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1. 1.1 PREAMBLE Medicinal Plants form the major resource base of our indigenous health care

traditions. Outreach and acceptability of AYUSH systems both nationally as !ell as globally is dependent on uninterrupted a"ailability of #uality plant based ra! material. More than $%& of the species used in trade continue to be sourced from the !ild of !hich about '()rd are har"ested by destructi"e means. 1.' *ulti"ation of medicinal plants therefore is +ey to meeting the ra! material

needs of the AYUSH industry besides offering opportunities for higher le"els of income crop di"ersification and gro!th of e,ports. -ndian e,ports of medicinal plants and

herbs are mostly in the form of ra! herbs and e,tracts and account for almost .%/0%& of the current e,ports of herbal(AYUSH products. 1uring the year '%%2 3 %4 the

-ndian e,ports of -sabgol and Senna alone !ere of the order of 2% %%% metric tonnes largely in ra! form. 5,port of "alue added item re#uires product de"elopment setting up of processing facilities #uality assurance and brand promotion. -ncreasing

concerns of unsustainable collection from the !ild disappearance of certain species on the one hand and concerns of #uality and standardi6ation on the other ma+e it imperati"e to promote culti"ation of species critical to AYUSH systems of medicine through appropriate financial incenti"es policy infrastructural and mar+eting support in a synergistic manner.

2. '.1

NEED AND JUSTIFICATION 7ith more than $4& of the AYUSH products being plants based the ra!

material base needs to be shifted from forests to the culti"ated source for its long term sustainability.


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8he global trade re#uires products of standardi6ed phyto/chemical composition

free from hea"y metals and other to,ic impurities and certified to be organic or 9ood Agricultural Practices :9AP; compliant. 8his is possible only through culti"ation route !here chain of custody regime is easier to maintain. '.) -ndian share of the !orld herbal trade is less than 1&. 5"en here the e,port of

herbal products is largely in the form of ra! herbs !ith '() rd of the e,port bas+et comprising ra! herbs. 8his needs to change considering the US<1'% billion herbal mar+et. -t is for this reason that the scheme pro"ides for support to "alue addition and processing lin+ed to the clusters of culti"ation of selected plants that are in demand by the AYUSH industry and e,port. 3. ).1 NATIONAL MEDICINAL PLANTS BOARD 8he =ational Medicinal Plants >oard :=MP>; !as set up a under a 9o"ernment

?esolution notified on '2th =o"ember '%%% under the *hairmanship of Union Health @ Aamily 7elfare Minister. 8he objecti"e of establishing the >oard !as to establish an agency !hich !ould be responsible for coordination of all matters relating to medicinal plants including dra!ing up policies and strategies for conser"ation cost/effecti"e culti"ation research and de"elopment proper



mar+eting of ra! material in order to promote and de"elop this sector. 8his !as considered necessary as medicinal plants as a subject is handled by different Ministries(1epartments li+e 5n"ironment @ Aorests Agriculture Science @ 8echnology and *ommerce. 8he >oard therefore has the function of co/ordination !ith 9o"ernments for de"elopment of


medicinal plants in general and specifically in the follo!ing fieldsB / i; Assessment of demand(supply position relating to medicinal plants both !ithin the country @ abroad.


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ii; Ad !se



9o"ernments on policy matters relating to schemes and programmes for de"elopment of medicinal plants. iii; Pro"ide "#!d$n%e in the formulation of proposals schemes and

programmes etc. to be ta+en by agencies ha"ing access to land for culti"ation and infrastructure for collection medicinal plants. i"; Ident!&!%$t!'n( in"entori6ation and #uantification of medicinal plants. "; P)'m't!'n of ex-situ and in-situ culti"ation and conser"ation of medicinal plants. "i; Promotion of co/operati"e effort among collectors and gro!ers and assisting them to store transport and mar+et their products effecti"ely. "ii; Setting up of d$t$*$se on medicinal plants dissemination of information and facilitating pre"ention of patents on plants used in traditional systems. "iii; Matter relating to !m+')t,e-+')t of ra! material as !ell as "alue added food supplements or as herbal cosmetics storage transportation of

