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Process and Instrumentation Symbols - Equipments

Process and Instrumentation Symbols - Valves

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Process and Instrumentation Symbols - Instruments

Equipment Tags

Area Number, AN

Equipment Types, ET


PX device type prefix (as per ISA 5.1) EQ the associated equipment ta (as defined a!ove) SX dup"icate or redundant device suffix (see detai"s !e"o#)
Duplicate Suffix, SX Rules . ($ote% In the examp"es provided& I use the examp"e Area $um!ers presented as examp"es a!ove.)

'I11(1 A pressure indicator on the dischar e of the first pump in the tan) farm area. *+1,(1 A "eve" transmitter on the first tan) in the tan) farm area. I+1-(5 A current transmitter (for the motor) on the fifth a itator in the tan) farm area.

A.1,(1A /ne of at "east t#o redundant ana"y0ers on the first tan) in the tan) farm. 1ence&
one #ou"d expect to see A.1,(12& A.1,(134 as indicated.

561,(171 An actuated va"ve on the first tan) in the tan) farm area. +he suffix 71 imp"ies
there are other va"ves associated #ith tan) 1,(1 !ut in an a"ternate service (i.e.& not redundant). 8or examp"e& 561,(171 may !e on the in"et to the tan)& #hi"e 561,(179 may !e on the out"et.

Sponsored *in)s

It is common to ma)e "etter com!inations in 'I:; dia rams accordin A$SI<ISA S5.171=>(? 1==9) @Instrumentation sym!o"s and identification@ standard. In addition to the "etter com!ination it is common #ith a succeedin num!er as a unique identification of the actua" instrument. +he num!erin practice varies 7 some use a sequentia" num!er& others use a num!er re"ated to the process "ine num!er or simi"ar.

First etter
8irst "etter indicates a measured or initiatin varia!"e& or a modifier& such as 3urrent (I)& Speed (S) or 8"o# (8).

Second or succeedin "etters indicates a readout or passive function& output function or a modifier function.

Rea"#ut #r Passi&e Functi#n

!easure" #r $nitiating %ariable

A 7 Ana"ysis 2 7 2urner& com!ustion 3 7 AserBs choice ; 7 AserBs choice . 7 6o"ta e 8 7 8"o# rate C7 AserBs choice 1 7 1and I 7 3urrent (e"ectrica") D 7 'o#er E 7 +ime& time schedu"e * 7 *eve" F7 AserBs choice $7 AserBs choice /7 AserBs choice ' 7 'ressure& vacuum G 7 Guantity ? 7 ?adiation S 7 Speed& frequency + 7 +emperature A 7 Fu"tivaria!"e 6 7 6i!ration& mechanica" ana"yses W 7 Wei ht& force 5 7 Anc"assified H 7 .vent& state or presence I 7 'osition& dimension

A 7 A"arm 2 7 AserBs choice . 7 Sensor (primary e"ement) C7 C"ass& vie#in device I 7 Indication * 7 *i ht $7 AserBs choice /7 /rifice& restriction ' 7 'oint (test connection) ? 7 ?ecord A 7 Fu"tifunction W 7 We"" 5 7 Anc"assified

'utput Functi#n

2 7 AserBs choice 3 7 3ontro" E 7 3ontro" Station $7 AserBs choice S 7 S#itch + 7 +ransmit A 7 Fu"tifunction 6 7 6a"ve& damper& "ouver 5 7 Anc"assified H 7 ?e"ay& compute& convert I 7 ;river& actuator


!#"ifier Functi#n

; 7 ;ifferentia" 8 7 ?ation (fraction) D 7 Scan E 7 +ime rate of chan e F 7 Fomentary G 7 Inte rate& tota"i0er S 7 Safety 5 7 57axis H 7 H7axis I 7 I7axis

2 7 AserBs choice 1 7 1i h * 7 *o# F 7 Fidd"e& intermediate $7 AserBs choice A 7 Fu"tifunction 5 7 Anc"assified

Sec#n" #r Succee"ing etters