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The most difficult aspect of the whole evaluation process is for one to understand that some flaws may exist in ones performance of employment objectives. After all, we all have some room for improvement. Given the context, the purpose of this paper is to provide a means of improving performance and minimizing the potential impact of a negative observation evaluation. !f your observation or evaluation contains negative, misleading statements or reflects a decline in the level of report to which you have been accustomed to, the observation evaluation should be answered in a rebuttal letter. "our answer must be s#illfully prepared or you could ma#e things worse, appear argumentative and inflexible and ris# raising new issues concerning your employment. "our rebuttal should be$
% &e professional, brief, accurate and clear. % 'einforce any positive comments from the observation evaluation. % Avoid being negative, especially avoid attac#ing the evaluator. % Always profess past, current and future cooperation with the evaluator. % Ac#nowledge suggestions given. % 'e(uest that the response be attached to the observation evaluation. % &e free from spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

"our objective is not to win the argument) *ong, derogatory responses portray you as unprofessional, argumentative and possible insubordinate. !f you feel that you must write it all, do so then +,!T)


(Sample Rebuttal Letter)

TO: FROM: RE: DATE: Principal John Doe Susie Sugar Classroom Observation 10/0 !ovember 1" #00

Please consi$er this m% &ormal response to %our POS' O(S)R*+',O! S-..+R/ R)POR'" $ate$ October #0" #00 1 , am please$ that %ou note$ that , am caring 2ith m% stu$ents an$ that , am positive an$ supportive 2ith other sta&& members1 , am especiall% please$ that %ou observe$ m% use o& ne2 motivational i$eas1 )ach o& the strategies that %ou as3e$ me to a$opt as improvements" ho2ever" is alrea$% in use1 , regret that %ou 2ere not able to observe them also1 , am in m% room no later than 4500 each $a% an$ have m% teaching materials prepare$1 , also 3ept $etaile$ recor$s o& m% communication 2ith stu$ents an$ parents1 , am particularl% concerne$ that %ou 2oul$ re&er to un&oun$e$ rumors in this or an% observation report1 ,t is appropriate to verball% in&orm me i& %ou hear 6rumors7 that ma% a&&ect me1 , than3 %ou &or in&orming me1 8o2ever" to re&er to such matters in an observation that 2ill be in m% &ile is" , believe" potentiall% $amaging to m% reputation an$ inappropriate1 , am re9uesting that an% re&erence be $elete$ &rom %our 2ritten observation report1 ,& %ou elect not to remove sai$ re&erence" , respect&ull% re9uest that this rebuttal be attache$ to the observation report an$ ma$e a part o& m% &ile1 , 2or3 har$ to $o a goo$ :ob an$ 2ill continue to $o so1 , 2ill &ollo2 through on an% suggestions %ou have ma$e an$ invite %ou to observe implementation an% time %ou 2ish1 'han3 %ou1