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Yeor 27 No.4l Feosl Niflo(A) - White of fhe Sto. 19,2014 Jonuory isthe fs thegreatest of "pera-sonality," by how much in the kingdom d*tn/y in the Philippines A*.sthirdSundayof January, heaven. in life.ln the And whoeverreceives theyhavegrabbed or the Sundav afterthe feast of o n e c h i l d s u c ha s t h i s i n m y midstof this "grabmentality," the Baptism to of Jesus, devoted n a m e r e c e i v e s me." Albert Jesus invites hisfollowers to the liturgical celebration Before b e c a r i n ga n d n o t j u s t t o b e of Nolan,in hisbook/esus thefeast of theSanto Nifro.The C h r i s t i a n i t y ,t h o u g h t u f l l y careful,to be giversand not feast commemorates the the oldest remarked, and to "receive is no evidence grabbers, "There devotion i n t h e P h i l i p p i n e s ,forthepopular c h i l d r e ni"n o u r m i d s t . opinion thatthe l i t t l e recalling t h e c o m i n go f t h e imageof the little child is an Christian faith to ourcountry in imageof innocence... But the BecomeLike Little Children 1521 . Thewoodenimage of the i m a g e o f t h e l i t t l ec h i l d . . . is g o e se v e n f u r t h e r S t o .N i n o f o u n di n t h e M i n o r a symbolof thosewho have B u t J e s u s Basilica in Cebuis believed his disciples to to the lowestplacesin society, and challenges be oneof theoriginal baptismal t h e p o o r a n d t h e o p p r e s s e d , b e c o m el i k e l i t t l ec h i l d r e n g i f t so f F e r d i n a n d you M a g e l l a n t h e b e g g a r st,h e p r o s t i t u t e s "Amen,I sayto you, unless t o R a j a hH u m a b o na n d h i s and tax-col people turn and becomelikechildren, lectorsthe principal wife,Lady Humamay. w h o m J e s u s the kingdom o f t e nc a l l e dt h e you will notenter Thefeast alsoreminds usof our littleonesor the least." When of heaven." Lord relates Christ who wasonce Jesus, In this passage, therefore, speaks about Jesus Jesus a childandwho embraced to l i k ec h i l d r e n " our "receiving the littlechildren," " b e c o m i n g humanity, becoming like us in what he means to social is the attention humilityas opposed all things except sin. a n d c a r e t h a t h i s d i s c i p l e s s t a t u sa n d o o w e r t h a t t h e Thereis a certainambiguity must show towards and arearguing about the needy disciples in the manner that Jesus uses and thosein the periphery isthischildlike of competing the image of the littlechildren. society. w a n t sh i s h u m i l i t yt h a tJ e s u s ln Mt 11:16-19, he compares B e i n g c a r e f u li s u n q u e s - d i s c i p l e t so e m u l a t el.t i s t h e t o l i t t l ec h i l d r e n t h o s ew h o tionablyimportant. We must samequalitythat the feastof rejected the rigidasceticism and of be carefulaboutour hygiene t h e S a n t oN i n o r e m i n d s himself and the joyful and healthso thatwe oromote which we seein Jesus Johnthe Baptist hospitality l e l l - b e i n gW of the Sonof Mano u r p e r s o n aw . e " w h o , t h o u g hh e w a s i n t h e "To what shallI comoare this mustbecareful with ouractions form of Cod, did not regard generation l t?i s l i k e c h i l d r e n so thatwe do not hurtanyone. equality with Cod something to who sit in marketplace Rather he emptied as n d We must be carefulwith our be grasped. 'We played words so that we do not offend h i m s e l f , callto one another, t a k i n gt h e f o r m o f the flute.foryou, but you did a n y b o d y .B u t t h e c h a l l e n g e a s l a v e ,c o m i n g i n h u m a n not dance, we sanga dirgebut is not just to be careful but l i k e n e s sa , ndfoundhuman you did not mourn."'In today's to be caring.Thereinlies the i n a p p e a r a n c e h,e h u m b l e d (Phil2:6-8). Gospelreading, however,he challenge of "receiving the little himself" i n v i t e sp e o p l e n o t o n l y t o children." t h e l i t t l ec h i l d r e n . Bishop Bacani wittily Receive receive the Iittlechildrenbut but perceptively the B e c o m el i k e l i t t l e c h i l d r e n . observed alsoto become prevailing likethem. ;n Theseare certainlytwo ways "grabmentalityr' our societytoday where the by whichwe canmeaningfully Receiyethe Little Children basictenet by which people honor the SantoNifro. Vlval live is "Grab as much as you Pit Sefior! explicitly "Whoever can/asfastasyou can."People states, Jesus - Fr.Victor S. Nicdao h u m b l eh s i m s e llfi k et h i sc h i l d are judgedaccording to their

