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January 10-16, 2014 January 10-16, 2014

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PHL plans 10-year dollar bonds under investment grade banner

U.S. Deported Around 369,000 Immigrants in 2013 What if I die?
Publisher & Editor, San Diego Asian Journal The original and first Asian Journal in America San Diego, California January 10, 2014
New America Media/ Anthony Advincula, | NEW YORK, 1/8/2014 The U.S. government deported about 369,000 immigrants, including a number of Filipinos, during fiscal year 2013, according to new statistics from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released last month, showing a 10 percent drop from the previous year the first since President Barack Obama took office in 2008. Nearly 60 percent (216,810) of the total deported immigrants, the year-end report showed, had been previously convicted of a crime. Of this number, ICE apprehended and deported 110,115 individuals with a crime conviction from within the country and another 106,695 at the border while attempting to unlawfully enter or re-enter
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PRST STD U.S. Postage Paid Permit No. 203 Chula Vista CA 91910

By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. | LAS VEGAS, 12/27/2013 A Filipino-American taxi driver found a paper bag full of cash here last Monday but promptly turned it over to his employer to prove that Las Vegas may be a Sin City but is actually an Angel City. Gerardo Gamboa, 54, a native of Mabalacat, Pampanga and current Nevada resident, handed the $300,000 (P12.6 million) to the Yellow Checker Star cab company, according to the Fil-Am Extra Exchange.

Fil-Am taxi driver returns paper bag with $300K cash

y good friend Ernie Delfin was surprised when I casually told him I think of death every day.

Are you depressed? he asked incredulously.

On the contrary, I am not. Its just that I have had a blessed and fruitful life, and I adhere to the belief that every good thing must have an end. I must have a subconscious desire to leave on a high note before things go downhill, hence the continuous reminder of my mortality. What if I die tomorrow? Am I prepared? Have I settled my affairs? At the risk of sounding morbid, these are questions we should all ask ourselves. We see friends at the peak of health only to meet sudden death. Remember the worldfamous health guru who died after suffering a heart attack -- while exercising? Or what of the inventor of Segway who fell and died while riding his invention? Death comes to all. In rural Philippines, people have less risk of dying from a road accident since they merely ride a carabao or walk to their places of work in the rice fields every day. In urban cities in the United States, one can easily die changing lanes in the freeway, a task we do dozens of times a day. On the other hand, rural folks tend to be poor and cannot afford necessary medicine that city folks can easily afford. I guess that is one more equalizer in life God has imposed on people. Whether you are rich or poor, young or old, you should remain close to God to be ready to go. Anytime.
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Gamboa was given a $5 tip by the passenger he picked up at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, but who had unknowingly left behind in the taxi a paper bag full of money. He dropped his passenger off at Palm Place Hotel after a five-minute drive, a distance of two

GMA News | MANILA, 1/9/2014 -- Global debt watchers gave the Philippines' planned 10-year dollar bond issuance an investment grade rating, reflecting the country's sovereign credit score. Terms of issuance, the first of its kind under investment grade banner, of dollar papers due 2024 are still being finalized. Southeast Asia's fastestgrowing economy last issued dollar bonds in 2012. In a statement Thursday, Fitch said it assigned Philippines' forthcoming USD (US dollar)-denominated global bonds due 2024 an expected rating of 'BBB-,' which reflects an investment grade rating. Standard & Poor's also gave the planned issuance a BBB- rating. The proposed debt issue is backed by the full faith and credit of the Philippines, S&P said in a separate statement Thursday. In March 2013, Fitch gave the Philippines its first investment grade rating. S&P and Moody's Investors Service followed suit in May and October last year, respectively. Fitch gave the final rating on receipt of final documentation conforming to information it received.
Locking in interest rates The dollar bond issuance is seen as a move to lock in better interest rates on expectations of higher rates going forward as well as lengthening the Philippines' maturing debts, Fitch said. Part of the proceeds from the bond issuance is intended for liability management purposes with the aim to accumulate net present value (NPV) and annual coupon payment savings, as well as to lengthen the average maturity profile, Fitch said. In a telephone interview Thursday, Security Bank Corp. economist Patrick Ella said while maintaining international presence is fine, the Philippine government can secure better rates in the domestic market. There are foreign exchange risks in issuing dollar bonds, and there are relatively lower rates in the short-end of the domestic market, he said. Fitch's rating of the planned debt sale reflects the Philippines' strong balance sheet compared to peer countries' due to a persistent current account surplus, underpinned by remittance inflows. The debt-watcher also noted the Philippines' relative stability to global

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U.S. mom to give birth to daughters daughter | PROVO, Utah, 1/9/2014 A 58-yearold U.S. woman is set to give birth in a few weeks to her first grandchild. Julia Navarro is serving as a gestational surrogate for her daughter and son-in-law after the couple struggled with fertility problems. Navarros daughter Lorena McKinnon said she began trying to have a baby with her husband, Micah McKinnon, three years ago. The 32-year-old, from Provo, Utah, said shes had about a dozen miscarriages, with the longest pregnancy lasting 10 weeks. After several tries, the

ABS CBN News | MANILA, 1/8/2014 A French village will be constructed in the coastal town of Daanbantayan, Northern Cebu as part of the rehabilitation efforts to help victims of typhoon Yolanda, the French business community said Thursday. The construction of the village will be the first phase of the rebuilding efforts under couple began looking for a the private sector initiative surrogate. McKinnon said a friend and sister both consid- France-Philippines United Action. ered carrying her baby, but Around 100 row houses ultimately decided against it. donated by various members Thats when her mother of the French business comoffered to step in. munity will be constructed, (Continued on page 7) with the new community to

French village to be built in Northern Cebu town

occupy 5,400 square meters of land donated by the Cebu government. French construction firm Lafarge will take the lead in coordinating the funding of the houses, and construction

materials. The firms grinding plant in Danao will be used as a staging area for materials and volunteers. Habitat for Humanity,

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Father and Son, USN Retired: The Life Stories of Quintin Ramil, Sr. & Jr.
By Quintin R. Ramil, Jr Chapter 13: Orders to New Construction Editors note: Sorry for the mistake. This chapter and the next one were inadvertently skipped in the publication of the chapters of this book in the Asian Journal)
When we arrived in San Diego most of our crew received new orders as the USS Queenfish (AGSS-393) was going to be decommissioned soon. My orders were to report to a new submarine under construction at the Electric Boat Division, Groton, New London, Connecticut. However, I would first attend school in New Haven at a teletypewriter factory, the Mighty Mite Corporation, the manufacturer of TT-299 teletypewriter. This was a miniature machine to be installed aboard the USS TECUMSEH (SSBN-628). Between San Diego and Connecticut, I took a leave in Livermore, California where my parents and siblings lived. Tere was already in California, arriving before Thanksgiving. We would visit friends and relatives in the area before leaving for the East Coast. We visited my Godparents in Vallejo and they were very happy to see us and to meet my new bride. My Godmother thanked me for introducing Nancy to Brigido. Now we are both married and married to Pinays. I brought a present to my Godparents, a new mahjong set that I bought in Japan. I started teaching everyone how to play the game. In no time everyone learned, including my new bride. The two of us became known by our friends as Majongueras. My Godparents would later on have a group of mahjong players playing at their place almost every week end. We like to keep our minds on the go all the time. At present, my wife and I belong to at least three groups of mahjong players. There were three choices for traveling to Connecticut. We could fly, take the train or ride the bus. We took the bus as I still had time and we wanted to see America by bus. Our first stop was Reno, the biggest little city in the world. We ended up in a casino where we had a one hour stop. I was lucky in one of the dollar slot machines on my first try; I got three bells and received 20 silver dollars. I quickly scooped the coins and gave them to Tere and we returned to our bus. When we arrived in New Haven there was about a foot of snow on the ground. We had to look for a place to stay as I would be there for two weeks. We checked in at a hotel downtown across from Yale University for the first night. I hadnt been paid for a while because I was on leave and we were running out of money. Once we ate at a restaurant and ended up paying using our silver dollars. In those days there was no such thing as credit or debit cards. But we made it and continued on. Groton When I arrived at the factory, I met several sailors like me; one of them was Frank Decaires, another Radioman who was assigned to my ship and we would be shipmates. Luckily, Frank had a car and his family was already in Groton. He was heaven-sent to us for he offered to help me look for a place to stay close to the factory. During our lunch break we looked at the yellow pages and found a motel close by that charged by the week. Frank then went one step further and reserved an apartment in the complex where he was staying in New London, an hour and a half away. After our teletypewriter training Frank helped Tere and me move into our new apartment. Frank would be my counterpart on the Tecumseh. I was number 12 crewmember of our ship which was just a round hull about 20 feet long in a dry-dock at Electric Boat Shipyard. We had offices and bunks in a barge where we would work and study about the different systems that would eventually be installed. I soon found out that because there were really no facilities for us, we would be receiving an extra $16 per day as long as we are in the yards. This was very good news for me. Soon we bought our first car, a used 1956 two-tone Chevrolet Bel-Air convertible. It was in the middle of winter and I had to learn how to drive in the snow. In the summer however, we would put the top down as we went crabbing in the estuaries close by which was one of our favorite pastimes. We enjoyed catching, cooking and eating blue crabs. We met new friends and soon we were part of the Filipino community in New London. Frank bought a boat with an outboard motor. He taught me how to water ski and how to operate his

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Legal Buzz
by Atty. Lilli A. Baculi
Law Ofces of Chua Tinsay & Vega

Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588

U.S. deported

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advocates for immigrant rights, saying that the numbers are misleading and that they dont add up on Obamas promise to stop unnecessary deportations, while Congress remains deadlocked on comprehensive immigration reform that will give millions of undocumented immigrants a path to legalization. While it is true that the Obama administration deported criminals, advocates say, the report also revealed that it ousted 151,834 individuals without a criminal conviction. Most of these immigrants only had immigration violations such as overstaying their visas, which is considered to be a civil offense, and those who are ignoring deportation orders. The government would claim that they have achieved its enforcement goal, and that they only look for criminals. Thats all rhetoric, said Emelyn Tapaoan, a Filipino-American adjunct professor who teaches race and ethnic studies at City University of New York's (CUNY) Manhattan College. If youre undocumented, even with no criminal record, you have no immunity to deportation. Thats the truth. Pablo Alvarado, executive director of National Day Laborer Organizing Network, also looked at the deportation numbers with skepticism. Its easy for the [Obama] administration to say that those deported fit their priorities when the White House has practically made sneezing a criminal act for immigrants, Alvarado said. These numbers may represent political calculus for the beltway but, for immigrant families, they represent our parents, siblings and loved ones. To date, the total number of deportations has reached to more than 1.9 million since Pres. Obama was first elected in 2008, the highest record by far for any U.S president. Top 10 countries of removal With 241,493 Mexicans deported from the United States in 2013, Mexico continued to be the leading country of origin for those who were removed, followed by other Latin American countries such Guatemala (47,769), Honduras (37,049), El Salvador (21,602), and the Dominican Republic (2,462). The other countries in the Top 10 include Ecuador (1,616), Brazil (1,500),

January 10-16, 2014

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the United States.

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World War II Babies and United States Citizenship

By: Lilli Baculi, Esq. On her 80th birthday, Consuela dropped a bombshell on her children, Miguel, Antonio, and Teresa: their deceased father Armando, whom Consuela was married to for 50 years, is not their real father. Their real father was an American businessman who was traveling in and out of the Philippines sometime in the 1950s. Even after having three children, they never married. Miguel, Antonio, and Teresa now want to know: did they acquire United States citizenship at birth because of their American father? There are two important things to consider in order to determine whether or not a child born abroad acquired United States citizenship at birth. First, whether a child was born out of wedlock. Second, the date of the childs birth. Different laws will apply depending on whether the child was born out of wedlock and their dates of birth. For example, under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), in order to acquire United States citizenship at birth, a child born on or after December 24, 1952 through November 14, 1968 must have been legitimated before they turned 21 under the law of father or childs domicile. For children born out of wedlock, legitimation under the statute in effect during this period, 8 U.S.C. 1409(a) (1952), must be by the biological father. Historically, the requirements for a child born out of wedlock to acquire US citizenship through a father has been particularly onerous. The child/father blood relationship must be established by clear and convincing evidence. Legitimation. The child must have been legitimated before s/he turned 21 under the law of the fathers domicile, or the childs domicile. Lets say Miguel, Antonio, and Teresas American father is domiciled in California. We then have to look at California Law on legitimation. The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) has ruled that a child is considered legitimated for immigration purposes if while the child was under the required age, the childs father performed acts in a foreign country which would constitute legitimation under California laws. (Matter of Fulgencio, BIA 1980). In Matter of Fulgencio, the US citizen father acknowledged paternity and took the [child] into his home in the Philippines, and subsequently moved to California, which recognizes such extraterritorial acts as constituting legitimation under its laws. Residency Requirement. The residency requirement for the US citizen father to have been able to transmit US citizenship to an out of wedlock child, with an alien mother are as follows: Citizen had been physically present in U.S. or its outlying possessions 10 years, at least 5 of which were after age 14. There is an exception for the physical presence requirements for those who served honorably in the military. Pursuant to 8 USC 1401(g): . . . any periods of honorable service in the Armed Forces of the United States, or periods of employment with the United States Government or with an international organization . . . or any periods during which such citizen parent is physically present abroad as the dependent unmarried son or daughter and a member of the household of a person (A) honorably serving with the Armed Forces of the United States, or (B) employed by the United States Government or an interna-

