ompany or en!erprise no! only may be de-lared, bu! also ho1 i!s -hara-!er 1ill be de!ermined. ,n essen-e, i!s -hara-!er 1ill be de-ided by !he leadershipFs -ommi!men! !o !he -ore values es!ablished as !he se! of -on!rolling prin-iples e+pe-!ed !o effe-! su--ess. ,! is possible !ha! !his pra-!i-e -ould serve !o dire-! !he effor!s of a person in mu-h !he same 1ay, e+-ep! for one -ri!i-al reali!y. 5here is a radi-al differen-e be!1een managing and measuring a se-ular businessFs su--ess and evalua!ing !he !rue frui! of a spiri!ual leader. *very!hing abou! a -ompany rela!es !o !he marke!0 5he -orpora!ion opera!es in a publi-, ra!her !han a priva!e venue. Fur!her, business or -orpora!e en!erprise is mo!iva!ed and measured by e+!ernal eviden-es of having su--eeded Be.g., by an e-onomi- or ma!erial goal, by a1ards or re-ogni!ionC, all of 1hi-h is measured on a s-ale framed by human -ri!eria. 5he dep!h and heigh! of su--ess in !he personal life of a leader, ho1ever, -en!ers in a priva!e venue0 !he hear!. 5he !rue measure of a leader is in diame!ri- opposi!ion !o his being -on!rolled by !e-hni2ues or me!hods, by slogans or s!a!emen!s, or by visible eviden-es of su--ess, a--ep!an-e or re-ogni!ion. Fur!her, !he -ri!erion of a leaderFs ul!ima!e measuremen! -omes from a plane higher !han human origin. 5he -hara-!er of a !rue leader re2uires an ans1er !o a -all !ha! sounds from !he highest sour-e and shapes him in !he deepest, mos! personal -orners of his soul. .%u--ess/ a! !hese levelsHa! !he highes! and deepes!H1ill only be realiEed as a leader -ommi!s !o an inner a--oun!abili!y !o fai!hfully, -ons!an!ly and hones!ly ans1er one 2ues!ion0 "m 3 maintaining =integrity of heart?>

Aears before , dis-overed !his !heme in !he Bible, , had begun learning !he .daily, mid4-ourse -orre-!ions/ 1ay of living. 51o e+perien-es !en years apar! are fi+ed in my memory. 5he firs! rela!es !o my mo!herFs pra-!i-e of !ea-hing her -hildren !o keep an a--oun!able .hear!/ !o1ard God. , -an remember her saying, .%on, , 1an! !o ask you a 2ues!ion bu!, before asking, , 1an! !o say, ,Fm asking you Sin fron! of Kesus.F/ 5his 1as no! a manipula!ive ploy, nor 1ords fre2uen!ly spoken, bu! <amma used !hem as a reminder a! !hose !imes 1hen she fel! 1e migh! be !emp!ed !o use dishones!y as a defense. ?er 1ords, .in fron! of Kesus,/ framed a pi-!ure a--en!ua!ing !ha! our %avior 1as no! a dis!an! en!i!y, and our hones!y in ma!!ers 1as no! an op!ional issue. , never !hough! !his phrase 1as used !o indu-e guil! or !o breed an a!mosphere of 37

-ondemna!ion. Ra!her, i! 1as based on a bibli-ally verifiable !ru!h even redeemed human na!ure !oo of!en forge!s !o heed0 .&ll !hings are naked and open !o !he eyes of ?im !o 1hom 1e mus! give a--oun!/ B?ebre1s :013C. 5he se-ond memory is from !he summer , 1as seven!een years old. *a-h day a! lun-h, !aking a break from my =ob !o earn money for my -ollege edu-a!ion, , memoriEed Bible verses from !he >aviga!ors -ard pa-k , -arried. Dne verse in par!i-ular be-ame indelibly e!-hed on my hear! as 1ell as my mind0 5he hear! is de-ei!ful above all !hings, and despera!ely 1i-kedG 1ho -an kno1 i!N BKeremiah 1709C. , remember asking myself !he 2ues!ion0 ,f , -an !ri-k myself in!o believing some!hingFs righ! and i!Fs no!, ho1 -an , keep my hear! from being de-eivedN ,n response !o !ha! 2uery, !he follo1ing verses be-ame pivo!al !o my life and began !o govern my habi!s of !hough!0 .?o1 -an a young man -leanse his 1ayN By !aking heed a--ording !o Aour @ord. @i!h my 1hole hear! have , sough! AouG oh, le! me no! 1ander from your -ommandmen!sJ/ BPsalm 1190941)C. ,! is no! enough for me !o kno1 GodFs @ord, bu! my @?D * ?*&R5 mus! be kep! -ons-iously available !o ?is %piri!Fs -orre-!ion so , 1ill no! inadver!en!ly 1ander in my o1n 1ay or in !he supposed 1isdom of my o1n flesh. .%ear-h me, D God, and kno1 my hear!G !ry me, and kno1 my Q!hough!sR an+ie!iesG and see if !here is any 1i-ked 1ay in me, and lead me in !he 1ay everlas!ing/ BPsalm 1390(34(:C. Dnly by daily 1el-oming !he ord !o 1alk !he -orridors of my hear! -an , kno1 !he blessing of ?,% PRD5*#5,D> agains! !he sub!le!y of my ra!ionaliEing of my sin, my !olera!ion of my selfishness or my !enden-y !o defend argumen!s designed !o =us!ify my preferen-es 1i!hou! being humble or open !o -orre-!ion from !he ord. ,n brief, , began !o -ome !o !erms 1i!h !he de!erminan!s of !rue -hara-!er. 5he shaping po1er of su-h -hara-!er is !he !ru!h of GodFs @ord. 5he forming hand is ?is %piri!Fs .dealings/ 1i!h !he leader. 5he essen!ial !errain on 1hi-h !his 1ork is a--omplished is !he human hear!, 1hi-h mus! be kep! fully open !o ins!ru-!ion, -orre-!ion and refinemen!. , began !o learn !ha! God is no! so mu-h in!eres!ed in 1ha! , am no1 as ?e is in 1ha! , am be-oming. 5hus, , laun-hed upon a =ourney of opening my hear! !o ?im for s-ru!iny every day, no! as an e+er-ise in self4 flagella!ion or bera!ing in!rospe-!ion, bu! as an in!en!ional means of main!aining sensi!ivi!y !o ?is %piri!Fs .voi-e,/ keeping in!egri!y 1i!h ?is dealings in my hear!. 5he Bible -andidly s!a!es, .&s he !hinks in his hear!, so is he/ BProverbs (307C. Kesus pressed !his same issue 1i!h ?is dis-iples, -alling !hem !o move beyond !he superfi-ial !o !he essen!ial. ?e 1an!ed !o !ea-h !hem !ha! 1ha! makes a man is no! !he appearan-es of his 1ords or deeds, bu! !he -on!en! of his hear! Bsee <a!!he1 1801)4()C. 5his is !he reason !he 1ri!er of Proverbs says0 6eep your hear! 1i!h all diligen-e, for ou! of i! spring !he issues of life BProverbs :0(3C. & leaderFs -hara-!er 1ill never rise beyond !he flo1 level of his obedien-e !o !he ?oly %piri!Fs dealings 1i!h !he hear!. &l!hough our s!andard of -hara-!er is ou!lined in GodFs @ord and e+pressed !hrough !he person of #hris!, !he subs!an-e of -hara-!er is fashioned by !he a--umula!ed responses of !he hear! !o !he %piri!Fs refining 1ork.


&! !he -ore of every!hing a person does lies an inner value sys!emHa -ommi!men! !o !he ob=e-!ives di-!a!ed by a grid of -onvi-!ions and personal priori!ies. 5hese values !ha! guide de-isions and mo!iva!e a-!ion are lifeFs .hear!/ issues. 5hey are righ!ly referred !o as being .of 37

!he hear!,/ for !hey are no! only -en!ral !o our life and !hough!, bu! !hey also !rans-end our in!elle-!. 5hey poin! !o a foun!ain from 1hi-h !he ou!flo1 of every personFs life issues i!s s!ream of !rue .be-oming./ For !he #hris!ian leader, !his foun!ain mus! be fed by more !han a self4developed se! of philosophi-al prin-iples. &l!hough !his grid of our -onvi-!ions is roo!ed in bibli-al prin-iples and in !he absolu!e au!hori!y of !he @ord of God, my appli-a!ions of !ha! 1ord may !oo easily be adminis!ered in my o1n bes! in!eres!s or flavored by my opinions. 5hus, =oined !o GodFs ob=e-!ive @ord mus! be a more sub=e-!ive in!egri!y. ,! 1ill de!ermine ho1 , .live ou!/ !he ob=e-!ive s!a!emen!s of ?is @ord. 5his brings abou! !he in!erse-!ion of promise and problem. 5he .promise/ is in GodFs divinely !rus!1or!hy, ob=e-!ive revela!ion in ?is @ord, given on-e4for4all by ?is ?oly %piri!. 5he .problem/ is my fallible, sub=e-!ive per-ep!ion of GodFs 1ill, and my need for daily -orre-!ion by ?is ?oly %piri!. @i!hou! my a-kno1ledgmen! of !he .problem/Hand !hereby, my -ons!an! availabili!y !o !he ?oly %piri!Fs -orre-!ions !o my a!!i!ude, unders!anding or perspe-!iveH, 1ill inevi!ably have o--asions 1hen , .fool myself,/ no ma!!er ho1 mu-h ob=e-!ive !ru!h , may kno1. 5ha!, for e+ample, is !he reason .good #hris!ians/ sho1 bi!!erness and unforgiveness !o1ard o!hers, and =us!ify !heir a!!i!udes on !he basis of being !he .viola!ed par!y./ ,! is 1hy .-ommi!!ed #hris!ians/ speak -ri!i-ally or -ondes-endingly abou! believers 1ho hold differen! do-!rinal emphases !han !hey do and =us!ify !heir =udgmen!alism 1i!h !he false supposi!ion !ha! God sees !hem as .more righ!/ !han o!hers. ,! is 1hy .sin-ere #hris!ians/ be-ome deluded abou! !he na!ure of an inappropria!e rela!ionship, !hen marry an unbeliever or fall in!o an evil infa!ua!ion or an adul!erous rela!ionship. ?ones!y re2uires !ha! , see !ha! my -hara-!er be de!ermined bo!h by a gro1ing kno1ledge of GodFs @ord and a 1illingness !o permi! ?is %piri! !o -on!inually refine my responsiveness !o ?is 1ill in all !he de!ails of my life. <y -hara-!er is no! shaped by !he sum of my informa!ion, bu! by !he pro-ess of a !ransforma!ion !ha! is as un-easingly needed in me. 5here is more !o my -hara-!er forma!ion !han having learned a se! of ideasHeven if !hey are GodFs. , no! only need !o turn to the #ible, bu! , mus! also keep tuned to the *oly Spirit, for 1i!h !he .grid/ of values ?is @ord gives me, ?e provides ?is %piri! as !he ul!ima!e umpire 1ho -omes !o apply !ha! @ord !o my life. ?is presen-e is given !o every reborn son or daugh!er of !he <os! ?igh, !o !ea-h us ho1 !he Fa!herFs 1ill is !o flo1 in!o !he de!ails of our lives. 5he purpose of !his moni!oring is no! !o produ-e a mys!i-iEed brand of .holiness,/ bu! !o genera!e a dynami-, 1holehear!ed, -lear4eyed peopleHpeople 1ho possess !he -hara-!er of #hris!J <y -hara-!er as a leader seeking !o refle-! !he highes! of values 1ill dis!ill !ru!h from GodFs @ord !o be 1oven in!o !he fabri- of my life. <y ul!ima!e ob=e-!ive is !o gro1, slo1ly bu! surely, in!o !he image of #hris!Honly as 3 =wal& in the Spirit-> 5ha! elemen!H1alking in !he %piri!Hbe-omes pivo!al in de!ermining my -hara-!er. ,! is !he se-re! !o a-hieving a hear! of in!egri!y. ,! means , need !o learn !o re-ogniEe 1hen , .grieve/ !he %piri! B*phes. :03)C, and !o readily repen! and -onfess in ea-h si!ua!ion in 1hi-h ?e -orre-!s me.


& leaderFs -ommi!men! !o 1alk 1i!h in!egri!y of hear! -alls for a refusal !o allo1 even minor devia!ions from hones!y of any kind. Regardless of !he disdain demons!ra!ed by !hose 1ho -hoose a less demanding s!andard for !heir lives, making su-h a -ommi!men! !o in!egri!y is no! !o be-ome !he vi-!im of a 1earying legalism or !he e+ploi!ed sub=e-! of a dignified guil! -omple+. >o, !his is -ommi!men! !o a heal!hy mind4se!, a dedi-a!ion !o an .inner4hear! lifes!yle/ lived in !he =oy of GodFs gra-e and in !he fullness of pea-e 1e are given in #hris!. ,! does -all for a 39

1illingness, !hough, !o -ons!an!ly invi!e and allo1 !he %piri! of God !o make one sensi!ive !o ma!!ers !ha! make a differen-e !o GodHno matter how small or insignificant they may seem?aving de-ades no1 behind me of seeking !o keep !his openness !o !he %piri!Fs -orre-!ion, , -an only re=oi-e abou! bo!h ?is pa!ien-e and ?is 1ays. , have found !ha! !he pleasing frui! of a diligen! effor! a! s!eadfas! obedien-e is a! leas! !hreefold0 & holy in!ima-y of fello1ship 1i!h !he Fa!her -on!inually in-reases be-ause !he leader has sough! !he hear! of God and made puri!y of -hara-!er a priori!y. .5he se-re! of !he ord is 1i!h !hem 1ho fear Qreveren-eR ?im, and ?e 1ill sho1 !hem ?is -ovenan!/ BPsalm (801:C. @e are freed from our human preo--upa!ion 1i!h self4defense be-ause of our pra-!i-e of in!erpersonal -onfession and our -on!inual -onfession and repen!an-e before God Bsee Kames 8019G 1 Kohn 10941)C. Dur submission !o !he ?oly %piri!Fs promp!ing and -orre-!ion enables us !o re-ogniEe !he voi-e of God, respond more de!erminedly !o !he e+posed 1ill of God and more readily dis-ern and re=e-! !he 1orks of darkness Bsee *phes. 8017417C. 5he %-rip!ures -learly ins!ru-! and 1arn regarding !his impor!an-e of in!egri!y of hear!. ,n !he fif!h bookle! in my .Real <anFs %i+ Pa-k,/ , elabora!e on .& <anFs ,n!egri!y./ & developing leader 1ill appre-ia!e !he lessons revealed !hrough a s!udy of !he lives of men 1ho learned GodFs 1ays !hrough a -ommi!men! !oHor !he re=e-!ion ofHpersonal .in!egri!y of hear!./ 5hese insigh!s are revealed in !he s!ories of0 I &bimele-h Bsee Genesis ()0149C0 &s 1e 1i!ness his -onfusion as !he resul! of a lie being !old him, 1e also see !he PR*%*R",>G PD@*R of integrity of heart as God sho1s !ha! if 1e have in!egri!y ?e 1ill keep us in spi!e of our hones! mis!akes. I 'avid Bsee Psalm (80194(1C0 &s 1e dis-over his in!egri!y in depending on GodFs sus!aining gra-e as ?is defense, 1e !hen observe GodFs PRD5*#5,>G PD@*R, ra!her !han poli!i-al diploma-y. B%ee also 'avidFs first sour-e of leadership abili!y and resour-eH.integrity of heart>G Psalm 7707)47(.C I %olomon B1 6ings 90148C0 &s 1e hear !he ordFs -ovenan! relayed !o !his ne1 king, 1e are e+posed !o !he revela!ion !ha! =integrity of heart> has a P*RP*5$&5,>G PD@*R !ha! 1ill sus!ain us un!o !he realiEa!ion of GodFs promisesHif ?is 1ays are fai!hfully main!ained, from !he hear!.

#onsidering bo!h !he manifes! re1ards and !he bibli-al blessings a!!ending a hear! of in!egri!y, le! me poin! !o several arenas of vulnerabili!y , have found 1e leaders need !o guard agains! if 1e !ruly seek a -orre-!able, !ea-hable hear! !o1ard main!aining !he u!mos! in!egri!y.

4A22ERS OF A++,RA+5
Fe1 !hings are more impor!an! !o !he -hara-!er of a leader !han e+hibi!ing absolu!e hones!y in all -ommuni-a!ion 1i!h !hose 1hom he leads. Df!en 1e fa-e !he !emp!a!ion !o e+aggera!e numbers, su-h as -hur-h a!!endan-e figures. B5his is some!imes done in !he guise !ha! .our people need !he en-ouragemen!,/ 1hen in fa-! infla!ed figures are no!hing more !han an ego boos! for !he leader himself.C .Blurring/ informa!ion, so as !o make some!hing sound be!!er !han i! is, is ano!her -ommon ruse of !he flesh. 5o surrender !o !hese or similar habi!s dulls !he ear of !he soul !o i!s -all !o ma+imum in!egri!y. ?ones! mis!akes in -onveying informa!ion are some!imes made, of -ourse, and su-h fau8 pas ough! no! be deemed .lies/ or viola!ions of in!egri!y. & mis!ake is no! a lieG i! is an a--iden! in unders!anding. Passing on mis!aken fa-!s does no! -ompromise !he hear!G al!hough -orre-!ions :)

are ne-essary, embarrassmen! is no!. Dn !he o!her hand, a delibera!e viola!ion of in!egri!y is some!hing else, and !he hones! hear! 1ill a-kno1ledge !ha! inner .!1inge/ !o !he soul and s!and -orre-!ed Band also a-kno1ledge !he failing !o anyone 1ho has been !he re-ipien! of su-h a 1illful misrepresen!a!ion of !he !ru!hC.

&long 1i!h !he responsibili!ies of leadership, o--asional privileges may also be en=oyed. 5he re-ep!ion of !hese privileges should be made kno1n !o !hose !o 1hom !he leader is a--oun!able and no a!!emp! should be made !o hide su-h privileges from !hose !he leader leads. 5hose 1ho have hear!s of in!egri!y never seek !hese privileges, and 1hen !hey re-eive !hem, !hey never endeavor !o unfairly e+ploi! !hem. @ha! is given 1i!hou! -oer-ion or promp!ing may -er!ainly be re-eived and seen as a gra-e or gif!, bu! like !he privilege of GodFs gra-e, a leader should no! impose upon !he goodness of o!hers !o manipula!e su-h gain. Dne of my earlies! lessons regarding !he ma!!er of inner a--oun!abili!y !ook pla-e 1hen , 1as in my firs! pas!ora!e. , pla-ed an order for -hur-h supplies from one vendor and 1as pleasan!ly surprised !o re-eive a small, -omplimen!ary !ransis!or radio along 1i!h !he produ-!s ordered. .&h4hahJ/ , e+-laimed 1i!h glee, deeming !his small .gold mine/ a !reasure deserved by vir!ue of having submi!!ed !he order on !he -hur-hFs behalf. <y ini!ial =us!ifi-a!ion 1as !ha! some benefi!s are a na!ural righ! !o !hose 1ho engage in su-h !asks. 5he argumen!H,Fm paid so li!!le , ough! !o be able !o en=oy some privilege of offi-eHhas -ap!ured a million minds, dulled as many souls and s!umbled !housands of leaders. &f!er briefly flir!ing 1i!h !he radio, , realiEed i! 1as no! mine for !he keeping. Privileges are !o be en=oyedHbu! no! se-re! ones. ,f !here is a privilege !o my offi-e, i! ough! !o be san-!ioned by !hose under 1hom , serve and unders!ood in !ha! 1ay by !hose , lead.

By defini!ion, a leaderFs posi!ion in-orpora!es some arena of delega!ed au!hori!y, or .po1er/ in !he personal sense Bas opposed !o spiri!ual senseC. 5he meaning of .au!hori!y/ Bi.e., !he righ! !o a realm of dominion for !he servi-e of a !askC is bibli-ally in!ended !o fo-us on .po1er for !he purpose of serving people./ 5his is KesusF insis!en! emphasis Bsee uke ((0(:4(7C, and i!s viola!ion 1ill inevi!ably des!roy !he very realm of rule in!ended !o !he one assigned !he au!hori!y. B%!udy RehoboamFs .sho1 of po1er/ and !he folly i! 1orked, resul!ing in spli!!ing !he kingdom in 1 6ings 1(.C 5he la!e 'r. 'avid ?ubbard, 1ho 1as !he presiden! of Fuller 5heologi-al %eminary, made one of !he 1ises! observa!ions , have ever no!ed abou! !he e+er-ise of po1er. 'avid and , 1ere members of a panel in!era-!ing 1i!h a group of pas!ors on !he sub=e-! of .!he submission of a leader./ ,n !ha! -on!e+!, !his dear bro!her spoke 1ords !ha! 1elded a -on-ep! in!o my o1n soul0 =3 never e8ercise the full e8tent of the power inherent in my position-> , regis!ered !ha! 1isdom, unders!anding very 1ell !ha! !o ever feel !he need !o e+er-ise !he full range of my po1ers makes i! likely , am in a si!ua!ion bes! handled by a !eam ra!her !han by myself. ,! is also far less likely !ha! po1er shared 1ill ever -rush a person being -has!ised. &! !he same !ime, sharing my po1er provides even grea!er pro!e-!ion agains! be-oming enamored 1i!h !he po1er , may have.


Fame and re-ogni!ion, a! 1ha!ever level, render a leader vulnerable !o inappropria!e vani!y, espe-ially 1hen -omparisons are made. , dare no! le! my hear! be s!olen by sin-ere praise or approval. ,! is righ! !o a--ep! kindnesses and affirma!ion, and i! is in-onsidera!e !o fend off su-h :1

remarks 1i!h false pie!y. &! !he same !ime, !hough, i! is 1ise !o re-ogniEe !ha! !here is no!hing , may have !ha! , have no! re-eived Bsee 1 #or. :07C. 5his prin-iple 1orks bo!h 1ays, !oo. ,! is far !oo -ommon for a leader !o pander !o !he pride of !hose he leads by playing !o an individualFs or -orpora!e bodyFs sense of, or 2ues! for, superiori!y. B.AouFre !he grea!es! -hoir !his !o1n has ever seenJ...5he grea!es! -ongrega!ion in our denomina!ionJ/C @ha! may inno-en!ly be in!ended as en-ouragemen! of!en gradually develops a spiri! of smugness 1i!hin !he en-ouraged group. ,! is no! ne-essary !o -ompare !o -ommend. B>o!e KesusF 1ords, .@ell done good Qno! be!!er or bes!R and fai!hful servan!/ Q<a!!he1 (80(1R.C *arly in my presen! pas!oral !enure, , 1res!led 1i!h !he fear of losing .pres!ige/ 1hen responding !o a re2ues! !o 1ri!e a magaEine ar!i-le. &s , -ame !o a poin! in 1ri!ing 1here , 1an!ed !o use an illus!ra!ion , had re-eived from a friend and fello1 pas!or, , did no! 1an! !o -redi! him as !he sour-e for fear !ha! men!ioning ano!her leader 1ould dis!ra-! from my o1n prominen-e in !he mind of !he reader. ,! is !oo long a s!ory !o !ell, bu! , -onfron!ed !he fear of los! pres!ige and as a resul! of men!ioning !he o!her pas!or, a 1oman 1ho read !he ar!i-le visi!ed his -hur-h and re-eived #hris!J Dne 1onders ho1 many self4pro!e-!ionis! ruses , may have used !hrough !he years of my leadership migh! have been a! !he e+pense of similar resul!s. B,! is safe !o presume !ha!, in !he -ase of !he magaEine ar!i-le, !he likelihood of any reader having any sense of my .prominen-e/ 1as slim any1ayJC , love !o 2uo!e my dear friend, !he au!hor, *!hel Barre!!, 1ho said, =)e would worry a lot less about what people thought of us if we realized how seldom they do->


&side from !he obvious manda!e !he Bible gives !o moral puri!y in se+ual, finan-ial and rela!ional ma!!ers, a leader 1ho 1an!s !o -ul!iva!e a hear! of in!egri!y mus! -ome !o !erms 1i!h his mind as 1ell as his body. *spe-ially !oday, -onsidering !he prolifera!ion of pornographi- resour-es and !he -apa-i!y for absolu!e se-re-y 1hile deeply involved in illegi!ima!e moral pursui!s, main!aining in!egri!y of hear! is all !he more -hallenging. %ome years ago, , 1as speaking a! a re!rea! 1here !he =oyousness of !he -ollegians found 1arm e+pression in everyoneFs hugging one ano!her a! !he -on-lusion of ea-h servi-e. >o!hing 1as inappropria!e0 !he Bible fully endorses !he pra-!i-e, and !he e+pressions 1ere void of ei!her giddiness or mushiness. ,! is an embarrassing memory !o rela!e, !hough, no! be-ause , -on!inued in a viola!ion of my in!egri!y, bu! be-ause , am ashamed !o remember !ha! my mind, even for one momen!, 1as -ompromised by in-ipien! -arnali!y. , had .holy4hugged/ a half4doEen you!hHbo!h male and femaleH1hen a ra!her shor! girl rea-hed ou! in simple puri!y !o embra-e me, !he respe-!ed Bible !ea-her. @i!hou! in!en!, as , rea-hed !o hug her, by reason of her small siEe my arms -ir-led her !o !he poin! !ha! my rea-h e+!ended sligh!ly under her uprea-hing arms, ligh!ly !ou-hing !he fullness of !he side of one breas!. Be-ause !he -on!a-! no! only 1as inno-en! and brief, and 1i!hou! any in!en! of a po!en!ial improprie!y, i! 1en! en!irely unno!i-ed. *+-ep! !o my mind. &s , already said, i! is embarrassing !o -onfess B1hi-h , did, !o my male asso-ia!e and roomma!e, 1ho 1as !raveling 1i!h me on !he !ripC. &! !he momen!, !hough, , 1as suddenly fa-ed 1i!h a horrible realiEa!ion of my mindFs -onniving po!en!ial. For a fe1 shameful se-onds , !hough! !o myself of ho1 su-h an apparen!ly inno-en! a-!ion -ould be-ome a means for periodiself4gra!ifi-a!ion. &! !he same momen!, ho1ever, !he inner pin-hing of !he hear!, promp!ed by !he immedia!e grief of !he ?oly %piri! abou! my mindFs indulgen-e, -alled me !o !ake a s!an-e of in!egri!y0 >ever againJ Dur -ongrega!ion is a loving one and has a -ons!an! habi! of embra-ing one ano!her, and !o !his day , par!i-ipa!e as freely as anyone. 5ha! one day, ho1ever, !he dis-overy of a fleshly ruse :(

1as en-oun!ered and refused. ,, of -ourse, have s!ood firm in !ha! gra-e, vo1ing 1i!hin my o1n soul !o never viola!e in!egri!y 1i!h ei!her my o1n hear! before God or my sis!ers in #hris!. By relaying !he s!ory , kno1 , risk !he possibili!y of being =udged unkindly by some -ri!i-. Be-ause , have had !o -ounsel !oo many leaders 1ho have viola!ed poin!s of in!egri!y, only !o fall deeper in!o failure and loss for having !aken !he firs! s!ep, , have de-ided !o -onfess !ha! momen!Fs !es! 1hile !es!ifying !o !he vi-!ories hear! in!egri!y -an 1in. <ay GodFs !ender %piri! -ause my sharing !o possibly 1arn some dear bu! 1eakened leader a1ay from any -ompromise of ?is -all !o in!egri!y of hear!.


*very #hris!ian leader is -ons!an!ly -onfron!ed 1i!h pressures !o !ake sides agains! o!her believers, !o -ri!i-iEe s!yles and do-!rines !ha! are differen!, !o pass =udgmen! on leaders or minis!ries !ha! do no! sui! !heir !as!es. .%piri!ual suspi-ion/ has almos! be-ome an ar!i-le of fai!h in >or!h &meri-a, a de-ep!ive no!ion fos!ered by .e+per!s/ 1ho pursue !heir -ri!i2ues of o!her #hris!ians in !he spiri! of !he =aundi-ed inves!iga!ive repor!ing of se-ular ne1s 1ri!ers. Dne !hing is -er!ain0 Far more mud4slinging and a!!a-k verbiage are employed !han ever -ould be =us!ified. @e 1ould all do 1ell !o !ake no!e !ha! !he bibli-al 1arning agains! last days error provides no 1arran! for end times +udgmentalism or snobbish pos!urings agains! one ano!her in #hris!Fs Body. ,! =us! migh! be possible !ha! !he highes! -all !o in!egri!y 1e as leaders need !o hear !oday is !he -all !o love one ano!her as 1e have been loved, forgiving of one ano!her as 1e have been forgiven. ,! is of!en hard !o hear !he ?oly %piri! 1hispering !his -all !o our hear!s 1hen 1e have been s-hooled in sys!ems !ha! argue for !heir o1n righ!eousness over o!hers 1i!hou! even suspe-!ing !he righ!eousness of su-h an a!!i!ude. , have nei!her prea-hmen! nor illus!ra!ion !o make a! !his poin!, bu! my appeal is !ha! 1e learn !o defend ra!her !han a!!a-k one ano!her. 'ifferen-es of vie1poin!, pra-!i-e and preferen-e 1ill e+is! among !he members of KesusF BodyH?is #hur-hHun!il ?e -omes again. Ae!, kno1ing !his, our %avior ?imself prayed0 .5ha! !hey may be one =us! as @e are one0 , in !hem, and Aou in <eG !ha! !hey may be made perfe-! in one, and !ha! !he 1orld may kno1 !ha! Aou have sen! <e/ BKohn 170((4(3C. Be-ause !ha! prayer 1as offered in !he po1er of !he ?oly %piri!, , -an be -er!ain !ha! if , 1ill .!une in,/ !he same ?oly %piri! 1ill help me avoid doing or saying any!hing !ha! -on!radi-!s !he hear! -ry of my ord and %avior. >o!hing is more demanding of my -hara-!er as a leader !han !o s!and in humili!y before !he -orre-!ive promp!ings of !he ?oly %piri!. ?e is !he Dne 1ho has dra1n me !o !he %aviorJ ?e is !he Dne 1hose po1er has brough! regenera!ionHne1 bir!h !o my spiri!J ?e is !he Dne 1ho has -ome !o develop in me !he !rai!s of KesusF -hara-!er as surely as ?e 1an!s !o fill me 1i!h !he 1ords and 1orks of KesusF po1erJ &s men and 1omen of ?isH-alled !o lead in some 2uar!er of GodFs grea! 6ingdom en!erprisesHle! us refuse any pa!h or pursui! offering a perception of a-hievemen! 1i!hou! !he penetration of !rue holiness. ,! is !oo shor! -hanged an offer for sons and daugh!ers -alled !o long4 range vision, -alled !o see !he e!ernal !o main!ain a hear! !ha! values i!s re1ards above all.


%o le! me summariEe !he 1isdom , have gleaned from !hese varied influen-es !ha! have gradually formed my perspe-!ive abou! shaping a leaderFs -hara-!er.


5he developmen! of leadership -hara-!er !akes more !han !he pra-!i-e of e+!ernal dis-iplines, for i! involves !he hear!, no! =us! habi!s. #hara-!er rela!es !o more !han =us! devo!ion, for i! involves !ransforma!ion, no! simply inspira!ion. #hara-!er !rans-ends obedien-e !o rules, for i! involves !he ?oly %piri!Fs speaking !o !he inner man, offering more !han -ommandmen!s unders!ood by !he mind. %u-h -hara-!er involves !ransparen-y before, and a--oun!abili!y !o, o!her people. ,! is no! merely a priva!e 2ues! for puri!yG i! is no! solely a man4!o4his4God humili!y. &ll !hese phrases !ha! address 1ha! -hara-!er does involve as 1ell as !ha! 1hi-h is no! involved in -hara-!er developmen! are essen!ial !o !he hear! of in!egri!y.


A Be.oming a S)iri!%ally 4a!%re Lea$er

Gene Ge!1
%everal years ago, , 1as -ondu-!ing a menFs -onferen-e in #hi-ago. , had been asked !o speak abou! .spiri!ual ma!uri!y,/ using !he apos!le PaulFs profiles in his pas!oral le!!ers !o 5imo!hy and 5i!us. , had developed PaulFs ou!line a! leng!h in my book en!i!led The %easure of a %an, 1hi-h formed !he basis of !ha! seminar.1 &s , dis-ussed ea-h 2uali!y ou!lined by Paul in !hese !1o po1erful and dynami- bibli-al paragraphs, !1o dis!inguished4looking gen!lemen 1ho 1ere si!!ing near !he fron! kep! giving me posi!ive feedba-k, no! only 1i!h !heir body language, bu! also verbally. .5ha!Fs good, GeneJ/ one said. .Righ! onJ/ responded !he o!her. .5ha! is a grea! insigh!J/ 5his 1as a ne1 e+perien-e for me, and frankly, i! fel! goodHpar!i-ularly be-ause , had never me! !hese men before. 'uring !he -offee break, , made my 1ay !o !he !able 1here !hey 1ere si!!ing and in!rodu-ed myself. , soon dis-overed !ha! ea-h held !op4level managemen! posi!ions in one of !he s!eel mills in a neighboring -i!y. , also dis-overed !hey 1ere ne1 #hris!ians, .neophy!es/ as Paul 1ould -all !hemH1hi-h e+plains 1hy !hey fel! free !o in!era-! 1i!h me publi-ly. 5hey had no! ye! learned !he .#hris!ian rules/ !ha! undergird .!heologi-al -onferen-es./ Frankly, , hoped !hey never 1ould. 5hey had a refreshing naive!W. ,! 1as en-ouraging !o rela!e !o men 1ho had no! ye! imbibed some of our res!ri-!ive -ul!ural !radi!ions. @ha! affe-!ed and in!rigued me !he mos!, ho1ever, 1ere !heir -ommen!s abou! PaulFs ma!uri!y profiles. 5hey readily admi!!ed !hey had never heard mu-h abou! 5imo!hy and 5i!us. Dne man said, .Gene, , seem !o remember hearing abou! 5imo!hy, bu! !his 5i!us guyH1ell, ,Fve never heard of him./


&! !his poin! !hese businessmen really grabbed my a!!en!ionJ 5hough !hey had never read or heard !hese passages in !he >e1 5es!amen! before a!!ending !ha! -onferen-e, !hey 1ere e+perien!ially familiar 1i!h !he -hara-!eris!i-s of ma!uri!y ou!lined by Paul and 1hy !hey 1ere so impor!an!. 5ha! is 1hy !hey 1ere responsive !o 1ha! , 1as sharing. 5hey 1ere affirming !he impor!an-e and signifi-an-e of ea-h 2uali!y. Probably 1i!hou! kno1ing i!, !hey 1ere demons!ra!ing !ha! .all !ru!h is GodFs !ru!h/J 'uring !ha! -offee break, !hey e+panded on !heir publi- responses. .Gene,/ one said, .i!Fs amaEing ho1 PaulFs ma!uri!y profiles for leaders aligns 1i!h 1ha! 1eFve learned by e+perien-e in our posi!ions as upper4level managers./ *ven as ne1 #hris!ians !hey had learned !ha! !hey only 1an!ed !o hire leaders for middle4managemen! posi!ions 1ho had .good repu!a!ions/H!he firs! 2uali!y ou!lined by Paul in bo!h le!!ers Bsee 1 5im. 301G 5i!us 108C. Fur!hermore, !hey said !hey did no! 1an! men in leadership posi!ions 1ho 1ere unfai!hful !o !heir 1ivesH!he se-ond re2uiremen! lis!ed by Paul in bo!h profiles. .,f !hey -hea! on !heir mari!al par!ners, !heyFll also -hea! !he -ompany,/ one said. 5hey readily affirmed !ha! leaders 1ho -an no! give good dire-!ion !o !heir o1n families 1ill never give proper dire-!ion !o !he people !hey are responsible for in !heir business posi!ions. For Paul !his 1as also a founda!ional 2ualifi-a!ionJ ,n essen-e, !hey !old me during !ha! fif!een4minu!e .break in !he a-!ion/ !ha! PaulFs re2uiremen!s for spiri!ual leaders in !he -hur-h 1ere !he same re2uiremen!s !hey had dis-overed pragma!i-ally !o be 1ha! !hey need !o look for in a -ompe!en! leader in !heir o1n -orpora!e arenas. :8

Paul had lef! 5imo!hy in *phesus !o help es!ablish !he -hur-h. 5hough !he #hris!ian -ommuni!y 1as 1ell on i!s 1ay as a gro1ing and influen!ial -hur-h in !he broader &sian area, .-er!ain men/ had emerged and se-ured for !hemselves prominen! leadership posi!ions. $nfor!una!ely, !hese men 1ere any!hing bu! 2ualified !o lead, bo!h in !erms of 1ha! !hey believed and !augh! and in !he 1ay !hey lived !heir lives. >o! only 1ere !hey !ea-hing false do-!rine, bu! !hey also demons!ra!ed arrogan! a!!i!udes and a-!ions Bsee 1 5im. 10347C. %ome of !hese men 1en! so far as !o be guil!y of blasphemy. Paul 1arned 5imo!hy !o avoid being influen-ed by !hese false !ea-hersH!o .figh! !he good figh!/ by .keeping fai!h and a good -ons-ien-e/ B1 5im. 1017419C. 5o do o!her1ise -ould lead !o spiri!ual disas!er, as i! did in !he lives of ?ymenaeus and &le+ander and o!hers 1ho had .suffered ship1re-k in regard !o !heir fai!h/ B1 5im. 1019C. ,magine !he -hallenge 5imo!hy fa-edJ ?ere 1as a rela!ively young man, probably abou! !hir!y years of age, fa-ing some men 1ho 1ere no doub! mu-h older !han himself, men 1ho 1ere already in influen!ial posi!ions and in !he pro-ess of leading believers as!ray. Problems su-h as !hese are no! solved easily nor 2ui-kly, 1hi-h helps e+plain PaulFs -hallenge !o 5imo!hy in his se-ond le!!er. ,n !ha! *pis!le, Paul -harged his younger -olleague !o .fan in!o flame/ !he gif! God had given him and !o never be-ome in!imida!ed by !hese po1erful and influen!ial leaders. ?e 1as !o fa-e !he problem head on 1i!h a .spiri!...of po1er and love and dis-ipline/ B( 5im. 107C. 5i!us had a similar -hallenge on !he island of #re!e. &lso a young man, Paul had lef! him in !his pagan bu! frui!ful mission field !o es!ablish !he ne1 believers !ha! had -ome !o #hris! as a resul! of !heir -hur-h4plan!ing effor!s and !o appoin! godly leaders 1ho -ould lead !hese ne1 -ongrega!ions Bsee 5i!us 108C. ,n some respe-!s, 5i!us fa-ed an even grea!er !ask !han 5imo!hy did in *phesus. <any .rebellious/ leadersH.emp!y !alkers and de-eivers,/ !o 2uo!e PaulHhad already emerged and 1ere .upse!!ing 1hole families, !ea-hing !hings !hey should no! !o !ea-h/ B5i!us 1011bC. 5hey .mus! be silen-ed,/ 1ro!e Paul B5i!us 1011aC. Prior !o !his e+hor!a!ion, Paul had ou!lined a lis! of 2ualifi-a!ions !o guide 5i!us in appoin!ing leaders in !he -hur-hes in #re!e !ha! is in essen-e very similar !o !he lis! in PaulFs firs! le!!er !o 5imo!hy B-ompare 1 5im. 30147 1i!h 5i!us 10849C. Be-ause of spa-e limi!a!ions in !his -hap!er, le!Fs -on-en!ra!e on !he -hara-!eris!i-s ou!lined in 1 5imo!hy, and in-lude supplemen!ary referen-es !o !hose lis!ed in 5i!us.


Paul 1an!ed bo!h 5imo!hy and 5i!us !o kno1 in no un-er!ain !erms 1ha! !o look for in a po!en!ial leader. &s 1e ou!line and elabora!e on !hese re2uiremen!s, no!e !ha! Paul said very li!!le abou! skills or abili!ies or even gif!s. &ll !hese -hara-!eris!i-s rela!e !o 2uali!ies of life0 high morals, e!hi-al behavior, righ! a!!i!udes, pure mo!ives, proper goals, posi!ive habi!s, 2uali!y rela!ionships and a good repu!a!ion. *ven kno1ledge is no! high on PaulFs lis! of priori!ies, !hough i! is -er!ainly assumed, par!i-ularly in his le!!er !o 5i!us 1hen he said !hese leaders 1ere !o .e+hor! in sound do-!rine and !o refu!e !hose 1ho -on!radi-!/ B5i!us 109C. 5here is a reason for !his emphasis. 5hose 1ho have kno1ledge, skills and abili!ies 1i!hou! !he 2uali!ies ou!lined by Paul -an lead people in !he 1rong dire-!ion effi-ien!ly and 2ui-kly. 5his 1as happening in bo!h *phesus and #re!e. 'o no! misunders!andJ 5his does no! mean !ha! kno1ledge, skills and abili!ies are no! impor!an!, even 1hen looking for 2ualified spiri!ual leaders. 5he %-rip!ures 1arn agains! .Eeal :9

1i!hou! kno1ledge/ BProverbs 190(, /3!C. & person devoid of kno1ledge, skills and abili!ies 1ill flounder as a leader. Gif!edness 1i!hou! -hara-!er, !hough, is le!hal. @hen appoin!ing leaders, if 1e ge! !he .-ar! before !he horse/Habili!ies before -hara-!erH1e -an li!erally des!roy a -hur-h or any o!her #hris!ian organiEa!ion. &ll i! !akes is one s!rong ego4driven person !o disrup! uni!y and -rea!e almos! in!olerable divisiveness. Lea$er" i) Prin.i)le 16 A lea$er " o%l$ be li#ing an eBem)lary li(e ! a! i" ob#io%" !o bo! + ri"!ian" an$ nonC + ri"!ian". Rela!e$ S)iri!%al Prin.i)le6 A lea$er m%"! be abo#e re)roa. .( @hen looking for a po!en!ial leader, Paul lis!ed !his -hara-!er 2uali!y firs!. %ignifi-an!ly, i! is a! !he !op of !he lis! in bo!h his firs! le!!er !o 5imo!hy and in his le!!er !o 5i!us. Paul 1as no! !alking abou! perfe-!ion, be-ause Kesus #hris! 1as !he only perfe-! leader 1ho 1alked on plane! *ar!h. Ra!her, Paul 1as referring !o a personFs repu!a!ionHho1 o!hers vie1 !his person. 5imo!hyFs -hara-!er 1as perhaps his grea!es! s!reng!h as a leader. 5his 1as a key reason Paul asked him !o serve as his assis!an! in minis!ry. @hen he and %ilas arrived in ys!ra on !heir se-ond missionary =ourney, uke re-ords !ha! 5imo!hy .1as 1ell spoken of/ in his home !o1n B&-!s 190(C. People 1ere !alking abou! !his young man and his -ommi!men! !o Kesus #hris!, no! only 1here he lived, bu! also in ,-onium, a neighboring -i!y. ?is repu!a!ion had spread beyond his lo-al -ommuni!y. Paul 1as impressed be-ause he kne1 !he leadership -hallenge !ha! lay ahead. ,f ne1 -ongrega!ions 1ere !o survive and gro1, !hey 1ould need godly leaders. Paul also kne1 !ha! he needed a fello1 missionary on !he se-ond =ourney 1ho -ould dis-over and approve !hese leaders. <ore impor!an!ly, he needed an asso-ia!e 1ho 1as .pra-!i-ing 1ha! he prea-hed./ ,n shor!, i! !akes a leader 1ho has a .good repu!a!ion/ !o dire-!, !rain and appoin! o!hers 1i!h .a good repu!a!ion./ ,magine 1ha! 1ould have happened if 5imo!hy had prea-hed a message in *phesus regarding !he need for leaders 1ho have a .good repu!a!ion/ 1i!hou! demons!ra!ing !his 2uali!y in his o1n life. ?e fa-ed a !ask !ha! 1as !ough enough 1i!hou! giving people !he oppor!uni!y !o 2ues!ion his o1n -hara-!er. >o!i-e !ha! Paul 1an!ed 5imo!hy !o appoin! leaders 1ho no! only had a good repu!a!ion in !he .believing -ommuni!y,/ bu! also in !he .pagan -ommuni!y./ #onse2uen!ly, he -ulmina!ed his -hara-!er profile for elders and pas!ors by s!a!ing !ha! every spiri!ual leader .mus! have a goo$ re)%!a!ion -i! ! o"e o%!"i$e ! e . %r. / B1 5im. 307, au!horFs emphasisC. Paul did no! mean !ha! !hese po!en!ial leaders 1ould no! be -ri!i-iEed or ridi-uled be-ause of !heir fai!h. Ra!her, he 1an!ed leaders in !he -hur-h 1ho demons!ra!ed hones!y and in!egri!y in !heir rela!ionships 1i!h nonbelievers. ,n essen-e, Paul 1as saying !he same !hing Pe!er said !o all #hris!ians 1hen he 1ro!e0 &nd keep a good -ons-ien-e so !ha! in !he !hing in 1hi-h you are slandered, !hose 1ho revile your good behavior in #hris! may be pu! !o shame B1 Pe!er 3019C. Lea$er" i) Prin.i)le 76 A lea$er " o%l$ be morally )%re' main!aining Go$<" "!an$ar$ o( rig !eo%"ne"". Rela!e$ S)iri!%al Prin.i)le6 A lea$er " o%l$ be ! e %"ban$ o( one -i(e.3 @hen Paul e+hor!ed 5imo!hy !o seek individuals 1ho had been .!he husband of one 1ife,/ in essen-e, he 1as referring !o moral puri!y. @e -ould fairly !ransla!e PaulFs phrase as a .man of :7

one 1oman./ ,n o!her 1ords, any man 1ho served !he -hur-h as an elder or pas!or 1as !o have only one 1oman in his life se+uallyHnamely, his 1ife.: Dne reason !his 1as su-h an impor!an! spiri!ual re2uiremen! in !he >e1 5es!amen! 1orld for leaders is !ha! many menHpar!i-ularly !hose 1ho 1ere 1ell4!o4doHhad more !han one 1oman he rela!ed !o a! a se+ual level. Besides his 1ife, he had a slave girl 1ho 1as available !o him, and he of!en a-2uired !he servi-es of a !emple pros!i!u!e. 5his 1as -ommon 1i!hin !he Roman *mpire. @hen any man be-ame a #hris!ian, ho1ever, he -ame fa-e4!o4fa-e 1i!h a ne1 s!andard of morali!y0 GodFs s!andard. ?e 1as !o have only one 1oman in his life in !erms of se+ual in!ima-y0 his legal 1ife. 5he same s!andard applied !o any #hris!ian 1oman. ,n !erms of se+ual rela!ionships, she, !oo, 1as !o have only one man in her life0 her husband. ,n bo!h le!!ers, being !he .husband of one 1ife/ is lis!ed se-ond af!er being .above reproa-h./ 5his is by divine design. <oral puri!y is !he mos! impor!an! 2uali!y for building a good repu!a!ion. &ny #hris!ian leader 1ho viola!es !his prin-iple be-omes suspe-! in !erms of being !rus!1or!hy. &s my ne1 friends s!a!ed during !he -onferen-e -offee break referred !o earlier, if you -anno! !rus! a man !o be loyal !o his 1ife, you -anno! !rus! him !o be loyal !o his organiEa!ion, be i! #hris!ian or non4#hris!ian. 5he same applies !o any 1oman in a leadership role. & 1oman 1ho -hea!s on her husband 1ill more of!en !han no! -hea! !he -ompanyHor !he -hur-h. 5his bibli-al re2uiremen! for #hris!ian leaders raises an impor!an! 2ues!ion. %hould a person 1ho has -ommi!!ed adul!ery and !ruly repen!ed of !ha! sin ever be allo1ed !o o--upy a !op leadership posi!ion in !he -hur-h Bpas!or, elder, dea-on, dea-onessCN 5his 2ues!ion is no! easily ans1ered. Dne !hing is -lear, !hough. ,f !his kind of behavior hur!s our repu!a!ions, making i! diffi-ul! for us !o minis!er !o o!hers, 1e are viola!ing !he firs! re2uiremen!Hbeing .above reproa-h./ For some i! is possible !o s!ar! over, espe-ially in ano!her -ommuni!y. For o!hers, ho1ever, !heir repu!a!ions are so !ain!ed be-ause of !heir high profiles in !he #hris!ian -ommuni!y !ha! i! is vir!ually impossible !o s!ar! over. , remember !alking !o a 1ell4kno1n pas!or 1ho 1as guil!y of adul!ery 1i!h many 1omen. Relieved of his du!ies 1here he pas!ored, he 1an!ed !o immedia!ely s!ar! a ne1 -hur-h in !he same geographi-al area. , reminded him one day !ha! !he .1hole -i!y/ kne1 abou! his affairs be-ause his moral -risis had been repor!ed in !he ma=or ne1spaper. Fur!hermore, he 1as an au!hor 1hose books 1ere read 1idely and he 1as fea!ured on a na!ional and in!erna!ional !elevision minis!ry. ?e -ould go very fe1 pla-es in !he 1orld 1i!hou! being kno1n as !he pas!or of a large and gro1ing -hur-h 1ho had -ommi!!ed adul!ery, many !imes 1i!h many 1omen. $nfor!una!ely, he did no! lis!en !o me Bor several o!her -on-erned peopleC. ,! 1as =us! a ma!!er of !ime before he repea!ed his sinful behavior, devas!a!ing more people and bringing fur!her reproa-h on !he -ause of #hris!. ?aving a .good repu!a!ion/ is a fundamen!al -ri!eria for ans1ering !he earlier 2ues!ion. <ore impor!an!, suffi-ien! eviden-e mus! be made available !o kno1 1he!her or no! !he person has !ruly repen!ed of !he sin. %adly, in !he -ase =us! illus!ra!ed, i! 1as revealed !ha! !his man 1as no! !elling !he 1hole !ru!h. &f!er our -onversa!ion, i! soon be-ame eviden! !ha! he had been involved 1i!h more 1omen !han any of us kne1 abou!. ?is so4-alled .repen!an-e/ 1as no! real. %adly, !his, !oo, 1as repor!ed in a 1ell4kno1n and sophis!i-a!ed se-ular periodi-al. $nfor!una!ely, many leaders 1ho are !rapped in !his kind of sin and are found ou! are more .sorry/ !hey 1ere -augh! !han !ha! !hey hur! !he %avior and deeply offended !he ?oly %piri!. Lea$er" i) Prin.i)le ;6 A lea$er " o%l$ -al& by (ai! ' $emon"!ra!e o)e an$ mani(e"! !r%e lo#e in all rela!ion" i)". :7

Rela!e$ S)iri!%al Prin.i)le6 A lea$er " o%l$ be a !em)era!e + ri"!ian.8 @hen Paul used !he !erm .!empera!e,/ he 1as des-ribing a #hris!ian 1ho had a -lear fo-us on life. <ore broadly, !his kind of #hris!ian has a philosophy of life !ha! is buil! fours2uare on !he %-rip!ures. eaders 1ho are !empera!e have a bibli-al vie1 of his!ory. 5hey unders!and GodFs sovereign -on!rol of !he universe, bu! a! !he same !ime !hey -arry ou! !heir human responsibili!ies diligen!ly. 5hey are balan-ed as !hey approa-h problems and !hey avoid e+!remes !ha! side!ra-k !hem from !he purposes God lef! us in !he 1orld !o fulfill. ,n his le!!er !o !he 5hessalonians, Paul des-ribed a .!empera!e/ #hris!ian as one 1ho has .pu! on !he breas!pla!e of (ai! and lo#e, and as a helme!, !he o)e of salva!ion/ B1 5hes. 807, au!horFs emphasisC. ,n!eres!ingly, Paul used !hese !hree 1ords fre2uen!ly !o des-ribe ma!uri!y among #hris!ians generally Bsee *phes. 1018, 17G #ol. 10347G 1 5hes. 10(43G ( 5hes. 103G 1 #or. 13013C. ,f all #hris!ians !oge!her are !o refle-! !hese 2uali!ies, ho1 mu-h more mus! #hris!ian leaders possess !hem. <ore spe-ifi-ally, ho1 do 1e re-ogniEe a #hris!ian 1ho is .!empera!e/N Fai! is refle-!ed in #hris!ians 1ho are 1illing !o s!ep ou! and believe GodFs promises. 5hey do no! fear !he unkno1n, be-ause !hey kno1 !ha! God is in -on!rol. &! !he same !ime, people of fai!h do no! !ake foolish risks, ignoring !he human fa-!ors in de-ision making. ,n essen-e, !hey pra-!i-e !he follo1ing proverb0 5rus! in !he ord 1i!h all your hear!, and do no! lean on your o1n unders!anding. ,n all your 1ays a-kno1ledge ?im, and ?e 1ill make your pa!hs s!raigh! BProverbs 30849C. Ho)e is refle-!ed in #hris!ians 1ho are se-ure in 1ha! !hey believe. 5hey are s!able and s!eadfas!, par!i-ularly in !he fa-e of adversi!y. 5hey kno1 1here his!ory is going and ul!ima!ely, no ma!!er ho1 mu-h !heir so-ie!y de!eriora!es, !hey kno1 !hey have .an inheri!an-e 1hi-h is imperishable and undefiled and 1ill no! fade a1ay, reserved in heaven/ for !hem B1 Pe!er 10:C. Fur!hermore, !hey are no! .-arried abou! by every 1ind of do-!rine/ B*phes. :01:C. Lo#e is refle-!ed in several -hara-!eris!i-s !ha! are beau!ifully illus!ra!ed in PaulFs firs! le!!er !o !he #orin!hians, in 1hi-h he des-ribes love as being pa!ien!, kind, no! =ealous, no! arrogan!, no! a-!ing unbe-omingly, no! seeking i!s o1n, no! provoked, no! !aking in!o a--oun! a 1rong suffered and no! re=oi-ing in unrigh!eousness. ove is also des-ribed as re=oi-ing 1i!h !he !ru!h, bearing all !hings, believing all !hings, hoping all !hings and enduring all !hings B1 #or. 130:47C. Lea$er" i) Prin.i)le >6 A lea$er " o%l$ be -i"e' $i".erning an$ eB)erien.e$D ! e &in$ o( + ri"!ian - o re(le.!" !r%e %mili!y an$ i" $i".i)line$ by Go$<" gra.e !o li#e a go$ly li(e an$ !o be a )er"on o( )rayer. Rela!e$ S)iri!%al Prin.i)le6 A + ri"!ian lea$er i" a )r%$en! )er"on.9 5he Greek 1ord !ransla!ed .pruden!/ is sophron, 1hi-h li!erally means .sound in mind./ 5his 1ord -an also be !ransla!ed .dis-ree!,/ .sober/ or .sensible,/ depending upon !he -on!e+!. Frankly, , like !he 1ord .pruden!/ be-ause @ebs!er reminds us !ha! a pruden! leader is .shre1d in !he managemen! of pra-!i-al affairs./ #onse2uen!ly, 1e -an -on-lude !ha! a pruden! person is a .person of 1isdom./ @hen <oses fa-ed !he a1esome responsibili!y of leading !1o million plus people !hrough !he 1ilderness, he 1as dire-!ed by !he ord !o .#hoose -i"e and $i".erning and eB)erien.e$ men/ from ea-h !ribe and !o appoin! !hem as leaders !o help in his o1n managemen! role B'eu!. :9

101341:, au!horFs emphasisC. ,n shor!, .1ise,/ .dis-erning/ and .e+perien-ed/ people be-ome pruden! leaders. <ore spe-ifi-ally, ho1 do 1e re-ogniEe a .pruden!/ #hris!ianN Firs! of all, su-h a person is a humble leader. Paul unders-ored !his reali!y 1hen he 1ro!e !o !he Romans !ha! no person should .!hink more highly of himself !han he ough! !o !hinkG bu! !o !hink so as !o have "o%n$ E%$gmen! Q!ha! is, !o !hink soberly, sensibly or pruden!lyR, as God has allo!!ed !o ea-h a measure of fai!h/ BRomans 1(03, au!horFs emphasisC. Pu! ano!her 1ay, pruden! leaders 1ill .do no!hing from selfishness or emp!y -on-ei!/G ra!her !hey fun-!ion .1i!h humili!y of mind./ 5hey regard o!hers .as more impor!an!/ !han !hemselvesG !hey 1ill .no! merely look ou! for/ !heir .o1n personal in!eres!s, bu! also for !he in!eres!s of o!hers/ BPhil. (034:C. %e-ond, a pruden! #hris!ian is one 1ho possesses a proper vie1 of GodFs gra-e. Paul unders-ored !his poin! 1hen he 1ro!e !o 5i!us0 For !he gra-e of God has appeared, bringing salva!ion !o all men, ins!ru-!ing us !o deny ungodliness and 1orldly desires and !o live sensibly Qor pruden!lyR, righ!eously and godly in !he presen! age B5i!us (01141(C. Finally, a pruden! person is a person of prayer. Pe!er a-kno1ledged !his 1hen he admonished his follo1ers0 .Be of "o%n$ E%$gmen! Qbe )r%$en!R and sober of spiri! for !he purpose of prayer/ B1 Pe!er :07, au!horFs emphasisC. & .pruden!/ leader 1ill go !o his knees in humble and prayerful adora!ion, and !hen rise !o a ne1 level of righ!eous and holy living. Lea$er" i) Prin.i)le A6 A lea$er " o%l$ li#e a -ellCor$ere$ li(e ! a! ma&e" ! e go")el a!!ra.!i#e !o %nbelie#er". Rela!e$ S)iri!%al Prin.i)le6 A lea$er m%"! be a re")e.!able + ri"!ian.7 ,f a !em)era!e #hris!ian refle-!s .a 1ell4ordered philosophy of life,/ a respe-!able #hris!ian lives .a well,ordered life./ 5he former involves a personFs abili!y !o !hink -learlyG !he la!!er refle-!s !he abili!y !o !ransla!e .good !hinking/ in!o .proper a-!ions./ 5he Greek 1ord !ransla!ed .respe-!able/ is &osmios. Dur *nglish 1ord .-osme!i-s/ -omes from !he same basi- 1ord. @e see !his -onne-!ion 1hen !he verb &osmeo is !ransla!ed .!o adorn./ For e+ample, slaves 1ere !o be .1ell4pleasing, no! argumen!a!ive/ and !hey 1ere no! !o s!eal from !heir mas!ers. Ra!her, !hey 1ere !o .adorn Q&osmeoR !he do-!rine of God our %avior in every respe-!/ B5i!us (01)C. ,n essen-e, Paul is !ea-hing !ha! a ma!ure leaderFs life 1ill be like .-osme!i-s !o !he gospel./ @hen non4#hris!ians observe !heir a!!i!udes and a-!ions, !hey should be a!!ra-!ed !o !he gospel message and !o !he Dne 1ho in-arna!es !ha! message. @hen , speak abou! !he sub=e-! of leadership 2uali!ies, , like !o share !he follo1ing modern parable0 & -er!ain man and his 1ife in a -er!ain -i!y bough! a home and moved in. 5his man 1as a #hris!ian and !he man from 1hom he pur-hased !he house 1as also a #hris!ian. Bo!h 1ere #hris!ian minis!ers. &f!er a fe1 days i! be-ame apparen! !ha! -er!ain neighbors 1ere dis!urbed !ha! ano!her minis!er had moved ne+! door. For behold, !he former minis!er had paid li!!le a!!en!ion !o !he ou!1ard appearan-e of his proper!y. ?e allo1ed !he grass !o gro1 long and una!!ended, and 1hen he did mo1 !he la1n, -er!ain se-!ions 1ere lef! un-u!, and 1here he mo1ed, mounds of dry grass a--umula!ed, -rea!ing a shabby appearan-e. 'andelions gre1 rampan!, and o!her assor!ed 1eeds be-ame a permanen! par! of !he lands-ape. 5his man had plan!ed no !rees or shrubs, bu! allo1ed his large and spa-ious la1n !o be-ome a hay field. 8)

,! =us! so happened !ha! -er!ain neighbors in !his par!i-ular -ommuni!y paid spe-ial a!!en!ion !o !he ou!1ard appearan-es of !heir homes. 5rue, many 1ere no! #hris!ians and !hey 1ere ma!erialis!i-. 5heir houses and la1ns appeared !o be !heir .gods./ Bu! !he neighbors 1ere !o!ally !urned off by !his minis!erFs irresponsibili!y and la-k of orderliness and un1illingness !o do his par! !o add !o !he na!ural beau!y of !he neighborhood. #onse2uen!ly, !he minis!er moving in af!er !he former one moved a1ay found grea! -ommuni-a!ion barriers 1i!h his non4#hris!ian neighbors. 5hey 1ere u!!erly -onvin-ed !ha! minis!ers are a bad lo!, !ha! !hey are disorderly, un-on-erned and irresponsible abou! keeping up !heir proper!y. 5his is a !rue parable. ,! happened !o my 1ife and me. Be-ause of !his manFs a-!ions, i! !ook us mon!hs !o build bridges !o !he people ne+! door. *ven!ually, 1e 1on respe-! by 1orking hard !o do 1ha! !his #hris!ian leader had no! done. &f!er days of mo1ing, plan!ing !rees and shrubs and elimina!ing !he 1eeds, 1e over-ame !his -ommuni-a!ion barrier. @e be-ame .respe-!able/ in !ha! neighborhood and on-e again 1e 1ere able !o .adorn/ !he gospel of #hris! by living a lifes!yle !ha! 1as -ommensura!e 1i!h !he -hara-!er of God. Lea$er" i) Prin.i)le F6 A lea$er " o%l$ be %n"el(i" an$ genero%"' -illing !o o)en i" ome (or mini"!ry an$ !o " are i" ear! ly ble""ing" -i! bo! + ri"!ian" an$ nonC+ ri"!ian". Rela!e$ S)iri!%al Prin.i)le6 A + ri"!ian lea$er " o%l$ be o")i!able.7 Generally speaking, .being hospi!able/ refers !o !he 1ay 1e use our ma!erial possessionsH par!i-ularly !he homes 1e live in and !he food 1e ea!. ,n!eres!ingly, sho1ing hospi!ali!y is no! dis!in-!ive !o #hris!iani!y. For e+ample, -onsider !he follo1ing des-rip!ion of !he <uslim -ul!ure0 .& !raveler may si! a! !he door of a perfe-! s!ranger and smoke a pipe un!il !he mas!er 1el-omes him 1i!h an evening meal and !hen !arry a limi!ed number of days 1i!hou! in2uiry as !o his purposes, and depar! 1i!h a simple SGod be 1i!h youF as his only -ompensa!ion./ 9 ,! is -lear from !he >e1 5es!amen! !ha! #hris!ians, of all people, should be hospi!able. is!en !o !he follo1ing e+hor!a!ions0 I Be devo!ed !o one ano!her in bro!herly loveG give preferen-e !o one ano!her in honor...-on!ribu!ing !o !he needs of !he sain!s, pra-!i-ing hospi!ali!y BRomans 1(01), 13C. I e! love of !he bre!hren -on!inue. 'o no! negle-! !o sho1 hospi!ali!y !o s!rangers, for by !his some have en!er!ained angels 1i!hou! kno1ing i! B?ebre1s 13014(C. I &bove all, keep ferven! in your love for one ano!her, be-ause love -overs a mul!i!ude of sins. Be hospi!able !o one ano!her 1i!hou! -omplain! B1 Pe!er :0749C. .%ho1ing love/ and .demons!ra!ing hospi!ali!y/ are inseparable -on-ep!s. Lo#e is !he founda!ional 2uali!y !ha! refle-!s !he unselfish 1ay Kesus #hris! gave ?is life !o save us. Ho")i!ali!y is a spe-ifi- 1ay 1e -an imi!a!e Kesus #hris! and demons!ra!e ?is love !o o!hers. 5o fail !o sho1 hospi!ali!y is !o fail !o love as Kesus -ommanded. ,f all #hris!ians are !o sho1 hospi!ali!yHand !hey areH!hey need !o see i! in !heir leaders. 5his 1as impera!ive in !he early days of #hris!iani!y be-ause !he -hur-h -ould no! o1n proper!y. #onse2uen!ly, !hey had !o mee! in homesHespe-ially in !he homes of -hur-h leaders. 5hough -ul!ural si!ua!ions have -hanged, i! is s!ill impor!an! !ha! a #hris!ian leader be hospi!able. Lea$er" i) Prin.i)le 76


A lea$er " o%l$ be able !o .omm%ni.a!e in a nonarg%men!a!i#e' non$e(en"i#e an$ non! rea!ening -ayG$emon"!ra!ing gen!lene""' )a!ien.e an$ !ea. abili!y -i! o%! .om)romi"ing ! e me""age o( ! e 0or$ o( Go$. Rela!e$ S)iri!%al Prin.i)le6 A lea$er m%"! be able !o !ea. .1) Dn !he surfa-e, i! may appear !ha! Paul 1as !alking abou! !he .gi(! of !ea-hing,/ or an abili!y or "&ill in -ommuni-a!ion. >o! soHa! leas! no! in !he 1ay 1e des-ribe !ea-hing me!hods !oday. Ra!her, !o be .able !o !ea-h/ is a 2uali!y of life, an aspe-! of a personFs -hara-!er. e!Fs allo1 %-rip!ure !o in!erpre! %-rip!ure. 5he Greek 1ord !ransla!ed .able !o !ea-h/ is dida&ti&os. 5his 1ord is used only !1i-e in !he >e1 5es!amen!Hhere in 1 5imo!hy and in ( 5im. (0(34(8. ,n !his la!!er passage, !he main idea is .-ommuni-a!ion,/ 1hi-h is des-ribed as dida&ti&os- >o!e !he 1ords Paul used !ha! -lus!er around !he 2uali!y of being .able !o !ea-h./ Paul e+hor!ed 5imo!hy !o .no! be 2uarrelsome/ or argumen!a!ive. ?e 1as !o be .kind !o all,/ referring spe-ifi-ally !o everyone he 1as !ea-hing. @hile !ea-hing, he 1as !o be .pa!ien! 1hen 1ronged./ @hen anyone opposed !he message of !he @ord of God, he 1as !o .-orre-! 1i!h gen!leness./ >eedless !o say, !hese are 2uali!ies of ma!uri!y !ha! are refle-!ed in a nondefensive approa-h !o -ommuni-a!ion and an openness !o learn. ,n -lassi-al Greek, !he 1ord dida&ti&os mean! .!ea-hable./ ,n essen-e, a person 1ho is .able !o !ea-h/ demons!ra!es a sense of se-uri!y, !ea-habili!y and a non!hrea!ening response !o !hose 1ho may disagree. , love !o illus!ra!e !his 2uali!y of life by !elling a !rue s!ory of a man and his 1ife 1ho have served 1i!h me as lay leaders for several years a! Fello1ship Bible #hur-h >or!h 1here , am senior pas!or. <ike and his 1ife, %haron, are 1onderful dedi-a!ed #hris!ians and have al1ays -hallenged me 1i!h !heir o1n 1alk 1i!h God. <ike is a banker. Dne %a!urday morning, he and %haron 1ere ea!ing breakfas!. &s !hey looked ou! !heir ki!-hen 1indo1, a bus pulled up in fron! of !heir home. & number of people go! off !he bus, pi-ked up pla-ards and began !o pi-ke! in fron! of !heir house. ,n a fe1 minu!es, a man kno-ked a! !he door 1i!h a do-umen! in his hands. ?e 1an!ed <ike !o sign a s!a!emen! !ha! his bankHa large %avings X oan -onglomera!e !hroughou! 5e+asHdemons!ra!ed pre=udi-ial de-isions agains! minori!ies in making loans. %!anding beside !his man 1as ano!her individual 1i!h a -amera, ready !o !ake a pi-!ure of <ikeFs rea-!ionsHassuming !hey 1ould be nega!ive, 1hi-h 1ould probably be displayed !he ne+! day in The 7allas %orning /ews. ,n reali!y, 1ha! had happened 1as !ha! !he $ni!ed %!a!es governmen! had passed legisla!ion !ha! had been in!erpre!ed by minori!ies as pre=udi-ial !rea!men!. %in-e <ike 1as !he #*D of !his large %avings X oan asso-ia!ion, !hose minori!ies !arge!ed him as a means !o make !heir poin!. ,n shor!, <ike 1as se! up. &s a #hris!ian, 1ha! 1ould you have done in !his si!ua!ionN Frankly, my o1n rea-!ions migh! have been less !han ma!ure. <ikeFs response illus!ra!es in an in-redible 1ay 1ha! Paul mean! by being .able !o !ea-h./ Ra!her !han defending himself or rea-!ing nega!ively, <ike invi!ed all of !he pi-ke!ers in!o his home. >a!urally, !he man a! !he door 1i!h !he do-umen! in his hands 1as !o!ally nonplusedHas 1as !he en!ire group. ?o1ever, re-ogniEing <ikeFs offer 1as sin-ere, !hey laid do1n !heir pla-ards in a pile on !he fron! la1n and all mar-hed in!o his family room. %haron served !hem -offee 1hile <ike e+plained his personal -on-erns for minori!ies, as 1ell as !he his!ory of his o1n involvemen! 1i!h minori!y groups in !he -i!y of 'allas. @hen !he na!ural oppor!uni!y -ame, <ike shif!ed his fo-us from his involvemen! in so-ial a-!ivi!ies !o an e+perien-e !ha! he had several years before. <ike had -ome !o kno1 Kesus 8(

#hris! as his personal ord and %avior 1hi-h, he !old !he group, even in!ensified his -on-ern for helping o!hers. &! !ha! poin!, !here 1as a de-ided -hange in !he rea-!ions of !he group. <ike even began !o ge! some affirma!ions from some of !hese s!rangers. <ike had 1on !heir hear!s. 5hey began !o see more -learly his o1n perspe-!ive on 1ha! 1as happening in our so-ie!y. &f!er a period of !ime !oge!her, !he people s!ood up, !hanked <ike and %haron for !heir hospi!ali!y, and one by one 1alked ou! !he door and go! on !he bus and lef!. 5hey 1ere never heard from again.11 @hen , heard <ike share !his e+perien-e, , !hough! immedia!ely of 1ha! Paul 1ro!e !o 5imo!hy abou! being .able !o !ea-h./ <ike and %haron bo!h demons!ra!ed unusual ma!uri!y in !ha! si!ua!ion. "ery 2ui-kly, a nega!ive response on <ikeFs par! -ould have led !o an argumen!. ,f he had .slammed !he door/H1hi-h , 1ould have been !emp!ed !o doHhe 1ould have played in!o !heir hands. <ore impor!an!ly, he 1ould have missed !he golden oppor!uni!y !o share bo!h !he message of #hris! and #hris!likeness. By .keeping !he door open/ and being .pa!ien! 1hen 1ronged/ and .1i!h gen!leness -orre-!ing !hose 1ho 1ere in opposi!ion/ !o him, <ike 1as also given an .open door/ !o -orre-! !he !hinking of !he people in !his group. Righ! !here before his very eyes he began !o see a!!i!ude -hanges, 1hi-h happens 1hen people begin !o lis!en and !o -ome .!o !he kno1ledge of !he !ru!h./ @ha! <ike did in no 1ay =us!ifies any!hing !ha! may have been inappropria!ely done by !he $ni!ed %!a!es governmen! or any o!her organiEa!ion. <ike, ho1ever, !ook !his oppor!uni!y !o share his desire !o be fair, hones! and nonpre=udi-ed in his dealings 1i!h people, bo!h in his personal life and in his business. By pra-!i-ing !his 2uali!y of life in a nondefensive and open 1ay, he 1as .able !o !ea-h./ Lea$er" i) Prin.i)le H6 A lea$er " o%l$ no! be in bon$age !o any "in(%l .ra#ing" o( ! e (le" D (%r! ermore' ! a! )er"on " o%l$ .are(%lly .on"i$er ! e -ay i" or er (ree$om" in + ri"! mig ! lea$ o! er" !o "in. Rela!e$ S)iri!%al Prin.i)le6 A + ri"!ian lea$er m%"! no! be a$$i.!e$ !o -ine.1( 5his par!i-ular re2uiremen! for leadership has of!en -onfused people. 5he fa-! is !he Bible does no! !ea-h !o!al abs!inen-e. <os! s-holars agree !ha! referen-es !o 1ine in bo!h !he Dld and >e1 5es!amen!s refer !o fermen!ed grape =ui-e. 5his is 1hy Paul 1ro!e !ha! a spiri!ual leader should no! be .addi-!ed !o 1ine./ Dbviously, 1e -anno! be .addi-!ed/ !o nonal-oholi- grape =ui-e. ,f Paul 1ere !ea-hing !o!al abs!inen-e, he 1ould have s!a!ed !ha! a spiri!ual leader should never par!ake of 1ine. @ha! does !he Bible a-!ually !ea-h abou! drinking 1ineN 5he follo1ing guidelines are provided in !he Bible. 1. ,! is al1ays ou!side GodFs 1ill !o overindulge and overdrink. is!en -arefully !o !he follo1ing 1arnings in !he book of Proverbs0 @ho has 1oeN @ho has sorro1N @ho has -on!en!ionsN @ho has -omplainingN @ho has 1ounds 1i!hou! -auseN @ho has redness of eyesN 5hose 1ho linger long over 1ine BProverbs (30(943)C. 83

(. ,! is al1ays ou!side GodFs 1ill !o be-ome a$$i.!e$ !o 1ine. is!en !o !he 1ords of Paul in his le!!er !o !he #orin!hians0 ,n 1 #or. 901( Paul 1ro!e, .&ll !hings are la1ful for me, bu! no! all !hings are profi!able. &ll !hings are la1ful for me, bu! , 1ill no! be ma"!ere$ by any!hing./ ,n essen-e, !his is 1ha! Paul had in mind 1hen he es!ablished !his re2uiremen! for spiri!ual leaders. 5oday 1e -lassify !his kind of person as an al-oholi-. 3. ,! is al1ays ou!side GodFs 1ill 1hen 1e -ause o!hers !o sin. Paul spoke !o !his par!i-ular issue 1hen he said, .,! is good no! !o ea! mea! or !o drink 1ine or !o do any!hing by 1hi-h your bro!her s!umbles/ BRomans 1:0(1C. 5his prin-iple is appli-able !o all rela!ionships. ?o1ever, i! is par!i-ularly appli-able !o paren!s. 5he >a!ional #oun-il on &l-oholism s!a!es !ha! -hildren of al-oholi-s run a risk of be-oming al-oholi-s !hemselves !ha! is four !imes grea!er !han !ha! of -hildren of nonal-oholi-s. 5his demons!ra!es !he po1er of modeling and e+ample. Fur!hermore, 1e mus! remember !ha! some -hildren Bsome say one in fiveC are born 1i!h a propensi!y !o1ard al-oholism. @hen -hildren have !his na!ural !enden-y !o be-ome addi-!ed, modeling by paren!s simply moves !hem in !ha! dire-!ion more 2ui-kly. :. ,! is al1ays ou!side GodFs 1ill !o be-ome addi-!ed !o any!hing. PaulFs e+hor!a!ion !o no! be addi-!ed !o 1ine has a broader appli-a!ion. & #hris!ian should no! be addi-!ed !o any!hing0 drugs of any kind, se+, ma!erial !hings or food. For e+ample, some #hris!ians regularly overea!, bu! !hey never drink 1ine or any kind of al-oholi- beverage. Ae! !he Bible -ondemns bo!h addi-!ions Bsee Proverbs (30()4(1C. @i!hin a period of !1o 1eeks, !1o men in !he -hur-h , pas!or separa!ely approa-hed me regarding drinking al-oholi- beverages. Bo!h men 1ere gro1ing #hris!ians 1ho desired !o do !he 1ill of God. 5he fa-!or !ha! !riggered !heir -on-erns abou! !heir a-!ions, ho1ever, 1as !heir young -hildren. Bo!h !hese men 1ere 1ell a1are of !he problems in our so-ie!y. 5hey kne1 !he dangers of al-oholism, and !hey 1ere -on-erned abou! !he e+ample !hey migh! se! for !heir -hildren. @as i! 1or!h !he risk !o drink, al!hough drinking migh! no! be sin for !hemN @ould !heir freedom in #hris! even!ually -ause one of !heir -hildren !o fallN &s 1e dis-ussed !he ma!!er, !hey bo!h -ame !o !he -on-lusion !ha! drinking al-oholibeverages in fron! of !heir -hildren 1as no! 1or!h !he risk. Dne de-ided on !o!al abs!inen-e. 5he o!her de-ided on abs!inen-e in fron! of !he -hildren. Bo!h made de-isions based on prin-iples of %-rip!ure Bsee Romans 1:014(3C. Lea$er" i) Prin.i)le 96 A lea$er " o%l$ be able !o .on!rol angry (eeling"' ne#er eB)re""ing ! e"e (eeling" in %r!(%l -ay" nor allo-ing ! em !o linger in$e(ini!ely. Rela!e$ S)iri!%al Prin.i)le6 A lea$er i" no! )".13 5he Greek 1ord !ransla!ed .pugna-ious/ is plee&tees. 5hayer defines !his kind of person as a .bruiser,/ one 1ho is .ready 1i!h a blo1/G a .pugna-ious, -on!en!ious, 2uarrelsome person./ 1: Pugna-iousness is really anger ou! of our -on!rol. ,! is no! surprising !ha! Paul s!a!ed !his re2uiremen! for spiri!ual leaders follo1ing his 1arning agains! being .addi-!ed !o 1ine./ 'rinking and par!i-ularly drunkenness of!en lead !o argumen!s, bra1ls and figh!s. *ven more fundamen!al !o no! being pugna-ious is !o avoid being .2ui-k !empered./ Paul referred !o !his -hara-!eris!i- in his le!!er !o 5i!us B5i!us 107C. .Vui-k !emperedness/ is also a form of anger. &! !his poin!, 1e mus! unders!and !ha! no! all anger is sinful. ,! is a normal emo!ion. Paul a-kno1ledged !his 1hen he admonished !he *phesians0 .Be angry, and ye! do no! sin/ B*phes. 8:

