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Michael E Moore

Denton, Texas (214) 616-8895

What sets me apart? I am an experienced developer but also possess great communication skills. I am also experienced in working with the customer directly as well as in small and large groups. I think very innovatively and “big picture” and thrive to learn as much as possible and get as much experience in a range of languages, environments, and technologies as possible. Most importantly, I take pride in everything I do and I always keep my work to a high standard of both quality and efficiency.

Both OO and scripting experience including Java and PHP

Server and database architecture and interaction experience including W/LAMP, and Tomcat/MySQL/Java

Extensive experience in the programming field, both professional and personal.

Quickly master new languages, ideas, and concepts.

Equally successful in small and large teams as well as individual; have had ample experience in various teams.

Experienced and proficient in a large range of computer software, operating systems, languages, tools and concepts.

Technology Experience Summary





Mac OS











3DS Max






MS Office


MS Visual Studios




Source Engine










Programming Experience


Aug. 2011 Feb. 2012 Software Engineer

Worked on the website developing several different aspects of the site including database services and UI features. More on the project below.

Design Wonders Networking

2010 2011

PHP Application Developer

Write and design PHP websites. Debug and fix problems related to PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, C#, and MySQL using MS Visual Studio and Dreamweaver and other design problems such as browser compatibility.

TuneIn Radio

2006 2008

Content Management

I was responsible for keeping station and program information accurate and updated. I wrote applications for the moderators that greatly increased efficiency of content management.

Independent Consultant

2007 Present

I developed numerous websites using PHP 5, ASP.Net, VB.Net, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript/Ajax, and Java in

Dreamweaver, Eclipse, and other IDEs. Performing front end development and user interfaces for varieties

of websites including e-commerce websites.


2002 Present

Major Projects - 2012

I was brought on by JWT to help complete this project. The site was developed in Java within a

Liferay/Tomcat environment. I created several database services including the “in proximity” feature for the recruiter stations, video queue management, and search indexing. When the user views a recruiter station, the service uses the latitude and longitude coordinates of each recruiter station to determine which ones are the closest. If the user is logged in, they can add, remove, and reorder videos in their video queue from any page without interruption. I also created several UI elements including video players and sharing abilities throughout the site. When the user clicks on a link to a video anywhere in the site, a pop-up video player is displayed with the video and share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, email, and embed code. I was also responsible for several pages on the site including “Success Stories” and “Requirements”.

American Stock Horse Association - 2011

I created this site to digitize The American Stock Horse Association's databases. Now members can be

tracked and overall standings as well as other statistics can be generated easily. Admins can edit members as well as setup show venues. Judges enter their scores directly into the system via a laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc. Scores are updated live so members can see their current standing at any time via their smart phone or any device with a web browser.

Pinball Physics Engine - 2010

This physics emulator was created with the intent of using in a pinball or similar type game. Collision detection is very fast and very accurate. Also supports multiple balls. Flippers are still being worked on.

TASCO Admin - 2010

This C# windows program allows the TASCO admins to quickly and easily edit information about their members. Users can sort by columns and search for a specific value. Once one or more entries have been changed, the admin can upload the changes to the database.

WebPad - 2010

The original idea of this project was to create an online version of Notepad. The site allows one to save and edit notes online and access them from anywhere. Notes can be set to be publicly readable and editable so that notes can be shared. I actually wrote two versions of this site: one in PHP and one in ASP.Net.

Java 3D Graphics Engine - 2009

The final for my freshman CS class was to write some AI for a turn-based tank game. The game was originally displayed in a 2D format before I decided that I could make it better. I looked around for a 3D graphics engine for Java, but none met my par. So I created my own. That class now uses my engine for the final.

LogoMill - 2007

This C# windows application allows TuneIn moderates to manage station and program logos. It allows the user to quickly download the existing logos from the server, replace existing logos, and upload the new ones to the server. New logos can be loaded from the computer or URL, or the user can capture a region of the screen. An image editor for quickly editing logos is also included. This makes removing backgrounds and other small changes easy and fast.

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