mercy on us, forgive us our dwelt in the land of gloom sins, and bring us to everlasting a light has shone. You have life. brought them abundant joy Entrance Antiphon All- Amen. and great rejoicing, as they rejoice before you as at the A child is born for us, a son Gloria harvest, as men make merry given to us; dominion is when dividing spoils. For th'e All Glory to God in the laid on his shoulder, and he yoke that burdened them, the highest, and on earth peace shall be called Wonderfulpole on their shoulder,and the to people of good will. We Counselor. praise you, we bless you, we rod of their taskmaster you adore you, we glorifr you, we have smashed, as on the day Greeting (The give you ftanks for your great of Midian. For every boot that sign ofthecross is made here) glorS Lord Godl ,heavenly tramped in battle, every cloak P - The grace of our Lord King, O God, almighty Father. rolled in blood, will be burned Jesus Christ, and the love of Lord Jesus Christ, Only as fuel for flames. Forachildisborntous,ason God, and the communion of BegofienSon, I-ord God, Iamb the Holy Spirit be with you all. of God, Son of the Father, you is given us; upon his shoulder take awaythe sins'of the world, dominion rests. They name All - And with your spirit. have mercy on us; you take him Wonder-Counselor, GodIntroduction away the sins of the world, Hero, Father-Forever,Prince of (May be read using these orother similar receive our prayer; you are Peace. His dominionisvastand words) seated at the right hand of forever peaceful,. from David's the Father, have mercy on P - The devotionto the Holv us. For you alone are the throne, and over his kingdom, Child is the oldest and onb Holy One, you alone are the which he confirms and sustains of the most popular in the I-ord, you alone are the Most by judgment and justice, both Philippines, so popular that High, Jesus Christ, with the now and forever.The zealofthe the Holy See has granted us Holy Spirit in the glory of God Lono of hosts will do this! specialpermissionto celebrate the Father. Amen. -The word of the lord. the feastof the Sto.Niflo on the All - Thanks be to God. third Sundayof January.The L-ollect Responsorial Psalm (Ps 97) feast brings to our attention - lt us pray. (Pause) the mystery of childhood.This P Almighty God, your only R - The I"ord is King; let means having the open and Son, begotten from all ages, many isles be gtad. trusting dispositionto accept the Lord's gifts with gratitude humbled himself as a child in andbecame subjectto 1. Sing to the Lonoa new song, and without reservation,while Nazareth Mary and Grant that we /for he has done wondrous Joseph. seeing ourselvesas humble may learn from his example to deeds;/his right hand has won stewards who serve the lnrd in the least of our brothers and embraceyour will in all things victory for him,/his holy arm. and, holding fast to the dignity (R) sisters. of all, serve our lowly brothers Penitential Ar:t and sisterswith openhandsand 2. The Lono has made his salvation known:/in the gentle heart. P - Brethren (brothers and We ask this through our sight of the nations he has sisters),let us acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, revealed his justice./He has sins,and so prepareourselves to who lives and reigns with you rememberedhis kindness and celebrate the sacredmvsteries. in the unity of the Holy Spirit, his faithfulness/toward the (Pause) house of Israel. (R) God for ever and ever. -Amen. Atl 3. All the ends of the earth AJI - I confess to almighty haveseen/ the salvation by our God and toyOu, my brothers God./Singjoytully to the Innn, and sisters, that I have greatly all you lands;/break into song; sinned, in my thoughts and sing praise.(R) First (S#) Reading in my words, in what I have done and in what I have 4. Sing praise to the Lono your hresst) Isaiah lrophesies that through with the harp,/ with the failed to do, 6tri,ke harp the child, who shall be called through my fault, through and melodious song./ With my fault throug[r my most Prince of Peace,the Lord will trumpets and the sound of the to hi,s gpievousfault therefore I ask grant peaceand horn/ sins joyfully before the blessed Mary ever-Virgin, all people. King, the Innn. (R) the Angels and Saints, and A reading from the Book of you, mybrothers and sisters, Second Reading the Prophet Isaiah (9:1-6) to pray for me to the Lord our God. us and hasmadeus THE PEOPLE who walked Godloaes ad,opted, childrenin Christ. i n d a r k n e s s h a v e s e e n a hi.s P - May almighty God have great light; upon those who Paul remindsus to liue u!. to