:0(9C. Kesus #hris!, !he perfe-! %on of God, demons!ra!ed !ha! i! is possible !o e+press anger 1i!hou! sinning 1hen ?e drove !he money -hangers from !he 5emple Bsee Kohn (013417C. @hen does anger be-ome sinfulN 1. @hen i! resul!s in .2ui-k !empered/ behavior. 5he Greek 1ord orgilos, 1hi-h Paul used in 5i!us 107, li!erally means .prone !o anger./ 5he *nglish 1ord !ha! probably -omes -loses! !o des-ribing !his kind of 2ui-k4!empered person is .iras-ible,/ meaning .ho! !empered/ or .easily provoked/ !o anger. & 2ui-k4!empered person .flies off !he handle,/ .loses -on!rol/ and usually says and does !hings !ha! hur! and offend o!hers. (. @hen i! hur!s people physi-ally. 5his is 1ha! Paul had in mind 1hen he used !he Greek 1ord plee&tees1hi-h is !ransla!ed .pugna-ious./ 5his -an also happen 1hen anger ge!s ou! of -on!rol. 3. @hen i! persis!s and resul!s in bi!!erness. &f!er Paul e+hor!ed !he *phesians !o .be angry and ye! do no! sin,/ he elabora!ed by 1arning !hem !ha! all of us need a -ooling off period 1hen 1e ge! angry. ,! is vir!ually impossible !o suddenly flip !he s1i!-h and dissipa!e angry feelings. 5ime, ho1ever, be-omes our friend. ,! gives us an oppor!uni!y !o unders!and 1ha! is -ausing our anger and !o be-ome more ob=e-!ive. ,f !his does no! happen, angry feelings -an !urn !o bi!!erness, 1hi-h is sinful. :. @hen 1e hur! people emo!ionally and spiri!ually. &nger !ha! leads !o verbal abuse -an be even more devas!a!ing !han physi-al abuse. %ome #hris!ians 1ould never s!rike ou! a! o!hers physi-ally, bu! !hey use !heir !ongues !o pu! o!hers do1n, !o -on!rol people, !o embarrass !hem and !o mispla-e !heir o1n hos!ili!y. $nfor!una!ely, -hildren are more vulnerable !o !his kind of abuse !han adul!s simply be-ause !hey have no 1ay of pro!e-!ing !hemselves. 8. @hen 1e be-ome vengeful. ,! is na!ural !o 1an! !o hur! !hose 1ho have hur! usH!o ge! even. 5ha!, ho1ever, God says, is no! our righ! nor our responsibili!y. Paul 1ro!e0 .>ever pay ba-k evil for evil !o anyone....>ever !ake your o1n revenge, beloved, bu! leave room for !he 1ra!h of God, for i! is 1ri!!en, Svengean-e is mine, , 1ill repay,F says !he ord/ BRomans 1(017, 19C. Lea$er" i) Prin.i)le 1I6 A lea$er " o%l$ be able !o $emon"!ra!e "!rong .on#i.!ion" an$ $ire.!ne"" in !a&ing a "!an$ (or rig !eo%"ne""' b%! !o al"o balan.e ! e"e a!!i!%$e" an$ a.!ion" -i! a lo#ing ")iri!. Rela!e$ S)iri!%al Prin.i)le6 Be gen!le.18 Paul -on!ras!s .pugna-iousness/ 1i!h .gen!leness./ ,n!eres!ingly, several Greek 1ords are !ransla!ed .gen!le./ Paul, ho1ever, -hose !his par!i-ular 1ord Bepii&eesC !o des-ribe a par!i-ular kind of gen!leness0 .a spiri! of forbearan-e./ 5hayer defines !he 1ord as being .e2ui!able/ and .fair,/ and 1e migh! add .reasonable./ 19 , like !o use 5om andry, former -oa-h of !he 'allas #o1boys, !o illus!ra!e !his par!i-ular 2uali!y. #oa-h andry 1as a fair4minded man. 5ony 'orse!!, a premier running ba-k 1ho a! !imes frus!ra!ed andry, made !he follo1ing -ommen! as he refle-!ed ba-k on his years 1i!h !he #o1boys0 .<aybe you didnF! al1ays like his de-isions, bu! he 1as fair. ?e 1ould lis!en !o all sides of an issue and !hen de-ide 1ha! 1as bes! for !he !eam./ 17 'orse!! 1as no! !he only #o1boy 1ho a! !imes -aused a lo! of diffi-ul!ies for andry. '1ayne 5homas, ano!her po1erful running ba-k, helped lead !he #o1boys !o a %uper Bo1l vi-!ory. 5homas la!er go! hooked on drugs, ho1ever, and his behavior be-ame so biEarre !ha! i! be-ame ridi-ulous. 88

5hen 5homas B?olly1oodC ?enderson ble1 a po!en!ially brillian! -areer for !he same reason and la!er be-ame a publi- embarrassmen! !o !he en!ire #o1boy organiEa!ion. &s !ough4minded as andry -ould be, he demons!ra!ed in-redible pa!ien-e and forbearan-e Bgen!lenessC 1i!h !hese men on his !eam. ,n his book The Landry Legend, Bob %!. Kohn summariEed 5omFs approa-h0 .Fai!h 1as -er!ainly a fa-!or in helping him !o !ry !o unders!and and -ope 1i!h a mu-h !roubled '1ayne 5homas and !o be more fair and unders!anding of a person su-h as 5homas B?olly1oodC ?enderson and !he some1ha! differen! behavior pa!!erns of 5ony 'orse!!./ 17 Randy @hi!e, an &ll4Pro 'efensive lineman pu! i! !his 1ay, .?ey, , 1as !here 1hen he had a lo! of !hose misfi!s, and #oa-h andry 1ould bend over ba-k1ards in giving !hem a se-ond and even a !hird -han-e. 5ha!Fs !1o or !hree more !han !heyFd have go!!en from anybody elseHor from anybody in any o!her kind of business. ?e did i! be-ause he has fai!h in people./ 19 <ike 'i!ka, 1ho bo!h played for !he #o1boys and la!er -oa-hed !he #hi-ago Bears added, .5om andry is probably !he faires! guy ,Fve ever been around. ?e le! a lo! of players push him !o !he limi!. Bu! 1hen !hey did, !ha! 1as i!J/ () , use !his 5om andry illus!ra!ion be-ause i! is no! of!en 1e find a #hris!ian man 1ho is so 1ell4kno1n as a leader and 1ho has demons!ra!ed so drama!i-ally 1ha! Paul had in mind 1i!h !he 1ord epii&ees. %!range as i! seems, !his form of .gen!leness/ and .pa!ien-e/ is uni2ue. 5he !ransla!ors of !he "mplified /ew Testament -ap!ured !his meaning 1i!h !hese 1ords, .no! -omba!ive bu! gen!le and -onsidera!e/ B1 5im. 303C. Lea$er" i) Prin.i)le 116 A lea$er " o%l$ rela!e !o o! er" by %"ing a "!yle o( .omm%ni.a!ion ! a! $oe" no! ma&e ! em (eel .on!rolle$' mani)%la!e$ an$ $e(en"i#e. Rela!e$ S)iri!%al Prin.i)le6 Do no! be .on!en!io%".(1 , have a -lose friend 1ho no1 serves 1i!h me as a lay elder a! Fello1ship Bible #hur-h >or!h. 5hose 1ho kne1 him bes! -alled him .<r. #harge &head./ ,n his young days, he 1as kno1n as .Fas! *ddie./ ?e loved !o deba!eH1hi-h a! !imes 1as in!erpre!ed as being argumen!a!ive, insensi!ive and even -on!en!ious. Before !his man 1as sele-!ed !o be an elder, 1e follo1ed a s!andard pro-edure 1e regularly use in evalua!ing 1he!her a man and his 1ife are 2ualified for !his level of leadership. @e asked all our o!her elders Band !heir 1ivesC and our s!aff pas!ors Band !heir 1ivesC !o fill ou! an evalua!ion form on ea-h prospe-!ive -andida!e and his 1ife Bif marriedC. 5his form is based on !he -hara-!eris!i-s 1e are looking a! in !his -hap!er. @e ask ea-h person !o use a seven4poin! s-ale !o e+press his or her degree of sa!isfa-!ion or dissa!isfa-!ion 1i!h !his personFs behavior on ea-h -hara-!eris!i-. B5he 2ues!ions are -on!ained a! !he -on-lusion of !his -hap!er.C @hen *ddie 1as being -onsidered for eldership, 1e follo1ed !his pro-edure. @hen !he forms 1ere re!urned, he 1as -onsis!en!ly marked do1n in several rela!ed areas, one being .-on!en!ious./ &s senior pas!or, , and one o!her lay elder sa! do1n 1i!h !his man and his 1ife !o repor! !hese responses. Frankly, , 1as nervous abou! i!, as , al1ays am in !hese -ir-ums!an-es. 5his kind of -ommuni-a!ion is al1ays diffi-ul! for me, espe-ially 1hen i! involves a -lose friend. & 1onderful !hing happened. *ddie sa! and lis!ened, obviously surprised. ?e 1as !o!ally open and nondefensive and !hanked us for our !ime and openness 1i!h him and assured us he 1ould !hink and pray abou! 1ha! 1e had shared. a!er, he asked his 1ifeH1ho had re-eived perfe-! s-oresHfor her opinion. 'id she agree 1i!h our evalua!ionN %he did. @ha! she said surprised him. ,n re!rospe-!, !he follo1ing is *ddieFs o1n personal a--oun! of 1ha! happenedJ 89

@hen <aureen said !ha! she agreed 1i!h !he evalua!ion !ha! , -ould be -on!en!ious, argumen!a!ive and !oo bold in defending !he vie1s , held s!rongly, , kne1 !ha! God 1an!ed !o ge! my a!!en!ionHbig !ime. , also kne1 do1n deep !ha! !he evalua!ion 1as -orre-!. &s , asked God for help, ?e made i! -lear !o me !ha! , needed !o develop !he frui! of !he %piri! kno1n as gen!leness. ?e also gave me a plan. , 1as !o ge! my family !o hold me a--oun!able. Dne evening , -alled my family !oge!her and asked ea-h one !o forgive me for no! being gen!le and !o ask for !heir help. , e+plained !o !hem !ha! every !ime !hey sa1 me using my verbal skills !o s!eamroll over !hem, raise my voi-e, sho1 anger or be -on!en!ious in any 1ay, !hey 1ere !o pu! an @ on !he family -alendar in !he ki!-hen. 5o my dismay, !he ne+! day , go! five @Fs. , -onsidered -hanging !he rulesJ Bu! , 1as -ommi!!ed and my family helped me learn !o be gen!le. @ha! s!ar!ed ou! as a -rushing blo1 !o my .<r. #harge &head/ ego had !urned in!o a 1onderful blessing in my life. , no1 kno1 a vie1poin! spoken in gen!leness 1i!h energy is mu-h more a--ep!able and effe-!ive 1i!h !he lis!ener. , -er!ainly have no! arrived a! my goal, bu! ,Fm on my 1ay. *ddieFs response !o !his pro-ess in i!self demons!ra!es his gro1ing ma!uri!y. 5he -hanges he made 1ere immedia!ely obvious !o all 1ho kne1 him 1ell. ?e even!ually be-ame an elder and !oday , -onsider him one of our mos! fai!hful board members. ?e has a hear! for God, a hear! for !he minis!ry and a hear! for people. 5he fa-!s are, he really al1ays did. ?e simply needed !o -hange his s!yle of -ommuni-a!ion. ?e did no! mean !o appear -on!en!ious, au!hori!arian, argumen!a!ive and -on!rolling. @hen he learned !ha! o!her ma!ure leadersHin-luding one 1i!hin his o1n familyH!hough! he 1as, ho1ever, he made some permanen! and las!ing -hanges. Lea$er" i) Prin.i)le 176 A lea$er " o%l$ be a genero%" + ri"!ian' gi#ing reg%larly' "y"!ema!' )ro)or!ionally an$ Eoy(%lly !o ! e Lor$<" -or&. Rela!e$ S)iri!%al Prin.i)le6 A lea$er m%"! be (ree (rom ! e lo#e o( money.(( & ma!ure #hris!ian leader does no! love money. 5his is !rue of all ma!ure believers. 'o no! misunders!and. 5he %-rip!ures do no! !ea-h !ha! .money,/ per se, is evil. >or do !hey !ea-h !ha! i! is 1rong !o have lo!s of money. @ha! !hey do !ea-h is !ha! i! is a serious viola!ion of GodFs 1ill 1hen 1e love i!. 5ha! is 1hy Paul said !ha! 1hen a #hris!ian is sele-!ed for a leadership posi!ion, !ha! person should be .free/Hno! from money, bu! .from !he love of money./ , had !he uni2ue e+perien-e of =oining a group of men 1ho s!udied every!hing !he Bible says abou! ma!erial possessions. a!er , 1ro!e a book en!i!led " #iblical Theology of %aterial ossessions, in 1hi-h , -ompiled !he findings. 5o our amaEemen!, 1e dis-overed !ha! God says more abou! !he 1ay #hris!ians should use !heir ma!erial possessions !han abou! any o!her sub=e-! o!her !han God ?imself. $n2ues!ionably, !he grea!es! hallmark of #hris!ian ma!uri!y is generosi!y. %ome resear-hers !ell us !ha! !he average #hris!ian gives only abou! ( per-en! of his or her in-ome !o !he ord. Be-ause appro+ima!ely 18 per-en! of !he #hris!ian popula!ion !i!he Bi.e., give 1) per-en! of !heir in-omeC, !his means !ha! !he ma=ori!y of #hris!ians give ne+! !o no!hing. 5his simply indi-a!es !ha! mos! of us are .lovers of money./ #hris!ians as a 1hole have be-ome ma!erialis!s, 1hi-h is a dire-! viola!ion of !he 1ill of God. ,n our -ul!ure, , personally believe !his admoni!ion should mean !ha! 1e give a minimum of 1) per-en! of our gross in-ome. ,f a! all possible, !his should be a s!ar!ing poin!. ,f i! is no! possible, i! should be our goalHone !ha! 1e should ask God !o help us rea-h as soon as possible. Lea$er" i) Prin.i)le 1;6 87

A lea$er - o i" al"o a )aren! " o%l$ a#e a goo$ rela!ion" i) -i! gi#ing )ro)er $ire.!ion !o ! e (amily %ni!.

i" or er . il$ren'

Rela!e$ S)iri!%al Prin.i)le6 A lea$er manage" i" o-n o%"e ol$ -ell.(3 Be-ause Paul 1as addressing men 1i!h !his ma!uri!y profile, he -ompared !he fa!her role !o bo!h !he pas!oral and dea-on role Bsee 1 5im. 301(C. 5he basi- -ri!eria for de!ermining 1he!her or no! a man is ready for a key leadership role in !he -hur-h is ho1 1ell he is fun-!ioning as a spiri!ual leader in his home. ?is -hildren par!i-ularly 1ill refle-! ho1 1ell he has fulfilled !his God4 ordained fun-!ion. ,f he is ma!ure, a man 1ill be able !o keep .his -hildren under -on!rol 1i!h all digni!y/ B1 5im. 30:C. Paul !old 5i!us !ha! !his kind of fa!her 1ill have .-hildren 1ho believe/ and 1ho are .no! a--used of dissipa!ion or rebellion/ B5i!us 109C. Paul vie1ed a 1ell4ordered family as !he !rue !es! of a manFs ma!uri!y and abili!y !o lead o!her #hris!ians. @hen !he 1hole household is -ommi!!ed !o #hris!, you -an be sure !he fa!her is spiri!ually and psy-hologi-ally ma!ure. @hen !his is no! !rue, ho1ever, if !ha! man is appoin!ed as a spiri!ual leader, !he -hur-h 1ill e+perien-e !he same problems his family did. 5he very 1eaknesses !ha! made !his man a poor husband and dad 1ill -ause him !o be a poor leader in !he -hur-h. Fur!hermore, if a man 1ho is no! a good leader a! home a--ep!s !his kind of leadership role, his family members 1ill have less respe-! for him, 1hi-h in !urn 1ill -ause grea!er problems. 'o no! misunders!andJ Paul 1as no! saying a person had !o have -hildren !o be a good leader. ?e 1as simply saying i( a man i" marrie$, and i( he a" . il$ren, !hen he should have a 1ell4ordered household. >ei!her 1as Paul referring !o young -hildren and !he na!ural phases !hey go !hrough as !hey are gro1ing up. Ra!her, he 1as !alking abou! older -hildren 1ho s!ill lived in !he family -omple+ and 1ho 1ere guil!y of .dissipa!ion/ and .rebellion/ Bsee 5i!us 109CHor more spe-ifi-ally, a rio!ous and immoral lifes!yle. 5he rebellious sons of *li, 1ho served as pries!s in !he 5aberna-le, illus!ra!e 1ha! Paul had in mind Bsee 1 %amuel (01(ff.C. @omen 1ho serve in leadership posi!ions should also be !es!ed in !he same 1ay. For e+ample, Paul -ommended 5imo!hyFs mo!her, *uni-e, for her diligen-e in nur!uring !his young man in bibli-al !ru!h. %he had !augh! him !he %-rip!ures from !he !ime he 1as a -hild Bsee ( 5im. 108G ( 5im. 301:418C. Be-ause 5imo!hyFs fa!her 1as no! a #hris!ian, *uni-e served as bo!h !he mo!her and fa!her in !erms of spiri!ual nur!ure. >o!e also !ha! 1hen Paul ou!lined 2ualifi-a!ions for 1omen 1ho 1ould serve in dea-on roles, he s!a!ed !hey mus! .be dignified, no! mali-ious gossips, bu! !empera!e, fai!hful in all !hings/ B1 5im. 3011CH1hi-h -er!ainly implies being good .managers of !heir o1n household./ (: Paul also addressed !his issue 1hen 1ri!ing !o bo!h older and younger 1omen. Dlder 1omen 1ere !o serve as leaders !o younger 1omen. 5o be 2ualified !o do so, Paul ou!lined very spe-ifileadership 2ualifi-a!ions in 5i!us (0348.


,! is impor!an! !o unders!and !ha! !he -ri!eria for sele-!ing leaders in !he -hur-h is no! =us! a profile for pas!ors, elders or dea-ons. Ra!her, 1ha! Paul ou!lined in his le!!ers !o 5imo!hy and 5i!us are !he marks of a ma!ure #hris!ian. ,n essen-e, Paul 1as s!a!ing, .,f you 1an! !o be a spiri!ual leader in !he -hur-h, !ha!Fs grea!J Bu! =us! make sure you are ma!ureJ/ ?e !hen ou!lined 1ha! a ma!ure #hris!ian looks like, 1he!her male or female. 5he spe-ifi- -hara-!eris!i-s Paul pulled !oge!her in !hese su--in-! and po1er4pa-ked paragraphs are lis!ed else1here in !he >e1 5es!amen! as marks of ma!uri!y and goals for all #hris!ians. 87

>o!e again !ha! Paul 1as no! saying a #hris!ian mus! be perfe-! !o be a leader. 5ha! 1ould dis2ualify all of us, in-luding !he apos!le Paul Bsee Phil. 301(41:C. &long !he 1ay ea-h of us fails in -er!ain areas of our lives. 5he mark of !rue ma!uri!y, as illus!ra!ed by my friend *ddie, is 1ha! 1e do abou! our 1eaknesses. & ma!ure #hris!ian is open !o -orre-!ion and !akes s!eps !o make -hangesJ %hould !he 2ualifi-a!ions Paul lis!ed for elders or pas!ors be used !o sele-! all leaders in !he -hur-hN 5his 1ould be ideal be-ause !hese profiles presen! !he marks of a ma!ure #hris!ian. Realis!i-ally, ho1ever, ne1 #hris!ians -an serve in many posi!ions !ha! do no! re2uire !he same s!andards. ,! !akes !ime !o gro1 in #hris! and refle-! ?is -hara-!er, and of!en !he mos! -ondu-ive pla-e !o ma!ure is in a leadership posi!ion. @e mus! remember !ha! !he apos!les be-ame leaders before !hey be-ame ma!ure. 5hey of!en demons!ra!ed in-redible ego-en!ri- and -hildish behavior. Kesus gave !hem sele-!ive responsibili!ies under ?is supervision and guidan-e, ho1ever, !o prepare !hem for !he 'ay of Pen!e-os! 1hen !hey be-ame responsible !o laun-h and lead !he #hur-h under !he dire-!ion of !he ?oly %piri!. @hen all is said and done, ho1ever, !hose 1ho serve as pas!ors and o!her !op leaders of !he -hur-h should, of all people, be ma!ure in #hris!. ,f !hey are no!, !he 1hole Body of #hris! 1ill suffer, in-luding !he person 1ho is assigned !o a leadership posi!ion, bu! is no! !ruly ready !o provide su-h leadership.


5he follo1ing are !he !hir!een leadership prin-iples 1e have looked a! in !his -hap!er. Fif!een 2ualifi-a!ions for .eldership/ are a-!ually lis!ed in 1 5im. 30147. 5he las! !1o are no! being a .ne1 -onver!/ B1 5im. 309C and having .a good repu!a!ion ou!side !he -hur-h/ B1 5im. 307C. ,n !his -hap!er, !he las! 2uali!y has been -ombined 1i!h !he firs! re2uiremen!Hbeing .above reproa-h./ >o! being a ne1 believer is vi!al and impor!an! for !hose in key leadership roles, no! only in !he -hur-h, bu! also in o!her #hris!ian minis!ries. <any ne1 believers have been defea!ed by %a!an 1hen !hey are given a prominen! posi!ion !oo 2ui-kly, in-luding speaking and singing. &s Paul s!a!es, !hey -an 2ui-kly .be-ome -on-ei!ed and fall in!o !he -ondemna!ion in-urred by !he devil/ B1 5im. 309C. PersonaliEe !hese prin-iples by ans1ering !he follo1ing 2ues!ions and -ir-ling !he appropria!e number on !he seven4poin! s-ale0(8 1. 5o 1ha! e+!en! am , living an e+emplary life !ha! is obvious !o bo!h #hris!ians and non4 #hris!iansN 1 ( 3 : 8 9 7 >ever &l1ays (. 5o 1ha! e+!en! am , morally pure, main!aining GodFs s!andard of righ!eousnessN 1 ( 3 : 8 9 7 >ever &l1ays 3. 5o 1ha! e+!en! am , a !empera!e #hris!ian, one 1ho 1alks by fai!h, demons!ra!es hope and manifes!s !rue bibli-al love in all rela!ionshipsN 1 ( 3 : 8 9 7 >ever &l1ays :. 5o 1ha! e+!en! am , a pruden! #hris!ian, a person 1ho is 1ise, dis-erning and e+perien-edG fur!hermore, !o 1ha! e+!en! do , refle-! !rue humili!y and a godly and prayerful life !ha! is mo!iva!ed by GodFs gra-eN 1 ( 3 : 8 9 7 >ever &l1ays 89

8. 5o 1ha! e+!en! am , a respe-!able #hris!ian, a person 1ho lives a 1ell4ordered life and makes !he gospel a!!ra-!ive !o unbelieversN 1 ( 3 : 8 9 7 >ever &l1ays 9. 5o 1ha! e+!en! am , a hospi!able #hris!ian, one 1ho is unselfish and generous and 1illing !o open my home for minis!ry !o share my ear!hly blessings 1i!h bo!h #hris!ians and non4 #hris!iansN 1 ( 3 : 8 9 7 >ever &l1ays 7. 5o 1ha! e+!en! am , able !o -ommuni-a!e in a nonargumen!a!ive, nondefensive and non!hrea!ening 1ayHdemons!ra!ing gen!leness, pa!ien-e and !ea-habili!y 1i!hou! -ompromising !he message of !he @ord of GodN 1 ( 3 : 8 9 7 >ever &l1ays 7. 5o 1ha! e+!en! am , free from !he sinful -ravings of !he fleshG fur!hermore, !o 1ha! e+!en! do , use my freedom in #hris! in a 1ay !ha! does no! -ause o!hers !o sinN 1 ( 3 : 8 9 7 >ever &l1ays 9. 5o 1ha! e+!en! am , able !o -on!rol angry feelings, never e+pressing !hese feelings in hur!ful and sinful 1aysN 1 ( 3 : 8 9 7 >ever &l1ays 1). 5o 1ha! e+!en! am , able !o demons!ra!e s!rong -onvi-!ions and dire-!ness, no! only !aking a s!and for righ!eousness, bu! !o also balan-e !hese a!!i!udes and a-!ions 1i!h a spiri! of gen!leness !ha! is fair, e2ui!able, reasonable and sensi!iveN 1 ( 3 : 8 9 7 >ever &l1ays 11. 5o 1ha! e+!en! am , able !o rela!e !o o!hers 1i!h a s!yle of -ommuni-a!ion !ha! does no! make !hem feel -on!rolled, manipula!ed and defensiveN 1 ( 3 : 8 9 7 >ever &l1ays 1(. 5o 1ha! e+!en! am , a generous #hris!ian, giving regularly, sys!ema!i-ally, propor!ionally and =oyfully !o !he ordFs 1orkN 1 ( 3 : 8 9 7 >ever &l1ays 13. 5o 1ha! e+!en! am , a paren! 1ho has a good rela!ionship 1i!h my -hildren, giving proper dire-!ion !o !he family uni!N 1 ( 3 : 8 9 7 >ever &l1ays


F Being a 2o%g b%! 2en$er Lea$er

H. B. Lon$on /r.
Follo1ing !hir!y4!1o years pas!oring -hur-hes of all siEesH!he las! !1en!y years or so leading a .mega-hur-h/H, no1 devo!e my energy !o 1orking 1i!h pas!ors and -hur-hes around !he 1orld. @ha! , observe is an in-rease of -on!en!iousness 1i!hin -ongrega!ions. , have fur!her observed an in-rease in for-ed pas!oral !ermina!ions and failed assignmen!s. , have seen an ups1ing in !he number of #hris!ian leaders 1ho, be-ause of burnou! and frus!ra!ion, have op!ed ou! of !heir -alling. ,n many -ases, !his -hoi-e has no! ne-essarily been be-ause !hey 1an!ed !o make su-h a !ransi!ion, bu! be-ause !hey -ould no longer s!and !he pressure of a -on!en!ious lai!y. 5oo mu-h 1as a! s!ake. 5he leaders valued !heir families and !heir o1n sani!y far !oo mu-h !o s!ay and =eopardiEe !heir o1n fu!ure. , have !alked !o many of !hese people and have fel! !heir !o!al frus!ra!ion a! !he inabili!y !o 1ork ou! !he .mess/ !ha! !hrea!ened !heir leadership. ,n !ru!h, some si!ua!ions are =us! !oo !angled !o -orre-!, bu! from my e+perien-e and from !he si!ua!ions , have observed in 1hi-h leaders su--essfully 1orked !heir 1ay !hrough !he mine fields, , 1ould argue !ha! mos! -onfli-!s be!1een leaders and follo1ers -an be resolved. ,! is simply a ma!!er of kno1ing 1hen !o be !ough and 1hen !o be !ender. , 1ould like !o !ake you !hrough some of !he -hallenges , fa-ed in my more !han !hree de-ades of pas!oral minis!ry. ,! migh! =us! be !ha! you 1ill see yourself in some of !hese snapsho!s of my pas!. ?o1 , handled !hese si!ua!ions is 1here 1e migh! differ. Firs!, ho1ever, le! me share a bi! of 1ho , am and ho1 , -ame !o develop my s!yle of balan-ing !oughness and !enderness.


, am an only -hild born in!o !he home of a minis!er. <y dad 1as driven by his -alling and did 1ha!ever he -ould !o avoid -onfli-!. <y mo!her 1as also a people pleaser, bu! very mu-h in -on!rol of every si!ua!ion. $n!il my mid4!eens, , 1as shel!ered from -onfli-! and dissension in !he -hur-h 1orld. @e lived in a home 1here our love for ea-h o!her 1as verbaliEed infre2uen!ly. @e 1ere no! a demons!ra!ive family and handled mos! of our problems ei!her !hrough avoidan-e or -ompromise. , do no! remember any kno-k4do1n, drag4ou! ba!!les be!1een us. @hen a problem arose, 1e =us! 1orked i! ou!. , 1as generally shel!ered from !rouble un!il age si+!een, 1hen my fa!her 1as a--used of an indis-re!ion by some members of !he -hur-h he pas!ored in a mid1es! -i!y. ,! 1as devas!a!ing for me. 5he a--usa!ion even!ually -os! our family more !han , 1ould realiEe. , !hink if , had kno1n more abou! -onfli-! managemen! i! migh! have played ou! differen!ly, bu! i! !ook me by surprise. 5he en!ire episode dulled my senses and -rea!ed a huge dis!rus! 1i!hin me !o1ard !hose 1ho represen!ed !hemselves as au!hori!y figures. 5o !his day, , harbor a degree of dis!rus! for folks 1ho 1an! !o ge! !oo -lose, !oo 2ui-kly. , remember as a young man headed for -ollege vo1ing in my hear! never !o be hur! !ha! badly by anyone again. Aou see, , 1an!ed my dad !o figh! ba-k, bu! he refused. Dh, , !hink a !oken defense 1as laid ou! for him by a half4hear!ed !eam of pas!ors, bu! in !he end 1e pa-ked up our .s!uff/ and headed in!o limbo. ,! 1ould be seven years before our family 1ould be !oge!her again in our o1n home. &s , look ba-k a! !he for!y years !ha! have gone by, , realiEe our lives 1ere never !he same again. @hen you misspend seven years of your life, no amoun! of .good years/ -an re-oup !he loss. <y dad 1as res!ored and 1as allo1ed a profi!able and e+!ensive minis!ry. <y dad passed a1ay in February 1999. For four mon!hs prior !o his dea!h, , 1a!-hed !he 774year old man si!!ing 91

in a -are home suffering !he ravages of s!roke demen!ia, and , -anF! help bu! 1onder 1ha! our lives 1ould have been like if he had !aken !he .bull by !he horns/ and fa-ed his a--users. Df -ourse, no!hing -an be gained by d1elling on !he .1ha! ifs/ or !he .ho1 -omes./ ife =us! goes on. Aou -anF! hold ba-k !he da1n, as !hey say, and so mu-h of 1ha! plagues ea-h of us in life depends on ho1 1e handle !he immedia!e. Aour life is shaped by ho1 you deal 1i!h !he hand !ha! has been deal! !o you, =us! or no!. , am no! 1ri!ing !hese 1ords so you 1ill dra1 any -on-lusions abou! me or my leadership s!yle. <y purpose is !o a-kno1ledge !ha! 1hen ea-h of us fa-es -onfli-!, our de-isions are influen-ed by !he 1ay our paren!s handled !heir -hallenges and, in some -ases, !he 1ays in 1hi-h 1e have addressed our o1n pas! disappoin!men!s.


Df -ourse, !here is no 1ay !o lis! every -hallenge you migh! fa-e as a leader. , am amaEed a! ho1 many ne1 dilemmas -an surfa-e in !he -ourse of an assignmen!. 5o frame !he remainder of !his dis-ussion, le! me address si+ -ommon -hallenges !o -onsider. Sel(. <y 1ife, Beverley, has of!en said , am my o1n 1ors! enemy. %he speaks 1i!h some au!hori!y abou! !his ma!!er0 @e have been married for more !han !hir!y4nine years. %he has seen me !hrough my good !imes and bad. %he has spoken her pie-e and held her !ongue, bu! al1ays she has spoken !he !ru!h in love. 5he bo!!om line is !ha! mos! of us kno1 ourselves be!!er !han anyone else does. @e are a1are of our faul!s and shor!-omings. @e kno1 1hen 1e are being s!ubborn, diffi-ul! !o !alk !o, selfish, unbending, =ealous and of!en unrea-hable, and 1e have many 1ays of hiding our faul!s even !o !he poin! of blaming someone else. ,n !he mids! of -onfli-!, every pas!or4leader mus! firs! ask himself0 &m , being fairN ?ave , looked deeply inside my o1n soulN ?ave , been 1illing !o pray !he psalmis!Fs prayer, .%ear-h me, oh God, and kno1 my hear!G...see if !here be any offensive 1ay in me/ BPsalm 1390(34(:, /3!C. Aou have !o be hones! 1i!h yourself. ,s !here pride !ha! mus! be -onfessed, sin !ha! needs !o be forgiven, an a!!i!ude !ha! mus! be -hanged, arrogan-e !ha! mus! be humbledN Remember !he li!!le song0 . e! !here be pea-e...and le! i! begin in me./ @hen -onfli-! arises, !he firs! pla-e !o look is in oneFs o1n life. +ri!i.i"m. &rlo @alker on-e 1ro!e, .#oping 1i!h -ri!i-s, -omplainers, and even !he no!4so4 o--asional loud mou!h is rou!ine minis!ry. Bu! no! all fla-k is rou!ine -ri!i-ism./ 1 5here is a fine line be!1een being !hin4skinned and hardnosed. , remember hearing %!uar! Bris-oe say, .5o be a su--essful pas!or one mus! have !he mind of a s-holar, !he hear! of a -hild, and !he hide of a rhino-eros./ @ha! if 1e do no! have !ha! hideN @ha! if 1e are vulnerable or hypersensi!iveN 5he ans1er0 @e mus! ei!her ge! !ough or 1e 1ill be des!royed. @e mus! develop a mind4se!, a self4image and a skin !ha! is no! easily !orn. 5o be hones!, , have never managed !o su--eed in !aking my o1n advi-e. ,n Proverbs 1701) 9/3!: 1e read, .& rebuke impresses a man of dis-ernmen! more !han a hundred lashes a fool./ 5he 2ues!ion is0 @hen do 1e !ake -ri!i-ism seriouslyN For s!ar!ers, ask yourself !his 2ues!ion0 ,s !here a !hread of !ru!h in !he -ri!i-ismN %u-h a 2ues!ion raises many o!hers0 &re my mo!ives appropria!eN @hen , share my -ri!i-ism 1i!h ano!her, -an !he person help me hones!ly separa!e !he !ru!h from !he fi-!ionN 5homas Y 6empis, !he fif!een!h4-en!ury -hur-h leader, !alked abou! !he .medi-inal use of -ri!i-ism./ ?e said, .,!Fs good !ha! 1e a! !imes endure opposi!ion and !ha! 1eFre evilly and un!ruly =udged 1hen our a-!ions and in!en!ions are good, be-ause of!en !hese e+perien-es promo!e humili!y and pro!e-! us from vain glory. For !hen 1e seek GodFs 1i!ness in our hear!./ ( 9(

6empis is referring !o !he all4!oo4-ommon humblers in life. Frankly, in my o1n minis!ry , have usually a!!emp!ed !o -onfron! my -ri!i-s. , do no! !hink , do i! !o 1in !hem over as mu-h as , do i! !o make sure !ha! all !he fa-!s of !he issue are -orre-!. ,n more !han one -ase , have found !he .ins!an! relief/ of a solved -onfli-! 1hen during lun-h or i-ed !ea , asked 1i!h sin-ere 1onder, .@ha! do you !hink 1e -an do !o resolve our problemN/ #all i! !he <a!!he1 17 s!ra!egy, if you 1ishG , -all i! -ommon sense. 'o 1ha! you need !o do. ,f you -an do some!hing !o make !hings be!!er, do so. ,f you -anF!, kno-k !he dir! off your shoes and go on. +omm%ni.a!ion. <os! leaders have li!!le problem speaking, bu! severe limi!a!ions 1hen i! -omes !o lis!ening. & ma=ori!y of !he problems 1e fa-e in !he -hur-h o--ur be-ause 1e usually -ommuni-a!e on a .me/ level. %ome!imes 1e fall vi-!im !o -onfli-! be-ause 1e do no! have a -ommon vo-abulary0 @e do no! kno1 ho1 !o des-ribe 1ha! 1e are seeing and feeling 1i!hou! ini!ia!ing an argumen!. 5ake prea-hing, for ins!an-e. Prea-hing usually represen!s one41ay -ommuni-a!ion. @hen pas!ors are !augh! ho1 !o prea-h bu! do no! learn o!her forms of -ommuni-a!ion, !hey are severely handi-apped. @hen !hey e+perien-e s!ress and !ension in !he -ongrega!ion, !hey rever! !o !he form of -ommuni-a!ion !hey kno1 bes!, and !ha! is prea-hing. >o! lis!ening, mind you, bu! prea-hing. @e have learned 1ell ho1 !o speak our opinions, bu! 1e have no! learned ho1 !o hear or respond e2ually 1ell !o !he opinions and posi!ions of o!hers. Df!en, on-e 1e s!ake ou! a posi!ion 1i!hin a -onfli-! s-enario, 1e are immovable. Dne of my mos! po1erful e+perien-es as a pas!or 1as a si!ua!ion of mis-ommuni-a!ion !ha! 1as never resolved. @e !ried, bu! 1e =us! -ould no! make i! 1ork. @e par!ed friendly, bu! no! friends. 5o bring -losure !o !he rela!ionship , had an early4morning mee!ing 1i!h !he -ouple in 2ues!ion and a s!aff member !hey admired. , allo1ed !hem !o e+press !heir opinion of me and my minis!ry. 5he pain 1as e+-ru-ia!ing, bu! like a den!al appoin!men!, i! ended 2ui-kly. 'uring !he in!er-hange, !he -ouple made !heir poin! 1ell. , lis!ened. @e shook hands, and !hey 1alked ou! of my life. ?ad 1e been unable !o -ommuni-a!e, 1e 1ould never have had -losure. , only 1ish i! -ould have ended differen!ly. , have agoniEed abou! !he failure of !ha! rela!ionship for years. &! !imes 1e mus! =us! -u! our losses, bu! never, if possible, 1i!hou! a -on!rolled -onfron!a!ion !ha! brings -losure. S!a((. By defini!ion, leaders have !he responsibili!y !o lead people. ,n many -hur-hes, !ha! in-ludes leading s!aff, 1he!her laypeople or -lergy. Df!en !he grea!es! -onfli-!s in an organiEa!ion resul! from !he inabili!y of senior leadership !o -oe+is! effe-!ively and -ordially 1i!h !heir -olleagues. 5o make ma!!ers 1orse, of!en a !hird par!yFs apparen! =ob is !o ensure !ha! -alm is impossible. , !hink i! 1as Bill ?ybels 1ho said !ha! !hree !hings are re2uired from every s!aff member a! a -hur-h0 godliness, -ompe!en-y in !he personFs area and loyal!y !o !he senior leader. Godliness !akes !ime and devo!ionG -ompe!en-e you -an help a person a-hieveG bu! if a -olleague is no! loyal, you -anF! help !he person. 5he momen! a s!aff member -an no longer be suppor!ive of his leader, he should leave. 5his is !rue regardless of !ha! personFs value !o !he Body or ho1 deeply en!ren-hed he is 1i!hin !he -ongrega!ion. 5o preven! deeper divisions, fes!ering animosi!ies and o!her unne-essary -onfli-!, !he person should leave immedia!ely. , have had good su--ess 1i!h s!aff rela!ionships, bu! !here have been e+-ep!ions. ike many leaders, , 1as on-e asked !o inheri! ano!her manFs group. 5hey 1ere loyal !o !he former leaderH as !hey should have beenHbu! !hey found i! diffi-ul! !o ad=us! !o my 1ay of doing !hings. 5he !ransi!ion 1as !ough on !hem and !ough on me. <y bigges! mis!akeHand, , migh! add, in=us!i-e !o !hemH1as !o !emper my leadership by allo1ing my emo!ions !o ge! !he bes! of me. &f!er all, , reasoned, !hese good people had homes, friends and a ne!1ork of suppor!, and , did no! 1an! !o =eopardiEe any of !ha!. <y solu!ion, ins!ead, 1as !o =eopardiEe my o1n effe-!iveness. 93

, re-all 1i!h admira!ion one pas!orFs approa-h !o his ne1ly inheri!ed s!aff0 .5hese are my re2uiremen!s. , am going !o allo1 a fe1 mon!hs for us !o -onsider my e+pe-!a!ions. ,n !ime, if , feel !ha! you 1ill be happier and more effe-!ive some1here else, , 1ill !ell you !ha!./ ,ndeed, s!aff diffi-ul!ies should be resolved s1if!ly. 5hey are like a -an-er in !ha! !hese -rises rapidly infes! !he !o!al Body. <y e+perien-e has sho1n me !ha! no ma!!er 1ha! else, !rus! and loyal!y are !he !1o -ommon !hreads !ha! mus! e+is! if !he leader4-olleague rela!ionship is going !o 1ork. & fe1 years ago , needed !o ask a 1ell4kno1n, !alen!ed s!aff member !o 1ork some1here else. Be-ause of his na!ional repu!a!ion and his -onne-!ions 1i!h an impor!an! segmen! of our -ommuni!y, , 1as relu-!an! !o do so. <y re!i-en-e -aused ma!!ers !o de!eriora!e !o a poin! 1here i! 1as be-oming obvious !o our people. , 1as si!!ing a! home la!e one evening 1hen !he !elephone rang. ,! 1as a member of my -hur-h board. .@e have =us! done 1ha! you should have doneH1e have !ermina!ed !he employmen! of a s!aff member !ha! should have been !ermina!ed 1eeks ago./ , -anF! !ell you ho1 relieved , 1as. 5he fallou! 1as painful, bu! !he pea-e !ha! permea!ed our s!aff from !ha! day for1ard 1as 1or!h !he pain. For me, i! 1as a harsh bu! impor!an! lesson. 5hus, my advi-e0 Fa-e s!aff issues 2ui-kly and hones!ly. &sk !he !hree 2ues!ions previously e+plained. ,f you -anno! ge! a posi!ive and affirma!ive response !o all !hree i!ems, a -hange mus! be made s1if!ly. 'oes !ha! sound overly !oughN ,! is no!, really. ,n !he long run, i! is a more !ender rea-!ion. , beg you !o be de-isive. + ange. #hange al1ays -os!s some!hing. @e are presen!ly in a periodHbo!h in and ou!side !he -hur-h 1orldH!ha! is pulsa!ing 1i!h rapid !ransforma!ions. From !he 1ay 1e minis!er !o !he 1ay 1e 1orship !o !he 1ay 1e respond !o !he leaders 1ho ins!iga!e -hange, people are being bombarded 1i!h ne1 and differen! 1ays of doing !hings. @e minis!er in !he age of !he baby boomer 1hose -redo is0 ,f i!Fs broken, donF! fi+ i!Hge! a ne1 one. Boomers insis! upon 2uali!y. 5heir genera!ion does no! say, .Dh 1ell, if you 1an! i! done !ha! 1ay, even !hough 1e donF! unders!and i!, 1eFll go along 1i!h i!./ Ra!her, !hey say, .@e donF! unders!and !ha! and 1eFre no! going !o budge un!il 1e ge! some ans1ers./ ,f !he righ! ans1ers are no! for!h-oming, !hey persevere un!il !hey re-eive !he one !hey 1an!. Dn !he o!her hand, 1e also 1ork 1i!h people 1ho resis! even an over!ure !o -rea!e any!hing differen!. 5he -onfli-! -omes 1hen !he leader has !o make a -hoi-e. %hould 1e resis! -hange and !hus s!ay 1here 1e areN %hould 1e make 1holesale -hangesN Dr should 1e a!!emp! !o pa-ify bo!h sidesN 5rying !o keep bo!h groups happy is like !he s!ory of !he #ivil @ar soldier 1ho one day mis!akenly pu! on a blue shir! and gray pan!s and 1as sho! a! by bo!h sides, !he >or!h and !he %ou!h. 5o avoid su-h de-ision4making paralysis, here are my !hough!s -on-erning 1ays !o fa-ili!a!e -hange. B%il$ on yo%r gi(!" an$ yo%r )er"onali!y. Be-ause many leaders never learn !o be !hemselves, !hey -hase !he elusive dream !ha! God gave ano!her. Be !he bes! you -an be. ?ear God speaking !o you. >ever !ry !o be a -lone of anyoneG be an original. Sell yo%r #i"ion !o ")iri!%al )eo)le. #onfli-! of!en begins 1hen 1e .-as! our dreams/ !o !hose 1ho are no! prepared !o re-eive !hem. ,n every minis!ry, -er!ain people have 1eal!h, are very vo-al or are !he po1er brokers in !he group. @hen you pro=e-! !he possibili!y of -hange, !hey -an s!ifle your dreams 2ui-kly. 5ake !ime !o ge! !oge!her 1i!h !ruly spiri!ual people in 1hom you have !rus! and -onfiden-e. &sk !hem !o be hones! 1i!h you af!er !hey have prayed abou! !he vision and dire-!ion you have des-ribed !o !hem. &f!er !his !ime of pro!e-!ed refinemen!, sell your dreams !o your leadership !eamHone or !1o people a! a !ime. Aou -anF! blame o!hers for no! a--ep!ing 1ha! !hey do no! unders!and. 9:

+o%n! ! e .o"! o( . ange.

, guaran!ee you i! 1ill -os! you a grea! deal !o make ma=or -hanges in your organiEa!ion. 5he pri-e 1ill be paid in people, finan-es and uni!y. , have seen -hur-hes, for ins!an-e, !ha! 1ere moving along smoo!hly. *veryone 1as sa!isfied =us! !o be a par! of !he group, 1hen all of a sudden a simple !hing su-h as a -hange in 1orship s!yle 1as =us! dropped on !he people one %unday. 5he days !ha! follo1ed 1ere filled 1i!h phone -alls, le!!ers !o !he pas!or, -losed4door mee!ings and damaged emo!ions. @hyN Be-ause !he leader did no! -oun! !he -os! of -hange. ,n !he end i! -os! him his permission !o lead his -ongrega!ion any fur!her. , read !ha! in a ma=or denomina!ion B!o remain namelessC las! year, !1en!y4five hundred pas!ors 1ere for-ed !o resign. 5his represen!ed nearly 7 per-en! of !heir -hur-hes. , 1ould almos! guaran!ee !ha! a ma=or por!ion of !hose resigna!ions -ame be-ause of -hange, and !he -os! 1as never really de!ermined un!il !he pas!or be-ame !he sa-rifi-ial lamb. Please never underes!ima!e !he abili!y of !hose you lead !o resis! 1i!h almos! superna!ural po1er !he very no!ion of -hanging !he 1ay !hings used !o be. EB)e.!a!ion". ,n astors at $is&, >eil @iseman and , 1ro!e0 &-!ual or assumed e+pe-!a!ions smo!her vi!ali!y ou! of a leaderFs spiri!. 5hen 1ha! .!hey/ !hink or 1ha! .!hey/ 1an! !or!ures him 1i!h bad s-enarios of 1ha! migh! happen. &s a resul!, dis2uie!ing fears nag every e+pression of minis!ry, and leaders be-ome so spoofed !hey -anno! see !he differen-e be!1een a pesky mos2ui!o and a fero-ious lion. @i!hou! e+!reme -are, !hese debili!a!ing feelings shu! a leader off from !1o energiEing for-es for minis!ry0 in!ima-y 1i!h #hris! and !enderness 1i!h family. & ma!ure leader 1arns0 .,n !he overload frame of mind, a pas!or of!en gives up on a frui!ful devo!ional life and a robus!, sa!isfying family life. &s a -onse2uen-e, many 1res!le 1i!h emp!y souls and a loss of family !hrough divor-e or rebellious -hildren./ 3 Be-ause of !he e+igen-y of e+pe-!a!ions, i! is easy for a leader !o bar!er !he impor!an! for !he immedia!e. 'es-ribing his frayed emo!ions, a ve!eran spiri!ual leader 1ri!es abou! !he -ompli-a!ed demands he is e+perien-ing0 .*+haus!ion -omes !o me from =us! !hinking of !he many more -omple+ predi-amen!s people bring !o !heir leaders !hese days, le! alone !rying !o help !hem 1i!h !he problem./ ike -an-erous -ells in !he human body, !hese priori!ies and unrealis!i- e+pe-!a!ions may mul!iply and feed on !hemselves. & serious a!!emp! !o re-on-ile gra-e 1i!h e+pe-!a!ions and dependen-e 1i!h du!y may provide !he mu-h needed ans1ers 1e seek. ibera!ing freedom -omes !o a leaderFs mind 1hen he realiEes his bes! self and his nobles! effor!s are good enough for God. ,! is vi!al !ha! you no! le! your assignmen! de!ermine your lifes!yle. ,f !ha! happens, you 1ill be-ome paranoid, and !he very people you have been asked !o lead 1ill be-ome !he enemy ra!her !han your -olaborers. 5he se-re! is !o de!ermine !he parame!ers 1i!hin 1hi-h your minis!ry 1ill opera!e. ?elp !hose you lead unders!and your values and your priori!ies. #ons!an!ly rei!era!e your unders!anding of !he e+pe-!a!ions re2uired !o perform your !ask. ,f you fail !o make !his -lear, you 1ill -ons!an!ly be dra1n ba-k and for!h from one group !o ano!her, a!!emp!ing !o make everyone happy. 5he unhappies! of all 1ill be !he leader. Remember !he -ounsel Ke!hro gave his son4in4la1 <oses0 .S@ha! you are doing is no! good. Aou and !hese people 1ho -ome !o you 1ill only 1ear yourselves ou!. 5he 1ork is !oo heavy for youG you -anno! handle i! aloneF/ B*+odus 17017417, /3!C. Ke!hro advised <oses !o sele-! -apable men !o assis!, and !hen said, .S5ha! 1ill make your load ligh!er, be-ause !hey 1ill share i! 1i!h youF/ B*+odus 170((, /3!C.



@hy is -onfli-! so prevalen! !hese daysN ,! seems !ha! mu-h of !he leaderFs !ime is devo!ed !o handling -onfli-! si!ua!ions ins!ead of moving !he people for1ard in a more effi-ien! and produ-!ive 1ay. <u-h of !he -onfli-! and division !ha! -onsumes !he energy and a!!en!ion of -hur-h leaders is a resul! of spiri!ual imma!uri!y. 5his imma!uri!y is mos! of!en manifes!ed !hrough !he 1i-kedness of !he human hear! Bsee Keremiah 1709CG our self4-en!eredness Bsee ,saiah 8309CG and individual pride Bsee Proverbs 1301)C. %ome!imes !he leader himself be-omes !he !arge! of derision and mus! sho1 a !ough side. <ark &lber!son, a -ounselor, believes !ha! -onfli-!s fo-used on !he leader fall in!o five general -a!egories0 -ommuni-a!ion problemsG !he breakdo1n of sys!ems 1i!hin !he -hur-h, -rea!ing 1idespread frus!ra!ionG unresolved !ensions !ha! spa1n gossip and o!her ba-kbi!ingG personali!y -lashesG and philosophi-al differen-es. Regardless of 1he!her !he -onfli-! is fo-used upon !he person of !he leader or upon o!her people or fa-!ors, resolving -onfli-! is -ri!i-al if a leader is going !o do 1ha! he does bes!0 lead. yle %-haller, a -hur-h -onsul!an!, -laims !ha! .!hree42uar!ers of all -hur-h minis!ry is signifi-an!ly redu-ed be-ause of nonprodu-!ive and des!ru-!ive -onfli-!./ ?e adds !ha! if !he -onfli-! is no! resolved, !he -hur-h 1ill be unable !o -on!inue any level of effe-!iveness. 5he average -hur-h leader spends roughly () per-en! of his !ime handling -onfli-! in his -hur-h. 5ha! is a high pri-e for any leader !o pay. 'r. >orman %ha1-hu-kFs resear-h -onfirms !he devas!a!ing effe-! of in!ra-hur-h -onfli-!. ?e !old me !he number one reason for -onfli-! is !ha! leaders generally have poor in!erpersonal skills. & se-ond ma=or reason is !ha! many -ongrega!ions are de!ermined !o resis! -hange even !hough !hey mus! inevi!ably -ome !o grips 1i!h !he s1eeping -hanges all around !hem. @hen a -hur-h resis!s a leaderFs effor!s !o -hange s!ra!egi-ally, i! is only a ma!!er of !ime before !he -hur-h be-omes riddled by -onfli-!. %ha1-hu-kFs vie1 abou! -hur-h -onfli-!0 he believes i! is inevi!able. 5he impor!an! issue rela!es !o ho1 -hur-hes handle -onfli-!. ,n !oo many -hur-hes, !he leader allo1s -onfli-! !o be-ome a habi!. ,n !hese ins!an-es, !he leader is mos! likely shirking his responsibili!y !o be !ough and lead. 5here are !imes !o be !ender and !imes !o be !oughG 1hen seeking !o break !he ba-k of an unheal!hy -onfli-!, !he leader mus! be firm in his s!an-e and -ommi!!ed !o resolving !he !ensions and fissions !ha! are undermining !he Body. ,n many -ases, !he -onfli-! !akes on a life of i!s o1n be-ause i! is a poli!i-al s!ruggle0 a po1er play. 5hese -ir-ums!an-es raise !he issue !ha! you, as a -alled leader, mus! ans1er0 @ha! does i! mean !o lead GodFs peopleN @ha! does pas!oral leadership look like 1hen !he going ge!s !oughN


, !hink one of !he grea! -hallenges for many of !odayFs pas!ors is !o e+er! firm leadership. <os! of us -ome in!o !he pas!ora!e having !ender hear!s, and desire !o demons!ra!e servan!like love and mer-y. 5he -hur-h, ho1ever, is a spiri!ual ba!!lefield and i! of!en re2uires a s!reng!h of leadership !ha! is un-ommon in !he se-ular 1orld. & good friend of mine des-ribed his !enure as pas!or a! a -hur-h. @hen he firs! arrived, he 1as repea!edly asked if he !hough! he 1as s!rong enough !o lead a -hur-h -omprised of very s!rong people. Five years la!er he dis-overed !he reason for !he 2ues!ion. &f!er four posi!ive years of minis!ry, !he founders of !he -hur-h !hough! !heir po1er 1as being !hrea!ened. Dne of !hose people !old my friend a! a priva!e lun-h mee!ing, .Aou had five very good years here, and you ough! !o feel good abou! i!. @e do. @e -hange pas!ors every five years. 'o you unders!and 1ha! ,Fm sayingN/ &s he !old me !his s!ory, , -ould feel his pain as if i! 1ere my o1n. &s 1e refle-!ed on !his all4!oo4-ommon e+perien-e, , asked him 1ha! lessons he 1ould impar! !o o!her pas!or4leaders. ., 99

1ould begin by saying !here is a -os! !o our -alling. 5he <an !ha! 1eFre follo1ing has said !o us, S#ome af!er me, !ake up your -ross and follo1 me.F %o 1ha! 1eFre doing is going !o be marked by suffering, servan!hood, pain, sa-rifi-e and submission. &s !he apos!le Pe!er said, 1e ough! no! !o be surprised a! !he fiery !rial !ha! is a par! of us. 5here is really no 1ay !o avoid all of i!. 5here may be prepara!ions !ha! 1e -an make, bu! , donF! !hink !here is any 1ay !o !o!ally avoid i!./ Perhaps -onfli-! in minis!ry is a given, bu! i! does no! have !o be unmanageable. @e read in %-rip!ure !ha! Kesus #hris! -ame !o !ear do1n !he 1alls of hos!ili!y. ?e did ?is very bes! !o bring people !oge!her. ?e realiEed ?e -ould no! 1in !hem all, and ?e didnF!. ,n !ime, ?is desire !o bring pea-e !o all men -os! ?im ?is life. Ae! i! 1as a 1or!hy goal and remains so !oday for all of us 1ho lead. ,n *phes. (01: 9/3!: 1e read, .For he himself is our pea-e, 1ho has made !he !1o one and has des!royed !he barrier, !he dividing 1all of hos!ili!y./ Kesus 1as a re-on-iler. ?e a!!emp!ed !o bring men !o a pla-e of -onfron!a!ion 1here !hey -ould in an open, hones! manner look a! !he issue. 5his 1ill no! al1ays mean agreemen! or unders!anding on every issue, bu! i! migh! resul! in uni!y, if no! uniformi!y. ,n my minis!ry , have !ried !o follo1 ?is e+ample by doing !he follo1ing0 1. (. 3. :. ,den!ify !he poin! of unders!andingG <ake re-on-ilia!ion !he primary ob=e-!iveG Rees!ablish oneness of hear!G &--ep! one ano!her for 1ho 1e are.

,n one of !he in!ervie1s , -ondu-!ed for my bimon!hly audio!ape series .Pas!or !o Pas!or,/ my gues! ?ora-e Fen!on Kr. 1as speaking abou! his life e+perien-e 1i!h -hur-h -onfli-!. 5his elder s!a!esman had seen i! allJ ?is philosophy abou! leading in !he mids! of -onfli-! 1as soaked 1i!h 1isdom. , 1ould say !o any leader !o !ake -onfli-! very seriously. 'onF! ever make ligh! of i!. 'onF! pos!pone doing 1ha!ever you -an do abou! i!. Re-ogniEe !ha! -onfli-! among #hris!iansH !rue believersHis no! !he 1ill of God and !herefore you -an -oun! on all !he resour-es of heaven !o help you in 1ha! o!her1ise is an impossible si!ua!ion. Ge! !o !he people as soon as possible, dra1 in ou!side help 1hen i! is needed, and le! your o1n life be -hara-!eriEed by love, !he love of #hris!. ,! is vi!al !o re-ogniEe !ha! !he solu!ion !o our differen-es does no! lie in our seeing !hings e+a-!ly !he same 1ay, bu! by learning !he mind of #hris!. ?is 1ill mus! rise above !he -onvi-!ions and opinions !ha! 1e hold on!o so !ena-iously.


@hen a person is .leadership !ough,/ he needs !o perform his leadership du!ies as a 1inner. @hen 1e vie1 our problems in leadership as a 1inMlose proposi!ion, i! -rea!es e+a-!ly !ha!H 1inners and losers. 5ender leadership a!!a-ks -onfli-! 1i!h a 1in41in a!!i!ude. ,! 1an!s !o -ome ou! of !he fray 1i!h as fe1 s-ars and hur! feelings as possible. , have learned a lo! of lessons in my years as a pas!or and no1 as an e+e-u!ive in a para-hur-h minis!ry. , sin-erely 1an! !o be a .!ender leader./ ,n addi!ion !o ena-!ing !he s!ra!egifun-!ions of a leader, su--ess in minimiEing or addressing -onfli-! re2uires !ha! , do !hree !hings0 1. &l1ays a--ep! personal responsibili!y for !he si!ua!ion. ,! may or may no! be my faul!, bu! a !rue leader mus! !ake !he ini!ia!ive for re-on-ilia!ion. (. <ake any effor! ne-essary !o move !o1ard !he person or persons involved in !he -onfli-!. , -an play !he .blame game,/ bu! i! 1ill no! do any good. &s a leader , mus! make s!ra!egiuse of my limi!ed leadership resour-es. ,n !hose -al-ula!ions mus! be a de!ermina!ion !o use some of my leadership -api!al !o -on!rol -onfli-!4orien!ed -ir-ums!an-es. 97

3. 5ake !he risk of -onfron!ing !he issue for !he sake of !he rela!ionship. ,n !he end i! 1ill make li!!le differen-e 1ho 1ins or 1ho is righ!, bu! 1ha! really ma!!ers is ho1 1e 1alk a1ay from one ano!her. , am reminded of a 2uo!e from eacema&ing, The Auiet ower- <y prayer is !ha! i! 1ill be-ome your leadership s!yle as 1ell. 5he #hris!ian -hur-h has been in e+is!en-e for several !housand years no1. ,n i!s his!ory !here have been innumerable figh!s and -onfli-!s and ba!!les, and ye!, !he -hur-h has survived. 5his -er!ainly gives -reden-e and eviden-e of !he ?oly %piri! of #hris! and ?is po1er !o media!e 1hen 1e have differen-es. Bu! !he in!ensi!y and fre2uen-y of -onfli-! has be-ome more in-reasingly apparen! in !he las! !1o de-ades. 5he reasonN @ell, !hey are many and varied. Fur!hermore, !hese reasons -er!ainly mirror !he -hanges in our so-ie!y as a 1hole. <edia!ion -an give grea!er s!abili!y and more hope !o !he -hur-h in our -omple+ !ime. 5he ?oly %piri! of #hris! has so many 1ays of 1orking. @eFre living in a !ime 1hen !his ?oly %piri! is ready !o !ake !he means and vehi-les of gra-e !ha! #hris! -on!inually offers and sho1 !hem !o us. @e are vehi-les !hrough 1hi-h !he ?oly %piri! -an 1ork. <edia!ion is a vehi-le in 1hi-h !he ?oly %piri! -an -rea!e, !hrough us, !he pro-ess of keeping pea-e. 5he goal is pea-emaking, and i! is #hris! our ord 1ho !o1ers over all of us, !he Dne !rue media!or, !he Prin-e of Pea-e.: <ay God bless you 1i!h !he pa!ien-e and !he 1ill !o be-ome a !ender leaderHnever -ompromising !ha! for 1hi-h you s!and and ?im 1ho -alled you, bu! al1ays seeking !he bes! for ?is kingdom and !hose for 1hom ?e gave ?is life.


7 Hel)ing Lea$er" GroLeig !on For$

>o! long ago, a fa!her and son !ook a sen!imen!al !rip !o !he fa!herFs boyhood home!o1n. 5hey sa1 !he houses 1here he gre1 up, !he s!ore 1here his paren!s 1orked, !he s-hools he a!!ended and !he park 1here he played. 5hey 1en! !o !he -ivi- audi!orium, -losed for !he summer, and persuaded !he =ani!or !o open up !he lo-ked and darkened !hea!er. .?ere is 1here 1e had our you!h rallies,/ !he fa!her said !o !he son as !hey s!ood on !he s!age. .?undreds of our friends 1ould -ome. , loved having !he oppor!uni!y !o em-ee !he mee!ings. @e sa1 many kids !ou-hed by #hris!./ 5hen he gre1 refle-!ive. .Bu! , remember !he nigh! 1e had a very famous evangelis! -ome. @e 1ere sure !ha! mos! of our friends 1ould a--ep! #hris!. 5he pla-e 1as pa-ked !ha! nigh! bu! , 1as disappoin!ed. Dnly one person -ame for1ard./ 5hen !he fa!her poin!ed !o !he 1ings a! !he side of !he s!age, ., 1en! over and s!ood !here, very dis-ouraged. , remember !ha! !he evangelis! -ame over, pu! his arm around me, gave me a hug, en-ouraged me. ?e said he 1ould pray for me and believed God 1ould use me if , s!ayed humble./ 5he fa!her paused and looked his son in !he eyes. ., have never forgo!!en !ha! arm around my shoulder./ 5he fa!her in !ha! s!ory is meG !he son is my o1n son, 6evin. 5he evangelis! 1as Billy Graham, la!er !o be my bro!her4in4la1 and 6evinFs un-le. , have of!en !hough! ba-k !o !ha! arm around !he shoulder and !he fa-! !ha! Billy Graham spoke !o !he -ro1d, bu! !ook !ime for one young man. , have refle-!ed !ha! !he doors !o leadership 1ere opened for me by men!ors 1ho -ared for !hose 1ho 1ere -oming af!er !hem. *arly in my life, my adop!ed mo!her held before me !he vision of serving #hris!. a!er, *von ?edley, !he field dire-!or for Aou!h for #hris! in #anada, appoin!ed me as presiden! of our lo-al rally. &! !he !ime , 1as only four!een, bu! , 1as !all and *von !hough! , 1as seven!een. , am sure 1hen he learned my !rue age he mus! have nearly had a hear! a!!a-kJ ?e s!ayed 1i!h me, !hough, en-ouraged me, -uffed me a bi! 1hen , needed -orre-!ion and sa1 !he po!en!ial in a lanky !eenager.


5oday our rapidly -hanging 1orld presen!s a -ons!an! universe of -hallenges !o i!s leaders. ,n su-h a !ime, i! is no! enough !o have managers 1ho kno1 ho1 to do things right. ,! has been said 1e need leaders 1ho -an ar!i-ula!e and envision the right things to do. 5he need !o raise up !ransforming leaders is ma!-hed by !he oppor!uni!y. &s !he psalmis! said, .For no one on ear!hHfrom eas! or 1es!,...-an raise ano!her person up....God 1ho 1ill rise and 1ho 1ill fall/ BPsalm 780947, /LTC. God in ?is sovereign!y has al1ays raised up leaders for ?is peopleH!he <oseses and Koshuas 1ho helped ?is people move from *gyp! in!o !he Promised and, !he Pe!ers and Pauls 1ho helped !he #hur-h shif! i!s fo-us from Ke1s in Kerusalem !o peoples of !he en!ire 1orld. God is already raising up young 1omen and men of vision !hroughou! !he 1orld. 5hese emerging leaders are eager !o follo1 !he -all of #hris!. 5he big 2ues!ion is 1he!her !hose of us 1ho are no1 in senior leadership posi!ions 1ill have !he vision !o nur!ure !hem. @ill 1e be like Paul 1ho urged young 5imo!hy !o .s!ir up !he gif! of God/ !ha! 1as in him B( 5im. 109CN Dr 1ill 1e be like !he banyan !ree, 1hose e+!ensive and dense bran-hes do no! permi! enough sunligh! !hrough !o nur!ure i!s seedlings, so -ons-ious of our o1n posi!ions and po1er !ha! 1e 1ill s!un! 99

!he young seedlings 1ho are poised !o gro1 in!o bran-hesN @ill !hey be for-ed !o move a1ay from our shado1 !o pursue GodFs -all !o !hemN


Kim #rupi, a leadership spe-ialis!, on-e asked me during a -onversa!ion !o pu! in one sen!en-e !he aim of our 1ork. , 1as a bi! s!ar!led. &l!hough 1e had developed a -lear mission s!a!emen!, , had never !ried !o fo-us i! in!o one sen!en-e. 5hese 1ords !hen -ame !o me0 @e are seeking !o help young leaders 1orld1ide to lead more like ;esus and to lead more to ;esus. eading li&e Kesus is a ma!!er of -hara-!er and s!yle. eading !o Kesus has !o do 1i!h effe-!iveness and resul!s. ,f 1e are se!!ing ou! !o help develop young leaders, 1e need !o have !he ou!-ome and goal -learly in fo-us. @e need a paradigm and a model. For us 1ho follo1 #hris! as ord and leader, ?e is !ha! paradigm. ?e embodies, surpasses and -ri!i2ues all o!her leadership s!andards. @arren Bennis and Bur! >anus, in !heir bes!4seller Leaders, in!ervie1ed nine!y leaders kno1n for !heir !ransforma!ional influen-e. ?e asked !hese men and 1omen B1ho led in !he ar!s, edu-a!ion, business and spor!sC abou! !heir s!ra!egies for -hange. ?e found !hey 1ere able !o bring !ransforming leadership !hrough four basi- s!ra!egies0 1. 5hey go! a!!en!ion !hrough #i" grabs/ 1ri!e Bennis and >anus. (. 5hey brough! meaning !o people !hrough -ommuni-a!ion. 3. 5hey engendered !r%"! in !hose 1ho follo1ed !hem !hrough posi!ioningH!hey had a firm dire-!ion, bu! 1ere also fle+ible. :. 5hey pra-!i-ed "el(C$e)loymen! !hrough em)o-eringH!hey did no! !ry !o do i! all !hemselves. 5hey had suffi-ien! posi!ive regard for 1ha! !hey, personally, -ould do, bu! also kne1 !hey needed o!hers !o share in !he vision. Kesus #hris! no! only embodies all !hese !rai!s, bu! ?e also !rans-ends !hemJ $nfor!una!ely, !oo mu-h of 1ha! has been promo!ed as #hris!ian leadership has simply mean! !aking se-ular managemen! and leadership -on-ep!s and a!!a-hing a fe1 %-rip!ure verses !o !he -on-ep!. Dur -hallenge is far more radi-al0 !o start 1i!h Kesus as !he leader and !o le! ?im shape us in!o ?is model. .Follo1 <e,/ he said, .and , 1ill make you/ B<a!!he1 :019CHno! =us! fishers of men, bu! also leaders of people. ,n my book Transforming Leadership,1 , use !he Gospels !o provide a -redible por!rai! of Kesus as leader. , also seek !o in!era-! a! several poin!s 1i!h aspe-!s of !ransforma!ional leadership as presen!ed by !odayFs leadership spe-ialis!s. ,n 1ri!ing !ha! book, , -ame !o unders!and more profoundly !han ever 1hy !he early #hris!ians believed Kesus 1as !he fulfillmen! of ,saiahFs prophe-y of one grea!er !han 'avid 1ho 1ould be .a leader and -ommander of !he peoples/ B,saiah 880:, /3!C. 5ransforming leaders ge! a!!en!ion !hrough visionN Kesus is !he Seer for 1hom vision is no! an en!repreneurial s-heme, bu! seeing !he kingdom in !he person a! !he ne+! -orner Bsee <ark 1019ff.C. eaders bring meaning !hrough -ommuni-a!ionN Kesus is !he S!ory!eller 1ho -ommuni-a!ed ?is vision !hrough ?is .value s!ories,/ ?is parables Bsee <ark :0(, 3:C. eaders earn !rus! !hrough !heir posi!ioningN Kesus is !he Ser#an! Sa#ior 1ho se! ?is fa-e !o !he -ross Bsee <ark 1)0:8C. eaders deploy !hemselves !hrough empo1ering o!hersN Kesus is no! only !he %hepherd 1ho seeks !he sheep, bu! also !he S e) er$ 4a&er 1ho !urns sheep in!o shepherds Bsee <ark 3013ff.C. 7)

Beyond all !his, a! !he -ore of ?is being, Kesus is !he %on 1hose leadership gro1s no! ou! of inse-uri!y, bu! ou! of a deep rela!ionship 1i!h ?is Fa!her Bsee <ark 1011C. 5o pu! !his ano!her 1ay, 1e need !o ask ourselves !he purpose of our leadership developmen! programs. ,s i! primarily an organiEa!ional purpose0 !o help emerging leaders fill leadership rolesN Dr is i! far more personal, organi- and !ransforma!ional0 !o help young leaders lead more like KesusN &! one level, leadership roles and skills -an be !augh! and learned. eadership -an only be e+perien-ed and lived on a far deeper level. Bo!h !he being and !he doing, !he -hara-!er and !he skills are impor!an!. 5he being li&e ;esus, ho1ever, brings !o !he doing !he e!ernal kingdom perspe-!ive. A Lea$er" i) +on(e""ion God -alls us as kingdom leaders, !o be led more by Kesus, kno1ing ?im and unders!anding ?is 1ill, !o lead more like Kesus, enabling ?is people !o be a re-on-iling -ommuni!y, !o lead more !o Kesus, serving ?is redemp!ive purposes in our genera!ion.


,n !he early years of our leadership minis!ry, , 1as en-ouraged and helped a lo! by a visi! from arry 'onni!horne, 1ho a! !ha! !ime 1as assis!an! !o !he superin!enden! a! !he $.%. <ili!ary &-ademy a! @es! Poin!. #olonel 'onni!horne, 1ho is by !raining a philosopher and edu-a!or, 1as responsible for developing !he ne1 leadership program a! @es! Poin!. ?e helped us !hink of leadership developmen! in !hree 1ays. .&! firs!,/ he said, .leadership !raining is like making a mosai-. Aou !ea-h people !o learn -er!ain skills and use !hem !o make a pa!!ern. 5hen you help people !o learn !ha! leadership is an ar! in i!self. Beyond gro1ing skills, i! is !he abili!y !o pain! !he pi-!ure. Bu! !hen mos! impor!an! is !o help people !o see !ha! be-oming a leader is be-oming GodFs person over a life!ime./ &! !he elemen!ary level, 1e may have leadership !raining !ha! passes along -er!ain skills in organiEing and -ommuni-a!ing. &! a more advan-ed level, leadership developmen! mus! help po!en!ial leaders develop !heir o1n par!i-ular God4given vision. &! !he mos! ma!ure level, leadership developmen! means 1alking 1i!h a leader as he be-omes !he -omple!e person God has -alled him !o be, so in !urn he -an help ano!her be-ome all God 1an!s him !o be. 5hus, leadership !raining is only one par! of a mu-h broader and deeper pro-ess !ha! mus! !ake pla-e in !he life of one 1ho is -alled !o leadership. ,! has been said !he final !es! of a leader is !ha! he leaves behind o!hers 1ho have !he -onvi-!ion and !he 1ill !o -arry on. ,n !his regard, Kesus !he %hepherd <aker is also a model. <ark 3 !ells of a key de-ision !ha! Kesus made a! a -risis poin! in ?is minis!ry. 5he -ro1ds 1ere gro1ing. <any of !he religious leaders 1ere be-oming hos!ile. Kesus s!ra!egi-ally 1i!hdre1 in!o !he hills Bsee <ark 307413C and spen! !he en!ire nigh! in prayer Bsee uke 901(C. ?o1 -ould ?e mul!iply 1ha! ?e 1as doingN 'eepen i!N #on!inue i! af!er ?e 1as goneN 71

5he !ime had -ome !o fo-us on a fe1, and !ha! is 1hen ?e sele-!ed Pe!er, Kames, Kohn and !he o!hers.