products either as medicine

including adoption of better techni#ues for mar+eting of products to increase their reputation for #uality and reliability in the country and abroad. i,; Underta+ing and a!arding Scientific effecti"eness studies. ,; 1e"elopment of +)'t'%'.s for culti"ation and #uality control. ,i; 5ncouraging the protection of P$tent R!"/ts and -P?. ).' -n terms of the *abinet ?esolution of =o"ember '2 '%%% and the *abinet technological research and cost/

*ommittee on 5conomic AffairCs appro"al communicated "ide *abinet SecretariatCs O.M. =o. **5A(')('%%D :-; dated '4 th Euly '%%D the composition of the >oard is as underB/ :a; Minister of Health @ Aamily 7elfare / *hairman


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:b; Minister of State Health and Aamily 7elfare/ :c; Secretaries

Fice *hairperson

/ Ministries(1epartments of AYUSH 5n"ironment @ Aorests >io/technology Science @ 8echnology Agriculture @ 8ourism

Scientific @ -ndustrial ?esearch *ommerce *ooperation

-ndustrial Policy @ Promotion


Agriculture ?esearch @ 5ducation

8ribal Affairs

1e"elopment of =orth 5astern ?egion. :d; Aour nominated members ha"ing e,pertise in the field of medico/ethno/ botany pharmaceutical industry of -SM mar+eting and trade legal matters and patents. :e; Aour nominated members representing e,porters of -SM @ H drugs =9Os responsible for creating a!areness and increasing a"ailability of medicinal plants gro!ers of medicinal plants research and de"elopment industry groups in the area of medicinal plants. :f; 8!o nominated members representing federations(co/operati"es dealing !ith medicinal plants. :g; One member from ?esearch *ouncils of 1epartment of AYUSH one member from Pharmacopoeial Gaboratory of -ndian Medicines( Homoeopathic

Pharmacopoeia Gaboratory 9ha6iabad and t!o members representing State 9o"ernments :by rotation e"ery t!o years;. :h; *hief 5,ecuti"e Officer as Member Secretary in the ran+ of Eoint Secretary to the 9o"ernment of -ndia. ).) 8he =ational Medicinal Plants >oard :=MP>; has been implementing a *entral

Sector Scheme of HSetting up Medicinal Plants >oardI during the 1% th Plan. 1uring the 11th Plan ho!e"er the *entral Sector Scheme has been modified to gi"e sharper focus on promotional acti"ities li+e resource documentation in/situ conser"ation

research and de"elopment e,/situ conser"ation of rare and endangered species support to Eoint Aorest Management *ommittees for "alue addition(!arehousing


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capacity building and training of primary collectors and forest d!ellers in good collection and sustainable har"esting practices etc. 8he scheme renamed as the

H*entral Sector Scheme of *onser"ation 1e"elopment and Sustainable ManagementI has been appro"ed !ith an 11 th outlay of ?s. )'1.)% crores. Ho!e"er the component relating to commercial culti"ation has been ta+en out of the pre/re"ised *entral Sector Scheme and formulated into a ne! scheme !hich see+s to integrate culti"ation !ith pre and post har"est acti"ities li+e de"elopment of nurseries for #uality planting material culti"ation of species in demand by the ASU industry support for post har"est management mar+eting impro"ement of mar+eting infrastructure

organic(9AP certification #uality assurance and crop insurance. 8hese components ha"e been incorporated in a ne! *entrally Sponsored Scheme of =ational Mission on Medicinal Plants. 0. 2.1 NATIONAL MISSION ON MEDICINAL PLANTS 8he *entrally Sponsored Scheme of H=ational Mission on Medicinal PlantsI has

been appro"ed !ith a total outlay of ?s. .)% crores for implementation during the 11 th Plan. 1uring the 11th Plan the *entral 9o"ernmentCs contribution !ill be 1%%&.