of heaven.Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Areadingfrom the Letter of heaven.And whoever receives Saint Paul to the Ephesians one child such as this in my (1.:3-6, 15-18) name receivesme. "Seethat you do not despise BLESSED BE the God and for I one of these little ones,, Father of our lord JesusChrist, who has blessedus in Christ say to you that their angels in with every spiritual blessing heaven always look upon the in the heavens,as he choseus face of my heavenlyFather." in him, before the foundation of the world, to be holy and *The Gospelof the l,ord. withoutblemish beforehim. In All - Praise to you, Inrd lovehe destinedus for adoption Jesus Christ. to himself throughJesus Chrisf $ltlrnily (Slf) in accord with the favor of his will, for the praise of the glory f'r"ofessitrrrrlf.Faith (Sfunil . of his grace that he granted us in the beloved. AII - I believe in one God, Therefore, I, too, hearing the Father almighty, maker of of your faith in the Inrd Jesus heaven and earth, of all things and of your love for all the visible and invisible. I believe in one Ilrd Jesus holy ones, do not ceasegiving Christ the Only BegoUenSon you, thanks for remembering you in myprayers,thatthe God of God, born of the Father of our Lord JesusChrist, the before all ages.God from God, Father of glory, may give you a Ughtfrom Ught, true Godfrom Spirit of wisdom and revelation true God, begotten, not made, resulting in knowledgeof him. consubstantialwith the Father; through him all things were May the eyesof your hearts be made. For us men and for our enlightened,that you may know safuation he came dovm'from what is the hopethatbelongsto heaven, his call. what are the riches of glory in his inheritanceamong i.'\i tlti: it;tra,; i!,:,ti ;,ii:.:., , rir' ,::' ii.'rri .'i."i;i/'/;'.i : ;lllldirr{,.r.iiil i)t'i.-:ti t ;,' :, i : ::-.. the holy ones. -The word of the lnrd. Atl - Thanks be to God. \11r,i,i;;r l2l (Stand) [Jn 1:14, AII - Alleluia, alleluia. The Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us. To those who accepted him he gave power to become the children of God. Alleluia. alleluia. { 'o:"p.rr:L (Mt 18:L-5,10) P -The lnrd be with you. All-And with your spirit P - A reading from the holy Gospelaccordingto Matthew. Atl - Glory to you, O Inrd. THE DISCIPLESapproached Jesus and said, "Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven?" He called a child over,placed it in their midst, and said, "Amen,I sayto you, unlessyou turn and becomelike children, you will not enter the Kingdom

owrdignitybyleadinga halyand blameless life.

P - The Holy Child reminds us of God's power at work in our humility and weakness. Let us pray with confidence to the Father, for we are all his children. l,et us all together say: R - Listen to the prayers of your children, Lord. C - ihat the Pope,bishops, priests, and religious may always aspire for the Gospel values of love, humility, and service rather than power and influence,we pray: (R) C - That our civil and political leaders may become fully convinced that true greatness is attainedthrough serviceand care especiallyof the weak and those who have less in life. we pray: (R) C - That the poor and the marginalized in our society may derive strength from the conviction that they have a specialplace in Jesus'heart, we pray: (R)

C - That caring adults and committed or ganizations may attendto the needsof children of brokenhomesandthosewho suffer because of irresponsible parents,we pray: @) and by the Holy Spirit was C - That our devotion to the incarnate of the Virgin Mary Sto. Niflo may help us to grow and became man. in "wisdom and grace" before F o r o u r s a k e h e w a s God, keep the spirit of a child, crucified under Pontius Pil,ate, and live with our brothers and he suffered death and was sisters in openness, freedom, bwied, and rose again on the and friendship. We pray: @) third day in accordance with the Scriptures. He ascended P - Heavenly Father, listen into heavenand is seatedatthe to our prayers. Give us the riglt hand of *re Fbther. He will courageto do your will so that come again in $ory to judge we may be worthy to share the livingand the dead and his the eternal happinessof your kingdomwill hare no end. kingdom. I believe in the Hoty Spirit, We ask this through Christ the Inrd, the giver of life, wtro our lnrd. proceeds from tre Father and All - Amen. the Son, who with the Father and the Son is adored and glorified, who has spoken through the prophets. I believein one, hoS, catholic and apostolic Church. I confess one Baptism for tre forglveness $tanA of sins and I lookforwardto fte resurrection of the dead and P - Pray,brethren... the life of the world to come. Atl - May the Lord accept Amen. the sacrifice at your hands for the praise and glory of .['m-t'er of tharliaii-!lflq! his name, for our good,