?o1 do 1e make leadersN e!Fs !ake Pe!er as a !es! -ase. ?o1 did Kesus make Pe!er in!o a leaderN , des-ribed KesusF pro-ess in my book Transforming Leadership, using an imaginary in!ervie1 1i!h Pe!er. #onsider !his abbrevia!ed version of ho1 Kesus made leaders. He .alle$ ! em. Kesus found ?is fu!ure leaders fishing by a lake and in o!her everyday a-!ivi!ies. ?e pi-ked !hem =us! as !hey 1ere. eadership developmen! begins 1i!h a -all. @hen 1e -all someone in KesusF name, i! is a minis!ry of po1erful affirma!ion. He name$ ! em. ,n Pe!erFs -ase, ?e looked s!raigh! in!o his eyes and said, .Aou are %imon, you are going !o be Pe!er./ %imilarly, 1hen 1e develop leaders, 1e need !o kno1 1ha! !heir names s!and forH!ha! is, 1e mus! ge! !o kno1 !hem 1ellHunders!and !heir s!reng!hs and 1eaknesses and -all !hem by !he ne1 vision of 1ha! !hey 1ill be-ome in #hris!. He ma$e ! em a !eam. Pe!er and !he o!her fishermen kne1 !ha! in a fishing boa! 1i!hou! good !eam1ork !hey -ould go broke. Kesus believed in !eams. ?e sen! ?is dis-iples ou! by !1os. eadership developers need !o kno1 !he po1er of !eams. 3t is important to wor& with individuals, but also to bring them into a group, where strengths and wea&nesses can be balanced and visions shared- ?e did !his in every possible 1ay. 5he dis-iples 1ere gro1n men 1hen Kesus -alled !hem, no! li!!le kids. &dul!s learn bes! 1hen !hey -an be a par! of 1ha! is already !aking pla-e. KesusF leadership program 1as no! like s-hoolG i! 1as life. 5he dis-iples 1ere appren!i-es !o Kesus. ,! !ea-hes us !he lesson !ha! leaders learn in real life si!ua!ions. He !r%"!e$ ! em. &! !he very beginning, ?e !old !hem !o follo1 ?im, !hen !augh! !hem by le!!ing !hem live 1i!h ?im and 1a!-h ?im. ?e !hen sen! !hem ou! !o go and !o do, en!rus!ing !hem 1i!h a !ask. Kesus sho1s us !ha! leaders are made no! =us! by !elling !hem 1ha! !o do, bu! also by !rus!ing !hem !o do i!. He !e"!e$ ! em. &-!ually, you migh! say ?e !errified !hemJ @hen a big s!orm -ame upon !hem on !he lake 1hile !hey 1ere sleeping on !he boa!, ?e asked !hem repea!edly, .@here is your fai!hN/ ?e pushed !hem beyond !heir safe dep!hs. eaders gro1 1hen !hey are in si!ua!ions beyond !heir o1n -on!rol and s!reng!h, 1here !hey learn !ha! !hey 1ill fail unless !hey !rus! in God. He in.l%$e$ ! em. From !he -ro1ds ?e pi-ked seven!y, and from !he seven!y ?e sele-!ed !1elve, and ou! of !he !1elve, !hree. ?e of!en !ook his inner !hree, Pe!er, Kames and Kohn, off by !hemselvesH1hen ?e healed !he li!!le girl, spoke 1i!h <oses and *li=ah on !he moun!ain and prayed in !he garden. 5o make leaders, 1e have !o fo-us on !he fe1 1ho have !he po!en!ial, as 1ell as some 1ho may no! seem !o have i!. Df -ourse, !his involves risks. 5hese are risks 1e mus! !ake, !hough, if 1e 1an! !o gro1 leaders in dep!h. He ma$e ! em Hi" (rien$". KesusF leadership program 1as no! a formal, hierar-hi-al s!ru-!ure, bu! a -ommuni!y of friends, and !he Friend 1as a! !he -en!er. 5he nigh! ?e lef! !hem, ?e said !o !hem, ., no longer -all you servan!s,..., have -alled you friends/ BKohn 18018, /3!C. ,magine being one of !hose dis-iples and e+-laiming, .?e -alled me ?is friend. , am !he ordFs friendJ/ eaders4in4!he4making need !o sense !hey are persons, no! pro=e-!sHpersons 1ho, in !he bes! sense of !he 1ord, are friends. He -arne$ ! em an$ re"!ore$ ! em. Kesus 1arned ?is dis-iples of dangers ahead. ?e par!i-ularly 1arned Pe!er !ha! he 1ould be!ray ?im and le! ?im do1nG and Pe!er did. @ha! -hanged him ba-kN Kesus did. &l!hough Pe!er denied Kesus !hree !imes, !hree !imes he 1as given a -han-e !o reaffirm his love and his -ommi!men! !o feed KesusF sheep. Pe!er learned some!hing abou! rebuke from KesusG i! -an be !he mos! loving !hing in !he 1orld. ,n developing leaders, 1e 7(

need !o kno1 !hey 1ill fail. @hen !ha! happens, !hey need -orre-!ion, en-ouragemen! and a -han-e !o s!ar! again. He ma$e ! em %n$er"!an$. &! !he end, i! all -ame !oge!her. KesusF dis-iples realiEed ?e had -hosen !hem, prayed for !hem, died for !hem and no1 ?e 1as !rus!ing !hem. ?e had pu! ?imself in !hem. >o1 ?e 1as sending !hem !o find ?is sheep and -are for ?is people. KesusF 1ay of making leaders -an be pu! in a simple phrase. ?e said, =Follow %e, and 3 will ma&e you-> eadership developmen! is no! !raining people for our programsG i! is helping o!hers follo1 Kesus and be-ome !he leaders ?e -alls !hem !o be. eadership developmen! is sharingHa sharing of life and goals, a sharing of par!nership and learning, a sharing of !ime and risks and po1er. KesusF leadership developmen! 1as no! a lo-k4 s!ep program. ,! 1as an ongoing pro-ess. ,n !ha! pro-ess, Kesus did !he follo1ing 1i!h ?is !rainees0 I ?e began by iden!ifying, re-rui!ing and assessing leaders 1ho had po!en!ial. I ?e gave personal a!!en!ion !o !heir forma!ion by modeling for !hem, being 1i!h !hem and praying for !hem, and mo!iva!ing !hem !hrough ?is a!!en!ion, suppor!, -orre-!ion and feedba-k. I ?e buil! !hem in!o a -ommuni!yHin !odayFs parlan-e, a !eamH1here !hey learned no! only from ?im, bu! also from ea-h o!her. I ?e 1as -ons!an!ly involved 1i!h !hem in life4rela!ed !ea-hingHreal life demons!ra!ions, 2ues!ions and ans1ers, a-!ion follo1ed by refle-!ion. I ?e gave !hem responsibili!y and provided feedba-k. I ?e empo1ered !hem, giving !hem no! a plan bu! ?is %piri!, and ?e le! !hem go, !o be kingdom4seeking leaders.

eadership is a ho! !opi- !hese days. *ffe-!ive leadership is 1idely a-kno1ledged !o be la-king. 5he resul!N eadership4building programs are e+ploding. @hi-h ones are effe-!iveN ,f !hey do produ-e leaders, 1hyN ,! is a -ompli-a!ed !opi-, one in!riguingly addressed in Learning to Lead by K. &. #onger. &n asso-ia!e professor of organiEa!ional behavior a! <-Gill $niversi!y, #onger also is a -onsul!an! !o many -orpora!ions and nonprofi! organiEa!ions. 5o de!ermine 1ho is doing 1ha! in !he 1orld of leadership developmen!, and !o evalua!e 1ha! seems !o be having a posi!ive influen-e, one of #ongerFs asso-ia!es 1en! .under-over,/ so !o speak, !o !ake par! in five of !he mos! popular leadership programs. ,n Learning to Lead, he offers personal insigh!s and assessmen!s of !hese programs, organiEing !hem in!o a !ypology of four approa-hes0 I Per"onal gro-! is !he approa-h !aken by !he Pe-os River earning #en!er and "ision Vues!. By means of ou!door adven!ures and psy-hologi-al e+er-ises, !hese programs seek !o help par!i-ipan!s be in !ou-h 1i!h !heir deeper, !ruer selves. I +on.e)!%al %n$er"!an$ing is emphasiEed in !he eadership #hallenge, 1hose programs highligh! !he differen-e be!1een managemen! and leadership, and in-lude skill4building pro-edures. I 2 e (ee$ba.& a))roa. is u!iliEed a! !he #en!er for #rea!ive eadership in Greensboro, >or!h #arolina. &ssuming !ha! !hose 1ho 1an! !o be effe-!ive leaders already possess -er!ain skills, !he program helps par!i-ipan!s iden!ify s!reng!hs !o build on and 1eaknesses !ha! need a!!en!ion. I S&ill b%il$ing is emphasiEed in !he Forum #ompanyFs eadership -ourse, 1i!h !he unders!anding !ha! leadership -an be broken in!o a se! of behaviors !ha! -an be learned. 73

#ongerFs -on-lusion is !ha! an effe-!ive leadership !raining approa-h mus! in-orpora!e -ore elemen!s of all four of !hese approa-hes. ?e -on!ends !ha! ea-h of !hose elemen!s builds upon !he o!her, -rea!ing a synergis!i- ou!-ome. ?e also sees !he primary value of all !hese programs as a1areness building and affirming !ha! ul!ima!ely developing leadership depends upon !he gif!s and desire of !he individual and !he re-ep!ivi!y of !he leaderFs organiEa!ion. #onger also advo-a!es realism. *ven if a leader -hanges for !he be!!er, !ha! !ransforma!ion may !hrea!en superiors and follo1ers 1ho 1an! s!abili!y. @ha! he says abou! organiEa!ions applies e2ually !o many -hur-hes0 .<any organiEa!ions are simply no! prepared for leadership. #onformi!y is more impor!an! !o !hem !han vision and risk4!aking./ (


,n 199(, eigh!on Ford <inis!ries laun-hed !he &rro1 eadership Program. ,! 1as -on-eived and developed by 5om ?a1kes, our leadership developmen! dire-!or. For several years 1e had done informal men!oring 1i!h younger leaders, and sponsored a varie!y of seminars on evangelism leadership, some in asso-ia!ion 1i!h seminaries and some as peer forums among !hose engaged in similar evangelism minis!ries. 5hese seemed !o be having a posi!ive effe-!. , had sensed during a 2uie! period of re!rea!, ho1ever, !ha! !he 1ay !o have !he mos! profound influen-e 1as no! by mul!iplying programs, bu! by inves!ing in people. &! !he !ime, , no!ed in my =ournal !ha! , fel! led !o bring !oge!her abou! a doEen key young leaders as a -ore group of par!ners !hrough 1hom our small organiEa!ion -ould link !o a larger family. 5his 1as a key de-ision !hrough 1hi-h our s!ra!egy began !o develop more in!en!ionally. &f!er forging a !eam of people 1ho 1ere skilled for and -ommi!!ed !o !his !ask, 1e began !o 1ork !hrough !he spe-ifi-s of ho1 !o iden!ify, en-ourage and nur!ure young leaders 1ho had grea! po!en!ial. Dur su--ess !o da!e is also deeply a!!ribu!able !o !he prayer suppor! group !ha! daily upholds our effor!s before God. ike all else 1e endeavor !o do, !his prayer emphasis is based on !he model provided by Kesus. ?e prayed all nigh! before sele-!ing ?is inner -ore groupG a! !he -lose of ?is ear!hly minis!ry, ?e prayed !ha! !heir fai!h 1ould no! fail !hem. ,! may be helpful if , !ell !he s!ory of ho1 1e -hose !he arro1 as our symbol and me!aphor for !he pro-ess 1e have -rea!ed. #er!ainly 1e did no! have every!hing !hough! ou! from !he beginning. ,! happened s!ep by s!ep, as God dire-!ed and led us !o !hose 1ho 1ould bo!h -hallenge and help. 5he vision 1as -lear0 @e 1ere !o help develop emerging young leaders in evangelism. @ha! did !ha! mean, !houghN ?o1 -ould 1e pi-!ure i! so i! 1ould grab peopleFs minds and imagina!ionsN *arly on 1e -onvened 1ha! -ame !o be kno1n as !he Poin! Group. 5his is a spe-ial -olle-!ion of young leaders 1ho have vision and an ou!s!anding !ra-k re-ord of personal developmen! in leadership, 1ho par!ner 1i!h us in !he -on-ep!ualiEa!ion, developmen!, appli-a!ion and -ri!i2uing of !he &rro1 program. &! !he ini!ial mee!ing of !his group, !he !hough! of !he arro1 flashed ba-k in my mind from !he pas!. , on-e spoke a! -hapel a! 'uke 'ivini!y %-hool, and in !he dis-ussion follo1ing !he session , 1as asked ho1 , had seen Billy Graham -hange !hrough !he years. & pi-!ure -ame !o my mind , had no! !hough! of before. .Billy Graham has been like an arro1head,/ , sugges!ed. ., donF! venera!e him, bu! , do admire him and he has been like an arro1. ?e has kep! !o !he sharp, -u!!ing edge of !he gospel. ?e has never los! !he fo-us on #hris!. @herever he goes he prea-hes Kohn 3019. Bu! like !he base of !he arro1head he has gro1n broader. Dver !he years he has seen !he impli-a!ions of !he gospel 1he!her for ra-e rela!ions or -on-ern for pover!y or !he rela!ionships be!1een na!ions, or -oopera!ion among believers./ 7:

5he more , refle-!ed on !ha! me!aphor, !he more ap! i! seemed. %ome leaders as !hey age gro1 broader bu! fla!!er. 5hey are e+posed !o more, !hey kno1 more, bu! !hey lose !he sharp, -u!!ing edge of !heir vision. D!hers be-ome very, very narro1. 5hey have one !heme, one idea. 5hey say i! -ons!an!ly un!il, like s!rumming on one s!ring, i! be-omes very !iresome. 5he bes! leaders, !hough, are like arro1heads0 !hey keep !ha! sharp edge of !heir vision and !hey gro1 broaderHand like !he shaf! on an arro1head, !hey go deeper. GodFs des-rip!ion of ?is servan! as .a polished arro1/ B,saiah :90(C also be-ame a forma!ive par! of my !hinking. Aoung leaders are !o be polished like arro1heads. 5hese arro1heads are no! !o be mass produ-ed, bu! hand shaped !hrough personaliEed a!!en!ion. 5he arro1 also be-omes a symbol of leadership developmen!. @e 1an! !o help young leaders " ar)en ! eir #i"ionHlike !he poin! of !he arro1Hand !o unders!and -learly GodFs -all !o !hem. &s Kesus in many 1ays 1ould ask ?is dis-iples, .@ha! do you seeN/ , developed !he habi! of asking every young po!en!ial leader, .@ha! is your visionN/ ,f !he person 1as no! sure, , 1ould say, .,f you did have one 1ha! 1ould i! beN/ 5he base of !he arro1 also has signifi-an-e0 " a)ing ! eir #al%e". &s Kesus 1ould ask ?is dis-iples, .@here is your hear!N/ 1e need !o see !ha! !he leaderFs vision is -arried for1ard only 1i!h solid #hris!like values. Finally, 1e are -alled !o help young leaders by " aring ! eir #en!%re". ike !he shaf! !ha! helps !he arro1 fly for1ard, 1e need !o en-ourage young leaders !o a-! on !he visions God gives. Kesus 1as -ons!an!ly pushing ?is dis-iples beyond !heir dep!h and -omfor! Eone, saying, .@here is your fai!hN/ ?e also made !hem ven!ure ou!. %o our !ask is no! !o re-rui! young leaders for our -ause and visions, bu! !o s!and 1i!h !hem and behind !hemH!o inves! .spiri!ual risk -api!al,/ so !o speak, and give !hem a -han-e !o go for !he ven!ures God has pu! in!o !heir hear!s. %harpening vision. %haping values. %haring ven!ures. 5his sums up !he leadership developmen! pro-ess.

"alues are founda!ional !o leadership. @e -ould no! have a -omple!e developmen!al pro-ess unless 1e in-orpora!ed an unders!anding of -ore values in!o !ha! mi+. @ha! are !hese values 1e 1an! !o pass on !o !he emerging -adre of leadersN ,n a nu!shell, 1e 1an! young leaders !o0 I ?ave a hear! for God Bsee <a!!he1 ((037CG I ove !heir neighbors and !heir families Bsee <a!!he1 ((039CG I ead and serve like Kesus Bsee <ark 1)0:(4:8CG I Be able !o -ommuni-a!e !he gospel effe-!ively, have passion, !hough!fulness, -rea!ivi!y and in!egri!y Bsee ( #or. 30849CG I ive humane and holy lives !ha! 1ill make !he gospel a!!ra-!ive Bsee 1 5im. :01(G <a!!he1 8019CG I Be a1are of !heir 1orld and aler! !o !heir genera!ion Bsee &-!s 13039G *phes. 8018417CG I &-! -ompassiona!ely for !he los! and !he needy Bsee <a!!he1 9039437CG I Be kingdom seekers, no! empire builders Bsee <a!!he1 9033CG I ong for !he uni!y of #hris!Fs people Bsee Kohn 170()4(3CG I earn !o .pray !he 1ork/ Bsee <a!!he1 9038C.


,f our goal is !o help young leaders lead more li&e Kesus and lead more !o Kesus, leadership developmen! mus! emphasiEe bo!h -hara-!er and -ompe!en-y. 5he arro1 is a symbol 1e have


-hosen and !he &rro1 #hara-!erM#ompe!en-y <odel is our a!!emp! !o flesh ou! 6ingdom leadership 1i!h subs!an-e and -lari!y. @hen 1e rea-hed !he poin! of -rea!ing a pro-ess !ha! 1ould enable young leaders !o embra-e !hese values and !o lead people based on !heir -hara-!er and !heir -ompe!en-ies, 5om ?a1kes, our dire-!or of leadership developmen!, began a pro-ess of -onsul!a!ion. ?e me! 1i!h people from a-ross !he -oun!ry 1ho had fo-used on developing leaders, and !alked 1i!h young leaders !hemselves abou! 1ha! !hey needed. ?e found !hey 1ere saying in effe-!, .@e 1an! our -hara-!er developed. @e 1an! our hear!s !o be deep. @e 1an! !o be reminded !ha! evangelism is !he name of !he game. &nd 1e 1an! !o kno1 some of !he ne1 !hings !ha! God is doing./ 5om !hen developed !he design for our #hara-!erM#ompe!en-y eadership <odel, of leading li&e and !o Kesus. ,! -overs four main areas0 I I I I SpiritualityHgro1ing a leaderFs .hear! for God/G Leadership unders!anding and skillsG (vangelism unders!anding and skillsG Kingdom See&ing-ommi!men! !o !he 1ider and global aspe-!s of !he #hur-h.

$nder ea-h of !he four main areas are !hir!een -hara-!eris!i-s of !he -alled and effe-!ive young evangelism leader, -hara-!eris!i-s su-h as having a hear! for God, sensing a -lear -alling and vision from God, leading like Kesus, being a passiona!e and !hough!ful evangelis!, unders!anding !he !rends and vie1s shaping his genera!ion and devo!ion !o GodFs kingdom ra!her !han a personal empire. 5he -hara-!eris!i-s are !hen e+pressed in si+!y4four spe-ifi- leadership 2uali!ies. 5he #hara-!erM#ompe!en-y <odel forms our -ore -urri-ulum. ,! in!egra!es all our leadership programs, from !he one41eek seminars and forums !hrough !he leng!hier &rro1 Program !o !he &dvan-ed &rro1 Program no1 being developed.3

5he &rro1 eadership Program as 1e have developed i! opera!es on several key assump!ions0 I 5ha! God is a! 1ork raising up and developing young leaders. @hen 1e seek !o help !hem 1e are nei!her !heir -rea!ors or !heir produ-ersG 1e are .mid41ives/ 1ho 1alk 1i!h !hem !hrough !he pro-ess God has s!ar!ed. I 5ha! Kesus is !he ul!ima!e model for .!ransforming leadership/Hof leading more li&e Kesus and leading more !o Kesus. I 5ha! emerging young leaders -an benefi! mos! from leadership programs 1hen !hey are a! !ransi!ion poin!s in !heir -areersHgro1!h spur!s, !imes of s!ress and !imes 1hen !hey fa-e ma=or -hange. 'epending on !he person and !he -ir-ums!an-es, !his of!en o--urs in !he early !hir!ies. I 5ha! leaders gro1 bes! in a highly personaliEed 1ay. Rela!ionships are more impor!an! !han programs, and helping people !o pursue GodFs -all !o !hem is more impor!an! !han s!andardiEed -on!en!. I 5ha! -hara-!er and spiri!ual developmen! are more impor!an! !han -ompe!en-y. <aking !ime for refle-!ion, prayer, s!udy and a--oun!abili!y are key. I 5ha! gro1!h !akes pla-e bes! in a learning -ommuni!y, no! a hierar-hi-al s!ru-!ure. *very leader is also a learner, and in !his -ommuni!y older and younger leaders learn !oge!her from GodFs @ord and %piri! and from ea-h o!her. I 5ha! gro1!h re2uires one4on4one men!oring !o fa-ili!a!e -hara-!er developmen!. I 5ha! people -an learn from !heir peers and more ma!ure e+perien-ed leaders. 79

I 5ha! e+perien-e is ne-essary !o fully learn any -hara-!er !rai! or skill or kno1ledge. .*+perien-e i!, learn i!./


5he &rro1 Program !ook shape in a -lear vision and ar!i-ula!ed values, e+pressed in a #hara-!erM#ompe!en-y <odel. @e had a -lear idea of !he e+pressed and per-eived needs of younger leadersG 1e had some e+-ellen! -ounsel. <os! impor!an! of all, 1e had !he model of Kesus and !he promise of ?is presen-eJ Based on all !his, 5om ?a1kes asked !he 2ues!ion0 @ha! resour-es are available !o help young leaders gro1N ?e iden!ified !he follo1ing0 !he BibleG older leadersG peers in leadershipG o!her books and ma!erialsG and, !hrough and above !hem all, !he ?oly %piri!. ,n!eres!ingly, !hough 1e had no! seen #ongerFs -on-lusions in Learning to Lead, !he program !ha! developed -on!ained all four of !he elemen!s he iden!ifies as impor!an!0 personal developmen!, -on-ep!ual unders!anding, feedba-k and skill building. 5he &rro1 eadership Program emerged as a seven!een4mon!h in!ensive nonresiden!ial program, emphasiEing bo!h leadership and evangelism. & ne1 -lass begins every fall B%ep!ember or D-!oberC and gradua!es seven!een mon!hs la!er. Par!i-ipan!s main!ain !heir o1n residen-es and minis!ries or o--upa!ions, 1hile -oming !o >or!h #arolina four !imes during !he program for 1eeklong seminars. ,n be!1een !hese visi!s, regular -on!a-!s are made !hrough mee!ings of peer -lus!ers, 1i!h men!ors and by -on!a-! 1i!h !he s!aff. 5he follo1ing key pro-ess elemen!s des-ribe !he &rro1 Program.


5he program is no! publi-ly adver!ised. Po!en!ial par!i-ipan!s are iden!ified !hrough a ne!1ork -onsis!ing of former gradua!es, fa-ul!y, denomina!ional and organiEa!ional leaders, pas!ors, lay leaders and key re-ommenders. &ppli-an!s mus! have demons!ra!ed leadership, a hear! for evangelism, s!rong -hara-!er and gro1!h po!en!ial. Referen-es are sough! from !hose 1ho kno1 !he appli-an!s 1ell.

From !he pool of appli-a!ions, 1e sele-! a -lass of !1en!y4five. @e aim !o s!ay a! !ha! number !o provide bo!h for !he sense of -ommuni!y and individual a!!en!ion. & sele-!ion -ommi!!ee mee!s in !he spring of ea-h year !o sele-! !hose appli-an!s 1ho seem mos! 2ualified.


@e 1an! !o help !he par!i-ipan!s assess !heir o1n s!reng!hs and 1eaknesses and se! !heir goals for gro1!h. 5o help !hem, 1e have a -areful assessmen! pro-ess. &ll par!i-ipan!s !ake a ba!!ery of !es!s, 1hi-h in-lude0 1. (. 3. :. 8. 9. %piri!ual Gif!s ,nven!oryG eadG &rro1 eadership Vues!ionnaireG 19PFG Performa+ B',%#CG eadership Pra-!i-es ,nven!ory.

,n addi!ion, a .39) degree/ evalua!ion is made of ea-h par!i-ipan! based on !he #hara-!erM#ompe!en-y <odel. 5he par!i-ipan!Fs spouse Bif marriedC, supervisor, a peer or -lose friend, and a follo1er e+press evalua!ion of !he person in ea-h of si+!y4four areas. 77

&! !he firs! seminar, ma=or a!!en!ion is given !o !his assessmen!. & !eam of assessorsHmos! of !hem ma!ure lay leadersHa!!end !he en!ire seminar !o mee!, observe and ge! !o kno1 !he par!i-ipan!s. & psy-hologis! guides !his pro-ess and is par! of !he assessmen! !eam. 5he !eam observes !he -lass members in a varie!y of se!!ings0 presen!ing a vision s!a!emen! !o a small group, as par! of an evangelis!i- ou!rea-h !eam, in an ou!door adven!ure e+perien-e, par!i-ipa!ing in !he -lassroom se!!ing and in informal !imes. *a-h par!i-ipan! is personally in!ervie1ed by an assessor. &! !he end of !he 1eek, !he en!ire assessor !eam mee!s and agrees upon an evalua!ion of ea-h par!i-ipan! based on !he psy-hologi-al leadership !es!s, !he observa!ions and !he personal in!ervie1s. & summary of !his feedba-k is given individually !o ea-h par!i-ipan! on !he las! day of !he seminar, in-luding en-ouragemen! !o build on personal s!reng!hs and !o make plans !o gro1 in areas !ha! are 1eaker. &lmos! 1i!hou! e+-ep!ion, !he response is, .Aou are righ! on. , donF! kno1 ho1 you kne1 me so 1ell. 5his is e+a-!ly 1ha! , needed a! !his !ime in my life./ 5he person is en-ouraged !o use !his ma!erial for personal refle-!ion and a!!en!ion in all !he o!her aspe-!s of !he program.

eaders mus! 1ork as !eam -ap!ains and members, and no! as s!ars. From !he beginning, !he &rro1 Program aims a! -rea!ing !he !eam spiri!. @hen par!i-ipan!s firs! in!rodu-e !hemselves, !hey are asked !o do so no! in !erms of !heir 1ork or !heir a--omplishmen!s, bu! in !erms of some!hing very human and personal. Dn !he firs! day of !he firs! seminar, par!i-ipan!s !ake par! in a series of .sof! and hard/ !eam4 building e+er-ises, ranging from games and sharing groups !o rappelling and ro-k -limbing an 7)4foo! -liff. Professional and 2ualified guides lead !hese e+er-ises. Rappelling and ro-k -limbing is a ne1 e+perien-e for many. <os! are nervous if !hey have never done i! before. *a-h par!i-ipan! is urged no! ne-essarily !o do !he rappelling or -limbing, bu! !o go !o !he poin! 1here he 1ill make !he de-ision 1he!her he 1ill do i! or no!. <os! do. *ven !hose 1ho do no!, have learned some!hing impor!an! abou! pushing !heir limi!s. &n addi!ional plus -omes in !he help and en-ouragemen! of o!her !eam members. 5he pas!or of a fas! gro1ing -hur-h may be a big person ba-k home, bu! 1hen he is going over !he -liff ba-k1ard for !he firs! !ime, he realiEes he is dependen! on !he young inner4-i!y 1orker belo1 1ho is belaying him 1i!h a rope and !he 1oman -hur-h plan!er, 1ho is shou!ing her en-ouragemen!. %imilar !eam4building e+er-ises from 1hi!e41a!er raf!ing !o -limbing moun!ain !rails build personal insigh!, -onfiden-e and !eam spiri! !hroughou! !he program. & young minis!ry leader 1ho over-omes his fear of heigh!s and s-ales !o !he !op of Grandfa!her <oun!ain may bo!h re-ogniEe his vulnerabili!y and !rus! his ins!in-!s and -ourage more 1hen he ge!s ba-k !o his -hallenging minis!ry si!ua!ions. 5hose 1ho de-ide no! !o go !o !he !op are affirmed in de-iding 1ha! is righ! for !hem, kno1ing !hey have -limbed !heir o1n inner moun!ains.

&rro1 par!i-ipan!s a!!end four one41eek seminars in !he -ourse of !he seven!een4mon!h program. 'uring !hese seminars, one4 or !1o4day modules are in-luded on !he follo1ing !opi-s0 *mpo1ering Rela!ionships ?ear! for God eadership &ssessmen! "ision for <inis!ry 77

#ul!ural &1areness Fo-using Aour ife eadership #ommuni-a!ion <obiliEing D!hers for *vangelism *vangelis!i- Prea-hing 5he eaderFs Family ife eading ike Kesus 5eam Building iving #ompassiona!ely Prayer %eeking 6ingdom Gro1!h 5he #hur-h <obiliEed @e seek !he bes! 2ualified fa-ul!y !o lead !hese modules, and ask !hem !o -onsider !hemselves more as -onsul!an!s !han as le-!urers. Be-ause adul!s learn be!!er !hrough in!era-!ion and involvemen!, 1e seek !o use as many -rea!ive learning approa-hes as possible. *a-h ins!ru-!or is given a planning shee! per module, 1hi-h asks him !o do !hree !hings0 spe-ifi-ally des-ribe 1ha! he 1an!s !he par!i-ipan!s !o kno1, feel and do as a resul! of !he moduleG provide de!ailed e+plana!ions of ho1 he plans !o use !ime in his moduleG and des-ribe a varie!y of learning a-!ivi!ies and approa-hes he plans !o use. @herever possible 1e use -ase s!udies, dis-overy approa-hes, group in!era-!ion and dis-ussion. For e+ample, 1hen 1e !ea-h abou! vision 1e may begin by !elling a -ase s!udy of a large -hur-h 1here !he pas!orFs soli!ary vision !ha! !hey be-ome a seeker4orien!ed -hur-h seems !o be a--ep!ed by everybody, 1orks 1ell a! !he beginning, bu! !hen falls apar!. 5he par!i-ipan!s -ri!i2ue 1ha! happened based on !heir kno1ledge of vision, !he Bible and life e+perien-es, and !hen are asked !o !hink of !heir o1n -rea!ive al!erna!ives. @e keep remembering !ha! KesusF dis-iplesH?is leaders in pro-essHlearned in a living -lassroom, !ha! ?e used every!hing and every e+perien-e in ?is mids! as ?is ma!erial for learning. @e need !o keep going ba-k !o ?im.

Aoung leaders learn from ea-h o!her as 1ell as from !he senior, e+perien-ed leaders, so an in!egral par! of ea-h &rro1 -lass is !he .peer -lus!ering./ @henever possible, par!i-ipan!s 1ho have some geographi-al pro+imi!y are re-rui!ed. 'uring !he firs! 1eek, !hese peer -lus!ers mee! and ge! !o kno1 one ano!her. &! !he end of !he 1eek, !hey form !heir o1n ongoing peer -lus!ers based on geography or o!her affini!ies. Be!1een seminar ga!herings, ea-h peer -lus!er is re2ues!ed !o mee! regularly. <any -lus!ers spend a day !oge!her every si+ !o eigh! 1eeks. ,f !he par!i-ipan!s are !oo dis!an! !o mee! fa-e4!o4 fa-e, a -lus!er may .mee!/ !hrough -onferen-e -alls. 5his la!!er approa-h is de-idedly a se-ond bes! op!ion, bu! i! is used 1hen ne-essary. 5he agenda for !hese mee!ings is se! 1i!hin !he group members a--ording !o !heir needs. ,! is unders!ood !ha! !hey 1ill provide s!imula!ion, en-ouragemen! and a--oun!abili!y !o one ano!her in !heir gro1!h. 5his may happen in rela!ion !o !he -on!en! of 1ha! !hey have heard, or in !heir personal -hara-!er gro1!h, or in !heir evangelism and leadership minis!ries. <any of !hese peer -lus!ers delve deeply in!o personal and family -on-erns and form spiri!ual suppor! !eams. 5hey provide 1isdom for ea-h o!her in main!aining balan-e in minis!ry, handling -onfli-!, making de-isions, fa-ing !emp!a!ions and s!ruggles, and all !he -hallenges young minis!ry leaders have in -ommon. 79

@e allo1 !hese -lus!ers !o be ei!her gender spe-ifi- or gender mi+ed. @e have !ried !o !hink -arefully and sensi!ively !hrough !he issues involved in having spe-ifi- or mi+ed gender groups. Be-ause 1e believe bo!h 1omen and men are -alled and gif!ed for leadership in evangelism, 1e do no! 1an! !o handle !he makeup of groups in a superfi-ial manner. %ome of !he groups 1an! !o !alk in dep!h abou! areas of vulnerabili!y, in-luding se+ual !emp!a!ion and s!ruggles and rela!ionships 1i!h !he opposi!e se+. %ome men and 1omen for !ha! reason prefer gender spe-ifi- groups so !hey are more free !o !alk 1i!hou! inhibi!ions. For o!hers, !he -en!ral issue is learning !o rela!e !o ea-h o!her as peers in minis!ry, 1he!her i! be men or 1omen. 5hey feel a grea! benefi! in having a small group in 1hi-h !hey -an rela!e bo!h !o men and 1omen in a helpful and mu!ually suppor!ive -on!e+!, 1hi-h enables !hem !o see ea-h o!her as persons, no! =us! in !erms of gender. 5he helpfulness of !he peer -lus!er depends on !he -hemis!ry of !he group, !he abili!y !o mee! regularly and !he hones!y and -ommi!men! involved. @e have seen many !imes !ha! young leaders have helped ea-h o!her more !han !he s!aff or senior leaders -ould have. Dne of our &rro1 par!i-ipan!s 1as a! a -risis poin! in his minis!ry. ?e -alled, urgen!ly !rying !o !alk !o me, !o 5om ?a1kes, !o anybody on our s!aff. >one of us -ould be -on!a-!ed s1if!ly. By !he !ime 1e go! ba-k !o him a day or so la!er, he laughed and said, .Dh, , =us! go! my peer group on !he phone. , !alked i! !hrough 1i!h !hem. 5hey gave me grea! advi-e. Problem solved. 5hanks any1ayJ/

<en!oring has be-ome a buEE 1ord !oday. ,! really is an an-ien! -on-ep!, ho1ever, one e+emplified by !he 1ise, older guide 1ho helps a younger pro!WgW along !he =ourney. Koshua had <oses as his men!or. *lisha had *li=ah. 5imo!hy had Paul. *arlier , spoke of !he impor!an! pla-e men!ors had in my o1n life. @e have found !ha! mos! younger leaders are hungry for an older person 1ho 1ill simply be available and in!eres!ed, providing a lis!ening ear and an unders!anding hear! and 1ha!ever -ounsel !he person -an give from his o1n e+perien-e and kno1ledge of God, life and people. For !his reason, men!oring is ano!her key ingredien! of !he &rro1 eadership Program. *a-h par!i-ipan! is asked af!er !he firs! 1eek ei!her !o pi-k a men!or of his o1n -hoosing or !o link up 1i!h one 1e 1ould re-ommend. @e have a lis! of po!en!ial men!ors 1ho have agreed !o serve, and 1e ask !ha! men!or if he 1ould 1ork 1i!h !his &rro1 person for !he ne+! year and a half. <en!ors -ome in many shapes and siEes. %ome are re!ired. %ome are s!ill 1orking full4!ime. 5hey are men and 1omen. %ome -ome from business ba-kgrounds, o!hers from !he minis!ry, from !he healing professions and some are homemakers. 5hese men!ors are e+pe-!ed !o empo1er !he &rro1 par!i-ipan! by sharing God4given resour-es 1i!h !hem. 5hose resour-es may in-lude 1isdom, informa!ion, e+perien-e, -onfiden-e, insigh!, rela!ionships and s!a!us. <en!oring may !ake pla-e a! varying levels of involvemen! and differen! degrees of in!ensi!y. ,! may range from being very delibera!e !o being mu-h more -asual. I In!en"i#e men!oring 1ould involve men!ors 1ho may be dis-iplers, spiri!ual guides and -oa-hes. I O..a"ional men!ors -ould be -ounselors, !ea-hers or sponsors. I Pa""i#e men!ors migh! in-lude models, 1he!her from his!ory or -on!emporary life.: &no!her slan! on !his pro-ess is provided by *d1ard %ellner, a #a!holi- lay !heologian 1ho 1ro!e !he book %entoring. %ellner goes beyond !he usual -on-ep! of one4on4one men!oring !o poin! ou! o!her 1ays in 1hi-h guidan-e may -ome. ?e 1ro!e a -hap!er abou! #. %. e1is 1ho, as a li!erary figure, 1as a spiri!ual men!or from a dis!an-e for %ellner. ?e also dis-usses !he #el!i7)

his!ori-al -on-ep! of !he .soul friend./ ?e believes !ha! dreams may be men!ors of our souls, par!i-ularly a! key !ransi!ion periods of our lives, as God speaks from deep 1i!hin. %ellner lis!s -hara-!eris!i-s !ha! -an help iden!ify a -on!emporary men!or or soul friend0 I %aturity, !he 1isdom !ha! -omes only 1i!h ageG I 'ompassion, !he abili!y !o hear 1ha! ano!her is a!!emp!ing !o pu! in!o 1ords 1i!hou! =udgingG I Genuine respect for o!hers and !heir s!ories and !heir !imesHa respe-! !ha! begins 1i!h refle-!ion upon oneFs o1n s!oryG I 5he abili!y !o &eep things confidentialG I Self,disclosure, !he 1illingness !o share par!s of oneFs o1n =ourney 1hen appropria!e and !he 1illingness !o be hones!G I 5o be some!hing of a scholar 1ho is -on!inually refle-!ing on oneFs o1n e+perien-es and rela!ionships 1i!h GodG I 5he abili!y !o discern !he movemen!s of !he spiri! and !he hear!. %ellner des-ribes !he men!or as a .mid41ife, a person in!ima!ely involved in !he pro-ess of helping ano!her bring some!hing !o bir!h./ ?e also -au!ions !ha! no one perfe-!ly embodies all !hese -hara-!eris!i-s, and !ha! ul!ima!ely .one mus! look 1i!hin oneFs hear! and !o !he God 1ho 1orks !hrough our s!reng!hs and 1eaknesses./ 8 5he minis!ry of men!oring is of!en undervalued, no! only for 1ha! i! -an mean !o a younger person, bu! also for 1ha! i! -an mean !o !he men!or. , am -onvin-ed !ha! many senior leaders hold on !o po1er be-ause !hey do no! kno1 1ha! !hey 1ill do if !hey s!ep aside and le! go. Dne of !he marks of ma!uri!y, !hough, should be !urning from !he po1er mode !o !he 1isdom mode, remembering !ha! as !he proverb says, .grey hair/ speaks of 1isdom Bsee Proverbs 19031C. Personally, , have found !remendous fulfillmen! in !he small group of young leaders , have had !he privilege !o men!or. 5hey have kep! me sharp and aler! and gro1ing. , have learned as mu-h from !hem as , have been able !o share 1i!h !hem. %enior leaders are some!imes !imid abou! being men!ors. @e 1onder 1he!her 1e really have mu-h !o share. @e !hink 1e are ou! of !ou-h 1i!h !he younger genera!ion. @e may feel inade2ua!e in our lives. Provided 1e are 1illing !o !ake !he risk, !o be vulnerable and hones!, !o lis!en and !o drop our o1n agendas, 1e may find !he minis!ry of men!oring one of !he mos! signifi-an! -on!ribu!ions of our lives. <en!oring is no! =us! for older people. , urge every person, young or old, lay or -lergy0 .Aou should be passing on 1ha! you kno1 !o someone a! leas! !en years younger !han you are. @ho are you doing !ha! 1i!hN/


&--ording !o <ark, Kesus -hose ?is inner -ore of leaders bo!h !o be 1i!h ?im and !o send !hem ou! Bsee <ark 3013ff.C. ?is leadership developmen! pro-ess had a rhy!hm !o i!. Firs!, ?is leaders4in4!he4making 1ere -alled !o be -lose !o ?im, observing ?im, 1a!-hing ?im and lis!ening !o ?im. ?e !augh! !hem by e+ample, by 1ord, by 2ues!ion, by rebuke, by en-ouragemen!, by -orre-!ion and by s!ories. ?is 1ord 1as !he seed of gro1!h ?e plan!ed in !heir minds and hear!s. ,! is no! an overs!a!emen! !o say !ha! Kesus -rea!ed leaders by pu!!ing ?is mind in !hem and by -hanging !heir 1ay of !hinking. ?e also sen! !hem ou! by !1os, by !eams !o prea-h and heal and !o -as! ou! evil spiri!s. &f!er !hey had gone, !hey 1ould repor! ba-k !o ?im for debriefing and for more !ea-hing. ?is leaders did no! develop in a -lassroom, bu! in real life. 5he rhy!hm of !heir gro1!h 1as !o lis!en and


learn, !o !ry and su--eed or fail, !o be -orre-!ed and s!reng!hened, and !hen !o keep !ha! pro-ess goingHall in !he -on!e+! of in!ima-y 1i!h Kesus and 1i!h a -ommi!!ed -ommuni!y. @hen , !alk 1i!h young leaders abou! developing !heir vision, , of!en pu! i! in !his simple paradigm0 Dbserve 4 Refle-! 4 &-!. I DbserveHlook -arefully around a! 1ha! God is doing, a! !he needs of !he 1orld, 1ha! you see happening, un!il you are a!!ra-!ed !o some area of need and oppor!uni!y 1here you -an make a differen-e. I Refle-! on !ha!Hprayerfully read %-rip!ure and o!her per!inen! li!era!ure rela!ed !o 1ha! you have observed. 5hink abou! i!, pray abou! i!, =ournaliEe abou! i!. I &-!Hin small 1ays begin !o a-! on 1ha! you observed and refle-!ed and, in !ha! 1ay, your vision and your leadership 1ill develop. Based on !his paradigm, 1e have s!ru-!ured !he &rro1 Program !o allo1 for !his pro-ess of observing, refle-!ing and a-!ing. 5he par!i-ipan!s learn from ea-h o!her, from men!ors, from fa-ul!y and from !he %piri! speaking !o !heir hear!s during !he 1eeklong seminars. 5hey !hen go ba-k !o !heir pla-es of minis!ry !o observe -arefully 1ha! is going on around !hem in !heir o1n lives, !o refle-! on a !ime 1i!h God, ?is @ord and 1i!h !heir peers, and !o pu! 1ha! !hey have learned in!o a-!ion. &f!er a fe1 mon!hs, !hey -ome ba-k !oge!her !o share 1ha! has been happening in !heir lives and minis!ry, !o fo-us on o!her impor!an! areas and, again, !o keep !he pro-ess going of observing, refle-!ing and a-!ing. , am -onvin-ed !ha! !his pro-ess of learning, doing, refle-!ing and relearning, in -ommuni!y and along 1i!h guidan-e and -oa-hing, is absolu!ely essen!ial !o leadership gro1!h.


*arlier in !his -hap!er, , men!ioned !ha! leaders in gro1!h may be like appren!i-es 1ho learn a par!i-ular skill or ar!is!s 1ho are able !o use !hose skills in a pro=e-!G bu! essen!ially leaders are in a lifelong gro1!h pro-ess of be-oming. 5his is inheren! in KesusF 1ords, .Follo1 <e, and , 1ill make you/Hno! only fishers of men, bu! also leaders. Finally, leadership gro1!h is a pro-ess in 1hi-h God inves!s ?imself !hrough Kesus and ?is %piri! in !he lives of leaders ?e is raising up. 5his involves no! only forming !hem in !erms of !heir skills, abili!ies and gif!s, bu! also !ransforming !hem in !erms of !heir persons and -hara-!er. $l!ima!ely, !he bes! 1e -an do 1i!h leaders4in4!he4making is no! =us! !o offer ourselves as !heir friends, bu! also !o offer !hem !o God for ?is !ransforming 1ork !o make !hem leaders like ?is %on Kesus. <y friend <a+ 'ePree, former -hairman of ?erman <iller, ,n-. and au!hor of Leadership 3s an "rt, !ells a fas-ina!ing s!ory. ?is daugh!er, a physi-ian, 1as e+pe-!ing a -hild, 1hen her husband lef! her. & li!!le brigh! baby boy 1as born !hree mon!hs prema!urely. @hen <a+ 1en! !o see his li!!le grandson for !he firs! !ime in in!ensive -are, he s!ood looking a! !he !iny figure hardly as long as his hand, 1ires running in!o his body. 5he senior nurse -ame !o him and said, .<r. 'ePree, for !he ne+! !hree mon!hs you are going !o be !he surroga!e fa!her. ?ereFs 1ha! ,Fd like you !o do. @hen you -ome, pu! your hands in and rub his ba-k and !alk !o him a! !he same !ime. ,!Fs very impor!an! !ha! he ge! your voi-e and !ou-h !oge!her. Prema!ure babies espe-ially need !ha! for se-uri!y./ %o <a+ 1ould go day af!er day, pu! his hand in and gen!ly rub !he li!!le ba-k and, in his grandfa!herFs voi-e, !alk. .5ha!,/ says <a+ 'ePree, .is a good pi-!ure of 1ha! leadership is. eadership involves ge!!ing !he voi-e and !he !ou-h !oge!her./ 7(

,f 1e 1an! !o raise up leaders like Kesus 1ho have a -lear voi-e and a s!rong and -ompelling !ou-h, !hose of us 1ho are -alled !o develop !hem need !o embody !he same. @e need !o have a -lear message of 1ha! leadership is. @e also need !o !ou-h !hem 1i!h our prayers and !ime and -hara-!er and involvemen!. 5his is a -os!ly involvemen!, bu! one !ha! 1ill affirm !hem and help !hem be-ome all God has -alled !hem !o be.


5hese -ompe!en-y s!a!emen!s des-ribe our goal for leadership developmen! in !hree areas0 being Bvalues, -hara-!erC, !hinking Ba!!i!udes, unders!andingC or doing Ba-!ions, skillsC. 5aken !oge!her !hey des-ribe a model !o1ard 1hi-h 1e are gro1ing0 !o be, !hink and do like #hris! in our -hara-!er, leadership, evangelism and kingdom seeking. + ara.!er Forma!ion6 2o-ar$ Go$ I. + ara.!er Forma!ion A. Ha" a ear! (or Go$ 1. ongs !o be in GodFs presen-e, !hrough prayer, -ommunes deeply 1i!h ?im (. ,n!er-ession undergirds minis!ry and life 3. ,s pursuing personal ?oliness and obedien-e :. Relies on God !o minis!er !hrough himMher 8. @orships God 1i!h ?is people B. Ha" a .lear .alling an$ #i"ion (rom Go$ 1. ?as a -lear -all from God !o serve ?im and ?is people (. ?as a -lear vision from God of 1ha! God 1an!s himMher !o a--omplish 3. ?as a -lear and in!egra!ed philosophy of life and minis!ry + ara.!er Forma!ion6 O! er" +. Ha" a ear! (or )eo)le 1. ,n!er-edes for, and prays 1i!h, o!hers -onsis!en!ly (. eads and shepherds his family 1ell Bmarried menC 3. Follo1s husbandFs lead and nur!ures family Bmarried 1omenC :. 'emons!ra!es an a-!ive love for hisMher neighbor 8. Performs a-!s of -ompassion for !hose in need 9. *n=oys people and rela!es effe-!ively 7. ,s -ommi!!ed !o a--oun!abili!y rela!ionships + ara.!er Forma!ion6 Sel( D. I" ma!%ring )er"onally 1. ?as !he mind of #hris!MBibli-al perspe-!ives (. 5he Bible is in!egra!ed in his life and minis!ry !hrough a-!ive !heologiEing 3. 'emons!ra!es in!egri!y and -onsis!en-y :. 6no1s hisMher personali!y, gif!s and emo!ional s!reng!h and 1eakness 8. <ain!ains hisMher physi-al vigor Lea$er" i)6 4o$ele$ On + ri"! II.Lea$er" i) A. Lea$" li&e /e"%" 1. #an ar!i-ula!e and demons!ra!es a #hris!4-en!ered leadership philosophy (. ?as a servan! a!!i!ude !o1ard o!hers 73

3. :. 8. 9. 7. 7.

$nders!ands !he impor!an-e of !eam minis!ry Raises up leaders, a shepherd maker and dis-ipler *mpo1ers follo1ers 'evelops s!ra!egies for minis!ry Grasps !he role of suffering in leadership #ommuni-a!es vision and purpose effe-!ively

Lea$er" i)6 4anage$ 0ell B. +an manage -ell 1. #an manage minis!ry priori!ies and self (. 6no1s ho1 !o s!ra!egiEe, plan, organiEe, -on!rol and evalua!e 3. 6no1 ho1 !o s!aff, build a !eam, supervise :. &ble adminis!ra!ively !o manage informa!ion sys!ems 8. #an budge!, raise funds, and -on!rol !hem responsibly Lea$er" i)6 4o#e" Peo)le +. Lea$" )eo)le "&ill(%lly 1. $nders!ands hisMher leadership s!yle and -an adap! i! for groupFs need (. #an engage -onfli-! -ons!ru-!ively, and lead groups !o re-on-ilia!ion 3. ?as an effe-!ive s!ra!egy for problem solving and de-ision making :. #ommuni-a!es 1ell verbally and in 1ri!ing !hroughou! !he organiEa!ion 8. #on!inually 2ues!ions follo1ers and o!hers for feedba-k E#angeli"m6 Per"onal *i"ion III.E#angeli"m A. I" a )a""iona!e an$ ! o%g !(%l E#angeli"! 1. Refle-!s Bibli-ally and !heologi-ally on evangelism (. ?as a passion for evangelism 3. ,s a -apable personal evangelis! :. Prea-hes 1ell evangelis!i-ally 8. #an !rain and mobiliEe #hris!ians for evangelism 9. $ses -rea!ive approa-hes !o evangelism E#angeli"m6 0orl$ *i"ion B. I" a-are o( ! e -orl$ an$ "ee" !ren$" in i"K er genera!ion 1. &1are of !he -ommuni!y and -ul!ure around himMher, assesses peopleFs needs (. $nders!ands !rends o--urringG observes, refle-!s and a-!s 3. &1are of !he !ensions be!1een !he gospel and -ul!ure :. &1are of !he global movemen!s of GodFs people 8. ?as a hear! for people in o!her -oun!ries, a 1orld vision 9. Par!i-ipa!es in 1orld missions 3ing$om See&ing6 + %r. I*.3ing$om See&ing A. Ha" a ear! (or ! e gro-! o( ! e . %r. 1. $nders!ands !he Bibli-al vision of GodFs people (. $nders!ands 1ha! makes a -hur-h heal!hy and gro1ing 3. #ommi!!ed !o e2uipping and mobiliEing GodFs people for vo-a!ionMminis!ry :. *ffe-!ively leads GodFs people in prayer and 1orship 7:

8. ,s -ommi!!ed !o in-orpora!ing ne1 believers in a -hur-h 9. ?as a -ross -ul!ural appre-ia!ion of !he -hur-h 7. Builds !he -hur-h !hrough e+-ellen! Bible prea-hing and !ea-hing 3ing$om See&ing6 ,ni#er"al + %r. B. See&" ! e &ing$om no! i"K er em)ire 1. ?elps o!her #hris! -en!ered movemen!s gro1 (. ,s no! -on-erned !o build hisMher o1n repu!a!ion 3. 'oes no! depend on minis!ry su--ess !o valida!e hisMher 1or!h :. $nders!ands !he sovereign!y of #hris!Fs 6ingdom over all spheres of life 8. ongs for !he uni!y of GodFs people eigh!on Ford <inis!ries ):4((49(


H 2 e Li(e +y.le o( a Lea$er

/. Rober! +lin!on an$ Ri. ar$ 0. +lin!on
@e 1ould like !o !ell you a brief s!ory abou! an in!era-!ion be!1een some leaders. 5hey are leaders like you and us, people 1ho are !rying !o make some sense ou! of !heir pilgrimage of fai!h and !heir developmen! as leaders. Read !he follo1ing s!ory and imagine yourself in !his si!ua!ion. &sk God !o speak !o you.


,! had been an in-redible !ime. <ike !hough! ba-k !o !1o 1eeks ago as he began !o lis!en !o !he pile of !apes si!!ing on his desk. 5he s-ene -ame ba-k !o him. ?e 1as !ruly glad !hey had agreed !o re-ord !he in!era-!ion !ha! had o--urred during !he five days. 5here 1as so mu-h ri-h insigh! and ma!erial !ha! he -ould never have remembered all !he !hings !ha! 1en! on. 51elve men and 1omen had been ga!hered abou! !he large round !able in !he room. Dne spoke gen!ly, !hough some!imes raising his voi-e in anima!ion !o make a poin!. *leven mainly lis!ened. From !ime !o !ime !hey 2ues!ioned him. 5hey had invi!ed him !o share his 1isdom. 5he pla-e 1as a large si+4bedroom home bordering ake Gregory. &s !hey sa! around !he !able, from !ime !o !ime !hey 1ould peer ou! !hrough !he large pla!e4glass 1indo1 and see !he brea!h!aking vie1 overlooking !he green pines and !he lake belo1. 5hey had ren!ed !he pla-e for five days, <onday !hrough Friday. 5hose five days 1ere in!enseHfilled 1i!h in!era-!ion, sharing and !ea-hing abou! leadership and leadership developmen!. >o1 !hey 1ere reaping !he benefi!s. <ike remembered ho1 he had fel!, si!!ing a! !he !able, as Pas!or Ray firs! s!ar!ed !alking. <ike had !hough!, $ay was finishing well- & brief biographi-al ske!-h of Pas!or Ray fli!!ed !hrough his !hough!s. ,! 1as !rue !ha! Pas!or Ray 1as -losing ou! fif!y4one years of minis!ry, mos!ly pas!oralH!1o e+!ensive !imes in !1o differen! -hur-hes, and some odds and ends of minis!ry serving in !1o differen! para-hur-h groups. Pas!or Ray looked all seven!y4four of his years. ?is fa-e 1as lined. *very 1ell4earned 1rinkle spoke loudly of e+perien-e. ?e had probably seen i! all. ?e had fa-ed -onfli-!. ?e had seen grea! su--esses. ?e had seen failure. ?e kne1 1ha! i! mean! !o have a hear! broken by people suffering. ?e had los! parishioners !o -an-er. ?e had seen #hris!ians die of &,'%. ?e had gone !hrough physi-al suffering himself. ?e had seen -hur-h spli!s. ?e kne1 !he ele-!rifying ela!ion of 1onderful minis!ry break!hroughs. ?e had seen gian!s fall. 5hrough i! allHrisks, su--esses, !rials, ma=or -hanges in so-ie!y, hear!breaks, momen!s of =oy, !he varied e+perien-es of !he de-adesHhe had been shaped by !he loving hand of God. >o1 here he 1asHa gen!le and 1ise leader 1ho bridged !ha! dynami- !ension. ?e spoke !he !ru!h in love. <ike kne1 !ha! in his la!!er years Pas!or Ray had emerged some1ha! as a #hris!ian -elebri!y. ?e had been invi!ed !o speak abroad. ?e had !raveled !he 1orld and seen minis!ry on si+ -on!inen!s. ?is -ounsel 1as invaluable. ?e 1as 1an!ed every1here. %o i! is 1i!h leaders 1ho are finishing 1ell. ?e had -ome here !o ake Gregory, on !heir re!rea!, !o spend his pre-ious !ime 1i!h !hem and !o speak !o !hem. %o he spokeG and !hey lis!ened. <ike remembered ho1 his eyes had engaged ea-h of !hem. 5hey 1ere eyes !ha! bespoke love, -are and -on-ern. 5hey 1ere pas!oral eyes. ?e 1an!ed !he bes! for ea-h of !hese eleven. 5ha! message 1as sensed in !urn by ea-h as !hose eyes peered around !he !able. <ike 1as one of !hose. @ho 1ere !he elevenN Four of !hem 1ere pas!ors and !heir 1ivesH'an and Gloria and Gordon and Be!!y. Dne 1as a 1ido1er, Pas!or 5om, 1hose 1ife had passed a1ay af!er a long 79

bou! 1i!h -an-er. Dne headed a large para-hur-h organiEa!ionH%am, 1hose 1ife, &li-ia, 1as unable !o a!!end. Four 1ere missionariesHone BRob, !here 1i!h his 1ife, #a!hyC 1as heading up a -hur-h4plan!ing movemen!G <ike and his 1ife, Kulie, 1ere engaged in a missionary !raining en!erprise. Dne single 1oman a!!ended, Pas!or <illie, 1ho 1as in -harge of small group minis!ries in a large -hur-h. 5he younges! of !he group 1as 'an Ba! age !hir!y4si+C, !he oldes! 1as Gordon Bfor!y4nineC. 5hey 1ere all amaEed !ha! Pas!or Ray had been 1illing !o -ome and spend five days 1i!h =us! !he eleven of !hem. 5his group had s!ayed -onne-!ed !o ea-h o!her for !he pas! eigh! years. 5hey !ried !o mee! yearly in a re!rea! se!!ing !o e+er-ise mu!ual a--oun!abili!y, s!imula!e ea-h o!herFs !hinking and -hallenge ea-h o!her !o gro1. &! !heir las! ga!hering, ou! of a -lear blue sky, <illie had said, .@ha! do you !hink abou! invi!ing Pas!or Ray !o -ome and be 1i!h us ne+! year a! our a--oun!abili!y !imeN/ *a-h had sensed !ha! divine !ingling !ha! -omes 1hen you kno1 God is in some!hing. %o !hey had 1ri!!en !o !he revered pas!or. <ike, Gordon and %am kne1 Ray personally. Aears ago Gordon had minis!ered 1i!h him for !1o years as a you!h pas!or. &ll of !hem had read every!hing Ray had 1ri!!en. ?is personable 1ri!ing s!yle made you feel as !hough you kne1 him. Ray kne1 all of !hem, a! leas! by repu!a!ion. ?e 1as a missions4minded pas!or and kep! up 1i!h !he la!e4breaking ven!ures on !he mission field as 1ell as !he -urren! movemen!s on !he &meri-an s-ene. ?e kne1 !ha! all !hese leaders 1ere influen-ers. 5hey 1ere !op leaders on !he move. %o !here 1as mu!ual respe-!. 5hey revered Ray. ?e kne1 of !heir po!en!ial. @ould he -omeN <ike 1as no! -onvin-ed of i!, bu! Gordon !hough! so. ?e 1as !he one 1ho had 1ri!!en !o Ray. ,! 1as a personal appeal. %o he -ame. <ike 1ondered 1hy. &f!er !he re!rea!, <ike asked him !ha! very !hing as !hey 1ere 1alking !o !he -ar !o leave. Vui-k as a 1ink Ray ra!!led off five reasons. <ike had =o!!ed !hem do1n !o !ell Kulie. Firs!, Ray kne1 !he se!!ing 1ould be -ondu-ive !o rene1al in his o1n life. %e-ond, he fully e+pe-!ed !o learn from !hem as he shared and in!era-!ed. 5hird, he kne1 !ha! many of his ideas 1ould influen-e !hese leaders. Four!h, he kne1 !he value of personal in!era-!ion. People are deeply moved !hrough dire-! personal -on!a-!. Fif!h, he 1an!ed !o influen-e !hese up4and4-oming leaders in su-h a 1ay as !o leave a lega-y 1i!h !hem. ?is lega-y in-luded a--omplishmen!s in life and minis!ry as 1ell as !he -ri!i-al lessons and values he had learned !hrough !he years. ?e believed !hese ideas 1ere 1or!h ar!i-ula!ing and passing on !o o!hers. ?e had a desire !o inves! !hem in o!her leaders 1ho 1an!ed !o learn. ?e 1an!ed !hese ideas !o live on in-arna!e in !he leaders. %o he -ame. &s Ray -losed !he -ar door and drove a1ay, <ike had prayed, .God make me a ri-h and fer!ile field. , 1an! !o finish like Ray is finishing./

%everal of !hem s!ayed on an e+!ra day af!er !he session and -ha!!ed. 5hey ea-h remembered spe-ial !hings. 5hroughou! !he ne+! day, !hey -on!inued !o dis-uss !he issues !ha! had been raised. 5he opening session had =ol!ed 'an. ?e 1as sho-ked 1hen Ray opened 1i!h !he 1ords, ., have observed and s!udied leadersF lives for years, good leaders and poor leaders. &nd , have -ome !o a sad -on-lusion. Fe1 leaders finish 1ellJ &nd , 1ould like one resul! of our five days !oge!her !o be !ha! you 1ould go a1ay de!ermined in your hear! !o finish 1ell. &nd , 1an! you !o have perspe-!ive on 1ha! !ha! means./ &ll 1ere -hallenged as Ray shared 1ha! i! mean! !o finish 1ell. ?e iden!ified si+ -hara-!eris!i-s. & leader 1ho finishes 1ell is one 1ho0 1. <ain!ains a )er"onal #ibran! rela!ion" i) 1i!h God righ! up !o !he endG 77

(. <ain!ains a learning )o"!%re and learns from various kinds of sour-esHbu! espe-ially from lifeG 3. Gives eviden-e of + ri"!li&ene"" in . ara.!er !hrough !he frui! of !he %piri! in his lifeG :. ives ou! !ru!h in life su-h !ha! his .on#i.!ion" and !he )romi"e" of God are seen !o be realG 8. eaves behind one or more %l!ima!e .on!rib%!ion"H!ha! is, a las!ing lega-yG 9. @alks 1i!h a gro1ing a1areness of a sense of des!iny and sees some or all of i! fulfilled. 5hey 1ere sobered by !he seven ma=or barriers !o finishing 1ell. Ray lis!ed !hem on a flip -har!0 Barrier 1. Barrier (. Barrier 3. Barrier :. Barrier 8. Barrier 9. Barrier 7. Finan.e"C!heir use and abuseG Po-erGi!s abuseG Inor$ina!e )ri$eG1hi-h leads !o do1nfallG SeBGilli-i! rela!ionshipsG FamilyG-ri!i-al issuesG Pla!ea%ingG and Emo!ional and )"y. -o%n$ing.

Pas!or Ray also shared five !hings a leader -ould do !o enhan-e his -han-es of finishing 1ell. 5he group 1as inspired !o dis-over 1ha! had helped o!hers finish 1ell. Ray no!ed !ha! no! all five are eviden! in !he life of every leader 1ho finishes 1ell, bu! mos! of !hem usually are in pla-e. 5hese enhan-emen!s in-lude0 1. & broad )er")e.!i#e on a life!ime of minis!ry from 1hi-h !o in!erpre! ongoing minis!ryG (. &n e+pe-!an-y for rene-al. &ll leaders should e+pe-!an!ly look for repea!ed !imes of rene1al. <os! leaders 1ho have been effe-!ive over a life!ime have needed and 1el-omed rene1al e+perien-es from !ime !o !ime in !heir livesG 3. 5he pra-!i-e of $i".i)line". eaders need dis-ipline of all kinds. *spe-ially is !his !rue of spiri!ual dis-iplinesG :. ?aving a learning )o"!%re. 5he single mos! impor!an! an!ido!e !o pla!eauing is a 1ell developed learning pos!ureG 8. ?aving men!or". Ray had emphasiEed !ha! leaders 1ho 1ere effe-!ive and finished 1ell had from !en !o fif!een signifi-an! people 1ho -ame alongside a! one !ime or ano!her !o help !hem. &! !ha! poin! he s!opped and !old !hem abou! a men!or 1ho had sho1n in!eres! in him 1hen he 1as in !he seven!h grade. 5ha! man had forever -hanged his life. 5hen he pu! !his ma!!er in -on!e+!. .& simple a1areness of !hese five enhan-emen!s -an grea!ly en-ourage you as a leader !o move more delibera!ely and proa-!ively !o e+perien-e !hem./ 5hese -on-ep!s s!ru-k home. &l!hough 'an 1as !he younges! in !he group, he had logged four!een years of minis!ry e+perien-e, 1orking primarily 1i!h you!h and 1i!h young adul!s. ?e 1as on !he s!aff of a mega-hur-h. ?is minis!ry fo-us in !hose four!een years had been narro1 and dire-!ed almos! e+-lusively !o !hose !o 1hom he minis!ered. ?e had never even !hough! abou! a life!ime perspe-!ive on minis!ry. ?e 1as some1ha! over1helmed !o be !hinking ahead. ,! 1as all he -ould do !o keep up 1i!h day4!o4day minis!ry. 5o 'an i! 1as -lear !ha! Ray spoke from e+perien-e. Real4life illus!ra!ions ba-ked up every poin!. 5ha! firs! session had las!ed nearly !hree hours. o!s of 2ues!ions and mu-h in!era-!ion !ook pla-e. 5he -losing prayer !ime 1as spe-ial for !hem all. 5hey gave !hemselves !o God afresh 1i!h a rene1ed desire !o serve ?im and hear !hose 1ords, .@ell done, good and fai!hful servan!/ B<a!!he1 (80(1C. 5hey 1an!ed !o finish 1ell. 77

God me! 5om po1erfully in !he se-ond session. ?is !1en!y years in minis!ry, !he las! si+ as a senior pas!or of a large -hur-h, had allo1ed him !o -onfirm firs!hand ea-h of !he seven observa!ions Ray shared abou! effe-!ive leaders. ?e 1as bo!h affirmed in his o1n minis!ry by !hose !hough!s and -hallenged ane1 !o be an effe-!ive leader. Ray began 1i!h !hese 1ords, .@hile i! may be !rue !ha! fe1 leaders finish 1ell, i! has been my privilege over !he years !o see a number of #hris!ian leaders 1ho have been effe-!ive./ ?e gave !hem ea-h a handou! lis!ing seven lessons he had learned abou! effe-!iveness. 1. (. 3. :. *ffe-!ive leaders main!ain a learning pos!ure !hroughou! life. *ffe-!ive leaders value spiri!ual au!hori!y as a primary po1er base. *ffe-!ive leaders have a dynami- Bvi!al and -hangingC minis!ry philosophy. *ffe-!ive leaders vie1 leadership sele-!ion and developmen! as a priori!y fun-!ion in !heir minis!ry. 8. *ffe-!ive leaders see rela!ional empo1ermen! as bo!h a means and a goal of minis!ry. 9. *ffe-!ive leaders evin-e a gro1ing a1areness of !heir sense of des!iny. 7. *ffe-!ive leaders vie1 presen! minis!ry in !erms of a lifelong developmen!al perspe-!ive. 5o 5om, !he s!a!emen!s seemed bo!h simple and profound. Dn-e !hey 1ere s!a!ed !hey seemed almos! obvious. Ae! ea-h -arried po1erful impli-a!ions !ha! 1ere no! so obvious. %ome re2uired -onsiderable ba-kground and e+plana!ions !o be a--ura!ely unders!ood. Ray 1as up !o !he !askG he brough! !hese -on-ep!s alive. 5hey spen! !he ne+! !hree days 1orking in dep!h on ea-h of !hem. 5hey had -on-luded by spending almos! !1o days !alking abou! !he seven!h one. 5om remembered !he !1o 2uo!es Ray had used !o in!rodu-e !ha! session abou! perspe-!ive. 5he firs! 2uo!e 1as an empiri-al observa!ion in 1hi-h Ray in!ima!ed !ha! leaders are people 1ho !hink broadly. 5he differen-e be!1een leaders and follo1ers is perspe-!ive. 5he differen-e be!1een leaders and effe-!ive leaders is be!!er perspe-!ive. *ffe-!ive leaders have be!!er perspe-!ive. 5om kne1 !he -hallenge 1as mean! for him personally. RayFs 1ords rang in his ears. ., 1an! !o give you !hose kind of perspe-!ives. & lifelong developmen!al perspe-!ive is =us! su-h a 1a!ershed perspe-!ive. ,! -an make !he differen-e any1here along !he line as you persevere over !he long haul./ 5he se-ond 2uo!e 1as from Kesus, !aken from !he %ermon on !he <oun!. ,! highligh!ed !he fa-! !ha! Kesus -on!inually !rained !hose 1i!h ?im by giving broader perspe-!ives from 1hi-h !o evalua!e. Ray had paraphrased i! for emphasis. 5om had -opied i! do1n 1ord for 1ord. <a!!he1 90((4(30 .5he eye is !he lamp of !he body. ,f your eyes are good, your 1hole body 1ill be full of ligh!. Bu! if your eyes are bad, your 1hole body 1ill be full of darkness. ,f !hen ligh! 1i!hin you is darkness, ho1 grea! is !ha! darknessJ/9/3!:RayFs paraphrase of <a!!he1 90((4(30 .?o1 you see !hings is -ri!i-alJ Aour perspe-!ives fil!er 1ha! you see. 5hey allo1 you !o see !ru!h or no! see i!. Aou mus! seek good perspe-!ives or you 1ill fail !o see !he !ru!h you need./


5hen Ray said, .Folks, if you 1an! a produ-!ive life!ime of minis!ry you go!!a ge! perspe-!ive. Ge! perspe-!iveJ *ffe-!ive leaders vie1 presen! minis!ry in !erms of a lifelong developmen!al perspe-!ive./ 5om 1ould never forge! his o1n hear!fel! response. ., need perspe-!ive./


&! !ha! poin! <ike had asked for -larifi-a!ion, .Ray, 1ha! do you mean by a lifelong developmen!al perspe-!iveN/ Ray gave a prolonged preliminary ans1er. . e! me prefa-e my ans1er 1i!h some observa!ions as , have 1a!-hed God 1ork 1i!h leaders. 5hese observa!ions, 1hen fleshed ou!, 1ill des-ribe 1ha! , mean by a lifelong developmen!al perspe-!ive./ 5hen he !i-ked off !hese observa!ions0 1. God shapes or develops a leader over an en!ire life!ime. (. God in!ends !o develop a leader !o rea-h !he ma+imum po!en!ial and a--omplish !hose !hings for 1hi-h !he leader has been gif!ed. 3. & !ime perspe-!ive provides many keys. @hen using a !ime perspe-!ive !o analyEe and overvie1 a leaderFs developmen!, !he life -an be seen in !erms of several !ime periods, ea-h yielding valuable informa!ive lessons. *a-h leader has a uni2ue !ime line des-ribing his or her developmen!. :. %haping pro-esses -an be iden!ified, labeled and analyEed !o -on!ribu!e long4las!ing lessons and values. 8. Pa!!erns -an be iden!ified and are highly sugges!ive for an!i-ipa!ing fu!ure pro-essing by God. &f!er presen!ing !he lis!, Ray ans1ered <ikeFs 2ues!ion more dire-!ly. .@hen a leader has a lifelong developmen!al perspe-!ive, !ha! leader e+pe-!s God !o shape him over a life!ime. 5he leader vie1s !he !hings !ha! happen !o him as GodFs sovereign 1ay of developing him. 5ha! leader re-ogniEes !ha! all of life, 1hile being vi!al and !rue for !he momen!, is also used !o prepare him for all of !he res! of life. Bad !hings happen. Good !hings happen. &ll !hings are used by God !o shape !he life and help !he leader realiEe his ma+imum po!en!ial. & leader 1i!h !his perspe-!ive vie1s !he even!s in his life in !erms of !he longer vie1poin!. ?e asks su-h 2ues!ions as0 ?o1 is !his in-iden! shaping me !o be more like #hris!N ?o1 is i! helping prepare me !o do 1ha! God 1an!s me !o doN ?o1 1ill !his help me rea-h my God4given po!en!ialN .& leader 1i!h !his perspe-!ive embra-es and even an!i-ipa!es !he mos! posi!ive response possible in !he shaping pro-esses. & learning pos!ure pervades !he 1hole e+perien-e. 5he leader re-ogniEes !ha! many of !hese shaping e+perien-es have been par! of GodFs 1ay of shaping o!her leaders. 6no1ing !his and kno1ing !hese kinds of !hings help a leader !o persevere and profi! from !hem. Dff !he !op of my head , -an !hink of a! leas! fif!een -ommon shaping e+perien-es. 6no1ing !hem !o be a developmen!al !ool helps a leader !o fa-e !hem. %ome!imes, 1i!hou! !hese e+perien-es a leader 1ould never be -hallenged !o rea-h !he po!en!ial !ha! God pla-ed in !ha! individual./ &! !ha! poin! Ray !urned !o <ike, .'oes !ha! help e+plain 1ha! , mean by a lifelong developmen!al perspe-!iveN/ <ike 1as ge!!ing !he pi-!ure. ., !hink so. AouFre saying !ha! a leader 1i!h a developmen!al perspe-!ive vie1s every!hing !ha! happens in !erms of a bigger pi-!ure of a life!ime of minis!ry and kno1s !ha! God sovereignly uses many !hings !o e+pand a leader in beingness. God also shapes !ha! leader !o influen-e 1i!h God4given gif!edness. &nd God 1ill -on!inue !his shaping a-!ivi!y un!il leadership po!en!ial is realiEed./ 9)

Ray affirmed, .Aou go! i!, <ikeJ Bu! in addi!ion , am saying !ha! !he leader has a kno1ledge of - a! kinds of !hings happen and some!imes - en !hose kinds of !hings are mos! likely !o happen. Fore1arned is forearmed. &n!i-ipa!ing !he !iming of !hese shaping a-!ivi!ies allo1s a proa-!ive approa-h !o handling !hem./


%am piped in a! !his poin!, .@ell Ray, you have given us a feel for 1ha! i! means !o be developmen!ally a1are as 1e go !hrough life. #ould you e+plain a li!!le more abou! !he !ime perspe-!iveH!he !ime lineN ,! seems !o me !ha! kno1ing 1here you are on a developmen!al !ime line 1ould help a leader be more proa-!ive in having a lifelong perspe-!ive. @ha! have you learned abou! !he !ime perspe-!iveN/ Ray grinned. ?e kne1 !ha! %am, like all !he res! around !he !able, 1as eager !o find ou! 1here he 1as in his o1n lifelong developmen!. .@ell, as a ma!!er of fa-!, , have learned a good deal abou! !his. , have read se-ular 1orks on developmen!al !heory as 1ell as rela!ed 1orks by a fe1 #hris!ian 1ri!ers.1 &long 1i!h !his, , have made i! a pra-!i-e !o s!udy #hris!ian biographies for !he pas! for!y years.( &bou! !en years in!o my minis!ry , dis-overed ho1 impor!an! #hris!ian biographies -ould be !o my o1n personal developmen!. , have made i! a pra-!i-e !o s!udy a! leas! one fresh biography ea-h year. %ome years , have done !1o. &! !his poin! , have used biographies !o analyEe !he lives of more !han #hris!ian leaders. &nd, of -ourse, , have also observed many fello1 #hris!ian leaders over !he years. From all of !his s!udy , have been able !o pie-e !oge!her a life -y-le of developmen! in !erms of a mini"!ry !ime line. 5his minis!ry !ime line fi!s full4!ime #hris!ian 1orkers bes!, bu! 1i!h a li!!le bi! of adap!a!ion i! -an be helpful for #hris!ian lay leaders as 1ell./ Rob in!er=e-!ed a 2ues!ion a! !his poin!, ., !hough! you said earlier !ha! ea-h leader has a uni2ue !ime line. <y gu! level feeling is !ha! !he -hur-h plan!ers , 1ork 1i!h 1ill have a !ime line !ha! differs from pas!ors in regular pas!oral minis!ry. ,s a general minis!ry !ime line useful for allN/ <illie piped in, .&nd 1ha! abou! 1omen in minis!ry, 1onF! a 1omanFs !ime line differ from a manFsN/ %everal re-alled ho1 Ray ans1ered !hese 2ues!ions. .& -ompara!ive s!udy of many uni2ue !ime lines of full4!ime #hris!ian 1orkers resul!ed in !he -rea!ion of a generi- !ime line, 1hi-h , -all !he minis!ry !ime line. >o one fi!s i! e+a-!ly bu! all -an be helped as !hey -ompare !heir o1n life !o i!. #hur-h plan!ers 1ill differ sligh!ly, espe-ially in !he *arly <inis!ry por!ion, from pas!ors. @omen in minis!ry 1ill have some issues of developmen! uni2ue !o !hem. Bu! on !he 1hole, !he same general kinds of !hings happen be-ause God is in !he business of developing leaders. &nd ?e is -onsis!en!. &nd -er!ain !hings mus! be !hereHlike -hara-!er, spiri!ual au!hori!y, rela!ionships and gif!edness. Bear 1i!h me. ,Fll give you more on !his la!er./ 5hen Ray 1alked !o !he 1hi!e board !o in!rodu-e !he minis!ry !ime line. ?e ske!-hed !he follo1ing diagram before e+plaining !he various !erms i! -on!ained. ?e -on!inued 1i!h a lesson on !he life -y-le of leaders, 1hi-h in!rigued !hem all. Fig%re 1. 2 e Sim)li(ie$ 4ini"!ry 2ime Line ,. <inis!ry Founda!ions B19 !o (9 yearsC ,,. *arly <inis!ry B8 !o 1( yearsC ,,,. <iddle <inis!ry B7 !o 1: yearsC ,". a!!er <inis!ry 91

B1(Z yearsC ". Finishing @ell BNC .5his is a simplified diagram des-ribing !he life -y-le of someone 1ho finishes 1ell and develops normally over a life!ime.3 <any leaders run in!o one or more of !he barriers and !ha! re!ards !heir developmen!. <any drop ou! al!oge!her and never progress !hrough !he phases. Bu! many also move all !he 1ay !hrough !he la!!er minis!ry s!age. 5hey may or may no! finish as 1ell as !hey -ould. &nd a fe1 go all !he 1ay and finish 1ell. @i!h !hose -avea!s in mind 1e -an use !his !ime perspe-!ive./ ?e !hen began !o -larify ea-h of !he !ime divisions. .Firs!, le! me give you !hree 2ui-k overall s1eeps of 1ha! happens in !he life -y-le of a developing leader. ,n !he firs! pass, , have !alked abou! !he general !hings !ha! happen over !he life -y-le of a leader as God shapes !ha! person !o1ard a--omplishing !he uni2ue purposes for 1hi-h !ha! leader 1as des!ined./ Ray pun-!ua!ed !ha! !hough! by 1ri!ing *phes. (01) on !he board. ?e !hen read and emphasiEed !he phrase .-rea!ed in #hris! Kesus !o do good 1orks, 1hi-h God prepared in advan-e for us !o do,/ before -on!inuing his monologue abou! ho1 God shapes us !o1ard !his des!iny. Fig%re 7. 2 e 4ini"!ry 2ime LineG4o#ing 2o-ar$ ! e Fo.%"e$ Li(e ,. <inis!ry Founda!ions Basi- -hara-!er, personali!y and underlying values are shaped. %ome des!iny a-!ivi!ies may o--ur !hough perhaps no! re-ogniEed as su-h. 5he po!en!ial leader -omes alive !o God ei!her !hrough -onversion or some ma=or rene1al e+perien-e if a heri!age #hris!ian. ,,. *arly <inis!ry & basi- -ommi!men! !o leadership is made. Basi- eadership -hara-!er is formed. *arly e+perien-es a! minis!ering o--ur. ,n!ima!ions of life purpose appear. ?in!s of gif!edness emerge. ,,,. <iddle <inis!ry ife purpose -larifies. Gif!edness -larifies. <a=or role -larifies. Break!hrough insigh!s for empo1ering people in minis!ry are learned. #onfli-! is fa-ed. &u!hori!y issues are fa-ed. 5here is effi-ien! minis!ry. ,". a!!er <inis!ry 5here is movemen! !o1ard an ideal role. *ffi-ien! minis!ry be-omes effe-!ive minis!ry. Peak minis!ry o--urs. $l!ima!e -on!ribu!ion -larifies. ". Finishing @ell & life!ime of minis!ry is -onsolida!ed. $l!ima!e -on!ribu!ions are proa-!ively developed. ,mpor!an! values are passed on !o !he rising genera!ions of leaders. .>o1 le! me make a se-ond s1eep. , have no!i-ed !ha! !he end resul!s of GodFs shaping a-!ivi!ies -an be des-ribed by !hree -on-ep!s0 spiri!ual forma!ion, minis!erial forma!ion and s!ra!egi- forma!ion. S)iri!%al (orma!ion has !o do 1i!h !hose a-!ivi!ies !ha! shape !he inner life. 4ini"!erial (orma!ion has !o do 1i!h shaping !he leader !o effe-!ively lead. ,! has !o do 1i!h skills, gif!edness and minis!ry insigh!s !ha! help !he leader !o deliver effi-ien! and effe-!ive minis!ry. S!ra!egi. (orma!ion has !o do 1i!h des!iny pro-essing !ha! guides a leader !o a spe-ifilife purpose, and a ma=or role !hrough 1hi-h life purpose -an be realiEed. 5hese resul! in 1ha! , -all ul!ima!e -on!ribu!ionsH!he las!ing lega-ies 1e leave behind be-ause 1e have fulfilled our life purpose. ,f 1e look a! !he !ime line again 1i!h !hese ideas in mind 1e -an see !he fo-us of forma!ional a-!ivi!y for ea-h !ime division. 5here are reasons for -hanges in priori!y of !hese !hree aspe-!s of forma!ion. GodFs shaping a-!ivi!y 1ill be dire-!ed !o reorder !hese aspe-!s as ?e develops a leader over !he life!ime./ 9(

Fig%re ;. 2 e Forma!ional Priori!ie" O#er 2ime ,. <inis!ry Founda!ions Basi- #hara-!er forma!ionG af!er -onversion or -ommi!men!0 spiri!ual forma!ion ,,. *arly <inis!ry 1. <inis!erial forma!ion (. %piri!ual forma!ion 3. B%!ra!egi- forma!ionC ,,,. <iddle <inis!ry 1. %piri!ual forma!ion (. <inis!erial forma!ion 3. %!ra!egi- forma!ion ,". a!!er <inis!ry 1. %!ra!egi- forma!ion (. %piri!ual forma!ion 3. B<inis!erial forma!ionC ". Finishing @ell 1. %piri!ual forma!ion (. %!ra!egi- forma!ion .*arlier, , men!ioned !ha! , -ould poin! ou! some shaping a-!ivi!ies. , have seen God repea!edly use -er!ain !hings !o move leaders along !o1ard !heir uni2ue *phes. (01) life. , have no!ed !he kinds of !hings ?e does !o bring abou! spiri!ual forma!ion, minis!erial forma!ion and s!ra!egi- forma!ion./ Fig%re >. Some 4aEor S a)ing Pro.e""e""" ! e 2ime Line ,. <inis!ry Founda!ions #hara-!er shaping ,,. *arly <inis!ry eadership -ommi!!al &u!hori!y insigh!s #onfli-! and -rises Gif!edness dis-overy Guidan-e ,,,. <iddle <inis!ry <inis!ry insigh!s eadership ba-klash #hallenges Paradigm shif!s ,". a!!er <inis!ry %piri!ual 1arfare 'eep pro-essing Po1er pro-esses ". Finishing @ell 'es!iny fulfillmen! <ike remembered ho1 !hey fel! a! !ha! poin! in !he session. 5he looks on !he eleven lis!enerFs fa-es sho1ed !il!, overload, 1hoa, hold on, give us a break, le! us -a!-h up. %o Gordon, 1ho 1as fa-ili!a!ing !he session, had !he group !ake a !hir!y4minu!e break. &s !hey 1alked 93

around, !hey admired !he beau!iful s-enery. @ha! a pla-eJ @ha! a !ou-h from GodJ 5hey kne1 !ha! Ray 1as GodFs divine -on!a-! for !hem for !his momen! of !ime.