ICE officials described these figures as meeting one or more immigration enforcement priorities that the Obama administration announced two years ago, stating that his administration would no longer devote federal resources to deporting immigrants with low priority cases, including those without a criminal record and not a threat to national security. The 2013 numbers make clear that we are enforcing our nations laws in a smart and effective way, meeting our enforcement priorities by focusing on convicted criminals while also continuing to secure our nations borders, John Sandweg, ICE acting director, said in a news release. But the new removal figures provoked Filipino-American groups and other tional organization . . . may be included in order to satisfy the physical-presence requirement of this paragraph. This proviso shall be applicable to persons born on or after December 24, 1952, to the same extent as if it had become effective in its present form on that date. Applied to our fact pattern above, Miguel, Antonio, and Teresa will have to be able to prove and show documentation as follows: (1) that they were each legitimated by their United States citizen father before they each turned 21 if they were born between December 24, 1952 through November 14, 1968; and (2) that their father has met the residency requirement in order to transmit United States citizenship. Atty. Lilli A. Baculi is an associate attorney with Chua Tinsay & Vega, A Professional Legal Corporation (CTV) a full service law firm with offices in San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento and Philippines. The information presented in this article is for general information only and is not, nor intended to be, formal legal advice nor the formation of an attorney-client relationship. Call or e-mail CTV for an in-person or phone consultation to discuss your particular situation and/or how their services may be retained at (619) 955-6277; (415) 495-8088; (916) 509-7280; lbaculi@

Our Life and Times

by Simeon G. Silverio Jr.
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What if I die?
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A few of my friends were in the pink of health upon succumbing to fatal accidents. Some I thought were at the peak of health were actually dying of cancer. No one is safe even if you try to live a healthy life. Stick to the recommended healthy diet. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis famously said: I dont get it. You follow all the rules. You exercise, eat healthy food, and then you get cancer. And as we assure grieving survivors of our dead friends, una una lang iyan (its just a matter of who will go first). This is why I feel the most important wish we should ask God when we pray is not to win the lotto, not to amass material wealth, and not to have our favorite team win a ballgame. Rather, we should pray to be safe and in good health, and we should extend those prayers to our loved ones too. What if we die tomorrow? This is a question we can ignore but should still answer. Are we prepared? Have we settled our affairs? Financially, my widow will be okay. She will have enough money not only to sustain her the rest of her life but also maintain her current lifestyle. My kids will inherit enough they can use the money to send their children to college. They are highly-educated and have secure, rewarding careers. They can support themselves well and enjoy their lives. Just like what my wife and I did, they will surpass their parents career achievements. And hopefully, their children will do the same. Some people with high life insurance say they are worth more dead than alive. While my heirs will get more insurance benefits upon my death, I think they would prefer for me to hang around for a while regardless for they have no desperate need for the insurance money or inheritance at this time. No worry What would people say about me during my memorial service? On this note, I do not have to worry. People tend to remember the good things about a person and forget, if not ignore, the bad he has done. I have a lady friend who was complaining about her unfaithful husband. He would often say he wished his wife would be dead. My lady friend could not do anything but cry on my shoulder. She would confide to me and other close confidants about her sad situation. She had no job and her husband held the purse strings. This is why many women, especially in the Philippines, cannot leave their philandering husbands even if the men have flagrantly parading their keridas (mistresses) around. Some misguided macho Filipino men feel this is something to brag about, despite it being a reflection of their ugly behavior. But when my lady friends husband suddenly died, all praises were heaped upon him. It seemed he was a saint, not an unconscionable husband who would wish her wife to be dead. Other people I know have skeletons in the closet that came out after their demise. Additional wives would come out in the open, contesting the inheritance due their illegitimate children. My family would have no problem of that kind. One group of people who could say something nice about me are some of my advertisers and tenants who have ignored, if not blatantly refused, to pay the money they owe. I doubt, however, if

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January 10-16, 2014

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Learning from industry leaders at Macys is really a wonderful opportunity.

We are now accepting applications for the Spring 2O14 Workshop at Macys! If you are a woman or person of color and own your own business, we invite you to apply for the Workshop at Macys! Youll gain insight from seasoned Macys pros and Macys partners, and get the tools you need to succeed and sustain growth in the retail industry. Apply today at
PICTURED: Alex Woo, Alex Woo Jewelry. Past participant of The Workshop at Macys.

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12/23/13 10:09 PM

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January 10-16, 2014

Health and Wellness

H1N1 Causing Severe Illness Again
San Diego County Newscenter | SAN DIEGO, 1/2/2014 -- While flu activity in San Diego has not reached the high levels being seen in some parts of the country, more cases are being reported here compared to the same time last year. To date, 357 lab-confirmed influenza cases have been reported in San Diego. This is over 1.5 times higher than the 216 cases reported at the same time last year. The number of lab-confirmed cases reported this past week is 154, double the number reported this same week last year. The flu reports this year are still within the expected range. No flu-related deaths have been reported this season, although eight of 10 San Diegans who required intensive care for influenza-related illness were under 65 years old. Last season, 65 flu-related deaths were reported in the county. While influenza can be unpredictable, our analysis of local data indicates influenza activity is rising faster and may peak sooner than it did last year, said Wilma Wooten, M.D., M.P.H., County public health officer. Last season, flu activity peaked in early February, but influenza cases continued to be reported through April. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a health alert last week reporting severe respiratory illness in several states during the past two months. especially among young and middle-aged adults. Many of them were determined to be infected with Pandemic H1N1, with cases resulting in hospitalization, intensive care, or in some instances, death. Although it is not known which influenza viruses will predominate during the entire 2013-14 influenza season, the predominant virus circulating nationally so far is Pandemic H1N1. Locally, about 96 percent of the reported cases have been Influenza A. When the specific subtype was tested, eight out of ten were found to be Pandemic H1N1. The good news is that the current flu vaccines offer protection against Pandemic H1N1, as well as Influenza A H3N2 and Influenza B strains. The CDC has determined that the vaccines are well matched for the currently circulating viruses. The CDC recommends that everyone six months or older get a flu vaccine every year. The vaccine is safe, effective, and available at many locations in the county. It takes about two weeks for immunity to develop after getting vaccinated. The flu season typically lasts through April. If you havent gotten your shot this season, you should get vaccinated now to protect yourself and your family, Wooten added. The vaccine is available throughout San Diego County at doctors offices and retail pharmacies. County public health centers have flu vaccine available for children and adults with no medical insurance. For a list of locations, visit or call 2-1-1.

Contemporary Asian American Issues

Founder, President & CEO Kalusugan Community Services.

by Dr. Ofelia Dirige

Volunteer Opportunities at Kalusugan Community Services

Kalusugan Community Services (KCS) is again recruiting volunteers for the coming year starting January 2014 for a period of 3-6 months to 1 year. One may serve as receptionist at the Center, do general secretarial work, set up and man exhibit booths, take blood pressures (nurses), assist during workshops at registrations, order and serve food, conduct evaluation, disseminate information, send email blasts, follow up on our contacts and help in the newly established CHARM (Center for Holistic Alternative, Restorative Medicine) shop run by Boodgie Arce. KCS had many volunteers since its inception in 1995 and this continues up to the present. They worked in our projects such as the Healthy Eating Active Living Campaign, Healthy Heart, Healthy Families program of the Alliance of Community Health Workers and especially the Filipino American Arts and Cultural Festival (FilAmFest) where many young people are involved. We formalized our volunteer program in 2012 and had been going on since then. We are learning a lot in terms of implementing the program that we would like to share with others. The need for volunteers became crucial for KCS in 2010 when we were in a period of transition due to the passing away of our Founder and President, Dr. Riz A. Oades. Coupled with this is the economic recession that started in 2008 and continues to the present. This has tremendously affected our funding sources and due to lack of revenue we had to lay off staff and resort to volunteers to assist us with our programs. Because of our contact with the community, previous participants of our projects came to our rescue and have been helping us tremendously. A. Why should one volunteer? 1. It benefits the Organization. Volunteers are unrecognized assets to the organization and therefore we always welcome them. They benefit the organization in many ways. They are there when staff is not available due to other pressing duties or they maybe ill. They perform duties that regular staff may not be able to do such as sending email blasts, editing articles for publication in the newspapers, picking up food for

Can Meditation Make You a More Compassionate Person? | 4/1/2013 Several religious traditions have suggested that mediation does just that, but there has been no scientific proof -- until now. In this study, a team of researchers from Northeastern University and Harvard University examined the effects meditation would have on compassion and virtuous behavior, and the results were fascinating. This study -- funded by the Mind and Life Institute -- invited participants to complete eight-week trainings in two types of meditation. After the sessions, they were put to the test. Sitting in a staged waiting room with three chairs were two actors. With one empty chair left, the participant sat down and waited to be called. Another actor using crutches and appearing to be in great physical pain, would then enter the room. As she did, the actors in the chair would ignore her by fiddling with their phones or opening a book. The question DeSteno and Paul Condon -- a graduate student in DeSteno's lab who led the study -- and their team wanted to answer was whether the subjects who took part in the meditation classes would be more likely to come to the aid of the person in pain, even in the face of everyone else ignoring her. "We know meditation improves a person's

own physical and psychological wellbeing," said Condon. "We wanted to know whether it actually increases compassionate behavior." Among the non-meditating participants, only about 15 percent of people acted to help. But among the participants who were in the meditation sessions "we were able to boost that up to 50 percent," said DeSteno. This result was true for both meditation groups thereby showing the effect to be consistent across different forms of meditation. "The truly surprising aspect of this finding is that meditation made people willing to act virtuous -- to help another who was suffering -- even in the face of a norm not to do so," DeSteno said, "The fact that the other actors were ignoring the pain creates as 'bystander-effect' that normally tends to reduce helping. People often wonder 'Why should I help someone if no one else is?'" These results appear to prove what the Buddhist theologians have long believed -- that meditation is supposed to lead you to experience more compassion and love for all sentient beings. But even for non-Buddhists, the findings offer scientific proof for meditation techniques to alter the calculus of the moral mind.

Apples Top EWG's Dirty Dozen

Environmental Working Group | Washington, D.C. 4/22/2013 - Apples top the Environmental Working Group's annual Dirty Dozen list of most pesticide-contaminated produce, followed by strawberries, grapes and celery. Other fresh fruits and vegetables on the new Dirty Dozen list, a part of EWG's 2013 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce are peaches, spinach, sweet bell peppers, imported nectarines, cucumbers, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and hot peppers. EWG's Clean Fifteen list, those fruits and vegetables with the least pesticide load, consists of corn, onions, pineapples, avocados, cabbage, frozen sweet peas, papayas, mangoes, asparagus, eggplant, kiwi, grapefruit, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes and mushrooms. "When given a choice, more consumers are choosing organic fruits and vegetables or using EWG's Shopper's Guide to find an easy affordable way to avoid toxic chemicals," said Sonya Lunder, an EWG senior analyst. "They want to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables without eating too many pesticides. And they

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a meeting, distributing fliers for events, setting up and manning exhibit booths at health fairs, providing rides to those without cars, and cleaning and maintaining the Center. As our consultant Melissa Pregill said, They have an obvious strong personal interest in the work, they dont ask to be paid, often they become the most committed board members, and in large measure they become significant future financial donors. So lets build a program that identifies their interests and expertise; gives them consistent, respectable work; develops, recognizes and rewards them; and suitably honors their service. Lets treat them as gold nuggets! 2. It benefits the individual by providing: Purpose, meaning and fulfillment to life. Volunteering has personal advantage to an Our Pastor, Mike Meeks, of Eastlake Community Church, mentioned that all of us have a desire for greatness, fame and fulfilled life. We try to reach for it by excelling in school, having a good career, earning a lot of money, getting married and having children, and living a life of pleasure and ease. But when we come to the place that we have accomplished all this, there is that void or yearning for something that would satisfy us. Only by being a servant can fill the void. I am reminded of King Solomon in the Bible who was the richest and wisest man who ever lived on earth. He had everything that his heart desiredwealth, wisdom, women, fame, pleasure, possessions, and worthwhile projects. Yet he stated in the Book of Ecclesiastes: I denied myself nothing my eyes desired: I refused my heart no pleasure. My heart took delight in all my work, and this was the reward of my labor. Yet when I surveyed all that my hands have done, and what I had toiled to achieve, Everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind: Nothing was gained under the sun. The pastor mentioned that the only way to find fulfillment is to help or serve others. By serving we can be like Jesus