1uring the 1'th Plan ho!e"er the State 9o"ernmentCs contribution is proposed to be suitably enhanced based on the mid/term re"ie! of the scheme. 8he scheme is proposed to be implemented in a mission mode to organically lin+ different components under the scheme and thus gi"e a strategic push to the Sector during the 11th Plan 1 4.1 MISSION OBJECTI2ES Support culti"ation of medicinal plants !hich is the +ey to integrity #uality

efficacy and safety of the AYUSH systems of medicines by integrating medicinal plants in the farming systems offer an option of crop di"ersification and enhance incomes of farmers.


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*ulti"ation follo!ing the 9ood Agricultural and *ollection Practices :9A*Ps; to

promote standardi6ation and #uality assurance and thereby enhance acceptability of the AYUSH systems globally and increase e,ports of "alue added items li+e herbal e,tracts phyto/chemicals dietary supplements cosmeceuticals and AYUSH products. 4.) Support setting up processing "alue 6ones(clusters and through and con"ergence de"elopment of of





infrastructure for entrepreneurs to set up units in such 6ones(clusters. 4.2 -mplement and support certification mechanism for #uality standards 9ood 9ood *ollection Practices :9*P; and 9ood Storage

Agriculture Practices :9AP; Practices :9SP;. 4.4

Adopt a Mission mode approach and promote partnership con"ergence and

synergy among sta+e holders in"ol"ed in ?@1 processing and mar+eting in public as !ell as pri"ate sector at national regional state and sub state le"el. 3 ..1 MISSION STRATEGY 8he Mission !ould adopt an end/to/end approach co"ering production post

har"est management processing and mar+eting. 8his !ill be achie"ed by promoting culti"ation of medicinal plants in identified clusters(6ones !ithin selected districts of states ha"ing potential for medicinal plants culti"ation and to promote such culti"ation follo!ing 9ood Agriculture and *ollection Practices :9A*Ps; through synergistic lin+age !ith production and supply of #uality planting material processing #uality testing certification !arehousing and mar+eting for meeting the demands of the AYUSH industry and for e,ports of "alue added items. ..' 8he Mission also see+s to promote medicinal plants as a crop alternati"e to the

farmers and through increased co"erage of medicinal plants and !ith lin+ages for processing mar+eting and testing offer remunerati"e prices to the gro!ers(farmers. 8his !ill also reduce pressure on forests on account of !ild collection.


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Mission see+s to adopt communication through print and electronic media as a

strong component of its strategy to promote integration of medicinal plants farming in the agriculture(horticulture systems !ith emphasis on #uality and standardi6ation through appropriate pre and post har"est lin+ages. ..2 Promote and support collecti"e efforts at culti"ation and processing in clusters

through Self Help 9roups gro!ers cooperati"es(associations producer companies and such other organi6ations !ith strong lin+ages to manufacturers(traders and ?@1 institutions.

4 MISSION STRUCTURE 0.1 8he Mission !ill be located in the =ational Medicinal Plants >oard :=MP>;

1epartment of AYUSH. 8he Mission !ill ha"e a t!o tier structure 3 =ational and State.

NATIONAL LE2EL N$t!'n$. Med!%!n$. P.$nts B'$)d 0.' 8he =ational Medicinal Plants >oard :=MP>; !ill function as the 9eneral *ouncil

of the Mission under the *hairpersonship of Union Minister of Health and Aamily 7elfare. St$nd!n" F!n$n%e C'mm!ttee 5SFC6 0.) 8he >oard has a Standing Ainance *ommittee :SA*; !hich !ill be headed by

Secretary :AYUSH;. 8his committee !ill act as the 5,ecuti"e *ommittee of the Mission and !ill ha"e the follo!ing membersB 1. Secretary :AYUSH; *hairperson. '. Additional Secretary and Ainancial Ad"isor 7elfare. ). Eoint Secretary or officer of e#ui"alent ran+ 1eptt. Science and -ndustrial ?esearch. Ministry of Health @ Aamily