&f!er a break for refreshmen!s, Ray s!ood a! !he flip -har! and 1ro!e do1n !he 2ues!ions his presen!a!ion had s!imula!ed. &l!hough he asked !ha! !he 2ueries be rela!ed !o his .firs! pass/ Bi.e., looking a! ho1 God fo-uses a leader !o1ard an *phes. (01) life, 1hi-h Ray !ermed a .fo-used life/C, !he 2ues!ions -ame a! him fas! and furious.: &f!er re-ording !heir 2ues!ions for a 1hile, he in!errup!ed !he pro-ess and !old !hem, .@eFve go! enough !o 1ork on. e! me s!ar! 1i!h !he final 2ues!ion. ,!s ans1er 1ill shed ligh! on many of !hese o!her 2ues!ions. @ha! is !he fo-used lifeN &nd ho1 does !ha! rela!e !o !he life -y-le of a leaderN Dn-e, abou! !en years ago, , !ook a yearlong sabba!i-al !o s!udy eigh! #hris!ian leaders. *a-h had effe-!ive minis!ries. *a-h finished 1ell. &s , s!udied !heir lives, !he no!ion of fo-us over a life!ime emerged. , define i! as follo1s. & fo-used life is0 I & life e+-lusively dedi-a!ed !o -arrying ou! GodFs uni2ue purposesG I By iden!ifying four key -on-ep!sH!he ma=or role, life purpose, uni2ue me!hodology or ul!ima!e -on!ribu!ionH1hi-h allo1sG I &n in-reasing priori!iEa!ion of lifeFs a-!ivi!ies around !hese key -on-ep!sG and I Resul!s in a sa!isfying life of beingH1ha! you are, and doingH1ha! youFve a--omplished. .@hile !his defini!ion basi-ally applies !o full4!ime #hris!ian 1orkers, i! -an also fi! s!rong lay leaders./ Ray looked around !he group, briefly engaging !he eyes of ea-h before asking, .?o1 1ould you like !o bring more fo-us in!o your lifeN ?o1 1ould you like !o be assured !ha! you are moving for1ard in your *phes. (01) lifeN 5ha!Fs 1ha! !he firs! pass a! !he !ime line is !alking abou!./ ?e !hen pro-eeded !o address some of !he o!her rela!ed 2ues!ions !ha! had been raised. Ray !urned and asked Kulie !o res!a!e her in2uiry. .Aou said !ha! in !he <inis!ry Phase our basi- -hara-!er, personali!y and values are shaped. 5hen you men!ioned !ha! Sdes!iny a-!ivi!iesF may o--ur. @ha!Fs a Sdes!iny a-!ivi!yFN 'o all leaders have !hemN/ .Kulie, des!iny a-!ivi!ies rela!e !o !he <inis!ry Founda!ions !ime period. God some!imes gives hin!s of fu!ure life purpose during !his !ime period. 'es!iny a-!ivi!ies refer !o !hose kind of shaping a-!ivi!ies in 1hi-h God hin!s a!, reveals or fulfills previously revealed des!iny in a leaderFs life. *arly on i! is usually a hin!, like KosephFs unusual bir!h and his !1ofold repea!ed dream a! age seven!een. 'es!iny a-!ivi!ies 1ill -umula!ively build a sense of des!iny in a life. & sense of des!iny is an a1areness of GodFs in!ervening hand in a life for ?is spe-ial purposes. 5hese des!iny a-!ivi!ies 1ill be par! of GodFs means !o divinely impar! !o a leader a life purpose./ Rob -ould no! 1ai! any longer and burs! ou!, .5ha!Fs ho1 i! has been 1i!h meJ , kne1 from !he !ime of !ha! firs! -hur-h plan! !ha! God 1an!ed me !o -a!alyEe many -hur-h plan!s around !he 1orld. , kne1 ?e had !aken me !hrough !he e+perien-es in order !o help o!hers plan! -hur-hes more effi-ien!ly. 5ha! is a burden on my hear!. ,! is my life purpose./ RobFs passiona!e ou!burs! moved !he group. Ray piggyba-ked on !he emo!ion of !he momen!. .Folks, a life purpose is a burdenlike -alling, a !ask or driving for-e or a-hievemen!, 1hi-h mo!iva!es a leader !o fulfill some!hing or !o see some!hing done. Rob has =us! in!rodu-ed you !o !he no!ion of a life purpose in a vivid 1ay. .Kulie, ,Fll -ome ba-k !o your 2ues!ion more fully la!er 1hen , !alk abou! pa!!erns. Bu! for no1, remember one of !he observa!ions , made abou! effe-!ive leaders0 (ffective leaders evince a growing awareness of their sense of destiny. 'es!iny a-!ivi!ies are no! al1ays spe-!a-ular. 5here are !he providen!ial -ir-ums!an-es !ha! God uses as 1ell. <ore on !his la!er 1hen , in!rodu-e !he 9:

no!ion of !he des!iny pa!!ern !ha! involves des!iny prepara!ion, des!iny revela!ion and des!iny fulfillmen!./ Ray !urned !o look a! !he -har! and de!ermine !he ne+! appropria!e 2ues!ion !o address. ?e -ir-led !he 1ords .gif!edness/ and .ma=or role/ 1i!h his marker, !hen !urned !o fa-e !he group. ?olding up his hand 1i!h four fingers sho1ing, he gave !he follo1ing defini!ion and ben! do1n one finger ea-h !ime he made a poin!. .& leader is a person 1i!h a God4given -apa-i!y and a God4given responsibili!y 1ho is influen-ing a spe-ifi- group of GodFs people !o1ard GodFs purposes for !he group. Please no!e !ha! influencing is !he key -on-ep! of leadership. .>o1, 1i!h !his defini!ion in mind, le! me -ome ba-k !o your 2ues!ion, Kulie. @hen 1e !alk abou! giftedness 1e are !alking abou! a God4given -apa-i!y. @hen 1e !alk abou! role 1e are rela!ing !o !he -en!ral -on-ep! of !he defini!ionHinfluen-ing. @e are !alking abou! !he pla!form from 1hi-h a leader influen-es. &ll leaders have some sor! of role, !he formal par! of 1hi-h is usually spe-ified by a =ob des-rip!ion. Bu! fre2uen!ly !here is mu-h in !he =ob des-rip!ion !ha! doesnF! fi! !he leader. %a+or role is an ideal -on-ep! , use !o des-ribe a role !ha! has been adap!ed !o fi! oneFs gif!edness./ Gloria, 'anFs par!ner in you!h 1ork, in!er=e-!ed !his 2ues!ion0 .Ray, 1hen you speak of gif!edness, do you mean spiri!ual gif!sN @e have done several s!udies 1i!h our you!h on spiri!ual gif!s and used some spiri!ual gif!s !es!s. 5hey usually are no! !oo helpful./ .Gloria, !ea-hing on spiri!ual gif!s proves mu-h more profi!able la!er on in !he developmen! -y-le. e! me e+plain. @hen , !alk abou! gif!edness ,Fm referring !o !hree !hings0 na!ural abili!ies, a-2uired skills and spiri!ual gif!s. &nd any one of !hese !hree -an domina!e a life and be-ome !he lin-hpin of gif!ednessH!he fo-al elemen! of !he gif!edness se!.8 >a!ural abili!ies emerge firs!. Basi- skills are pi-ked up ne+!. %ome -omplemen! na!ural abili!ies. D!hers break ne1 ground. 'uring !he firs! baby s!eps of !he *arly <inis!ry !ime period, an emerging leader begins !o do minis!ry. <inis!ry e+perien-es allo1 for hin!s of spiri!ual gif!s. Bu! i! isnF! un!il !he <iddle <inis!ry !ime period !ha! a personFs gif!edness be-omes -lear. &! !ha! !ime !he leader 1ill kno1 1hi-h spiri!ual gif!s are -onsis!en!ly being used and 1hi-h of !he elemen!s domina!es in his life. 5ha!Fs 1hy , say !ha! !ea-hing on spiri!ual gif!s is bes! done af!er some minis!ry e+perien-e. .>o1 you -an see 1hy kno1ing gif!edness informa!ion helps a leader ge! a grasp on 1ha! kind of role bes! fi!s !ha! leader. , -all !ha! role by !he label of ma+or role. >o1 mos! leaders do no! na!urally move in!o a si!ua!ion !ha! e2ua!es !o a ma=or role. 5hey mus! adap! !heir assigned role and also live 1i!h some par!s !ha! do no! fi!. Bu! 1herever !hey -an, and 1henever !hey have a -hoi-e, !hey make de-isions !o1ard ma!-hing gif!edness, ma=or role and life purpose. 5hey move !o1ard fo-us./ %ensing !ha! Ray 1as ready !o move ahead, #a!hy pushed Ray !o -over !he o!her key !opi-s !ha! 1ere s!ill on !he flip -har!. .Ray, you havenF! said a 1ord abou! minis!ry insigh!s nor abou! ul!ima!e -on!ribu!ions o!her !han giving !hem !o us in !he defini!ion of a fo-used life. , kno1 !hey are key issues. Bu! 1ha! are !heyN &nd 1hen do !hey -ome in !he life -y-leN/ .Dkay, le!Fs -omple!e our dis-ussion by dealing 1i!h !hose i!ems./ ?e paused for a drink of 1a!er !hen laun-hed in!o !he ma!erial 1i!h a ne1 energy. .<inis!ry insigh!s represen! break!hroughs in ho1 1e do our minis!ry. @e learn effe-!ive me!hodologies for using our gif!edness !o deliver minis!ry !o !hose 1e serve. %ome!imes i! !akes paradigm shif!s for us !o see effe-!ive 1ays !o influen-e !hose 1e lead. @e ge! !hese !hroughou! our *arly and <iddle <inis!ry !ime periods. 5hink of #ampus #rusadeFs SFour %piri!ual a1s.F 5ha! evangelis!i!e-hni2ue 1as a minis!ry insigh! for someone early on in #ampus #rusadeFs minis!ry./ ?e !hen 1en! around !he !able and asked ea-h one !o des-ribe one or !1o of !heir mos! impor!an! break!hroughs in minis!ry. *a-h person 1as able !o iden!ify several su-h insigh!s in !heir o1n minis!ries. Ray affirmed ea-h one as !hey shared. 98

5hen he 1en! on !o ans1er !he o!her par! of #a!hyFs 2ues!ion. .<inis!ry insigh!s o--ur !hroughou! !he *arly and <iddle <inis!ry !ime periods. &s 1e move on in minis!ry and be-ome more fo-used, 1e learn !o ge! mu-h mileage ou! of !hese insigh!s. 5ha! happens in !he a!!er <inis!ry !ime period. .Aoung folks,/ Ray used !his gree!ing !o ge! !heir a!!en!ion abou! ul!ima!e -on!ribu!ion, .as you ge! older like me you be-ome more and more -on-erned abou! !hree !hings. Firs!, !ha! you are no! only doing !hings righ!H!ha! is effi-ien! minis!ryHbu! doing !he righ! !hings righ!. 5ha! is effe-!ive minis!ry. 5ime is mu-h shor!er. Aou have !o be fo-used. %!ra!egi- forma!ion is impor!an! !o help a leader make !he shif! from effi-ien-y !o effe-!iveness. .%e-ond, you are -on-erned abou! leaving a lega-y behind. , use !he !erm Sul!ima!e -on!ribu!ionsF !o sum up for me !he 1hole no!ion of las!ing lega-ies.9 @hen life is over, ea-h of us 1ho has served fai!hfully 1ould like !o look ba-k and see some las!ing frui! from our minis!ry. $sually i! is in a leaderFs si+!ies !ha! he begins !o proa-!ively fo-us on leaving behind las!ing lega-ies. .&nd !hird, in !he las! par! of !he a!!er <inis!ry !ime period or !he Finishing @ell !ime period, you 1ill probably make a spe-ial effor! !o -onsolida!e !he labor of a life!ime. 5ha! 1ill in-lude no! only fo-using on ul!ima!e -on!ribu!ions, bu! also doing su-h !hings as 1ri!ing !o -ap!ure ideas and values, en-ouraging !he 5imo!hys and Pris-illas in your life !o go on, going ba-k and affirming !hose lives !ha! have been !ou-hed over !he years 1i!h a personal and spe-ial 1ord of en-ouragemen!, passing !he ba!on on !o !hose 1ho -an run 1i!h i! and !hereby keep your values and ideas alive, helping ou! 1i!h leadership !ransi!ions and so on./ Ray shrugged and 1i!h a sigh of frus!ra!ion mu!!ered, .5imeJ 5imeJ , -ould speak on ea-h of !hese i!ems for longer !han you -ould lis!en. Bu! 1e mus! move on./

Be!!y, GordonFs 1ife, 1as -onfused abou! !he 1hole no!ion of spiri!ual forma!ion, minis!erial forma!ion and s!ra!egi- forma!ion. For !1en!y years she had -on-en!ra!ed on minis!ering !o her -hildren. Gordon had !he up4fron! minis!ry. %he had only re-en!ly begun !o en!er publi- minis!ry again. <os!ly she 1as a suppor!ive help for Gordon. %he 1ondered ho1 spiri!ual forma!ion, minis!erial forma!ion and s!ra!egi- forma!ion applied !o her. %he posed a 2ues!ion, .Ray, -ould you give an overall e+plana!ion of !he !hree forma!ions. , have my -har! here before me. Bu! , donF! e+a-!ly see ho1 !hey fi! me./ .Be!!y, , 1ould say !ha! !his diagram applies more spe-ifi-ally !o !hose 1ho are involved in publi- minis!ry !han !hose 1ho have minis!ered in !he home as you have. Bu! i!s basi- -on!rolling idea rela!es =us! as mu-h !o you as i! does !o o!hers. %inistry essentially flows out of being. God is -on-erned 1i!h 1ho 1e are as persons. God firs! 1orks in us and !hen !hrough us. 5his applies !o everyone. Aou are a -ase in poin!. Be!!y, in your si!ua!ion, you firs! progressed in beingness. , remember 1hen you deal! 1i!h some basi- -hara-!er issues of 1ha! i! mean! !o be a 1ife and mo!her. 5hen , remember 1hen you began !o s!udy abou! paren!ing. Aou be-ame a skillful paren!. , remember on-e you shared 1i!h me some ma=or values God had given you 1hi-h you 1an!ed !o impar! !o your family. ,f you !hink ba-k you 1ill realiEe !ha! you had in mind a long4 !erm s!ra!egi- vie1H!he release of your -hildren in!o ma!uri!y, 1here !hey -an ea-h 1alk 1i!h God on !heir o1n. .>o1 !ha! is essen!ially 1ha! happens in !he in!erplay of !he forma!ions along !he !ime line. 5he pa!!ern is !he same for publi- leaders or !hose leading in !he home0 firs!, -hara-!erG se-ond, abili!y !o do !hingsG !hird, values underlying 1hy 1e do !hingsG four!h, a long4range goal !ha! helps us in!egra!e our -hara-!er, abili!ies, values and goals./ 99

Ray !hen !urned !o !he diagram of !he !ime line he had earlier dra1n on !he 1hi!e board, and modified i! as he e+plained !he na!ural progression involved. B%ee Figure 8.C 5hey 1ere !aking no!es as Ray s-ribbled on !he board. Fig%re A. 2 e Forma!ional Priori!ie" o#er 2imeG4o$i(ie$ ,. <inis!ry Founda!ions #hara-!erHespe-ially in!egri!y is highligh!ed here. ,,. *arly <inis!ry @e are -on-erned primarily 1i!h doing here B<FC bu! God is more -on-erned 1i!h being B%FC. %!ra!egi- Forma!ion B%5FC is ye! in !he fu!ure. ,,,. <iddle <inis!ry &f!er 1e be-ome -ompe!en! a! doing B<FC 1e re-ogniEe !ha! 1i!hou! GodFs presen-e and po1er i! is meaningless !hus B%FC be-omes a priori!y 1i!h us. @e are no1 also beginning !o re-ogniEe a differen-e in effi-ien-y and effe-!iveness. ,". a!!er <inis!ry Be-ause 1e kno1 !he impor!an-e of B%FC as a priori!y, 1e -an no1 fo-us on s!ra!egiforma!ion B%5FC as a ma=or emphasis. *ffe-!iveness no1 reigns over effi-ien-y. @e no longer 1orry abou! minis!erial forma!ion B<FC. @e are effi-ien! doing !hings righ! and more impor!an! fo-using on doing !he righ! !hings righ!. ". Finishing @ell @e kno1 !ha! our spiri!ual life 1ill have ma=or impa-! as a model. %o i! B%FC domina!es !his period of life. @e also are highly fo-used on s!ra!egi- forma!ion B%5FC be-ause 1e 1an! our lives !o -oun!. Ray !hen 1en! !o !he -har! and added !he follo1ing, -ommen!ing as he did, .5hese symbols represen! -ri!i-al in-iden!s rela!ing !o forma!ion !ha! are impor!an! in !he life of a developing leader./ Fig%re F. 2 e Forma!ional Priori!ie" o#er 2imeG+ri! In.i$en!" ,. <inis!ry Founda!ions ,,. *arly <inis!ry ,,,. <iddle <inis!ry #1 ,". a!!er <inis!ry #( ". Finishing @ell #3 ?e !urned !o !he group. 5hey sensed !ha! i! 1as -hallenge !ime again. 5here 1as some!hing abou! !ha! look in RayFs eyes. ., have !hree 2ues!ions for you. *a-h 2ues!ion rela!es !o one of !hose -ri!i-al in-iden!s./ ?e !hen posed !he 2ues!ions lis!ed in 5able 1. 2able 1. 2 ree +ri! Forma!ional :%e"!ion"
+ri! In.i$en! #1 Label 'oing !o Being Paradigm %hif! :%e"!ion 1. Dn 1ha! do you base your iden!i!yN @ha! you are or 1ha! you doN



*ffi-ien-y !o *ffe-!iveness Paradigm %hif! Finishing @ell Burden


(. ?ave you made !he shif! from doing !hings righ! !o doing !he righ! !hings righ!N 'o you have fo-us in your lifeN 3. &re you proa-!ively moving !o1ard finishing 1ellN

Ray !hen had !hem break up in !1os and !hrees and dis-uss 1hi-h of !hese -ri!i-al in-iden!s !hey had personally e+perien-ed. ?ere 1ere !he ans1ers !he group fed ba-k !o Ray. 2able 7. 2 ree +ri! Forma!ional :%e"!ion"6 0 o
+ri! In.i$en! #1 Label 'oing !o Being Paradigm %hif! :%e"!ion 1. @hi-h is !he basis for your minis!ry, doing or beingN An"-er" $oingH'an B39C, Gloria B38C, <ike B:7C, <illie B:3C, Rob B37C, %am B:7C beingHKulie B::C, Gordon B:9C and Be!!y B:7C, #a!hy B37C, 5om B:(C 5e"H Gordon B:9C, %am B:7C NoH!he res! 1ere ei!her no or didnF! kno1


*ffi-ien-y !o *ffe-!ivene ss Paradigm %hif!


Finishing @ell Burden

(. ?ave you made !he shif! from doing !hings righ! !o doing !he righ! !hings righ!N 'o you have fo-us in your lifeN 3. &re you none proa-!ivel y moving !o1ard finishing 1ellN

5he sharing 1as hones! and mos! -onvi-!ing. Ray -losed !he sharing by assigning ea-h one !o be alone 1i!h God for !he ne+! hour and refle-! on !hese issues 1i!h a vie1 !o1ard unders!anding 1ha! God 1an!ed for ea-h of !hem.


@hen !hey re!urned, !hey 1ere ready !o lis!en !o !he des-rip!ion of !he shaping pro-esses. 5heir !ime alone 1i!h God had sensi!iEed !hem !o !he 1hole no!ion of !he usefulness of a !ime line !o give !hem perspe-!ive. Ray buil! on !his momen!um. Ray an!i-ipa!ed !heir 2ues!ions and -u! !hem off a! !he pass by giving !hem a handou! !ha! lis!ed ea-h of !he shaping pro-esses, in-luding defini!ions and des-rip!ions. ?is in!rodu-!ory s!ory, ho1ever, 1as 1ha! go! !heir a!!en!ion. 5hrough !he s!ory of 5im, !hey sa1 ho1 impor!an! i! 1as !o kno1 abou! !hese shaping pro-esses. 5his 1as 5imFs s!ory. 5im had been a go4go en!husias!i- you!h 1orker from age !1en!y4!1o !ill age !hir!y4one. ?is en!husiasm 1as -on!agious. ?e inspired many young people !o give !heir lives !o #hris!. <any also 1en! in!o minis!ry be-ause of his influen-e. ?e 1as -onsidered a very su--essful you!h 1orker. ,! 1as -lear he had bo!h evangelis!i- and e+hor!a!ive spiri!ual gif!s. ?e 1as also a s!rong leader and highly dire-!ive in his leadership s!yle. ?e 1as a -rea!ive leader -ons!an!ly finding innova!ive !e-hni2ues !ha! a!!ra-!ed you!h. ?is -hur-h de-ided !o plan! a daugh!er -hur-h in a suburban area abou! !1en!y miles from !he mo!her -hur-h. 5im 1as -hallenged !o be !he founding pas!or of !his fledgling -ongrega!ion. &! age !hir!y4one he a--ep!ed !he -hallenge and shif!ed minis!ry !o do !his -hur-h plan!. *igh! mon!hs before !he an!i-ipa!ed s!ar! of !he ne1 -hur-h plan!, -hur-h leaders had !apped abou! eigh! young -ouples in !heir la!e !1en!ies and early !o mid4!hir!ies, !1o older -ouplesHone in !heir for!ies and one in !heir fif!iesHand si+ singles !o be !he -ore group of !his ne1 -hur-h plan!. Dnly !1elve people in !his group lived in !he a-!ual !arge! area. 5he res! 1ould have !o -ommu!e. 5hey began !o mee! mon!hly during !he %unday %-hool !ime. %i+ mon!hs before !he -hur-h plan!, 5im a!!ended a seminar run by a 1ell4kno1n -hur-h leader 1ho advo-a!ed -ell groups as !he basis for developing a gro1ing -hur-h. 5im 1as sold on !he me!hod. ,mmedia!ely he began !o share !hese ideas 1i!h !he group. ?is highly dire-!ive s!yle overrode some of !he more passively resis!an! folks. &pparen!ly all 1ere -ommi!!ed !o using a -ell group s!ra!egy as !heir basi- approa-h even !hough none of !hem had ever been in a -hur-h !ha! had -ell groups. 5he laun-h da!e -ame. 5he !1en!y4eigh! people began !o mee! in !he ne1 -ommuni!y in a s-hool building. 5hey s!ar!ed 1i!h !hree -ell groups. People gave i! a real go for abou! eleven mon!hs. Bu! problems began !o arise. 5he -ommu!ers found i! harder and harder !o a!!end all !he -ell group mee!ings. eaders also found i! diffi-ul! !o a!!end all !he leadersF mee!ings. %everal of !he younger -ouples had babies. ,n !he ne+! year !hree of !hose -ouples be-ame infre2uen! par!i-ipan!s. 5im e+hor!ed and admonished !hese -ore group members. 5e-hni2ues !ha! had 1orked 1i!h you!h groups did no! 1ork so 1ell 1i!h adul!s 1ho had many -ommi!men!s. 5hey did no! rea-! 1ell !o his badgering. ?e sensed he 1as losing i!. Dnly a fe1 ne1 people in !he -ommuni!y 1ere par!i-ipa!ing in !he -hur-h. *ven!ually !he -ell group model failed and half of !he -ore group 1en! ba-k !o !he mo!her -hur-h. <ore !han half of !he original -ore group -omplained abou! 5imFs leadership. %ome even be-ame bi!!er abou! i!. 5im be-ame dis-ouraged as !he small group gallan!ly !ried !o hold on. *ven!ually !he -hur-h plan! fiEEled. 5im be-ame disillusioned and, a! age !hir!y4five, lef! full4!ime minis!ry. @ha! had happenedN ?aving finished !elling !he s!ory, Ray lo1ered his head and shook i! in despair. .5his is a -lassi- -ase of leadership bac&lash. ,! 1ill happen !1o or !hree !imes over a leaderFs life!ime. ?o1 a leader handles i! -an make or break !he leader. Bibli-ally you see a -ase of !his in *+odus 1i!h <oses and GodFs people. 5hey 1ere 1i!h <oses as he a!!emp!ed !o ge! !hem ou! of slavery !o freedom. *ven!ually !hey rebelled agains! <osesF leadership. Bu! <oses persevered and !here is mu-h 1e -an learn from his e+ample. 99

.%ome!imes a leader feels -onvin-ed abou! a -ourse of a-!ion. 5ha! leader !hen -onvin-es follo1ers of !ha! as!u!eness of !ha! a-!ion, perhaps even demons!ra!ing !ha! i! is from God. 5he group !hen !akes !he a-!ion and i! brings unforeseen ramifi-a!ions along 1i!h a--omplishmen! of i!s ma=or purposes. Be-ause of !he une+pe-!ed ramifi-a!ions, !he follo1ers !urn agains! !he leader in a ba-klash a-!ion. 5his par!i-ular form of -onfli-! pro-essing -an be diffi-ul! !o !ake unless one is fore1arned abou! i! and responds properly. , -all !his shaping pro-ess Sleadership ba-klash.F *ssen!ially, i! refers !o !he rea-!ions of follo1ers, o!her leaders 1i!hin a group andMor #hris!ians ou!side !he group. 5hey rea-! !o a -ourse of a-!ion !aken by a leader be-ause of various ramifi-a!ions !ha! arise due !o !he a-!ion !aken. 5he si!ua!ion !es!s perseveran-e, -lari!y of vision and fai!h in !he leader[s life./ Ray paused, !hen -onfided, .,Fve gone !hrough !his pro-ess, have youN/ %everal affirmed !ha! !hey had indeed fa-ed !ha! same kind of s!ruggle. Ray !hen !ook !hem in!o !he %-rip!ures and sho1ed !hem some key lessons from !he <oses e+ample he had alluded !o earlier. .*+odus 80(), 1here !he people rea-! !o <oses[ leadership 1hen perse-u!ion -omes, !ypifies !his shaping pro-ess. 5he ba-klash -y-le -an be seen readily in !his e+ample. &gain in *+odus 190(43 !he ba-klash -on!inues. $sually !he unforeseen ramifi-a!ions involve perse-u!ion or hard !imes of some kind. &nd !hough follo1ers may have agreed originally !ha! !he -ourse of a-!ion 1as proper, !hey no1 blame !he leader for having !aken i!./ ?e !hen 1en! !o a ne1 shee! of paper on !he flip -har! and 1ro!e !he eigh! s!ages of !his shaping pro-ess. ?e !old !hem, .5he full -y-le of !his i!em in-ludes !he follo1ing0 Firs!, !he leader ge!s a visionH!ha! is, spe-ifi- dire-!ionHfrom God. %e-ond, !he follo1ers are -onvin-ed of !he dire-!ion. 5hird, !he group moves in !he dire-!ion sugges!ed. Four!h, -omes perse-u!ion, hard !imes or a!!a-ks from %a!anHspiri!ual 1arfare is -ommon. Fif!h, !here is ba-klash from !he group. %i+!h, !he leader is driven !o God !o re-onfirm !he a-!ion and ge! God[s affirma!ion in spi!e of ramifi-a!ions. %even!h, invariably, God reveals ?imself fur!her0 1ho ?e is, 1ha! ?e in!ends !o do. ?e makes i! -lear !ha! i! is God 1ho is going !o deliver. *igh!h, finally, God vindi-a!es ?imself and !he leader. .5im made i! !o s!age five. 5he ba-klash from !he group !ook him do1n even!ually. 'o you !hink i! 1ould have made a differen-e if he had been a1are of !hese s!agesN , believe i! 1ould have,/ asser!ed Ray. .5his is a -ommon pro-ess. 6no1ing i! and kno1ing !ha! God uses i! !o !es! perseveran-e, -lari!y of vision and fai!h -an make a differen-e. 5im should have been -ommi!!ed !o !he -hur-h plan! primarily and !o !he me!hodology more loosely. .>o1 1ha! , have =us! illus!ra!ed 1i!h 5im -ould be repea!ed over and over 1i!h many of !he shaping a-!ivi!ies of God,/ said Ray hoping !o really ge! !heir a!!en!ion. .5he basi- prin-iple is &now the ways God shapesG recognize them 1hen !hey are happening !o you, and respond in them to learn from !hem 1ha! God has for you. <any of !he shaping a-!ivi!ies follo1 s!ages and pa!!erns. 6no1ing !his -an make a big differen-e as you fa-e !he -onfusion !ha! of!en a--ompanies shaping a-!ivi!ies. .5ake a look a! !his handou!. ,! des-ribes !he four!een -a!egories of shaping a-!ivi!ies , previously lis!ed,/ said Ray as he handed ou! !he follo1ing lis!.7 Han$o%! on S a)ing A.!i#i!ie" 1))

>ame #hara-!er shaping

'es-rip!ion God !es!s and impar!s in!egri!y, obedien-e and sensi!ivi!y !o ?is @ord !hrough various kinds of shaping a-!ivi!ies. *a-h leader mus! -ome !o a resolu!e de-ision !o be used by God in leadership. 5his -ons-ious -ommi!!al is a ma=or !urning poin!. Bo!h lay leaders and full4!ime leaders fa-e !his -ri!i-al issue in life.

eadership -ommi!!al

&u!hori!y issues

#onfli-! and -rises

Gif!edness dis-overy


%ubmission !o au!hori!y, !he use of au!hori!y and learning !o opera!e 1i!h spiri!ual au!hori!y are !augh! !o a leader !hrough many e+perien-es. %ome!imes -alled deep pro-essing, !hese kinds of a-!ivi!ies develop !he inner life of a leader by !aking !he leader !hrough !imes !ha! ne-essi!a!e !rus!ing God for deliveran-e. God uses minis!ry e+perien-es !o sho1 or impar! or develop in a leader na!ural abili!ies, a-2uired skills and spiri!ual gif!s. God !ea-hes !he leader !o re-eive guidan-e !hrough various means.

$seMFur!her *+plana!ion 1. 5o ins!ill leadership -hara-!erG leaders mus! be !rus!1or!hy !o lead. (. 5o ensure an obedien! hear!G leaders -anno! e+pe-! follo1ers !o obey if !hey donF! obey !hemselves. 3. 5o sensi!iEe a leader !o hearing GodG !o guide o!hers, leaders mus! be able !o hear God !hemselves. 1. Fre2uen!ly, !his is a surrender e+perien-e in 1hi-h !he leader gives up o!her ambi!ions !o serve God. (. 5his does no! ne-essarily mean full4!ime minis!ry, bu! i! does mean !ha! minis!ry effor! in life 1ill have a priori!y over se-ular vo-a!ion. 3. 5his is of!en a marker even! a--ompanied by a sense of des!iny. %u-h a marker even! 1ill -arry one on !hrough !he diffi-ul! !imes !ha! 1ill -ome. :. 5here is a sense of GodFs spe-ial in!erven!ion in !his issue. 8. %u-h a real God4led -ommi!!al 1ill also be even!ually re-ogniEed by o!hers. 1. 5o !ea-h leaders ho1 !o follo1, 1hi-h is essen!ial in order !o lead o!hers. (. 5o !ea-h leaders ho1 !o influen-e follo1ers. 3. 5o ins!ill !he dynami- !ension of leading by serving and serving by leading. 1. 5ake a1ay self4!rus! and self4-onfiden-e !o lead. (. <ello1 -hara-!er Bi.e., develop frui! of %piri!C and reveal o!her inner life issues !ha! mus! be deal! 1i!h. 3. 5ea-h !ru!h !ha! -ould no! be seen in any o!her 1ay. :. Dpen ne1 doors !ha! 1ould no! be seen o!her1ise. 8. #onfli-! -an be personal or minis!ry orien!ed. 1. 5o iden!ify !he basi- means by 1hi-h a leader 1ill influen-e follo1ers. (. 5o develop !he leader !o1ard effi-ien! leadership. 3. 5o fo-us !he leader -on-erning de-isions abou! minis!ry. :. 5o fo-us !he leader !o1ard a ma=or role. 1. 5o sho1 leaders personal guidan-e for !heir o1n lives. (. 5o give leaders guidan-e for minis!ry. 3. 5o dire-! leaders !o1ard vision. :. 5o give a sense of divine presen-e in !he leaderFs life and minis!ry. 1. 5o give !he leader me!hods for impa-!ing !hose being minis!ered !o. (. 5o -hallenge !o ne1 minis!ry oppor!uni!ies. 3. 5o bring God4given resul!s !ha! honor God. ?e is !he Dne 1ho has sho1n ho1 !o do i!.

<inis!ry insigh!s

God opens !he 1ay for !he leader !o have break!hroughs in minis!ry so !ha! minis!ry has impa-!.


eadership ba-klash

&n e+perien-e in 1hi-h follo1ers ini!ially are in agreemen! 1i!h a leader on some -ourse of a-!ion bu! la!er as i! unfolds and nega!ive !hings happen, !hey rebel. God mus! of!en s!re!-h a leader beyond a -omfor! Eone in order for !ha! leader !o rea-h po!en!ial. Prayer, fai!h and sphere of influen-e are of!en aspe-!s of -hallenges !ha! God brings !hrough many kinds of e+perien-es.

1. (. 3. :. 8. 9. 1. (. 3. :. 8. 9. 7.


Paradigm shif!s

God uses ne1 ideas and ne1 e+perien-es !o give !he leader ne1 1ays of per-eiving self and minis!ry. %a!ani- opposi!ion 1ill appear in many forms some of 1hi-h seem very human. God sensi!iEes a leader !o !hese a!!a-ks of various kinds and !o me!hods for -omba!ing !hem.

1. (. 3. :. 1. (. 3. :. 8. 9. 7.

%piri!ual 1arfare

5es!s perseveran-e. #larifies vision. ,ns!ills fai!h in !he leader. 'evelops spiri!ual au!hori!y in !he leader. "indi-a!es GodFs dire-!ion of !he leader. 5his shaping a-!ivi!y is des-ribed by an eigh!4s!age pro-ess. Re-ogni!ion of !hese s!ages helps an!i-ipa!ion of !hem. 5o inspire vision. 5o move a leader fur!her along in s!ra!egiforma!ion. 5o bring fur!her a1areness of a sense of des!iny. 5o !ake a leader in!o deeper e+perien-es 1i!h God, 1hi-h add !o spiri!ual au!hori!y. 5o for-e a leader !o model before follo1ers so as !o demons!ra!e !he presen-e of !he unseen God. Resul!s in ma=or advan-es in !he leaderFs -onfiden-e and abili!y !o influen-e and hen-e signifi-an! advan-e in -ompe!en-e. 6inds of -hallenges in-lude0 fai!h -hallenges, prayer -hallenges, minis!ry e+pansion -hallenges, e+pansion of oneFs sphere of influen-e bo!h in siEe and !ype. 5o -hange an infle+ible leader in!o a mu-h more fle+ible leader. 5o bring abou! ne1 !hinking !ha! 1ill lead !o effi-ien! and effe-!ive minis!ry. 5o allo1 a leader !o see !ru!h !ha! previously 1as hidden. 5o open up possibili!ies of 1ider vision. 5o gain vi-!ory over evil for-es. 5o vindi-a!e God. 5o reveal !he glory of God. 5o learn dis-ernmen!. 5o develop spiri!ual au!hori!y 5o make ma=or break!hroughs in !he 1ork of God. 5o au!hen!i-a!e God in a ne1 pioneer 1ork.


'eep pro-essing

eaders move !o ne1 levels of dep!h in !heir rela!ionships 1i!h God and !heir minis!ry for God 1hen !hey go !hrough diffi-ul! !imes. ,! is !he !urning !o God and learning !o !rus! ?im in and !hrough !hese e+perien-es !ha! develops !he dep!h of spiri!ual forma!ion !ha! 1ill !ake a leader on !o a po1erful a!!er <inis!ry 5ime and a Finishing @ell 5ime.

Po1er pro-esses

God has !o of!en !ake a leader !hrough a paradigm shif! so !ha! !he leader re-ogniEes !he superna!ural aspe-!s of minis!ry0 %piri! of God, spiri!ual 1arfare 1i!h demoni- for-es, superna!ural po1er, e!-.

1. Dne form of !his shaping is -alled isola!ion, in 1hi-h !he leader is se! aside from normal minis!ry for usually an e+!ended !ime by si-kness, perse-u!ion, prison, -onfli-!, personal rela!ionships de!eriora!ing, e!-. ,sola!ion shaping !akes one deep 1i!h God alone. %piri!ual au!hori!y is developed. ,sola!ion some!imes is self4-hoi-eG a leader -hooses !o ge! alone 1i!h God for an e+!ended !ime in order for God !o mee! !ha! leader 1i!h rene1al, affirma!ion, -lear guidan-e, gro1!h, a paradigm shif!, e!-. (. ife4!hrea!ening -rises form ano!her kind of deep pro-essing. 3. ,n!ense minis!ry -onfli-! of!en serves as ano!her kind of deep pro-essing. :. & spe-ial kind of guidan-e, -alled nega!ive prepara!ion, uses very nega!ive shaping a-!ivi!ies !o for-e a person !o re-ogniEe !ha! God is leading ou! of a si!ua!ion. 8. & proper response !o deep pro-essing is !o go deep 1i!h God. Dne 1ho does so does no! seek !o ge! ou! of !he deep shaping a-!ivi!ies Bsee !hem -easeC, bu! seeks !o ge! ou! of !hem !ha! 1hi-h God has in !hem. ,! is !he hear!bea! of ( #or. 1034: repea!ed in a life. 1. %piri!ual 1arfare from *phes. 901)ff. is one po1er pro-ess. (. Po1er en-oun!ers in 1hi-h !he roo! issue in a minis!ry si!ua!ion is seen !o be !ha! of !he unseen 1orld in 1hi-h GodFs po1er is being !es!ed agains! demoni- po1er. 3. Prayer po1er in 1hi-h a leader is !es!ed !o in!ervene in a leadership se!!ing by seeing God ans1er prayer. *ssen!ially !he leader moves people by in!er-eding 1i!h God. :. Gif!ed po1er represen!s !he leaderFs appropria!ion of GodFs po1er by !he leaderFs gif!edness. & sub!le paradigm shif! goes on here. 5he leader re-ogniEes !ha! effi-ien! and effe-!ive use of personal resour-es essen!ially -ome from God. God is !rus!ed, no! self. &nd !here is repea!ed demons!ra!ion of po1er. 8. >e!1orking po1er is ano!her form of po1er pro-ess. 5he leader re-ogniEes !he sovereign 1ay God -onne-!s !o people and resour-es and sees !hem used by God !o mul!iply minis!ry.


'es!iny a-!ivi!ies Bfulfillmen!C

5his is !he -ulmina!ing effor! of God !o bring a sense of des!iny !o pass. ,! represen!s deep momen!s of GodFs in!ervening po1er and affirma!ion in a leaderFs life.

1. *arly in !he <inis!ry Founda!ions !ime period and !he *arly <inis!ry !ime period, God gives in!ima!ions, hin!s, of ?is sovereign plan for !he leader. 5hese are -alled des!iny prepara!ion shaping a-!ivi!ies. (. 'uring !he la!!er par! of *arly <inis!ry and espe-ially in !he <iddle <inis!ry !ime period, God reveals fur!her and -larifies a leaderFs des!iny. %ome of !hese shaping a-!ivi!ies are highly superna!ural and unusualG o!hers are providen!ial. 3. 'uring !he la!er par! of !he a!!er <inis!ry !ime period and espe-ially in !he Finishing @ell !ime period God brings !o pass even!s and a-!ivi!ies !ha! fulfill ?is promises of des!iny !o !he leader.

Ray had !he group spend an en!ire day disse-!ing and dis-ussing !hese shaping a-!ivi!ies. ?e firs! !ook one of !he shaping a-!ivi!ies and illus!ra!ed i! from his o1n life or from a #hris!ian leader he kne1 1ell. >e+!, he sho1ed ho1 God impar!ed las!ing values or o!her insigh!s from !he shaping !ha! affe-!ed all !he res! of !he leaderFs minis!ry. 5hen he made !he eleven break up in!o !hree groups and iden!ify !he various shaping a-!ivi!ies in !heir lives and ho1 !heir leadership had been shaped by i!. Finally, he brough! !he group ba-k !oge!her and debriefed 1ha! had been learned in !he small groups. ?e follo1ed !his pro-ess for ea-h of !he four!een shaping a-!ivi!ies. &! !he -lose of !he final debriefing session, !here 1as a sense of a1e. *a-h leader kne1 !ha! God had in!ervened personally in his or her life repea!edly. 5hey all kne1 personally of !he sovereign a-!ivi!y of God in !heir livesHand !hey 1ere absolu!ely -onvin-ed God 1ould -on!inue !o do !his over !heir life!imes.


<ike obviously had a 2ues!ion !ha! 1as impor!an! !o him. ?e began !en!a!ively, .5hese -on-ep!s and ideas abou! leadership developmen! are grea!, bu! , 1as 1ondering ho1 you use !hem 1i!h o!her people. ,Fm involved in !raining young people for minis!ry and one of !he ma=or issues 1e run in!o again and again is ho1 !o re-ogniEe leadership po!en!ial and en-ourage i! !o develop. &re !here par!i-ular !hings you look forN/ Ray !hough! for a momen!, .Aou kno1, , donF! kno1 !ha! !here is a simple ans1er !o your 2ues!ion. *a-h leadership si!ua!ion is differen!. 'ifferen! -on!e+!s and differen! !ypes of follo1ers re2uire differen! !ypes of leaders. Aou defini!ely -anF! have a -ookie -u!!er approa-h !o re-ogniEing and developing leaders. , have learned !o look for -er!ain pa!!erns of !hough!, a!!i!udes or behaviors in !he lives of individuals. , have learned !o re-ogniEe GodFs shaping a-!ivi!ies in !hem./ .@ha! do you mean by a pa!!ernN/ asked <ike. Ray responded, .& pa!!ern is some!hing !ha! is repe!i!ive over !ime and is !herefore re-ogniEable. %ome!imes i! is made up of a -ombina!ion of !hings like behaviors, a!!i!udes or 2uali!ies !ha! -ombine !o be-ome -hara-!eris!i-s of a person or a shaping pro-ess. &nd !hen, af!er you have 1orked 1i!h enough leaders, you 1ill re-ogniEe !ha! !he !hings 1hi-h are repea!ed in many lives 1ill probably sho1 up in many o!hers lives. e! me give one more pass !hrough !he !ime line and des-ribe some -ommon pa!!erns. 5hen ,Fll !alk abou! !1o of !hem, in par!i-ular. .>o1, even !hough , -ould !alk abou! all of !hese pa!!erns, le! me des-ribe !1o of !he pa!!erns !ha! , believe are !he mos! impor!an! ones for leaders 1ho are =us! beginning !o emerge. <ike, !hese pa!!erns 1ill help you re-ogniEe leadership po!en!ial. , -all !he firs! one !he Sminis!ry 1):

founda!ion prin-iple.F ,! rela!es !o fai!hfulness. Aou see, leadership is all abou! serving. Dne of !he key -hara-!eris!i-s of servi-e is fai!hfulness. God a-!ively 1orks !o shape ea-h leader by ensuring !ha! he is fai!hful. Fai!hfulness is a -ri!i-al -hara-!eris!i- of every leader. 5he prin-iple for !his pa!!ern is found in uke 1901), 1hi-h says, S@hoever -an be !rus!ed 1i!h very li!!le -an also be !rus!ed 1i!h mu-h, and 1hoever is dishones! 1i!h very li!!le 1ill also be dishones! 1i!h mu-hF 9/3!:- & pa!!ern of fai!hfulness in li!!le !hings is a prere2uisi!e for me 1hen , look for leadership po!en!ial./ .Aou make i! sound easy !o see !his. Bu! in pra-!i-al !erms, ho1 do you re-ogniEe fai!hfulnessN/ asked <illie. Ray smiled and responded, .@ell, firs! of all, if you kno1 1ha! you are looking for and you are an observan! person, i! is easy !o see fai!hfulness. Bu! , have also learned !ha! i! helps !o test !ha! 1hi-h seems !o be fai!hfulness. , of!en -rea!e si!ua!ions 1here people -an demons!ra!e fai!hfulness if !hey 1an! !o. 5hen , si! ba-k and 1a!-h. %ome people only like !o be .fai!hful/ 1hen !here is re-ogni!ion and visibili!y. eaders 1i!h good po!en!ial 1ill be fai!hful no ma!!er 1ha!. 5hey 1ill respond !o any minis!ry responsibili!ies or re2ues!s for help 1i!h an a!!i!ude of servi-e 1he!her !hey are re-ogniEed or no!. God is in!eres!ed in promo!ing !hese kind of leaders./ Fig%re 7. Fi#e De#elo)men!al Pa!!ern" ,. <inis!ry Founda!ions ,,. *arly <inis!ry ,,,. <iddle <inis!ry ,". a!!er <inis!ry ". Finishing @ell 1. 2 e De"!iny Pa!!ern 'es!iny 'es!iny prepara!ion revela!ion a-!ivi!ies H\ a-!ivi!ies H\ 'es!iny fulfillmen! a-!ivi!ies H\

7. 2 e 4ini"!ry Fai! (%lne"" Pa!!ern & -y-li-al pa!!ern o--urring repe!i!ively !hroughou! every !ime period des-ribed briefly as fai!hfulness in minis!ry leads !o e+panded minis!ry and ne1 !es!s of fai!hfulness a! a ne1 level. 5he pa!!ern -on!inues un!il po!en!ial is rea-hed. ;. 2 e 2e"!ing Pa!!ern" Posi!ive 5es!ing &dvan-ed forms H\ >ega!ive 5es!ing >. 2 e Gi(!e$ne"" De#elo)men! Pa!!ern >a!ural abili!ies, basi- skills, early gif!s a-2uired skills la!er gif!s <a!ure gif!edness H\ A. Li&e A!!ra.!" Li&e Gi(!e$ne"" Gif!ed leaders HHHHHH\ &!!ra-! emerging leaders 1ho po!en!ially are like gif!ed 'an =umped in, .Aou men!ioned !ha! !here are !1o pa!!erns !ha! are espe-ially helpful in iden!ifying po!en!ial leaders. @hi-h of !hese you lis!ed on !he board is !ha! se-ond pa!!ernN/ 1)8

Ray leaned ba-k and smiled, .Aou kno1, !he se-ond pa!!ern is one !ha! mos! people donF! like !o !hink abou! be-ause i! involves !he no!ion of !es!ing. ,n fa-!, , -all i! the testing pattern. , have observed !ha! God likes !o !es! ?is emerging leaders. ,n !he earlier s!ages of !heir developmen!, God uses many differen! kinds of si!ua!ions !o !es! !heir -hara-!er. &s !hey ma!ure in minis!ry, !he !es!s shif! from primarily -hara-!er !es!s !o !es!s regarding fai!hH-hallenges, if you 1ill. ., have e+perien-ed !es!ing bo!h in my life and in my -orpora!e minis!ry,/ Ray emphasiEed. . e! me des-ribe i! primarily for !he individual, bu! keep in mind !ha! i! of!en happens for a -orpora!e body as 1ell. ?ere is ho1 !his testing o--urs. 5here are !hree s!ages or par!s of !he pa!!ernH!he !es!, !he response, !he af!er effe-!s. ,n !he firs! par! of !he pa!!ern, a si!ua!ion or -ir-ums!an-e arises in 1hi-h !he person fa-es a !es! of some kind, usually a -hara-!er issue. 5he !es! involves responding !o !he -ir-ums!an-es of !he si!ua!ion. 5he response of !he leader 1ill ei!her honor God and ?is prin-iples or 1ill no! honor God. %ome!imes !he person is a1are !ha! !his is a !es! and o!her !imes !he person doesnF! re-ogniEe !ha! God is involved in !he si!ua!ion. 5he response of !he leader is !he se-ond par! or s!age of !he !es!ing pa!!ern. 5he !hird s!age of !he !es! -an go ei!her of !1o dire-!ions, depending on ho1 !he person responds !o !he si!ua!ion. ,f !he person responds in a posi!ive or God4honoring 1ay, God brings e+pansion !o !he person. By e+pansion, , mean !ha! ?e blesses !he leader, !akes !he leader on, gives ne1 oppor!uni!ies, opens up minis!ry in some 1ay or o!her. 5he person goes for1ard in his or her developmen!./ Ray -on!inued, . e! me poin! ou! !ha! !es!ing -an involve in!egri!y, obedien-e or sensing a God4given 1ord. Aou see !his in !he lives of 'aniel and Koseph. 5hey are -lassi- e+amples of being favored by God be-ause !hey passed tests. ,f !he person does no! respond in a God4 honoring 1ay or fails the test, !he !hird s!age looks differen!. God usually !akes !he leader in!o 1ha! , -all remedial activity or a retesting. ,n o!her 1ords, God usually brings abou! ano!her si!ua!ion in 1hi-h !he leader ge!s !es!ed in !he same area or abou! !he same issue. .KonahFs s!ory is -er!ainly !he mos! drama!i- retesting si!ua!ion in !he Bible. ,f !he leader -on!inues !o respond inappropria!ely !o !he -ir-ums!an-es, he may en!er in!o !he dis-ipline of God in order !o learn ho1 !o respond in a God4honoring 1ay. ,f !he person -on!inues !o respond nega!ively, !hen !hey may be -as! aside from leadership and -u! off from fur!her par!i-ipa!ion. 5his happened !o 6ing %aul. 6ing %aulFs s!ory is -er!ainly a drama!i- 1arning !o all of us in leadership,/ Ray s!a!ed as a sad look appeared on his fa-e. .&re !here any o!her pa!!erns !ha! you !hink are impor!an! for us !o kno1 abou!N/ asked Gordon. Ray -hu-kled and asked, .?o1 mu-h !ime do 1e haveN ,Fve only go! abou! !1en!y o!her ma=or pa!!erns !ha! ,Fve iden!ified. 'o 1e have ano!her four daysN ,Fll !ell you 1ha!. e!Fs !ake a break and if you 1an!, , -an men!ion some of !he mos! impor!an! ones and give you some resour-es !o follo1 up on. By !he 1ay, , !hink !he des!iny pa!!ern, !he firs! one lis!ed on !he board, is -ri!i-al for someone a! your s!age of developmen!. Aou are s!ar!ing !o !hink abou! !he la!!er s!ages of minis!ry and 1an! !o make !he ne+! !1en!y years -oun!. , believe !he bes! years of minis!ry are ye! ahead of youHif you -an ge! fo-used. e!Fs !ake our break./ 'uring !he break, !hey -on!inued !o !alk abou! sense of des!iny and !he des!iny4shaping a-!ivi!ies !hey had personally e+perien-ed. %everal of !hem 1ere surprised !o hear of some unusual, almos! mys!i-al e+perien-es !he o!hers had gone !hrough. 5hey had never shared !hese personal e+perien-es before. ,n !he -on!e+! of sense of des!iny and !he no!ion of des!iny a-!ivi!ies, ho1ever, !hey fel! free !o do so. Finally, Ray said, . e!s ge! ba-k !oge!her. , have a final e+er-ise , 1an! us !o do for our las! !hree hours !oge!her./ @hen !hey 1ere ga!hered, Ray on-e again held -en!er s!age. .,! is -lear !o me !ha! God has been 1i!h us and has !ou-hed ea-h of us. , 1an! us !o spend !he ne+! hour or so giving honor !o 1)9

God by sharing 1i!h one ano!her 1ha! God has been saying. &ns1er !his 2ues!ion for me. @ha! one !hing, !he mos! impor!an! !hing, has God impressed upon you personally in !hese sessionsN/ ?e !hen smiled, sa! and 1ai!ed for !he group !o respond. &f!er a period of refle-!ion !hey opened up. ,! 1as a po1erful !ime for ea-h one in !he group. 5hey all had been s!ru-k by some!hing differen!, and spen! a fe1 minu!es !alking abou! ho1 !hey in!ended !o make !heir mos! poignan! lesson a reali!y in !heir life. 5hrough i! all, Ray 1hispered prayers of !hanksgiving !o God for ?is !ou-h in !heir lives. @hen !hey finished, !he en!ire group !hanked Ray for his minis!ry and gave him a lovely lands-ape pi-!ure of ake Gregory and a beau!iful -ard signed by all, ea-h one 1ri!ing en-ouraging 1ords. Ray -losed 1i!h a simple prayer, 1hi-h !ou-hed !he hear!s of all, . ord, le! !hem finish 1ell./ ,n !he af!er session !he ne+! day, !hose presen! -ommissioned <ike !o summariEe in his usual -lear and su--in-! 1ay all !hey had learned from Ray abou! !he life -y-le of a leader. <ike spen! several 1eeks preparing !his summary. ?e -arefully lis!ened !o !he !apes, replaying some of !hem several !imes. ?e revie1ed his no!es. &s a resul!, he developed a one4page summary of 1ha! !hey had learned. O#er#ie- o( ! e Li(e +y.le o( a Lea$er
I. 4ini"!ry Fo%n$a!ion" *phes. (01) ife 'evelopmen! L1FC7F year"M Basi-hara-!er shaped. %ome des!iny hin!s. II. Early 4ini"!ry LAC17 year"M #ommi!men! !o leadership. eadership -hara-!er formed. earn by doing. ,n!ima!ions of life purpose and gif!edness emerge. III. 4i$$le 4ini"!ry LHC1> year"M ife purpose and gif!edness and ma=or role firm up. Break!hrough insigh!s for minis!ry o--ur. #onfli-! and au!hori!y issues o--ur. *ffi-ien! minis!ry. 1. %piri!ual forma!ion (. <inis!erial forma!ion 3. %!ra!egiforma!ion I*. La!!er 4ini"!ry L17N year"M <ovemen! !o1ard ideal role. *ffi-ien! <inis!ry be-omes effe-!ive minis!ry. Peak minis!ry o--urs. $l!ima!e -on!ribu!ion -larifies. *. Fini" ing 0ell LJM ife minis!ry -onsolida!ed. $l!ima!e -on!ribu!ions developed. "alues passed on !o rising genera!ions of leaders.

Forma!ional 'evelopmen!

%piri!ual forma!ion

1. <inis!erial forma!ion (. %piri!ual forma!ion

1. %!ra!egiforma!ion (. %piri!ual forma!ion

1. %piri!ual forma!ion (. %!ra!egiforma!ion


%haping &-!ivi!ies God $ses

I #hara-!er shaping

I eadership -ommi!!al I &u!hori!y insigh!s I #onfli-! and -rises I Gif!edness dis-overy I Guidan-e

I <nis!ry insigh!s I eadership ba-klash I #hallenges I Paradigm shif!s

I %piri!ual 1arfare I 'eep pro-essing I Po1er pro-esses

I 'es!iny fulfillmen!

#ri!i-al ,n-iden!s Pa!!ern" 'es!iny 'es!iny prepara!ion 'es!iny revela!ion

#1 'oing !o Being 'es!iny revela!ion

#( *ffi-ien-y !o *ffe-!iveness 'es!iny revela!ion and fulfillmen! <a+imum po!en!ial

#3 Finishing @ell <ode 'es!iny fulfillmen!

<inis!ry Fai!hfulness

%mall !o more responsibili!y

<ore !o larger responsibili!y

#on!inued fai!hfulness leads !o ma+imum po!en!ial 5es!ing no1 moves !o1ard fai!h -hallenges

Reap !he frui! of a life of fai!hfulness


Posi!ive leads !o e+pansionG nega!ive leads !o remedial shaping *arly spiri!ual gif!sG fur!her a-2uired skills

Posi!ive leads !o e+pansionG nega!ive leads !o remedial shaping #onfiden! iden!ifi-a!ion of spiri!ual gif!s and gif!edness se!

5es!ing no1 !o1ard rea-hing po!en!ial

Gif!edness >a!ural &bili!iesG Basi%kills ike &!!ra-!s ike Gif!edness Pa!!ern

a!er spiri!ual gif!sG gif!edness used effi-ien!ly $ses like a!!ra-!s like pa!!ern !o help in leadership sele-!ion

"ery ma!ure use of gif!edness

eader eader a!!ra-!ed !o a!!ra-!s o!her leaders emerging 1i!h like gif!s leaders 1ho are like gif!ed

%!rong use of like a!!ra-!s like pa!!ern for leadership developmen!


9 2 e Role o( Inno#a!ion in Lea$er" i)

Elmer L. 2o-n"
& leader has been des-ribed as a person ou! fron! 1i!h people follo1ing. K. Ds1ald %anders says in his book Spiritual Leadership,1 . eadership is influen-e./ 5his means !he more people follo1ing you, !he grea!er your leadership, and !he more deeply you influen-e people, !he grea!er your leadership. ,n -hur-h -ir-les, !he pas!or is ou! fron! influen-ing parishioners. ,n mili!ary -ir-les, !he sergean! is ou! fron! influen-ing soldiers. ,n !he edu-a!ional 1orld of ideas, !he !ea-her is ou! fron! influen-ing s!uden!s. 5he -on-ep! of leadership implies dire-!ion and movemen!. & leader !akes follo1ers from 1here !hey are lo-a!ed !o 1here !hey should be. 5his implies -hange. Follo1ers have !o -hange !he lo-a!ion, dire-!ion, !hinking or a!!i!ude. ,f follo1ers 1an! !o -hange, !hen leadership goes 1ell. ,f !hey do no! 1an! !o -hange, !hen leadership is diffi-ul!. 5he idea of -hange implies innova!ion, al!er, repla-e or !ransfer. %ome!imes innova!ion has a posi!ive meaning, as in regenera!e, -rea!e or s-ulp!ure. &! o!her !imes !he 1ord has a nega!ive meaning, as in over!hro1, e+-hange or rebel. &ll leaders -onfron! -hange. 5his -hap!er fo-uses on !he role of !he leader in bringing abou! innova!ion or -hange. 5herefore, !he -hap!er 1ill e+amine !he role of leadership in produ-ing -hange, innova!ion and redire-!ing or re-ons!ru-!ing !he organiEa!ion 1i!hin 1hi-h !hey are minis!ering. 5he firs! la1 of leadership is -alled !he . a1 of "isionM'reams./ ( ,! is e+pressed in !he slogan, .@hen follo1ers buy in!o your vision, !hey buy in!o your leadership./ &s long as !he follo1ers buy in!o !he leaderFs dream, usually li!!le resis!an-e is e+pressed !o his leadership or !o !he fa-! of -hange i!self. %o innova!ion is easy 1hen !he follo1ers and !he leader have !he same dream of a preferable fu!ure, and !hey bo!h agree on !he me!hods !o a-hieve !he desired ou!-ome. Problems arise for leaders, ho1ever, be-ause !hey are imperfe-!, and e+er-ise imperfe-! -ommuni-a!ion !o follo1ers 1ho have imperfe-! po1ers of observa!ionG !hus arriving a! imperfe-! in!erpre!a!ion and imperfe-! unders!anding of !he !ask a! hand. @hen an imperfe-! rela!ionship e+is!s be!1een leaders and follo1ers, !he less !han perfe-! si!ua!ion -rea!es a barrier !o -hange or innova!ion. 5ension resul!s !o bo!h leader and follo1er. 5his !ension 1orks ou! in dis!rus!, la-k of -onfiden-e, se-ond4guessing !he mo!ives of leadership, undermining !he a!!emp!s of leadership or ou!4righ! rebellion !o leadership. 5his lis! of problems is no! e+haus!ive. <any o!her problems -an o--ur as a resul! of imperfe-! -ommuni-a!ion be!1een leadership and follo1ership.


Pas!ors -onfron! resis!an-e 1hen !hey !ry !o implemen! ano!her 1orship servi-e o!her !han a 1orship servi-e a! !he !radi!ional hour. *ven if !he !radi!ional %unday morning 1orship servi-e is filled !o -apa-i!y, !he -ongregan!s usually have su-h deep loyal!y !o !he !radi!ional !ime !ha! any -hange is 2ues!ioned and resis!ed. ,n one -hur-h, !he board had diffi-ul!y !rying !o elimina!e !he posi!ion of you!h pas!or. &ll !he young people had gro1n in!o adul!hood and !he board 1an!ed !o employ a young adul! minis!er !o -oordina!e !heir a-!ivi!ies. %!ill ano!her -hur-h e+perien-ed diffi-ul!y a!!emp!ing !o shif! a morning "a-a!ion Bible %-hool !o an evening !ime slo!. 1)9

,n ano!her se!!ing, a you!h pas!or found !ha! paren!s 1ere opposed !o a shif! in lo-a!ion of !he high s-hool %unday %-hool -lass from !he se-ond floor of !he edu-a!ional building !o !he basemen! of his home. 5he paren!s -omplained !ha! !he you!h s!ayed a1ay from !he -hur-h servi-e on %unday morning be-ause !hey 1ere no! in !he -hur-h building. &n eas! -oas! -hur-h heavily -ommi!!ed !o suppor!ing foreign missionaries e+perien-ed !rauma 1hen !he ne1 pas!or sugges!ed !ha! foreign missionFs money ne1ly available by a re!iring foreign missionary be shif!ed !o plan! an inner4-i!y -hur-h among a minori!y group.

5he follo1ing are a fe1 basi- presupposi!ions leaders should unders!and 1hen a!!emp!ing -hange or innova!ion.


5e-hni-ally, any gro1!h in !he -hur-h or in !he leader e2uals -hange. Aou -anno! gro1 unless you -hange, !herefore all physi-al gro1!h, so-ial gro1!h, men!al gro1!h or spiri!ual gro1!h involves a -hange in life. 5he opposi!e, ho1ever, is no! !rueG all -hange is no! gro1!h. <any people do no! -hange !hings for !he be!!er, bu! for !he 1orse. Kohn <a+1ell, former pas!or of %kyline @esleyan #hur-h, has no!ed, .&ll -hange does no! represen! progress, bu! if 1e do no! -hange !here 1ill be no progress./ 3 5o pu! i! ano!her 1ay, -hange and innova!ion is !he pri-e !ag !ha! hangs on !he i!em -alled gro1!h. <any people 1an! a ne1 building, a ne1 evangelis!i- ou!rea-h, !hey 1an! !heir %unday %-hool !o be su--essful or !hey 1an! !heir foreign missions program !o be effe-!iveG bu! !hey do no! 1an! !o make any -hanges !ha! 1ill -ause i! !o gro1. #hange, ho1ever, is progress along 1i!h gro1!h. Ri-k @arren, pas!or of %addleba-k #hur-h, <ission "ie=o, #alifornia, e+plained re-en!ly in a sermon !i!led .@hy People Figh! #hange/0 .&ll gro1!h is -hange, all -hange is loss, all loss is pain./ 5o be a leader is !o be a -hange agen!. *very pas!or 1ho leads a -hur-h mus! unders!and !ha! leading people is asking !hem !o -hange some!hing. 5he same -an be said of a -hur-h boardG i! is a -hange agen!. & %unday %-hool !ea-her 1ho 1an!s pupils !o gro1, and every you!h minis!er a!!emp!ing !o lead adoles-en!s !o #hris!, is a -hange agen!. & leader is a!!emp!ing -hange 1hen he !ries !o -hange programs, upgrade buildings, -ommuni-a!e ne1 !hough!s, -onvin-e people of a ne1 s!ra!egy or implemen! a ne1 ou!rea-h minis!ry. 5herefore, !he firs! !hing a leader mus! -hange is himself. 5o -hange a -hur-h, !he pas!or mus! fa-e !hree !ru!hs0 B1C he has been -hanged in !he pas!, B(C he mus! be 1illing !o -hange as !he follo1ers are -hanged and B3C he mus! be 1illing !o fa-e !he problems of leading people !hrough -hange. 5he firs! -hange is !ha! !he leader mus! gro1 in his unders!anding and in spiri!ual life. Ri-k @arren, pas!or of %addleba-k #hur-h, s!a!es, . eaders are learners. Be-ause !hey are -ons!an!ly leading people in!o -hange, a leader mus! be -ons!an!ly learning, 1hi-h is ano!her 1ay of saying !hey mus! be -ons!an!ly gro1ing./


@hen leading people !hrough -hange, leaders mus! -ommuni-a!e several assump!ions abou! -hange !o follo1ers. Firs!, follo1ers need !o kno1 !ha! 1e live in an era of -hange. *very!hing around us is -hanging, from !he informa!ion ne!1ork !o 1ork habi!s !o s!yles of dress !o !elevision vie1ing preferen-es. &ppro+ima!ely () per-en! of &meri-ans move !heir primary households ea-h year from one residen-e !o ano!her. @hen a high s-hooler gradua!es !o fa-e !he marke!pla-e, he -anno! e+pe-! !o hold one =ob for !he res! of his life !he 1ay his grandfa!her didG ra!her, he mus! be prepared !o hold an average of five =obs in !he ne+! fif!een years. 11)

5he se-ond assump!ion abou! -hange is !ha! 1hen people are going !hrough signifi-an! -hange, !hey look for leadership !o help !hem ge! !hrough !ransi!ion. #hildren look !o paren!s for leadershipG soldiers look !o !heir offi-ersG and 1orkers look !o managemen!. @hen i! -omes !o -hur-h -ir-les, pas!ors and boards have a grea! responsibili!y !o lead people !hrough -hange and innova!ion. 5hose leaders 1ho -an su--essfully .sell/ !he vision of -hange are !hose 1ho 1ill be su--essful minis!ering !o people. 5hose leaders 1ho -anno! handle -hange 1ill be ineffe-!ive in minis!ry. 5he !hird assump!ion is !ha! people 1ill follo1 leaders 1ho have an effe-!ive minis!ry in o!her areas of !heir lives. People follo1 a pas!or 1ho is effe-!ive in !ea-hing !he Bible, in -ounseling, in leading 1orship or in some o!her minis!ry dimension. &-!ually, !he roles of minis!ry and leadership have a re-ipro-al in!era-!ion0 ea-h suppor!s !he o!her. @hen a pas!or -an effe-!ively lead his people !hrough -hange from former pa!!erns and !radi!ions in!o ne1 me!hods of doing !hings, !ha! pas!or 1ill be mos! effe-!ive in minis!ry.


<any pas!ors see -hange as !hrea!s be-ause !hey have no! analyEed !he subs!an!ive aspe-!s of -hange. @hen pas!ors kno1 1ha! and 1ha! no! !o -hange, !hey -an be!!er lead people !hrough !he pro-ess. Bu! 1ha! should a leader -hangeN @e should never -hange our do-!rine, be-ause do-!rinal !ru!h -omes from GodFs @ord and !ha! !ru!h is e!ernal. Pas!ors 1ho !ry !o -hange !he belief of people 1ill find resis!an-e. 5he @ord of God is e!ernal and Kesus #hris! is !he same, yes!erday, !oday and forever. Be-ause bibli-al prin-iples -ome ou! of !ru!h, 1e should no! -hange prin-iples. 5he prin-iples of evangelism, !ea-hing, minis!ry, fas!ing and holiness remain !he sameG bu! our methods mus! be moderniEed. & me!hod is applying !he prin-iple of !ru!h !o -ul!ure.: @hen our -ul!ure -hanges, 1e have !o -hange our me!hods !o be more effe-!ive in applying !he prin-iple. <e!hods are many, Prin-iples are fe1. <e!hods may -hange Bu! prin-iples never do. &s an illus!ra!ion, 1e may -hange "a-a!ion Bible %-hool from !he morning !o !he evening, bu! 1e never -hange our -ommi!men! !o !he prin-iple of !ea-hing and 1inning -hildren !o #hris!. @e may -hange our 1orship servi-e from %unday morning !o %a!urday evening .be-ause (3 per-en! of &meri-aFs 1ork for-e are employed on %unday morning,/ bu! 1e never -hange our -ommi!men! !o !he prin-iples of 1orship, prea-hing or evangelism. @hen !he average layperson !hinks a pas!or is pulling him a1ay from God be-ause of !he -hanges !ha! are going on in his -hur-h, !he layperson 1ill resis! -hange. %ome may even !ry !o undermine !he pas!orFs leadership. Dn !he o!her hand, 1hen -hanges are pushing people -loser !o God, !he people 1ill probably endorse !he -hanges 1holehear!edly. $sually, 1hen a person unders!ands 1ha! is being -hanged, he 1ill buy in!o !he vision of -hange. 5he problems leaders have in rela!ion !o -hanging me!hods is -ompounded by !he very na!ure of mos! leaders. <any leaders !ena-iously hold !o !he me!hods !ha! firs! gave !hem su--ess and -redibili!y in !heir leadership. &s !he !imes and !he -ul!ure -hange, ho1ever, !he degree of su--ess a-hieved by applying !hose an!i2ua!ed me!hods diminishes. 5heir me!hods are no longer relevan!. @i!h !he passing of !ime, many leaders refuse !o look for ne1er me!hods or innova!ions !o enhan-e !heir minis!ry. &s !heir 1ork be-omes s!ale, or as -ul!ure -hanges around !hem, !hese leaders have failed !o keep pa-e and gro1. #onse2uen!ly, !hey be-ome saddled 1i!h programs !hey in!rodu-ed in!o !he -hur-h 1i!h su--ess some years earlier, bu! !ha! are no longer effe-!ive. 111

For ins!an-e, "a-a!ion Bible %-hool is no! an e!ernal prin-iple manda!ed in !he @ord of God. ,! 1as in!rodu-ed more !han one hundred years ago and i!s pas! su--ess 1as dependen! upon !he !ime -hildren had available 1hen !hey 1ere on summer va-a!ion. Bu! !imes have -hanged. 5he gro1ing urban popula!ion of &meri-a has produ-ed many -hildren 1ho no longer have free !ime in !he summer. 5hey are enrolled in spor!s leagues, !ake e+!ended va-a!ions, live in se-ond homes B-o!!ages a! !he lakeC or are involved in -ommuni!y re-rea!ion programs. #hildren are no! as available for "a-a!ion Bible %-hool as !hey 1ere in !he pas!, so in many pla-es "a-a!ion Bible %-hool -an be moved !o !he evening s-hedule !o be su--essful.