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Christ, the Master, who came not to be served but to serve. Peter the Apostle also said that each one should use whatever gifts he has received to serve others. I find that serving gives me joy and happiness beyond compare. Try it and you will experience the joy that volunteering gives. So lets give and serve. Experience and contacts for young people aspiring to climb the career ladder. A high school or college student or young professional can gain work experience in their field while working for the organization which can eventually help advance their career. If diligent, they can usually get a good recommendation from the Director if they are going to college/graduate school, applying for scholarship, or looking for a job. Oftentimes, after they have proven their worth, they can eventually be hired as staff of the company or recruited as board member of the organization. B. How can one be an effective volunteer? There are three ways that one can find purpose and fulfillment as a volunteer: 1. Availability- One should be available at all times and not wait until we are called or have time. A farmer who waits for perfect weather will never plant or if they watch every cloud, they will never harvest. Lets be ready anytime. 2. Passionate- We should be passionate about the groups mission and serve gladly. We should be happy when we do it and glad that there is an opportunity to help while we are still strong. Lets not be lazy when coming to work thinking that anyway they can get along without us. 3. Faithful- We should be faithful in what we do, confident that nothing done is a waste of time and effort. Lets stick to our commitments no matter what, for we know that we will be rewarded if not here, in heaven. VOLUNTEERS FOR 2013 KCS had many volunteers this year. This includes the Community Health Workers Jennibelle Azucena, Doreen Felicitas C. What makes a successful VOLUNTEER PROGRAM? In 2010, we started a formal Volunteer Program first by inviting a consultant to help us develop a program for volunteers. Melissa Pregill, founder of Cipher, a marketing communications business, conducted a workshop for us on Volunteer Programs that Work. She gave us nine tips to develop a successful program and KCS has been following on these: 1. Let the community know you need volunteers- This can be done through emails, website, direct mail solicitation, personal contact, continuous request at board meetings, social occasions or whenever there is an audience who can help announce the need to the community. KCS has been advertising the need in the community through all these means and have been successful. 2. Develop a Volunteer Program- A program should include development of policies, systems, procedures, forms, methods and techniques, so one does not handle issues and people differently over time that leads to valuable effort and sending unintended mixed messages. KCS started formalizing its volunteer program in 2010 and continues to refine it this year 2012. 3. Qualify them carefully- As for any other position, determine if there is genuine motivation, if they are passionate about the mission, what their skills are, and if they indeed have time to devote to volunteer work. KCS will determine this through the questionnaire that applicants will fill out and by interviewing them during sign up or orientation time. 4. Educate them about your mission and role- During orientation, KCS staff will inform recruits about the work of the organization and what their roles and responsibilities will be in supporting that work. Often volunteers become bored or disillusioned because they dont know what they are supposed to do and most often, wont ask. 5. Keep a Watchful Eye- Volunteers are often out in the community as ambassadors, so some thoughtful oversight is in order, especially if they quietly become disgruntled. One unhappy volunteer can spread ugly and damaging gossip faster than the speed of light. 6. Find ways to reward and acknowledge them publicly- Salute their successes privately and in public such as the giving of a certificate and acknowledgement during the anniversary or special occasions or give-aways throughout the year such as grocery store gift cards, movie tickets, or complimentary tickets to special events and shows. KCS recognizes volunteers at their anniversary celebration by the giving of certificates and small gifts all year round. 7. Help them grow- For those that show interest and capacity, let them develop new skills, which will require close watch to see when they are ready. Many programs just ask people to do the same thing all the time, leading to boredom and disappointment. 8. Are they board material? - The most committed board members come from the volunteer pool. They know the organization, have demonstrated their loyalty, and now just need to know what board service entails. KCS has recruited

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January 10-16, 2014

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January 10-16, 2014

Take It From My Barber

by Benjamin Maynigo
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The Capture of the Children and the Nation

By Fr. Shay Cullen The story of the rescue of Rosemary is heartening and encouraging. When we read about such stories of young children like that of Rosemary being helped and rescued from the clutches of depraved people who are arrested, we rejoice. But we may not know that hundreds of thousands are not rescued, they suffer abuse like Rosemary who was trafficked and sold at 14 years old into sex slavery and bondage. She was rescued, sheltered and healed while many others are not. A charity like Preda Foundation with limited funds can do only so much. When children are saved by government social workers, police and charity workers, we applaud and approve and our admiration of good organized government services increases. Government is elected by the people, given public trust and paid through taxes on everything to serve the common good. In developing countries like the Philippines, government agencies, one by one have been captured by the rich to serve them rather than the poor. Thats why human trafficking and exploitation is on the increase. Its been going on for the past many years. President Aquino says he is trying to root it out. Hundreds of thousands are barely surviving dire poverty and hunger; the children are the most at risk. They totter on the edge of abject poverty. This is now seen in all its shame by the fury of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). It bared the sprawling slums and stripped away the fragile fabric of the hovels of the teeming poor. Dire poverty was laid embarrassingly naked. Such poverty and social injustice causes unrest, malnutrition, disease and illness. Economists say the Philippines has a strongly growing economy, creating wealth, but for whom? Little of it is reaching the poor. A cheap hungry labor force benefits the rich. The Social Weather Station (SWS) survey showed that 21 percent of the population, thats 4.3 million people, went hungry at least once in the second half of 2013. In Metro Manila, there was a 10 point increase in hunger up to 26%, thats 738,000 people who went hungry. The poverty rate has not gone down and it is higher since 2005. Meaning the poor still have nothing much in the world and live from meal to meal. As little as one percent of the population are super rich and own as much as 70% to 90% of the national wealth. They use their wealth as bribes and infiltrate the bureaucracy, police, military and congress and capture government agencies and bend them all to support their own interests. Government appears to serve the interests of the rich more than those of the people. Corruption is epidemic. President Aquino, considered clean of corruption himself, has made its elimination the goal of his presidency. Rosemary was a child of poverty. When her mother died of tuberculoses, Rosemary was taken by a pimp and trafficker who later became a manager of a sex bar frequented by international and local sex tourists. Rosemary was brought up as a sex worker, one of many thousands in the brothels and sex bars of the Philippines into which they are trafficked as human slaves trapped by debt. This is one of the greatest and most shameful failures of local and national government. The mayor and officials are seemingly captured by favors and services, perhaps of the industry and they allow sex industry to thrive. The collusion is sickening. HIV/Aids is spreading again as a result. There is no media or public outcry; there is national collusion it seems to allow sex tourism. In this beautiful country, the resilient, kind, patient and friendly people are exploited and most dont know it. They are manipulated and conditioned into believing the rich deserve everything they have got and sexual exploitation of even minors is acceptable. 60 years old folk singers can co-habitate with 16 year-old girls and it is judged okay. Mass media re-enforces this. Social media exults in it. Some justify it since they make money. They dont see the forced abortions and the daily abuse and human rights violations. The victims seldom earn money, as most trafficked victims are captured, by personal debt to the bar owners and cannot escape. Much like the nation itself, the Philippines is imprisoned by foreign debt on loans that benefit the rich and the poor are paying the interest on that national debt. The huge increase in electricity charges in Metro Manila last December illustrates the capture of government by the rich elite. The electric power producers took over the national industry through privatization and sweetheart deals with friends in government. Most public utilities are now privatized and owned by

Bills Corner
by Bill Labestre, MBA
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Trends To Watch in Consumer Electronics

The 2014 International CES in Las Vegas has officially started as I write this column. So far, together with the other members of the Press, we got the annual briefing on the Trends to Watch in the immediate future. Speaking through its chief economist Shawn DuBravac, the Consumer Electronic Association (CEA), which manages CES reported that the five trends to watch in the immediate future are: Mass Customization; Multidimensional Screen Expansion; Age of Autonomy; Curation and Context Reporting further, DuBravac stated, Some of these trends are absolutely coming this year, while with some we can remain hopeful. But one thing remains true is that 2014 is going to be an exciting year in technology. At CES alone were expecting 20,000 new products launches from thousands of manufacturers. A lot of these products will incorporate at least one if not more of the trends weve mentioned above. Heres hoping for a great year in technology. Speaking through Steve Koenig, the Consumer Electronics Association also said, This year presents the first year when emerging markets will make up 50% of spending - up from 40% in 2013. Moreover, China, and the rest of emerging Asia, has taken over from the U.S. as the largest consumer of technology, spending perhaps $282 billion, collectively, last year, up from $246 billion in 2012, and more than the entire $257 billion for North America, which was up from 2012s $250 billion. Expectedly there was a discussion on devices like smartphones and tablets will make up 43% of consumer electronics spending this year. Tablet sales in 2013 were about 40% from the U.S., but that is now declining to just 33% this year, as emerging Asia takes over 40% of tablet sales, driven by sales of lower-priced models. That may be boost ownership in households to five or six tablet models per household. It is also projected that 1.24 billion units of smartphones will be sold this year, again, 70% of that volume driven by emerging markets, up from 52% in 2013. In his opening remarks, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and CEO Gary Spiro mentioned a semi-annual industry report on revenues for the consumer electronics industry. According to the report, the revenues will hit record high in 2014. They are expected to grow 2.4 percent in 2014 to a record high of 208 billion U.S. dollars. The new, emerging product categories are expected to grow by 107 percent year on year in 2014. These new technology categories, including 3D printers, Bluetooth wireless speakers, convertible PCs, health and fitness devices, smart watches and Ultra HD television displays, are cumulatively expected to contribute more than 6 billion dollars to the overall CE industry in 2014, the report showed. Big technology companies dominated the Press Conferences during Press Day. They were: LG Electronics; Sharp; Bosch; Panasonic; Huawei; VOXX International Corp; Monster; DISH Network; Intel; RCA; Samsung; Casio; Toyota; Hisense: Epson; MakerBot; and Sony. I attended only some of them. Some of the conferences were being held at the same time. Many of the products launched are amazing and mindboggling. I will be writing about these new technologies in subsequent issues. The Press Rooms are well equipped. Of course, food, coffee, and water are always available. There are also rooms for interviewing executives or personalities involved in the development of the newly launched products. My search for products or technologies that could be considered Miracle, Magic, or Mind-Boggling Technologies has begun as I visit and check them out at the booths where they are located. I will share what I discover in subsequent columns.

The Yearly Exercise

at the same time file your tax return with the IRS. With the advancement in technology, more individual taxpayers file their own taxes online using tax software. Mailing paper tax return is really old school. If you paid somebody to do your taxes, you should expect a computer generated tax return and it should be e-filed. Is your tax preparer licensed or registered in California? Was he/she assigned a number (PTIN) by the IRS? Did you ever ask why he/she cant e-file your tax returns? Did you check if your copy of the tax return has your preparers name and not the words Selfprepared? Maybe its time to look for a legit one. If a tax return was prepared using tax software, then it should be e-filed. Soon the IRS will question taxpayer with computer generated returns and sent via postal service. E-filing was invented so your tax info can quickly travel from your computer to the IRS or FTB computers. Errors can be detected faster and fixed in a shorter time. Refunds should be directly deposited to your bank accounts and taxes owed paid by electronic withdrawal or by using credit cards. If you cant pay in full, request an installment agreement. Dont be creative when filing your own tax returns. You might be computer savvy but, how much do you know about taxation? Current tax software may seem easy to follow but, do you really understand the tax questions asked? How much did you pay for the software and e-filing? How much time did you spend doing it? Are you sure you did it right? Who can help you later when you receive a letter from the IRS or the CA FTB?

If you owe additional taxes, then make the estimated tax payments by January 15. Your tax preparer can help you figure that out. Be informed that there are two kinds of tax penalties. There is a penalty for late filing and another for late payment of taxes owed. You can be penalized up to 25% of taxes owed. Just because you filed on time (4/15/14) does not mean you wont get penalized. It depends on how much additional tax you owed the IRS or CA FTB. Why not file and pay on time? If you have earned income but not issued Forms W-2 or 1099s, you are still required to file a tax return. If you got paid under the table and dont file a tax return, it could harm you later in life. If you are a U.S. citizen or a green card holder, dont forget your income outside the U.S. You are also required to report the sizeable amount of money you invested outside the U.S. The undocumented immigrant can file a tax return using the (ITIN) Individual Taxpayer Identification Number which can be applied from the IRS. You can also apply ITINs for the spouse and other qualified dependents. You can apply for ITIN and the profit-driven wealthy elite. The electricity producers, Aboitiz, Malampaya and a few others with Meralco, mostly using filthy coal plants also approved by their friends in government, allegedly form a monopoly, a price fixing cartel and allegedly colluded to create a false electrical shortage to justify the price increase and thus maximize their obscene profits. They deny all wrong doing. Besides that, corruption knows no end. Every day, new revelations emerge of one huge scam by government officials in cahoots with the barons of business. Rights advocates are taking a stand and opposing it. Media has the courage and freedom to reveal the truth but many journalists are assassinated as a result. The dark forces strike back. Silence is approval in the face of evil. We must oppose all human trafficking, child abuse and price fixing especially that which hurts the poor. We must speak out, protest and declare what is true and right, come what may. [,]

he IRS may not be ready to accept and process your tax returns until January 31 but, the tax filing deadline is still 4/15/2014. Of course you are allowed a 6-month extension if you need more time. Why wait for October 15 when you have all the necessary documents by April 15? Procrastination is another bad habit to stop.

U.S. deported
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Colombia (1,429), Nicaragua (1,383), and Jamaica (1,119). While the Philippines was not part of the list and the year-end ICE report did not mention its ranking the population of undocumented Filipinos (270,000) in the United States remains the second highest, slightly lower than Chinese (280,000), among the Asian groups. Asian immigrants make up 11 percent of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, living and working in the shadows. According to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, about 4 million people born in the Philippines now live in the United States, and that 1 of every 6 Filipino immigrants in the United States is undocumented, mostly in key cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Chicago. Usually, what we have seen in recent years, a number of Filipinos face deportation because they have criminal convictions, said Joemar Miane, a Filipino-American immigration lawyer based in New York City. Most of their cases involve domestic violence and DWI (driving while intoxicated). He also said that some undocumented Filipinos, although they did not commit a crime, ran into immigration authorities, say, getting randomly inspected at an airport or on the train during their travel. In turn, they get arrested and deported. In other cases, he says, there are Filipinos who have no criminal record, but who overstayed their visas. After filing a green card application, they also end up under removal proceedings. Their application would alert enforcement officers, Miane added, and soon they will receive a notice to appear, known as NTA, before an immigration judge. NTA is the first step to removal proceedings. Miane said that, to avoid deportation, Filipinos and any other immigrants both undocumented and green card holders must not commit a crime, even if it may appear to be minor. Ninety-nine percent of those who got caught driving while drunk, especially with no proper documentation, may get a deportation order, Miane said. It just pays to be a law-abiding person.