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2. Eoint Secretary or officer of e#ui"alent ran+ 1eptt. of >iotechnology. 4. Eoint Secretary or officer of e#ui"alent ran+ 1eptt. Agriculture ?esearch and 5ducation. .. Eoint Secretary or officer of e#ui"alent ran+ Aorests. 0. Eoint Secretary or officer of e#ui"alent ran+ Ministry of *ommerce. D. Eoint Secretary or officer of e#ui"alent ran+ Ministry of 1O=5?. $. ?epresentati"e of Secretary =orth 5astern *ouncil Shillong. 1%.Eoint Secretary 1epartment of AYUSH. 11.?epresentati"e of Ayur"edic -ndustry. 1'.?epresentati"e of 5,porters of medicinal(herbal products. 1).?epresentati"e of 9ro!ers Associations(Aederations. 12.8!o domain e,perts to be nominated by Secretary :AYUSH; 14.*hief 5,ecuti"e Officer =MP> Secretary. 0.2 8he chairman of the SA* !ill ha"e authority to in"ite as special in"itees / 5,/officio Member Ministry of 5n"ironment @

representati"es from organisations engaged in ?@1 #uality control planning and other related disciplines in medicinal plants sector. 0.4 8he =MP> !ill pro"ide the necessary support to both SA* and the Mission. 8he

*hief 5,ecuti"e Officer =MP> !ho is of the ran+ of Eoint Secretary !ill function as the Mission 1irector. 8he *5O has been delegated the po!ers of the Head of the

1epartment and !ould therefore be able to carry out the Mission mandate and also implement and monitor the action plans(proposals appro"ed by the SA*. 0.. 8he Standing Ainance *ommittee :SA*; !ill ha"e the follo!ing functionsB :i; 8o o"ersee the acti"ities of the >oard and appro"e its annual budget. :ii; 8o consider and appro"e any financial proposal !hich is to be included for e,penditure in the >udget.


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:iii;8o consider and appro"e any proposal for incurring e,penditure. :i"; 8o consider and recommend all proposals for creation of ne! posts. :"; 8o consider and allocate resources among the states and under different components of the scheme. :"i; 8o consider and appro"e projects under e,isting pattern of assistance. :"ii; 8o consider and appro"e components of indi"idual projects for !hich cost(subsidy norms ha"e not been prescribed. :"iii; 8he SA* shall also monitor the o"erall subsidy being disbursed under the scheme and in particular monitor the cap of )%& for culti"ation subsidy. :i,; Any other matters that the >oard may refer to it. Te%/n!%$. S%)een!n" C'mm!ttee 5TSC6 0.0 Secretary :AYUSH; !ill ha"e the po!ers to constitute 8echnical Screening

*ommittees for scrutiny of project proposals recei"ed under different components under the scheme. 8he committees !ill comprise of domain e,perts in the rele"ant field and may also constitute one or more of the follo!ing organi6ations(MinistriesB :i; ?epresentati"e from =ational Horticulture >oard :ii; ?epresentati"e from -*A? :iii;?epresentati"e from *S-? :i"; ?epresentati"e from 1epartment of AYUSH :"; ?epresentati"e of Secretary =orth 5astern *ouncil Shillong :"i; 1omain e,perts nominated by Secretary :AYUSH; / 8!o

:"ii; ?epresentati"e from =ational Medicinal Plants >oard/Member Secretary STATE LE2EL St$te Le e. Stee)!n" C'mm!ttee &') t/e M!ss!'n 0.D 8he State le"el Steering *ommittee !ill be headed by Addl *hief Secretary(

Agriculture Production *ommissioner(1e"elopment *ommissioner at the State le"el and !ill includeB


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:i; Member Secretary of State Medicinal Plants >oard. :ii; Principal Secretary(Secretary Health(AYUSH of the State 9o"ernment :iii;Principal Secretary(Secretary Horticulture(Agriculture of the State