@hen leaders look a! !he very na!ure of !odayFs innova!ion, !hey mus! realiEe !he fu!ure 1ill no! be !he same as !he pas!. eaders have learned !oo mu-h !o go ba-k !o !he old me!hods. Be-ause !he na!ural in-lina!ion of !rue leaders is !o s!rive for improvemen!, !hey 1ill do !hings be!!er and !hey 1ill do !hings differen!ly. 5oday, leaders mus! realiEe !ha! -hange is -oming fas!er !han ever before. %omeone no!i-ed !ha! as many pages 1ere 1ri!!en abou! !he 1ar in "ie!nam as !he !o!al number of pages 1ri!!en in all !he books published prior !o 19)). 5he fu!ure 1ill no! be 1ha! leaders e+pe-!, and i! 1ill arrive here fas!er !han leaders e+pe-!. @hen !his na!ion 1as founded, more !han 9) per-en! of !he people 1ere farmers living on self4 -on!ained farms0 !hey provided for !heir 1hole livelihood on !heir farms. >o one ever e+pe-!ed &meri-a !o be any!hing o!her !han a na!ion of farmers. 5oday, ho1ever, only ( per-en! of &meri-ans 1ork in agri-ul!ure, providing food for !he o!her 97 per-en! of &meri-ans. 5he ra!e of -hange is fas!er !oday !han i! 1as in !he pas!, !he -on!en! of -hange is no! 1ha! 1e e+pe-!ed and 1e -anno! go ba-k.


People do no! 1an! !o -hange for many reasons. ,! is !he du!y of a leader !o kno1 his follo1ers and 1ha! !hey 1an! in life Bi.e., !heir visions and dreamsC. ,! is also manda!ory, ho1ever, !ha! a leader kno1 1hy follo1ers resis! -hange. ,f people vo!e agains! -hange or gro1!h, !hey may be vo!ing agains! his leadership. &! o!her !imes, !hey love !heir leader and 1an! !o follo1 him, bu! vo!e agains! !he sugges!ed -hange. Dne of Kohn <a+1ellFs favori!e s!ories abou! resis!an-e !o -hange is abou! a person -elebra!ing his one hundred!h bir!hday. & repor!er in!ervie1ing him said, ., be! youFve seen a lo! of -hanges in your lifeJ/ .Aes,/ !he man said, .and ,Fve been agains! every one of !hem./ @hen leaders are able !o ans1er !he barriers !o -hange, !hey 1ill be more su--essful in leadership. @hen !he leaders -an develop a s!ra!egy !ha! in-orpora!es people in!o !he -hange pro-ess, leaders -an ans1er problems before !hey arise, !hey -an -hange !heir approa-h or s!ra!egy, or !hey may learn from !heir insigh! and no! a!!emp! !he pro=e-!.

Ri-k @arren says 1hen people are .do1n on/ any pro=e-!s !hey are no! .up on./ 5his means !he leader mus! -ommuni-a!e vi!al informa!ion, solve problems and pain! !he vision.


&! !imes follo1ers feel !ha! pro=e-!s are being for-ed upon !hem. 5hey feel -hange or innova!ion is -oming from !he pas!or or !he -hur-h board and !hey are no! a par! of !he pro-ess. 5o ans1er !his problem, leaders mus! involve as many of !he follo1ers as possible in !he pro-ess and !he pro=e-!. @hen people are involved in !he planning s!agesH!he implemen!a!ion s!age and !he 11(

delivery s!ageH!hey 1ill redu-e !heir opposi!ion !o !he pro=e-!. Basi-ally, 1hen follo1ers do no! have o1nership of a ne1 pro=e-! Bi.e., !hey donF! buy in!o !he dream or visionC !hey 1ill figh! !he ne1 pro=e-!.

%ome!imes people per-eive a ne1 program as a !hrea! !o !heir es!ablished 1ay of doing !hings. 5hey do no! 1an! !o -hange !heir pla-e, !heir rou!ine or !heir -omfor! levelG !he s!a!us 2uo is 1ha! !hey kno1 and !hey prefer !o s!i-k 1i!h i!. People are -rea!ures of habi!, so !hey are agains! any!hing !ha! displa-es !heir habi!s.


Basi-ally, people resis! -hange 1hen !hey !hink !he payoff is !oo small for !he pri-e !hey may have !o pay. 5he leader mus! remember !he a1 of Re1ards0 5ha! 1hi-h ge!s re1arded, ge!s done. @hen people feel a proposed -hange offers !hem !he re1ards !hey seek, !hey 1ill suppor! !ha! innova!ion.


@i!hin any -hur-h or minis!ry -ons!i!uen-y, a range of -omfor! levels are rela!ed !o po!en!ial -hange. & personFs -omfor! level rela!es !o his posi!ion, pres!ige, rela!ionships or even a!!a-hmen! !o physi-al !hings su-h as a sea! in !he san-!uary. &ny !ransi!ion in !he 1ay !hings are done, 1he!her i! be a ne1 servi-e or a ne1 pro-edure, 1ill !hrea!en people !o varying degrees. 5hey feel !hey are losing -on!rol, or maybe losing !heir se-uri!y or, even 1orse, !hey feel i! 1ill -os! !hem !oo mu-h Bfinan-ially, emo!ionally or repu!a!ionallyC.


5hese si!ua!ions o--ur be-ause !he leader has no! properly ini!ia!ed his people in!o !he dreamMvision. eaders should re-ogniEe !ha! 1hen people resis! an innova!ive idea, i! is no! !he people 1ho are a! faul!, bu! !he leader 1ho has no! done a proper =ob of -ommuni-a!ing !he visionMdream of 1here !he minis!ry is headedHand 1hy.


%ome people are main!enan-e orien!ed0 !hey 1an! !o main!ain !he s!a!us 2uo. 5hese people have a !enden-y !o resis! any!hing ne1, 1he!her i! is a ne1 idea, a ne1 program or a ne1 1ay of doing !hings. 5he leader should be sure !o -ommuni-a!e !he bibli-al basis or prin-iples of any innova!ive plans. 5he people need !o see !ha! !heir higher -alling is !o serve God and be obedien! !o ?im.


<any !imes people do no! have a nega!ive rea-!ion !o an idea or ne1 pro=e-!G i! is =us! !ha! !he people do no! have fai!h in leadership. Perhaps !he leader has failed !hem before, and has no! regained suffi-ien! -redibili!y. Perhaps !he leaderFs life is no! deeply roo!ed in !he ord Kesus #hris! or !he leader has demons!ra!ed bad -hoi-es, indis-re!ion or even a la-k of #hris!ian !es!imony.

5his is perhaps !he mos! -ommon barrier !o innova!ion. 5he old adage is of!en 2uo!ed, .@eFve never done i! !ha! 1ay before./ 5herefore people are no! open !o -hange.



@hen in!rodu-ing any -hange, a leader should unders!and !ha! !he !ask of guiding follo1ers is !he same as !he !ask of in!rodu-ing -hange. 5herefore, !o ini!ia!e -hange is !o apply !he la1s of leadership.9 5he follo1ing lis! provides an overvie1 of !hose la1s. a1 Dne0 5he a1 of "isionM'ream People follo1 a leader 1ho dire-!s !hem !o a desirable ob=e-!ive. a1 51o0 5he a1 of Re1ard People follo1 a leader 1ho provides !hem re1ards from !heir -hosen goals. a1 5hree0 5he a1 of #redibili!y People follo1 a leader 1hen !hey have -onfiden-e in his plans. a1 Four0 5he a1 of #ommuni-a!ion People follo1 a leader 1ho effe-!ively -ommuni-a!es his plans !o rea-h !he ob=e-!ive. a1 Five0 5he a1 of &--oun!abili!y People follo1 a leader 1ho involves !hem in rea-hing a goal. a1 %i+0 5he a1 of <o!iva!ion People follo1 a leader 1ho gives -ompelling reasons !o rea-h !he ob=e-!ive. a1 %even0 5he a1 of Problem %olving People follo1 a leader 1ho gives solu!ions !o problems !ha! hinder !hem from rea-hing !he ob=e-!ive. a1 *igh!0 5he a1 of 'e-ision <aking People follo1 a leader 1ho gives ans1ers !o !he de-isions involving !he ob=e-!ive. @hen leaders are in!rodu-ing a -hange, !heir firs! s!ep is !o give !he people a vision of !he -hange. @hen follo1ers buy in!o !he vision of any innova!ion, !hey 1ill buy in!o leadership and !he ob=e-!ive 1ill probably be a--omplished 1i!h li!!le resis!an-e or -on!roversy. 5he se-ond la1 reminds us !ha! 1hen follo1ers are able !o see 1ha! is in i! for !hem, !hey are mu-h more prone !o move !o1ard !he goal. 5hey should unders!and !heir re1ards and !he probabili!y of re-eiving re1ards as a resul! of !he -hange !hey are going !hrough. 5he a1 of #redibili!y unders-ores !he impor!an-e of !he peopleFs belief in !heir leaderH and !he po1er of a leader 1ho has similar -onfiden-e in his follo1ers. Dbviously, -ommuni-a!ion B!he hear! of !he four!h a1 of eadershipC is ne-essary for any -hange or innova!ion !o make head1ay. <any !imes innova!ion is resis!ed simply be-ause !he people do no! kno1 1ha! is -oming. 5he a1 of &--oun!abili!y -au!ions a leader !o involve follo1ers in !he pro-ess of -hange, no! =us! !he end produ-!. People 1ill no! do 1ha! !he leader e+pe-!s Bhis vision or dreamC, bu! follo1ers 1ill a--omplish 1ha! !he leader inspe-!s. >one of !he innova!ion 1ill be implemen!ed unless !he leader -an mo!iva!e !he people !o embra-e and ini!ia!e !he -hanges in mind. 5oo of!en mo!iva!ion is vie1ed as !elling funny s!ories, !ou-hing peopleFs emo!ions Bsu-h as sympa!hy or fearC or even using !ools su-h as videos !o ge! !he message a-ross. Bu! mo!iva!ion is simply giving people a -ompelling reason !o make !he -hange and be innova!ive in !heir approa-h !o minis!ry.


>o ma!!er ho1 good !he leader, ho1 loyal !he follo1ers, ho1 s!ra!egi- !he proposed -hange or ho1 air!igh! !he a-!ion plan, !here 1ill al1ays be problems 1hen a ne1 idea is in!rodu-ed. 5he %even!h a1 of eadership no!es !ha! leadership mus! solve !he problems !ha! keep people from moving in!o ne1 fron!iers. 5herefore, !he leader mus! unders!and !he 1hole pro-ess of problem solving before he in!rodu-es innova!ion. Finally, !he a1 of 'e-ision <aking sugges!s !ha! e+-ellen-e in de-ision making is a! !he hear! of leadership. eaders 1ho -an make !he proper de-isions are !hose 1ho -an effe-!ively lead follo1ers !hrough -hange. Pas!or Paul @alker, of <!. Paran #hur-h of God in me!ropoli!an &!lan!a, Georgia, has been effe-!ive in beginning many ne1 minis!ries 1i!hin his -hur-h. &l!hough his lis! of *igh! Prin-iples of ,nnova!ion are no! iden!i-al 1i!h !he *igh! a1s of eadership, !hey are similar in s!ra!egy and fo-us. @hen @alker 1as asked his s!ra!egy for in!rodu-ing ne1 programs in!o his -hur-h, he ou!lined !he follo1ing eigh!4fold s!ra!egy.7 1. /ew ministries must be built on the longevity of the pastor- People have !o !rus! leadership before !hey follo1 leadership. (. " leader must share his vision of a new ministry, and the people must buy into the vision3. " leader must develop a reputation for integrity- People mus! be able !o believe 1ha! !he leader is saying, before !hey 1ill follo1 him. :. "lways try to test a new program before implementing it churchwide- ., do !his and find !ha! !his 1ay , am no! lo-ked in!o a ne1 program !ha! may no! 1ork. $sually !he -hur-h !ries a program for !hree !o si+ mon!hs before going publi- or making a permanen! -ommi!men!./ 8. .et a few people to buy into a new ministry, but recognize that not everyone will buy into it- Dne of !he se-re!s of 'r. @alkerFs su--ess is realiEing !ha! no! everyone in his -hur-h 1ill be-ome involved in every minis!ry, and no! everyone 1ill be a! !he -hur-h building every day. 9. .ive everyone a loophole- 5his means giving everyone !he oppor!uni!y no! !o !ake par! in a program, 1i!hou! feeling guil!y. .Guil!,/ @alker says, .is an a--usa!ory sense of failure. ,! is one of !he diseases !ha! kills spiri!uali!y and hinders programs. .By giving people a loophole, !hey -an a--ep! !he e+is!en-e of a program 1i!hou! feeling obliged !o ge! involved or a!!end. @hen people do no! feel an obliga!ion !o a ne1 program !hey 1ill no! a!!a-k i! or !ry !o kill ne1 ideas. Bu! if !hey are no! given a loophole !hey 1ill feel guil!y and in!imida!ed and 1ill !ry !o kill !he ne1 minis!ry./ 7. 7on2t fear failure- Fear of failure, @alker believes, .kills innova!ion more !han any o!her -an-er./ 7. /ever be afraid to try something, but at the same time be willing to recognize when it is not wor&ing- ., drank a! !ha! -up and learned valuable lessons./


Kohn <a+1ell gave !he follo1ing s!ra!egy des-ribed as five -ir-les, ea-h -ir-le 1i!hin ano!her -ir-le. ?is illus!ra!ion appears similar !o a ro-k !hro1n in!o s!ill 1a!er. 5he -ir-les -loses! !o !he -en!er splash highes!, and !hose people in !he -hur-h 1ho are -loses! !o !he -hange agen! are !he mos! impor!an! people in !he -hur-h !o make -hange !ake pla-e effe-!ively. ,! !akes more !han =us! a good a!!i!ude on !he par! of a -hange agen! !o influen-e !he de-isions of a -hur-h or !o ins!ill a desire for innova!ion. 5he follo1ing s!ra!egy by <a+1ell indi-a!es !ha! !he -hange agen! 1orks in ea-h of !he five -ir-les of minis!ry a-!ivi!y, beginning


1i!h !hose -loses! !o him Bbe-ause !hey are !he mos! influen!ial peopleC, !hen ad=us!ing his me!hods a--ording !o !he na!ure of ea-h group 1i!h 1hi-h he 1orks. <a+1ell 1as 2ui-k !o poin! ou! !ha! a -hange 1ill no! au!oma!i-ally happen =us! be-ause a minis!er applies !he follo1ing s!ra!egy for -hange. &! !he very hear! of !he -hange agen!Fs rela!ionship !o ea-h person in ea-h -ir-le is minis!ry. Firs!, !he minis!er 1an!s !o build up !he spiri!ual ma!uri!y of !he follo1ers and !o -ommuni-a!e !he gospel !o !hem a! !heir poin!s of -on-ern. @hen !he minis!er does !his firs!, he earns !he righ! !o bring innova!ion in!o !he -hur-h.


5he firs! person !o be -hanged is !he -hange agen!, 1ho s!ands a! !he -en!er of all -hange. .5he innermos! -ir-le is myself,/ <a+1ell says. .@e mus! al1ays remember !ha! -hange does no! begin 1i!h follo1ers, nor does -hange begin 1i!h 1orkers. #hange al1ays begins 1i!h !he leader, and !he pas!or is !he shepherd of !he flo-k, !he leader of GodFs people./ @hen <a+1ell 1as pas!oring a -hur-h, he -us!omarily asked himself five 2ues!ions before !rying !o -hange some!hing in his -hur-h. 1. ,s !his idea mine, or GodFsN (. &m , 1illing !o pay !he pri-e !his -hange 1ill re2uireN B5he pri-e may be a -ommi!men! !o s!ay a! !he -hur-h, physi-al energy, a spiri!ual -ommi!men! !o fas! and pray or !ime ou! of a busy s-hedule !o visi! or minis!er !o people.C 3. @ho 1ill , lose by ins!i!u!ing !his -hangeN B,f you have heard <a+1ell speak, you may have heard him say, .#hoose 1ho you lose./ By !his, he indi-a!es !ha! some people 1ill au!oma!i-ally 2ui! 1hen you pu! innova!ive programs in!o pla-e. <a+1ell indi-a!es !ha! some people 1ill no! be sa!isfied, and -anno! be pla-a!ed. 5hey have made up !heir minds !o leave !he -hur-h if progress !akes pla-e.C :. ?o1 long 1ill i! !akeN 8. @ill , be around af!er !he -hange is madeN B%ome!imes, 1hen !he -hange ba-kfires, !he -hur-h 1ill ask !he pas!or !o leave. &! o!her !imes, a -hange is ne-essary and is no! done properly, so !he -hur-h feels !he pas!or has !o leave.C <a+1ell asser!s !ha! !hese 2ues!ions mus! be fa-ed hones!ly and ans1ered a--ura!ely. ,f no!, !he leader 1ill no! be se!!led in his approa-h !o -hange, and his leadership 1ill no! be bold and -ourageous. Kerry Fal1ell has of!en said, .<ake a de-ision, and make i! 1ork./ &f!er a leader has asked !hese 2ues!ions, he !hen -an make !he de-ision for -hange, and move on in -onfiden-e.


*very organiEa!ion has -ru-ial people 1ho 1ill influen-e !he mul!i!ude of follo1ers. %ome -all !hese people .!he main man/ or !he .key lady./ 5his main person -an influen-e o!her peopleFs ideas, and 1i!hou! his or her help any innova!ive -hange 1ill fail. %ome!imes !his main person has responsibili!y be-ause of !he offi-e he holdsG o!her !imes !his person may no! have an offi-e bu! s!ill influen-es !he opinions of o!hers. <a+1ell says !he leader should -ommuni-a!e four !hings !o !he main person. Firs!, !he main person mus! unders!and !he leaderFs vision and -ommi!men! as 1ell as !he sa-rifi-es !he leader 1ill make for innova!ion. %e-ond, !he main person mus! be given o1nership for !he -hange. <ore !han =us! unders!anding !he -hange, !he main person mus! buy in!o !he -hange !o make i! happen. 5hird, !he leader mus! give suppor! !o !he main person as he influen-es o!hers in !he group. 5his suppor! mus! be re-ipro-al0 !he main person mus! also suppor! !he leader. 5he four!h !hing is elemen!. 5he leader mus! give !he main person enough !ime !o 1ork !hrough !he proposed innova!ion !o ensure !ha! !he !1o of !hem -an move for1ard !oge!her. 5oge!her, !hey mus! -ome !o !he pla-e 1here !hey say, .5his -hange is our idea./ 119


@hen !he leader moves in!o !his -ir-le of people 1i!hin !he organiEa!ion, he is among !he movers and !he shakers. 5hese people are more !han posi!ion holders and ele-!ed offi-ials0 !hey are de-ision makers. 5hese are !he men and 1omen 1i!hin !he Body 1ho help !he ma=ori!y form !heir opinions and ideas. 5his group may be !he board of a -hur-h, !he finan-e -ommi!!ee, !he musi-ommi!!ee or a denomina!ional -oun-il. 5he leader 1ill spend !ime 1i!h de-ision makers so he -an kno1 !hem. 5his is one of !he pri-es !he leader mus! pay !o be su--essful in his posi!ion. 5his involves kno1ing 1ha! .floa!s !ha! boa!/ of ea-h de-ision maker. ,n !his pro-ess of dis-overy, !he mos! impor!an! mee!ing is no! al1ays !he group mee!ing. 5he senior leader may have !o mee! individually 1i!h his de-ision makers before mee!ing 1i!h a group !o give !hem inpu! and ba-kground ma!erial. <a+1ellFs rule is0 .@hen youFve go! i! going for you, bring !hem !oge!her. @hen i!Fs going agains! you, deal 1i!h !hem separa!ely./ ,n summary, 1hen !he main person be-omes -onvin-ed !ha! an innova!ion is needed, and 1hen !he de-ision makers on !he -ommi!!ee are -onvin-ed innova!ion is needed, !he leader 1ill probably be su--essful in in!rodu-ing !he innova!ion.


5he people 1ho 1ill be mos! affe-!ed are probably !he 1orkers, servan!s and fello1 laborers. ,n a -hur-h, !his 1ill be %unday %-hool !ea-hers, ushers, !he leaders of 1omenFs minis!ries and so on. @hen !he leader en!ers !his -ir-le, he is looking for !hose 1ho 1ill be mos! affe-!ed by !he innova!ion !o be-ome involved in i!s 1orkings. 5herefore, !he leader 1ill a!!emp! !hree !hings a! !his level0 ask for inpu!, appeal !o !heir in!eres! and make -on-essions 1henever possible. @hen !he leader arrives a! !his level, he does no! have all !he ans1ers abou! implemen!ing !he innova!ion, be-ause !he people of #ir-le Four are involved in implemen!a!ion. <any !imes !he visionMdream is broad based and !he leader is opera!ing a! a general level. 5hose in !his -ir-le mus! apply !he vision !o !heir !ask. .@ha! abou! ge!!ing my -hildren !o !he ba!hroomN/ Dr, .Bo!h of us 1an! !o use !he ki!-hen a! !he same !ime./ 5he leader mus! re-ogniEe !ha! !hese people have genuine -on-erns. 5hey see problems !he leader does no! see, and !hey -an solve problems !he leader -anno! solve. 5hus, 1hen 1orking 1i!h !hose from #ir-le Four, !he leader is looking !o fine4!une and implemen! !he dream.


5his -ir-le -omprises !hose 1ho a!!end !he -hur-h or !hose 1ho are -hur-h members. 5hese are follo1ersG fe1 of !hem are a-!ively involved in minis!ry or !he organiEa!ion. 5he leader is no! al1ays looking for a vo!e of approval from !he membersG of!en, !he leader is seeking !o unders!and !heir in-lina!ion or in!en!ion. 5he 2ues!ion he mus! ans1er is0 @ill !hey follo1 !heir leaderN ,f !he firs! four -ir-les are posi!ively in-lined, !he people in !he fif!h -ir-le usually 1ill say yes. 5his is 1hy business mee!ings in mos! large -hur-hes are easy !o -ondu-!. 5hey !ake -are of !he problems in smaller mee!ings before bringing issues !o !he -ongrega!ion. 5his is ano!her 1ay of saying0 -hur-hes !ha! are large have learned ho1 !o solve problems and over-ome barriers. 5herefore, !he abili!y !o solve problems -on!ribu!es !o !he -hur-hFs gro1!h, 1hi-h !hen makes i! a large -hur-h. Dn !he o!her hand, some small -hur-hes al1ays !ake !heir problems !o -ir-le five and !ry !o solve !hose problems en masse. Be-ause of !he inevi!able hos!ili!ies and misunders!andings !ha! o--ur, !hose -hur-hes seldom gro1. 5he ineffi-ien-y of !heir problem4 solving pro-ess, and !heir inep! approa-h !o in!rodu-ing innova!ive -hange, preven!s !hem from gro1ing.



5he en!ire pro-ess of innova!ive -hange involves !1o -ri!i-al fa-!ors. 5he firs! is !iming. @hen i! -omes !o making a -hange, remember0 People resis! -hange !hey do no! e+pe-!. <a+1ell says, .Resis!an-e is al1ays grea!es! 1hen -hange -omes as a surprise./ 5herefore, his e+perien-e has led him !o !he follo1ing rules0 5he <a+1ell Rule of 5iming0 I I I I 5he 1rong de-ision a! !he 1rong !ime is a disaster. 5he 1rong de-ision a! !he righ! !ime is a mista&e. 5he righ! de-ision a! !he 1rong !ime is unacceptable. 5he righ! de-ision a! !he righ! !ime leads !o success.

5he se-ond fa-!or is having !he -ourage !o make innova!ive -hanges. 5his is no! blind -ourage, 1here a person =umps off !he diving board hoping !here is 1a!er in !he pool. %ome leaders -all !hemselves -ourageous in innova!ion, bu! in reali!y, !hey are simply foolhardy be-ause !hey do no! unders!and !he pro-ess of -hange, !he impli-a!ions of -hange and ho1 !o ge! people !o follo1 !hem !hroughou! !he implemen!a!ion of !he -hange. @ha! is a -ourageous de-ision rela!ed !o making an innova!ive -hangeN @hen a leader kno1s 1here he is going, ho1 !o ge! !here and ho1 !o involve follo1ers in !he -hange pro-ess. @hen a leader kno1s !he -hange is righ!, !he !iming is righ! and !he mo!ives are righ!, !hen !he leader -an be bold and -ourageous.


1I 2 e Lea$er a" + ange Agen!

Do%g 4%rren
e!Fs !alk abou! -hange !ha! is en-ouraged, inspired, enfor-ed or dire-!ed by an agen!. Par!i-ularly, le!Fs fo-us upon leaders 1ho engage in being agen!s of -hange. , like !he phrase .leadersHagen!s of -hange./ ,! provides a fas-ina!ing pi-!ure. &n agen! is a person 1ho represen!s someone else. %o a leader 1ho serves as a -hange agen! is represen!ing ei!her !he -hange i!self or !he one 1ho 1an!s !he -hange. #hange agen!s serving in minis!ry -apa-i!ies are !hose 1ho represen! !he -ause of !he ord by bringing abou! !he -hange.

.#hange/ is a -ommon 1ord in !he Bible. 5he apos!le Paul, 1hen !alking in ( #or. 3 abou! !he 1ork of !he ?oly %piri! in our lives, offered a predi-!ion. ?e said 1e 1ould be -hanged as from glory !o glory, meaning 1e 1ould be in !he pro-ess of -ons!an! -hange. 5he Bible pla-es a grea! deal more -onfiden-e in leaders !han i! does in !he demo-ra!ipro-esses of humankind. %ome 1ould say !his is a -ul!ural reali!y of !he bibli-al era, a !ime 1hen di-!a!orsHei!her des!ru-!ive or benevolen! in na!ureHruled !he 1orld. 5he Bible refers !o !hose di-!a!ors as kings. 5hey 1ere leaders 1ho -learly e+er!ed a s!rong influen-e upon !he people and !heir lives. From !he many bibli-al a--oun!s of ho1 leaders in!era-! 1i!h !heir follo1ers, , believe God en=oys seeing leaders in fron! of follo1ers, -hanging !hings for !he be!!er. <any passages of %-rip!ure pro-laim !he impor!an-e of -hange agen!s in fulfilling GodFs sovereign plan. 5ake !he prophe! Keremiah, for e+ample. ?e 1as no! 1idely loved in his !ime. @hyN Be-ause he 1as more -omfor!able 1i!h -hange !han o!hers 1ere. ?e 1as !he one 1ho said, .%urrender !o !he Babylonians./ 5he pa!rio!s and !he spiri!ual leaders of !he land -onsidered !ha! s!a!emen! bo!h here!i-al and an a-! of !reason. ?o1 -ould !hey ever be -omfor!able 1i!h !he godless idols of !he BabyloniansN ?o1 -ould !hey possibly live under !he poli!i-al regime of >ebu-hadneEEarN Keremiah 1as able !o see beyond !he pas! and presen! and envision a 1ay !he Ke1s -ould prosper in Babylon. ?e sa1 !ha! being Ke1ish 1as mean! !o be a blessing in all !he ear!h. ,! also mean! !ha! i! 1as possible !o be a Ke1 even if no! presen! in Kerusalem. ,f a person 1as a Ke1 a! hear!, he -ould be a Ke1 in Babylon. Ke1s had never been des-ribed !his 1ay beforeG bu! Keremiah 1as a bibli-al -hange agen!. Koshua and #aleb 1ere also -hange agen!s. ,n >umbers 130(84(9, 1e are !old !hey had a differen! hear! and a differen! spiri!. 5hey realiEed !ha! an ,sraeli!e -ould 1ork effe-!ively, even in !he mids! of !he *gyp!ians. 5he res! of !he ,sraeli!es -ould only imagine 1idespread in-ar-era!ion and imprisonmen!. 5hankfully, !hese leader4-hange agen!s bridged !he 1orld of !he Ke1s in *gyp!, !hus e+perien-ed rea-hing !he Promised and. @i!hou! KoshuaFs abili!y !o serve as an agen! of -hange, our <essiah 1ould no! have appeared in !he Promised and -en!uries la!er. ,n !he >e1 5es!amen! 1e see !he grea! -hange agen!, !he apos!le Paul. ,n &-!s 9G and in &-!s 13 1e are in!rodu-ed !o his seminal perspe-!ive !ha! some -hur-hes -ould -onsis! of only Ke1s, bu! -hur-hes -ould also -onsis! of bo!h Ke1s and Gen!iles. Paul also 1en! so far as !o sugges! !ha! -hur-hes -onsis!ing solely of Gen!iles -ould 1orship !he God of ,srael !hrough Kesus #hris!. 5hese 1ere unheard of no!ions in his !ime. @i!hou! PaulFs -ommi!men! !o -hange, unless you and , 1ere Ke1ish, 1e 1ould no! be pro-laiming !he glories of #hris! !oday. 119


Aou 1ould be hard pressed !o argue -onvin-ingly !ha! a person -an be a leader 1i!hou! being a -hange agen!. ,n !he -ourse of my o1n -areer as a leader, , have -ome !o re-ogniEe !he -ri!i-al -hara-!eris!i-s a s!rong leader 1ho is -rea!ing posi!ive -hange mus! possess. &n effe-!ive -hange agen! mus! have !he follo1ing0 I I I I I 5he innova!ive urgeG &n above4average passion for prin-ipleG & need for affirma!ion !ha! is mu-h lo1er !han averageG & high level of -uriosi!yG & !ra-k re-ord of mas!ering failure.

5hese a!!ribu!es are essen!ial for a person 1ho 1an!s !o -hange !hings. Perhaps 1ha! enables one person possessing s!rong skills and vas! e+perien-e !o su--eed 1hile o!hers of similar ba-kground fail is !he manner in 1hi-h !hese a!!ribu!es are deployed in !he leadership -hange -on!e+!. & leader is more of an ar!is! !han a s-ien!is! or a poli!i-ianG leadership i!self is an ar! form. Grea! leadership re2uires a grea! deal of in!ui!ion mi+ed 1i!h a high appre-ia!ion for !he fa-!s, ul!ima!ely -oordina!ing !hese dispara!e inpu!s in!o an in!elligible ou!pu! upon 1hi-h follo1ers may s!ra!egi-ally a-!. %killed ar!is!s rea-! 1ell !o -hange. Re-ogniEing !he leadership value of !his abili!y, , re-en!ly s!ar!ed !he hobby of pain!ing in a-ryli-s. <y goal 1as !o s!imula!e some of my !hinking !hrough a more in!en!ional involvemen! 1i!h -olors. &s soon as , go! in!o !his hobby, , began !o no!i-e -olors in !he 1orld , had lived in for a long !ime !ha! , had never seen before. , began !o per-eive 1i!h an ar!is!Fs eye. , supplemen!ed my ini!ial e+plora!ions by reading several books abou! !he ar!is!i- approa-h, and learned ho1 !o develop an ar!is!i- vision and ho1 !o fo-us. 5hen , added !o my ven!ure in!o pain!ing 1i!h a foray in!o pho!ography. Dn-e again, !he -ons-ious de-ision !o invade my 1orld from a differen! angle enabled me !o see !hings every1hereH!hings !ha! had al1ays been !here, bu! !ha! , had never no!i-ed. For e+ample, , 1as 1alking !hrough !he 1oods one af!ernoon 1hen, in my mindFs eye, , sa1 a gian! gorilla in one of !he massive !rees alongside !he pa!h. , suppose some migh! say no gorilla 1as per-hed up !here, bu! in my evolving ar!is!Fs eye, , -ould no! imagine !he !ree 1i!hou! !ha! gorilla. , -arefully !ook a pho!o of !ha! !ree, and !he gorilla a-!ually appeared in !he pi-!ure. >o1, , kno1 !ha! gorilla does no! live !here, bu! if you 1ould look -losely, you, !oo, migh! see i! si!!ing in !he !ree. eaders are !his 1ay. 5hey see !hings no one else sees, and !hey find 1ays !o presen! !hem !o o!her people. 5hey see -olors in !he -hur-h and in life !ha! o!hers may no! per-eive or re-ogniEe. & good leader -rea!es a mas!erpie-e !ha! is no! only in!elligible, bu! also brings a sense of deligh! and =oy abou! i! !o !hose 1ho share !he e+perien-e. #hange4orien!ed leadership is nei!her simple for !he leader nor -omfor!ing !o !he masses. 5hus i! is essen!ial 1e find 1ays !o allo1 -hange agen!s !o e+press !heir -rea!ivi!y in !heir leadership effor!s. 5his -anno! be done 1i!hou! a--oun!abili!y and pro-ess. Ae! 1e mus! be -areful !ha! !he sys!ems and pro-edures 1e embra-e do no! s2uel-h !he spiri! of !he -hange agen!. ,n o!her 1ords, minis!ries should -rea!e a -hange4friendly environmen!, pla-es !ha! allo1 leaders 1ho -hampion posi!ive -hange !o be 1ho !hey are and !o lead.

@i!hou! !he -hange agen!4leader, -hange rarely o--urs. , !remble some!imes 1hen 1e iden!ify aberran! even!s from -hur-h his!ory or unusually su--essful pas!ors and make !hem norma!ive.


Good minis!ry does no! happen a--iden!ally. Prayer is essen!ial in having a life4-hanging minis!ry. ,n !he las! !1en!y4five years, , have seen a lo! of prayer and a lo! of leadership. ?o1ever, , have never seen prayer, alone, be as effe-!ive as prayer -ombined 1i!h !rue leadership in bringing abou! posi!ive -hange in a minis!ry se!!ing.


eaders ini!ia!e -hange by being voi-es of dis-omfor!. e! me ge! a li!!le musi-al 1i!h you here. Dne of my favori!e forms of musi-al e+pression is !he blues. 5his is based on 1ha! musi-ians kno1 as a 14:48 -hord pa!!ern. ,f you are no! musi-ally in-lined, !ha! probably does no! mean mu-h !o you, bu! bear 1i!h me for a minu!e and , !hink i! 1ill begin !o make sense. ,n a blues !une, normally !1o or !hree -hords are played in a .ma=or/ !onali!y. For our purposes, le!Fs -onsider a ma=or -hord is one !ha! fi!s smoo!hly in!o i!s pla-eH1hen you hear i!, i! =us! seems righ!, i! makes sense !o your ear. ?earing a ma=or -hord is like having a 1arm -up of soup on a 1in!er day in your momFs ki!-hen. @ha! makes !he blues dis!in-!ive, !hough, is inser!ing in!o a -hord pa!!ern a differen! kind of sound, 1ha! is kno1n as a seven!h. 5ha!Fs 1ha! !urns a song in!o !he blues. @i!hou! !ha! seven!h -hord, i! 1ould be a song, bu! i! 1ould no! have !ha! familiar, hear!4grabbing sound you kno1 as a blues !une. & good blues player 1ill keep inser!ing !ha! seven!h every on-e in a 1hile. %ome!imes he 1ill also !hro1 in 1ha! is -alled a fla!!ed fif!h, 1hi-h is like someone 1alking up and s-ra!-hing a -halkboard 1i!h finger nails. Pu!!ing all !hese unusual elemen!s !oge!her -rea!es a sor! of dissonan!, or bluesy feeling. , !hink good leaders are like grea! blues players. 5hey kno1 ho1 !o -rea!e a feeling of dissonan-e so !ha! -hange 1ill 1ork. 5hey -rea!e some!hing ou!side of !he -ommon and -omfor!able !ha! keeps unse!!ling people, persis!en!ly -ommuni-a!ing informa!ion designed !o move people !o1ard posi!ive -hange. 5hey add -ommen!s in !heir sermons, inser! no!es in bulle!insH1ha!ever !he forum, -hange agen!s invariably find posi!ive, fun4loving 1ays !o s!imula!e peopleFs !hough!s and a-!ions by building -rea!ive !ension 1hile -hallenging !hem !o realiEe !ha! 1ha! has been -an be no longer. Grea! -hange agen!s are also like skilled =aEE musi-ians. 5he dis!inguishing mark of grea! =aEE players is !ha! !hey -an !ake familiar !hemes and do !hings 1i!h i! !ha! no one has ever !hough! of doing. 5hese !ransforma!ions of !he familiar in!o some!hing !o!ally ne1 and e+-i!ing -an be -omple+, or very simple. <iles 'avis, !he =aEE musi-ian, 1as no!ed for using simpli-i!y in improvising ma=or !hemes. ike !he grea! =aEE players, a grea! leader is one 1ho -rea!es posi!ive -hange by !ransla!ing -ommon kno1ledge or e+is!ing -ondi!ions in!o some!hing ne1 !hrough in!rodu-ing innova!ion. & leader4-hange agen!, !herefore, is skillful a! bo!h !he blues Bi.e., dissonan-eC and =aEE Bi.e,. !ransforma!ionC forms.


e! me use ano!her analogy. & -hange agen! is also like a !eles-ope or se! of bino-ulars. ?e keeps dis-overing !hings on !he horiEon !ha! migh! o!her1ise go unseen. 5his fun-!ion be-ame real !o me !he firs! !ime my fa!her !ook me deer hun!ing. ?e played !he role of leader4-hange agen!. ?e s-ru!iniEed !he fields and hills around us, using his pair of high4po1ered bino-ulars !o spo! !he prey. ?e 1as de!ermined !o help me learn !o hun!. <y problem 1as !ha! as , s!ood ne+! !o him and looked ou! over !he fields, , -ould no! see any deer. 'ad 1ould poin! here, !here and every1here, bu! all , sa1 1ere bro1n bushes and !rees. , 1as s!anding almos! in his shoes, s!raining my eyes !o -a!-h a glimpse of !he large animals he -laimed 1ere in our mids!, bu! , 1as no! ge!!ing i!. *very!hing !ha! appeared !o me !o be a deer 1asnF!. 1(1

*ven!ually, !hrough my fa!herFs guidan-e and helpHand !he assis!an-e of !hose 1onderful bino-ularsH!he deer -ame in!o fo-us. &f!er a fe1 more hun!ing !rips 1i!h him, my eye 1as !rained !o spo! !he elusive prey. @ell in!o !ha! hun!ing season , 1as so suffi-ien!ly -apable of finding deer in !he fields !ha! , 1as able !o !ake a fe1 sho!s a! !hose deer. &! firs! , did no! believe my fa!her 1hen he !old me !he deer 1ere really !here. , did no! kno1 he 1as !elling me !he !ru!h un!il he sho1ed me again and again ho1 !o see some!hing , had no! seen before. Dn-e , had been !rained !o re-ogniEe our 2uarry, making !he !ransi!ion from simply seeing !he omnipresen! bushes and !rees !o lo-a!ing !he -amouflaged deer, , sa1 !hem regularly.


&rnold <i!-hell, a so-ial psy-hologis! from %!anford, has spen! years s!udying !he a!!i!udes and behaviors of &meri-ans. ?e -on!ends !ha! !hree ingredien!s are ne-essary for -hange !o o--ur.1 Firs!, <i!-hell no!es !ha! change comes from dissatisfaction- &! !he !ime a person re-eives #hris! as %avior, !he individual is likely !o be e+perien-ing a high level of dissa!isfa-!ion in life. Resear-hers have dis-overed !ha! people 1ho are no! highly dissa!isfied 1i!h life a! !he !ime !hey re-eive #hris! rarely -on!inue !o develop a rela!ionship 1i!h ?im. 5he ma!ure believers in a -ongrega!ion are likely !o unders!and !ha! dissa!isfa-!ion and disappoin!men! are par! of !he pro-ess of ma!uring spiri!ually. *ffe-!ive -hange agen!s assess !he -han-es for -hange by evalua!ing !he level of dissa!isfa-!ion 1i!hin !he group. ,f dissa!isfa-!ion is s!rong, !he po!en!ial for -hange e+is!s. %e-ond, change ta&es energy- &l!ering !he e+is!ing -ondi!ions e+perien-ed by a group -onsumes a !errifi- amoun! of emo!ional and physi-al energy. &meri-ans !hese days are fa-ing !o+i- levels of -hange bo!h a! 1ork and in !heir families. 5o effe-! -hange, 1e mus! have a -hange4friendly environmen!. @i!hou! su-h a se!!ing, an e+!raordinary degree of energy is spen! figh!ing for or agains! !he -hange pro-ess ra!her !han inves!ing !ha! energy in es!ablishing !he -hange. Df!en, espe-ially in minis!ry -on!e+!s, -hange fails !o o--ur be-ause !he leader had no! paved !he 1ay for -hange !o happen. #onse2uen!ly, no! enough energy 1as available !o effe-! !he desired or ne-essary -hange. Finally, change reBuires insight- & group -onsidering !he a--ep!an-e of -hange re2uires a leader 1ho is -redible and !rus!1or!hy. ,f !he follo1ers believe !ha! !heir leader has -rea!ed a 1orkable plan, !he -han-es of !ha! leader seeing !he -hange !hrough !o implemen!a!ion are grea!ly improved. 5he people, ho1ever, are no! likely !o give permission !o make a signifi-an! -hange unless !hey firs! have hard eviden-e of a 1ell4-on-eived s!ra!egy for making !hings be!!er.


5hese insigh!s aler! us !o several pi!falls !ha! -ould easily and 2ui-kly undermine !he -hange pro-ess. *ffe-!ive -hange agen!s develop and nur!ure !he energy re2uired !o -arry ou! !heir plans for !he fu!ure. ,ns!i!u!ing -hange is a draining pro-ess, even under !he bes! of -ir-ums!an-es. #hange agen!s 1ho are bes! poised !o su--eed are !hose 1ho pro!e-! !heir energy reserves, using !heir energy sparingly and effi-ien!ly. 5o be effe-!ive, a leader mus! also deliberately develop dissa!isfa-!ion. &s a leader, , have of!en in!en!ionally developed dissa!isfa-!ion 1i!hin my -hur-h. Dn several o--asions , needed !o persuade key, re-al-i!ran! -hur-h leaders !ha! 1e 1ere no! living up !o our po!en!ial in various dimensions of minis!ry. %imply e+pressing my per-eived need for -hange did no! pene!ra!e !heir -omfor! Eones. 5o make an impression upon !hem, 1e 1en! as a group !o visi! -hur-hes !ha! 1ere doing a far be!!er =ob in !he minis!ry dimensions of -on-ern !o me. <y fello1 leaders needed !o 1((

buy my perspe-!ive abou! !he need for -hange and !he po!en!ial for improvemen! before , -ould push ahead. Dur !eam visi!s !o see more effe-!ive -hur-hes almos! al1ays -rea!ed dissa!isfa-!ion 1i!h our o1n performan-e of our minis!ry du!ies. 5ha! -ommon sense of dissa!isfa-!ion enabled me !o lead for1ard, 1i!hou! unne-essarily e+pending pre-ious resour-es. Preparing people for -hange some!imes !akes 1ha! seems like forever. Dn o--asion , !ook as mu-h as five mon!hs !o gradually and gen!ly ge! a founda!ional poin! a-ross !o !he -ongrega!ion !hrough my sermons. , shared s!ar!ling or even embarrassing s!a!is!i-s abou! 1here 1e 1ere as a -hur-h Body and 1here 1e needed !o be, seeking !o -rea!e !he righ! level of dissa!isfa-!ion. &ddi!ionally, s!ra!egi- !hinking needs !o be a par! of !he pro-ess of -hange. &n ou!gro1!h of su-h !hinking is plans. 5he plans !ha! 1ork bes! !end !o be -onserva!ive. Be-ause -hange agen!s are al1ays some1ha! suspe-!Hyou kno1, 1e never are -on!en! !o leave !hings !he 1ay !hey are Hi! is 1ise !o propose plans for -hange !ha! are .doable/G in !his 1ay, you 1onF! lose -redibili!y 1i!h !hose 1ho 1ill implemen!, e+perien-e and Bul!ima!elyC benefi! from !he -hanges ins!i!u!ed. RealiEe !ha! some!imes you may have one or even !1o of !he !hree elemen!s re2uired for -hange, bu! 1i!hou! !he !hird fa-!or in pla-e, !he prospe-!s for posi!ive -hange are diminished. For ins!an-e, some minis!ries have -oales-ed a group of dissa!isfied individuals 1ho possess !he ne-essary energy !o -rea!e -hange, bu! !hey la-k !he insigh! !o -hannel !heir dissa!isfa-!ion and energy in!o posi!ive ou!-omes. 5hey !end !o e+pend !heir energy on a 1ild goose -hase, 1earing ou! !hemselves and !heir leaders in !he pro-ess. D!her minis!ries have developed !he heal!hy sense of dissa!isfa-!ion and have grea! ideas for -onver!ing !heir dis-omfor!s in!o be!!er s-enarios. ?o1ever, !hey are held ba-k by la-k of energy. 5hey si! ba-k and -omplain, !hey imagine all kinds of po!en!ial solu!ions !o !heir -olle-!ive dilemma, bu! !hey fail !o rise !o !he o--asion !hey have -rea!ed. &no!her possibili!y are minis!ries in 1hi-h !here is insigh! and energy bu! no! 1idespread sense of dissa!isfa-!ion. 5hese en!i!ies simply la-k !he mo!iva!ion !o make posi!ive -hange happen.

Posi!ive -hange rarely in!ima!es .re!urning !o !he 1ay i! used !o be./ <os! posi!ive -hange , have 1i!nessed has been abou! -rea!ing a be!!er fu!ure ra!her !han re!urning !o a -herished pas!. 5his for1ard4looking perspe-!ive re2uires a heal!hy dose of innova!ive !hinking and a-!ion. &long my =ourney, , have developed a fe1 no!ions !ha! migh! serve as guidelines for innova!ors. #onsider ho1 ade2ua!ely you have in!rodu-ed !hese elemen!s in!o your o1n effor!s a! -hange4orien!ed leadership. I <inis!ries seem !o do !heir bes! 1ork 1hen !hey en-ourage innova!ors and innova!ion. 5his is no! a na!ural !enden-y. &pply yourself !o !he !ask of iden!ifying, nur!uring and giving oppor!uni!ies !o !hose 1ho have !he abili!y !o be -rea!ive. I &s a leader, separa!e your rea-!ion !o ideas from your rea-!ion !o !he people e+pressing !hose ideas. 5oo of!en, a valuable innova!or is emo!ionally de-ima!ed by a nega!ive rea-!ion !o !he individual, ra!her !han being redire-!ed by a 1ell4deserved re=e-!ion of !he personFs hair4brained idea. I #ons-ien!iously !hank God !ha! ?e brings in!o minis!ry se!!ings people 1ho look under ro-ks previously lef! un!urned. <any of !he grea! -hanges !ha! enhan-e our minis!ries are no! born of in-remen!al !hinking bu! .off4!he41all/ ideas genera!ed by !hose 1ho have pursued unusual and uni2ue lines of !hough!. I &void !he -opy-a! syndrome above all !hings. 5he 1orld needs more originals and fe1er mimi-s. &llo1 God !o -rea!e some!hing ne1 !hrough you.


I #oun! !he -os! of leadership, -hange and minis!ry. 5his does no! mean you should avoid any of !hese 1or!hy pursui!s be-ause of !he -os!. Ra!her, i! simply -au!ions you !o move for1ard 1i!h your eyes open, kno1ing 1ha! !o e+pe-! in !erms of !he !oll !ha! leadership and -hange in minis!ry 1ill !ake upon you. I ?onor presen! -ommi!men!s. Grea! -hange agen!s al1ays build bridges from !heir presen! !o !he fu!ure. I Be humble. 'onF! be a kno14i!4all. Gran!ed, a leader mus! have -onfiden-e in !he plans proposed, bu! a !ruly grea! leader a-kno1ledges !ha! he does no! kno1 every!hing and -anno! perfe-!ly predi-! !he ou!-omes of ne1 s!ra!egies. %ome!imes !he bes! !hing you -an do in response !o !hose 1ho are harshly -ri!i-al of your o1n innova!ive ideas is !o ask !hem !o allo1 your idea a -han-e !o fail. Ra!her !han boldly predi-!ing a smashing su--ess, simply say, . e!Fs see if i!Fll 1ork./ I Give people permission !o pay par! of !he pri-e 1i!h you. 5oo of!en, innova!ors 1an! !o pay !he en!ire pri-e. Gain o1nership from o!hers by allo1ing !hem !o be-ome full par!ners in !he pro-ess. I Be a nondefensive learner. 5he more open you are !o dis-overing insigh!s from une+pe-!ed people or pla-es, !he be!!er off your effor!s a! innova!ion are likely !o be. I Budge! for -hange -arefully. Aou are seeking !o -rea!e !he unkno1n. 5he une+pe-!ed of!en o--urs in su-h s-enarios. 'o no! budge! yourself in!o a -orner. I &n!i-ipa!e -hange and i!s ne-essi!y before i! arrives. D!her1ise, you 1ill be seeking !o re1ri!e his!ory ra!her !han de!ermine !he -ourse of his!ory. I 'evelop a life philosophy !ha! vie1s -hange as having !he po!en!ial !o make !hings far be!!er. 5here is no value !o -hange for !he sake of -hange, or innova!ion for i!s o1n sake. For every!hing !here is a season, even for s!abili!y. @hen -hange is in!rodu-ed, i! should be for !he purpose of -rea!ing a be!!er 1orld. I #elebra!e varie!y. I %!ay young in your !hinking. Dne 1ay of doing !his is !o spend !ime 1i!h young people. I Be de-isive. & leader is a de-ision maker, no! a -onsensus seeker. ,f you are going !o in!rodu-e signifi-an! innova!ions, kno1 !ha! you 1ill have !o make some !ough -alls and 1ill probably offend some good people by vir!ue of your de-isions. Be sensi!ive and fle+ible, yes, bu! be firm in pursuing your -onvi-!ions. I &ppre-ia!e !hose 1ho help you -rea!e posi!ive -hange. %u-h -hange never happens in a va-uum. 5hose 1ho assis! you in developing and implemen!ing your innova!ions are a spe-ial blessing from God. &l1ays s!rive !o sho1 !hem your gra!i!ude for !heir belief in you, !heir suppor! of your ideas and !heir inves!men! in a shared purpose or vision.

5hus far 1e have !alked abou! -hange as if i! 1ill happen only if you re-ogniEe a grea! idea and -ommi! !o i!s implemen!a!ion. Dn o--asion, ho1ever, posi!ive -hange is vir!ually inevi!able. ,n !hose si!ua!ions, a leaderFs bes! be! is !o re-ogniEe !ha! -hange is -oming and !o provide dire-!ion !o !ha! pro-ess. Dne of !he mos! diffi-ul! !asks for many -hur-hes is !o gro1 !o a siEe !ha! enables !hem !o fos!er -on!inued numeri-al gro1!h. #hur-h4gro1!h e+per!s -all !ha! poin! !he .()) barrier./ @hen a -ongrega!ion e+-eeds roughly ()) people, !remendous -hanges happen in !he group. 5he geome!ry and psy-hology of !he group are remarkable. 5he pa-e of -hange mul!iplies and !he -hur-h re2uires a leader 1ho is guiding !he -on!inued e+pansion of !he minis!ry. &no!her -ondi!ion in 1hi-h a -hange agen! mus! e+er! leadership, 1he!her planned or no!, is 1hen !he -ommuni!y 1i!hin 1hi-h !he -hur-h is lo-a!ed e+perien-es ma=or demographi-, so-ial 1(:

or e-onomi- -hanges. 5hose -hanges in !he -omposi!ion of !he -ommuni!y manda!e !ha! !he -hur-h respond in an in!elligen!, sensi!ive and s!ra!egi- 1ay. ,n my area, several logging !o1ns los! hundreds and !housands of =obs, -hanging -ommuni!ies and !heir -hur-hes immensely. 5he -hur-hes !ha! 1ere -omfor!able 1i!h radi-al -ommuni!y -hange and !ha! had leaders serving as -hange agen!s survived !he upheaval and remain viable -hur-hes !oday. 5hose -hur-hes !ha! 1ere ei!her un-omfor!able 1i!h !he ne-essi!y of -hange, or !ha! la-ked -hange agen!s !o spearhead !he !ransforma!ional a-!ivi!y did no! survive. #hange may be ne-essary for long4!erm s!abili!y and gro1!h, bu! !ha! does no! make !he a-! of -hanging any easier. >e1 oppor!uni!ies for influen!ial minis!ry al1ays seem !o -ause subs!an!ial, of!en unforeseen, -hange 1hen !hose oppor!uni!ies are e+ploi!ed. , have also realiEed !ha! every !ime someone has a ne1, big idea for our minis!ry, !he effe-! is usually abou! !en !imes grea!er !han e+pe-!ed. 5hose ideas also seem !o demand abou! 1)) per-en! more -hange in myself and o!hers !han , usually e+pe-!J

&s !he senior leader of a large and gro1ing minis!ry organiEa!ion, , have had !o make many -hoi-es. Dne -hoi-e 1as 1he!her , 1an!ed !o devo!e my resour-es !o being a delibera!e -hange agen! or a vi-!imiEed -hange agen!. 5o1ard !ha! end, i! 1as impera!ive !o develop a s!ra!egi- plan and !o !hen marshal !he resour-es needed !o implemen! !ha! plan in ligh! of ne1 oppor!uni!ies for -hange !ha! fa-ed our -hur-h. Ae!, 1hile de-iding !o -rea!e -hange ra!her !han be re-rea!ed by -hange, i! has been readily apparen! !o me !ha! -hange some!imes demands an en!irely ne1 paradigm !o solve e+is!ing problems or !o !ake advan!age of emerging oppor!uni!ies. ,n my mind, !his pro-ess -an be illus!ra!ed as follo1s0 (

&l!hough mos! of my e+perien-e 1i!h !hese reali!ies has been in a -hur-h se!!ing, , believe !hese dynami-s are -ons!an!, 1he!her !hey o--ur 1i!hin -hur-hes, movemen!s or -oun!ries. @hen !he old 1ays no longer 1orkH1he!her i! is !he 1ay in 1hi-h 1e -ommuni-a!e GodFs !ru!h, me!hods of organiEing people !o e+press dissa!isfa-!ion, means of raising funds for good 1orksH ne1 solu!ions mus! be sough!. @hen !hese ne1 solu!ions are applied, -hange o--urs in profound and some!imes une+pe-!ed 1ays.

,f !here has ever been a !ime for leaders !o be -hange agen!s, i! is no1. 5odayFs -lima!e, from !he na!ional do1n !o !he neighborhood level, 1orks agains! -ookie4-u!!er, predi-!able, imi!a!ive leaders. Being a -hange agen! is similar !o living in !he 1omb, being -ourageously 1illing !o !ake 1(8

!he s!eps ne-essary !o move in!o ligh!, 1hile being un-er!ain of 1ha! !he fu!ure holds. ,! reminds me of !he parable of !he !1ins. Dn-e upon a !ime, !1in boys 1ere -on-eived in !heir mo!herFs 1omb. @eeks passed and !he !1ins developed. &s !heir a1areness gre1, !hey laughed for =oy0 .,snF! i! grea! !ha! 1e 1ere -on-eivedN ,snF! i! grea! !o be aliveN/ 5oge!her !he !1ins e+plored !heir 1orld. @hen !hey found !ha! !he umbili-al -ord passed life along !o !hem from !heir mo!her, !hey sang for =oy0 .?o1 grea! is our mo!herFs love, !ha! she shares her o1n life 1i!h us./ &s !he 1eeks s!re!-hed in!o mon!hs, !he !1ins no!i-ed ho1 mu-h ea-h 1as -hanging. .@ha! does i! meanN/ asked one !1in. .,! means !ha! our s!ay in !his 1orld is dra1ing !o an end,/ said !he o!her. .Bu! , donF! 1an! !o go. , 1an! !o s!ay here al1ays./ .@e have no -hoi-e,/ said !he o!her. .&nd maybe !here is life af!er bir!hJ/ .Bu! ho1 -an !here beN @e 1ill shed our life4-ord, and ho1 is life possible 1i!hou! i!N Besides, no one has ever re!urned !o !he 1omb !o !ell us !ha! !here is life af!er bir!h. >o, !his is !he end./ &nd so !he one !1in fell in!o despair0 .,f -on-ep!ion ends in bir!h, 1ha! is !he purpose of life in !he 1ombN ,! is meaninglessJ <aybe !here is no mo!her a! all./ .Bu! !here has !o be,/ pro!es!ed !he o!her. .?o1 else did 1e ge! hereN ?o1 do 1e remain aliveN/ .?ave you ever a-!ually seen our mo!herN/ said !he one. .<aybe she lives only in our minds. <aybe 1e made her up, be-ause !he idea made us feel good./ &nd so !he las! days in !he 1omb 1ere filled 1i!h deep 2ues!ioning and fear. Finally, !he momen! of bir!h arrived. &nd 1hen !he !1ins had passed from !heir 1orld, !hey opened !heir eyes. 5hey -ried 1i!h =oy, for 1ha! !hey sa1 e+-eeded !heir fondes! dreams. .>o eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has -on-eived 1ha! God has prepared for !hose 1ho love him/ B1 #or. (09, /3!C.


11 B%il$ing a 2eam !o Ge! ! e /ob Done

2om P illi)"
.,Fve go! a gal in Ba!on RougeG she ainF! ri-h, bu! she sure is -u!e. %ound off, 1, (, 3, :, 1, (, 3, :./ *ven in my days as a -ollege s!uden!, , 1as involved in !eam building. Aou are probably involved in !eam building, !oo, 1he!her i! is !hrough minis!ry, spor!s, s-ou!ing, family or formal edu-a!ion. 5he refrain lis!ed above 1as one 1e 1as -han!ed 1hen , 1as par! of !he &ir For-e RD5# drill !eam a! !he $niversi!y of <ississippi. ,n!eres!ingly, !hough i! 1as no! a #hris!ian environmen! per se, many prin-iples of !eam building 1ere formula!ed in !he simple developmen! of !ha! small RD5# drill !eam. &mong o!her !hings, !he RD5# !eam0 I I I I I I I I I @as led by a -apable leaderG Re-rui!ed 2ualified individualsG %hared a -ommon purposeG Fo-used upon a singular !askG @as -ommi!!ed !o -omple!ing !he !ask !oge!herG %!ressed !ha! members mus! die !o self for !he sake of !he 1hole !eamG <ade a -ommi!men! !o e+-ellen-eG Re-ogniEed and a--ep!ed dis-iplineG Removed !hose 1ho 1ere ei!her unfi! or un-ommi!!ed.

5eam1orkH1orking !oge!her !o1ard !he fulfillmen! of a desired ou!-ome 1i!hou! !he loss of oneFs individuali!yHhas been a ma=or fa-!or in my gro1!h sin-e adoles-en-e. <y family, my Boy %-ou! 5roop, various spor!s !eams on 1hi-h , played, !he RD5# drill !eamHall !hese helped !o lay a founda!ion for a life!ime of involvemen! in !eam1ork. @hile in seminary in ouisville, 6en!u-ky, , 1orked 1i!h a !eam of skilled main!enan-e men 1ho -ared for fif!een hundred apar!men! uni!s in si+ -omple+es. , -ould pain! a !1o4 bedroom apar!men!H-eilings, 1alls, ba!hroom and ki!-henHin !hree and a half hours. &! !ha! pa-e, , 1as a real profi! maker for my employer. Dne day a young lad eigh! or nine years old 1alked over !o me as , 1as pi-king up !rash af!er -omple!ing pain!ing an apar!men!. ?e said, .<is!er, 1ha! are you doingN/ @hen , replied !ha! , 1as =us! pi-king up !rash, he de-isively no!ed !ha! he had bigger plans0 .<is!er, 1hen , gro1 up, ,Fm no! going !o be a !rash -olle-!or./ Gran!ed, pi-king up !rash 1as no! a glamorous !ask. %ome migh! have been s!ung by !he boyFs inno-en! pu!4do1n, bu! , 1as -onfiden! !ha! !his =ob 1as 1ha! God had given me !o do for a season. , also 1an!ed !o be !he very bes! !rash -olle-!or , possibly -ould be. 5he Bible says a fai!hful man Bor 1omanC is diffi-ul! !o find Bsee Proverbs ()09C. & !eam is made up of =us! !ha!H fai!hful men and 1omen 1ho 1ork a! 1ha!ever =ob God, in ?is sovereign!y, has given !hem !o do. Dne brigh! %a!urday in &ugus!, =us! before !he beginning of my !hird year of seminary, my boss, <r. Boyles, drove up in his big gold #adilla- !o !he pain! room a! !he apar!men! -omple+. Dne of !he younges! dea-ons of !he %ou!hern Bap!is! -hur-h in ouisville, !his man had gro1n in 1isdom and e-onomi- s!a!ure. &s he go! ou! of !he -ar, , no!i-ed !ha! he -ame !o1ard me 1i!h purpose. 5he main!enan-e foreman on our -re1 had been 1i!h <r. Boyles for !1elve years. $n!il re-en!ly, he had been doing an ou!s!anding =ob, bu! some!hing had -hanged. &s he pulled me aside, <r. Boyles -onfided in me !ha! !he reason for !he foremanFs redu-ed produ-!ion 1as !ha! 1(7

he 1as !urning in his 1ork forms 1i!hou! -omple!ing !he =obs be-ause he 1as visi!ing his mis!resses in !he various apar!men!s in !he housing -omple+. &s <r. Boyles !alked !o me, , be-ame a1are !ha! , 1as spla!!ered 1i!h pain! from head !o foo!. 5ha! is ho1 , 1as able !o pain! a !1o4bedroom apar!men! so rapidly0 @hen , pain!ed, a lo! of pain! fle1Hon !he 1alls, on !he -eilings and on me. Ae! in spi!e of my you!hfulness, my la-k of e+perien-e and my pain!4spe-kled appearan-e, !his man had -ome !o offer me !he posi!ion of foreman. Dlder men on !he -re1 1ho had mu-h more e+perien-e and skill 1ere being bypassed for !he sake of !he younges! and lo1es! man on !he !o!em pole, !he kid 1ho 1as merely !he pain!er and !rash -olle-!or. , 1as sho-ked and over1helmed. 5he Bible says in Psalm 780947 9K;!:0 For promo!ion -ome!h nei!her from !he eas!, nor from !he 1es!, nor from !he sou!h. Bu! God is !he =udge0 he pu!!e!h do1n one, and se!!e!h up ano!her. 5ha! 1as e+a-!ly 1ha! God 1as doing !ha! day. <r. BoylesFs presen-e and offer 1as an ans1er !o my prayers. <y 1ife and , 1ere ne1 paren!s, and , 1an!ed my 1ife !o be able !o s!ay home 1i!h our baby daugh!er. , did no! kno1 ho1 !ha! -ould happen, espe-ially 1i!h !he s!ar! of !he ne1 seminary year =us! !1o 1eeks a1ay. , !old <r. Boyles , 1ould love !o be !he foreman of !ha! !eam, bu! , 1an!ed !o -omple!e my seminary degree. ?e 1as -on-erned abou! my edu-a!ion as 1ell, so he offered me an a!!ra-!ive deal0 ,f , -ould give him for!y hours a 1eek from <onday morning un!il %a!urday nigh!, , had !he =ob. 5ha! 1ould also allo1 me !o finish s-hool and !o -on!inue pas!oring my -oun!ry -hur-h on @ednesday nigh!s and %undays. &l!hough , did no! kno1 ho1 , -ould possibly 1ork full4!ime, -arry a full a-ademi- load a! seminary, pas!or !he -hur-h and -are for my family, , kne1 God 1as a! 1ork. , s!ill had !o solve !he PhillipsFs family finan-ial -run-h. *ven as 1e spoke, !he %-rip!ure passed !hrough my mind !ha! .a laborer is 1or!hy of his 1ages/ B1 5im. 8017C. Boldly, , !old <r. Boyles !ha! , -ould no! 1ork for 1ha! , 1as making as a pain!er and !rash -olle-!or. ?e refle-!ed on my 1ords for a momen! !hen said, . e! me !ake -are of !ha!./ & fe1 days la!er, he offered me a raise !ha! 1ould pu! my pay a! only L:) a mon!h less !han !he -ombined salaries of me Bas a par!4!ime main!enan-e manC and my 1ife Bas a s-hool !ea-herC. a!er he gave me an addi!ional L8 a day !ravel money. GodFs -are is al1ays suffi-ien!. 5hus began my =ourney as a supervisor of men in !heir for!ies and fif!ies 1ho 1ere mu-h more ma!ure, e+perien-ed and -apable !han ,. Ae!, , never sensed any =ealousy or bi!!erness from !hem. , believe !he reason is !ha! !hey kne1 , lived for !hem. , made sure !hey had !heir 1ork orders on !ime, !ha! , had pur-hased all !he supplies !hey 1ould need and had -overed all !he ne-essary bases !o ensure !hey -ould do !heir =obs 1ell. @e 1orked !oge!herG !here 1as uni!y. @e 1ere -ommi!!ed !o e+-ellen-e in !he business a! hand. <y boss 1as happy, his -ompany 1as making money and my !eam and , had !he 1onderful e+perien-e of performing =us! abou! every home main!enan-e !ask kno1n !o humankind, in-luding !he 1ar agains! -o-kroa-hes in apar!men!s af!er less4!han4!idy people had moved ou!.


God allo1ed me !o finish seminary and begin 1orking on a do-!ora!e. 5hrough a series of in-redible -ir-ums!an-es, ?e pla-ed me 1i!h !he Billy Graham 5eam for a si+4mon!h in!ernship under !he supervision of #harlie Riggs, !he 'ire-!or of #ounseling and Follo14up for !he Billy Graham *vangelis!i- &sso-ia!ion. 1(7

@hen , me! <r. Riggs, he 1as dire-!ing !he #rusade in Ka-kson, <ississippi, and a! !he same !ime dire-!ing all of #ounseling and Follo14up. Dn !he firs! morning 1i!h him in a devo!ional, <r. Riggs shared a por!ion of %-rip!ure and !hen 2uo!ed several !o -omplemen! i!. , had never been so -lose !o su-h a po1erful man of God. 5he @ord of God li!erally permea!ed !he man and flo1ed !hroughou! all of us lis!ening !o him. By !he end of !ha! five4minu!e devo!ional !ime, , kne1 , 1an!ed !o be dis-ipled by him. &l!hough , had never been e+posed !o !he -on-ep! of a Paul45imo!hy rela!ionship, , s!ill kne1 , 1an!ed !o be a man of God like <r. Riggs. & fe1 days la!er, , asked <r. Riggs !o inves! an hour a 1eek in my life. ?e responded !ha! he 1as a very busy man, bu! 1ould 1ork 1i!h me under !hree -ondi!ions0 I 5ha! , 1ould al1ays do !he assignmen!s he 1ould give me from !he @ord of GodG I 5ha! , 1ould memoriEe !he %-rip!ures he 1ould give me ea-h 1eekG I 5ha! , 1ould a--omplish !he pra-!i-al e+er-ises. ?aving =us! gradua!ed from seminary, !hese e+pe-!a!ions did no! seem over1helming, so , a--ep!ed his offer. For !he ne+! si+ years, one hour a 1eek, <r. Riggs me! 1i!h me. ,n !he si+!een years !ha! follo1ed, <r. Riggs has never s!opped being my spiri!ual guide and men!or as 1e labored !oge!her 1i!h !he Graham !eam. , doub! if he 1ill ever be able !o le! go of his -on-ern for !he gro1!h of his 5imo!hys. @ha! an honor !o be one of !hemJ


&maEingly, !he si+ mon!hs of my in!ernship fle1 by, and 1i!hou! realiEing i!, , los! all desire !o finish !he do-!ora!e degree B!hough , even!ually didC. , 1an!ed !o be a par! of 1ha! , had s!umbled in!o0 !he Billy Graham !eam. ,nadver!en!ly, , had be-ome a par! of !he family of God in an en-apsula!ed form. >ever before had , been a par! of any!hing so fo-used as !his group of men and 1omen from all denomina!ions and several -oun!ries. 5hey 1an!ed only !o see a spiri!ual harves! Bi.e., !he pro-lama!ion of Kesus #hris! as ord and %avior and !he ma!uring of men and 1omen in salva!ionC. ,n !1en!y years of minis!ry 1i!h !he Billy Graham !eamHfrom !he lo1es! rung of !he ladder !o some of !he highes!H, have never seen any!hing bu! uni!y in mission. 5his !eam 1as never .bu-ksho!/ -oming ou! of a gun and simply headed in !he same dire-!ion. ,! 1as an arro1 !ha! pier-es darkness. 5his -ohesiveness is unusual !hese days, espe-ially in organiEa!ions !ha! 1ork globally, opera!e 1i!h large budge!s and have hundreds of people dire-!ly involved in !he opera!ions. 5he se-re! !o !he influen-e of !he Graham !eam is no se-re! a! allG i! is simply follo1ing !he guidan-e of !he ?oly %piri! and using basi- !eam prin-iples. e! me be more spe-ifi-. People do no! 2ues!ion <r. GrahamFs focus. Aou never 1onder 1ha! he said !o a member of !he Poli!buro before #ommunism fell, or !o a vagran! he speaks !o a! a res-ue mission. Regardless of !he -onversa!ion or !he !opi- of !he message, one !hing al1ays flo1s !hrough himH!he gospel of Kesus #hris! for salva!ion and life. Behind !his !remendous leader is a !eam of men and 1omen 1ho follo1, regardless of !he sa-rifi-e, !o see !he minis!ry 1ork in par!nership 1i!h !he lo-al -hur-h. 5he goal is !o produ-e men and 1omen 1ho have a personal rela!ionship 1i!h Kesus #hris! as ord and %avior, !o see !hem gro1 in !ha! rela!ionship so !ha! !hey develop !he abili!y !o reprodu-e !he life of #hris! in o!hers. 5here is no in!ernal deba!e abou! !he mission, or !he na!ure of our leadership.


@hen , s!ar!ed 1i!h !he Billy Graham *vangelis!i- &sso-ia!ion, all !he leaders on !he !eam had -ome !hrough @orld @ar ,,. 5hey had e+perien-ed !he effe-! of !he mili!ary in fo-using 1(9

individuals on a -ommon ob=e-!ive. 5he follo1ers 1i!hin !he Graham !eam needed !o hear dire-!ion only on-e. Respe-!fully, one -ould 2ues!ion any dire-!ive, bu! implemen!a!ion of !ha! dire-!ive follo1ed. *a-h person kne1 his leaders !o be godly, -ommi!!ed, sin-ere, hard 1orking and 1ise. 5hose leaders 1ould never ask -olleagues !o do some!hing !hey 1ere no! also 1illing !o do. ,n !hose early days, fe1 =ob des-rip!ions 1ere used. *a-h personFs role -ame from an oral !radi!ion. 5herefore, !he a!!i!ude of !he !eam 1as familial.?e 1as made 1ha! 1e are !ha! ?e migh! make us 1ha! ?e is ?imself./ ,renaeus @i!hou! a lo! of 1ri!!en =ob des-rip!ions, poli-ies or manuals, you may 1onder ho1 in !he 1orld any!hing 1as a--omplished. ?o1 did a !eam member kno1 !he dire-!ion, parame!ers and pro-eduresN Purpose, 1hi-h is al1ays vi!al in !he developmen! of a !eam, 1as 1i!hou! 2ues!ion. Be-ause of !he fo-used leaderHBilly GrahamH1e kne1 !he dire-!ion 1e 1ere going. @e also had an in-redible guidebook -alled !he Bible. ,! gave us !he prin-iples 1e used for evangelism, uni!y, dis-ipline and !eam gro1!h. @e never doub!ed !ha! our help 1ould -ome from %-rip!ure if a problem arose be!1een members of !he family. & more e+perien-ed !eam member -ould 2ui-kly !ell !he ne1 member of !he family 1hen he had overs!epped !he boundaries of individual responsibili!ies. *veryone 1as a self4s!ar!er. 5he his!ory of !he Graham !eam provides a -lear unders!anding of 1ha! God had done !o ensure i!s developmen!0 I #alled a servan!4leader 1ho 1as fo-used, no! on kingdom building, bu! Kingdom buildingG I #alled a servan!4leader 1ho 1an!ed !o do only one por!ion of !he minis!ry and !rus!ed o!hers !o -ome alongside and pi-k up !he various elemen!s !ha! make up !he 1holeG I #alled a servan!4leader 1ho -ould delega!e 1i!hou! abdi-a!ingG I #alled a servan!4leader 1ho 1as an en-ourager as 1ell as an e+hor!erG I #alled a group of men and 1omen around !he servan!4leader 1ho 1ere a holy .band of men, Qand 1omenR 1hose hear!s God had !ou-hed/ B1 %amuel 1)0(9, K;!CG I #alled a group of men and 1omen 1ho allo1ed God !o use !heir dispara!e gif!s !o a--omplish a unified missionG I #alled a group of men and 1omen 1ho 1ere .as iron sharpens iron/ BProverbs (7017, /3!C. @hen s!rong, self41illed, -ourageous, adven!urous, spiri!ual en!repreneurs 1ho are servan!4 leaders -ome !oge!her, !here are bound !o be -lashes. ,f !ha! -lashing is in love, ho1ever, sparks 1ill fly, honing 1ill o--ur and !he arro1 1ill be fashioned 1i!h a poin! so sharp !ha! i! pier-es !he darknessG I #alled o!hers 1i!h spiri!ual leadership gif!s !o !he fore. 5hey .si! a! !he ga!e/ of !he !eam and =udge !he problems !ha! develop be!1een individuals. 5hen, !hose individuals, righ!ly =udged, a--ep! !he resul!s and go on !heir 1ay for !he sake of !he mission. *very personFs energy is applied !o push !his arro1 far!her in!o darkness and !o see more hear!s !ou-hed for #hris!. &s <r. Graham on-e said, .@hen , have prea-hed !he gospel 1i!h au!hori!y on every -on!inen! of !he 1orld, God !he ?oly %piri! has driven i! in!o !he human hear!./ 5ha! 1as !he goal of !he Billy Graham !eam. 5here 1as no o!her. *a-h person had a -lear unders!anding of !he purpose of !he minis!ry, of i!s leadership, of !he Guidebook and of !he ob=e-!ive !ru!h !ha! fashioned !he minis!ry. 5he minis!ry -ould be measured agains! !hese prin-iples a! any!ime. 5his allo1ed gif!ed and -ommi!!ed individuals !o 1ork !oge!her produ-!ively. ,n!eres!ingly, !he do-!rinal s!an-e of !he various !eam members 1as al1ays se-ondary. ,! is no! !ha! do-!rine, denomina!ional !ies or -hur-h affilia!ions are unimpor!an!, bu! !his par!i-ular 13)

!eam had one fo-us. >o!hing 1as as impor!an! as seeing people -ome !o #hris!. 5herefore, , personally never had, nor heard an argumen! abou! do-!rine in !he Billy Graham !eam, al!hough !he !eam -onsis!ed of people from many -oun!ries of !he 1orld, bo!h genders, various denomina!ions and all s!ripes of !heologi-al affilia!ion. 5he singular fo-us of !he servan!4leader permea!ed !he en!ire organiEa!ion.