At Large...
by Miles Beauchamp, PhD
Miles is Assistant to the Dean and Assistant Professor in the Shirley Hufstedler School of Education at Alliant International University where he teaches new media and diverse writing courses. He has been with the Asian Journal since the 1990s.

Waikolohe Valley
Inspired by magical legends and natural beauty in Hawaii, Imagineers built a
Valley of Wonder at Aulani Look what happens when you combine the beauty of Hawaii and the imagination of Disney: Aulani. The vibrant heart of the Aulani resort is the Waikolohe Valley, an exciting and colorful oasis filled with thrilling experiences, creative designs and a magical invitation for guests. With all the beauty and wonder of a natural Hawaiian valley, Waikolohe Valley is the recreational center of the resort. Nestled between Aulanis two towers and flowing from the lobby down to the beachfront, it is home to pools, whirlpool spas and interactive water play areas. Waikolohe also is the name of the meandering, mischievous stream that runs through this valley. Waikolohe, which is Hawaiian for mischievous water, offers a playful nod to some refreshing surprises. Many of those surprises will unfold along the banks of a lazy river which carries tube-

AUNTYS ONCE UPON AN ISLAND STORYTELLING, AUNTYS BEACH HOUSE -- With its fun recreation features and restaurants, its comfortable rooms, and its combination of Disney magic with Hawaiian beauty, tradition and relaxation, Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Hawai`i, offers a new way for families to vacation together on the island of O`ahu. (Matt Stroshane/Disney Destinations)
riding adventurers on a journey of discovery through the valleys eye-catching lava outcropping called Puu Kilo. In Waikolohe Stream, water slides twist in and out of the rock formations, taking guests on a ride through caverns and past mischievous fountain springs that surprise explorers with a bit of refreshment. Occasional hot springs blow off a little steam, too. In upholding a Disney and Hawaiian tradition that will play out in every aspect of the resort, there will be more to these lava formations than meets the eye. The Menehune Bridge A highlight of the Valley for the young and young-at-heart will be the interactive water play area known as the Menehune Bridge. The legendary Hawaiian Menehune (pronounced men-neh-whoneh), are said to be shy, diminutive beings who are gifted craftspeople, adept at building everything from temples to canoes. The Menehune Bridge brings the legend to life, featuring Menehune as statues or perhaps frozen in plain sight in the act of cavorting, spilling and shooting water to the delight of even Aulanis littlest guests. Waikolohe Valley is also home to the Waikolohe and Wailana Pools, the private poolside cabanas, four whirlpool spas and Rainbow Reef snorkel lagoon. Amenities within the Valley include the Lava Shack for quick food service, and the Papalua Shave Ice station.Ka Maka Landing, the latest enhancement to the resort, offers a delightfully themed family pool, a kids splash zone and a new dining location. Ka Maka Grotto, a mystical infinity pool and spa sits along the edge of Ka Maka Landing while Keiki Cove offers a fun place to splash around for Aulanis littlest guests. In addition to reflecting the legends of Hawaii, the Waikolohe Valley magically mimics the Hawaiian landscape: wetter and more forested at the high end nearer the mountains, drier and more open as it approaches the sea. Waikolohe Valley With lava formations, hot springs that blow off steam and misty caverns, the Waikolohe Valley landscape was designed by Disney Imagineers to appear as if it has been here for many, many years. What you can see right along this very stretch of coastline on Oahu is that, as the lava flowed hundreds of thousands of years ago, it cooled rapidly as it hit the sea, piling up on itself and creating fantastic shapes, said Imagineer Joe Rohde, who grew up on Oahu. Thats the inspiration behind the rock formations that shape our recreation area. We wanted the rock you come across here to appear to be the very rock that would be coming up out of the ground, as if it was real, only ours will be everso-slightly magical. Aulani sits on 21 acres of beautiful oceanfront in Ko Olina, adjacent to a nine-acre, crystal-blue lagoon and white-sand beach. Ko Olina is 17 miles from Honolulu International Airport and approximately 30 minutes from Waikiki. Uniquely designed for families and inspired by the wonders and traditions of Hawaii, Aulani is a family paradise with

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a touch of magic. Aulani offers kids, adults and families Hawaiian vacation experiences with a special magic that only Disney can create. Delightful rooms and spacious Disney Vacation Club villas, a perfect location on a beautiful beachfront lagoon, and renowned Disney service and enchanting entertainment let dreamers of every age savor their time together on Hawaii as never before. For Aulani reservations visit or call (866) 44-DISNEY -- Source: Disney

ROOM FOR RENT Quiet Neighborhood in National City. No smoking. No drugs. 619.746.3416

January 10-16, 2014

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Immigration 911
by Atty. Susan V. Perez
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IMMIGRATION 911 by Atty. Susan V. Perez

Cross-Chargeability Will Hasten the Processing of Immigrant Visa Application

Agatha, a native-born Filipino, came to my office for legal advice. She recently naturalized and wanted to know its consequences to her sons pending petition under the F2B category or unmarried sons/daughters (over 21 years old) of legal permanent residents. Agatha is aware that her naturalization automatically converted her petition to F1 category or unmarried sons/daughters (over 21 years old) of U.S. citizen. For beneficiaries born in the Philippines, F1 category has longer processing time than F2B category. Under the January 2014 visa bulletin, the priority date that the Department of State is processing for F1 category for beneficiaries born in the Philippines is July 2001 while the F2B category is May 2003. So its almost two years difference. During our conversation, Agatha mentioned that her son found a job in Australia and met an Australian girl whom he wants to marry. Agatha asked me how would the marriage affect her sons pending petition. She was surprised when I told her that her sons marriage to an Australian citizen would expedite the processing of his petition by at least five years. Under the current visa bulletin, the priority date for F1 category for other countries is December 2006. Compare that to F1 for Philippines, which is July 2001. Agathas son could avail of cross-chargeability to hasten the processing of his petition based on the marriage to an Australian citizen. Foreign state of chargeability is the independent country to which an immigrant entering under the preference system is accredited. No more than 7 percent of the family-sponsored and employment-based visas may be issued to natives of any one independent country in a fiscal year. No one dependency of any independent country may receive more than 2 percent of the familysponsored and employment-based visas issued. Since these limits are based on

visa issuance rather than entries into the United States, and immigrant visas are valid for 6 months, there is not total correspondence between these two occurrences. Chargeability is usually determined by country of birth. Exceptions are made to prevent the separation of family members when the limitation for the country of birth has been met. To prevent separation of family members, our immigration laws provide that a spouse or child may be charged to the foreign state/dependent area of the principal alien provided: (1) A visa would not be immediately available if the spouse or child were charged to his or her country of birth; and (2) The spouse or child is accompanying or following-to-join the parent or spouse. Cross-chargeability does not rest on principal beneficiary. In the case of Agathas son, the consul can charge his wifes Australian quota, but only if the spouse and principal beneficiary simultaneously apply for immigrant visa and admission. If Agathas sons priority date is December 2006, he can apply for the visa already using his wifes country of chargeability. Please note that crosschargeability applies only if your spouse was born in another country. If your spouse was also born in the Philippines, and naturalized as citizen of that other country, then cross-chargeability would not apply. We welcome your feedback. If you have any immigration questions, please feel welcome to email me at susan@ or call 619 819 -8648 to arrange for a telephone consultation.

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French Village

meanwhile, will provide architectural supervision for the design of the houses.

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Fil-Am driver

told another reporter, I just want to do the right thing.

miles, the paper said. When he went to another taxi stand at Bellagio Hotel, its doorman, who hailed Gamboas taxi, told him, There is a bag in (your taxi) full of chocolate. When the bag was opened, it turned out to contain bundles of $100 bills totaling $300,000. An apologetic Gamboa reportedly told the new passenger, You are my witness. I did not touch anything here. When Gamboa informed his employer of the find, he was told to immediately return to headquarters by on-duty supervisor Terry Mast of Y.C.S. Yellow, Checker and Star Taxi Group of Companies. The money was counted and audited in front of taxi company officials and later locked in its lost-and-found safety vault. Hours later, the owner of the cash arrived to claim the money and profusely thanked Gamboa, Fil-Am Extra Exchange said. The owner turned out to be a worldrenowned professional poker player, who had a big night before he hailed Gamboas taxi. The poker player did not want to be identified. At first, CBS TV station KLAS in Las Vegas said the poker player was not able to collect his money pending verification of his identity because he had no ID. But when the Las Vegas police confirmed the claimants identity, the taxi company gave the money to the poker player. Checker Group of Companies CEO Bill Shrinko said he was not surprised at the incident as the company had dealt with far bigger amounts left behind in their taxis. Shrinko added that all drivers of their taxis undergo an almost weekly seminar or continuing education about honesty as professional taxi drivers, emphasizing honesty to all tourists from all over the world visiting the entertainment capital. Gamboa, for his act of honesty, expressed his desire to prove that Filipinos are hardworking, industrious and honest no matter where they are. For his honesty, Gamboa was adjudged Driver of the Year by the company. He was also given $1,000 in reward money and a dinner for two in a high-end Las Vegas hotel. Gamboa is the son of the late Manuel Gamboa from Silay City and Leonila Dizon-Gamboa from San Francisco, Mabalacat. CBS TV KLAS said the owner of the money is going to give Gamboa a substantial reward. Gamboa, a 13-year taxi driver veteran,

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U.S. mom

Navarro had to undergo hormone shots for three months before an embryo fertilized by her daughter and son-in-law could be implanted. Because of her age, doctors had warned there was only a 45 percent chance the implantation would be successful. But the procedure was a success, and Navarro said shes had a smooth pregnancy carrying a developing baby girl. As with other surrogacy arrangements, the couple and Navarro needed three months of counseling. The psychologists wanted to make sure we knew what we were getting into that we were mentally prepared, McKinnon said. Mostly, surrogacy contracts are with people you dont know. It was weird to have a contract with my mom. Its unclear how rare it is for a woman to carry her own grandchild, but recent news reports have detailed similar relationships. Last year, a 53-year-old Iowa woman gave birth to her twin granddaughters. And in 2012, a 49-year-old woman in Maine gave birth to her grandson. McKinnon said she was grateful and overwhelmed by her mothers offer, which eases some of the obstacles and financial burdens for parents using a gestational surrogate. According to Utah law, surrogates must be 21 or older, financially stable and must have already given birth once. Couples must be married and are allowed to offer a reasonable payment to a surrogate. On average, a couple can spend about $60,000 on procedures and paying the surrogate, but McKinnon said her mothers offer to help is saving the couple about half of that. Both she and her daughter said theyve bonded over the experience. The baby girl is due in early February.

As a family, we have to help each other, Navarro told The Salt Lake Tribune.

It will also oversee construction of the houses as well as provide contractors, foremen, and gather volunteers. The new homes will be designed to withstand an intensity 8 earthquake and 275 kilometers per hour (kph) winds. The France-Philippines United Action, headed by Don Lee, will conduct the rebuilding efforts in Cebu over a period of 12 months. We want to help families get back on their feet by providing them with an assurance of their future by delivering the peace of mind that comes from a safe and durable home. We are privileged to be working with the architects from Habitat for Humanity, who have redesigned disaster resilient houses that will withstand the deteriorating climate situations in the Philippines, he said.

Father & Son USN

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boat so he would have someone with him. Our apartment was just next to the Thames River, so we were always enjoying everything it had to offer. We could cast a line from the rocks and we would catch flounder or halibut. Also, New London would play a significant role in our married life. Soon we moved into a new Navy Housing and we were the first tenants. We really enjoyed our summer there, skiing, fishing, crabbing, picnicking, gardening and partying. As far as the boat was concerned, Frank would be in the Gold crew while I was assigned to the Blue. This would be a first time for the Navy to have two complete crews in one ship. The crew would rotate every three months and the submarine would be home-ported at the advance base. The relieving crew member would spend the first three days with his counterpart to find out the status of his area of responsibility. The off crew would then travel to the home base to be with their family. The relieving crew would prepare the ship for about three weeks before getting underway. Once underway they would go to their assigned station and the submarine would remain submerged for two months. There would be two of everyone from the Captain all the way down to the most junior personnel. Each one of us would have a counterpart.- AJ (To be continued) (To order a copy of this book, call 619.746.3416)

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Spiritual Life

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January 10-16, 2014

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Lower Your Nets by Msgr. Fernando G. Gutierrez

by Virginia H. Ferrer
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Baptism of the Lord: Jan. 12, 2014

When Jesus Makes God Smile

Joke of the week: In a certain parish it was the practice to give instructions to the parents and sponsors, and also the custom to invite relatives and friends to a buffet luncheon afterward. Just before the ceremony, the priest asked the daddy of the baby, Baptism is a serious step. Are you prepared for it? I think so, answered the daddy, my wife has a couple platters of finger food, plenty of cookies and cake ... I dont mean that, interjected the padre. I mean, are you prepared spiritually? Oh sure, padre, exclaimed the father of the baby, Ive got a case of beer, a gallon of wine, and a case of whiskey. Dont you think that will be enough? Scripture: First Reading: Isaiah 42: 1-4, 6-7. The identity of the servant has not been rightly established. Some think of him as representing the nation of Israel. Still others believe that he is an individual person, a prophet, a king, or a messiah. Second Reading: Acts 10: 34-38. In the Mediterranean world of Jesus it is customary to introduce a person to the community through some kind of ritual. At his baptism, Jesus has been empowered by the Spirit to begin his mission of healing and transformation. Gospel: Matthew 3: 13-17. Jesus baptism by John is not for the forgiveness of sins, because he is sinless. His baptism is for the purpose of fulfilling all righteousness; his baptism is done as part of Gods plan that is accomplished in Jesus Christ. Reflections: This Sunday is the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord Jesus. The Christmastide ends on Monday after the Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord, which signifies the purification of the world, through Christ himself. In the Mediterranean culture, water is used as a ritual purification before someone assumes a role in a community or takes part in a religious ceremony. Jesus first step into the water of the River Jordan was a first step into his mission. This mission that would culminate on the cross reveals also who Jesus Christ is: he is the beloved Son with whom God his Father is well pleased. This identity is the pivotal point of everything that Jesus will undergo in his ministry, death, and resurrection. The identity and mission of Jesus are inseparable. He is the beloved Son with whom God is well pleased, because he obediently fulfills his mission. He accomplishes his mission in full obedience to his Father even to the point of death, because he is Gods beloved Son. Even though he has no need to repent, because he is without sin, yet Jesus went to John to be baptized. By accepting the baptism of repentance from John Jesus is completely identifying himself with us, even to the point of dying for own sinfulness. Sinless, yet on the day of his baptism he publicly assumed our sins. However, Jesus does not only redeem us from sins, he wants us also to be empowered by the Holy Spirit, who descended upon him at baptism. Jesus wants our lives to be transformed into his likeness. Jesus wants us to be fully true to our identity as Gods sons and daughters. True to his identity as the beloved and obedient Son, Jesus pleases his Father. God the Father is happy with Jesus who makes him smile. Happiness makes us smile. Happiness gladdens the heart. We too can make God happy and smile when we live as his sons and daughters. Someone said that most of the times we are pleased with God because he bestows us with manifold blessings. On the other hand, is God pleased with us? That is a question we all have to honestly answer. Quotation of the week: The day when a person is baptized is more important than the day when a person is ordained priest and bishop. Raymond E. Brown.