'-:' and the good of all his hoh Church. Prayer over the Offerings P - God, our Cr{ator, we offer the gifts of biead and wine to recall the childhood of your only Son.kt our offering become the sacrifice of him who brought forgiveness and peaceto the world. Grant this through Jesus Christ our l,ord. AJI - Amen. Preface II of the Nativity of the Lord P -The Inrd be with you. AII-And with your spirit. P .- Lift up your hearts. All-We lift them up to the Lord. P - It us give thanks to the lnrd our God. All - It is rigfirt and just. P -.It is truly right and just, our duty and our salvation, alwaysand everywhereto give you thanks,Inrd, holy Father, almighty and eternal God, through Ghrist our lnrd. For on the feast of this awefilled mystery, though invisible in his own divinenature,he has appearedvisibly in ours; and begotten before all ages, he has begun tb exist in time; so that, raising up in himself all that was cast down, he might restore unityto all creationand call straying humanity back to the heavenlyKingdom. And so, with all the Angels, we praise you, as in joyful celebrationwe acclaim: All - Holy, holn holy... (Knee[) Acclamation (Stand)




hYem of theLaity Catechism

Fr.James H. Kroeger, MM

laity's SpecialVocationand Mission

With all baptized membersof the Church who form the People of God,the laity possess a commondignityas baptized Christians and are equallycalledto holiness. Each and everymemberof the Chur:ch has an apostolicmissionboth in the Churchand in the world. Yet,Vatican ll recognizes that not all Church members have the samegiftsor particular mission. Thereis a wonderfuldiversity in the Bodyof Christ! The distr:nguishing note that identifies the laity is."theirsecular character.... The laity,by their very vocation, seekthe Kingdom of Godby engaging in temporal affairs and by ordering them according to the plan of Godl'(LG31). lndeed,"the laityare calledin a special way to makethe Church presentand operativein those placesand circumstances where o n l y t h r o u g h t h e m c a n i t b e c o m et h e s a l t o f t h e e a r t h .T h u s , everylayman,in virtue of the very gifts bestowedupon him, is at the sametime a witnessand a livinginstrumentof the mission of the Churchitself" (LG33). "World-transformation" is the mission of the laityl

power,'and the glory are yours, no'w irnd for ever. Invitation to Peace Invitation to Communion (Kneq[) P * Behold the I^ambof God, behold him who takes awav the sins of the world. Blessed are those called to the supper of the I-amb. All :-Lord, I arn not wortlry thatyou should enter under my roof; but only say the word and my soul shall be healed. Communion Antipholr (Ift 2:51) Jesus wentdorrn with Mary and Joseph and came to Nazareth, and was obedient to them. Prayeq after Communion (StanA

advancein wisdom and grow daily in faith and works of love, so that we may find favor in your sight. Grant lhis through Jesus Christ our lnrd. AII -Amen. P -The l,ord be with you. All - And with your spirit. I'rayer over the Pcople P - Bow your headsand pray for God'sblessing. (Pause) [,ord, bless and strengthen your ireople.Grantus the grace to follow the Gospelso that we may serve you with greater fidelity, All -.Amen. P - And may the blessing of alrnighty God, the Father, and the Son (t), andthe Holy Spirit, comeuponyouandremainwith you for ever. All - Amen.

Atl -'We proclaim your death, O I-ord, and profess your Resurrection until you come again
Tfie Lord's Prayer

AJI'- Our Father.-.. P - Deliver us,l.ord... All - For the kingdom, the

P - lt us pray. (Pause) Dismissal Loving Father, you have nourishedus at the banquetin P - Go and announce the honor of the Child born of the Gospelof the l,ord. Virgin. We pray that we may Ail - Thanks be to God.

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