%everal key prin-iples helped all of us see !he value of 1ha! 1e 1ere a--omplishing, !o a--ep! !he roles in!o 1hi-h God had sovereignly pla-ed us and !o 1ork !oge!her. %hakespeare e+pressed !his profound !ru!h in !he 1ords of @olsey0 #rom1ell, , -harge !hee, fling a1ay ambi!ions, By !ha! sin fell !he angelsG ho1 -an man !hen, 5he image of his <aker, hope !o profi! by i!N1 5his uni2ue developmen! of a very spe-ialiEed !eam li!erally sa1 GodFs hand lif! up people. >o one =o-keyed for posi!ion. K. Ds1ald %anders says in Spiritual Leadership0 Dur 1ord ambi!ion derives from a a!in 1ord meaning .-anvassing for promo!ion./ & varie!y of ingredien!s may be presen! in ambi!ionH!o be seen and approved by men, !o be popular, !o s!and 1ell among oneFs -on!emporaries, !o e+er-ise -on!rol over o!hers. &mbi!ious men en=oy !he po1er !ha! money or au!hori!y brings. %u-h -arnal ambi!ions 1ere roundly rebuked by !he ord. The true spiritual leader will never canvass for promotion.( 5o aspire !o leadership is an honorable ambi!ion B1 5im. 301, /(#C. Aou seek grea! !hings for yourself. eave off seeking !hem BKeremiah :808, /(#C. <y life e+perien-es have sho1n me !he follo1ing prin-iples of building a !eam0 1. A !eam m%"! a#e a gi(!e$ an$ .ommi!!e$ lea$er. eaders are !hose 1ho serve !he vision. 5o a--omplish i!, !hey serve !heir !eam. %ome leaders are visionaries 1ho have very li!!le adminis!ra!ive skill, and o!hers are 1ell balan-ed and have !he abili!y !o 1ork adminis!ra!ively as 1ell. & !eam, ho1ever, 1ill do 1ell !o assis! !he leader in as many adminis!ra!ive areas as possible so !ha! he -an -on!inue !o be !he !ip of !he arro1, forging !he fu!ure as o!hers develop !he presen!. 7. A !eam m%"! bring !oge! er a oly ?ban$ o( men' Oan$ -omenP - o"e ear!" Go$ a$ !o%. e$@ B1 %amuel 1)0(9, K;!C. Be-ause a minis!ry !eam needs people !hrough 1hom !he ?oly %piri! -an easily flo1, i! is vi!al !ha! ea-h person 1ork diligen!ly !o main!ain his o1n personal 1alk 1i!h #hris! !hrough Bible s!udy, %-rip!ure memory, prayer and servi-e !o o!hers. @ha!ever !he vision, !eam members mus! all play some vi!al par! in !he a-!ual minis!ry, never be-oming aloof and only managing o!hers or purely doing adminis!ra!ion. ;. A !eam i" a gro%) o( )eo)le - o are %ni!e$ %n$er ! e Lor$" i) o( /e"%" + ri"!. 5hese are people 1ho re-ogniEe !ha! .kurios/ is no! an employer bu! our o1ner. &s Paul has said, 1e are .slaves of #hris!/ B*phes. 909, /3!C. 5he D1ner does no! give us op!ionsG ?e gives us a -alling, a -ommissioning. >. A !eam a" a (o.%" ! a! i" "o ea"ily $i".ernible ! a! ! e $e#il' - o i" ! e a%! or o( .on(%"ion' .an ne#er in!err%)! ! e $ire.!ion o( mini"!ry. Re-ogniEing !he adversary is essen!ial !o !he !eam. <inis!ry !eams are engaged in spiri!ual 1arfare. #er!ainly, people -an -rea!e -onfusion. Bu! if #hris! is !he -en!er of all !hings, 131

every!hing 1ill fall in!o pla-e Bsee #ol. 1017C. ,f no!, -onfusion, dis!rus! and disuni!y 1ill o--ur. .Fo-us on #hris!/ mus! be !he !heme of every minis!ry !eam for !ha! !eam !o be su--essful. 5he !eam mus! be very -ons-ious of !he role of !he adversary. ,n !he mids! of !he .me/ genera!ion, !he .1e/ genera!ion mus! be fashioned. #hris!Fs model moves us from self4 -en!eredness !o selflessness. A. Gi(!e$ )eo)le on ! e !eam are . o"en !o ge! ")e.i(i. Eob" $one. Fred %mi!h s!a!es in Learning to Lead0 Dne of !he mos! impor!an! aspe-!s of su--essful leadership is pu!!ing !oge!her a group of people !o -arry ou! !he mission. Grea! a!hle!i- -oa-hes kno1 !hey mus! have !alen! !o 1in, and !herefore !hey !ake an a-!ive par! in -hoosing players. 5eams !ha! =us! happen ge! happens!an-e resul!s.3 5he pla-emen! of ea-h person in a !eam is vi!al. &s !he Body of #hris!, no member of !he !eam is less impor!an! !han ano!her, or more impor!an! !han ano!her. People are gif!ed for spe-ifi- kinds of servi-e and usually gro1 !hrough e+perien-e in abili!y, dis-ernmen! and 1isdom for fu!ure and grea!er levels of servi-e. .God has pla-ed some men above kings as ?e has given !hem a mission !o fulfill ra!her !han a posi!ion !o o--upy./ : &le+andre 'umas F. A !eam nee$" )eo)le - o a#e ?Nike ear!".@ <os! of !he grea! #*Ds and businessmen , have kno1n opera!e in -on-er! 1i!h !he famous >ike slogan, .Kus! 'o ,!J/ 5his does no! mean !hey donF! do !heir home1ork and ge! !he fa-!s. 5hey live in !he mids! of !he fa-!s. @hen !he need for de-isions arises, !hey -an usually make !hem rapidly. 5hey are -ons!an!ly on !he edge of de-ision making, -on!inually assimila!ing fa-!s in prepara!ion for !hose de-isions. & good !eam opera!es 1i!h ade2ua!e and a--ura!e -ommuni-a!ion, -ons!an!ly feeding !he !eam leader ne-essary informa!ion so !ha! he 1ill be suffi-ien!ly informed for de-ision making. *a-h !eam member, on !he o!her hand, should kno1 his respe-!ive area be!!er !han !he !eam leader. %ome!imes people ge! so fo-used on planning !ha! !hey never ge! around !o doing. 5eams !ha! fun-!ion bes! are !hose !ha! devise s!ra!egi- plans, and 2ui-kly !urn !hem in!o !a-!i-al plans !hey implemen!. & plan no! implemen!ed is of limi!ed, if any, value. 7. A gi(!e$ !eam "!ra! !rain" i!" )eo)le' b%! mo"! o( ! e !ime' ! e"e .a)able an$ go$ly )eo)le are !raine$ on ! e Eob. , have 1orked 1i!h many pas!ors 1ho prefer !o develop !heir !eam members from 1i!hin !heir o1n -ongrega!ions ra!her !han hire from !he ou!side or from seminaries. 5o !hem i! is more impor!an! !o have someone 1ho is already ferven!ly 1i!nessing as a lifes!yle !han !o have a person 1ho has a degree in evangelism bu! no en!husiasm for i!. &-ademi- and pra-!i-al !raining -an -ome la!er. &bili!y is less impor!an! !han availabili!y, bu! ideally bo!h 2uali!ies are in pla-e. ,n a !eam, , have seen God favor !hose 1ho 1ere less !han ade2ua!e, in-luding myself, and give !hem ade2ua-y beyond !heir 1ildes! imagina!ion. *phes. 30() s!a!es !ha! our God is able !o do .e+-eeding abundan!ly above all !ha! 1e ask or !hink,/ be-ause i! is ?is po1er !ha! 1orks in us. 5his is !rue 1hen people obedien!ly follo1. &s 1e look a! !he grea! servan!4leaders of !he #hur-h !oday, mos! of !hem have no! -ome from posi!ions of po1er and au!hori!y 1i!hin !heir family or a-ademi- s!ru-!ures, bu! God has promo!ed !hem a--ording !o !heir obedien-e. H. Grea! !eam" %"e ?)ar!i.i)a!i#e managemen!.@ 13(

5his is a rela!ively re-en! !erm. Ae! i! is !he 1ay 1e have seen God 1ork mos! drama!i-ally in !eams. &u!hori!y s!ill e+is!s, and everyone re-ogniEes i!. Par!i-ipa!ive managemen! is synergism a! i!s bes!. 5he people involved realiEe !ha! i! is no! a pure demo-ra-y. 5hey kno1 !ha! !hey are e+pe-!ed !o -ommuni-a!e a! various levels 1i!hin !he !eam s!ru-!ure !o a--omplish !he desired end. 5hey keep in mind !ha! !hose in au!hori!y above !hem mus! be -learly sho1n !he pi-!ure as i! develops, and !ha! ea-h one mus! re-eive approval a! every poin! of developmen!. 9. Ser#i.e i" more im)or!an! ! an )o"i!ion. Bu! so shall i! no! be among you0 bu! 1hosoever 1ill be grea! among you, shall be your minis!er0 and 1hosoever of you 1ill be !he -hiefes!, shall be servan! of all B<ark 1)0:34 ::, K;!C. 5he 1ords .serve/ and .servan!/ are lis!ed in !he Bible four!een hundred and fif!y4!1o !imes. Dur model is Kesus #hris!, !he grea!es! %ervan!4 eader of all. Rober! Greenleaf, a serving e+e-u!ive 1i!h &5X5, s!a!es in Servant Leadership0 ,n a radi-al fashion Kesus, by e+ample and 1ord, es!ablishes servan!hood as !he 1ay in 1hi-h ?is men are !o lead o!hers. ?e e+pressly repudia!es every se-ular model of leadership in favor of servan!hood....,! 1as !he form of servan!hood !ha! !he %on of God -hose !o pour ?is divine life in!o. &nd !he Fa!her didnF! break !he mold 1hen ?e sen! ?im.8 K. Ds1ald %anders e+pressed !he leader4as4servan! prin-iple !his 1ay0 Be-ause 1e -hildren of &dam 1an! !o be-ome grea!, ?e be-ame small. Be-ause 1e 1ill no! s!oop, ?e humbled ?imself. Be-ause 1e 1an! !o rule, ?e -ame !o serve.9 1I. 2eam member" m%"! " o- re")e.! (or ! e lea$er an$ (or o! er !eam member". %end men...every one a leader among !hem B>umbers 130(C. &s General #olin Po1ell has said, !eam members .respe-! leaders 1ho hold !hem !o a high s!andard and !ake !hem !o !he limi!Has long as !hey see a 1or!h1hile ob=e-!ive./ 7 & grea! !eam is usually an organiEa!ion made up of as many Bor moreC follo1ers as !here are leaders. @i!hin an e+-ellen! !eam are also several people 1ho are -apable of s!epping in!o !he slo! of !he leader if unfor!una!e -ir-ums!an-es remove him. *a-h person mus! have -omple!e loyal!y !o !he leader. ,n !his 1ay, !he harmony in !he !eam is -onsis!en! regardless of !he -hallenges or sa-rifi-es. 5hough personali!ies 1ill vary 1i!hin !he !eam, from !he mos! rela+ed !o !he mos! impulsive, !he balan-e -omes from !he in!era-!ion of !hese. *veryoneFs s!reng!hs should -omplemen! !he o!hersF 1eaknesses. &nyoneFs s!reng!hs, ho1ever, -an be-ome his 1eaknesses if undis-iplined. 5herefore, !he !eam members mus! respe-! ea-h o!her enough !o -onfron! in love. @ise -onfron!a!ion is al1ays a gro1!h pro-ess for everyone 1i!hin !he !eam. >o! every !eam is perfe-!. *ven Kesus #hris! had ?is Kudas. 11. A !eam i" only a" "!rong a" i! i" $i".i)line$. &n effe-!ive minis!ry !eam e+hibi!s dis-ipline on !hree planes0 spiri!ual, physi-al and men!al. 'is-ipline also opera!es on !1o organiEa!ional levels0 personal and -orpora!e. 'is-ipline is vi!al. & physi-ally unkemp! !eam is normally undis-iplined in o!her 1ays. Physi-al dis-ipline, ho1ever, is se-ondary !o spiri!ual. ,! is manda!ory !ha! every person in !he !eam be responsible for s-rip!ural in!ake, -ommunion 1i!h God and his o1n 133

personal in!ima-y 1i!h #hris! and o!hers. &s Billy Graham has of!en said regarding early mornings, .>o Bread, no bread./ ,n my life, i! is my goal !o have a daily 2uie! !ime, e+er-ise physi-ally every day Beven 1hen !ravelingC and !o read some!hing !o refresh my mind and help me !o gro1 in kno1ledge. 17. E((e.!i#e !eam" reali1e ! a! (ail%re may be a "!e) !o-ar$ "%..e"". Failure is a par! of su--ess. Dne of !he mos! su--essful people , kno1 is !he former #ongressman, Bob <-*1en, from Dhio. @hile in #ongress, he served his -ons!i!uen!s 1ell and 1as posi!ioned !o be-ome a ma=or leader in !he ?ouse of Represen!a!ives. @hen !he boundaries of his -ongressional dis!ri-! -hanged, ho1ever, he los! his sea! by a mere ( per-en! of !he vo!e. For an ele-!ed offi-ial, !ha! is failure. &l!hough failure is al1ays emo!ionally deple!ing, !he 1ay !his man 1orked !hrough his si!ua!ion 1as an e+ample of gro1!h !hrough defea!. ?is demeanor, hones!y regarding !he s!ruggle, fai!h in God and a!!i!ude have made him more a man of su--ess !han ever before. ike1ise, grea! !eams do no! vie1 failures as !erminal ou!-omes, nor as paralyEing defea!, bu! as par! of GodFs refining pro-ess. Failure represen!s a lesson !ha! may fa-ili!a!e a be!!er fu!ure performan-e by !he !eam. Aou 1ould be hard pressed !o find any !eam of influen-e !ha! has no! suffered serious se!ba-ks along i!s pa!h !o influen-e. 1;. 2eam" m%"! a. ie#e a "igni(! .om(or! le#el -i! in ! e (amilial organi1a!ion ". eme. @hen i! -omes !o handling -hange and addressing oppor!uni!ies, family uni!s are poised !o move 2ui-klyG bureau-ra-ies are legendary for !heir inabili!y !o respond in a !imely fashion. For a family !o fully e+ploi! i!s op!ions, ho1ever, every member of !he family mus! be -omfor!able 1i!h !he in!ima-y of !ha! -lose4kni! rela!ionship. ,n !his 1ay, ea-h person 1ill be able !o -onfide, e+hor!, en-ourage and apply !hemselves for spiri!ual produ-!ion. 1>. +omm%ni.a!ion i" .r%.ial. ,n an era of signifi-an! -hange su-h as ours, !here is no subs!i!u!e for effe-!ive -ommuni-a!ion 1i!hin !he !eam. &n effe-!ive !eam is 1ell organiEed and 1ell informed. @i!hou! !he -ohesiveness !ha! -omes from -omple!e !rus! and -lear -ommuni-a!ion, !he bu-ksho! 1ill be headed in !he same dire-!ion !o1ard !he !arge!, bu! in !he spa-es in be!1een, !he adversary -an 1ork and -ause division and disharmony. 1A. Grea! !eam" re")on$ !o . ange by remaining (leBible. ,n 1977, !he Billy Graham !eam had plans for rea-hing !he 1hole 1orld 1i!h !he gospel simul!aneously !hrough sa!elli!e. @e se-ured offi-es in ondon, moved s!aff !here and began !raining. &f!er several mon!hs of prepara!ion, 1e realiEed !ha! !he !e-hnology ne-essary !o a--omplish !his 1orld1ide 1as simply no! available ye!. 5he de-ision 1as made !o s-rap !he ini!ial idea and !o rea-h !he 1orld in 2uadran!s from ondon, ?ong 6ong, Buenos &ires and *ssen, Germany. *ven!ually, a ma=or global effor! 1ould be a!!emp!ed in 199:, if !he re2uisi!e !e-hnology 1as in pla-eH1hi-h i! 1as. 5his s!ra!egi- -hange mean! an upheaval in !he lives of many families, individuals and !a-!i-al plans !ha! had already been implemen!ed. ,! 1as !he righ! !hing !o do, !hough. & !eam mus! never be so lo-ked in!o a plan !ha! i! -anno! be fle+ible !o !he reali!ies of !he si!ua!ionHand !hose reali!ies -hangeJ 1F. 2eam lea$er" $elega!eD ! ey $o no! ab$i.a!e. Gene @arr, a !remendous businessman and developer from Dklahoma #i!y, has a saying !ha! , love0 .5he bes! fer!iliEer for !he =ob is !he foo!prin! of !he boss./ & !eam leader mus! re-ogniEe !he spiri!ual gif!s of !hose 1i!hin his !eam and delega!e !he !eamFs !asks a--ordingly. Df -ourse, ea-h !eam memberFs abili!y !o persis!, a!!i!ude !o1ard !he =ob and 13:

1ork performan-e, in addi!ion !o personal spiri!ual gif!s, de!ermines 1ho is given 1hi-h !ask. 5hen, !hough, !he leader mus! allo1 !he !eam members andMor !he !eam as a 1hole !o -omple!e !he !ask 1i!hou! unne-essary in!erferen-e. *a-h !eam opera!es differen!ly, and people 1i!hin a !eam may use differen! approa-hes !han migh! be used by o!her !eam members. *ffe-!ive leaders allo1 for personal -rea!ivi!y and individuali!y in a--omplishing assignmen!s. , learned !he impor!an-e of delega!ion 1i!h !he Billy Graham !eam. @orking in !hree or more -rusade -i!ies 1i!h differen! !eams ea-h year for !1en!y years, , realiEed !ha! differen! s!yles a--omplish !he !asks in differen! 1ays, bu! !hey do a--omplish i!. 5he !eam leaderFs =ob is !o plan, delega!e, oversee, -on!rol and en-ourage. &llo1 your !eam !o gro1. Give !eam members !asks !ha! are 1i!hin !heir gif!ings and abili!ies, bu! beyond !heir previous e+perien-e. %!re!-h !hem, bu! be available !o assis!. *n-ourage, e+hor!, -hallenge or -orre-! as needed. 17. A!!i!%$e ma!!er". Grea! !eam" eB ibi! "in.eri!y' !ran")aren.y an$ #%lnerabili!y. <ain!aining and modeling !hese 2uali!ies is diffi-ul! for leaders, and i! is made more diffi-ul! by publi- s-ru!iny. ,! has been said !ha! only !he s!ronges! survive, and many people in!erpre! !ha! !o mean !ha! leaders are !hose people 1ho s!ep on o!hers !o ge! ahead. & vulnerable leader is one 1ho is 1ounded no! only in -omba!, bu! one 1ho has also had his pride pun-!ured by -olleagues 1ho love !he leader enough !o offer -ons!ru-!ive -hallenge or -orre-!ion. 1H. 0i! in (amilial organi1a!ion"' ! ere i" re.o%r"e. ,n an effe-!ive !eam, as in a fun-!ional family, everyone has a--ess !o all o!her people in !he uni!, regardless of !he levels of responsibili!y held by ea-h. 5his a--ess is a privilege and mus! be used 1isely, demons!ra!ing respe-! for !hose being -hallenged or -ri!i2ued. ,n !he Billy Graham !eam, 1e had an un1ri!!en rule !ha! if your supervisor 1as no! fun-!ioning in a 1ay you !hough! 1as appropria!e, or de-isions 1ere no! being made !ha! 1ould be a--ep!able, you 1ould go !o your supervisor !1i-e for resolu!ion. ,f resolu!ion 1as no! for!h-oming, you -ould go !o his superior. 5hough !his 1as -er!ainly humbling for !he supervisor, i! 1as no! 1i!hou! pre-eden! and 1as a--ep!ed !hroughou! !he !eam. 19. ,ni!y $ri#e" im)a.!. ,! is vi!al for a !eam !o be fo-used in dire-!ion. Aou never see a good foo!ball !eam, af!er !he ball is snapped !o !he 2uar!erba-k, run in eleven differen! dire-!ions on !he field. 5o be effe-!ive, !he !eam mus! move in a -oordina!ed manner, in !he same dire-!ion. Players from !he opposing !eam s!rive !o break !hrough !he offensive line !o -rea!e -haos and des!roy !he play. 5he grea!er !he -ommon vision, shared purpose, =oin! unders!anding and !oge!herness !he !eam 1i!h !he ball displays on ea-h play, !he more likely !hey are !o s-ore !ou-hdo1ns and 1in !he game. %imilarly, GodFs !eams mus! no! give %a!an any oppor!uni!y !o invade !heir !erri!ory and 1reak havo-. <inis!ry !eams mus! uni!e !o be-ome a darkness4pier-ing arro1, elimina!ing all !he spiri!ual spa-e or gaps be!1een members. & house divided agains! i!self -anno! s!and. 5he hear!s, 1ills and energy of !eam members mus! be kni! !oge!her 1i!h -ommon purpose and dire-!ion. 7I. Ea. )er"on -i! in ! e !eam i" a .oa. an$Kor )layerK.oa. (or ! o"e aro%n$ an$ belo-. 5he leader of any !eam -an fall, die or be removed a! any!ime. 5herefore, ea-h person in !he !eam mus! be developing as a leader. 5hough par!i-ular people may never rise !o be-ome !he primary leader of !he !eam, !he !eam i!self -an only progress if ea-h memberFs personal gro1!h is -ons!an!. For !his !o o--ur, ea-h person mus! no! only be a-!ively 138

involved in !he game, bu! he mus! also be vulnerable 1i!h o!hers and -ons-iously building up !he o!hers !hrough en-ouragemen! or e+hor!a!ion. ,n my e+perien-e, only 8 !o 7 per-en! of people appear !o be na!urally gif!ed leaders. Perhaps ano!her 9 !o 7 per-en! -an be !rained as leaders. *igh!y per-en! of people are e+-ellen! follo1ers and appre-ia!e !ha! posi!ion. *ven as follo1ers, some!imes !here are one or !1o levels belo1 !hem !o 1hi-h !hey are giving leadership. Df!en a fe1 people a! !he far end of !he spe-!rum are rebellious. 5hey -ould be leaders, bu! !hey are so independen! !ha! !hey do no! !ake in!o a--oun! !he needs of !he !eam as a 1hole, and de-ide !o do !heir o1n !hing. 5hey are usually unila!eral de-ision makers 1ho head off in !heir o1n dire-!ion 1i!hou! -ommuni-a!ing 1i!h o!hers !o a-hieve -onsensus. Df!en !hey look ba-k, !hinking !hey are leaders, and !o !heir -hagrin !hey dis-over !ha! no one is follo1ing. 5hese kind of !eam members !end !o be draining !o !he o!hers. 5hese people are .high main!enan-e/ in !erms of !ime inves!ed in !hem -ompared !o 1ha! !hey produ-e for !he !eam. 71. Non)ar!i.i)a!ory !eam member" .o%l$ an$ " o%l$ be remo#e$. Pro-ess is vi!al in developing a !eamG kno1ing, -ommuni-a!ing, suppor!ing, en-ouraging and e+hor!ing one ano!her is ne-essary. Produ-! is also vi!al. ,f !he !eam has as i!s goal evangelism, !ha! should be !he ul!ima!e re!urn on inves!men!. ,f !he !eam has as i!s goal so-ial -on-ern, !he number of mou!hs fed, bodies -lo!hed and nigh!s of sleep prepared is !he produ-!. ,f a person is no! produ-ing, he is .!reading 1a!er./ Dne -anno! do !his in minis!ry. 5he adversarial -urren!s are !oo s!rong !o allo1 !eam members !o be !reading 1a!er. 5ha! person is going ba-k1ard and pulling !he !eam in !he 1rong dire-!ion. , have found !ha! !he follo1ing s!eps need !o be involved in redire-!ing !he effor!s of unprodu-!ive or nonpar!i-ipa!ory !eam members. I 5he person mus! be -onfron!ed in love by !he person 1ho sees !he fla1. I ,f no -hange o--urs, !ha! person mus! be lovingly e+hor!ed by a -ouple of members of !he !eam. I ,f s!ill no eviden-e of sa!isfa-!ory progress is sho1n, !he !eam mus! implemen! an es!ablished pro-edure for ei!her adheren-e or removal of !he person. 5he bes! approa-h is a loving bu! firm -onfron!a!ion. $nfor!una!ely, !his s!ep is of!en avoided by #hris!ian organiEa!ions. &f!er !he -onfron!a!ion, a 1ri!!en -on!ra-! be!1een !he !eam leader and !he person should be -rea!ed !o es!ablish !he agreed4upon de!ails of pro-ess, produ-! and !ime allo!men! designed !o fa-ili!a!e developing !he person 1ho is le!!ing do1n !he !eam. Bo!h !he !eam leader and !he person mus! sign !ha! agreemen!. I &! a spe-ified revie1 da!e, if !he -on!ra-! has been fulfilled by !he person, and sa!isfa-!ory progress has been made, !he developmen! of !he person -an be fur!hered by es!ablishing ye! ano!her -on!ra-!, again designed !o enable !he person !o -on!inue on !he gro1!h !ra-k. 5his pro-ess is -on!inued un!il he has rea-hed a poin! of developmen! !ha! meri!s being removed from !he proba!ionary sys!em and being res!ored !o full par!i-ipa!ion on !he !eam. ,f !he person does no! mee! !he spe-ified s!andards or is o!her1ise no! able !o be res!ored !o full par!i-ipa!ion, he should be given a -han-e !o resign, and be allo1ed !o save fa-e. ,f !he re2ues!ed resigna!ion is no! for!h-oming, !he person should be removed by !he !eam leader. ,n !he even! of a dismissal, i! is impor!an! for !he leader !o inform !he remaining !eam members 1ha! has !ranspired so !ha! !hey unders!and !he pro-ess !ha! has o--urred, !he =us!i-e of i! and !he re-al-i!ran! posi!ion of !he person being removed. 139

*nergy should no! be 1as!ed in fo-using on in!ernal -onfli-!s. & leader mus! handle su-h ma!!ers 2ui-kly and =us!ly. 77. S!ay (o.%"e$ on ! e goalD a..e)! no! ing le"". Rela!ionships are impor!an! !o a--omplish a !eamFs ul!ima!e goal. Grea! rela!ionships, ho1ever, are no! !he ul!ima!e purpose or goal of !he !eamFs effor!s. %u-h rela!ionships are vessels !hrough 1hi-h God !he ?oly %piri! 1orks !o a--omplish ?is !ask in individual lives and -ommuni!y. For e+ample, a minis!ry !ha! emphasiEes friendship evangelism -an easily degenera!e in!o =us! friendship if !he people on !he !eam do no! have passion, gif!ing and an a-!ion plan for evangelism. Be-ause saving fai!h is developed by hearing !he @ord of God, !he @ord of God mus! be shared, !he gospel mus! be unders!ood by !he person and a respe-!ful invi!a!ion given. D!her1ise our adversary has -on!rol of !he si!ua!ion and -ons!an!ly removes !he person from !he ul!ima!e de-ision. #er!ainly, gra-e !heology is a! 1ork during all !hisG bu! a! a -er!ain poin! de-ision !heology is ne-essary.


5eams usually develop in response !o a desire !o a--omplish a !ask and !he realiEa!ion !ha! i! re2uires more !han one person. ,f a person is involved in -omple!ing a !ask 1i!hin an ongoing fun-!ion or goal, i! is bes! !ha! !his kind of developmen! begin 1i!h an e+perien-ed and !rained poin! person. 5his person usually be-omes !he servan!4leader, bu! no! al1ays. 5hen developmen! of a !eam usually ensues. ,ni!ially, i! is brough! !oge!her by one or !1o people a! a !ime as !he minis!ry gro1s. #harlie Riggs has of!en reminded me, .Aou al1ays gro1 in!o minis!ryG never go in!o minis!ry./ <inis!ries !ha! !ry !o s!ar! !oo big of!en -ollapse. &s , have looked ba-k a! !he !1en!y years 1i!h <r. Graham, , have seen many young evangelis!s 1ho 1an!ed !o be !he .ne+! Billy Graham./ <ore of!en !han no!, !hey moved !oo 2ui-kly, buil! !heir o1n kingdom and sa1 !heir minis!ry -ollapse finan-ially. 5he Billy Graham !eam s!ar!ed on i!s knees, 1i!hou! funding or endorsemen!s. <r. Graham 1as !he one God -alled and anoin!ed as leader. God gave him !he vision of doing a !ask !ha! 1as his!ori-ally a vi!al par! of !he #hur-h. D!hers 1ho had !he same hear! for evangelism, bu! differen! gif!s, =oined him. 5hey died !o !heir o1n ambi!ions, !aking pie-es of !he 1ork so !ha! <r. Graham 1as free !o do !ha! !o 1hi-h God had -alled him. 5hey be-ame, in !he po1er of !he ?oly %piri!, .!he evangelis!/ !oge!her. Dne personFs name 1as synonymous 1i!h !he movemen! a! !ha! !ime, bu! !hey all 1orked in harmony. & good e+ample of !his !oday is a group of !1en!y4one young i!ineran!s in 'enver, #olorado, -alled 6ingdom Building <inis!ries. Begun by a young, fo-used evangelis!, '1igh! Rober!son, !his group of !1en!y4one young people has banded !oge!her !o a--omplish a -ommon !ask. %ome are i!ineran! evangelis!s, some are !ea-hers, some dis-iplers and o!hers perform !he -leri-al and ba-kup suppor!. 5hey have developed !his !eam during appro+ima!ely eigh! years, gro1ing in!o minis!ry, bu! al1ays remaining driven by a vision, led by a !eam4building leader, and a--ep!ing a--oun!abili!y !o ea-h o!her for !he -ommon good of !he mission. .Find 1ays !o rea-h do1n and !ou-h everyone in a uni!. <ake individuals feel impor!an! and par! of some!hing larger !han !hemselves./ 7 #olin Po1ell ,! is !he !ask of !he servan!4leader !o -on!inue !o res!a!e !he mission of !he !eam so !ha! everyone -an -learly vie1 !he final goal from his per-ep!ion. ,! is !he preroga!ive and !he purvie1 of !he leader of !he !eam !o es!ablish !he vision of !he !eam. 5he Bible says, .@here !here is no vision, !he people perish/ BProverbs (9017, K;!C. *+perien-e sho1s !ha! 1hen people have a 137

vision from God, !hey e+-el. Kesus sa1 !hings -learlyH?e had a s!eady vision, and !he dis-iples -ould easily follo1.


Dne of !he ou!s!anding guiding !ools God !he ?oly %piri! uses is funding. By beginning in prayer and allo1ing God !he ?oly %piri! !o guide in!eres!ed people 1ho 1an! !o see su-h a minis!ry funded, !he minis!ry usually gro1s a--ording !o GodFs provision. Po!en!ial dangers e+is! among minis!ries !ha! s!ar! 1i!h s!rong funding. <any of !hem gro1 so 2ui-kly !ha! !he minis!ry !eam does no! ade2ua!ely ma!ure as !he levels of responsibili!y and !he po!en!ial for influen-e in-rease. %u-h 1ell4funded minis!ries of!en dis-over !ha! !hey harbor people 1ho 1an! a posi!ion, bu! are no! sold ou! !o !he mission. %ome!imes !hese minis!ries are !he design of men and 1omen ra!her !han !he ou!-ome of a dire-!ion anoin!ed by !he ?oly %piri!. Df -ourse, having !he ne-essary funds !o perform !he desired minis!ry is no! al1ays or ne-essarily bad. ,! =us! means !ha! !hose in -harge of !he .design !eam/ for !he minis!ry mus! !ruly be men and 1omen of God, 1holly -ommi!!ed !o !he ?oly %piri! and as pure as possible before ?im so !hey -an be ade2ua!e vessels !hrough 1hom ?e -an flo1. ,n ( 5im. (0(1, Paul ins!ru-!s us !ha! God u!iliEes holy vessels prepared for ?is 1ork. Relying on presen! resour-es and a personal game plan is no! al1ays blessed of !he ord. >e1 1orks !ha! are no! of God 1ill no! su--eed. & !eam mus! develop a--ording !o a !rue -alling and mission of !he ord.

Perhaps !his sounds harsh, bu! , have seen i! many !imes0 People 1ho 1an! !heir posi!ions !o -on!inue -onspire !o -arry on !he minis!ry so !ha! !hey -an have se-uri!y. 5he minis!ry fun-!ion may be 1or!h1hile, and maybe God -ould use i!. @i!hou! !he proper mo!ive, ho1ever, selfishness -an -reep in!o a !eam, dividing s!rong rela!ionships, e+al!ing individuals ra!her !han !he !eam and building a poli!i-al sys!em ra!her !han a family for God. ,n my opinion, !he flo1 of organiEa!ional evolu!ionary degenera!ion is as follo1s0 I & fe1 people in !he ini!ial !eam, 1ho have a hear! for God and a -alling, bond !oge!her sa-rifi-ially !o see GodFs 1ill in !his par!i-ular minis!ry. I &s !he family of minis!ry develops, !he en!i!y be-omes some1ha! more organiEed. People allo1 !heir spiri!ual gif!s !o be u!iliEed in spe-ifi- areas. 'uring !his s!age, !hose 1ho have an en!repreneurial flair blossom. ?aving only un1ri!!en guidelines in pla-e, i! -an be one of !he s!ronges! minis!ry developmen! periods. ,! is also !he mos! fun kind of organiEa!ion in 1hi-h !o 1ork for !hose 1ho love !o !ry ne1 !hings and 1ork -losely 1i!h a !eam of people. &n e+ample of an organiEa!ion !ha! flourished during !his phase of developmen! 1as &pple #ompu!er. ,n i!s early days, !he organiEa!ion a!!ra-!ed a 1eal!h of young men and 1omen 1ho 1ere inspired by !he vision of !he -ompanyFs founders, e+-i!ed by !he -hallenge of -rea!ing some!hing revolu!ionary, and 1ho reveled in !he -rea!ive environmen! a! &pple. egend has i! !ha! many of !he innova!ors a! &pple during !hose days ga!hered regularly in a Ka-uEEi !o brains!orm. 5he -ompany en-ouraged unusual -rea!ive endeavors !o1ard developing a novel produ-!. *ven!ually, !hey developed !he mos! user4friendly !ool in a ne1 field of personal -ompu!ers. I &s !he minis!ry gro1s, more .managers/ are usually brough! in!o !he pi-!ure. 5his does no! ne-essarily represen! a problem. &f!er all, good managemen! enables a minis!ry !o respond 2ui-kly !o oppor!uni!ies, !o organiEe effi-ien!ly for -hange, be fle+ible and !o en-ourage -rea!ive !hinking. 137

I >e+! -omes !he more formal organiEa!ion of !he players. 5his s!ru-!uring is of!en ne-essi!a!ed by an organism gro1ing in siEe and -omple+i!y beyond i!s abili!y !o 1ork from an un1ri!!en frame1ork. ,f godly leadership is in pla-e, !he minis!ry -an -on!inue !o blossom, =us! as !he organiEed -lass mee!ings in early <e!hodism did. ,f -arnal, ungodly, selfish or poli!i-al leadership is in pla-e, ho1ever, !his be-omes less !han an appropria!e venue for people 1ho 1an! !o address !he -on!emporary needs of so-ie!y. &s so-ie!y -hanges, organiEa!ions of!en fail !o keep up 1i!h !he dynami-s of so-ial -hange be-ause !he minis!ry is !oo s!a!i-. ,B< is a fi!!ing e+ample of !his phenomenon. ,n !he si+!ies and seven!ies, !his mul!ibillion4dollar global gian! fel! i!s pres!igious s!a!us in !he -ompu!er marke!pla-e 1as unassailable. 5he -orpora!ion had a singular fo-us0 !o produ-e large main frame -ompu!ers. &s !he marke! -hanged around !hem, !hough, !hey realiEed !ha! !o survive !hey had !o en!er !he personal -ompu!er marke!. 5hey even!ually organiEed a -rea!ive, en!repreneurial !eam !o design a personal -ompu!er and -ompe!e 1i!h &pple and o!hers. I 5he finalHand mos! frigh!eningHphase is 1hen !he !eam be-omes par! of an ins!i!u!ion. DrganiEa!ional analys!s des-ribe !his as !he four!h and final s!age of an organiEa!ion going from bir!h !o dea!h, passing from man !o movemen!, !o ma-hine, !o monumen!. &! !his poin!, !he a-!ivi!y of !he en!i!y has be-ome so rou!iniEed !ha! !he en!i!y has ou!lived i!s abili!y !o ma+imiEe i!s po!en!ial. 5he monumen! 1ill -on!inue !o sleep1alk !hrough life unless a person of vision en!ers !he s-ene and revi!aliEes !he organiEa!ion !hrough !he po1er of vision and s!rong leadership. &leksandr %olEheni!syn s!a!ed in an address !o !he gradua!ing -lass of ?arvard in 19770 & so-ie!y based on !he le!!er of !he la1 and never rea-hing any higher, fails !o !ake advan!age of !he full range of human possibili!ies. 5he le!!er of !he la1 is !oo -old and formal !o have a benefi-ial influen-e on so-ie!y. @henever !he !issue of life is 1oven of legalis!irela!ionships, !his -rea!es an a!mosphere of spiri!ual medio-ri!y !ha! paralyEes menFs nobles! impulses. &f!er a -er!ain level of !he problem has been rea-hed, legalis!i- !hinking indu-es paralysisG i! preven!s one from seeing !he s-ale and !he meaning of even!s.9 5ha! !heme is !aken fur!her by &lonEo <-'onald, 1ho reminds us !ha! a bureau-ra-y is no! immor!alHno! even a minis!ry bureau-ra-y. 5eam developmen! 1i!hin a minis!ry -on!e+!, regardless of i!s fo-us, mus! opera!e 1i!h !hree priori!ies in mind0 1. &ll !ha! is done is for !he benefi-iary. ,n minis!ry, !he servi-e is for !hose people 1ho 1ill benefi! by !he minis!ry and also God ?imself 1ho is honored by our selflessly responding !o ?is -alling. (. 5he organism i!self is !he se-ond priori!y. &s 1e live !o fulfill !he needs of !he benefi-iary, 1e realiEe !ha! !he bes! 1ay !o a--omplish !his is !hrough a !eam !oge!her. &s !he !eam is lif!ed up, fo-us main!ained and in!ernal s!rife minimiEed, !he organism is honored before o!hers and before !he ord. ?e in !urn empo1ers i!. 3. 5he employee is !hird. ,n !he .me/ genera!ion, 1e have seen in many para-hur-h organiEa!ions and -hur-h s!affs !ha! .me/ 1an!s !o be lif!ed up above .1e./ 5his is !he dea!h knell of an organiEa!ion. @hen !he employees live for !hemselves, !hey des!roy !he repu!a!ion of !he minis!ry and li!erally su-k i! dry in a varie!y of 1ays.1) @hen people are more -on-erned abou! !heir posi!ions !han !he mission, degenera!ive for-es are a! 1ork. ,n -on!ras!, , am reminded again of Billy Graham. 'uring his de-ades of publiminis!ry, <r. Graham re-eived many a!!ra-!ive offers of al!erna!ive employmen!, ranging from 139

ambassadorships !o !he presiden-ies of ma=or -orpora!ions. @i!hou! hesi!a!ion he re=e-!ed all of his sui!ors, no!ing !ha! !o a--ep! any of !hose offers 1ould be a .demo!ion./ ?e -ould no! s!ep do1n from !he highes! -alling of all, !ha! of !elling o!hers abou! Kesus #hris!.

*ffe-!ive !eam building re2uires more !han vision, a -alled leader, a -ommi!!ed group of people 1ho share a passion and -omplimen!ary gif!s, ade2ua!e funding and a good plan of a-!ion. 5hose elemen!s are indispensable, of -ourse. Df!en !he e+-i!emen! of building a grea! !eam over1helms !he re-ogni!ion !ha! a grea! leader mus! no! only build, bu! also main!ain !he !eam. @ha! does i! !ake !o main!ain a !eamN <any of !he same 2uali!ies !ha! i! !ook !o develop !he !eam in !he firs! pla-e, bu! applying !he prin-iples in 1ays !ha! re-ogniEe !he ma!ura!ion of !he !eam. 5o main!ain !he in!ensi!y of -ommi!men! and !he sharpness of fo-us, !he leader mus! -rea!ively re-as! !he vision and iden!ify !he !eamFs priori!iesG es!ablish fluid lines of -ommuni-a!ionG address -onfli-! 2ui-kly and de-isively, 1i!h !he -on!e+! of !he minis!ryFs vision and valuesG fa-ili!a!e !rus! among membersG deploy !eam members in areas of gif!ednessG en-ourage and e+hor! !he members !o re!ain a Eeal for !heir -auseG and model !he very -hara-!er !rai!s !he leader mus! possess !o influen-e his people Bvulnerabili!y, a--essibili!y, !ransparen-y, lis!ening and so onC. Dne of !he keys !o effe-!ive main!enan-eHas opposed !o survival main!enan-eHis for !he leader !o be so in love 1i!h !he !eam !ha! he 1ill sa-rifi-e his pre-ious !ime for !he sake of individual members, !o 1eep 1hen !he !eam 1eeps and !o share !ough love 1henever ne-essary. 5he leader is a s!e1ard of !he -omple+ 1eb of rela!ionships !ha! -omprise !he hear!bea! of !he !eam. &s &. @. 5oEer no!ed0 & !rue and safe leader is likely !o be one 1ho has no desire !o lead, bu! is for-ed in!o a posi!ion of leadership by !he in1ard pressure of !he ?oly %piri! and !he press of e+!ernal si!ua!ions. %u-h 1ere <oses and 'avid and !he Dld 5es!amen! prophe!s. , !hink !here 1as hardly a grea! leader from Paul !o !he presen! day bu! 1as draf!ed by !he ?oly %piri! for !he !ask, and -ommissioned by !he ord of !he #hur-h !o fill a posi!ion he had li!!le hear! for. , believe i! migh! be a--ep!ed as a fairly reliable rule of !humb !ha! !he man 1ho is ambi!ious !o lead is dis2ualified as a leader. 5he !rue leader 1ill have no desire !o lord i! over GodFs heri!age, bu! 1ill be humble, gen!le, self4sa-rifi-ing and al!oge!her as ready to follow as to lead, when the Spirit ma&es it clear that a wiser and more gifted man than himself has appeared-11 General #olin Po1ell has been !hrough many !ough ba!!lesHbo!h in !he field and behind !he doors in de-ision4making -apa-i!ies. ?is perspe-!ive is realis!i- and -ompassiona!e regarding !he impor!an-e of main!aining !he !eam !hrough a balan-e of hard dis-ipline and !ender suppor!. .>obody every go! !o !he !op 1i!hou! slipping up. @hen someone s!umbles, , donF! believe in s!omping on him. <y philosophy is0 pi-k Fem up, dus! Fem off and ge! Fem moving again./ 1( 5his is !he same !eam4building philosophy used by Kesus #hris! during ?is 1ork on ear!h.


For !hose 1ho are !ruly leaders, building a !eam and main!aining i! is indispu!ably one of !he mos! fulfilling !asks imaginable. ,! allo1s a leader !o e+er-ise his gif!s by dra1ing !he mos! ou! of ea-h par!i-ipan!, inves! in !hose individuals and dis-over !he =oys of dying !o self for !he benefi! of o!hers. Kesus modeled i! for us. For 1ha! more -ould 1e askN


17 +on(li.!6 2 e Re(ining Fire o( Lea$er" i)

/im *an 5)eren
51o images -ome immedia!ely !o mind 1henever someone asks me !o des-ribe leadership and -onfli-!H<oses and >ehemiah. *d1in <oses and Rinaldo >ehemiah, !ha! is. 'o you remember !hese menN *d1in <oses 1as !he grea!es! :))4me!er hurdler in !he 1orld. For more !han a de-ade, he never los!. ,n 1979, he 1on a gold medal in !he <on!real Dlympi-s. Rinaldo >ehemiah 1as a 1orld4-lass 11)4me!er hurdler. ,n!eres!ingly, bo!h men 1ere s!rong runners, bu! many runners 1ere s!ronger. Bo!h 1ere fas!, ye! many 1ere fas!er. %o 1hy did <oses and >ehemiah al1ays 1inN 5hey had !he uni2ue abili!y !o an!i-ipa!e, approa-h and over-ome obs!a-lesH!he hurdles. <oses and >ehemiah 1ere grea! runners, like !heir an-ien! namesakes 1ere grea! leaders, because of the obstacles. ,n o!her 1ords, !he hurdles made !hem grea!. &s hurdles make !he runner, -onfli-! defines !he leader. 5o define leadership, 1e mus! firs! unders!and !he na!ure of -onfli-!. & grea! problem in !he #hur-h !oday is !ha! 1e define leadership mu-h !oo broadly and almos! al1ays disregard !he role of -onfli-! in !he performan-e of leadership fun-!ions. eaders are ne-essary, !hough, because of -onfli-!. ,n &meri-a, #hris!ians have embra-ed !1o mis!aken vie1s abou! -onfli-! !ha! nega!ively effe-! ho1 1e unders!and leadership. 5he firs! vie1 sees -onfli-! in !erms of sin. 5he se-ond sees -onfli-! in !erms of po1er. 5hese vie1s are seldom verbaliEed, bu! ea-h is based upon a se! of deeply held, of!en un-ons-ious assump!ions !ha! guide behavior. 5hose 1ho vie1 -onfli-! as sin fo-us on !he emo!ional pain genera!ed by -onfli-!. &fraid !o hur! o!hers, -onfli-! is avoided like, 1ell, sin. People are e+!remely relu-!an! !o -onfron!, !o rebuke, !o disagree or !o offend. 5hey are like runners 1ho -ome upon a hurdle and s!op, hoping !he hurdle 1ill go a1ay, or 1ho go around !he hurdle, ins!ead of over i!, disrup!ing all !he o!her runners in !he pro-ess. 5he irony, of -ourse, is !ha! !his promo!es 1ha! !hey are seeking mos! !o avoid. $nresolved -onfli-! does no! go a1ay. ,! be-omes more divisive, resul!ing in deeper hur!. & .leader/ 1ho 1ill no! -onfron! is no! a leader. &! !he opposi!e e+!reme are !hose 1ho vie1 -onfli-! as a 1ay !o es!ablish po1er and posi!ionH!o sho1 1ho is boss. @here !he firs! vie1 is passive and a--ommoda!ing, !his vie1 is aggressive and au!hori!arian. People 1ho hold !his vie1 are like runners 1ho a!!a-k and kno-k do1n every hurdle, !ripping !hemselves and disrup!ing everyone in !heir 1ake. *very problem and disagreemen! is spiri!ualiEed !o prove ., am righ!/ and .you are 1rong./ 5he smalles! differen-es be-ome !es!s of or!hodo+y. 5his vie1 -rea!es a -ul!ure of -onfron!a!ion 1here fear and guil! -on!rol behavior. ,! is a kind of Phariseeism !ha! -elebra!es loyal!y and au!onomy, ra!her !han servan!hood and -ommuni!y. & .leader/ 1ho 1ill no! serve is no! a leader. Bo!h vie1s have some basis in !ru!h. #onfli-! is of!en !he resul! of sin, !he -onse2uen-e of living in a fallen 1orld. >o! all -onfli-!, !hough, is sin. Ra!her, sin makes -onfli-! ne-essary, and resolving -onfli-! re2uires %piri!4dire-!ed leadership. 5he key, of -ourse, is spiri!ual au!hori!y, no! human po1er. %piri!ual au!hori!y is differen! in na!ure and subs!an-e from !he kind of po1er and -on!rol 1e -ommonly !hink of, and !oo of!en rely upon, for leadership in !he #hur-h.


#onfli-!, in bibli-al unders!anding, is a pla-e of -on!es!, !he arena 1here adversaries -ompe!e. 5he Greek 1ord for -onfli-! is agon, from 1hi-h 1e derive our *nglish 1ord .agony./ 5he apos!le Paul 1ri!es, .5he sinful na!ure desires 1ha! is -on!rary !o !he %piri!, and !he %piri! 1ha! is -on!rary !o !he sinful na!ure. 5hey are in -onfli-! Qli!erally, in -ompe!i!ionR 1i!h ea-h o!her, so !ha! you do no! do 1ha! you 1an!/ BGala!ians 8017, /3!C. ife, Paul says, is a spiri!ual -on!es!. .Dur s!ruggle is no! agains! flesh and blood, bu! agains! !he rulers, agains! !he au!hori!ies, agains! !he po1ers of !his dark 1orld and agains! !he spiri!ual for-es of evil in !he heavenly realms/ B*phes. 901(, /3!C. For Paul, -onfli-! is !he -ollision be!1een GodFs !ru!h and !he 1orldFs 1isdom, be!1een spiri!ual au!hori!y and human s!reng!h. 5his idea !urns !he -ommon vie1 of po1er on i!s head. 5he #ross, .a s!umbling blo-k !o Ke1s and foolishness !o Gen!iles/ B1 #or. 10(3, /3!C, be-omes !he !urning poin! of his!ory and !he a+is of !rue au!hori!y. %o PaulFs message !o !he #orin!hians -omes .no! 1i!h 1ise and persuasive 1ords, bu! 1i!h a demons!ra!ion of !he %piri!Fs po1er, so !ha! your fai!h migh! no! res! on menFs 1isdom, bu! on GodFs po1er/ B1 #or. (0:48, /3!C. 5his e-hoes 1ha! !he ord says !o Terubbabel, .S>o! by migh! nor by po1er, bu! by my %piri!F/ BTe-h. :09, /3!C. ,n %-rip!ure, -onfli-! is !he very s!uff of fai!h. ,! is !he -rea!ive !ension be!1een la1 and gra-e, sin and forgiveness, =us!i-e and mer-y. ,! begins and ends !he salva!ion s!ory, from !he garden of *den !o Golgo!ha, from !he des!ru-!ion of !he 5emple !o !he >e1 Kerusalem. 5his unders!anding -hanges our perspe-!ive. >o1 -onfli-! is an oppor!uni!y !o demons!ra!e a ne1 reali!y in #hris!. eadership, i! follo1s, be-omes a pro-ess, no! a posi!ionG i! is learning and serving, no! -on!rolling. #onfli-! offers us !he -han-e !o gro1, !o -hange our minds and !o -rea!e ne1 -ommi!men!s based upon !he !ru!h God reveals. 5his opens !he door for a 1hole ne1 se! of assump!ions1 and prin-iples for spiri!ual leadership, in-luding !1o assump!ions !ha! form !he basis of !his -hap!er. 5he firs! assump!ion is !ha! -onfli-! is ne-essary. 5he se-ond is !ha! leadership is a -all and gif!ing.

,f dea!h and !a+es are !he firs! !1o -er!ain!ies of life, -onfli-! is !he !hird. ife reBuires -onfli-!. ,! is !he essen!ial par! of GodFs redeeming plan. 5hrough -onfli-! 1e kno1 our need, a-kno1ledge sin, re-ogniEe !ru!h and !es! our fai!h. 5hink abou! 1here 1e 1ould be, for e+ample, if >oah had no! buil! an ark in .holy fear/G if &braham had refused !o sa-rifi-e ,saa-G if <oses had no! -hallenged Pharaoh, or pled before God !o preserve s!iff4ne-ked ,sraelG if Koshua had no! mar-hed around Keri-ho, or Rahab had no! hidden !he spiesG if Gideon, %amson, %amuel, 'avid, Kesus and follo1ers of #hris! !hroughou! !he !1o !housand years of his!ory sin-e -alvary had regarded human opinion more !han !he 1ill of God. 5he narra!ive of our fai!h re2uires -onfli-!. By i! 1e learn and gro1. Dnly by !rus!ing God !hrough pain, un-er!ain!y and opposi!ion do 1e prove ?is 1ill and demons!ra!e ?is po1er. %piri!ual leadership means making de-isions !ha! bo!h -ause and resolve -onfli-!. & leaderFs de-ision !o do one !hing or !o go one 1ay mus! be a de-ision no! !o do ano!her !hing or !o go !he opposi!e 1ay. & bibli-al unders!anding of -onfli-! -hanges our perspe-!ive. 'anger !urns in!o oppor!uni!y. eadership be-omes !he ar! of dis-overing !ru!h and obeying #hris!. 5his, in !urn, -hanges !he 1ay 1e approa-h -onfli-!. #onfli-! be-omes a learning pro-ess. #onfron!a!ion and avoidan-e are repla-ed by dis-overy and dialogue. ,ns!ead of asking ho1 !o ge! ou! of -onfli-!, 1e -an ask a deeper, more relevan! 2ues!ion, .1ha! does i! mean !o follo1 #hris! !hrough -onfli-!N/ ( 1:(

Before 1e ans1er !his 2ues!ion, le! me ask 1ha! you !hink abou! -onfli-!. I &re you !he kind of person 1ho is energiEed by -hangeN I #an you live 1i!h 2ues!ions, 1i!hou! immedia!e ans1ersN I @hen !here is -onfli-!, do you address i! openly and dire-!ly, or 1ai! !o see if i! 1ill go a1ayN I ?ave you re-en!ly looked a bro!her or sis!er in !he eye and lovingly -onfron!ed !heir sins, admonishing !hem !o -hangeN I #an you hear -ri!i-ism or unfair personal a--usa!ions agains! your leadership and s!ill keep your eye on !he visionN I &re you !he kind of person 1ho -an make a %piri!4led de-ision, agains! vo-al opposi!ionN I #an you s!and firm in GodFs dire-!ion 1i!hou! any !angible proof or human -er!ain!y !ha! you are righ!N I &re you 2ui-k and ready !o say ., donF! kno1/ or ., 1as 1rong,/ 1hen !hese are !rueN ,f you ans1er no !o some or mos! of !hese 2ues!ions, you need !o prayerfully e+amine your -all and gif!ing !o lead. @i!hou! a -all and gif!ing you 1ill -er!ainly fail, be-ause you 1ill a!!emp! !o do in your o1n s!reng!h 1ha! only GodFs enabling -an a--omplish. 5his leads !o !he se-ond fundamen!al assump!ion0 eadership is a spiri!ual -all and gif!ing.


eadership is no! a !i!le, !alen! or in!eres!. ,! is no! a degree you earn or a posi!ion you hold. 5he prin-iples in !his and o!her books may make you more kno1ledgeable abou! leadership, bu! !hey 1ill no! make you a leader. Dnly God -an do !ha!. eadership is a spiri!ual gif!, a superna!ural enabling. Aou -anno! make yourself some!hing God has no! -alled or e2uipped you !o be. >o1here is !his more impor!an! !o unders!and, and more sadly demons!ra!ed, !han in -hur-h -onfli-!. %a!an is having a field day in !he &meri-an #hur-h by dividing and preo--upying believers 1i!h issues !ha! many pas!ors and lay leaders are ill4e2uipped !o handle, be-ause !hey have no spiri!ual gif! !o dis-ern or lead. 5he -all and gif!ing !o lead is dis!in-! from !he -all and gif!ing !o pas!or or !o !ea-h. >o! unders!anding !his differen-e has led many pas!ors and -hur-hes !o fail. 5he spiri!ual gif! of leadership involves hearing and seeing GodFs vision, mo!iva!ing and guiding people !o follo1 !he vision, making de-isions and resolving -onfli-!s on !he basis of GodFs revealed plan. & gif! !o pas!or does no! au!oma!i-ally mean a gif! !o lead. #onfli-! reveals !he line be!1een !he !1o. ,! is !he refining fire of leadership. #onfli-! is 1here leaders are proved, or be!!er, 1here GodFs enabling is -onfirmed. From !hese assump!ions 1e -an dra1 many prin-iples !ha! begin !o ans1er our 2ues!ion0 @ha! does i! mean !o follo1 #hris! !hrough -onfli-!N


5he role of leadership is !o see, and to &eep in view, !he big pi-!ure. ,n -onfli-!, !his means seeing !he ba!!le from GodFs perspe-!ive. 5ha! is, looking beyond 1ha! is immedia!ely seen, !o unders!and 1ha! -omes before and af!er. eaders fo-us on pa!!erns, no! even!s. 5he ploy of %a!an is !o preo--upy !he leader and !he #hur-h 1i!h !he small pi-!ureHpeople and even!s. ,f !he leader is -augh! in !his 1eb by rea-!ing !o even!s, emo!ions and behaviors, ins!ead of looking for underlying !ru!hs, !he ploy su--eeds and !he -risis deepens. @hen !he king of &ram ordered horses and -hario!s !o -ap!ure *lisha, !he human vie1 looked bleak. *arly !he ne+! morning !he servan! of *lisha looked up and sa1 !he enemy surrounding !heir -amp. ?e ran !o *lisha, -rying, .Dh, my lord, 1ha! shall 1e doN/ 1:3

.'onF! be afraid,/ *lisha ans1ered. .5hose 1ho are 1i!h us are more !han !hose 1ho are 1i!h !hem./ 5hen *lisha prayed, .D ord, open his eyes so !ha! he may see./ 5he ord opened !he servan!Fs eyes, and he looked and sa1 !he hills full of horses and -hario!s of fire, all around *lisha Bsee ( 6ings 901:417C. *very!hing depends upon 1ha! you are looking a!. 5he servan! looked a! !he immedia!e even!. *lisha sa1 !he pa!!ern of GodFs sovereign!y. ,f you look a! !he small pi-!ure, your vision is shor!sigh!ed. ,f you fi+ your eyes on Kesus, you have hope in 1ha! -anno! be seen. eaders 1ho fo-us on even!s be-ome par! of !he problem, no! !he solu!ion. 5he issue be-omes a poli!i-al s!ruggle 1i!h resolu!ion dependen! upon a humanFs abili!y, e+perien-e or kno1ledge. eaders 1ho look for pa!!erns see !he spiri!ual !ru!hs behind !he -onfli-!. %piri!ual !ru!h, no! human s!reng!h, opens up oppor!uni!ies for GodFs po1er !o be revealed and real gro1!h !o resul!. &! issue is 1ha! o--upies !he fo-usH!he ordship of Kesus #hris!, or manFs opinions.


5he firs! ins!in-! of mos! leaders is !o respond defensively 1hen -hallenged. ,! is al1ays !he 1ors! response. ,n -onfli-!, never -onfron! po1er 1i!h po1er. &l1ays -onfron! po1er 1i!h !ru!h. Po1er hinders learning and gro1!h. ,! polariEes !he issue in!o sides, for and agains!. Resolu!ion is linked !o pride, personali!y and persuasion. %omeone has !o 1in, someone has !o loseG someone has !o be righ!, someone has !o be 1rong. 5he in-en!ive is !o 1in, no! !o learn and gro1. 5he -onfli-! !akes on a life of i!s o1n, driven by self4pro!e-!ion, saving fa-e and defending repu!a!ions. ?ones! disagreemen!s suddenly be-ome personal a!!a-ks. *mo!ions rise, feeding a -y-le of inse-uri!y and gro1ing dis!rus!, 1ha! sys!em !hinkers -all !he .dynami- of es-ala!ion./ 3 *s-ala!ion -an o--ur 1hen !1o sides are mu!ually !hrea!ened, ea-h by !he o!her. @hen !his happens, every a-!ion re2uires a -oun!er a-!ion, fur!her polariEing !he sides. 5he dynami-s of es-ala!ion en!er in!o mos! -hur-h -onfli-!s. & leaderFs a!!emp! !o .solve !he problem/ of!en e+a-erba!es i!. Re-en!ly, , 1as -alled in!o a -hur-h !ha! 1as e+perien-ing sharp division be!1een !he leadership and members. <any issues fed !he -risis, bu! issues soon be-ame irrelevan!. <embers 1ere -onvin-ed !he pas!or and board 1ere manipula!ive and -on!rolling, un1illing !o hear or a-! on any member -on-erns. 5he pas!or and board, in !urn, vie1ed members as rebellious and singled ou! key members as .!roublemakers./ %ides 1ere formed, ea-h side -onvin-ed !ha! i! alone 1as a-!ing on GodFs behalf !o save .our/ -hur-h. *a-h ne1 issue, ho1ever small, fed !he division as if !hro1ing fuel on a fire. 5he follo1ing diagram illus!ra!es !he -y-le0

Bo!h leaders and members believe .5his is our -hur-h./ Bo!h sides 1an! -onformi!y !o !heir perspe-!ive. *a-h side sees !he o!her as a !hrea! !o a-hieving !he kind of -hur-h !hey 1an!. 1::

<embers a--use !he leadership of no! lis!ening. eaders a--use members of gossip. *a-h side be-omes more en!ren-hed. eaders be-ome se-re!ive, giving ou! less informa!ion, reinfor-ing !he membersF vie1 !ha! leadership is .-overing up./ 5o fill !he va-uum of informa!ion, members rely on hearsay and !heir o1n in!erpre!a!ion of even!s !o des-ribe 1ha! is happening. 5hese .edu-a!ed guesses/ are of!en 1rong, reinfor-ing !he leadershipFs posi!ion !ha! members are .!roublemakers./ 5he -y-le spins on and on. %!epping ba-k from !he ba!!le, you -an appre-ia!e !he good in!en!ions and in!ense frus!ra!ion of ea-h side. <embers and leaders responded in a 1ay !hey believed !o be .bibli-al/ and righ!, failing !o see !ha! !heir responses 1ere be-oming !he problem. *a-h side believed God 1as -alling !hem !o s!op !he a!!a-ks of %a!an. *a-h assumed !hey kne1 1hy !he o!her 1as responding and a!!ribu!ed i! !o sin. 5his reinfor-ed !he .righ!ness/ of !heir posi!ion, and !he .1rongness/ of !he o!her. ,n reali!y, %a!an 1as using !heir per-ep!ions and assump!ions !o es-ala!e !he !ension, deepen !he division and hide !he -ore spiri!ual de-ep!ion. ,n!eres!ingly, !he dynami- of es-ala!ion -an 1ork !he o!her 1ay as 1ell. *i!her par!y -an break !he -y-le simply by no! responding !o !he per-eived !hrea!. ,f one side does no! respond, i! elimina!es !he !hrea! !o !he o!her side and opens up a pa!h of unders!anding. 5his should sound familiar. Kesus !ells us !o .!urn !he o!her -heek,/ !o .do good/ and !o .pray for/ !hose 1ho ha!e us. Refusing !o rea-! defensively -an a-!ually reverse !he -y-le so !ha! !he energy is given !o lis!ening, learning and serving o!hers ra!her !han pro!e-!ing self. 5his is !he essen-e of .-onsidering o!hers more impor!an! !han yourself./ ,! is !he fulfillmen! of !he Grea! #ommand, !o love God 1i!h all your hear! and your neighbor as yourself.

AFFIR4 2R,2H IN +O44,NI25

>early all of %-rip!ure is 1ri!!en !o and for groups of people, no! individuals. @e mus! learn !o read our Bibles !his 1ay. ,ns!ead of asking, .@ha! is God saying !o meN/ 1e need !o ask .@ha! is God saying !o us?/ @e are a Body. &s believers, 1e have !he mind of #hris!. 5his is impor!an! !o remember, be-ause mos! -onfli-! in !he -hur-h is be!1een bro!hers and sis!ers, people 1i!h 1hom 1e 1ill spend e!erni!y, people in 1hom !he ?oly %piri! resides. 5his means 1e have a 1ay, by GodFs gra-e, !o resolve -onfli-! !oge!her. @hy behave like people 1i!hou! !he %piri! 1hen 1e have a--ess !o !he God of all !ru!hN Responding !o po1er 1i!h !ru!h pla-es #hris! a! !he -en!er and builds bridges 1i!h our bro!hers and sis!ers. ,! a-kno1ledges !ha! no one person kno1s !he !ru!h -omple!ely,: so 1e need ea-h o!her. ,! opens up !he oppor!uni!y !o o1n our assump!ions hones!ly, s!a!e our -onvi-!ions dire-!ly and allo1 o!hers !o give perspe-!ive openly. By separa!ing !ru!h from emo!ion, !he Body may e+amine !he issue -olle-!ively, adding and sub!ra-!ing ideas as !he problem is seen from ne1 and differen! angles. 5his ge!s individuals ou! of !he 1ay so !he ?oly %piri! -an 1ork. 5he resolu!ion -omes by affirma!ion in !he Body as !he %piri! reveals !ru!h, e+poses sin and -onvi-!s hear!s. >o! long ago , 1as 1orking 1i!h an es!ablished -hur-h of abou! !1o hundred and fif!y people. 5he bes! solu!ion !o !heir -risis mean! re-ommending !ha! 1e -an-el all regular -hur-h servi-es and programs for a period of !1o mon!hs. ,n effe-!, !he proposal 1as !o shu! do1n !he -hur-h for si+!y days. ,n pla-e of !he regular programs, spe-ial mee!ings 1ould be held !o address !he spe-ifi- issues !his -hur-h needed !o fa-e. 5his is no! !he kind of re-ommenda!ion one makes ligh!ly. ,! mean! a huge in-onvenien-e and no small disappoin!men! for everyone. 5he you!h re!rea! 1ould be -an-eled, -orpora!e evangelism effor!s -eased, a 1omenFs 1eekly program s!opped, every!hing suspended. %!ill, prayer seemed !o -onfirm !his 1as from !he ord. &s you migh! e+pe-!, !he re-ommenda!ion 1:8

raised many 2ues!ions and -omplain!s. <y response 1as !o a-kno1ledge ea-h -on-ern, res!a!e !he eviden-e suppor!ing !he de-ision and advise people !o !es! !he idea before God in prayer. 'uring !he ne+! several 1eeks many people said !o me, .Aou kno1, your re-ommenda!ion made me angry, bu! 1hen , prayed abou! i!, God affirmed i! 1as !he righ! !hing !o do./ %ome people lef! !he -hur-h, angry. <os! s!ayed, 1en! !hrough !he !1o4mon!h period, and no1 look ba-k on i! as a spiri!ual !urning poin! in !he -hur-hFs life. 5he idea did no! 1ork0 God did. 5he poin! is no! !he me!hod, i! is !he pro-ess of allo1ing God !o affirm and a-hieve !he resul!. Resolving -onfli-! is abou! dis-ernmen! and obedien-e. ,f an idea or de-ision is from God, 1hy are 1e afraid !o allo1 !he %piri! room !o -onfirm i!N @e need !o ge! ou! of GodFs 1ay.


5he -on!radi-!ion of leadership is !ha! you are -alled !o lead in su-h a 1ay as !o make !he leader irrelevan!J eaders poin! !o #hris!. &s 'avid ?ansen 1ri!es0 a leader is .a parable of Kesus./ 8 @e are a !emporary pi-!ureG never a las!ing symbol. 5his helps us unders!and -onfli-! for 1ha! i! is, no! a -hallenge !o our human po1er, bu! a !es! of GodFs kingly rule. #he-k yourself. 'o your a-!ions refle-! a desire for people !o like you, praise you or feel sorry for youN Dr are you poin!ing people !o !ru!h revealed in #hris!N Aou are no! !he issueG God is. @hen %amuel 1as old, !he elders of ,srael ga!hered !oge!her and demanded !ha! %amuel appoin! a king so !hey -ould be like o!her na!ions. %amuel 1as grieved by !his and prayed. 5he ord ans1ered, saying0 . is!en %am, !his is no! abou! you, !hey are re=e-!ing %e as !heir king./ #onfli-! is ul!ima!ely a -hoi-e !o follo1 or re=e-! GodFs sovereign!y. & leader 1ho demands sympa!hy or loyal!y !o himself ra!her !han !he lordship of Kesus #hris! is rebelling, no! leading. &ny .resolu!ion/ !ha! -omes merely by a leaderFs -harisma, no! GodFs charismata B%piri! gif!ingC, does no! resolve !he real -onfli-!. Pla-ing self a! -en!er al1ays leads a1ay from !he %piri!, asks !he 1rong 2ues!ions, seeks !he 1rong advan!ages and be-omes preo--upied 1i!h !he 1rong even!s. %elf leans on 1ha! is merely unders!ood or seen. #onfli-!, by na!ure, -on-erns !he unseen, of!en involving spiri!ual blindness and de-ep!ion, dimensions no leader -an fully unders!and alone. Resolving -onfli-!, !herefore, re2uires a spiri!ual perspe-!ive. eaders mus! have GodFs eyes Ha spiri!ual vision, insigh! and dis-ernmen!Ha!!ribu!es no! possible 1i!hou! GodFs gif!ing. eadership is no! kno1ing !he righ! ans1ers. ,! is a divine enabling !o ask !he righ! 2ues!ions.


, ask !hree 2ues!ions of any -hur-h seeking help ou! of a -risis. ?o1 !hey ans1er !ells me if !hey 1ill -hange, 1he!her or no! , -an help !hem and ho1 open !hey 1ill be !o hearing and obeying !he ?oly %piri!. 5he 2ues!ions are0 1. 'o you 1an! !o be 1ellN (. &re you 1illing !o pla-e absolu!ely every!hing on !he !able for evalua!ionN 3. &re you 1illing !o iden!ify and !o o1n your par! in !he problemN Benea!h !hese 2ues!ions lie -ri!i-al assump!ions abou! !he na!ure of -hur-h -risis0 1. 5he -ause of -onfli-! is in!ernal, no! e+!ernal Band so is GodFs solu!ionC.


(. 5he immedia!e -risis is likely no! !he fundamen!al problem, bu! is symp!oma!i- of a deeper, sys!emi- -onfli-!. B?ealing re2uires seeing !he underlying s!ru-!ures of !he -onfli-! and learning ne1 1ays !o !rus! God !hrough -hange.C 3. & leader does no! kno1 all !he ans1ers, nor is he !he solu!ion. BGod does and is.C 5he easies! mis!ake a -hur-h leader -an make is !o resolve -onfli-! !oo 2ui-kly. @e !hink 1e kno1 1ha! !he problem is, so 1e believe !he remedy is simple. %ome -hur-h leaders see !he devil in every de!ail. For !hese, !he -onfli-! is !he resul! of se-ularism, or liberalism, or legalism or any o!her .ism/ people love !o ha!e. &l!hough %a!an surely is a!!a-king !he #hur-h and looking !o gain a foo!hold !hough all !hese issues and more, 1e may give him !oo mu-h -redi!. <os! problems s!ar! 1i!h us and are e+ploi!ed by %a!an. #onfli-! is al1ays -omple+. 5his re2uires a leader !o look deeper, !o a-kno1ledge un-er!ain!y and !o live 1i!h pain. @e donF! like !his. <os! of our lives are spen! !rying !o -onvin-e people 1e kno1 !he ans1ers, minimiEe un-er!ain!y and avoid pain. %-rip!ure pain!s a differen! pi-!ure. iving in a fallen 1orld means living 1i!h -onfli-!. Fai!h is being sure of 1ha! 1e hope for and -er!ain of 1ha! 1e -anno! see. @e follo1 a %avior 1ho emp!ies ?imself and be-omes obedien! !o dea!h, even dea!h on a -ross, .for !he =oy se! before him/ B?ebre1s 1(0(, /3!C. Kesus !ells ?is dis-iples !o e+pe-! !rials and !ribula!ions. ?e prays not for God !o remove us from !he 1orld, bu! !o pro!e-! us from !he evil one. Kames reminds us !o .-onsider i! pure =oy/ BKames 10(, /3!C 1hen 1e fa-e !rials. Fai!h, and leadership, is a risky business. 5here is no -heap gra-e or 2ui-k fi+, no formula or guaran!ee for resolving -onfli-!. God 1an!s !o !ea-h us through !he pro-ess. ,! s!ar!s by asking 2ues!ions abou! ourselves.

0HA2 IS I2 ABO,2 4EJ

& leader mus! be !he firs! !o o1n !he problem. ?e mus! ask, @ha! is i! abou! me !ha! is -ausing !his even! !o happenN %!ar!ing 1i!h !his 2ues!ion opens 1indo1s of unders!anding !ha! our na!ure 1an!s !o -lose. ,! offers us !he oppor!uni!y !o resolve -onfli-! a! !he sour-e, no! simply !o address !he symp!om. ,f !he origin of mos! -onfli-! is in!ernal, no! e+!ernal, !he leader -anno! separa!e himself from !he problem. For ins!an-e, le!Fs suppose you 1an! !o end your !radi!ional %unday nigh! servi-e and repla-e i! 1i!h informal home ga!herings. Aou announ-e !he -hange and immedia!ely fa-e opposi!ion. %enior sain!s pro!es!, reminding you !ha! %unday evening servi-es are su-h a long4s!anding ins!i!u!ion !ha! no! a single servi-e has been -an-eled for !1en!y4five years0 .>o! even during !he bliEEard of F77./ Aou e+pe-!ed opposi!ion. Aou kne1 <rs. %mi!h 1ould be !he firs! !o -omplain. %o 1hen she does, you immedia!ely -on-lude !ha! !he problem is people like <rs. %mi!h .1ho 1ill never -hange./ 5he problem is !radi!ionalism. 5he remedy is !o prea-h abou! s!iff4ne-ked people. <rs. %mi!h, ho1ever, does no! believe in !radi!ionalism any more !han she believes in -hange. %he believes in Kesus, 1hom she mee!s 1i!h bro!hers and sis!ers every %unday evening. %he is no! s!iff4ne-ked, she is s-ared. @ha!Fs more, you are !he one s-aring her by !aking a1ay her !ime !o mee! Kesus. %he does no! hear your sermons be-ause you are no! speaking !o her -on-erns. Aou are prea-hing abou! your assump!ions, no! !he real problem. <issing !his, and seeing no -hange in <rs. %mi!h, you give her !he ul!ima!um0 ei!her a--ep! !his -hange, or leave !he -hur-h.


%ymp!oma!i- problems and superfi-ial solu!ions keep you from learning !he fundamen!al problemH<rs. %mi!hFs fear and your failure !o address i!. Aou, and <rs. %mi!h, are !rapped by your assump!ions. ,f a leader is eager !o fi+ !he problem, ins!ead of living, learning and gro1ing !hrough i!, !he -onfli-! may go a1ay for a 1hile bu! i! 1ill al1ays re!urnHusually bigger and 1i!h grea!er fallou!. B5oday i! is <rs. %mi!hG !omorro1 i! may be !eenagers, or -ouples or some o!her group 1ho feel aliena!ed.C 5he al!erna!ive is !o s!ar! 1i!h !he assump!ion !ha! you may be par! of !he problem. By asking !he 2ues!ion, @ha! is i! abou! me !ha! is making <rs. %mi!h rea-! !his 1ayN you -an un-over her needs and learn 1ays you -an gro1. Before =umping !o -on-lusions, or be!!er, before you even announ-e !he -hange, !alk !o <rs. %mi!h. Aou migh! say0 ., see you are un-omfor!able 1i!h our plans !o -hange. , 1an! !o unders!and !his more. 5he elders and , have spen! a lo! of !ime !hinking and praying abou! !his s!ep, and 1e believe i! is !he righ! de-ision. Bu! perhaps you see some!hing 1e have missed. #an you help me unders!and 1ha! you are feelingN/ By giving <rs. %mi!h !he oppor!uni!y !o e+press her feelings, you !ell her !ha! she is impor!an! and !ha! her -on-erns have been heard. <os! -onfli-! arises no! be-ause people disagree, bu! be-ause !hey feel lef! ou! of !he de-ision4making pro-ess. By lis!ening, you enroll her in!o !he pro-ess of -hange. Aou open up !he oppor!uni!y !o keep <rs. %mi!h as an honored member of your -hur-h 1hile helping her !hrough -hange, and making you a be!!er leader as 1ell.