Ang Buhay Nga Naman (3)

At katulad din ng mga iba pang Kanyang nilalang kung ilang taon mayroon ay Kanya ring ibinigay subalit agad nagreklamo itong taong tinuran dahil ang ibinigay ay dalawampung taon lamang. Tinanggap naman ng tao itong dalawampung taon subalit marahang kinausap itong Panginoon apatnapung taong ibinalik ng kalabaw nuon ibigay daw sa kanya at kailangan niya iyon. Ang tig-sasampung taong inayawan ng asot unggoy sa Diyos na lumikha ay kanya pa ring ibinulong na sa kanya daw sana ang mga ito ay iukol kakailangin niyang lahat pagdating ng panahon. At sa madaling salita ay walumpung taong lahat hiningi ng tao at binigay ng Diyos kaagad masaya ang tao at buong pusong nagpasalamat may ngiti sa kanyang labit mga matay kumikislap. Ngayon ay alam na natin kung bakit nga ba ang unang dalawampung taon ay talagang nating kailangan para kumain, maglaro, magkasama sa tulugan magkaroon ng pamilya at magsaya araw-araw.
so I could use the money for my new life in America. She did not transfer the title of the property to her name, intending to give it back to me as my eventual inheritance, among other things. Parang lastiko (like rubber band). Bumalik din sa akin (it came back to me). Where would I finally rest? We have lots in Glen Abbey, a memorial cemetery near our house that is easily accessible for my loved ones to visit. Ours is near those of friends and relatives. Perhaps someday we can shoot the breeze occasionally and catch up with each others lives, err, deaths. When we bought a piece of lot in a resort community in Mexico, the ones overlooking a golf course were more expensive and desirable. Guess what? Ours at Glenn Abbey overlooks the golf course across the street, if that matters at all. Spiritually, I think I am okay. I am at peace with God and in constant communication with Him. I am sure He knows I have a good heart and will keep the heavens gate open for me. However, I could use a little, err, more prayers from my loved ones and friends, though, upon my demise. This I should ask, err, beg them to do. What really keeps me awake at night when I think of death is the trash I will leave behind. You see, I am a hoarder. For ten years I have been compiling three storages full of papers I keep promising to sort. I just did not have the chance to do so. While I incur monthly rent expenses for those storage facilities, I simply cannot part with them without individually looking at them at first. Another friend, Mario Firme, told me to throw away or donate any clothes or paper I have not used for a year. Frankly, I dont really need them at this point; for example, when five thousand emails were accidentally erased from my computer, I did not miss a single one. But tell that to a chronic hoarder like me. Someday, somehow, I will go over those papers and decide once and for all whether to keep or throw them away. I have a feeling I will be able to do this before I die. So the longer I procrastinate, the longer my life will be, right? But dont count me out yet. I am here to stay and attend your funeral. Dont you want me to hear the good things people will say about you? - AJ

Apples top EWG Living the Moment (Continued from page 4) to the Fullest
want to support local farms and agriculture that is better for the environment." EWG's Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce, now in its 9th year, ranks pesticide contamination on 48 popular fruits and vegetables, based on an analysis of more than 28,000 samples tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and federal Food and Drug Administration. EWG researchers compile the Shopper's Guide and the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists from pesticide residue tests conducted by USDA and FDA scientists, who made public their most recent round of results earlier this year. Since government scientists wash or peel samples before testing them, pesticide measurements reflect the likely pesticide loads of produce when people eat it. EWG's ranking uses six measures of pesticide hazards, among them, the number of pesticides detected on a crop and the percent of samples testing positive. For the second year, EWG has expanded the Dirty Dozen with a Plus category to highlight two crops - domestically-grown summer squash and leafy greens, specifically kale and collards. These crops did not meet traditional Dirty Dozen criteria but were commonly contaminated with pesticides exceptionally toxic to the nervous system. In the most recent USDA tests for kale and collards, conducted in 2008, some samples were found to be contaminated with organophosphate pesticides. Organophosphate pesticides are potent neurotoxins that can affect children's IQ and brain development, even at low doses. Over the past decade organophosphates have been withdrawn from many agricultural uses and banned for home pesticide use but still be applied to certain commercial crops. Banned organochlorine pesticides were detected on nearly 20 percent of the samples of zucchini and crookneck squash in 2008. Imported summer squash were cleaner. Most organochlorine pesticides were widely applied in the 1940s through 1970s but withdrawn from use after studies revealed them to be highly toxic to people and wildlife. They are extremely persistent in the environment and still pollute produce grown in contaminated soils. Results remained troubling for some baby foods purchased in American stores in 2011. Green beans canned for baby food tested positive for five pesticides, including the toxic organophosphates methamidophos and acephate, detected on 14 and 13 percent of samples respectively. EPA and producers have voluntarily agreed to remove these two chemicals from agriculture due to health concerns. Pear samples tested positive for 11 pesticides, including iprodione, deemed to be probable carcinogen and not registered for use on pears. Pesticides are toxic by design and created expressly to kill living organisms -- insects, plants and fungi that are considered "pests." Many pesticides pose health dangers to people and have been linked to brain and nervous system toxicity, cancer, hormone disruption, skin, and eye and lung irritation. Last year, the American Academy of Pediatrics, which represents more than 60,000 pediatricians, for the first time adopted an official position warning doctors and parents that pesticide exposures from food are potentially dangerous to children's health. "By following EWG's Shopper's Guide and advice, consumers can feel confident they can buy foods with consistently lower overall levels of pesticide contamination," said Lunder. EWG advises people who want to avoid genetically engineered food as well as pesticides to buy organicallyraised produce. U.S. law does not require labeling of GE foods. Zucchini, Hawaiian papaya and some varieties of sweet corn may be genetically modified. Patience is a hard discipline. It is not just waiting until something happens over which we have no control: the arrival of the bus, the end of the rain, the return of a friend, the resolution of a conflict. Patience is not a waiting passivity until someone else does something. Patience asks us to live the moment to the fullest, to be completely present to the moment, to taste the here and now, to be where we are. When we are impatient we try to get away from where we are. We behave as if the real thing will happen tomorrow, later and somewhere else. Lets be patient and trust that the treasure we look for is hidden in the ground on which we stand.

Daily Meditation, January 5, 2014. Text excerpts taken from Bread for the Journey, by Henri J.M. Nouwen, 1997 Harper SanFrancisco. All Scripture from The Jerusalem Bible 1966, 1967, and 1968 Darton, Longman & Todd and Doubleday & Co. Inc.

What if I die?
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they would come out in the open to pay me compliments upon my death, as my heirs might try to collect the bad debts. My business affairs can be passed to my heirs without a hitch. They know the operating system of my business, the duties and responsibilities I perform daily, and they can assume the position easily anytime. The important papers I have are not hidden somewhere or locked in a computer hard drive. They are placed in a secured box that only my wife and kids have access to anytime. They will not inherit any loans to pay, for I have none. I doubt my kids will want to assume my business when I am gone anyway, for they earn more money than I at this point. Maybe my wife will hang on to it, as she enjoys attending to it. Living trust One thing we did to smoothen the transition was to put most of our assets in a living trust. Hence, they could be passed on without estate taxes. I know many survivors, formerly loving siblings, who had to fight and sue each other because their parents did not make a clear will. The matter had to be settled in the courts to be eaten away by taxes and attorneys fees until nothing would be left for everyone to share. Fortunately, when my mother passed away, she wrote a letter to each of us children, indicating the properties we would inherit. It turned out I had a rubber band deal. Upon migrating to the United States in 1982, I sold her a piece of land

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PHL plans

financial volatility and its strong growth recorded at 7.4 percent in the first nine months of 2013. For its part, S&P said: [C]redit ratings on the Philippines reflect the country's strengthening external profile, moderate inflation, and the government's declining reliance on foreign currency debt. Fitch, however, said that the Philippines needs to sustain reforms in fiscal management and efforts in reducing poverty. A reversal of reform measures and deterioration in governance standards is one of the key factors that could lead to a negative ratings action, the debt watcher said. BM, GMA News

January 10-16, 2014

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Tech IT
from My Barber by Benjamin Maynigo

New Poll: Southern California Customers Oppose Plan to Replace Nuclear Plant with Gas Plants Due to Climate Change, Air Quality Concerns
With decision looming, majorities oppose the states plan to replace San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station with dirty gas-fired power plants; concerns high among Latinos

Phil - Am Law 101

by Atty. Rogelio Karagdag, Jr.
Member, State Bar of California & Integrated Bar of the Philippines

Last Gadget Standing

I never miss attending the Last Gadget Standing event at the International CES. It is one of the most interesting, entertaining, and exciting events at the conference. Ten finalists are asked to demonstrate the features of their respective gadgets. The audience will then participate in judging as to which among them would be the best and the last one standing. This year, the ten finalists vying for the title are: Samsungs Galaxy Gear extends the Galaxy smartphone experience to your wrist and enhances everyday moments with real time updates for quick and convenient access. Aim is a handheld device by Skulpt designed to measure fat percentage and muscle strength and definition to help you achieve specific fitness goals. Im not a bodybuilder, but I can see how lots of people who are might like the concept. Glasses TrackR by Phone Halo is a

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UCSD Robotics Mobile Inverted Pendelum

iPad or MacBook to teach you how to play guitar. It offers a variety of sounds and works with Garage Band so you can compose music. Im no musician, but I like the way this looks. Canary is a home security device with an HD video camera and multiple sensors designed to track all sorts of security issues within your home, and send the necessary alerts to your phone. Kevo by Kwikset is a smart lock turns smartphones into keys, giving owners the ability to unlock the door with just a simple touch. MIP (Mobile Inverted Pendulum) is the latest innovation by WowWee in association with UCSDs (University of California at San Diego) Coordinated Robots Lab. VOYCE i4C Innovations revolutionary new service, VOYCE, allows pet parents to understand their dogs like never before. The two other finalists will be announced at the show itself. Like in previous years, I will be at the show to participate in choosing the LAST GADGET STANDING.

tracking device you slip onto the frames of your glasses or sunglasses, and then control from your smartphone. You can use the app on your phone to locate your glasses or ring your phone by pressing a button on the device. JamStik by Zivix is a portable musical instrument that connects with your

Nathan Landers, Sierra Club | Los Angeles, 1/8/2014 - Today the Sierra Club released a poll ( conducted by Public Policy Polling showing that a majority of customers in San Diego and Orange counties oppose Governor Jerry Browns plan to build new gas-fired plants to replace the shuttered San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, due to concerns about air quality and impacts on climate disruption. Strong majorities of southland utility customers would prefer that the nuclear plant be replaced with clean energy like wind, solar, or energy efficiency, including strong support among Latino customers. The plan is currently being fast-tracked through the governorappointed California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), and a decision is expected by the end of this month. These poll results are a forceful rejection of Governor Brown and state regulators dirty power proposal. Spending billions on more dirty gas plants is completely out of step with the publics desire to see more clean energy and less pollution and carbon emissions, said Evan Gillespie, Director of the Sierra Clubs My Generation Campaign. Rather than doubling down on fossil fuels, Californians are once again demanding clean energy solutions. With so many clean alternatives and so much public support, why are Governor Brown and the CPUC propping up dirty energy? "Latinos by wide margins want their elected leaders to do more to address the pollution that plagues our neighborhoods and contributes to climate disruption, said Arturo Carmona, Executive Director of, a Latino advocacy organization. Its troubling to learn that Governor Brown and the Public Utilities Commission are rushing through approval of more gasfired power plants without really fully

Can Owner Sell His Farm Without Tenants Consent?

