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Course : MSc Petroleum Engineering Module: Formation Evaluation Challenge No.

: 2 Date: 7 March 2004 Page: 1 of 1 Challenges Presented: 2.1 Determine lithology and porosity from a neutron-density crossplot 2.2 Determine lithology and porosity from neutron-density and PEF-density crossplots 2.3 Determine lithology from an M- plot Challenge No. 2.1 Details o! Challenge #f a formation has a neutron porosity of 2$ % &apparent limestone porosity'" a !ul( density of 2.3) g*cc" and a fluid density of 1.+ g*cc determine, &a' -he porosity of the mi.ture" assuming it contains only calcite and dolomite. &!' -he proportions of calcite and dolomite. #f the mi.ture of minerals is actually /uart0 sandstone and dolomite determine, &c' -he porosity of this mi.ture. &d' -he proportions of /uart0 sandstone and dolomite in this case. #n the 40eri field determine the lithology at depth D on (og Section ) and at depth E on (og Section 2 using a neutron-density crossplot. #f you o!tain mi.tures of lithologies at a particular depth" then determine the relative components of that mi.ture" stating your assumptions. 5se the crossplot to determine the porosity of the lithology &or mi.ture of lithologies' at each depth. o3 determine the lithology and porosity at depth D &(og Section )' using a PEF-density crossplot. 4re the results consistent 3ith those using the neutron-density crossplot 6 Determine the values of M and &as in an M- plot' at depth E on (og Section 2. 4ssume a fluid transit time of 1)8 9sec*ft" and a fluid neutron porosity of 1.

Submission Dates: Delivera!le 1" 2" 3

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5 A ril 2004

"esources &ormation '#aluation Manual: 1hapter 2 1.

Deli#erable$s% Determine the porosities and lithologies for the different cases as re/uested" and sho3 your methodology.


&ormation '#aluation 2. Manual: 1hapter 2 (og Sections )* 2

Determine the lithology and porosity at depths D and E on (og Sections ) and 2 respectively. 7ive an e.planation for your results for depth E. For depth D" compare the results o!tained from the neutron-density crossplot 3ith those o!tained from the PEF-density crossplot" and discuss 3hether the t3o sets of results are consistent.


&ormation '#aluation 3. Manual: 1hapter 2 (og Sections )* 2

Determine the values of M and at depth E" and provide an e.planation for your results. Do you thin( the values are useful for lithology determination given our initial assumptions 6 :hat do you thin(" in general terms" 3ould !e more realistic assumptions for this depth 6