&ssuming !ha! you are par! of !he problem has ano!her benefi!. ,! elimina!es blaming. &ssigning blame is one of !he grea!es! obs!a-les !o real learning and resolu!ion. Blame is %a!anFs !ool !o divide and -on2uer. 5ha! is 1hy %-rip!ure e+hor!s believers no! !o =udge, bu! !o dis-over !he .log in your o1n eye before removing !he dus! in ano!her/ Bsee uke 90:(C, and !o -onsider !he needs of o!hers before your o1n. *ven 1hen -lear4-u! sin is involved, !he admoni!ion of %-rip!ure is for %piri!4filled people !o res!ore !he sinner gen!ly.9 5he goal of -onfron!a!ion is al1ays gen!le res!ora!ion, al1ays for heal!h, never for harm. Blame is manFs 1ay, no! GodFs. By resis!ing !he urge !o blame, you -an remove people and even!s from fo-us. Aou -an un-over !he underlying issues and -orre-! !he pa!!erns of behavior !o 1hi-h !he 1hole -hur-h -on!ribu!es. For e+ample, suppose a man in your -hur-h named Pe!er is -augh! lying. ,f all you do is blame !he sinner, you have missed !he o!her half of !he lesson. @hy did Pe!er lieN &sk yourself, @ha! is i! abou! me or our -hur-h !ha! Pe!er feels -ompelled !o lieN #hris!ians usually do no! 1an!, or in!end, !o sin. 5hey have reasons. earn !o look for !he problem undernea!h !he problem and you 1ill preven! grea!er -onfli-!s do1n !he road. %imilarly, 1hen a leader fa-es some false a--usa!ion, no ma!!er ho1 far4fe!-hed, a!!a-king !he a--user inhibi!s learning. %uppose someone a--uses you of being a drunkard. Aou donF! drink, bu! bro!her Bob sees you =oining a !oas! a! a 1edding Bmis!aking your ginger ale for -hampagneC and 2ues!ions your spiri!uali!y. Before you address !he fa-!s, s!op and !hink. &sk yourself, @ha! is happening in our -hur-h, or my minis!ry, or BobFs life, !ha! he 1ould assume !he 1ors!N 5his -an ge! !o !he real problem. &ssigning blame !o o!hers may address !he sin, bu! i! of!en ignores ho1 1e -on!ribu!e !o !he s!umbling. 5he -hur-h is a Body, no! a ma-hine. Aou -an break do1n a ma-hine in!o isola!ed par!s, fi+ i! and pu! !he ma-hine ba-k !oge!her. *a-h par! s!ands on i!s o1n. ,f a par! breaks, =us! !hro1 i! 1:7

ou! and ge! a ne1 one. Bu! you -anF! !hro1 people ou! of -hur-h any more !han !he eye -an !ell !he ear, .Aou are no! impor!an!./ &s leaders, our goal is no! !o .fi+/ any!hing. ,! is !o learn and gro1 like !he living, in!er-onne-!ed organism God -rea!ed !he #hur-h !o be.

AS3 0H5' FO,R 2I4ES

5he purpose of asking 2ues!ions is !o -larify !he issue in order !o dis-over !he solu!ion. For !his reason, i! is impor!an! !o keep asking. 'onF! s!op a! !he firs! ans1er. & good e+er-ise is !o ask yourself .1hy/ a! leas! four !imes. %uppose !he -onfli-! in your -hur-h is a 2ues!ion abou! responsibili!y be!1een !he elders and !he paid pas!oral s!aff. 5he -onfli-! surfa-es 1hen Kohn, a s!aff member, suddenly s!ands up in a mee!ing and s!a!es angrily, .Aou donF! -are abou! !he s!aff,/ !hen s!orms ou!. &s -hairman of !he elders, your firs! in-lina!ion may be !o -all Kohn in for dis-ipline, !o !ell him he is being selfish, even silly. Aou !hink of all !hose !imes you said .!hank you/ !o Kohn yourself, and ho1 o!hers have !old Kohn !hey love him. Df -ourse people appre-ia!e KohnJ Bu! 1ai!. ,ns!ead of rea-!ing, ask yourself, .,s being appre-ia!ed !he real issue, or is i! a symp!om of some!hing deeperN/ 5he only 1ay !o kno1 is !o probe fur!her. Aou ask !he .@ha! is i! abou! meN/ 2ues!ion and realiEe some!hing undernea!h KohnFs ou!burs! may re2uire more insigh!. >o1 ask 1hy, four !imes0 Go !o Kohn and ask him... 1. @hy do you feel !he elders donF! -areN 5his opens up !he issue. Kohn migh! respond defensively a! firs!, bu! if you lis!en and give him oppor!uni!y !o air his feelings you -an ge! !o some spe-ifi-s. ,n fa-!, Kohn gives you many e+amples of ho1 de-isions 1ere made 1i!hou! his inpu!. ?e in!erpre!s !his as in!en!ional and s!a!es empha!i-ally, .5he s!aff needs more po1er and -on!rol./ &gain, !he !emp!a!ion 1ill be !o end !he in2uiry here 1i!h some a-kno1ledgmen! of negle-!, or a promise !o involve Kohn in more de-isions. Bu! is !his all !here is !o learnN ,s po1er !he real issueN &f!er !elling Kohn you are -ommi!!ed !o learn and serve !oge!her, you migh! ask yourself .1hy/ a fe1 more !imes. (. @hy does !he s!aff need more po1er and -on!rolN @ha! is i! abou! !he rela!ionship !he s!aff has 1i!h !he elders or 1i!h !he -ongrega!ion !ha! makes !hem feel po1erless and 1an! -on!rolN 3. @hy is our rela!ionship like !hisN ,s !here some!hing abou! our s!ru-!ure, our form of governan-e, !ha! !hrea!ens !he s!aff, invi!es dis!rus! or impedes good -ommuni-a!ionN :. @hy are 1e s!ru-!ured soN @ha! is !he spiri!ual belief, do-!rinal posi!ion or !heologi-al unders!anding behind !his s!ru-!ureN ,s i! bibli-alN ,s i! 1ha! 1e really believeN 5his pro-ess of probing deeper of!en un-overs !he sys!emi- or fundamen!al problems benea!h !he surfa-e response and emo!ional rea-!ion. <os! problems have li!!le or no!hing !o do 1i!h !he even! !ha! reveals !hem.


'igging deeper for !he roo!s of -onfli-! 1ill reveal !ha! !heology drives s!ru-!ure, s!ru-!ure drives rela!ionships and rela!ionships drive behavior.7 5heology %!ru-!ure Rela!ionships Behavior ,n !he e+ample above, Kohn s!orms ou! of !he mee!ing BbehaviorC be-ause he feels underappre-ia!ed and !hrea!ened by !he elders Brela!ionshipC. ?e feels !hrea!ened be-ause elders 1:9

are making de-isions 1i!hou! his inpu! Bs!ru-!ureC. Kohn 1an!s more -on!rol be-ause he e2ua!es posi!ion 1i!h po1er, no! minis!ry, and po1er 1i!h impor!an-e, no! servan!hood B!heologyC. ,! does no! ma!!er 1he!her KohnFs assessmen! of !he elders is a--ura!e or no!. @ha! ma!!ers is !ha! !he roo! issue is revealed so !ha! i! -an be e+plored in dialogue. @ha! do 1e believe abou! po1erN @ha! does posi!ion have !o do 1i!h po1erN @ha! does %-rip!ure !ea-hN ,s our s!ru-!ure, and !he rela!ionships formed by our s!ru-!ure, -onsis!en! 1i!h bibli-al !ea-hingN 5heology %!ru-!ure Rela!ionships Behavior Beliefs Pa!!erns *ven!s

5his drives us ba-k !o -ore values and beliefs. ?o1 is !his issue des-ribed in %-rip!ureN @ha! values and prin-iples are e+pressedN @ha! 1ould !ha! look like hereN 5hese 2ues!ions, and o!hers like !hem, form a pi-!ure of 1ha! -ould be. %eeing !his, 1e -an !hen form ne1 -ommi!men!s based upon !he !ru!h of %-rip!ure. &s long as 1e look a! !he behavior only, never asking 1ha! rela!ionships and s!ru-!ures may be -on!ribu!ing !o !he behavior, only par!ial learning !akes pla-e. Real solu!ions are no! found. 5he behavior is des!ined !o repea! i!self. @hen a leader arrives !oo early a! .!he ans1er,/ i! is usually by fo-using on par!s of !he problem or individual even!s ins!ead of !he deeper issues underlying !he -onfli-!. 5his hides !he real problem, !he 1ay !rees hide !he fores!. Real learning is sa-rifi-ed !o assigning blame and punishing !he guil!y. 5he .-ause/ is a!!ribu!ed !o some irrelevan! sour-e. .Kohn is having a bad day, heFll -alm do1n./


<os! -rises have in!ernal, spiri!ual origins !o 1hi-h !he 1hole -ommuni!y -on!ribu!es. God vie1s sin as a -ommuni!y responsibili!y. @hen one person in !he -ommuni!y sins, !he 1hole -ommuni!y bears !he guil! Bsee evi!i-us :0((, (7G Koshua 701C. God =udges 1hole na!ions for !he sins Bbehavior or even!C of a fe1. 5he 1hole -ommuni!y is a--oun!able. @hen !he apos!le Paul 1ri!es !o !he #orin!hians abou! a man 1ho has had rela!ions 1i!h his s!epmo!her, his fo-us is on !he -hara-!er of !he #hur-h, no! merely !he man. .@ha! is 1rong 1i!h you Q-hur-hR !ha! you -ould !olera!e su-h a !hingN/ Paul e+-laims. 5hinking in 1holes, no! in par!s, allo1s leadership !o -a!-h and -orre-! a drif!ing a1ay from -ore beliefs. #hur-h -rises do no! happen overnigh!. ike personal sin, -orpora!e -onfli-! -omes gradually, s!ep by s!ep. 5he pas!or 1ho -ommi!s adul!ery or !he elder 1ho embeEEles money does no! 1ake up one day de-iding !o sin. & pa!!ern of small -ompromises leads !o bigger -on-essions un!il he -an ra!ionaliEe !oday 1ha! he 1ould never have !hough! possible =us! a fe1 mon!hs earlier. @hen a -hur-h asks me for help ou! of -risis, my firs! s!ep is !o !ra-e ba-k and pu! !oge!her even!s !ha! pre-ipi!a!ed !he -onfli-!. 5his pro-ess al1ays reveals early 1arning signs !ha! 1ere missed or only superfi-ially addressed. ,n mos! ins!an-es, !he -risis -ould have been avoided if leaders simply re-ogniEed !he pa!!erns and asked !he righ! 2ues!ions. ,ns!ead, blaming or superfi-ial remedies -rea!ed a 1hole ne1 se! of problems, !hereby delaying real solu!ions. 5his dynami- is -alled .shif!ing !he burden./ 7 %hif!ing !he burden is a !emporary, inade2ua!e solu!ion !ha! makes !he symp!oma!i- problem .go a1ay/ and -rea!es ano!her problem in !he pro-ess. Pe!er %enge uses !his model !o e+plain addi-!ive behaviors su-h as al-oholism.9 & businessman fa-es s!ress a! 1ork, so he s!ops for a 18)

drink before -oming home. 5he s!ress .goes a1ay./ Bu! !omorro1 !he s!ress -omes ba-k, so he s!ops for ano!her drink. ?e s!ar!s drinking more and more. Before long he is drinking on !he =ob and keeping a bo!!le in his brief-ase. ?is .solu!ion/ -rea!es ne1 problems. <ean1hile, !he problem does no! go a1ay. ,! remains, !emporarily dorman!, !o re!urn a! a la!er da!e. ,! migh! happen !his 1ay in a -hur-h... %in in !he life of a prominen! -hur-h leader raises -alls for his dismissal. 5he leader responds firs! by defending himself, !hen, as eviden-e moun!s and 2ues!ions persis!, he a!!a-ks his a--users. 5he burden .shif!s/ a1ay from !he fundamen!al problem of sin in !he leaderFs life !o !he loyal!y of leaders and parishioners. 5he solu!ion be-omes ele-!ing loyal leaders and dis-iplining anyone 1ho asks 2ues!ions. 5his e+a-! s-enario nearly des!royed one -hur-h. 5he leader 1as asked by !he elders !o resign. ?e 1ould no!, and 1i!hou! a !1o4!hirds ma=ori!y, !he elders -ould no! for-e ou! !he leader. Frus!ra!ed, several elders resigned. 5he leader appoin!ed ne1 elders 1ho 1ere loyal !o him. 5he .solu!ion/ !o 2ues!ioning !he leader be-ame s!a-king !he board 1i!h loyal follo1ers and a!!a-king all dissen!ers. 5he message 1as s!a!ed -learly0 &ll 1ho -anno! suppor! our leaders should leave !he -hur-h. <any did. 5he problem .1en! a1ay./ @i!hin a year, eviden-e of !he real problem surfa-ed again. 5his !ime !he burden 1as shif!ed !o .ou!siders/ Bmembers 1ho lef!C gossiping and spreading rumors, and !o .insiders/ 1ho believed !hem. eadership responded, as !hey did before, no! by opening up dialogue or looking for a pa!!ern, bu! by suppressing dissen!. 5his -y-le repea!ed i!self again and again for !he ne+! !1o years. *a-h ne1 -risis -aused more people !o leave !he -hur-h. &!!endan-e dropped from four hundred !o less !han !1o hundred people. 5he one -ons!an!0 !he problem al1ays -ame ba-k. ,roni-ally, !he people needed mos! !o solve !he problem 1ere !he people for-ed !o leave. 5he -onfli-! 1as diffi-ul! and sensi!ive, re2uiring dis-ernmen! and leadership. >o! surprisingly, people 1ho had !hese gif!s 1ere !he firs! !o see !he problem and !o bring i! ou! in!o !he open. For-ing !hese people !o leave fur!her delayed !he oppor!uni!y !o es!ablish open and dis-erning leadership. 5he nega!ive side effe-!s 1ere many, in-luding0 1. (. 3. :. 8. #rea!ing !he illusion !ha! !here 1as no problemG &--using and hur!ing !hose 1ho 1ere no! !he sour-e of !he problemG 6eeping !he leader in sin, and !he Body blinded !o !he de-ep!ionG Presen!ing a nega!ive 1i!ness !o #hris!Fs name in !he regionG 'elaying !he oppor!uni!y !o learn, gro1 and fulfill GodFs vision.

eaders mus! be 1illing !o see and o1n !heir par! in !he problem before !hey -an help !he -hur-h.


$p un!il !his poin!, 1e have !alked abou! -onfli-! as a learning pro-ess. 5his approa-h bo!h avoids and resolves mos! issues before !hey rea-h a -risis. %ome -onfli-!, ho1ever, -anno! be resolved in pro-ess. ?ones! differen-es remain, or sin preven!s resolu!ion. ?ere, a leader mus! make !he de-ision and !ake a s!and. %-rip!ure is -lear0 Dbedien-e is 1ha! God is af!er in our lives. 5he role of a leader is no! !o please people, make !hem happy or -omfor!able. & leader is -alled !o hear, obey and s!and firm on 1ha! God reveals. @hen hones! differen-es e+is! af!er !he pro-ess has -larified !he issues, a leader mus! make !he -all by fai!h. 5his may resul! in one of a! leas! !hree posi!ive ou!-omes if a leader a-!s 1isely and humbly0 181

1. 5he !1o sides may separa!e pea-eably, as did Paul and Barnabas. (. 5he !1o sides may rea-h a -ompromise, agreeing !o disagree on nonessen!ial ma!!ers, or ea-h giving up some area of -on-ern for !he sake of uni!y 1hile respe-!ing !he o!herFs -onvi-!ions. 3. Dne side may volun!arily remove i!s pro!es!, allo1ing !he o!her !o move ahead. B>o!e0 5he resolu!ion should be e+plained -learly !o !he Body. #onfessions of sin and re-on-ilia!ion should be s!a!ed in dire-! propor!ion !o !he publi- na!ure of !he sin.C 5he rule of !humb is !o allo1 !he %piri! !o 1ork in su-h a 1ay !ha! !he resul! de-lares !he lordship of Kesus #hris!. @hen -onfli-! resul!s in a deadlo-k be!1een !1o sides and one side refuses !o pea-eably disagree, i! is sin. @hen !his or any o!her sin is involved, i! mus! be e+posed. 'is-ipline should be applied, !he aim being gen!le res!ora!ion. ,f !he believer refuses !o a-kno1ledge sin, !he prin-iples of %-rip!ure mus! be applied. <a!!he1 17 allo1s for =us! !1o possible rea-!ions !o an a--usa!ion of sin0 1. is!ening, 1i!h sin-ere a-!ion !aken !o repen! andMor righ! !he offenseG or (. >o! lis!ening, denying or !aking defensive a-!ion !o pro!e-! self. %-rip!ure -alls a defensive, rea-!ive pos!ure being .s!iff4ne-ked./ ,! is sin. %in in !he life of a believer grieves !he ?oly %piri!, disrup!s !he uni!y and fello1ship of !he -ommuni!y and 1eakens !he 1i!ness of !he Body. $n-onfessed sin -an des!roy a -hur-h. eaders mus! lovingly -onfron! 1hen !here is eviden-e of sin or a forsaking of !he fello1ship, follo1ing bibli-al guidelines su-h as !hese0 1. $pon dis-overy of ongoing sin in !he life of a fello1 believer, go promp!ly !o lovingly -onfron! !he member in priva!e Bsee <a!!he1 17018C. (. ,f !he believer -onfesses and renoun-es sin, gran! forgiveness in KesusF name. 3. ,f !here is no e+pression of repen!an-e, re!urn !o admonish !he believer again in !he presen-e of one or !1o 1i!nesses Bsee <a!!he1 17019C. :. ,f !here is no repen!an-e, !he ma!!er should be brough! before !he elders or your -hur-h leaders Bsee <a!!he1 17017C. 5he leaders should inves!iga!e !he ma!!er -arefully and !horoughly, dis-ussing !he spe-ifi- -harges 1i!h !he believer. 8. ,f !here is no eviden-e of repen!an-e, or if !he believer refuses !o -oopera!e in !he pro-ess, !he -hur-h Body should be made a1are of sin Bsee <a!!he1 17017C. 9. ,f !here is s!ill no eviden-e of repen!an-e, fello1ship 1i!h !his believer should be broken un!il !here is repen!an-e Bsee 1 #or. 18011G ( 5hes. 309, 1:G 5i!us 301)411C.


& -all !o lead is a -all !o an!i-ipa!e, approa-h and over-ome hurdles. Dne !hing is -er!ain0 !here 1ill be hurdles. 5he promise of %-rip!ure is !ha! God 1ill e2uip you !o mee! ea-h one. ,n &-!s ()0(3431 !he apos!le Paul gives ins!ru-!ions !o leaders af!er s!a!ing his o1n resolve0 ., only kno1 !ha! in every -i!y !he ?oly %piri! 1arns me !ha! prison and hardships are fa-ing me. ?o1ever, , -onsider my life 1or!h no!hing !o me, if only , may finish !he ra-e and -omple!e !he !ask !he ord Kesus has given meH!he !ask of !es!ifying !o !he gospel of GodFs gra-e....6eep 1a!-h over yourselves and all !he flo-k of 1hi-h !he ?oly %piri! has made you overseers. Be shepherds of !he -hur-h of God, 1hi-h he bough! 1i!h his o1n blood. , kno1 !ha! af!er , leave, savage 1olves 1ill -ome in among you and 1ill no! spare !he flo-k. *ven from your o1n number men 1ill arise and dis!or! !he !ru!h in order !o dra1 a1ay dis-iples af!er !hem. %o be on your guardJ/ 9/3!:. 18(

eadership is being fai!hful !o finish 1ell, !o keep 1a!-h and !o mee! ea-h hurdle as an oppor!uni!y !o prove GodFs !ru!h, !hrough !he po1er of !he ?oly %piri!. ead by follo1ing #hris!, so !ha! you may say 1i!h Paul, ., have fough! !he good figh!, , have finished !he ra-e, , have kep! !he fai!h/ B( 5im. :07, /3!C.


1; +rea!ing ! e Rig ! Lea$er" i) +%l!%re

Han" Fin1el
&r-hi!e-!s !ell me !ha! one of !he grea!es! -hallenges of making buildings pleasan! pla-es in 1hi-h !o 1ork is designing !he -lima!e sys!ems so !ha! people have !he righ! a!mosphere for produ-ing 1ork. Dne of !he ne1es! and mos! beau!iful buildings in all of 'upage #oun!y, ,llinois, 1here , live, is among !hose !ha! have !he highes! employee illness ra!es. 5he ne1ly -ons!ru-!ed mul!imillion4dollar -oun!y -our!house 1as -losed for 1eeks be-ause of rampan! illness among i!s 1orkers. ?o1 -an a ne1 offi-e building be responsible for employee illnessesN ,! is a ?"&#4rela!ed Bhea!ing, ven!ila!ion and air -ondi!ioningC problem. ,! seems !ha! !he ar-hi!e-!s and builders misfired on !he design of !he hea!ing, ven!ila!ion and air -ondi!ioning. %o many -oun!y 1orkers be-ame ill af!er !hey had moved in!o !he ne1 building !ha! !hey brough! a la1sui! agains! managemen!H1ho, in !urn, sued !he builders !o -omple!ely redo !he ?"&#. & mul!imillion dollar leadership mis!ake in !he -lima!e sys!emsJ @he!her you like i! or no!, if you are a leader, you are !he keeper of !he organiEa!ional -lima!e in your organiEa!ion. <u-h like !he physi-al ?"&#, !he unseen organiEa!ional -lima!e sys!ems -an make or break your 1orking environmen!. 5his invisible -orpora!e -lima!e -rea!es a -ul!ure in 1hi-h people flourish or perish as !hey 1ork under your dire-!ion. eaders are !he prime -rea!ors, keepers and -ul!iva!ors of -orpora!e -ul!ure. 5he founders andMor leaders of an organiEa!ion -rea!e !he -ul!ural values !ha! are !he !rademarks of !he group. @he!her i! is a -hur-h, business or lo-al Boy %-ou! -hap!er, !he leaders de!ermine !he values and rules of !he 1orking environmen!. 5he po1er !o de!ermine ho1 !he group 1ill 1ork !oge!her and 1ha! kind of a!mosphere 1ill be main!ained lies in !he hands of !hose a! !he !op. &s keepers of !he -ul!ure, one of !he primary responsibili!ies of leadership is !o unders!and !he organiEa!ional values and -lima!e of !he group. #orpora!e -ul!ures -an sabo!age a ne1 leaderFs dreams or -rea!e a -ul!ure !ha! 1ill fos!er !he -lima!e for su--essful 1ork. ike feeding nu!rien!s !o !he soil of a flo1er bed, !he -orpora!e -ul!ure mus! be -arefully -ul!iva!ed by leadership !o build !he posi!ive -on!e+! for frui!fulness. 6eeping !he -ul!ure heal!hy and produ-!ive re2uires as mu-h diligen-e as main!aining a beau!iful garden surrounding your home.

A FE0 +L,ES ABO,2 0OR3 +,L2,RES

, have 1orked in many se!!ings during my years of -ollege, gradua!e s-hool and professional life. %ome bosses have helped me gro1 as a person and o!hers have s!ifled my developmen!. 'uring several summers of my -ollege years, , held a =ob driving a delivery !ru-k in and around my home!o1n of ?un!sville, &labama. 'on, my supervisor, did every!hing he -ould !o slo1 me do1n. ?e 1as basi-ally of !ha! .ge! by/ -ul!ure 1here everyone did as li!!le as possible unless !he -orpora!e big sho!s -ame !o !o1n. ,f , had idle !ime, , 1as busy reorganiEing !he 1arehouse or -leaning !he s!o-kroom shelves. 'on did no! appre-ia!e my indus!rious approa-h !o my 1ork, and 1as happy for !he day 1hen , finally finished -ollege and moved on !o o!her !hings. &l!hough 'on liked me personally, he !hough! , never .fi!/ in!o !he -ul!ure he 1as responsible for main!aining. , appre-ia!ed !ha! summer =obG i! enabled me !o see ho1 bosses affe-! !he 1orking values of all !he 1orkers. eaders de!ermine !he effe-!iveness of follo1ers. & leader 1ill hopefully seek !o develop an a!mosphere in 1hi-h people are able !o flourish as !hey are empo1ered !o do !heir very bes! 1i!h !he highes! levels of mo!iva!ion. 18:

, -ons!an!ly mee! people 1ho !ell me horror s!ories of supervisors 1ho seem !o have a gif! for s!ifling any good !he follo1ers migh! a!!emp! !o do. *ven in !he lo-al -hur-h, a deeply spiri!ual pas!or -an -rea!e a defea!ing -lima!e in 1hi-h !he follo1ers -anno! bear !he frui! of effe-!ive and produ-!ive 1ork. %ome spiri!ual gian!s are miserable failures 1hen i! -omes !o organiEa!ional leadership. , have a file folder full of unsoli-i!ed employmen! appli-a!ions from folks 1ho 1an! !o -hange =obs be-ause !hey are defea!ed in !he s!ifling -ul!ures 1here !hey no1 1ork. &s you dig deeper in!o !heir frus!ra!ions, you find !ha! i! is rarely an issue of pay, bu! of finding a pla-e !ha! allo1s !he freedom !o su--eed. People are looking for 1ork pla-es in 1hi-h !he righ! a!mosphere e+is!s !o follo1 a fulfilling and empo1ering -areer. & young man 1ho re-en!ly applied !o 1ork 1i!h us said !o me during !he in!ervie1, ., 1an! a pla-e 1here , -an gro1 as a person in a !eam environmen!./ , donF! !hink !ha! is !oo mu-h !o ask, and i! is up !o me as !he leader !o -rea!e !ha! 1orld for him. Kus! as a!!i!udes shape performan-e, so !he environmen! a leader -rea!es shapes !he effe-!iveness of !he follo1ers. @ha! -an a leader do !o build a posi!ive, empo1ering, enabling se!!ing !ha! 1ill fos!er !he very bes! in peopleN & fe1 key prin-iples abou! -rea!ing !he righ! -ul!ure for leadership !o be effe-!ive are founda!ional !o unders!anding !he po1er of -orpora!e -ul!ure and personal effe-!iveness. Prin.i)le 16 Ne#er %n$ere"!ima!e ! e )o-er o( .or)ora!e .%l!%re. 5he -lima!e -rea!ed by leadership has every!hing !o do 1i!h !he effe-!iveness and su--ess of !he follo1ers. 5he same person doing !he same 1ork -an flourish in one leaderFs -lima!e and !o!ally fail in ano!herFs. ike !he =e! s!reamFs po1erful effe-! on !he !ravel of airplanes, -orpora!e -ul!ure -an 1ork for or agains! your su--ess. Prin.i)le 76 Lea$er" i) m%"! gi#e a!!en!ion !o .%l!i#a!ing ! e .%l!%re. ,! is !he responsibili!y of leaders !o unders!and -orpora!e values and -ul!ure and !o fos!er an a!mosphere in 1hi-h follo1ers -an gro1. ike !he diligen! farmer 1ho !oils in his fields from sunrise !o sunse!, one of !he fe1 fundamen!al responsibili!ies leaders mus! never negle-! is -rea!ing !he righ! se!!ing for 1orkers and follo1ers !o su--eed. Prin.i)le ;6 Only lea$er" i) .an . ange .%l!%re. <any people in an organiEa!ion may 1an! !o .-hange !he 1ay 1e do !hings around here,/ bu! only !he ones in -on!rol of !he organiEa!ion have !he po1er !o do so. ,f you are no! a! !he !op, you mus! -onvin-e !hose 1ho are, of your program for -hange. 5he environmen! of every human ins!i!u!ion, be i! a -hur-h, business or family, is se! by !he leadership, and only !hose a! !he !op -an bring abou! signifi-an! -hange. Prin.i)le >6 4any a (ine )er"on a" )eri" e$ in ! e -rong .%l!%re. &! !imes, leaders are ma!-hed !o !he 1rong si!ua!ion, and !he bes! !hing !hey -an do for !hemselves and !heir follo1ers is !o leave. ,n su-h -ases, !he leaderFs values are !oo far differen! from !hose of !he ne1 -orpora!e -ul!ure he has a!!emp!ed !o en!er. %ome!imes i! is !he faul! of !he sear-h -ommi!!ee !ha! re-rui!ed !he ne1 leader 1i!hou! ade2ua!ely doing i!s home1ork0 <a!-hing !he values of !he group !o !he values of !he re-rui! is a vi!al par! of !he pro-ess. &! !imes i! is !he follo1er 1ho does no! fi!. ,n !his -ase, a ne1 1orker, volun!eer or member =oins an organiEa!ion only !o find ou! 2ui-kly !ha! !hey have ma=or problems 1i!h !he values of !heir ne1ly adop!ed group. Perish or para-hu!e, !he -hoi-e is yoursJ For !he lo1 person on !he !o!em pole, -hange 1ill be very diffi-ul! indeed. Prin.i)le A6 Lea$er" ! a! eB.el !o$ay &no- ! eir .%l!%re" an$ " a)e ! em (or o)!imal "%..e"". &n effe-!ive leader mus! ge! a handle on !he -ul!ure of his organiEa!ion and shape i! in su-h a 1ay as !o build a posi!ive, empo1ering, enabling se!!ing !ha! 1ill fos!er !he very 188

bes! in people. Dne of !he fe1 -ore essen!ials !odayFs leaders mus! mas!er is a deep unders!anding of !he -ore values !ha! drive !he group. 5hose -ore values -rea!e !he -orpora!e -ul!ure.


& grea! deal is being said !oday in se-ular managemen! and leadership s!udies abou! -orpora!e -ul!ure. %u--essful -ompanies su-h as &vis and <o!orola usually appear as e+amples of -ompanies !ha! are su--essful be-ause !hey devo!e mu-h of !heir energies on a -orpora!e leadership level !o promo!ing and -ul!iva!ing -orpora!e -ul!ure. 5hey pu! mu-h of !heir energy in!o managing employeesF behavior !hrough -rea!ing a s!rong -ul!ure. ,n 197(, 5om Pe!ers and Rober! @a!erman 1ro!e an immensely popular book, 3n Search of (8cellence4 Lessons from "merica2s #est,$un 'ompanies, in 1hi-h !hey sho1ed !he benefi!s and -hara-!eris!i-s of !he s!rong -orpora!e -ul!ures of &meri-aFs bes! business organiEa!ions. 5hough !he passage of !ime and -orpora!e -hanges have undermined some of !heir analysis of -orpora!e &meri-a, !heir 1ork has !augh! us a grea! deal. 5hey brough! !o fo-us !he realiEa!ion !ha! s!rong -ul!ures -on!ribu!e signifi-an!ly !o !he organiEa!ional su--ess of -ompanies 1hen !he -ul!ure suppor!s !he mission, goals and s!ra!egy of !he organiEa!ion. 5he pursui! of e+-ellen-e is -er!ainly some!hing anyone involved in !he leadership of a #hris!ian organiEa!ion ough! !o be abou!. 5he %-rip!ures e+hor! !he #hur-h in many pla-es !o do 1ha!ever i! does !o !he glory of God, .%o 1he!her you ea! or drink or 1ha!ever you do, do i! all for !he glory of God/ B1 #or. 1)031, /3!C. @e are also implored !o perform our du!ies !o !he bes! of our abili!ies, as 1hen Paul s!a!es, .@ha!ever you do, 1ork a! i! 1i!h all your hear!, as 1orking for !he ord, no! for men, sin-e you kno1 !ha! you 1ill re-eive an inheri!an-e from !he ord as a re1ard. ,! is !he ord #hris! you are serving/ B#ol. 30(34(:, /3!C. ,f you desire !o be su--essful as a leader you desire a good !hing. 5o -rea!e !he -ul!ure !ha! enables your follo1ers !o su--eed may make all !he differen-e in ho1 you 1ill be remembered as a leader. 5o !his pursui! 1e 1ill no1 give our a!!en!ion.


Before 1e move !o !he -on-re!e s!eps ne-essary for building a su--essful -ul!ure for follo1ers !o flourish, i! is ne-essary !o ge! a handle on !he na!ure of !his po1erful ye! unseen 1orld 1e label .-orpora!e -ul!ure./ 5he 1ord .-ul!ure/ -an be as vague as !he 1ord .love/Hi! means differen! !hings !o differen! people. 5o my 1ife, 'onna, i! may mean an evening -on-er! in do1n!o1n #hi-ago. 5o a bio-hemis!, i! refers !o some!hing gro1n in a pe!ri dish. 5o an!hropologis!s, -ul!ure is !ha! formidable barrier !ha! mus! be pene!ra!ed !o unders!and a foreign audien-e. 5o leaders, organiEa!ional -ul!ure is !he unseen se! of rules and e+pe-!ed behaviors !ha! embody !he values of !he group. 5he -orpora!e -ul!ure is !he environmen! -rea!ed by !he leaders of an organiEa!ion in 1hi-h everyone mus! 1ork. &s 1e have already s!a!ed, !ha! environmen! -an ei!her fos!er or hamper produ-!ivi!y and -orpora!e su--ess. 5he !erm .-ul!ure/ 1as for many years reserved as par! of !he des-rip!ive domain of an!hropologis!s and so-iologis!s. 5oday, ho1ever, i! has be-ome a buEE 1ord in leadership and managemen! -ir-les. &nyone 1ho has an in!eres! in leadership or managemen! 1ill run in!o !he -on-ep! of .-orpora!e -ul!ure/ regularly. ,! is dis-ussed 1idely and is in-reasingly re-ogniEed as one of !he fundamen!al building blo-ks of organiEa!ional life. 5radi!ionally, -ul!ure has been defined as simply !he uni2ue -us!oms, values and ar!ifa-!s of a people. 5oday, a gro1ing -onsensus prevails in !he business -ommuni!y !ha! organiEa!ions have dis!in-! -ul!ures as 1ell, !he same dis!in-! -us!oms, values and ar!ifa-!s 1e usually !hink of 189

so-ie!ies as possessing. ,! is also a gro1ing -onvi-!ion in managemen! -ir-les !ha! !hose -ul!ures need !o be unders!ood, nur!ured and managed. For !hose 1ho 1ork in -hur-hes and #hris!ian organiEa!ions, !he prin-iples are e2ually valid. , define -orpora!e -ul!ure 1i!h !his simple phrase0 .,!Fs !he 1ay 1e do !hings around here./ Dr, if you prefer a defini!ion 1i!h a bi! more mea!0 .#orpora!e -ul!ure is !he 1ay insiders behave based on !he values and group !radi!ions !hey hold./ Ralph 6ilmann 1ri!es !his abou! !he po1er of -orpora!e -ul!ure0 .5he organiEa!ion i!self has an invisible 2uali!yHa -er!ain s!yle, a -hara-!er, a 1ay of doing !hingsH!ha! may be more po1erful !han !he di-!a!es of any one person or any formally do-umen!ed sys!em. 5o unders!and !he essen-e or soul of !he organiEa!ion re2uires !ha! 1e !ravel belo1 !he -har!s, rule books, ma-hines, and buildings in!o !he underground 1orld of -orpora!e -ul!ures./ 1 ,n my firs! fe1 years a! !he helm of our global mission organiEa!ion, , have probably given more a!!en!ion !o -ul!iva!ing issues of our organiEa!ionFs -ul!ure !han !o any!hing else. ,f , do no! -rea!e !he righ! -ul!ure for o!hers !o su--eed, , -an never hope !o realiEe my bold dreams for us as an effe-!ive minis!ry. , have -ome !o see !he grea! value of -rea!ing and sus!aining !he righ! leadership -ul!ure be-ause organiEa!ional -ul!ure is like glue in ply1ood0 you donF! see i! and are no! fully a1are of i! un!il you !ry !o !ake i! apar!. ,! is in fa-! one of !he mos! po1erful for-es !ha! de!ermines 1ha! -an and -anno! be a--omplished by !he group. 5he su--ess or failure of !he leader depends on i!. 5he fulfillmen! of all follo1ers is -ul!iva!ed 1i!hin i!. 5he leader 1ho fails !o unders!and !he -ul!ure of his organiEa!ion -an never hope !o harness i! for visionary purposes. DrganiEa!ional -ul!ure is like a uni2ue -orpora!e fingerprin!, uni2ue fa-e and uni2ue personali!y !ha! is par! of your organiEa!ion. #onsidering !he billions of people on ear!h, God in ?is infini!e -rea!ivi!y has designed every one of us 1i!h a differen! fa-e, voi-e prin!, fingerprin! and personali!y. DrganiEa!ions are !he same 1ay. *a-h one has a !o!ally uni2ue and dis!in-! -omposi!ion 1e -all i!s -orpora!e -ul!ure. 5ha! -ul!ure is buil! upon !he values and belief sys!ems !ha! per-ola!e up from !he -ore of i!s leadership like mol!en lava bubbling ou! of a vol-ano. @e may !hink one -hur-h is like !he ne+!, bu! in reali!y ea-h has i!s very dis!in-! -ul!ure, buil! on !he heri!age of i!s leaders. 5o unders!and !he -ul!ure is !o learn 1ha! makes !his group uni2ue in i!s -on!ribu!ion !o !he 1orld. 5hese values form !he bedro-k for developing mission s!a!emen!s, vision and momen!um.


>o1 le!Fs ge! !o !he bo!!om lines. ?o1 does !he leader -rea!e !he -ul!ure !ha! -an fos!er energy, for1ard momen!um and su--essN ,! is a--omplished by implemen!ing seven key s!ra!egies, 1hi-h migh! be re-alled by using !he 1ord #$ 5$R* as an a-ros!i-. 5he le!!ers s!and for !he follo1ing s!ra!egies0 # rea!e and sus!ain a -ompelling vision. $ nders!and !he -ul!ure you are leading. is!en !o your follo1ers and fos!er a learning a!mosphere. 5 rus! o!hers 1i!h a pie-e of !he a-!ion. $ nders!and your spe-ial role as a servan!4leader. R espe-! every person on !he !eam. * mphasiEe your -orpora!e values every -han-e you ge!. 187

Dn-e a leader re-ogniEes !ha! his organiEa!ional -lima!e has every!hing !o do 1i!h his su--ess as a leader, !hen he is more likely !o be ready !o ge! !o 1ork on -rea!ing !ha! -ul!ure.


eadership is abou! !he fu!ure. . eader/ implies !ha! someone is !aking o!hers !o a des!ina!ion beyond !he here and no1. ,f , donF! kno1 1here 1e are going, -an , really e+pe-! o!hers !o find fulfillmen! in follo1ing meN 5ha! 1ould be like !he !ime , go! hopelessly los! =ogging in !he ba-k1oods of Pres-o!! Pines, &riEona, and !ried !o -onvin-e !he runner 1ho 1as 1i!h me !ha! , kne1 1here , 1as going. ,! soon be-ame obvious and as soon as i! did, he 2ui! follo1ing meJ *very group, organiEa!ion, -hur-h, -lub or governmen! agen-y needs a -ompelling vision people -an believe in. 5his is espe-ially !rue for !he younger genera!ions !oday. 5he bus!ers and genera!ion ]ers are looking for a -ause !o believe in, some!hing !o 1hi-h !hey -an be-ome -ommi!!ed. "ision is !ha! 1hi-h galvaniEes !he group, !he -ompass !ha! is -ons!an!ly poin!ing ou! !o everyone !he groupFs agreed4upon des!ina!ion. & leader 1ho has ar!i-ula!ed vision -arefully and -on!inually 1ill build up a large measure of !rus! among his follo1ers. ,n !he 1ords of @arren Bennis and Bur! >anus0 ,n order for follo1ers !o !rus! !heir leaders !hey e+pe-! !he leadership !o -rea!e and sus!ain a -ompelling vision. 5he leaderFs vision for !he organiEa!ion mus! be -lear, a!!ra-!ive and a!!ainable. @e !end !o !rus! leaders 1ho -rea!e !hese visions, sin-e vision represen!s !he -on!e+! for shared beliefs in a -ommon organiEa!ional purpose.( 5he people 1ho follo1 you mus! have a sense !ha! you are !aking !hem some1hereHa sense of momen!um and for1ard movemen!. 5he more you -an -ommuni-a!e !ha! dire-!ionH1ha! 1e are -alling .vision/ !hese daysH!he more !he 1orkersMmembers have a good sense of mo!iva!ion abou! !he fu!ure. ?ave you spe-ified your -orpora!e vision and missionN 'o !he !roops kno1 i!N ?ave !hey memoriEed i!N Kob number one of leadership is !o de!ermine, -arefully -raf! and prea-h !he vision inside and ou!side !he organiEa!ion. Based on your groupFs values, develop a dis!in-! e+pression of 1here you are going as a group. earn ho1 !o s!a!e !ha! dire-!ion in a mission and vision s!a!emen!. &s a leader, spend some !ime alone and sor! ou! your o1n values for !he organiEa!ion. 5hen 1ork i! !hrough 1i!h your leadership !eam and de-ide on a se! of beliefs !he 1hole !eam s!ands for in rela!ion !o 1ha! your 1ork is abou! and ho1 you plan !o a--omplish i!. From !hose -ore values and beliefs arise mission and vision s!a!emen!s !ha! be-ome !he rallying -ry of your group. <ission and "ision %!a!emen!s &re ike0 GlueH!hey help leaders hold an organiEa!ion !oge!her. & <agne!H!hey a!!ra-! ne1-omers as members, employees, -us!omers or donors. & RulerH!he !ool by 1hi-h a leader -an measure ho1 his group is doing. 'uring my firs! year as #*D of our mission, , !ook our leadership !eam !hrough !he -areful e+er-ise of developing a fresh mission and vision s!a!emen!. Du! of !hose !1o s!a!emen!s flo1 our nine s!ra!egi- priori!ies as an organiEa!ion. 5he mission s!a!emen! more !han any!hing else embodies 1ha! 1e as a group hope !o a--omplish. ,! has galvaniEed us !oge!her in one spiri! and 1e are 1orking !o1ard !he -ommon goal 1i!h a rene1ed passion. Dur mission s!a!emen! looks like !his0 5?* <,%%,D> DF #B ,>5*R>&5,D>& 187

,n vi!al par!nership 1i!h -hur-hes a! home and abroad, !he mission of #B ,n!erna!ional is !o be a pioneering for-e in fulfilling #hris!Fs #ommission !o !he final fron!iers of !he harves!. 5his mission s!a!emen! has -augh! on 1ell and defines our essen-e. &! s!ra!egi- de-ision4 making poin!s, as 1e grapple 1i!h issues and dra1 -on-lusions, 1e !es! !hose -on-lusions agains! !he mission s!a!emen!0 i! is our s!andard. @e -ons!an!ly ask ourselves !his 2ues!ion0 @ill !his help us rea-h our mission or are 1e merely prolonging !radi!ions !ha! should be allo1ed !o die a na!ural dea!hN , have -hallenged everyone in my organiEa!ion !o memoriEe our mission s!a!emen!. 5hey kno1 !hey -an make poin!s 1i!h me if !hey re-i!e i! by hear!. , prea-h i! from !he house!ops and prin! i! on every bro-hure, flyer and pie-e of li!era!ure 1e produ-e. Aou 1ill even find i! on our offi-ial #B, -offee mugsJ &s eroy *ims has said, .& leader is one 1ho sees more !han o!hers see, 1ho sees far!her !han o!hers see, and 1ho sees before o!hers do./ 3 5he fu!ure is our business as leaders. 5ha! fu!ure mus! be pa-kaged in a vision !ha! -an -learly -ommuni-a!e your leadership ideals.


5he organiEa!ional -ul!ure of a group is !he 1ay insiders behave based on !he values and group !radi!ions !hey hold. ,f you are a ne1 leader, your number one =ob is !o s!udy !he values and group !radi!ions !ha! make people behave as !hey do. ,! 1ill help you lead effe-!ively and i! 1ill help enormously in !he pro-ess of enfolding ne1 members in!o !he group. *ven if you have been around your organiEa!ion a long !ime, you have perhaps never s!opped !o !hink abou! !he -ul!ure of your organiEa!ion. 5he !ime is no1 and you need help, be-ause !hose -loses! and mos! familiar 1i!h !he -ul!ure have !he hardes! !ime seeing i! for 1ha! i! really is. Aou -anno! !ruly appre-ia!e !he uni2ueness of your o1n -ul!ure un!il you ge! ou!side of your -on!e+! and e+perien-e o!her -ul!ures. ,f you are !oo familiar 1i!h your organiEa!ion, ga!her o!hers around you 1ho -an in!erpre! your -ul!ure for you from an ou!siderFs perspe-!ive. *a-h !ime 1e gain !1o or !hree ne1 employees a! our home offi-e, or ea-h !ime 1e re-rui! a ne1 group of missionaries for servi-e overseas, , spend an hour 1i!h !hem des-ribing our -orpora!e -ul!ure and values. 5hey 1ill have already learned a grea! deal as ou!siders 1ho are en!ering 1i!h !he fresh perspe-!ive of ou!siders. &s ne1 insiders, ho1ever, !hey need !o hear from me e+a-!ly 1ha! are our values and group !radi!ions. ,! is amaEing =us! ho1 differen! !1o organiEa!ions -an be. & leader mus! unders!and !hose differen-es. ,n !he pas! de-ade , have 1orked in !1o en!irely differen! kinds of -orpora!e -ul!ures, 1hi-h , 1ill label in !he follo1ing diagram as organiEa!ion 1 and organiEa!ion (. <aking !he leadership =ump from one !o !he o!her -aused grea!er -ul!ure sho-k !han any e+perien-e , have ever hadHin-luding my e+perien-es as a missionary on foreign soil0 ?ere is a -omparison of !he !1o organiEa!ions as , e+perien-ed !hem. Organi1a!ion 1 Paper -ul!ure Poli-y driven Reserved ?is!ori-ally driven 5radi!ional i!!le -hange #oa!s and !ies Vuie! o1 !e-h Organi1a!ion 7 Dral -ul!ure ,dea driven #u!!ing edge Fu!ure driven &van!4garde #ons!an! -hange Keans and 54shir!s >oisy ?igh !e-h 189

%lo1 pa-e <ale domina!ed #rea!ed by @@,,ers

6ine!i- pa-e 'ual gender leadership #rea!ed by boomers

Df -ourse, no !1o organiEa!ions are !he same. &nd some are a! opposi!e ends of !he -ul!ure -on!inuum. ,magine !he sho-k of moving from one of !hese organiEa!ions !o !he o!her. &s a member. &s a follo1er. &s !he leaderJ Aou -ould go s-hiEophreni- if you did no! !ake !he !ime !o unders!and ho1 differen! values and differen! prin-iples have -aused !heir -ul!ures !o emerge !he 1ay !hey have. ?o1 -an you ge! a handle on -orpora!e -ul!ureN 5ake !ime ou! 1i!h your leaders and s!udy your -ul!ure and find ou! 1ha! your values really are. 51o e+-ellen! resour-es are The ower of !ision by George Barna and !isionary Leadership by Bur! >anus.:


51o of !he mos! impor!an! 1ords in any leaderFs vo-abulary should be !hese0 .lis!en/ and .learn./ is!ening means you !ruly respe-! your follo1ers. earning means -hangingH demons!ra!ing !o your follo1ers !ha! you are a -hange agen! and no! merely a pro!e-!or of !he ins!i!u!ion and !he s!a!us 2uo. .,n !imes of -hange, learners inheri! !he ear!h, 1hile !he learned find !hemselves beau!ifully e2uipped !o deal 1i!h a 1orld !ha! no longer e+is!s./ is!ening and learning are !he !1o keys leaders mus! use !o -omba! ins!i!u!ionaliEa!ion and s!agna!ionH-ons!an! !hrea!s !ha! 1ill -al-ify us unless in!en!ionally re=e-!ed. DrganiEa!ions ge! in!o deep !rouble 1hen !hey shif! from a primary fo-us on !heir purpose !o primary fo-us on preservation. eaders !rying !o preserve !he s!a!us 2uo -lose !hemselves off !o reali!y and ne1 possibili!ies and lis!en !o only !hose voi-es !ha! agree 1i!h !hem. ,n -on!ras!, learning leaders lis!en. 5he more people you lead, !he more you mus! lis!en. 5ha! is 1hy God gave us !1o ears bu! only one mou!h. *ffe-!ive leadership has more !o do 1i!h lis!ening !han 1i!h !alking. %ome days , ge! li!erally 1orn ou! lis!ening !o !he problems and ideas my s!aff bring me. , do no! 1an! !o lis!en !o one more person, bu! , realiEe !ha! leadership demands i! and !hey deserve i! from me. eaders by !heir very na!ure !end !o be removed from !he fron! lines of ba!!le in !he organiEa!ion. 5herefore !hey mus! lis!en !o !hose in !he !ren-hes, and rely on !he informa!ion !hey provide !o make 1ise de-isions. , am !horoughly -onvin-ed !ha! !he grea!es! innova!ions and s!rides for1ard 1e 1ill make 1ill arise from ideas genera!ed a! !he fringes of our organiEa!ion. , -er!ainly do no! have all !he ans1ersG , do no! even kno1 some of !he key 2ues!ions !ha! 1ill unlo-k our fu!ure. 5he ans1ers -ome from !hose doing !he 1ork. ?o1 1ill 1e ever harves! !hose profound ideas if 1e do no! lis!en long, lis!en hard and lis!en of!enN


Blessed are !he -on!rol freaks, for !hey shall inhibi! !he ear!h. Df all !he leadership sins , have ever observed, no!hing des!roys morale more !han !he -on!rol freak. eaders 1ho ma=or in -on!rol have !he follo1ing !rai!s0 5hink !hey, alone, have all !he ans1ersG 5hink !hey kno1 bes! be-ause !hey 1ere !here firs!G ?ave .founderi!is/H!hey are unable !o le! go of !heir babyG 19)

'elega!e responsibili!ies 1i!hou! !he au!hori!y !o a-!G Reverse de-isions o!hers 1ere asked !o makeG 6eep -olleagues in !he dark abou! impor!an! de-isions !ha! affe-! !hemG @onF! give o!hers room !o make !heir mark in !he organiEa!ion. 5he grea! problem !ha! -aused !he -ollapse of !he %ovie! $nion 1as no! poli!i-al, bu! e-onomi-H-ommunism did no! believe in priva!e o1nership. *veryone had a =ob bu! no one 1orked be-ause !hey had no pride of o1nership or !he in-en!ive of personal profi!abili!y. D1nership, of an idea, a purpose, a pro-ess or an ou!-ome, is !he key !o human mo!iva!ion. Be-ause !he Russian governmen! -on!rolled every!hing, no one 1as given a pie-e of !he a-!ion !o be responsible !o build a produ-!ive so-ie!y of responsible -i!iEens. 5o use ano!her analogy, giving a 1orker a serious pie-e of !he a-!ion 1i!h o1nership au!hori!y is like moving from ren!ing an apar!men! !o o1ning your o1n home. &ll of a sudden !he pride of o1nership ki-ks in, and personal mo!iva!ion shoo!s sky1ard. 5he 1orker is no longer =us! passing !hrough and pun-hing a -lo-k, bu! realiEes he 1ill be evalua!ed as a person based on !he 2uali!y of !he =ob he is doing. ?e begins !o see !ha! his pie-e of !he organiEa!ion -an make a real differen-e in !he ou!-ome of !he 1hole group. @hen !he o1nership s!akes are raised, !he follo1ersF level of -ommi!men! soars propor!iona!ely. ,n -rea!ing a -ul!ure in 1hi-h 1orkers flourish, leaders mus! give follo1ers a real s!ake in !he organiEa!ion. *very member of !he group mus! be allo1ed !o have au!hori!y and o1nership over some par! of !he 1ork. & leader mus! 2ui! looking over everyoneFs shoulders and give people freedom !o 1ork !heir plans on !heir o1n. 5ha! in-ludes giving people room !o fail, for failure is par! of learning and par! of developing su--essful !eam players.


5op do1n leadership is dead. 5odayFs 1orkers, employees and volun!eers e+pe-! !o be a par! of !he de-ision4making pro-ess in !heir organiEa!ions. *ffe-!ive leaders !oday have -losed !he dis!an-e be!1een leader and follo1er, -oming ou! of -losed off mahogany e+e-u!ive sui!es and in!o !he open4offi-e 1orld of !he 1orkers. eadership a--essibili!y and !eam1ork are !he buEE1ords of !he 199)s. , probably spend an average of half of ea-h offi-e 1ork day a! my desk, and !he o!her half 1andering around !he organiEa!ion !ou-hing base 1i!h employees. , 1an! !hem !o kno1 , am a--essible, and !ha! , 1ill be glad !o s!ep in and help !hem be su--essful in !heir 1ork. , kno1 !ha! 1hen !hey are su--essful, , am doing my =ob and 1ill ge! good revie1s from my board of dire-!ors. & servan!4leader sees his role differen!ly !han does a !radi!ional, !op do1n, di-!a!orial leader. 5he servan! is presen! !o make !he 1orker su--essful, no! vi-e versa. <y 1orkersMemployees are no! hired !o serve me, bu! !o serve !he mission of !he organiEa!ion. <y role as !heir leader is !o fa-ili!a!e !heir effe-!iveness in any 1ay , -an, mu-h like a -oa-h !ries !o ge! op!imum performan-e ou! of !he !eam players. For !hose of us 1ho -laim !o be Bible4adhering #hris!ians, servan! leadership should be a no4brainer. Dur ord modeled and !augh! !his s!yle of leadership righ! up !o !he nigh! ?e 1as be!rayed, even 1ashing !he fee! of ?is dis-iples !o demons!ra!e servan!hood0 .>o1 !ha! ,, your ord and 5ea-her, have 1ashed your fee!, you also should 1ash one ano!herFs fee!. , have se! you an e+ample !ha! you should do as , have done for you/ BKohn 1301:418, /3!C. 5hen in <ark 9038 9/3!:, 1e read, .%i!!ing do1n, Kesus -alled !he 51elve and said, S,f anyone 1an!s !o be firs!, he mus! be !he very las!, and !he servan! of all.F/ 191

Be-ause !he leader is !he keeper of !he -ul!ure, i! falls on his shoulders !o -ul!iva!e a -ul!ure !ha! is dis!in-!ly #hris!ian. $sually, 1ha!ever !he values and beliefs of !he leader may be, !hose same values and beliefs be-ome !he opera!ive assump!ions of !he follo1ers. 5ha! pu!s a grea! deal of responsibili!y on !he shoulder of !he leader. #hris!ian leaders should s!rive for model servan! leadership, leading in 1ays !ha! are -learly dis!in-! from !he hierar-hi-al se-ular model. ?ere is !he bo!!om line on servan! leadership0 5he fo-us of a servan!4leader is -rea!ing !he bes! -lima!e and inves!ing in human -ul!iva!ion, no! ma=oring in -on!rol.


5he smaller !he ego, !he bigger !he leader. &bou! a year ago , -alled my s!aff !oge!her and informed !hem !ha! , e+pe-!ed !he grea!es! ideas and mos! impor!an! advan-es in #B ,n!erna!ional !o -ome from !hemH!he !roops, no! us, !he leaders. Dur role, as leaders, is !o make !hem su--essful. 5o ba-k up !ha! leadership philosophy 1e draf!ed and -ir-ula!ed a se! of -ore values 1e believe abou! our 1orkers. @hen you no! only inves! !he resour-es !o develop su-h a s!a!emen! of beliefs abou! !he impor!an-e of ea-h person 1ho -omprises your !eam, bu! also share !hose perspe-!ives 1i!h !hem in a 1ay !ha! says .you really -oun!,/ your -olleagues 1ill have a !angible unders!anding of ho1 mu-h you respe-! !hem as par!ners in minis!ry. ,f you !rea! !hem like -ogs in a ma-hine, mere .1orker an!s,/ !heir loyal!y and produ-!ivi!y 1ill refle-! !ha! -ul!ure. Give !hem respe-! and !he digni!y !hey deserve, and soon !hey 1ill be ready !o do any!hing for you. Be -areful, !hough0 respe-! mus! be genuineG i! -anno! be faked.


"alues -rea!e, shape and perpe!ua!e !he e!hos of an organiEa!ion. ,n pursui! of #B,Fs ob=e-!ives, !he follo1ing underlying values -hara-!eriEe every aspe-! of #B,Fs endeavor as i! rela!es !o !he members of our organiEa!ion0 0- 3ndividual 7ignity @e diligen!ly main!ain and promo!e !he digni!y and 1or!h of ea-h individual 1i!hin #B,Fs minis!ries 1orld1ide. People 1i!h a proper sense of spiri!ual and emo!ional 1ell4being are freed for produ-!ive minis!ry !ha! is -ommi!!ed !o goal4orien!ed planning and !eam a--oun!abili!y. C- 'orporate 'reativity @e en-ourage -rea!ive and innova!ive s!ra!egies dire-!ed by !he %piri! of God and implemen!ed !hrough poli-ies and s!ru-!ures 1hi-h are -hara-!eriEed by mu!ual !rus! and -oopera!ion. D- 6ncompromising 3ntegrity @e adhere un-ompromisingly !o hones!y and in!egri!y in all ma!!ers per!aining !o !he missions en!erprise 1ha!ever !he -onse2uen-es. 5his 1ill al1ays be manifes!ed by bibli-al s!andards of e!hi-s, morali!y and finan-ial a--oun!abili!y 1herever #B ,n!erna!ionalFs personnel are involved. E- ersonal 7evelopment @e are -ommi!!ed a! all levels of leadership !o -rea!ing an organiEa!ional -lima!e -ondu-ive !o -on!inuing personal gro1!h and developmen! in missionary servi-e. <anagemen! is implemen!ed as a minis!ry of enablemen! and en-ouragemen!.


#orpora!e -ul!ure is !he lifeblood of an organiEa!ion. & fundamen!al !ask of a leader is !o -onvey !ha! -ul!ure a! all !imes, !o all 1ho 1ill lis!en.


& -orpora!ionFs values are i!s lifeFs blood. @i!hou! effe-!ive -ommuni-a!ion, a-!ively pra-!i-ed, 1i!hou! !he ar! of s-ru!iny, !hose values 1ill disappear in a sea of !rivial memos and imper!inen! repor!s.8 ,f !he leader -anno! and does no! ar!i-ula!e !he values !ha! should be emphasiEed, organiEa!ional drif! o--urs. Dn !he o!her hand, leaders 1ho unders!and values and -an ar!i-ula!e !hem 1ell !o !he organiEa!ion have a proven !ra-k re-ord of superior performan-e. 5hese leaders have harnessed !he -ul!ure for !he good of !he group, and have -rea!ed a !ruly effe-!ive organiEa!ion of fulfilled follo1ers. Kames 6ouEes and Barry Posner found si+ signifi-an! payoffs for bo!h managers and !heir organiEa!ions 1hen !he leaders 1ere 1ell versed in ar!i-ula!ing a unified and dis!in-! organiEa!ional -ul!ure. 5hey 1ro!e !he follo1ing abou! su-h a -ul!ure0 1. (. 3. :. 8. 9. Fos!ers s!rong feelings of personal effe-!iveness. Promo!es high levels of -ompany loyal!y. Fa-ili!a!es -onsensus abou! key organiEa!ional goals and s!ake holders. *n-ourages e!hi-al behavior. Redu-es levels of =ob s!ress and !ension. Promo!es s!rong norms abou! 1orking hard and -aring.9

%o ho1 do you ar!i-ula!e !he values of your groupN 51o e+amples 1ill sho1 ho1 !1o very differen! organiEa!ions have summariEed !he basi-s in a do-umen! abou! !heir values. 5he firs! is #hur-h Resour-e <inis!ries, a -u!!ing4edge, @es! #oas! minis!ry designed !o fos!er !he heal!hy developmen! of -hur-h leadership. *a-h ne1 member of #R<Fs !eam is given a -opy of !he follo1ing do-umen!. 5he -on!en! iden!ifies a se! of founda!ional values !ha! 1ill form !he basis of leader4follo1er rela!ionships a! #R<. 5he se-ond e+ample is from my o1n e+perien-e leading #B ,n!erna!ional. &f!er !1o years in!o !he #*D role, one of my key leaders asked me !o pu! in 1ri!ing 1ha! , valued mos! from our follo1ers. , appre-ia!ed her re2ues! and !he follo1ing is !he resul!, no1 handed ou! 1idely !hroughou! our organiEa!ion.


&s a s!aff person 1i!h #R<, i! is fair for me !o e+pe-! !he follo1ing from !hose 1hom , follo1 !hroughou! !he organiEa!ion. , -an e+pe-!0 O 5o kno1 !hose 1ho lead me and 1ha! !hey believe. ,f , follo1 you, 1ill , kno1 1ho you areN @ha! are you likeN &re you au!hen!i-N &re you hones!N @ill you deal 1i!h me 1i!h in!egri!yN O 5o have leaders 1ho 1ill e+plain !o me !heir vision. @ha! do you see for meN @ha!Fs !he fu!ure and ho1 do , fi!N 'o you -are abou! my fu!ureN @ill you have a pla-e for me or 1ill you simply use meN O 5o never be lef! in isola!ion. &re you !here for meN 'o you love meN @ill you love meN 'o you -are abou! my -aresN <y -on-ernsN <y needsN O 5o be heard. 5o 1hom 1ill you lis!enN @ill , be heardN 5aken seriouslyN &ppre-ia!edN O 5o be !rus!ed. 193

#an , !ake ini!ia!ive 1i!hou! fearN @ill my -rea!ivi!y be re1arded and en-ouragedN @ill , be respe-!edN O 5o be provided a -on!e+! for gro1!h. @ill , be en-ouraged !o be a lifelong learnerN @ill my gif!s be in-reasingly iden!ified and e+pressedN #an , live in a -on!e+! 1here GodFs po1er -an be freely manifes!ed in my lifeN @ill , be developedN O 5o be held a--oun!able. @ill , be held a--oun!able for personal godliness and holiness in all aspe-!s of life and minis!ryN @ill , be fairly evalua!ed for !he performan-e of my responsibili!iesN @ill , be lovingly held !o GodFs bes! for my lifeN O 5o be !he ob=e-! of gra-e. @ill , be forgiven, even in !he fa-e of shor!-omings, inade2ua-ies and failureN @ill , have !he freedom !o be 1hom God has made meN @ill , be led 1i!h kindnessN


%u--ess in any organiEa!ion -omes from follo1ing !his simple rule0 .Find ou! ho1 !hey keep s-ore, and s-oreJ/H?ans FinEel


Believe in #B,Fs mission and visionHmemoriEe our mission s!a!emen! ?ave a passion for gro1!hHi!Fs a sign of abundan! life 5hink of ne1 1ays for #B, !o fulfill i!s mission and !o do i! more effe-!ively.

5ake risks !o a--omplish grea!er !hings 'evelop a pioneer men!ali!y for problem solving 'isplay -rea!ivi!y and innova!ion in your 1ork areaHne1 1ays !o approa-h old problems Genera!e ne1 ideas !ha! 1ork !o make !hings be!!er %!rive daily for -on!inuous improvemen!H.kaiEen/ Push !he !e-hnology envelopeH1ork smar!er.

#are abou! a high s!andard of e+-ellen-e %e! !he s!andardsHdonF! =us! follo1 1ha! o!hers do 'evelop a disdain for medio-ri!y Promo!e !he use of s!a!e of !he ar! graphi-s and publi-a!ions %!rive for -us!omer sa!isfa-!ion0 our donors, pas!ors, missionaries and na!ionals.

Redu-e paper1ork and in-rease effi-ien-y %implify !he bureau-ra-y and figh! ins!i!u!ionalism Fla! organiEa!ions 1ork be!!erHredu-e layers of de-ision4makers Pra-!i-e !he D'' approa-h0 ou!sour-e, do1nsiEe and de-ons!ru-! layers of ineffi-ien-y &sk for !he au!hori!y !o make more de-isions !ha! affe-! you.

PRO4O2E A 2EA4 4EN2ALI25G?0E@ IS BE22ER 2HAN ?4E@6

'evelop 1ays !o 1ork in !eams 19:

,f you leadHdelega!eJ @he!her you lead or follo1H-ommuni-a!eJ ,f you leadHempo1er o!hers ,f you leadHpush responsible de-ision4making do1ns!ream Re-ogniEe !ha! !eams -ome up 1i!h !he grea!es! ideas.


'onF! be -on-erned 1i!h 1ho ge!s !he -redi! %hare !he blessing 1i!h o!hersHdonF! 1orry abou! .!urf/ ?ave a kingdom men!ali!y, donF! bea! !he denomina!ion drum Give ou!siders 1ha! !hey re2ues! >e!1ork, ne!1ork and ne!1ork.


Believe !ha! 1ork is fun &void 1hining a! all -os!s %ho1 gra-e 1i!h everyone inside and ou! Be posi!ive and en-ourage a =ob 1ell done.


, am a bo!!om4line kind of person. ,f , had !o poin! !o !1o or !hree keys !ha! 1ill -rea!e !he kind of -ul!ure in 1hi-h follo1ers 1ill rea-h peak performan-e, , 1ould se!!le on !hese0 I ropel your group forward with a clearly articulated vision. For1ard momen!um is an essen!ial building blo-k for any heal!hy group, and i! is up !o !he groupFs leaders !o provide i!. @i!hou! i!, follo1ers degenera!e in!o no!hing more !han luke1arm -lo-k pun-hers or frus!ra!ed dreamers. Rally !he !roops and ins!ill en!husiasm for a brigh! fu!ure by developing a -ompelling vision for !omorro1. I 'reate a learning spirit among your leaders. ?umili!y is !he key !o learning, and leaders 1ho are servan!s humbly admi! !ha! !hey do no! even kno1 half of !he ans1ers. Aou -an provide s!rong leadership and dire-!ion for an organiEa!ion bu! s!ill -ul!iva!e a learning spiri! in all !he members. ,f you believe your follo1ers are your grea!es! resour-e, you 1ill lis!en !o !hem and !ea-h !hem !o lis!en !o o!hers. I 7emonstrate a commitment to grace in relationships. 5oo many people are !oo hard on ea-h o!her, and !his seems par!i-ularly !rue in !he #hur-h. @hy 1ould !he very -ommuni!y founded on !he grea!es! display of gra-e be so harsh 1i!h one ano!herN eaders should approa-h !heir follo1ers in a spiri! of gen!le gra-e and allo1 room for failure. 5his is no! !o e+-use habi!ual irresponsibili!y or -hroni- in-ompe!en-e, bu! !o give people 1ho 1an! !o gro1 a -han-e !o rise !o !heir full po!en!ial. %ervan! leadership 1ill go a long 1ay !o -rea!e !his kind of -lima!e in your organiEa!ion, by having !hose in -harge display a be!!er 1ay !o be ou! fron!0 &lso a dispu!e arose among !hem as !o 1hi-h of !hem 1as -onsidered !o be grea!es!. Kesus said !o !hem, .5he kings of !he Gen!iles lord i! over !hemG and !hose 1ho e+er-ise au!hori!y over !hem -all !hemselves Benefa-!ors. Bu! you are no! !o be like !ha!. ,ns!ead, !he grea!es! among you should be like !he younges!, and !he one 1ho rules like !he one 1ho serves/ B uke ((0(:4(9, /3!C.


1> 2 e Im)or!an.e o( Prayer in Lea$ing Peo)le

+. Pe!er 0agner
#hris!ian leaders -an lead 1i!h or 1i!hou! prayer. 5his, , realiEe, is a+ioma!i-. #hris!ian paren!s -an raise a family 1i!h or 1i!hou! prayer. #hris!ian s!uden!s -an s!udy 1i!h or 1i!hou! prayer. 5his -hap!er, ho1ever, is based on a fundamen!al premise0 @ha!ever #hris!ian people do, !hings 1ill go be!!er 1i!h prayer. 5his, of -ourse, in-ludes #hris!ian leadership, 1he!her i! be a pas!or leading a -hur-h, a -oa-h leading an a!hle!i- !eam, a -ons!ru-!ion supervisor leading a 1ork -re1, an offi-e manager leading a s!aff or you name i!. <y remarks in !his -hap!er are dire-!ed a bi! more spe-ifi-ally !o1ard pas!oral leadership !han !o1ard o!her kinds of leadership. <y professional role is !ha! of a !rainer of pas!ors, and -onse2uen!ly mos! of my !hinking has revolved around !he -hur-h leadership -on!e+!. ,f your -on!e+! for leading is no! !he pas!ora!e, ho1ever, !ake hear!0 Aou 1ill no! find i! diffi-ul! !o adap! !hese prin-iples for po1erful prayer !o your o1n si!ua!ion, 1ha!ever i! may be. , imagine !ha! many 1ho !urn !o !his -hap!er 1ill e+pe-! i! !o sugges! !hey should pray more. &l!hough , firmly believe !ha! mos! of us, in-luding me, should pray more, , am no! going !o fo-us on !he 2uan!i!y of prayer as mu-h as on i!s 2uali!y. #hris!ian books!ores are 1ell s!o-ked 1i!h books !ha! give e+-ellen! reasons 1hy 1e should pray more and ho1 !o do so. Fe1 of !hem, ho1ever, elabora!e on !he premise !ha! no! all prayer is e2ual. 5ha! is 1ha! , hope !o do in !he ne+! fe1 pages.


,f i! is !rue !ha! prayer 1ill make leadership more effe-!ive, i! follo1s !ha! !he higher !he 2uali!y of prayer, !he higher migh! be !he 2uali!y of leadership. 5he ra!her -ommon, bu! naive, no!ion !ha! all prayer is of !he same 2uali!y -an grea!ly dilu!e !he effe-!iveness of prayer. Kames says0 .5he effe-!ive, ferven! prayer of a righ!eous man QpersonR avails mu-h/ BKames 8019C. &s if an!i-ipa!ing !he 2ues!ion, .Bu! ho1 -an 1e kno1 !he differen-eN/ Kames immedia!ely goes on !o use *li=ah as his e+ample of one 1ho engaged in effe-!ive prayer. ,! is very simple0 *li=ah prayed !ha! i! 1ouldnF! rain and i! didnF!G he prayed !ha! i! 1ould rain and i! didJ ,s !ha! kind of prayer possible !odayN Kames seems !o !hink i! is be-ause he immedia!ely adds, .*li=ah 1as a man 1i!h a na!ure like ours/ BKames 8017C. , realiEe !ha! mos! of us may no! have e+perien-ed prayer 2ui!e !ha! po1erful regularly, bu! if no!, , am going !o sugges! in !his -hap!er a! leas! !hree !hings leaders like us -an do abou! i!. Firs!, 1e -an individually move !o improve !he 2uali!y of our prayer life. %e-ond, 1e -an move !he people 1e lead in !ha! dire-!ion as 1ell. 5hird, 1e -an re-rui! in!er-essors 1hose prayer lives may already be mu-h nearer !o *li=ahFs e+ample !o pray spe-ifi-ally for us.


<y !i!le a! Fuller %eminary is Professor of #hur-h Gro1!h. , have spen! !he be!!er par! of !hree de-ades s!udying and analyEing 1hy i! is !ha! some -hur-hes gro1 1hile o!hers do no!. <any prin-iples of -hur-h gro1!h have been dis-overed and !horoughly field !es!ed in re-en! years. &l!hough mu-h more is ye! !o be learned, 1e never!heless have a--umula!ed 2ui!e a good bi! of kno1ledge -on-erning !he dynami-s of -hur-h gro1!h. #uriously, ho1ever, rela!ively li!!le has been dis-overed abou! ho1 prayer -an e+er! a -ause4and4effe-! rela!ionship !o -hur-h gro1!h. 199

5his surprised me 1hen , firs! began !o resear-h, 1ri!e and !ea-h abou! prayer ba-k in 1977. , had previously heard so mu-h abou! !he impor!an-e of prayer !ha! , e+pe-!ed !o find many available resour-es abou! prayer and -hur-h gro1!h 1hen , began !o build my library on !he sub=e-!. Bu!, no. ,n 1977 , -ould no! find a single 1ork on ho1 prayer migh! or migh! no! affe-! !he gro1!h of -hur-hes. <any sermons 1ere on re-ord de-laring !he impor!an-e of prayer, bu! very li!!le -onfirming resear-h. , say .very li!!le/ be-ause !here 1as one e+-ep!ion !o !he rule0 !he remarkable -hur-h gro1!h in 6orea, 1hi-h, in almos! every analysis, 1as a!!ribu!ed largely !o prayer. %in-e 1977, a bi! more resear-h has been done. 5he firs! 1ork on !he sub=e-! , am a1are of 1as 5erry 5eyklFs bookle! ray and .row, 1hi-h 1as published in 1977. 6irk ?ada1ay in-luded a se-!ion abou! prayer in his book 'hurch .rowth rinciples, repor!ing !ha! !here seemed !o be some1ha! more of an emphasis on prayer in !he %ou!hern Bap!is! -hur-hes, 1hi-h broke ou! of a gro1!h pla!eau as -ompared !o -hur-hes !ha! remained on !he pla!eau. <arlin <ull -ondu-!ed a s!udy of @esleyan #hur-hes and found !ha! !he gro1ing -hur-hes regis!ered a higher degree of par!i-ipa!ion in !heir annual .For!y 'ays of Prayer and Fas!ing/ program !han did !he nongro1ing -hur-hes. &! !he same !ime, Kohn "aughan, regarded as !he na!ional e+per! on large -hur-hes, 1ro!e a book en!i!led %egachurches and "merica2s 'ities. ,n i!, he analyEes !he -hara-!eris!i-s of -hur-hes !ha! dra1 !1o !housand or more in 1eekly 1orship a!!endan-e. Dne of "aughanFs mos! in!eres!ing -hap!ers is .Predi-!able #hanges in Gro1ing #hur-hes,/ in 1hi-h he lis!s !1en!y of !he differen-es he sees as mos! signifi-an! in !he gro1!h of large -hur-hes as -ompared !o smaller ones. >o! one of !he -hanges men!ioned !alks abou! prayerJ 5his does no! mean !ha! Kohn "aughan beli!!les prayer. &s a personal friend, , -an a!!es! !ha! he holds prayer in high es!eem. ,! does mean, ho1ever, !ha! af!er e+!ensive resear-h, i! did no! o--ur !o him !o lis! prayer among !he !1en!y mos! impor!an! gro1!h -hara-!eris!i-s. & similar s!udy 1as published by !he *vangelis!i- &sso-ia!ion of >e1 *ngland in 1998. 5hey a!!emp!ed some!hing !ha! many of us had been hoping 1ould be done for 2ui!e some !ime. 5hey under!ook !he !ask of developing a measuring ins!rumen! !o measure !he 2uali!y of a given -hur-h. Dverall, i! is an e+-ellen! pie-e of 1ork. 5en salien! -hara-!eris!i-s of -hur-h 2uali!y appear on !heir s-ale. &gain, !hough, no! one of !he !en is prayerJ 5he 1ord .prayer/ is men!ioned only on-e in !he do-umen!, .5en #hara-!eris!i-s of a ?eal!hy #hur-h/Hand !ha! almos! in passing.


Prayer is so prominen! in !he Bible and so dear !o !he hear!s of #hris!ian people every1here !ha! i! 1ould be vir!ually un!hinkable for a pas!or !o en!er!ain !he !hough! !ha! !here migh! no! be a dire-! -ause4and4effe-! rela!ionship be!1een prayer and -hur-h gro1!h. Be-ause of !ha!, a s!andard rhe!ori- has emerged. o-a!e !he pas!ors of one hundred gro1ing -hur-hes and ask ea-h of !hem 1ha! role prayer plays in !he gro1!h of !heir -hur-hes. @i!hou! e+-ep!ion, all one hundred pas!ors 1ould respond 1i!h 1ords !o !he effe-!0 .Prayer plays a key role. @i!hou! prayer our -hur-h defini!ely 1ould no! be gro1ing./ %uppose, ho1ever, 1e e+amined and analyEed !he prayer life and minis!ry of !hese one hundred gro1ing -hur-hesN , 1ould be surprised if more !han five of !he one hundred -hur-hes 1ould have a prayer minis!ry any more a-!ive and more dynami- !han !ha! of !he many o!her -hur-hes in !heir -ommuni!y !ha! 1ere no! gro1ing. ,n o!her 1ords, probably nine!y4five of !hem 1ould have a medio-re prayer minis!ry. @hy, !hen, are !hey gro1ingN ,! is 2ui!e simple. 5hey are employing sound -hur-h gro1!h prin-iples ba-ked by a li!!le bi! of prayer. 5hey !alk abou! prayer, bu! mu-h of i! is rhe!ori-, no! a-!ion. 197

, 1ould !hink !ha! !he nine!y4five -ould be -ompared !o an 74-ylinder au!omobile running on 8 or 9 -ylinders. ,! may be able !o move for1ard, bu! i! is -er!ainly no! all i! 1as in!ended !o be. ,f our hypo!he!i-al -hur-hes -ould -hange !heir rhe!ori- prayer in!o a-!ion prayer, , believe !hey 1ould be!!er fulfill GodFs !rue po!en!ial for !hem. Prayer, as mos! pas!ors affirm, really is impor!an!. ,! is a re-ogniEed divine prin-iple !ha! spiri!ual po1er 1ill !end !o in-rease as effe-!ive prayer in-reases in -ongrega!ions.