considering how they will impact the air we breathe in Southern California. Key findings: - A strong majority of customers (56%) would prefer a replacement plan that uses only clean, renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in Southern California. This preference for a clean energy plan is also found among Latino customers, 52% of whom prefer a plan that uses only clean, renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. - The vast majority of customers (81%) say it's important that a replacement strategy for San Onofre not lead to new air pollution in Southern California (55% say it is "very" important and 26% say it's "somewhat" important). Among Latino customers, a similar percentage say it's important that a replacement strategy not lead to new pollution (80%). - Three in five customers (60%) and 62% of Latino customers say that Governor Brown and other state leaders "should do more to address climate disruption by taking actions like promoting more clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar and avoiding more polluting power plants." Full poll results here: http:// Here in San Diego, we have already been battling against gas-fired power plants for the smog pollution, asthma attacks, and other side effects that come with them, said Kathleen Connell, Sierra Club volunteer. Natural gas is a dirty fossil fuel that sickens our families and hurts our planet, and people here are against the states proposal to lock us into more pollution. Background:

PHIL-AM LAW 101 by Atty. Rogelio Karagdag, Jr., Member, State Bar of California & Integrated Bar of the Philippines | SAN DIEGO, 1/10/2014

his problem often crops up whenever a landowner sells his agricultural land. Many transactions do not push through or take a very long time because the tenant does not want to agree to the sale.
Philippine laws on agricultural tenancy are complicated and somehow confusing. Oftentimes, the confusion arises out of misconception, particularly about the rights of the landowner, the buyer, and the tenant. The usual scenario is like this. The owner inherits a farmland from his parents. The tenant and his ancestors have been tilling the land for generations. Because of urbanization or industrialization of the place, the owner desires to sell the land which, by this time, has already gone up in value. In fact, most of the adjacent lands have already been sold by their owners and are being transformed into residential subdivisions or industrial parks. The tenant objects to the sale, not so much because he wants to continue tilling the land, than that he wants to get a substantial share from the purchase price. Of course, the buyer does not want to pay until the tenant is removed. What we must understand is that the tenants right to the land pertains to his right to cultivate it continuously. If he passes away, one of his heirs can take over as tenant. So, if the land is sold, the right of the tenant is to continue being the tenant of the land, this time as tenant of the new owner. This means that the tenant does not have the right to receive any share in the purchase price. However, because of misconception, the tenants thinks that he is entitled to share in the proceeds. The only instance under the law when the tenant is entitled to compensation is in case of conversion. This happens

when the land is no longer suited for agriculture and the owner converts it into residential, commercial, industrial or some other urban purposes. Once the landholding is declared converted by the Department of Agrarian Reform, the tenant will be entitled to disturbance compensation equivalent to five times the average of the gross harvests on his landholding during the last five preceding calendar years. As mentioned, the right of the tenant pertains to cultivation of the land. We must however stress that the cultivation must be personal, meaning that the tenant himself must cultivate the land. He cannot assign, sublease or subcontract the cultivation to another person. Otherwise, he would be making business out of the land. In several decisions of the Philippine Supreme Court, it ruled that the tenant must necessarily work the land himself, although he may avail of labor of his immediate farm household. In one case, the Court said when a tenant worked abroad and left the farmwork to his wife, or engaged in full time employment, he had clearly abandoned the tenancy. The Court emphasized that if the law abhors absentee owners, more so with absentee tenants, and that failure to comply with ones obligation as a tenant is tantamount to abandonment. In these instances, the tenant may be evicted from the land. The tenant may also be evicted if he violates the tenancy agreement, such as planting other crops not agreed upon with the owner, failing to adopt proven farm practice, negligence resulting to damage or destruction of the land or improvements, and inexcusable failure to pay lease rental. The owner may also take over the land if he or a member of his immediate family will personally cultivate the landholding. Atty. Rogelio Karagdag, Jr. is licensed to practice law in both California and the Philippines. He practices immigration law in San Diego and has continuously been a trial and appellate attorney in the Philippines since 1989. He travels between San Diego and Manila. His office is located at 10717 Camino Ruiz, Suite 102, San Diego, CA 92126. He also has an office in the Philippines at Suite 1718, Manila Executive Regency, 1200 J. Bocobo Street, Ermita, Manila, with telephone numbers (02)554-0412 & (02)5221199. Please call (858)348-7475 or email him at He speaks Tagalog fluently. Articles written in this column are not legal advice but are hypotheticals intended as general, non-specific legal information. Readers must seek legal consultation before taking any legal steps.

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Quiet Neighborhood in National City. No smoking. No drugs.


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January 10-16, 2014

by Issa Cuevas-Santos

The New Year: An Invitation to Mission

Be Prepared in 2014: Make Preparedness Part of Your New Year

It has been exactly 2 months since Yolanda (Haiyan) struck, and today, 8 January 2014, our leaders again set out on mission, this time to solidify the plans for Gawad Kalingas massive reconstruction work for the typhoon survivors. I checked my 2013 calendar, looked at my 2012, and then it dawned on me this really has become the norm every year, with one disaster after another raging through our country. Disasters: The New Normal In 2009 it was Ondoy (Ketsana) in Metro Manila; in 2010 it was Juan (Megi) in North Luzon; in 2011 it was Sendong (Washi) in Mindanao and in 2012, it was Habagat in Metro Manila and Pablo (Bopha) in Mindanao. Then in 2013, one after another it hit us almost like a plague Typhoons Maring (Trami) and Santi (Sari) in Luzon, the wars in Zamboanga, the killer quake in Bohol and the last straw was Supertyphoon Yolanda (Haiyan), unleashing a fury like the world had never seen before with an intensity and magnitude that quite literally blew away almost the whole of the Visayas islands. This left us down on our knees in prayer, but also on our hands and feet working almost 24/7 to reach out to the disaster victims that desperately needed our help, as we continued to help the rest of our countrymen who are victims of the biggest silent tragedy of our country that of immense poverty. Because while Yolanda took 6,183 lives (Source: NDRMCC Update as of January 8) in the 4 days that it pummeled through the countryside, millions of our fellowmen continue to live in extreme poverty, with barely anything to eat and no decent shelter to call home. Who

From Darryl Madden, Director of FEMA Ready Campaign: knows how many lives poverty claims every single day? Poverty: The Biggest Tragedy Of Our Times The needs of the Yolanda survivors are urgent, yet we have learned that the needs of the millions who live in danger zones are not any less urgent. And as the dark cloud of climate change threatens our country, we know that these vulnerable families are next in line as victims. Unfortunately for us, theres no way of telling where the next disaster will strike and claim lives. When disasters strike, the poor are the most vulnerable. So even as our ground teams in the Visayas went into a frenzy distributing relief goods to the most far-flung areas, teams in the rest of the country were also doing their part. In Metro Manila and Luzon, teams were working all throughout the year getting people out of danger zones and relocating them to safe communities. Proactive Reconstruction in NonDisaster Areas: GKs work of relocating families from danger zones to safe communities Even beyond just rebuilding homes, the serious work of rebuilding lives by getting the children to school, providing livelihood opportunities and building community spirit continues. It is a long road ahead still, but they are on track and we are confident that they are on their way out of poverty, perhaps very slowly but surely. Disaster-resilient is not just about infrastructure, its about the people This just affirms GKs guiding principle that its about people, not programs. As it turns out, beyond building sturdy homes, it is this community spirit that has proven to be the most important, life-saving aspect of our work. No doubt that we can design and build houses that are as disaster-resilient as can be, but as for GK, we greatly consider the multitude who need the homes and the resources that are limited. What we know for sure is we can prepare not just with infrastructure but by building PEOPLE and COMMUNITIES that are disaster-resilient. This means helping make sure that they are organized, empowered and most importantly, will not leave anyone in their community behind. One big miracle that we thank the Lord for is that in all the 41 GK communities that were hit by Yolanda, there was ZERO loss of lives. Roofs were blown away, some homes were torn down but ALL residents, young and old, are alive and accounted for. And the community spirit after the storm is stronger than ever. THIS is the work of GK. In all the 41 GK communities hit by For many, the New Year is a time for setting goals and making new resolutions for the year to come. If you are anything like me, each year you find yourself resolving to achieve a healthier lifestyle - eating right, exercising more, losing a few pounds. Setting personal health goals in the New Year is great, but improving overall well-being involves taking actions to be prepared. Knowing what to do in an emergency is vital to the health and safety of you and your loved ones. This year, the Ready Campaign is challenging you to be Prepared in 2014. ( Start the New Year by connecting with family and friends on the importance of preparedness. Not only can the information shared potentially save a life, connecting with those you love has an added benefit. People who have strong social connections tend to be healthier and more resilient. I know the hardest part of keeping a resolution is sustaining it after those first few weeks of the year, but you dont have to do it all at once.

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First, start by simply having the conversation: who to call, where to meet and what to pack in an emergency. Build your familys emergency supply kit by picking up recommended emergency items (http://www.ready. gov/build-a-kit )over the first month or two of the year. Create a preparedness checklist. This should include things such as emergency phone numbers and copies of important documents, and information on how to register for programs such as the American Red Cross Safe and Well ( cms/) website. Set reminders throughout the year to talk about and update your family emergency communication plan. If you have children, include them in conversations and planning activities. The Ready Campaign has age-appropriate tools and resources ( kids) you can use to introduce disaster preparedness to them. And you can learn more about talking with kids after disasters so youre ready to help them through tough situations. Have pets? Make sure they are a part of your planning process. Create a pet

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e need everyone's help! YOU and your family and friends! Help us bring concrete hope to our fellowmen in their moment of greatest need. Let us together help the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda live. They are the reason why we should not tire to send help. The impact area is very wide and the devastation is consistent. But the scale of the problem is nothing compared to the overflow of generosity and heroism, as friends and partners from around the world rally together in bayanihan to help the Filipinos rise again. Together, let's raise resources for relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction. Take part, give and share: #YolandaPH #WalangIwanan -- Gawad Kalinga

January 10-16, 2014

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La Jolla Music Society presents Club at Pechange Joshua Bell, violin and Sam Hay- New Membership wood, piano Feb 7 at Balboa Theatre If you are Benefit not
yet a member of The Club at Pechanga, signing up is free and easy. Open to everyone 21 and older with valid ID, simply stop by the club desk and you will soon be on your way to accumulating valuable perks each time you play your favorite slots and table games. New members of The Club at Pechanga can SPIN TO WIN for guaranteed Club Dollars up to $1000! The More You Play, The More We Pay! For more information, call (877) 711-2946 or log onto www. Other upcoming events at Pechanga Resort & Casino include: January 10 & 11 The Fab Four January 25 - Styx January 26 Paris By Night February 1 Battle of the Badges February 7 Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo February 8 Chinese New Year Show with Wen Zhang, Lee Lung Kee Dragon & Ng Hand-Mei February 14 & 15 Engelbert Humberdinck March 16 Kenny Rogers March 30 Bridal Expo at Pechanga April 18 Chocolate Decadence April 19 Pechanga Wine Festival About Pechanga Resort & Casino Pechanga Resort & Casino offers the largest and most expansive resort/casino experience anywhere in the western United States. Rated a Four Diamond property by AAA since 2003, Pechanga Resort & Casino provides an unparalleled getaway, whether for the day or for an extended luxury stay. Offering more than 3,000 of the hottest slots, table games, world-class entertainment, 517 hotel rooms, dining, spa and golf at Journey at Pechanga, Pechanga Resort & Casino features a destination that meets and exceeds the needs of its guests and the community. Pechanga Resort & Casino is owned and operated by the Pechanga Band of Luiseo Indians. For more information, call toll free (877) 711-2946 or visit www. Follow Pechanga Resort & Casino on Facebook and on Twitter @PechangaCasino.


GMA International bringing the Kapuso experience abroad

SAN DIEGO, CA La Jolla Music Society continues the Celebrity Recital Series with Joshua Bell and Sam Haywood at the Balboa Theatre on Friday, February 7 at 8 pm. Often referred to as the poet of the violin, Joshua Bell is one of the worlds most celebrated violinists. Along with pianist and duo partner, Sam Haywood, the two musicians bring their North American tour to San Diego, playing works by Beethoven, Stravinsky and Tartini. Tickets are $35-$99 and are available through the La Jolla Music Society ticket office, (858) 459-3728 or online at About the Artist Joshua Bell Violinist Joshua Bell continues to enchant audiences with his breathtaking virtuosity, tone of sheer beauty and charismatic stage presence. His restless curiosity, passion, universal appeal, and multi-faceted musical interests have earned him the rare title of classical music superstar. Mr. Bells most recent endeavor is his appointment as the new Music Director of the Academy of St Martin in the Fields, the first person and first American to hold this post since the orchestra formed in 1958. In 2013 Mr. Bell toured the United States with the Cleveland Orchestra and Europe with the New York Philharmonic, as well as performed with the Tucson, Pittsburgh, San Diego and

Nashville Symphony Orchestras. Mr. Bell serves as a senior lecturer at Indiana Universitys Jacobs School of Music. He is also on the artist committee of the Kennedy Center Honors and the Board of Directors of the New York Philharmonic. He performs on the 1713 Huberman Stradivarius violin and uses a late 18th century French bow by Francois Tourte. About the Artist Sam Haywood British pianist Sam Haywood has performed to critical acclaim all over the world. Alongside his busy solo and chamber music career, he is also a composer and Artistic Director of the Solent Music Festival. Following his early success in the BBC Young Musician of the Year competition, the Royal Philharmonic Society awarded him their prestigious Isserlis award. Mr. Haywood went on to study with Paul Badura-Skoda in Vienna, where he began his enduring passion for opera. At the Royal Academy of Music in London he was mentored by Maria Curcio, the renowned teacher and pupil of Artur Schnabel. About La Jolla Music Society We bring the world to San Diego As one of Southern Californias leading presenters of world-class performing arts, La Jolla Music Society contributes