9o"ernment :i"; Principal Secretary(Secretary -ndustries 1epartment of the State :"; ?epresentati"e from =ational Medicinal Plants >oard. :"i; ?epresentati"e :s; from *entral 9o"ernment -nstitution:s;. :"ii; P**A or his representati"e in the State. :"iii; 1omain e,perts in the field of Medicinal Plants :t!o; :i,; Mission 1irector State Horticulture Mission Se.e%t!'n '& $"en%7 t' !m+.ement t/e N$t!'n$. M!ss!'n 'n Med!%!n$. P.$nts !n St$tes 0.$ 8he State 9o"ernment may designate the Mission 1irector State Horticulture

Mission as the Member Secretary of the State le"el Steering *ommittee as !ell as the State implementation agency. 8he funds from =MP> !ill be released through the SHM in such cases and separate accounts maintained. -n states !hich are not co"ered under the =ational Horticulture Mission the State 9o"ernment may designate the State Agriculture 1epartment as the nodal department for implementation. 8he funds in such cases can ho!e"er be released through the State Medicinal Plants >oard or the State Health Societies to enable timely flo! of funds for implementation of the projects under the Mission. 8he state go"ernment shall choose the most efficient and effecti"e agency a"ailable in the state to implement this Mission 0.1% 8he State Horticulture Mission if designated as the State le"el implementation

agency by the State 9o"ernment !ill implement the scheme in coordination !ith the Agriculture AYUSH industries department and SMP> and !ould ha"e to be registered as a Society. -t should also ha"e the functional autonomy to recei"e funds and implement the scheme. 8he Panchayati ?aj -nstitutions !ould be fully in"ol"ed in


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identifying the agency for implementation at the district le"el and in identification of clusters and organi6ing gro!ers into SH9s(cooperati"es( associations and producer companies. 0.11 8he Mission !ill ha"e a strong technical component. 8here shall be a technical

screening committee of domain e,perts to appraise the proposals(action plans recei"ed from the State 9o"ernments !ho !ill ad"ise appraise and recommend acti"ities to be supported under the scheme for gi"ing sharp focus to the objecti"es of the scheme to the SA*. 8here !ill also be a 8echnical Screening *ommittee at the state le"el consisting of domain e,perts to appraise the proposals. 8he states !ill ha"e the fle,ibility to adopt the appropriate model "i6. *ooperati"es Aederations Aorest 1e"elopment *orporations Eoint Sector *ompanies for processing !arehousing

mar+eting etc. 7here"er possible lin+ages !ill be de"eloped !ith State Horticulture Mission in identification of clusters for culti"ation and de"elopment of infrastructure of Post Har"est Management facilities li+e !arehouses mar+eting yards drying sheds testing labs and setting up of processing industries. 8he State Ge"el implementation agency for Mission !ill ha"e the follo!ing functionsB i; Prepare perspecti"e and annual action plan !ith the technical support from a H8echnical Support 9roupI at the state le"el !ith members from State Agriculture Uni"ersities -*A? -*A?5 *S-? -nstitutions and other e,perts in the field to o"ersee its implementation. ii; ?ecei"e funds from the =ational Medicinal Plants >oard 9o"ernment and other sources for carrying on the acti"ities the State

maintain proper

accounts thereof and submit utili6ation certificate to the concerned agencies. iii; ?elease funds to the implementing organi6ations li+e SH9s cooperati"es of gro!ers gro!ers associations producer companies responsible for different

clusters and o"ersee monitor and re"ie! the implementation of the programmes.


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Organise base/line sur"ey and feasibility studies in different parts :1istrict sub/1istrict or a group of 1istricts; to determine the status of medicinal plants its potential and demand and tailor assistance accordingly. Similar studies !ould also be underta+en for other components of the programmes.