, personally kno1 a good deal abou! prayer as rhe!ori-. For abou! !he firs! !1en!y4five years of my professional -areer, , -ould have been des-ribed as an ordained minis!er of rhe!ori- prayer. , have no1 -hanged, and enough !ime has elapsed for me !o analyEe !he spe-ifi- areas in my o1n life !ha! needed ne1 a!!i!udes and ne1 !hinking. ,f leaders desire !o pray more effe-!ively, and !o help !hose 1hom !hey lead dra1 on GodFs superna!ural po1er !hrough prayer, !hey 1ould do 1ell !o -onsider !he follo1ing prin-iples0 I Prayer is a two-way street. &! i!s very -ore, prayer should be seen as a rela!ionship be!1een !1o persons. Prayer leaders are vir!ually unanimous in asser!ing !ha! !he mos! impor!an! 2uali!y of prayer needs !o be es!ablishing an in!ima-y 1i!h !he Fa!her. <y resear-h on prayer and prayer movemen!s has made i! -lear !ha! -er!ain people are -apable of a!!aining more in!ima-y 1i!h God !hrough prayer !han are o!hers. ,n!era-!ing 1i!h !hem -an easily fos!er an unne-essary and fre2uen!ly -oun!erprodu-!ive guil! !rip. , 1as some1ha! sus-ep!ible !o !ha! myself, and i! !ook me a1hile !o learn !o live 1i!h !he fa-! !ha! on good days , migh! rank a! only abou! a 7 on an in!ima-y s-ale of 1 !o 1). Bu! 7 is be!!er !han 8Hor EeroJ <y advi-e is !ha! you se! a goal !o move as high on !he s-ale as you -an, bu! no! !o be overly disappoin!ed if you fall shor! of perfe-!ion. <ean1hile, 1e mus! realiEe !ha! in!ima-y a! any level, if i! is be!1een !1o persons, re2uires a give and !ake. & -ommon assump!ion abou! prayer is !ha! i! is a monologue. ,n our -hur-h servi-es, many of us have never seen or heard prayers !ha! are any!hing bu! a one41ay s!ree!. 5he pas!or, o!her people, or !he 1hole -ongrega!ion !oge!her !alk !o God, e+pe-!ing ?im !o lis!en. *ven in !imes of silen! prayer, ea-h of us as individuals are e+pe-!ed !o do !he same !hing. Period. , no1 see prayer as no! only !alking !o God, bu! also lis!ening for, and a-!ually hearing ?is voi-e. ,f God is our Fa!her, i! s!ands !o reason !ha! 1e should do !his. @hen my o1n fa!her 1as alive, , -alled him on !he phone every %unday. ,! 1ould no! have en!ered our minds for me !o !alk and him !o lis!en and say no!hing. <any of us, par!i-ularly !hose 1ho -ome from !he more !radi!ional s!reams of #hris!iani!y, have shied a1ay from !rying !o hear !he voi-e of God be-ause of an e+aggera!ed appli-a!ion of a good !heologi-al prin-iple. 5he prin-iple, a very impor!an! one, is !he inspira!ion and au!hori!y of !he %-rip!ures. @e have been !augh! !o regard !he Bible no! only as !he )ord of God, bu! as the @ord of God. & -orollary for many of us has been !ha! all !ha! God has desired !o reveal !o !he human ra-e is -on!ained in !he si+!y4si+ books of !he Bible. *+pe-!ing !o hear GodFs au!hen!ivoi-e ou!side !he %-rip!ures is !hen seen as 1rong. God, 1e have been !old, does no! engage in .e+!rabibli-al revela!ion./ @ha! , have =us! said sounds s!range !o gro1ing numbers of #hris!ian people !oday. Believers in Pen!e-os!al and .ne1 apos!oli-/ Bsome!imes referred !o as .pos!denomina!ional/C -hur-hes in !he @es!ern 1orld, and in mos! all -hur-hes in !he 5hird @orld, believe !hey hear !he voi-e of God apar! from 1ha! is 1ri!!en in !he Bible Bal!hough no! -on!radi-!ing 1ha! is in !he BibleC regularly, even in !heir -hur-h servi-es. Fre2uen!ly 1ha! God is saying 1ill be announ-ed 197

publi-ly !hrough prophe-y. <any are bold enough !o de-lare .5hus sai!h !he ord,/ follo1ed by !he prophe!i- message. , realiEe !ha! some leaders may no! be open !o !his be-ause !hey have been !augh! 1ha! is kno1n as !he do-!rine of .-essa!ionism./ 5he premise is !ha! !he so4-alled .sign gif!s/ Be.g., !ongues, mira-les, healingC -eased 1i!h !he end of !he apos!oli- age. &f!er !he >e1 5es!amen! had been 1ri!!en and -ompiled, su-h sign gif!s as prophe-y 1ere no longer needed. ,! goes 1i!hou! saying !ha! -essa!ionis! !heology, 1hi-h has been very popular for several genera!ions, has been a -hief -on!ribu!ing fa-!or !o !he assump!ion !ha! prayer is only a one41ay s!ree!. For!una!ely, -essa!ionism is 2ui!e rapidly going ou! of s!yle. I Prayer works. 5he se-ond impor!an! -hange !ha! many of us need !o make is !o realiEe !ha! prayer really 1orks. @i!hou! !his, 1e 1ill never ge! far beyond rhe!ori- prayer. By !his , mean !ha! if 1e pray, !hings 1ill happen !ha! 1ould no! have happened if 1e had no! prayed. >o! all #hris!ian leaders believe !his. 5his 1eakness is again be-ause of an e+aggera!ed appli-a!ion of a good !heologi-al poin!0 !his !ime, !he sovereign!y of God. ,f God is no! sovereign, ?e is no! God. ?e is !he -rea!or and sus!ainer of !he 1hole universe. %o far, so good. 'oes !he fa-! !ha! !he sovereign God kno1s every!hing in !he pas!, presen! and fu!ure, also mean !ha! ?e has prede!ermined every!hing !ha! 1ill ever happen in his!oryN ,f so, forge! abou! a-!ion prayer. 5he bes! !ha! prayer -ould possibly do under su-h -ir-ums!an-es 1ould be !o benefi! !hose 1ho pray so !ha! !hey -an more -heerfully -onform !o 1ha! God has de!ermined !o do any1ay, 1he!her !hey pray or no!. Dne of !he bes! s!a!emen!s of 1ha! , -onsider a more -orre-! and more helpful !heology of prayer -omes from a -hap!er !i!le in Ka-k ?ayfordFs book rayer 3s 3nvading the 3mpossible?ayford says, .,f 1e donF!, ?e 1onF!./ >ei!her ?ayford nor anyone else 1ould say, .,f 1e donF!, ?e -anF!./ 5his 1ould deny !ha! God is sovereign. For!una!ely, 1e -an have i! bo!h 1ays. ?o1N I Plan A or Plan B? & sovereign God 1ould -rea!e !he universe e+a-!ly !he 1ay ?e 1an!ed i!. For reasons of ?is o1n, God designed human his!ory 1i!h 1ha! 1e migh! -all in -urren! language .Plan &/ and .Plan B./ 5he differen-e abou! 1he!her, in a par!i-ular si!ua!ion, 1e end up 1i!h Plan &, !he bes!, or Plan B, !he se-ond bes!, -an fre2uen!ly depend on !he -hoi-es 1e make, as human beings -rea!ed in !he image of God. For a s!ar!er, look a! &dam and *ve. ,f, in !he Garden of *den, !hey had obeyed God ra!her !han !he devil, human his!ory 1ould undoub!edly have been a lo! differen!. 5he same !hing -an be applied !o our unders!anding of prayer. , like !he 1ay Ri-hard Fos!er pu!s i! in The 'elebration of 7iscipline0 .@e are 1orking 1i!h God !o de!ermine !he fu!ure. #er!ain !hings 1ill happen in his!ory if 1e pray righ!ly./ &s an e+ample, , need only !o repea! !he illus!ra!ion of effe-!ive prayer seen in !he book of Kames. *li=ah prayed !ha! i! 1ould no! rain, and i! didnF!G !hen he prayed !ha! i! 1ould rain, and i! did. KamesFs presump!ion is !ha! his!ory 1ould have been differen! if *li=ah had no! prayed. Dr le! me -i!e one of !he more drama!i- e+amples in my o1n life, !old in de!ail in my book rayer Shield. & fe1 years ago, , fell from a ladder, landing on !he ba-k of my head and ne-k on a -emen! floor. &! e+a-!ly !he same momen!, an in!er-essor, several miles a1ay, heard !he voi-e of God, prayed in!ensely and effe-!ively, and no! only 1as my life saved, bu! , also re-eived no ma=or in=ury from !he fall. Bo!h my 1ife and , are -onvin-ed !ha! his!ory 1ould have been differen! 1ere i! no! for her spe-ifi- prayer. 'oris mos! likely 1ould have been a 1ido1J @i!hou! en!ering in!o !1o41ay prayer, hearing !he voi-e of God, and realiEing !ha! prayer really 1orks, effe-!ive prayer for a leader and for !hose being led 1ill -on!inue !o be elusive.



5he !ask of leading people in prayer involves bringing !he 1hole group !o !he pla-e 1here prayer is a signifi-an! par! of !heir daily lives and 1here posi!ive -hanges -an reasonably be a!!ribu!ed !o GodFs ans1ers !o prayer. ,n !he -ase of a pas!or, !he -ongrega!ion should be re-ogniEed by !hemselves and by o!hers as a praying -ongrega!ion and !he gro1!h and heal!h of !he -hur-h 1ill presumably rise !o levels no! previously seen. ?o1 -an !his be doneN , re-ommend !ha! pas!ors 1ho 1ish !o lead !heir -ongrega!ions !o a superior lifes!yle of prayer allo-a!e ade2ua!e amoun!s of !ime and energy !o !hree primary !asks0 B1C !ea-hing !he people !he rules of prayer, B(C visibly modeling a lifes!yle of prayer and B3C organiEing and programming for prayer. . Tea!h the r"les o# prayer. 5he field of prayer is so vas! !ha! i! 1ould be diffi-ul! !o -a!alog all !he varie!ies of prayer, !he rules of prayer and !he me!hods of prayer kno1n !o #hris!ian people. 5he neares! , have seen is Ri-hard Fos!erFs book rayer, 1hi-h some have referred !o as our .-ookbook of prayer./ , men!ion !ha! be-ause in !his se-!ion on !he rules of prayer, , have -hosen !he four , feel are !he mos! impor!an! rules for a leader !o -ommuni-a!e !o o!hers, kno1ing full 1ell !ha! !hese four do no! -omprise an e+haus!ive lis! and !ha! o!her au!hors migh! have -hosen a differen! se! of four. >ever!heless, , 1ould no! e+pe-! many -ongrega!ions !o rea-h signifi-an!ly higher levels of prayer 1i!hou! !horoughly absorbing !hese four rules in!o !heir daily !hinking and a-!ing.


5he firs! rule is praying 1i!h fai!h. .Kesus ans1ered and said !o !hem, S?ave fai!h in God. For assuredly, , say !o you, 1hoever says !o !his moun!ain, .Be removed and be -as! in!o !he sea,/ and does no! doub! in his hear!, bu! believes !ha! !hose !hings he says 1ill be done, he 1ill have 1ha!ever he saysF/ B<ark 110((4(3C. 5he s!ress here is on fai!h !ha! means no! !o doub!, bu! !o believe. Fai!h is !he .subs!an-e of !hings hoped for/ B?ebre1s 1101C, or fa-ing !he fu!ure 1i!h !he -onfiden-e of GodFs blessing. 5he more -er!ain 1e are !ha! 1ha! 1e are praying for is GodFs 1ill, !he more fai!h 1e -an have. @hen 1e be-ome a--us!omed !o !1o41ay prayer, 1e of!en hear !he voi-e of God !elling us 1ha! ?e desires for !hose of us 1ho lead, as 1ell as for our follo1ers. ,f and 1hen !his happens, our fai!h level rises enormously be-ause, .5his is !he -onfiden-e !ha! 1e have in ?im, !ha! if 1e ask any!hing a--ording !o ?is 1ill, ?e hears us/ B1 Kohn 801:C.

5he se-ond rule of prayer 1e need !o !ea-h our people is praying 1i!h a pure hear!. @e mus! -ons!an!ly be on guard !ha! !he mo!ives behind our prayers are !he righ! mo!ives. 5he higher 1e find ourselves on !he holiness s-ale, !he more po1erful 1ill be our prayers. Dn !he o!her hand, unforgiveness, un-onfessed sin and a 1orldly lifes!yle are some of !he bes! kno1n inhibi!ors of effe-!iveness in prayer. ,f su-h !hings are no! -ared for, as !hey -an be 1i!h !he spiri!ual resour-es God gives !o every believer, more !han likely, our mo!ives in praying 1ill no! al1ays be !he bes!. .Aou ask and do no! re-eive, be-ause you ask amiss, !ha! you may spend i! on your pleasures/ BKames :03C.


Praying 1i!h po1er is !he !hird rule of prayer. 5he key variable here is being filled 1i!h !he ?oly %piri!. &ll spiri!ual po1er 1e ever have -omes !hrough !he ?oly %piri!, so i! s!ands !o reason !ha! !he more filled 1e are 1i!h !he ?oly %piri!, !he be!!er. ,s i! really possible !o be filled 1i!h !he ?oly %piri!N Df -ourse. 5he reason , men!ion !his is !ha!, in my opinion, some #hris!ian leaders have over-ompli-a!ed !he e+plana!ions of ho1 !his normally happens. @e some!imes ge! !he idea !ha! !o be filled 1i!h !he ?oly %piri! 1e have !o go !o a -er!ain kind of mee!ing, -ome for1ard in 17)

response !o an invi!a!ion, have people pray for us and e+pe-! some kind of visible, !angible sign !o -onfirm !ha! 1e have really been filled. %ome may !hink , oversimplify i!, bu! i! seems !o me !ha! all 1e have !o do is !o ask God !o fill us 1i!h !he ?oly %piri!, and !hen !ake ?im a! ?is 1ord !ha! ?e 1ill do i!. Kesus said, .,f a son asks for bread from any fa!her among you, 1ill he give him a s!oneN/ and !hen ?e immedia!ely adds0 .,f you !hen, being evil, kno1 ho1 !o give good gif!s !o your -hildren, ho1 mu-h more 1ill your heavenly Fa!her give !he ?oly %piri! !o !hose 1ho ask ?imJ/ B uke 11011, 13C. >o1here does !he Bible !ell us =us! ho1 long ea-h filling of !he ?oly %piri! las!s. 5o be on !he safe side, , ask God !o fill me ea-h and every day. Fur!hermore, , believe !ha! ?e keeps ?is 1ord and does i!. #onse2uen!ly, as a general rule, , live my life from day !o day filled 1i!h !he ?oly %piri!, and , -an pray 1i!h a good bi! of -onfiden-e. By !his , do no! mean , am immune from spiri!ual ups and do1ns. >o, , am very sus-ep!ible. 5he more ma!ure , be-ome, ho1ever, !he more !he spiri!ual do1ns be-ome e+-ep!ions ra!her !han !he rule.

5he four!h rule of prayer is praying 1i!h persis!en-e. &lmos! everyone 1ho has read 1ha! !he Bible !ea-hes abou! prayer kno1s !ha! in mos! -ases praying abou! some!hing =us! one !ime is no! enoughG 1e mus! pray for i! again and again before 1e see !he ans1er 1e are e+pe-!ing. ?o1 long do 1e keep prayingN @e pray persis!en!ly and ferven!ly un!il one of !hree !hings happens. Firs!, 1e pray un!il 1e see !he ans1er. For e+ample, , prayed for de-ades Bsome!imes no! as persis!en!ly as , should haveC for my fa!her !o be saved. @hen he a--ep!ed #hris!, , no longer prayed for his salva!ion. %e-ond, 1e pray un!il God releases us. &s 1e lis!en !o GodFs voi-e, fre2uen!ly ?e 1ill say 1ords !o !his effe-!0 .D.6., youFve prayed enough abou! !ha!. ,Fm releasing you from !he burden./ @e may no! have seen !he ans1er, bu! 1e obey ?im and 2ui! praying abou! i!. 5hird, 1e pray un!il God says no. &n e+-ellen! bibli-al -ase of !his is 1hen Paul prayed !ha! God 1ould remove his .!horn in !he flesh,/ bu! God !old him ?e fel! Paul 1ould be be!!er off 1i!h i!. 5his is espe-ially in!eres!ing 1hen 1e realiEe !ha! !he .!horn/ 1as no! from God, bu! a .messenger of %a!an./ >ever!heless, !his 1as GodFs ans1er and Paul 1as obedien! enough no! !o !alk abou! i! !o God anymore Bsee ( #or. 1(0749C. $. %odelin& a li#estyle o# prayer. ,f prayer in leading people is going !o be mos! effe-!ive, no! only do leaders need !o !ea-h !he rules of prayer, bu! !hey also need !o model !hose rules !hrough !heir lifes!yles. 5his par!i-ularly applies !o pas!oral leadership. &s , began resear-hing !he prayer life of lo-al -ongrega!ions seriously, , found myself -oming !o 1ha! 1as for me a relu-!an! -on-lusion. e! me e+plain. &s readers of my books su-h as Leading 5our 'hurch to .rowth 1ill kno1, a prominen! par! of my !heory of -hur-h leadership is !ha! !he senior pas!ors mus! learn !o delega!e !he minis!ry !o !he -ongrega!ion. 5he more !he pas!or leads and !he people minis!er, !he grea!er !he -hur-hFs gro1!h po!en!ial. , s!rongly !ea-h !ha! pas!ors should help people dis-over !heir spiri!ual gif!s, !rain !hem in !heir use, !hen delega!e, delega!e, delega!e. <y assump!ion 1as !ha! !he senior pas!or -ould delega!e !he prayer minis!ry of !he -hur-h. Dn !his , 1as 1rong. <y relu-!an! -on-lusion no1 is0 5he prayer life of a lo-al -hur-h 1ill rise or fall on !he visible modeling of !he priori!y of prayer in !he life and minis!ry of !he senior pas!or. 5his is no! !he only fa-!or in developing a praying -hur-h, bu! i! is a prere2uisi!e. , has!en !o say !ha! !his does no! mean !he senior pas!or needs !o be a prayer gian! or have !he spiri!ual gif! of in!er-ession. "ery fe1 pas!ors have !his gif!. 171

,! does mean, ho1ever, !ha! !he pas!or or any leader 1ho desires !o -rea!e a po1erful a!mosphere of prayer should !alk abou! prayer publi-ly and priva!ely, should priori!iEe prayer in !he -hur-h or organiEa!ionFs program, should provide a budge! for prayer and !he prayer minis!ry and should feed !he -ongrega!ion a ri-h die! of !es!imonies !o ans1ered prayer. &bove all, !he follo1ers mus! kno1 !ha! !heir leader prays for !hem fai!hfully and sys!ema!i-ally. %everal leaders , kno1 announ-e !o !heir people !ha! !hey are going !o !ake a 1hole day, or !1o days or more, !o lo-k !hemselves in!o a ho!el room or a re!rea! -en!er, =us! !o pray for ea-h member of !heir -ongrega!ion or for !heir employees. Before !hey go, !hey ask for 1ri!!en re2ues!s, assuring !he people !ha! on-e prayed for, !he -orresponden-e 1ill be shredded and des!royed, never !o be men!ioned again in !he fu!ure. '. Or&ani(ation) addin& the n"ts and *olts. Dn-e leaders and !heir people agree abou! !he rules of prayer, and 1hen !he leaders are per-eived by !heir follo1ers as individuals for 1hom prayer is a vi!al par! of !heir everyday lives, !he ground1ork has been laid for implemen!a!ion. *+-ep! in -ases of e+!raordinary revival, prayer does no! usually happen by i!self. ,! re2uires in!en!ional s!ru-!uring and programming. @ise leaders 1ill make sure !his happens. 5his brings us ba-k !o delega!ion. &! !he nu!s4and4bol!s level of s!ru-!uring a program for prayer, !he leader -an, and in mos! -ases should, delega!e a middle4managemen! person !o oversee i!, adminis!er i! and moni!or i!. 5his 1ill 1ork 1ell, providing !he leader is -on!inually per-eived as a person giving high priori!y !o prayer in every aspe-! of life. 5he prayer leader, minis!er of prayer, prayer -oordina!or or dire-!or of prayer should be a person for 1hom prayer is a vi!al par! of life, bo!h in -onvi-!ion and in pra-!i-e. 5he ideal person is one 1ho has bo!h !he gif! of in!er-ession and !he gif! of adminis!ra!ion, bu! su-h are fe1 and far be!1een. ,n!er-ession is a righ!4brained a-!ivi!y, 1hile adminis!ra!ion is lef!4brained, and no! many people have !he abili!y !o opera!e 1ell in bo!h. 5he larger !he -hur-h or organiEa!ion, !he more 1eigh! should be given !o !he adminis!ra!ive side of !he e2ua!ion. &s !he prayer movemen! -on!inues !o ma!ure, i! is be-oming more eviden! !ha! !hese persons assigned !he day4by4day responsibili!y of keeping !he prayer minis!ry a vi!al and a-!ive par! of !he organiEa!ion are -ru-ial !o sus!aining prayer pas! an ini!ial burs! of en!husiasm. , -an hardly overs!ress !he value of !he visible, ongoing inves!men! of !ime, energy and money in making !his happen. , am happy !o repor! !ha! i! -an no1 be -onsidered a !rend for lo-al -hur-hes !o open full4 !ime or par!4!ime s!aff posi!ions for minis!ers or pas!ors of prayer. %ome of !hese posi!ions are s!affed by volun!eers, 1hi-h is sa!isfa-!ory providing !ha! !he minis!er of prayer is a1arded full s!aff s!a!us in !he -hur-h. ,n !he business 1orld, !his is no! ye! a dis-ernible !rend, bu! subs!an!ial beginnings have been made. #onversa!ions , have had during !he pas! fe1 mon!hs indi-a!e !ha! !he ?oly %piri! has been speaking !o prominen! #hris!ian business people abou! organiEing over! prayer minis!ries in !heir businesses, s!ar!ing by adding a prayer manager Bor 1ha!ever o!her !i!leC !o !he payroll. , regard !his as one of !he mos! signifi-an! ne1 developmen!s in !he kingdom of God. ?aving said !his, i! be-omes obvious !ha! prayer minis!ries in se-ular businesses 1ill have !o opera!e under differen! se!s of rules !han 1ill !he prayer minis!ries in lo-al -hur-hes. 5he rule books for !his have no! been 1ri!!en, bu! look for !hem in !he near fu!ure. ,f !his is some!hing !he ?oly %piri! is !ruly saying !o !he -hur-hes, as , believe i! is, God 1ill sho1 us !he 1ays and means of moving for1ard.


,f !he aforemen!ioned is in pla-e and opera!ive, i! is no! enough. , 1an! !o end !his -hap!er 1i!h 1ha!, in many -ases, migh! !urn ou! !o be !he mos! impor!an! advi-e for leaders. #hris!ian leaders 17(

need !he spiri!ual pro!e-!ion !ha! -omes !hrough spe-ifi-, in!en!ional prayer for !hem as individuals. >o!hing !hrea!ens !he devil more !han effe-!ive prayer. 6eep in mind !ha! he is no! grea!ly dis!urbed by mu-h of !he pabulum, rhe!ori- praying !ha! -hara-!eriEes many #hris!ians and many -hur-hes. &s soon as aggressive #hris!ian leaders move in!o a-!ion prayer, ho1ever, !ea-hing and modeling !he rules of prayer and ins!alling in!ense, sys!ema!i- prayer minis!ries in !heir -hur-hes and o!her organiEa!ions, !he 1orld of darkness !akes serious no!e. %a!ani- a!!a-ks of all kinds !ha! may no! have been no!i-ed a! all in !he pas! may begin in earnes!. 'emoni- for-es may issue 1ha! amoun!s !o a de-lara!ion of 1arJ ?o1 do #hris!ian leaders rise !o mee! su-h a formidable -hallengeN %ome migh! !hink i! is up !o !he leader !o pray longer, harder and more po1erfully !o avoid %a!anFs a!!a-ks. 5his is no! a bad idea, and , s!rongly re-ommend !ha! #hris!ian leaders improve !heir personal prayer lives. *+perien-e, ho1ever, has sho1n !ha! if 1e leave i! a! !ha!, !he -han-es of su--ess are no! as high as 1e migh! hope. Fe1 pas!ors or o!her #hris!ian leaders are able personally !o provide all !he prayer !ha! !hey, !heir -hur-hes, !heir minis!ries or !heir organiEa!ions need !o survive high4level sa!ani- a!!a-ks. Fur!hermore, !his does no! seem !o be GodFs design. &ll #hris!ians, in-luding #hris!ian leaders, are members of !he Body of #hris!. 5he %-rip!ures !ea-h !ha! !he #hur-h fun-!ions like a human bodyG many differen! par!s -arry ou! !heir spe-ial!y for !he benefi! of all !he o!her body par!s. 5he fun-!ion or spe-ial!y of ea-h believer is de!ermined by !he spiri!ual gif!s re-eived from !he ?oly %piri!. Df all !he spiri!ual gif!s Bmy lis! in-ludes !1en!y4seven of !hemC, !he one mos! valuable for providing spiri!ual pro!e-!ion for #hris!ian leaders is !he gif! of in!er-ession.


,n!er-essors, by defini!ion, s!and in !he gap be!1een God and !he human being for 1hom !hey are praying. 5he prayers of in!er-essors never subs!i!u!e for !he personal prayer life of #hris!ian leaders, bu! !hey very defini!ely supplemen! !hem, in many -ases !o a surprisingly large e+!en!. & graphi- bibli-al e+ample of !his is !he s!ory in *+odus 17 of Koshua figh!ing and 1inning !he ba!!le of Rephidim, defea!ing !he for-es of &malek. @hile Koshua 1as figh!ing, <oses 1as on !he moun!ain overlooking !he ba!!lefield and in!er-eding before God 1i!h !he help of &aron and ?ur. @hen <osesF arms 1ere up, Koshua 1as 1inningG 1hen !hey 1ere do1n, Koshua 1as losing. 5he 1hole poin! of !he s!ory is !ha! !his physi-al ba!!le 1as really 1on by in!er-essory prayer in !he invisible 1orld. @as i! !he prayer of Koshua, 1ho even!ually go! -redi! for !he vi-!oryN ,n all probabili!y, Koshua 1as no! doing mu-h praying a! all. >o, i! 1as !he prayer of <oses, !he in!er-essor, !ha! brough! do1n !he po1er of God in!o !he visible 1orld. Koshua reminds me of many pas!ors and o!her #hris!ian leaders !oday. 5hey are ou! on !he fron! lines fulfilling 1ha!ever assignmen!s !hey may have re-eived from God. 5heir minis!ries are of!en every bi! as s!renuous as KoshuaFs ba!!le mus! have been, and !hey realiEe !hey need prayer. <os! #hris!ian leaders , kno1 1ill admi!, in !heir hones! momen!s, !hough, !ha! !heir personal prayer lives are probably no! enough in !hemselves !o -arry !hem !o vi-!ory. 5hey need help, and !ha! help has been made available by God.


5he bes! advi-e , -an give !o #hris!ian leaders is !ha! !hey do 1ha!ever is ne-essary !o build a !eam of personal prayer par!ners, !he more po1erful !he be!!er. 5hese are individuals, some 1i!h !he spiri!ual gif! of in!er-ession and o!hers =us! good, -ommi!!ed #hris!ian pray4ers, 1ho have sensed a spe-ial assignmen! from God !o dedi-a!e a signifi-an! par! of !heir regular prayer !ime !o a -er!ain leader. 5he full de!ails of ho1 su-h in!er-essors -an be re-ogniEed, re-rui!ed and 173

nur!ured are provided in my book rayer Shield. , have said many !imes !ha! of !he doEens of books , have 1ri!!en for pas!ors, rayer Shield is undoub!edly !he mos! impor!an!. ?o1 impor!an! -an personal in!er-essors beN , men!ioned earlier ho1 one saved my physi-al life !hrough prayer. , believe !he same !hing 1as !rue of !he apos!le Pe!er 1hen 6ing ?erod pu! him on his hi! lis! and !ried !o e+e-u!e him Bsee &-!s 1(C. ?erod a-!ually su--eeded in e+e-u!ing Kames, bu! Pe!er seemed !o have spe-ial pro!e-!ion. From 1here did !ha! pro!e-!ion -omeN &-!s 1(08 says, .Pe!er 1as !herefore kep! in prison, bu! -ons!an! prayer 1as offered !o God for him by !he -hur-h./ 5he prayer !ook pla-e in !he home of <ary, !he mo!her of <ark, 1hom, , 1ould surmise, 1as Pe!erFs personal in!er-essor. 5he apos!le Paul also had personal in!er-essors, named *uodia and %yn!y-he, members of !he -hur-h in Philippi. ?e fondly refers !o !hem by name in his le!!er !o !he Philippians, men!ioning !ha! !hey .labored 1i!h me in !he gospel/ BPhil. :03C. & more probable !ransla!ion of !he original Greek 1ould be !ha! !hey .did spiri!ual 1arfare on my behalf,/ =us! 1ha! fai!hful personal in!er-essors -ons!an!ly do for !he leaders !hey are -alled !o pray for !oday. <y 1ife, 'oris, and , have abou! !1o hundred prayer par!ners 1ho in!er-ede for us regularly. 51en!y4!1o of !hem are in a separa!e -a!egory, no! be-ause !hey are more spiri!ual or more holy !han !he o!hers, bu! be-ause 1e have mu!ually re-ogniEed !ha! God has given !hem a very spe-ial anoin!ing for high4level prayer on behalf of us and our minis!ry. @e keep in !ou-h 1i!h all of !hem !hrough a regular prayer par!ners le!!er, bu! !he !1en!y4!1o have more a--ess !o us, !hey are be!!er informed and !hey are privy !o a -onsiderable amoun! of -onfiden!ial ma!erial 1e believe needs e+!raordinary prayer. @e feel 1ell pro!e-!ed, al!hough 1e have -lear eviden-e !ha! %a!an has eleva!ed us higher on his hi! lis! !han mos!. >eedless !o say, !hese in!er-essors are among !he mos! impor!an! people in our lives.


Aou -an be a leader 1ho dra1s on !he po1er of God !hrough prayer. @he!her you lead a -hur-h, a para-hur-h minis!ry or a se-ular organiEa!ion, you -an begin !o see !he po1er of God blessing your people as never before. ,f you are serious abou! i!, you 1ill 1ork on your o1n prayer life, you 1ill s!imula!e effe-!ive prayer in !he lives of your follo1ers, you 1ill genera!e serious prayer for your organiEa!ion and you 1ill re-rui! a !eam of personal prayer par!ners 1ho 1ill serve as your .prayer shield./ Re(eren.e" *vangelis!i- &sso-ia!ion of >e1 *ngland, .5en #hara-!eris!i-s of a ?eal!hy #hur-h,/ B e+ing!on, <ass., 1998C. Ri-hard Fos!er, 'elebration of 7iscipline B%an Fran-is-o0 ?arper%anFran-is-o, 1977C. ;;;;;;;;, rayer B%an Fran-is-o0 ?arper%anFran-is-o, 1991C. 6irk ?ada1ay, 'hurch .rowth rinciples B>ashville0 Broadman Press, 1977C. Ka-k ?ayford, rayer 3s 3nvading the 3mpossible B>e1 Aork0 Ballan!ine Books, 1973C. 5erry 5eykl, ray and .row B>ashville0 'is-ipleship Resour-es, $ni!ed <e!hodis! #hur-h, 1977C. Kohn "aughan, %egachurches and "merica2s 'ities BGrand Rapids0 Baker Books, 1977C. #. Pe!er @agner, rayer Shield B"en!ura, #alif.0 Regal Books, 199)C. ;;;;;;;;, Leading 5our 'hurch to .rowth B"en!ura, #alif.0 Regal Books, 1979C. 17:


1A 2ran"i!ion in Lea$er" i)
0alla.e Eri.&"on
*arly in my you!h, , began forming impor!an! -on-ep!s abou! responsible leadership. <y boyhood days 1ere !o!ally absorbed by !he Boy %-ou! movemen!. , spen! every summer in -amp and ou!door a-!ivi!ies from age eigh! !hrough my early !1en!ies. From !he !ime , 1as !hir!een years old, , served in s!aff posi!ions in !he 1oods or on !he 1a!erfron!. >o! only did , progress !hrough !he ranks !o !he highes! posi!ion possible in %-ou!ing, bu! for several years , also served on na!ional -amp s!affs, leading and !raining o!her boys. <y early adul! !raining and minis!ry 1ere dire-!ed !o1ard !he pas!ora!e, 1here , served four -ongrega!ions in !hree s!a!es during a fif!een4year period. Feeling -alled !o minis!er full4!ime !o you!h, , !hen =oined #ompassion ,n!erna!ional. , lived overseas and !raveled !he 1orld, serving !ha! minis!ry for !1en!y4si+ years. 'uring !he las! eigh!een years, , fulfilled !he role of presiden! and #*D. &! every age, ea-h !ime my life -hanged dire-!ion, , fel! ei!her !he =oys of a--ep!ing !he gavel or !he emp!iness of passing i! !o ano!her. ,n ea-h !ransi!ion, , e+perien-ed !he -hallenge of a ne1 adven!ure or !he loss of a goal.


?ave you ever 1i!nessed !he -hanging of !he guard a! Bu-kingham Pala-e or !he passing of !he ba!on during !he Dlympi- relaysN ,f so, !hen you have seen su--ession in a-!ion. Aou have also realiEed !ha! !he skill and !iming involved in passing on !ha! ba!on -an make !he differen-e be!1een 1inning or losing !he ra-e. 5he even!s of his!ory and observa!ions in my life!ime reveal !ha! !ransi!ion in leadership -an easily be !he mos! !rauma!i- even! in any organiEa!ionFs his!ory. %u--ession in leadership makes a !remendous impa-! on any minis!ry. ,! drama!i-ally affe-!s !he leader, his e+e-u!ive !eam, s!aff and boardG !he -ons!i!uen-y, donors and ou!side publi-s. ,n every su--ession, !he organiEa!ionFs -redibili!y, momen!um, vision and values are a! risk. & poor !ransi!ion -an drain -orpora!e energy and resour-es for years !o -ome. *very minis!ry, regardless of i!s siEe or purpose, mus! -arefully plan and e+e-u!e !he !ransi!ion of leadership. @i!hou! a smoo!h su--ession, las!ing su--ess -anno! be a-hieved. %ome of !he 1orldFs leaders e+perien-ed grea! su--ess, bu! be-ause !hey failed miserably a! su--ession, !heir life a--omplishmen!s -ollapsed shor!ly af!er !heir depar!ure. ,! is !rue !ha! .su--ession/ follo1s .su--ess/ in !he di-!ionaryG ho1ever, i! rarely follo1s in real life. ?undreds of books have been 1ri!!en abou! !he sub=e-! of su--essG almos! none abou! su--ession. &! a -onven!ion of !he >a!ional &sso-ia!ion of *vangeli-als, 5ed *ngs!rom !old an assembly of pas!ors and #*Ds !ha! .one of !he mos! impor!an! lega-ies a leader -an give or leave !he ins!i!u!ion is a smoo!h !ransi!ion in leadership 1here !he organiEa!ional allian-e -an be 2ui-kly and readily given !o !he ne1 leader./ 1


,n !his -hap!er , hope !o help you, as a leader, !o iden!ify, prepare and ins!all your su--essor. @he!her you are involved in a nonprofi! organiEa!ion, a para-hur-h minis!ry, a denomina!ion or lo-al -hur-h, you -an have some inpu! in!o !his impor!an! even!. , realiEe !ha!, a--ording !o !he -hur-h poli!y of some denomina!ions, res!ri-!ions may preven! inpu! by !he in-umben! pas!or or 179

e+e-u!ive. Pro-edures !ha! are -hiseled in s!one are ou! of his -on!rol. @he!her he has li!!le or grea! oppor!uni!y, he mus! be a par!i-ipan!. >o o!her a-!ivi!y guaran!ees !he perpe!ua!ion of !he minis!ry af!er !he in-umben! is gone as mu-h as a 1ell4planned and -arefully e+e-u!ed !ransi!ion. ,n any kind of leadership !ransi!ion, !he !hree key players are0 !he in-umben!, !he board and !he su--essor. For !he !ransi!ion !o be smoo!h, effi-ien! and su--essful, ea-h player has a ma=or role !o play. ,n ea-h of !hese areas !here is a mind4se! !o develop, de-isions !o make, !asks !o perform and hindran-es !o over-ome. ,f ea-h of !he !hree players is su--essful, !hey -an -elebra!e.


5he !ransi!ion from leader !o former leader is no! a passive even! for !he in-umben!. ,n mos! -ases, !he in-umben! has an oppor!uni!y !o demons!ra!e his leadership abili!ies by playing a ma=or role in !he developmen! pro-ess. 5he na!ure of !ha! role 1ill vary from organiEa!ion !o organiEa!ion, bu! in a heal!hy si!ua!ion !he in-umben! helps !o map ou! !he !ransi!ion.

,n his book assing the #aton, Ri-hard "ansal of !he ?arvard Business %-hool said, .5he pro-ess of managing !he su--ession !o !he -orner offi-e, of handing over !he ba!on of po1er, is one !ha! begins soon af!er !he #*D is named./ ( , agree !ha! prepara!ion should begin !he day !he #*D s!eps in!o his offi-e. Dne of his !op priori!ies is !o begin !hinking abou! su--ession. ?o1ever, !ha! is a message ne1 leaders do no! 1an! !o hear. 5hey respond, .,Fve =us! arrived. ,Fve spen! years preparing for !his promo!ion. @hy should , !hink abou! leavingN/ 5he bes! reason is !ha! .any leadership posi!ion is !ransi!ory and likely !o be shor!4lived./ 3 <en!ally, ea-h e+e-u!ive mus! prepare himself for !his even!. ,! is no! ne-essary !o be-ome preo--upied 1i!h !he sub=e-!. 5he leader -an le! i! simmer on !he ba-k burner, s!irring i! periodi-ally during his !erm of servi-e. 5he human !enden-y is !o pro-ras!ina!e, pu!!ing off !hose !hings !ha! seem a long 1ay off. Df!en 1e do no! approa-h an issue be-ause 1e believe 1e have plen!y of !ime. 5ime, ho1ever, does no! 1ai! for us !o a--omplish our goals. 5he reali!y is !ha! !ime is as relen!less as !he o-ean !ide. ,! =us! keeps moving on. 5omorro1 -omes sooner !han 1e e+pe-!ed, and along 1i!h !omorro1 -omes -hange. #hange is inevi!able. 5oo of!en , have 1a!-hed -hange -a!-h leaders by surprise and !hey are !o!ally unprepared. *veryone has a -hoi-e0 Plan !oday and help dire-! -hange, or pro-ras!ina!e and be-ome i!s vi-!im. 5he !i!le of a re-en! managemen! book offers good advi-e for !he #*D0 'ontrol 5our 7estiny or Someone (lse )ill.: @hen i! -omes !o !ransi!ion, some leaders fa-e -hange, embra-e i! and make i! !heir o1n. D!hers figh! !he pro-ess, and as a resul! are for-ed ou!, usually des!roying rela!ionships and !arnishing !he minis!ryFs good name. , 1en! !hrough a !ransi!ion on-e !ha! lef! me 1i!h a sense of failure. ,! 1as su-h a devas!a!ing e+perien-e , made up my mind !ha! my -alling 1as from God, no! from man. 5herefore, , 1ould al1ays allo1 ?im !o in!erpre! minis!ry for meG , 1ould seek ?is approval ra!her !han !he approval of people. , de!ermined !ha! , 1ould survey my gif!s and iden!ify possible avenues of op!ion for minis!ry so !ha! any !ime , fa-ed diffi-ul! problems or !he feeling of being !rapped, , -ould say !o myself, ., donF! have !o do !his. , have !he gif!s !o do many !hings 1ell./ 5his men!al e+er-ise 1as a reassuring e+perien-e, relieving me of !ha! !rapped feeling. , did have o!her op!ions. 5hen , -ould fa-e !he -urren! problem 1i!h -onfiden-e, and , never had !o feel !ha! my self41or!h 1as !ied !o !he =ob. %omeday !ha! =ob 1ould end, bu! , kne1 , -ould al1ays do some!hing else and do i! 1ell. , believe !ha! kind of mind4se! is impor!an! as leaders plan for and fa-e !he fu!ure. 177

God has a !ime line dra1n ou! for ea-h one of ?is -hildren. >o! only does God have a purpose and plan for ea-h of us, bu! ?e also has one for !he minis!ry 1here ea-h serves. ,f a #*D -an a-kno1ledge !ha! .!his minis!ry is ?is, no! mineG i! belongs !o God, no! me,/ he 1ill be able !o surrender !o GodFs !iming and plan. Dne reason 'avid 1as su-h an effe-!ive general and king 1as !ha! he 1as a1are of GodFs leading. ?e -ons!an!ly asked God for dire-!ion and !hen obeyed. a!er in his reign 1hen God !old him he 1ould no! build !he 5emple, 'avid surrendered !o GodFs plan and !urned over !he pro=e-! !o his su--essor. ike 'avid, 1e, !oo, are mor!al. @e do no! kno1 ho1 mu-h !ime 1e have lef! !o serve in our presen! posi!ions. God is sovereign and ?is !iming is al1ays a! play. @e have all 1a!-hed !he -areer pa!h of a friend -hange dire-!ion. @e have seen !he heal!h of o!hers de!eriora!e or !heir lives -u! shor!. @hen 1e make our plans for !omorro1, 1e mus! remember !he admoni!ion in Kames :018 9/3!:. .Aou ough! !o say, S,f i! is !he ordFs 1ill, 1e 1ill live and do !his or !ha!.F/ @e have no guaran!ee !ha! 1e 1ill have many !omorro1s, so 1e need !o surrender !o GodFs 1ill, !rus!ing in ?is 1isdom and follo1ing ?is dire-!ion.

*verybody needs !o have a personal finan-ial plan and make s!eady progress for !he day 1hen i! be-omes ne-essary !o move on. ,deally, i! 1ould be grea! if a person had plen!y of lead !ime. , have seen !oo many pas!ors 1ho rea-hed re!iremen! age having a--umula!ed very li!!le finan-ial s!abili!y. 5oo of!en , have heard e+e-u!ives say, ., -anF! re!ire. , -anF! afford i!./ & 1ise person 1ill s!ar! early !o lay aside resour-es so 1hen -hange -omes, he 1ill be prepared. &n oak !ree 1as on-e an a-orn, bu! 1i!h !ime i! gre1 in!o a !all impressive !ree. <oney is like !ha! oak !ree0 1i!h !ime, li!!le -an be-ome mu-h. & mind4se! of long4!erm prepara!ion is -ri!i-al !o su--essful finan-ial planning. Pro-ras!ina!ion -an be des!ru-!ive in !his area of our lives. &n old #hinese proverb says0 ,f 1e donF! -hange dire-!ion soon, 1e 1ill likely end up 1here 1e are headed.


.*+e-u!ive su--essions are rarely easy, espe-ially !oday 1hen so many of our leaders have be-ome heroes, of!en un1illing !o surrender -on!rol of a firm !o 1hi-h !hey have dedi-a!ed !heir lives./ 8 5his is par!i-ularly !rue 1hen !he su--ession leads !o re!iremen!. Re!iremen! is ranked !en!h in !he lis! of !he mos! s!ressful even!s in lifeH-lose behind being fired, 1hi-h is eigh!h.9 6no1ing !hese s!a!is!i-s makes i! easy !o unders!and !he polls by ouis ?arris and &sso-ia!es indi-a!ing !ha! 8) per-en! 1ould happily 1ork beyond age 98, and :9 per-en! of re!ired #*Ds 1ish !hey 1ere s!ill 1orking full4 or par!4!ime.7 D!!o Rank des-ribed !he fears !ha! bese! many high -orpora!e offi-ers as .leaving offi-e means a loss of heroi- s!a!ure, a plunge in!o !he abyss of insignifi-an-e, a kind of mor!ali!y./ 7 'uring !he eigh!een years , served as presiden! of #ompassion ,n!erna!ional, , be-ame a1are of many founding dire-!ors or aging #*Ds 1ho s!ayed !oo long in !heir posi!ions, making i! manda!ory for !hem !o be for-ibly e+!ra-!ed. 5hese leaders may have had good in!en!ions, bu! !hey did no! re-ogniEe 1hen i! 1as !ime !o leave. %ome #*Ds labor 1i!h !he mind4se! !ha! !heir 1ork is no! ye! done. 5hey measure !heir su--ess in life by !heir o1n -areer a--omplishmen!s. ?is!ory has sho1n us, ho1ever, !ha! many ou!s!anding a--omplishmen!s 1ere s!ar!ed by a !alen!ed individual 1hose life or -areer ended before all his goals and visions be-ame reali!y. 5ha! personFs su--essor !hen a--ep!ed !he 177

responsibili!y !o fulfill !ha! vision and -omple!e !he unfinished !ask. Dne of !he bes! !es!s of leadership is !he 1illingness !o pass !he ba!on !o a su--essor and le! him -arry i! a-ross !he finish line. ?o1 -an a leader kno1 1hen !o pass !he ba!onN , do no! believe any single -ondi!ion or a-!ivi!y should promp! !his. 5he ans1er lies in a -ombina!ion of unders!anding GodFs plan for his life and !he minis!ry he is no1 serving, of a--ura!ely assessing his o1n gif!s agains! !he -urren! realis!i- needs of !his minis!ry and of evalua!ing !he level of sa!isfa-!ion and suppor! he is re-eiving from !he board and s!aff. Before !he privilege of leading slips a1ay, i! is -ri!i-al for !he board of dire-!ors !o give realis!i-, -andid feedba-k !o !he #*D. &n annual assessmen! needs !o be made agains! 1ell4 defined performan-e -ri!eria !ha! !he board and #*D have previously agreed upon. 5here should be no surprises !o !he #*D or !he dire-!ors if !hey have been ade2ua!ely -ommuni-a!ing and 1orking as a !eam. %everal signals should !rigger a need for an hones! and e+!ensive self4evalua!ion. Periodi-ally, a #*D should ask himself !he follo1ing 2ues!ions0 1. ,s !here a -on-ern !ha! !he blessing of God no longer res!s upon your 1ork or on !he minis!ryN (. &re you losing !he approval and appre-ia!ion of !he board of dire-!orsN 3. &re you losing !he suppor! and -oopera!ion of your s!affN :. 'o you feel !ha! !he organiEa!ion has gro1n beyond your uni2ue abili!ies or e+perien-esN 'o you feel like a misfi!Hno longer !he righ! person for !he =obN 8. ?ave you run ou! of en!husiasm and energyN &re !he daily demands draining you physi-ally and emo!ionallyN 9. ,n your o1n hear!, do you feel !ha! God is -losing !he door on !his -hap!er of your lifeN 3f the leader recognizes that his position e8ists for the ministry2s benefit, not his, 3f he can e8press than&s to others and give glory to .od for all achievements, 3f he can communicate openly and effectively with his board and staff, 3f he can honestly evaluate his own strengths and wea&nesses, 3f he willingly chooses his own departure date, then he can preserve his heroic image and his leaving will be a day of celebration, not a day of tragic loss-


Dne of !he grea!es! -hallenges fa-ing leaders is !o repla-e !hemselves, and !rain o!hers !o be-ome leaders. .&n organiEa!ion !ha! is no! -apable of perpe!ua!ing i!self has failed. &n organiEa!ion, !herefore, has !o provide !oday !he men 1ho -an run i! !omorro1./ 9 5he su--ess of an organiEa!ion depends on i!s abili!y !o a!!ra-! and hold !he righ! kind of people. 'ru-ker advises !he #*D !o ask himself four 2ues!ions0 1. (. 3. :. &re 1e a!!ra-!ing people 1e are 1illing !o en!rus! !his organiEa!ion !oN &re 1e developing !hem so !ha! !hey are going !o be be!!er !han 1e areN &re 1e holding !hem, inspiring !hem, and re-ogniEing !hemN &re 1e building for !omorro1 as 1e make our people de-isions !odayN1) 179

,n my sear-h for 2uali!y people, , had a s!anding order 1i!h ?uman Resour-es during my las! fif!een years as #*D of #ompassion ,n!erna!ional0 &l1ays fill ea-h va-an-y 1i!h people be!!er 2ualified Be+perien-e, a-ademi- !raining, spiri!ual ma!uri!yC !han !hose 1e had before. *a-h va-an-y gave us !he oppor!uni!y of s!epping up in 2uali!y. 5o main!ain momen!um and e+perien-e gro1!h, an organiEa!ion mus! s!eadily upgrade i!s human resour-es. 5he na!ural !enden-y is !o shy a1ay from hiring people 1ho are be!!er e2uipped !han oneself. Aes, able people are aggressive and ambi!ious. 5he 1ise leader, ho1ever, 1ill re-ogniEe !ha! i! is be!!er !o have s!rong, effe-!ive, -hallenging people around him !han !o risk being served by medio-ri!y. .5here is no prouder boas!, bu! also no be!!er pres-rip!ion, for e+e-u!ive effe-!iveness !han !he 1ords &ndre1 #arnegie, !he fa!her of !he $% %!eel ,ndus!ry, -hose for his o1n !ombs!one0 S?ere lies a man 1ho kne1 ho1 !o bring in!o his servi-e men be!!er !han he 1as himself.F/ 11


& good #*D ga!hers a -omplemen! of men and 1omen around himHpeople 1ho have differen! se!s of gif!s. 5his is -ri!i-al in developing fu!ure leaders. &s a young man , 1as a dire-!or of Boy %-ou! -amps and -hur-h -amps, and , learned !hen !ha! former -ampers make !he bes! -amp s!aff. From an early adul! age, , believed in gro1ing my o1n s!aff. ,f and 1hen a leader finds good people 1ho have unusual na!ural gif!s and are re-ep!ive and e+-i!ed abou! !he vision of !he minis!ry, he should inves! !ime, energy and money !o develop !hem in every -on-eivable 1ay he -an. @hen .leaders enable follo1ers !o develop !heir o1n ini!ia!ive, !hey are -rea!ing some!hing !ha! -an survive !heir o1n depar!ure. %ome individuals 1ho have daEEling po1ers of personal leadership no! only fail !o build ins!i!u!ional s!reng!h, bu! -rea!e dependen-y in !hose belo1 !hem. ?o1ever spe-!a-ular !heir personal performan-e, !hey leave behind a 1eakened organiEa!ion s!affed by 1eakened people. ,n -on!ras!, leaders 1ho s!reng!hen !heir people and have a gif! for ins!i!u!ion building may -rea!e a lega-y !ha! 1ill las! for a long !ime./ 1( 5he #*D 1ho gives of his !ime and self !o develop people 1ill re-eive a double blessing0 B1C gro1!h and effe-!iveness in !he organiEa!ion as a 1hole and, B(C a larger pool of 2uali!y managers and e+e-u!ives from 1hi-h !o sele-! his fu!ure leaders and a possible su--essor.


e!Fs assume for a momen! !ha! !he -hoi-e of !he su--essor has been made and !he in-umben! is s!ill in offi-e. >o1, !he in-umben! has responsibili!y for !he orien!a!ion and possible !raining of !he fu!ure #*D. 5his period of !ime -ould las! for 1eeks, mon!hs, or even several years, depending on !he spe-ifi- plan of !ransi!ion !he board and !he in-umben! have agreed upon. , am a1are of some plans !ha! amoun!ed !o no more !han an in!rodu-!ion !o !he s!aff and a !our !hrough !he offi-e. 5ha! s!yle assumes !he !ransfer of leadership is an easy !ask. ,n o!her -ases, !he board !hough! i! 1as 1ise !o have !rial periods of leadership and e+!ended orien!a!ion. ,n !he !ransi!ion , re-en!ly -omple!ed, !he board -hose a !hree4year !ime frame, !ransferring heavier responsibili!y ea-h year !o !he appoin!ed su--essorH'r. @ess %!affordH1ho had already been 1i!h #ompassion for four!een years. *arly in our asso-ia!ion, 'r. %!afford 1as involved in a do-!oral program for !hree years. ?e had served 1i!h #ompassion for four years in ?ai!i, !1o years in !he program division, !1o years as assis!an! !o !he presiden!, and !he las! five years as !he dire-!or of developmen!. 5hree years prior !o my in!ended re!iremen!, !he board made our plan publi-, announ-ing !ha! 'r. %!afford 1as !he -urren! -andida!e. ?e 1as promo!ed !o !he posi!ion of vi-e presiden!. ,n addi!ion !o leading his o1n division, he 1as given a se-ond division !o lead and manage. 'uring !he se-ond year, a !hird division 1as added !o his responsibili!y. ,n !he !hird and final year of !he 17)

!ransi!ion, he 1as promo!ed !o e+e-u!ive vi-e presiden! and -hief opera!ing offi-er. &! !ha! !ime, he a-2uired all five divisions for his oversigh! and responsibili!y.

, !hink i! is impor!an! for !he in-umben! !o dis-onne-! from !he minis!ry he is leaving as soon as possible. 5he board needs !o build a rela!ionship 1i!h !he ne1 #*D. 5he su--essor needs !ime !o ad=us! !o his ne1 responsibili!ies. 5he s!aff and friends of !he minis!ry need !ime !o !ransfer !heir loyal!ies and -onfiden-e !o !heir ne1 leader. 'isengagemen! from !he pas! is also impor!an! for !he in-umben! be-ause i! is diffi-ul! !o s!ar! a ne1 phase in life if he is -ons!an!ly being dra1n in!o issues of personnel and opera!ions or asked 2ues!ions abou! problems and solu!ions. ,n my seminary !raining, i! 1as espoused !ha! 1hen a pas!or moved on !o a ne1 assignmen!, he should be -au!ious abou! main!aining -lose personal friendships in !he former -hur-h. <embers of a -ongrega!ion have diffi-ul!y es!ablishing a ne1 rela!ionship if !he former pas!or is s!ill vying for peopleFs a!!en!ion and !ime. @hen a pas!or moves !o a differen! -hur-h or an e+e-u!ive !o a ne1 organiEa!ion, he usually moves !o a ne1 -ommuni!y, some!imes !o ano!her s!a!e. 5ha! helps !remendously in !he !ransi!ion. @hen , re!ired from #ompassion, , a-!ually moved !o a differen! s!a!e for some of !he same reasons previously ou!lined. , no1 1ai! for my -ounsel or advi-e !o be sough!. &ny !ime in our lives, a! every age, 1hen 1e lose a goal or lay do1n a responsibili!y, 1e -rea!e a void. @e mus! no! leave !ha! va-an-y open. ,! mus! be filled 1i!h some!hing else. 5his is !he only 1ay 1e s!ay -onne-!ed !o life and find our purpose B?is purposeC for living. 5hroughou! my life, , have been blessed 1i!h an array of diversified in!eres!s and hobbies. , say .blessed/ be-ause !here is al1ays a ne1 -hallenge 1ai!ing. , am of!en frus!ra!ed be-ause !here is never enough !ime !o pursue !hem all. & happy !ransi!ion re2uires !ha! 1e have some1here else !o go, some!hing ne1 !o do, or some!hing old bu! negle-!ed !o -hallenge and e+-i!e us afresh. Dn my re!iremen!, !he board ele-!ed me !o a !hree4year !erm. >o1 , am learning a ne1 role in rela!ionships. , am an en-ourager and suppor!er of !he ne1 #*D and his s!aff. , believe my a-!ion suppor!s !he resear-h of %onnenfeld. ,n a survey, he found !ha! !he more an e+e-u!ive !hough! and !alked abou! re!iremen! as an oppor!uni!y !o build an iden!i!y independen! of his previous leadership role, !he heal!hier !he ad=us!men!. 5he responden!s fel! !ha! re!iremen! 1as an oppor!uni!y !o en=oy !ime for !hemselves, a -han-e !o spend 2uali!y !ime 1i!h family members, a long4desired es-ape from publi- e+posure of !heir priva!e lives, and a -han-e !o be-ome involved in -ommuni!y, re-rea!ional, a-ademi-, business, or o!her a-!ivi!ies 1i!h en!husiasm and an!i-ipa!ion.13


,n every nonprofi! en!i!y, !he governing boardFs firs! and foremos! !ask should be !o sele-! and appoin! !he senior e+e-u!ive. Dne impor!an! prere2uisi!e is developing a -omprehensive !ransi!ion plan. .,n mos! large, publi-ly4held -ompanies !his is a normal pro-edureG ho1ever nonprofi!s are mu-h less likely !o !hink sys!ema!i-ally abou! !his impor!an! issue./ 1: ,! is far !oo prevalen! !oday for a nonprofi! board or some o!her au!hori!y !o remove !he #*D before 1ell4defined plans are in pla-e for !he su--ession. @hen !his happens, !he -hange in leadership -an be a1k1ard and some!imes even divisive.



,n a s!udy designed !o help boards unders!and ho1 #*Ds e+i! !heir posi!ions, Keffrey %onnenfeld surveyed !1o hundred and fif!y -hief e+e-u!ives, offi-ers and re-en!ly re!ired #*Ds. From !hose in!ervie1s he dis-overed four dis!in-! s!yles of e+i!ing behavior0 monar-hs, generals, ambassadors and governors. B5hese !erms do no! refer !o !heir managemen! s!yles.C18 , have gleaned informa!ion from %onnenfeldFs book abou! !hese four s!yles and have prepared !he follo1ing -har!. ?aving !his informa!ion, !he board -an iden!ify i!s in-umben! and make be!!er plans for i!s role in !he su--ession pro-ess. For a deeper unders!anding of !hese personali!ies, you may 1an! !o read %onnenfeldFs book The *ero2s Farewell.19

#hoosing !he su--essor is !he single mos! impor!an! de-ision !he board 1ill ever have !o make. 'ru-ker s!a!es0 .5he mos! -ri!i-al people de-ision, and !he one !ha! is hardes! !o undo, is !he su--ession !o !he !op. ,! is !he mos! diffi-ul! be-ause every su-h de-ision is a real gamble./ 17 5herefore, i! deserves !hough!ful a!!en!ion, 1isdom and prayer. 5he board should no! s!ar! a sear-h, !hough, un!il i! has revie1ed i!s mission and !he reason for !he e+is!en-e of !he nonprofi! organiEa!ion. ,n his book First Things First, %!ephen #ovey sugges!s an unusual e+er-ise. @e should ask ourselves, .'o you kno1 1ha! S!rue nor!hF is for !his organiEa!ionN/ 17 5he board 1ill also 1an! !o ans1er !he follo1ing 2ues!ions0 @ha! -hallenges are 1e going !o fa-e during !he ne+! fe1 yearsN @here do 1e 1an! !he organiEa!ion !o goN @ha! kind of leader do 1e needN From !he ans1ers !o !hese 2ues!ions, !he board no1 formula!es a =ob des-rip!ion and profile for !he #*D. 5he profile lis! 1ill -on!ain !1o divisions. Firs!, !he .mus!4haves/ or nonnego!iable 2uali!iesG !hese are -hara-!eris!i-s !he minis!ry -anno! do 1i!hou!. >e+! are !he ideal 2uali!ies, 1hi-h are -hara-!eris!i-s !he board 1ould like !he ne1 leader !o have, bu! are 2uali!ies on 1hi-h !hey 1ould be 1illing !o -ompromise. 5he mus!4have lis! -an be fairly shor!, bu! !he se-ond lis! should be longer and needs !o be priori!iEed.


4onar. " 17Q o( ! o"e "%r#eye$ 'eeply a!!a-hed !o e+e-u!ive posi!ion ong !erm in role Resis! %u--ession .,Fm no! done ye!./ General" 71Q ove herois!a!ure of e+e-u!ive posi!ion %hor! !erm in role Relu-!an!ly a--ep! su--ession .,Fm !he bes!./ Amba""a$or" ;HQ ,den!i!y no! !ied !o e+e-u!ive posi!ion ong !erm in role *n=oy su--ession pro-ess #on!en! 1i!h a--omplishmen! s <en!or s!rong su--essors #ommi! !o !heir Go#ernor" 79Q i!!le a!!a-hmen! !o e+e-u!ive posi!ion %hor! !erm in role &--ep! su--ession <ove on !o ne1 -hallenges

#hoose 1eak su--essors $ndermines !he

#hoose s!rong su--essors .,Fm even

$n-on-erned 1i!h su--essor .,Fm ou! of


su--essor eave bi!!er and hur! Feel he 1as for-ed ou!

be!!er./ Plo! and figh! !o re!urn !o po1er eaves !he offi-e in pain

su--ess Provide -on!inui!y and -ounsel Believe minis!ry -an su--eed 1i!hou! !hem

here./ Break all !ies <oves on


Press for realis!isu--ession plan ,nsis! on leadership dep!h on !eam #learly define his responsibili!y and !erms on !he Board Break old pa!!erns 1i!h former s!aff and su--essor *n-ourage !o remain in -on!a-! for brief Board !erm %uppor! for su--essor -omes from !he Board

Dversee !he !ime frame, -andida!es, developmen! pro-ess

6eep Board and %u--essor involved in su--ession plan

B,nforma!ion -ompiled from The *ero2s Farewell by Keffrey %onnenfeldC


,deally, !he in-umben! 1ho has !he minis!ry a! hear! should be brough! in!o !he pro-ess a! !his poin!. ?is -onsul!a!ion -ould be valuable and -an help make a smoo!h !ransi!ion. , said .ideally,/ be-ause , realiEe a varie!y of -ir-ums!an-es and -hur-h poli!ies may no! make !ha! possible. 5he -urren! leader may have resigned, been relieved, developed a ma=or heal!h problem or even died. Dr !he -urren! in-umben! may no! be 1illing !o par!i-ipa!e be-ause of psy-hologi-al or personali!y barriers. &no!her hindran-e is !ha! many -hur-hes having an *pis-opal governmen! do no! allo1 for in-umben! inpu!. &n in-umben! should al1ays be -on-erned abou! su--ession and should 1ork -losely 1i!h !he board in addressing !ha! issue. @ho kno1s be!!er !han !he #*D !he s!reng!hs and 1eaknesses of !he organiEa!ion, or !he 2uali!ies and -apabili!ies of !hose 1ho 1orked dire-!ly under himN @ise dire-!ors 1ill 1el-ome and lis!en -arefully !o !he opinions of !he re!iring #*D.


.@i!hou! a -lear mas!er plan, everyone has !he feeling of being par! of !he same band, bu! playing differen! musi-...or running a ra-e 1i!hou! a finish line./ 19 5he mas!er plan ou!lines !he progressive s!eps and !arge!s !he !ime frames. ,! 1ill !ake !hough!ful planning and dis-ipline. ,n !he Dld 5es!amen!, 1e find an e+ample of a su--essful !ransi!ion from <oses !o Koshua. 1. Pray <oses said !o !he ord, .<ay !he ord, !he God of !he spiri!s of all mankind, appoin! a man over !his -ommuni!y !o go ou! and -ome in before !hem, one 1ho 1ill lead !hem ou! and bring !hem in, so !he ordFs people 1ill no! be like sheep 1i!hou! a shepherd/B>umbers (7018417, /3!C. 7. Sele.! 173

%o !he ord said !o <oses, .5ake Koshua son of >un, a man in 1hom is !he spiri!, and lay your hand on him/ B>umbers (7017, /3!C. ;. De#elo) Give him some of your au!hori!y so !he 1hole ,sraeli!e -ommuni!y 1ill obey him. ?e is !o s!and before *leaEar !he pries!, 1ho 1ill ob!ain de-isions for him by in2uiring of !he $rim before !he ord. &! his -ommand he and !he en!ire -ommuni!y of !he ,sraeli!es 1ill go ou!, and a! his -ommand !hey 1ill -ome in B>umbers (70()4(1, /3!C. >. S%))or! Bu! -ommission Koshua, and en-ourage and s!reng!hen him, for he 1ill lead !his people a-ross and 1ill -ause !hem !o inheri! !he land !ha! you 1ill see B'eu!. 30(7, /3!C. A. +ommi""ion <oses did as !he ord -ommanded him. ?e !ook Koshua and had him s!and before *leaEar !he pries! and !he 1hole assembly. 5hen he laid his hands on him and -ommissioned him, as !he ord ins!ru-!ed !hrough <oses B>umbers (70((4(3, /3!C.


%ome boards appoin! a sear-h -ommi!!ee and define defini!e guidelines and ins!ru-!ions. ,f !he in-umben! -ould serve on !his -ommi!!ee, i! migh! prove helpful. ?e -ould provide advi-e and -ounsel abou! in4house e+e-u!ives as 1ell as be a par! of !he in!ervie1 !eam for po!en!ial ou!side -andida!es. ,n -hur-hes and denomina!ions, a nomina!ing -ommi!!ee plays an impor!an! role. @i!hou! 2uali!y 1ork from an effi-ien! nomina!ing -ommi!!ee, !he vo!ing pro-ess !urns ou! !o be a populari!y -on!es! or a vo!e by a--lama!ion, ra!her !han =udging !he -andida!es on !he basis of proven skills and effe-!ive leadership. &l!hough !he -ommi!!ee may -arry on !he preliminary in!ervie1s, sor! -andida!es and make re-ommenda!ions, i! is !he responsibili!y of !he en!ire board !o make !he final de-ision in -hoosing !he ne1 #*D. ,n !heir book 3ncreasing 5our #oardroom 'onfidence, Bobb Biehl and 5ed *ngs!rom have 1ri!!en a -hap!er en!i!led .%ele-!ing !he Righ! %enior *+e-u!ive./ 5hey -har! !he a-!ivi!ies and give de!ailed lis!s of !he s!ep4by4s!ep pro-ess.() 5he en!ire pro-ess -an be-ome 2ui!e involved, !herefore !he board mus! allo1 plen!y of !ime for deep -onsidera!ion and =udgmen!. Be pa!ien!. .People de-isions are !ime -onsuming, for !he simple reason !ha! !he ord did no! -rea!e people as resour-es for organiEa!ions. 5hey do no! -ome in !he proper siEe and shape for !he !ask. 5hey -anno! be ma-hined do1n or re-as! for !heir !asks. People are al1ays Salmos! fi!sF a! bes!./ (1 &n old proverb says0 Dne -anno! hire a handG !he 1hole man al1ays -omes 1i!h i!. 5he spiri! of any minis!ry is e+emplified, nur!ured and perpe!ua!ed by i!s leaders. #en!ral !o !ha! posi!ion is !he person appoin!ed !o be !he senior e+e-u!ive, 1hose a-!ions and a!!i!udes affirm !he beliefs and posi!ions of an organiEa!ion. , !hough! i! migh! be helpful !o lis! and dis-uss briefly !he leadership a!!ribu!es , -onsider !o be of paramoun! impor!an-e. I + ri"!li&e. ,s !he -andida!e -ommi!!ed !o follo1 !he 1ill of ?is heavenly Fa!herN ,s he humble and -ompassiona!eN ,s he a person of prayer, ma!ure in his 1alk 1i!h God, bibli-al in his s!andards for living as 1ell as his leadingN 'oes he have a servan! a!!i!udeN ,s he more e+-i!ed abou! !he oppor!uni!y !o serve o!hers and !he minis!ry and less enamored 1i!h !he !i!le and pres!ige of !he offi-eN


I + ara.!er. 5he s!a!ure of a man is measured by his -hara-!erHhis moral e+-ellen-e. 5he firs! of !he !1elve %-ou! la1s is0 .& %-ou! is !rus!1or!hy./ #an !his man be !rus!ed !o live up !o his 1ord, !o keep his promisesN @ha! abou! his in!egri!yN ?is repu!a!ionN @hen 1eal!h is los!, no!hing is los!G @hen heal!h is los!, some!hing is los!G @hen -hara-!er is los!, all is los!. &nonymous I +om)e!en.e. ,s !he -andida!e 2ualifiedN 'oes he have !he skills, edu-a!ion, !raining, e+perien-e, 1isdom, business a-umen and ma!uri!y !o handle !he !op posi!ion in !his organiEa!ionN I + ari"ma. 'oes he have a personal magi- of leadership !ha! 1ill arouse spe-ial loyal!y or en!husiasmN @ill he be able !o build and lead an effe-!ive and -ohesive human organiEa!ionN 'o his a-!ions and appearan-e -ommand respe-!N I +omm%ni.a!ion "&ill". #an he e+press ideas effe-!ively in bo!h speaking and 1ri!ingN 'oes he possess !he abili!y !o help o!hers see and unders!and as 1ell as !o e+-i!e !hem !o a-!ionN I +om)a!ibili!y. ,s !he -andida!e a good fi! for !he posi!ion, !he uni2ue -ul!ure of !his minis!ry or -ongrega!ion, !he s!aff and lo-al -ommuni!yN I +oa. able. 'oes !his person have a desire !o learn and gro1N ,s he !ea-hableN ,s he re-ep!ive !o -ons!ru-!ive -ri!i-ismN I +ommi!men!. @ill he give his loyal!y !o !his organiEa!ionN #ould !his minis!ry be-ome his passion and -allingN @ill he ride ou! !he s!ormy 1ea!herN &re his 1ife and -hildren -ommi!!ed !o suppor! and en-ourage himN

& smoo!h su--ession in-ludes a gra-ious e+i! for !he in-umben! and a 1ise !akeover by !he ne1 leader. 5oo of!en 1e admire !he rise and ignore !he e+i!, bu! bo!h are impor!an!. 5he board 1ill 1an! !o plan a !ime 1hen !he organiEa!ion -elebra!es !he passing of !he old and !he s!ar!ing of !he ne1. 5ake !ime !o praise and honor !he in-umben! and !o 1el-ome and in!rodu-e !he su--essor. 5he -elebra!ion is !he ba-k1ard look of honor and !he for1ard look of e+pe-!an-y.


5ransi!ion is a bridge !ha! mus! be buil! by bo!h !he in-umben! and !he su--essor. 5ha! involves some !hings ea-h needs !o do separa!ely and some !hings !hey do !oge!her. ike Paul and 5imo!hy, 'r. %!afford and , !raveled, prayed and planned !oge!her, learning from ea-h o!her during !he !hree4year !ransi!ion period. @e shared openly and -andidly !he !roubles and !riumphs, !he burdens and blessings of !he e+e-u!ive offi-e. @e dis-ussed 1ha! our rela!ionship should be and agreed on seven impor!an! issues. I Prayer. @e 1ould earnes!ly pray !oge!her, seeking GodFs leadership and blessing. I Hone"!y. @e 1ould be !o!ally hones! in our -ommuni-a!ion 1i!h ea-h o!her and ye! -ompassiona!e in our rela!ionship. I ,ni!e$ (ron!. @e 1ould never -onfron! ea-h o!her abou! disagreemen!s in publi- or in fron! of !he e+e-u!ive s!aff. @e 1ould 1ork !hose ou! in !he priva-y of !he presiden!Fs offi-e.


I De.i"ion". , 1ould never reverse any of his de-isions. , 1an!ed him !o build -onfiden-e in his o1n 1isdom and abili!y. @e 1ould dis-uss and -ri!i2ue his de-isions af!er1ard, bu! , 1ould al1ays suppor! !hem. I 2iming. ,f he 1an!ed !o make -hanges in personnel, s!ru-!ure, poli-y or pro-edures, 1e 1ould do !ha! on my 1a!-h. , 1ould help guide !hose -hanges !hrough before he !ook offi-e. I Boar$ rela!ion". ?e 1ould regularly a!!end all board fun-!ions and repor! on his area of responsibili!y. 5his 1ould give my su--essor in!ima!e e+posure !o !he board personali!ies and !o i!s fun-!ions. ,! 1ould also give !he board e+posure !o his performan-e and spiri!. I A%! ori!y. ?e al1ays unders!ood !ha! !he board 1as his employer and !ha! i! 1as !he board 1ho 1ould make !he final de-ision if he should be ele-!ed presiden!. 'uring our !ransi!ion period, 1e !ried !o follo1 !he e+ample of Kohn !he Bap!is! 1hen he said, .?e mus! be-ome grea!erG , mus! be-ome less/ BKohn 303), /3!C. @e allo1ed 'r. %!afford !o in-rease in visibili!y, responsibili!y and au!hori!y. 5he in-umben! and !he su--essor mus! 1ork !oge!her !o make !he !ransi!ion as -omfor!able as possible and see !ha! loyal!y is shif!ed. Be prepared, for a -er!ain amoun! of !ension seems !o be unavoidable. %!aff members have a -on-ernG !hey 1an! !o kno1 ho1 !his -hange is going !o affe-! !hem. &ll !he people involved need !ime !o un!angle !heir old loyal!ies and rela!ionships 1i!h !he era !ha! is ending. 5o some, !he !ransi!ion is like a dea!hG !o o!hers i! may be a rebir!h. 5he s!aff need !o see and feel uni!y and en!husiasm in !he !ransi!ion. *ven !he donors and !he publi- need !o sense !ha! all is 1ell 1i!hin !he 1alls of !he organiEa!ion. , do no! believe a !ransi!ion su-h as !his -an be su--essful unless !he in-umben! endorses !he -andida!e and !he pro-ess 11) per-en!. @hen he does, s!epping ou! is righ! for !he in-umben! and s!epping in is a 1in for !he su--essor.


,n !he !1o years !ha! have elapsed sin-e my re!iremen!, , have observed appropria!e a!!i!udes and -ondu-! on !he par! of my su--essor !ha! , 1ould like !o share, be-ause , believe !hese elemen!s -on!ribu!ed grea!ly !o a harmonious !ransi!ion. I Pre"er#ing ! e $igni!y o( ! e )re$e.e""or by speaking 1ell of his re-ord and a--omplishmen!s. 'o no! in!erpre! pas! de-isions in !he ligh! of !odayFs needs and resour-es. I Being "en"i!i#e !o ! e !ran"i!ion nee$" o( ! e eBe.%!i#e !eam. *veryone feels vulnerable even under familiar leadership. @hen a ne1 leader !akes responsibili!y, !heir roles and responsibili!ies are un-er!ain. 5he s!aff need !o kno1 1ha! is e+pe-!ed of !hem. I B%il$ing a rela!ion" i) -i! ! e boar$. ,ns!ead of depending on !he prede-essor for guidan-e, seek !he -ounsel of !he board. I De!ermining !o &ee) ! e #al%e" an$ #i"ion !ha! have his!ori-ally buil! !he minis!ry. I +ommi!!ing !o a learning )ro.e"". %pend !he firs! year lis!ening !o and learning from !he s!aff a! every level. I +omm%ni.a!ing (a.eC!oC(a.e -i! ! e - ole organi1a!ion' sharing his personal his!ory, values, perspe-!ives and vision. I Follo-ing %) on ! e ne!-or&e$ rela!ion" i)" of !he in-umben!. "alue !hese rela!ionships, a-! 2ui-kly !o build on !hem and make !hem his o1n. 5hese posi!ive a-!ions helped make !he su--ession pro-ess a 1in for him, !he board and !he prede-essor. 179


5his is a game in 1hi-h every player has !o 1in, bu! no one 1ins unless everyone is -ommi!!ed !o helping !he !eam 1in. *veryone benefi!s by a su--essful !ransi!ion0 !he in-umben!, !he board, !he su--essor, !he minis!ry and !he 6ingdom. ooking ba-k on my personal e+perien-e 1i!h !he su--ession pro-ess, , am glad , !ook ade2ua!e !ime !o make plansHplans !ha! affe-!ed my o1n personal life, and plans !ha! affe-!ed !he -orpora!e life of #ompassion ,n!erna!ional. , am happy 1i!h !he role !he board played in !he plan. , am e-s!a!i- !ha! my su--essor 1as -ommi!!ed !o !he plan and al1ays manifes!ed an a!!i!ude of respe-!, -oopera!ion and love !o1ard me so !ha! our su--ession pro-ess !urned ou! !o be !e+!book 2uali!y. , am reminded of !he %-rip!ure !ha! says, .<any are !he plans in a manFs hear!, bu! i! is !he ordFs purpose !ha! prevails/ BProverbs 190(1, /3!C. 5o God be !he glory.


Re"o%r.e" (rom ! e Barna Re"ear. Gro%)' L!$.

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