GMA International, the business unit that manages the operation and distribution of GMA Networks international channels, marks another year of success as it continues to strengthen its presence abroad. The year 2013 saw GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV and GMA News TV International reaching more Filipino households abroad with Palau and Malaysia being the latest addition to over a hundred countries and territories where the channels are available. In an effort to provide its viewers with better services, the channels were also launched on new carriers in Singapore, Canada, and, most notably, in the Middle East which has the second largest Filipino population next to North America. Consistent with the Networks purpose of providing superior news and entertainment, GMA Pinoy TV and GMA Life TV presented its subscribers with new original shows such as The Balikbayan Project, the first original series produced by GMA Pinoy TV, which follows the Basco family as they rediscover their roots in the Philippines, and Home Away From Home, a docu-series that features the homes of noteworthy Filipinos from all over the world. Furthermore, GMA News TV International has included regional newscasts in its programming lineup, in order to connect our kababayans overseas with their home provinces. As a testament to its successful endeavors throughout the year, GMA International has also been recognized by various award-giving bodies for their business practices and original programs. GMA won a record of eight

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January 10-16, 2014

IW Group 95887


January 10-16, 2014

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Light & Shadows
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by Zena Sultana Babao

High Tech = High Pay, Career Event Kailangan Ng Mga ManggagaFor Women, Open to the Public wa Sa Botohan Para Sa PinagSAN DIEGO (7 January, 2014) women. Isang Espesyal Na Eleksyon Sa American Association of University The panelists will identify the high Women San Diego Branch will be tech trends in San Diego as well as local holding a panel of High-Performing science, technology, engineering, and Ika-11 Ng Pebrero Women on Saturday, February 1, 2014 math (STEM) educational opportunities.
from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Womens Museum of California in Liberty Station at 2730 Historic Decatur Road, Suite 103, San Diego 92106. The event, High Tech = High Pay For Women: Your Career Path, will offer valuable insight and guidance to women seeking entry into the workforce as well as those seeking career growth. AAUW is excited about technology as a means to reach ones career potential through competitive skill-building since all career paths now require computer and other technical skills. High-tech skills will increase in demand in the 21st Century economy. Attendees will hear from a panel of High-Performing Women who will share their career paths. Inspiring role models in technical careers are important because the US Dept. of Labor reports that the wide range of high tech industries pay considerably more than other industries, but women are notably missing from this career sector, observes Lillian Payn, Technology Outreach Chair for AAUW San Diego Branch and event coordinator. For example, only one in ten computer science grads and 13% of software engineers are Panelists will demonstrate must have social media networking for career women and then offer useful suggestions during the complimentary rsum review. The panel of high-performing women includes June Chocheles (Chocheles Consulting); Leslie Fishlock (Geek Girl); Teri Louden (Louden Network); Tina K Ngo (San Diego Workforce Partnership); Lisa Vaughn-Olstad (AQUENT); Jen Weissman (Social Media, Project X Media); and STEM Advisors: Mireya Gutierrez-Aguero (Palomar College) and Celia Martinez (CSU San Marcos). Each attendee will receive a free Executive Summary: Why So Few? Women in STEM. Refreshments will be served. High Tech = High Pay is open to the public for a suggested donation of $10, and $5 for members and students. AAUW San Diego Branch (a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corp.) advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. For more information about the High Tech = High Pay Careers for Women event, please call Eunis Christensen at 619/299-0778 or e-mail network@

By Zena Sultana Babao

Optimism in the Face of Adversity

Lalo na sa mga Bilingguwal sa Walong Espesipikong Wika

Ang mga pinag-isang eleksyon ay ang run-off para sa alkalde ng Lungsod ng San Diego at isang espesyal na eleksyon para sa Lungsod ng Solana Beach. Ang mga botante sa Solana Beach ang magpapasya sa Proposisyon B na kung saan papayagan ang mga permiso ng espesyal na paggamit na ma-isyu para sa Sentro ng Komunidad ng Fletcher Cove. Kinakailangan ng Opisina ng Tagapagrehistro ayon sa batas pederal na magbigay ng bilingguwal na mga ispiker at mga materyales sa pagboto para sa mga botanteng nagsasalita ng Chinese, Filipino, Spanish at Vietnamese. Ang isang kamakailang survey ng Unibersidad ng California sa Berkley ay nagpakita na nangangailangan ng mga nagsasalita ng Hindi, Korean, Khmer, at Japanese sa mga 30 presinto kaya nagrerekrut din ang opisina ng Tagapagrehistro ng mga bilingguwal na manggagawa sa botohan sa mga wikang iyon para sa eleksyon sa ika-11 ng Pebrero. Magkakaroon ng walong mga botohan

When adversity comes, the best way to face it is by being optimistic. Stay positive, creative, and busy. Its fine to feel bad for a moment or for a while as long as you dont lose your optimism. But once you turn that corner and let pessimism take you down the road to negative thinking, getting out of adversity would be much harder. Remain optimistic and things will be better soon. Everyone got hit with the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of 1929. We were not there yet during the Great Depression so did not experience it thanks God! Now it seems to be happening again, according to some economists. Stocks plummeted, real estate took a nosedive, jobs were lost and people were unemployed, with millions of Americans homeless and sleeping outside in the sub-zero cold. This economic collapse, crash, financial crisis or whatever name you call it, resulted in a lot of changed lives. Some changes were for the worst, some for the better. Some people who have experienced the devastating effects of this recession were able to turn their lives around. And most have nowhere else to turn. In 1929, when the United States entered into the Great Depression, Edison was called to address the nation on numerous occasions. His words then echo to us today as we face another great challenge: Be courageous. I have seen many depressions in business. Always America has emerged from these stronger and more prosperous. Be brave as your fathers before you. Have faith! Go forward! This advice is true not only where business/economy is concerned, but in all areas of life as well. We are all familiar with stories of the negative

effects in the lifestyle of millions of people. But the stories I like best are those that are filled with optimism because they uplift us and give us hope. Several stories about continued optimism in the face of adversity are in one of the issues of the Readers Digest magazine. This magazine is one that I read cover to cover because it features the true-to-life stories of ordinary people like you and me. The RD magazine is also full of ideas and information about home, family, food, money, health, technology you name it! It also features humorous and fun vignettes about work and life. Some stories of continued optimism is about several families who came up with ideas on how best to cope up while the recession is on. For example, when some families lost their homes, they decided to move in with relatives. This doubling-up-solution to homelessness kept families out of poverty and out of the streets. People who decided to move in or move back with family members said that they became more connected with each other and they were able to cut their expenditures in half. The new living arrangements proved to be challenging to some, but loved by most because it enabled them to save for the future. Families who were lucky to still be in their homes decided to spend less by becoming better consumers. They have learned to stretch the dollar by doing things themselves old-school style like growing their own food and canning and preserving them. Some have learned how to knit, quilt and make their own soap. Those who didnt know what to do relied on social networking or the Internet for how-to instructions. Gustavo Arellano, who writes a column for the Orange County Weekly, and whose short article also appeared in the RD magazine, said that this new way

sa Solana Beach at 573 mga botohan sa Lungsod ng San Diego. Hindi kailangang nakatira sa mga nasabing lungsod na iyon ang mga manggagawa sa botohan upang maging bahagi ng paglalagay ng manggagawa sa mga botohan ngunit mayroon dapat silang transportasyon papunta sa kanilang lokasyon ng botohan at depende sa naitalagang trabaho, maaaring kailangan din nila ng akseso sa Internet para kumuha ng online na pagsasanay at pumunta sa 2 oras na klase. Lahat ng manggagawa sa botohan ay makakatanggap ng suweldo mula $75 hanggang $175 depende sa katungkulan at ang mga taong bilingguwal ay makakatanggap ng karagdagang $15 kung sila ay maaatasang magbigay tulong sa wika sa mga botante. Ang mga maaaring maging manggagawa sa botohan ay maaaring mag-aplay sa Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, tumawag sa (858) 5655800 o mag e-mail sa Pollworker@ Tandaan na ang opisina ng Tagapagrehistro ng mga Botante ay lumipat na at ang bagong adres ay 5600 Overland Ave., San Diego, 92123.

of life has been an old way of life for immigrants in this country. He wrote that immigrants are still butchering their own pig, doing gardening, preserving their own food, and trading their produce. Self-sustainment is what made this country great, Arellano pointed out. Because of the recession, an increasing number of people have become more cautious and are postponing lifes big decisions like marriage, divorce, having kids and moving to new homes. Their spending became less impulsive as they are making purchasing decisions more carefully. Some have even decided to cut up their credit cards in favor of the debit variety or cash. They dont have any problem saying I cant afford it! Saying so, they said, is not a matter of weakness, but strength. I believe that the road to prosperity may still be a long way off. Until the

Come join APAC & fellow community members as we speak with the two candidates for San Diego Mayor, San Diego Councilmembers Kevin Faulconer & David Alvarez, in a casual, relaxed town hall setting. When: Friday, January 24th, 6-8PM Where: Zion Marketplace Food Court 7655 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego, in the Convoy District Program: 6-6:30PM Networking 6:30-7:15PM David Alvarez - Opening Remarks, Q&A 7:15-8PM Kevin Faulconer - Opening Remarks, Q&A Submit your questions to the candidates in advance via email. Space is limited! RSVP to this event

APAC invites you to A Mayoral Candidate Conversation with the Asian American Community

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Reflection Direction for Our Times

December 21, 2006 Jesus

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The New Year

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January 10-16, 2014

y beloved children harbor many fears. This is understandable. The fears of one can be transmitted to another and this is not good. During this time, fear spreads through the world quickly, almost instantaneously, through the media.

Perhaps you rise on each day and look out and see that the sun is shining. It is a good moment for you. I am with you, you are fed, and My sun is shining. But this is not enough. You look to see what is happening in other parts of the world. Through communications that are often unnecessary for you, you learn that there is war, disaster and famine. You look out again but the joy you had taken in the sunshine is gone. How can you feel joy when in another place there is war, disaster and famine? You fear immediately that these things will come to you. I want you to be aware of the needs of others and if a cross comes to you, I want you to carry it with dignity. But I want you to remain in your life, paying attention to your tasks. My friends, few are serving in the area where I have placed them. They are isolating themselves, listening to events from everywhere else in the world. In the meantime, events in their own areas pass unheeded and untended. It is true that I will use communications to further My renewal. I will use everything I can to save souls. But I want less time given over to the consideration of the crosses and challenges of others and more time given over to the crosses and challenges in front of each one of My children. My enemy is using these communications to inflate the fears of My children. Fear is not from Me. Because there is disaster in one area does not mean that you are assured of disaster in your area. Children, listen to Me. It is good to sympathize with others through constant prayer and concrete assistance. It is not good to be inundated with images of disaster. This is not from Me. In each situation of upheaval, there are holy men and women acting as apostles and helping Me. They are becoming saints through these situations. My angels are present, as well as My saints. I am present. I am sustaining many and reaping a harvest for heaven in every event that occurs in your world. --

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, You who made me see everything and showed me the way to reach my ideals, You, who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and You who are in all instances of my life with me, I want to thank You for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from You no matter how great the material desire may be. I want to be with You and my beloved ones in Your perpetual glory. Thank You for favors granted. Amen. Mention your request while making the request, please promise to publish the prayer or circulate the favor. This prayer should be said for 3 consecutive days and after the 3rd day, expect your prayer to be answered. From: David Family

Yolanda, roofs were blown away, some homes were torn down but by Gods grace, ALL residents are alive and accounted for. And their community spirit is now stronger than ever. As soon as it was safe for our volunteers to travel to the hard-hit areas a day after Yolanda struck, our GK communities became the first command centers and our residents the first service teams. They pointed us to the barangays that were isolated and most affected. Because of the seeds we planted all these years, we had the most widespread network, ready to respond and distribute ~100,000 food packs in ~220 barangays in just 40 days. 10 years of preparation for a massive response During the GK anniversary last October, I was asking the Lord to show us what the past 10 years have been about. Yolanda was the answer. The Lord prepared us for the past 10 years so we could respond to the biggest storm ever recorded in history with the largest missionary spirit and BAYANIHAN the world has ever seen. This is best exemplified in the extraordinary hearts that responded, risking life and limb to bring tiny sparks of hope during one of the darkest moments in our countrys history. And you were part of that tiny spark, the ember that refused to die even when tragedy after tragedy attempted to put out the flame. That donation, your compelling Facebook post that spoke in behalf of those that could not be heard, the simpler presents and celebrations so that we could share Christmas, the volunteer work to bring relief packs with notes of encouragement to the victims. Whatever it was and is that you did and continue to do for our fellow Filipinos who suffered, I want you to know that your act of caring and sharing has made a difference. We all made the difference. A Lifetime Response: Where Im from, everyones on mission During the holidays, my husband and I were talking about the reconstruction work in the Visayas. Because of the scale and speed with which we need to build, we are bringing in several other Bayani Builders from all over the country to help get the work done. Unbeknownst to us, our young son Aaron was listening in on the conversation and couldnt help but ask, Are you also doing GK now dad? Why is this family so full of missionaries? And I found myself answering with full conviction what I held in my heart Because we all have to be missionaries son, in our own little way, if we are to get this massive work done. Its the only way we can build a safer and kinder world for you and your sister. More than a foundation, Gawad Kalinga is our sacred oath and commitment to give care. We must carry out this mission in our homes, in our communities, in our country until caring and sharing becomes our new normal, so much a part of who we are and what we do that our collective flame completely overpowers the darkness and poverty that has enveloped our nation. Are you ready for a year of mission? So are we. Lets forge ahead with renewed fervor and unyielding hope. Walang iwanan! -- Reprinted from