Assist and o"ersee the implementation of the Scheme in different clusters selected !ith reference to their agro/climatic suitability for gro!ing medicinal plants through farmers Societies =9Os 9ro!ers Associations Self/Help 9roups State -nstitutions and other similar entities. 8he State implementation agency shall also be responsible for mobili6ing gro!ers to form SH9s( *ooperati"es( Aederations producer companies and financial assistance !ill be a"ailable for promoting these grass le"el organi6ations !hich may include the training and other incidental e,penses li+e engaging animators etc.


Organise !or+shops

seminars and training programmes for all interest

groups(associations at the State le"el !ith help of the Aacilitation *entres set up in State Agriculture Uni"ersities and -*A?(-*A?5(*S-? -nstitutions and other

organisations ha"ing technical e,pertise. 0.1' =ational Medicinal Plants >oard :=MP>; has set up Aacilitation *entres :A*s; in the State Agriculture Uni"ersities and ? @ 1 -nstitutions of Ministry of Science @ 8echnology :*S-?(1>8; to act as a ser"ice !indo! to gro!ers(farmers and entrepreneurs on technology transfer capacity building and training e,tension and mar+et information on medicinal plants. 8he State implementation agency should

!or+ in close coordination !ith the Aacilitation *entres :A*s; for technical handholding under the Mission. More such centres can be set up if re#uired in future. 8he list of e,isting Aacilitation *entres :A*s; is gi"en at Anne-#)e 8 2. 0.1) At the district le"el the Mission !ill be coordinated by the 1istrict Mission

*ommittee :1M*; of the =ational Horticulture Mission in states !here implementation is through the Horticulture 1epartment. -f implemented through the Agriculture


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1epartment the 1istrict Mission 1irectorate !ill be registered as a society !ith 1eputy 1irector :Agriculture;(1istrict Agriculture Officer as its head. 8he 1istrict

Mission *ommittee :1M*; !ill be responsible for project formulation and monitoring. 8he 1M* !ill ha"e representati"es from concerned line 1epartments 9ro!erCs

Associations Mar+eting >oards -ndustries 1epartments Self Help 9roups :SH9s; and other =on/9o"ernmental Organisations as its members. *ommittee and Panchayti ?aj -nstitutions !ill be 8he 1istrict Planning integrated( in"ol"ed in

implementation of the programme as per the choice and discretion of the State 9o"ernment. 0.12 8he State implementation agency may also consider implementing the scheme cooperati"es state

in selected clusters by directly in"ol"ing reputed =9Os

go"ernment underta+ings gro!ers associations producer companies self help groups !ithout the re#uirement of routing the proposals through district le"el implementation agency. -n that case the project report of different organi6ations(clusters !ill be

consolidated into the State Action Plan and submitted to the =MP> for its consideration. Organi6ations li+e Jrishi Figyan Jendras :JFJs; and Agriculture 8echnology Management Agencies :A8MAs; could also be in"ol"ed in planning implementation and monitoring at the district le"el and belo! for selected clusters. -n such cases the funds can also be released to the cluster le"el implementation agency directly !ithout routing them through the 1istrict le"el agency. 0.14 8he institutional arrangement for implementing the major acti"ities under the #uality planting

Mission at the cluster(6one le"el i.e. technology dissemination

material culti"ation post har"est management and mar+eting !ill "ary depending upon the organi6ations(institutions present in the state co"ered under the programme. All the acti"ities related to culti"ation processing mar+eting #uality assurance and certification in different clusters !ill be consolidated at the State le"el for better synergy bet!een the Mission acti"ities. State 9o"ernments are free to choose their


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o!n model create or orient e,isting institutions to carry for!ard the objecti"es of the Mission in a holistic manner. 0.1. L!n9$"es :!t/ 't/e) S%/emes Although the Scheme co"ers all the acti"ities that are re#uired to be supported for a successful end to end medicinal plants based agri/business there may still be some components !hich can be do"etailed into the Action Plan from other Schemes of the other Ministries( 1epartments and State 9o"ernments. Aor instance components li+e micro irrigation fertigation construction of irrigation tan+s setting up

demonstration plots !hich are not a part of this scheme may be do"etailed from schemes of Ministries( 1epartments concerned. 8his !ill ensure a con"ergence of

culti"ation !ith pre and post har"est management acti"ities in its totality. ; MISSION INTER2ENTIONS

