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my teck 600 notebook using google chrome presentation

by Mackenzie Barry

network: connection of computers connected to the internet such as CLSD network the clouds:place to store things on the internet

computer vocab:ways to save information

ram: Random access memory its the memory inside the computer. USB : Universal Storage Device Also know as a flash drive

history of computers from bill nye

-one of the first computers could fill up an entire gym -original computers had cords that needed to be switched to git the different computer program to run -1and 0 are binary numbers and are switches in our modern programs run - 1989!its 24 years old

qwerty keyboarding
-name of the keyboard...from the first row letters -home row:is where your hands and fingers are placed -ASDF GH JKL;

computer vocab continued

mouse:its hardware moved the cursor monitor:its hardware and is a screen just like a tv keyboard: its hardware that lets you type headphones:its hardware that lets your hear things on the computer HARDWARE:pieces of the computer that you can touch

computer vocab continued

microsoft word:its software and you can type a document. google chrome:its software and you can create a document or presentation iphoto:its software and you can save your photos and you can edit them paint:its software that you draw and create your picther can use to software:are programe that maks your computer run.

Google Documents
It's an internet back program through google chrome similar to Microsoft word You can type papers,create tables,gmack a drawin,add images,links,colors,fonts,italics,bold and underline

Google presentation
Its a internet based program similar to microsoft powerpont . You can create slideshow.

3 steps to internet research

1.Be safe 2.Reliable and accurate websites 3.Give the original author credit

Example: According to Cygnus launched Sept. 18 aboard an Antares rocket from NASAs wallops facility Flight facility in Virginia.

tip to prevent Plagiarism

copy and past the URL/wed address into your nots and/or projects such as if you copy the authors exact words,place them into QuotationMarks Record CITATION information from your source such as:URL,authorsfirst an dlast name, place of magazine, editors first and last name, date you found Web information,copyright date city it was published in the title of articale

Tips to prevent plagiarism for photos on Google Drive

Give the source if using Google Image by copying and pasting the URL/Web address *OR use Stock and you dont have to copy the URL because thay are allowed for google drive usage

MLA on NoodleTools
* Modern language Association * Chardon adopted the MLA Rrules to properly cite all sources * Bibliography at the end of your paper or project *You create the bibliograhy using SOURCE information that you copied and/or pasted by using using Noodle Tools

Research through the decades using Quotes

Goal:Choose ONE fact thatis the authors exact words,place itin quotes and give credit to the original source such as: According to in the 1950s girls would be at the height of fashion in
their chinos or Bermuda shorts with striped pullovers or vestees. Suits, skirts, tops and jackets in wool and rayon

Infohio Student Research Center

-Its a database LGCA- Lake Geauga Computer Association PAYS so we can belong to InfOhio!

-ALWAYS reliable, accurate and at ore Middle Schools leaves so we can read and understand the text. Search with KEYWORDS FILTER or Refine your results!

Infohio: Student Research center

9 Ways to Filter and refine: Magazines: Pop culture, \current events, athletes. Newspapers: World events, headlines. Books and Encyclopedias: General Info, past history. Biographies: People Radio and TV News Transcripts: play by polay Country Reports: Country State/Province Reports Primary Source Documents: Declaration of Independece Photos, Maps and Flags

Citing Textual Evidence C E

LAIM- Assertion (state what you think) your topic sentence VIDENCE- From the text (you back up your claim paraphrase or

surnmarize, add a direct quote, and data from graph or chart)

XPLANATION- how your evidence proves your claim

citing textual evidence

...because According to the text ...for example ...for instance ...the author stated ...on page__,it sed

my CEE
Claim- I WODE LIKE TO GET A LIFE PROOF CASE FOR MY PHONE Evidence- According to my friend a life proof case will protect your iphone if you drop it in water at a swim meat. Explain-because it is cool to have and all of my friends have one and it wilol prtct my phone

my grumpy cat CEE

Claim:Grumpy Cat was born April 4, 2012 according to infohio Evidence: according to infohio Explain: grumpy cat is a cat that has a lot of pick that has had funny capthins

lets be safe online

1, Do not put your personal information online. 2, dont put your phone number online. 3, dont put your credit card number online. 4, be nice to other people online. 5, dont go on websites that you should not be on.

holiday break in 3 words

1. awesome 2. snowy 3. swimming

spreadsheet helps us
1. organize 2. calculate 3.makes the boxis bigger and smaller 4. you can slay a dragon 5. calculate the min 6. calculate the max 7. lets you draw thingas 8. lets your insurt picters 9. mack the num into money

Before you Facebook,Instagram,Text,Twitter,Or post on the web

T: Is it true H: Is it helpful I: Is it inspiring N:Is it necessary K: Is it kind?