Food for Thought

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Laughing Matter
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Slow down mummy

Slow down mummy, there is no need to rush, Slow down mummy, what is all the fuss? Slow down mummy, make yourself a cup tea. Slow down mummy, come and spend some time with me. Slow down mummy, let's put our boots on and go out for a walk, let's kick at piles of leaves, and smile and laugh and talk. Slow down mummy, you look ever so tired, come sit and snuggle under the duvet and rest with me a while. Slow down mummy, those dirty dishes can wait, slow down mummy, let's have some fun, let's bake a cake! Slow down mummy I know you work a lot, but sometimes mummy, its nice when you just stop. Sit with us a minute, & listen to our day, spend a cherished moment, because our childhood is not here to stay! x Poem by Rebekah Knight at

Three guys
Three guys are at the gates of Heaven, and God tells them, We have a special today! If you died a terrible death, youre in for free. So God asks the first guy his story. I was a hard working man and a loving husband, but I began to suspect that my wife was cheating on me. One day, I called in sick to work and left for home to hide and closely watch my apartment. I saw a man go in, and I decided to wait a few minutes to catch them in the act. Then, I started banging on my door. They wouldnt open it, so I broke down the door and walked in to see my wife sitting naked, but the man wasnt in sight. I went to the balcony, where I saw a naked man hanging on the edge. I began to stomp on his hands until he fell down, but there were bushes, so I got my fridge and tossed it on him. In the process of tossing the fridge, I also fell over and died. God replies, Wow, thats pretty bad, finding out your wife cheated and falling off your balcony. You pass. The second guy says, God, my only crime was that I enjoyed dancing naked in my apartment while eating pickles out of the jar. I was doing just that one day, when I slipped on a pickle and fell over my balcony. Luckily, I was able to grab on to the ledge below mine. After a few minutes, a man came and I thought he was going to rescue me, but he began to stomp on my hands. I fell, but luckily, I fell into the bushes. I thought I had survived, but that man threw a fridge at me and I died! God replies, Wow, thats very cruel, being crushed to death. The third man says, I died naked in a fridge.

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Ofelia Dirige

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9. If they leave, find out why and stay in touch- Sometimes volunteers just fade away, not showing up for activities or not returning phone calls. Maybe something has happened in their personal or professional life that they dont want to announce, so a private visit or phone call will show the respect and concern they deserve. If they dont want to participate anymore, graciously ask why, wish them well, and stay in touch in case circumstances improve. D. Who are the KCS volunteers and what do they do? Meet some of our volunteers who are also Board members: 1. Demy Din- MPH- A Community Health Initiative Director for the American Cancer Society for 6 years with an MPH degree in Public Health major in Health Promotion from SDSU. She is an advocate for the Healthy Eating Active Living Campaign and assists in workshops related to health, cancer, nutrition and food. 2. Ben Macayan- Ben retired in 1986 after serving 20 years in the Navy. Two months later he was hired by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service in downtown San Diego District Office. He retired in August 31, 2007 after completing 41 years of combined federal government services. He lives in El Cajon with his wife Tess. He is past President of FilAm Toastmaster and past Vice-Chairman of Samahan Filipino American Heritage. As board member, he helps in the overall operation of the Center such as working with our exhibit booths at health fairs. 3. Paul Ones- Three times President of COPAO and Co-Founder of KCS during one of those years and active member of UPM-FACC, San Diego Scripps Lions Club, Knights of Columbus Council No. 13688, and COPAO. He has been in and out of the country, traveling to the Philippines for the past 12 years helping others especially in Indang, Cavite where he came from originally. Aida, his wife and a registered nurse, is also an active volunteer of KCS. Paul helps in the overall administration of the Center. 4. Bette Ponce-Poblete She is from Santiago, Ilocos Sur, a Centro Escolar University high school and University of the East BA graduate. She was secretary to the Base Industrial Relations Officer, US Naval Base, Subic Bay, PI; Secretary to the Chief

staff and board members from our volunteer pool.

Administrative Officer and Contract Administrator, County of SD, retiring in 2000 after 30 years; and chaired the first Philippine Faire of COPAO. As board member she is chair of the fundraising committee donor solicitation program. 5. Fe R. Rivero- Currently, Secretary, SD Cosmopolitan Lions Club; Vice-President of Subic Bay Complex-FilAm Association of SD; and Treasurer of SBTFASA, Tooma Park. She was a former KCS Healthy Eating Advocate. As board member, she is a member of the Fundraising committee donor solicitation program. She is a BSBA graduate in Accounting in the Philippines. 6. Paul Valen- One of the coordinators of the Kuya Ate Mentorship Program (KAMP) and organizer with Anakbayan SD, an organization working for the rights and welfare of Filipinos worldwide. As a volunteer, he mans the Center every Tuesday and helps

update our contact list. Other volunteers featured in the 9th anniversary article in the Asian Journal includes: Beth Dalindin, Lydia Duro, Doreen Felicitas, Alice Legaspi, Rudy Liporada, Elvie Magsarili, Leony Pamintuan, and UCSD Students (Jeannette Soriano, Alice Jan, Oscar Baterina Jr, and Parinda Sukavivatanachai). E. What are the VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES? If interested, call Dr. Dirige at (619) 4773392 or send email to or visit our Website at www.filamwellness. org to fill out the volunteer form. Orientation will begin January 28, Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 12 noon at the FilAm Wellness

Center, 1419 East 8th St, National City, CA 91950. *** DISCUSSION ON HOW TO BE AN EFFECTIVE BOARD MEMBER KCS is sponsoring a discussion at one of their board meetings on the subject of How to be an Effective Board Member on January 14, 2012, Saturday, from 9:30-10:30 AM at the FilAm Wellness Center, 1419 East 8th Street, National City, CA 91950. Tel (619) 477-3392. The speaker is Lenore Lowe, Executive Director of Non-Profit Management Solutions. This is FREE and open to the public. Call (619) 477-3392 to make reservations.

Been living in San Diego since 1977
*Member, California State Bar Licensed to practice before the US Federal District Court Southern California and California Supreme Court *Author,How to Apply for the US Tourist Visa as listed by worldwide bookseller Bookstores *Former San Diego Regional Coordinator for U.S. Immigration Amnesty for Catholic Community Services, Catholic Diocese of San Diego *Legal Advisor, Los Chabacanos of Cavite City Association, Inc., San Diego, California *Juris Doctor law degree, University of San Diego (1985), Diploma; Oxford Institute on International and Comparative Law (USD), Oxford, England (1984); Bachelor Degree, University of Southern California (1983); Montgomery High School, San Diego (1979) *Born in the Philippines (Cavite)


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Prayer to St. Jude

O Holy St Jude! Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor for all who invoke you, special patron in time of need; to you I have recourse from the depth of my heart, and humbly beg you, to whom God has given such great power, to come to my assistance; help me now in my urgent need and grant my earnest petition. I will never forget thy graces and favors you obtain for me and I will do my utmost to spread devotion to you.Amen. St. Jude, pray for us and all who honor thee and invoke thy aid. (Say 3 Our Father's, 3 Hail Marys, and 3 Glory Bes after this.) From: David Family

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January 10-16, 2014

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GMA New Poll
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Caregiver for 6 Elderly Clients In Residential Home. Live-in or Liveout. Temporary Employment - On Call As Needed. Immediate Availability. Requirements: Live-Scan fingerprints clearance. Valid First Aid Certificate. Recent TB test clearance. Call Administrator @ 951-588-3085. The Grand Chateau, LLC Lic. 336413289
N.R. Building Design - CA. Lic. 966190 General Building and Electrical Contractor

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NAMIC Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Awards (EMMA), a prestigious global marketing competition, which is the most the Network has received in its history of inclusion in the said competition. GMA Pinoy TVs longest running program on immigration law, Pusong Pinoy sa Amerika, garnered a bronze Telly Award in the Information Category and won for Best TV Show in the Migration Advocacy and Media Awards. Moreover, the program was cited for its Outstanding Reporting on Civil Liberties Ethnic Communities in the NAM Ethnic Media Awards. Furthermore, Power ng Pinoy, a program that showcases success stories of Filipinos abroad, also accumulated major wins in three prestigious competitions, receiving two gold Hermes Awards, two bronze Tellys, and an Honorable Mention in the Plaridel Awards. Continuously upholding its promise of bringing Filipinos closer to home, the Networks international operations unit goes beyond developing original and relevant programming for its Filipino subscribers by also initiating on-ground events for the Filipino community abroad. To celebrate its eighth year, GMA International, with My-HD, its new partner in the Middle East, brought Christian Bautista, Rachelle Ann Go, Julie Ann San Jose and Marian Rivera to Dubai for a concert entitled Kapusong Pinoy sa Dubai which attracted scores of supporters from the Middle East. Likewise, Kapuso artists were on hand to join their fellow Pinoys in the different celebrations of Philippine Independence Day outside the country. Apart from these festivities, GMA International also took part in the OPM Festival and Pista sa Nayon event in Canada, which highlighted the best of Filipino Music; Battle of the Barrios, a talent competition for the Fil-Am youth in New York; and the eagerly anticipated My Husbands Lover US Tour that solidified the shows status as a groundbreaking success. Owing to recent events, some carriers of GMA International broadcast the channels free of charge, effectively keeping our overseas countrymen updated on the developments since the Yolanda tragedy. GMA International also showed solidarity with the Filipino community abroad in the fundraising initiatives for the victims of the typhoon. GMA International remains one at heart with Filipinos abroad, expressed GMA VP and Head of International Operations, Joseph Francia. We look forward to continuing our efforts of sharing the Kapuso experience to our kababayans in the years to come. (30)

The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station powered down in January of 2012 over safety concerns. Last month, more than 70 activists from Southern California bused overnight to the CPUC office in San Francisco to protest the plans impact on their air quality, and to cite the lack of a public hearing in Southern California. Southern California already suffers from some of the dirtiest air in the nation. In the American Lung Associations 2013 State of the Air Report, Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Diego County all received F grades for particulate matter and ozone, the two primary byproducts from natural gas peaker plants.

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go-bag ( disaster-preparedness) to help keep them safe during an emergency. Find helpful tips from FEMA ( http://www.ready. gov/caring-animals) on how to plan for your furry friends. Older adults ( AoA_Programs/HCLTC/Caregiver/ docs/Just_in_Case030706_links.pdf) often have special needs in a disaster and may depend on medications or other special requirements. If older adults are a part of your social connection, be sure to include them in your preparedness planning efforts. Emergencies can and will happen, but being ready can minimize the impact they have on the overall well-being of you and your family. This year, make disaster preparedness part of your New Years resolution. On January 1st 2014, join the Resolve To Be Ready Thunderclap ( https://www. to promote a message of preparedness to your social connections on New Years Day. Dont forget to use the hashtag #Prepared2014 whenever you discuss family preparedness on Twitter.

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economy is out of the woods, it is better to keep abreast with the right ideas, right choices and right attitude, just like what these families did. After all, life is a matter of choice we can choose to think that theres hope for the future, or we can choose to wallow in misery. Our life today is what our choices have made it but with new and better choices we can change direction any time. Knowing we could do that offers tremendous hope, regardless of circumstances, for a better tomorrow. Heres a poem by Weight Watchers that applies not only to watching weight but coping with lifes difficulties. Some people sit some people try; Some people laugh some people cry; Some people will some people wont; Some people do some people dont. Some people believe and develop a plan; Some people doubt never think that they can; Some people face hurdles and give it their best; Some people back down when faced with a test. Some people complain of their miserable lot; Some people are thankful for all that theyve got; And when its all over when it comes to an end Some people lose out and some people win. We all have a choice we all have a say; We are spectators in life or we get in and play; Whichever we choose how we handle lifes game; The choices are ours no one else is to blame.

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La Jolla

Residential Design Plan Permit Processing Carpentry, Wood Flooring Architectural Presentation Kitchen/Baths/Room Additions Home Remodel Electrical Trouble Shooting & Repairs Electrical Trouble Shooting of Residential a nd Commercial Buildings Lighting, Switches, Outlets, Celing Fans, Circuit Breakers, Panel Box

Quiet Neighborhood in National City. No smoking. No drugs.




3BR/2BA SFR near Bonita HS, Chula Vista Hills elem school, Southwestern College, shops, bus stop. Quiet neighborhood. Next to park. Email

to San Diegos cultural vitality yearround through a rich variety of presentations, including classical, jazz and contemporary music, and dance. During the 2013-14 Season, La Jolla Music Society will present The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Yo-Yo Ma & Kathryn Stott, Mitsuko Uchida, Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis and other highquality artists both emerging and worldrenowned. For more information, visit, or call (858) 459-3728. La Jolla Music Societys 45th Anniversary Season is supported by The City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture, the County of San Diego Community Enhancement Fund, the National Endowment for the Arts, ResMed Foundation, Sempra Energy, The Westgate Hotel, Conrad Prebys and Debbie Turner, Brenda Baker and Steve Baum, Joan and Irwin Jacobs, The Frieman Family, Rita and Richard Atkinson, Brian and Silvija Devine, Sam B. Ersan, Kay and John Hesselink, June and Dr. Bob Shillman, Jeanette Stevens, and an anonymous donor. This concert is co-sponsored by Haeyoung Kong Tang and Jean and Gary Shekhter. WHO: La Jolla Music Society presents Joshua Bell, violin and Sam Haywood, piano WHEN: Friday, February 7, 2014 at 8 pm WHERE: Balboa Theatre 868 4th Avenue, San Diego TICKETS: $99, $65, $35 Call (858) 459-3728 or order online at

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