S#++')t C#.t! $t!'n '& Med!%!n$. P.$nts D.1 *ulti"ation of medicinal plants has not ta+en off in the country as the ra!

material sourced from the !ild is a"ailable at cheaper rates e"en as it has deleterious effect on their !ild populations. 8o ma+e culti"ation lucrati"e it is necessary to support the effort / both technically and financially. A programme to support culti"ation through subsidy !as implemented during the 1% th plan period. 7hereas the programme has generally resulted in encouraging culti"ation of many species of conser"ation concern and those in high demand by the AYUSH industry a number of other species used in AYUSH medicine continued to be sourced from the !ild. 8he scheme see+s to support culti"ation of more and more species critical to AYUSH systems. 8he subsidy a"ailable for "arious medicinal plants has been re"ised so as to direct subsidy to!ards culti"ation of the species re#uired by AYUSH systems and those of conser"ation concern.


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8he culti"ation is proposed to be done in conjunction !ith the processing

facilities and mar+ets a"ailable for medicinal plants. 8his is proposed to be done in clusters identified by State 9o"ernments through indi"iduals Self Help 9roups

*ooperati"e Societies of medicinal plants gro!ers. Preference to culti"ation in clusters through SH9s gro!ers cooperati"es producer companies o"er indi"idual centric culti"ation !ill ensure targeting of subsidy to the small and marginal farmers. 8herefore small and marginal farmers !ill be organised into Self Help 9roups and cooperati"e societies of medicinal plants gro!ers or as producer companies to enable them to ta+e up medicinal plants culti"ation !hich presently they are unable to do. Ainancial assistance on project basis !ill also be pro"ided to State implementation agency for mobili6ing the 9ro!ers cooperati"es( Aederations as !ell as for preparation of cluster specific project reports(business plans to be e"entually consolidated into State Action Plan. D.) Project for culti"ation must clearly spell out the source of planting

material(seed. Only identified seed source or nurseries supplying certified planting material !ill be eligible to supply germplasm to gro!ers see+ing assistance under the scheme. 8he business plan(project report for each cluster as !ell as the Action Plan for the state should co"er the list of organi6ations :public sector or pri"ate sector; for #uality planting material together !ith the technical details of their capacity infrastructure species proposed to be raised their location and the financial outlays. D.2 8hough most of the culti"ation is proposed to be ta+en up in states !here

processing 6ones(clusters !ill be set up other states(districts !here clusters for culti"ation are identified !ith proper lin+age !ith manufacturers(mar+ets !ill also be pro"ided support for culti"ation through gro!ers SH9s *ooperati"e Societies of

medicinal plants gro!ers producer companies and corporates. D.4 8he list of prioriti6ed plants for culti"ation for !hich subsidy K ranging from

'%& to 04& !ill be admissible is indicated at the Anne-#)e 8 II. 8he Action Plan


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must co"er the list of species the proposed area to be brought under culti"ation under each subsidy groups :of '%& 4%& and 04&; and the financial outlay proposed for culti"ation component. 8he cost norms for 40 species are indicated at Anne-#)e 8 I. Aor the remaining species the cost norms !ould be considered at the time of appro"al of the Action Plan after consultation !ith the organi6ations =MP> may consider appropriate. Est$*.!s/ment '& Seed Cent)es $nd n#)se)!es &') S#++.7 '& Ce)t!&!ed P.$nt!n" M$te)!$.< D.. *ulti"ation of medicinal plants and e"entual returns from such culti"ation is

largely dependent upon the #uality of planting material used. Ho!e"er as of no! there is no mechanism of pro"iding certified germplasm or producing certified planting stoc+ on commercial scale. D.0 -t is proposed to establish Seed *entres !ith ?esearch 7ing of State Aorest

