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Business Analytics Program

Essential Business Tools for Informing Decisions and Driving Improved Results in Organizations PROGRAM OVERVIEW
In the current business environment where many traditional opportunities for competitive advantage have disappeared, businesses must find new ways to differentiate themselves from the pack. The powerful tools of business analytics provide organizations the ability to do this. However, the challenge for organizations is to recognize the trend and develop the competencies for business analytics in order to achieve superior levels of performance. Those that succeed will withstand any crisis and remain sustainable.

Date : 15th and 16th August 2013. Venue : Hotel Cinnamon Grand , Colombo Time : 8.30 am5.00 pm Registration Contact : +94 773 617 667 /+94 117 209 057
(Strictly limited no of delegates)


CFOs/General Managers Finance Professionals Business Analysts Business Planning Managers Customer Profitability Analysts Business Unit Managers Management Accountants


Aubrey Joachim FCMA; CGMA; MBA; GAICD Past President (Global) Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) DirectorLeading Edge Change
Aubrey Joachim is a Chartered Management Accountant a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants UK, and MBA and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He has over 30 years of strategic management accounting experience with global conglomerates (Anglo-Dutch conglomerate Unilever and US Energy giant McDermott International Inc.) in South Asia, the Middle East, South East Asia and UK. Aubrey is an Australian citizen and worked in the financial services sector and Sydney Water Corporation (Worlds 5th largest water and waste water company) in senior finance roles. In 2005, Aubrey set up his own boutique consulting organization Leading Edge Change, essentially focusing on delivery public and in-house training and development workshops and seminars in finance, management accounting, strategic management, asset management, business analytics and beyond budgeting & forecasting in a number of countries across the world. He writes on technical and managerial topics and has been published in professional journals including CIMA and the National Accountant (Australia). He has also been contributing a monthly article on Management Accounting in the Charter Magazine the monthly journal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Australia. He is now writing a book on Business Analytics to be published by a leading global publishing company. In 2009/2010, Aubrey became the first non-British/ Irish global President of the prestigious global management accounting body CIMA the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants UK in its 90 year history. This global position gave him significant exposure and public profile. He has been written about and provided opinion pieces that have been published in various countries. He has a significant presence on google and Yahoo.

Today organizations have massive amounts of data at Finance ManagersSales and Marketing their disposal, not only internally within the organization, but also from many other sources including suppliers, customers, government and regulatory agencies and publicly searchable databases. The challenge is to utilize this data in a meaningful way to assist in making key decisions and driving organizational improvements. The Business Analytics program will not only demonstrate how organizations can exploit Big Data and business analytics to remain agile, but also suggest tools and techniques that can be used across the organization. This is the first and most comprehensive course on this topic in this region and is conducted by an expert strategic management accounting practitioner who is also a world class presenter.


Break free from outdated modes of thinking and recognize that business analytics is the next generation tool for business. Reduce uncertainty by basing decisions on facts Many organizations offer the similar products and services at similar prices Leading organizations find a differentiator to succeed. Sophisticated use of analytics is what will help in strategy identification, effective decision making and successful execution. Is your organization ready for this new imperative? Work through interactive activities and discussion that will enhance your learning in the context of your own organization. Understand the fundamental principles and tools of business analytics that can be applied to your business Build analytical capability using management tools and techniques to exploit the many sources of data Develop an informed organizational strategy based on analytics Understand the link between business analytics, performance management and organizational success. Apply management accounting tools and techniques for sophisticated analytics. Learn how to influence all managers to think both strategically and analytically. Learn how to transform your organization to analytics

By attending this workshop you will:

Day 1
Session 1: Introduction to the Fundamentals of Business Analytics

Day 2
Session 1: Analytics as a Foundation for Business Strategy

Understanding the concept of business analytics What are analytics? What are the sources? How are analytics used in the current business environment Identifying the benefits of business analytics impacts on performance and profitability Discussion and learning experience In what areas can you enhance business performance and how? Improving business processes using analytics Customer and supplier analytics that can enhance business performance Performance scorecards enhanced through analytics Discussion and learning experience Assessing the organizations position in respect of analytics Key elements in building analytical capability Data mining, business intelligence and architecture The possibilities from enhanced analytical capabilities Challenging established mindsets to exploit analytics Discussion and learning experience

The interplay between analytics and business strategy in the modern organization Strategic planning models and their relationship to analytics Validating organizational strategy and setting KPIs Driving successful strategic outcomes using analytics Discussion and learning experience The concept of analytical competition how to be on top Winning in the marketplace using customer analytics Exploring various industry level opportunities Visioning the future of analytical competition Discussion and learning experience Bottom line imperatives from business analytics Improving the decision-making process Better alignment of resources with strategies Realizing cost efficiencies across the organization Transforming finance- a benefit from business analytics Discussion and learning experience The stages of developing analytical capabilities How to encourage and manage analytical people Moving beyond business intelligence Embedding analytics within business processes Business analytics and organizational culture Discussion and learning experience

Session 2: The Link Between Business Performance and Analytics

Session 2: Competing and Succeeding on Analytics

Session 3: Business Analytics and Financial Outcomes

Session 3: Building Analytical Capability

Session 4: Developing an Analytical Culture

Session 4: Management Tools and Techniques in the Context of Analytics

Strategic planning, budgeting, and forecasting Costing and cost structures to optimize performance Activity based costing, a tool to exploit analytics Forecasting and predictive performance management Discussion and learning experience