1epartments(?esearch Organisations(State Agriculture Uni"ersities to stoc+ and supply certified germplasm of priority medicinal plant species for culti"ation. Production and supply of seeds and #uality planting material through =9Os and *orporates !ill also be permitted pro"ided the #uality can be certified through an accredited certification agency. M'de. N#)se)!es D.D 8o meet the re#uirement of #uality planting material for culti"ation assistance

!ould be pro"ided for ne! nurseries under the public as !ell as pri"ate sector. -nfrastructure for model nurseries !ould include the follo!ingB i; ii; iii; Mother stoc+s bloc+ maintenance to protect from ad"erse !eather conditions. ?aising root stoc+ seedlings under net house conditions. Propagation house !ith "entilation ha"ing insect proof netting in the sides and fogging and sprin+ler irrigation systems.


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Hardening(maintenance in insect proof net house !ith light screening properties and sprin+ler irrigation systems.

"; "i; D.$

Pump house to pro"ide sufficient irrigation and !ater storage. Soil sterili6ation 3 steam sterili6ation system !ith boilers. A model nursery should on a"erage ha"e an area of about 2 hectares and !ould

cost ?s. '% lacs per unit. 8he model nurseries !hich !ould be established under the Public sector !ill be eligible for 1%%& assistance of a ma,imum of ?s. '%.%% la+hs per unit. 8he model nurseries !ould produce ' 3 ) la+hs plants depending upon the input costs and time re#uired for the plant to be fit for planting. -t !ould be the

responsibility of the nurseries to ensure #uality of the planting material. Aor model nurseries in the pri"ate sector the assistance !ill be 4%& of the cost subject to a ma,imum of ?s. 1% la+hs per unit. Sm$.. N#)se)!es D.1% Small nurseries co"ering area of about one hectare !ill ha"e infrastructure

facilities to hold .% %%% to 0% %%% plants. 8hese plants !ill be maintained for a period of appro,imately $/1' months. -nfrastructure for the small nurseries !ill consist of a net house. Micro sprin+ler irrigation system !ill be pro"ided in the net house. 8he nurseries !ill also ha"e pro"ision for solar sterili6ation of soil media to meet the contingency re#uirement of containers(transfer from small to big containers. D.11 Small nurseries !ould cost ?s. 2.%% la+hs per unit. 8he assistance !ill be to the

e,tent of 1%%& of the cost for the Public sector and 4%& of the cost subject to a ceiling of ?s. '.%% la+hs for the nurseries in the pri"ate sector. 8he small nurseries !ould produce at least .% %%% plants per year. D.1' -t !ould be the responsibility of the nurseries to ensure #uality of the planting

material through certification for !hich independent certification agencies !ill be identified and notified by =MP>. 8he pri"ate nurseries !ill also be encouraged to mo"e to!ards self accreditation also. 8he nurseries could be multi/crop or crop specific


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depending upon the re#uirements of planting material in the locality(project area. Hence the type of nursery proposed to be established should be clearly indicated in the Action Plan. 8he Action Plan should also contain an assessment of the e,isting nurseries the number of planting material being produced crop !ise and the

additional re#uirement of nurseries. S#++')t &') Med!%!n$. P.$nt P)'%ess!n" $nd P'st H$) est M$n$"ement !n%.#d!n" M$)9et!n" D.1) -t is estimated that as high as )%& of the ra! material reaching the

manufacturers is of poor #uality and is therefore rejected. *ulti"ation of medicinal plants therefore needs to be supported !ith infrastructure for !are housing drying grading storage and transportation. 8hese facilities area essential for increasing the mar+etability of the medicinal plants profitability and reducing losses. adding "alue to the produce increasing

AP51A has set up Agri 5,port Lones :A5Ls; for

medicinal and aromatic plants in the states of Jerala and Uttaranchal. >ased on the e,perience gained in implementation of A5Ls on medicinal plants in these states the Scheme see+s to support infrastructure for processing and post har"est management in the different regions of the country in identified clusters(6ones !hich are !ell endo!ed !ith infrastructure of mar+eting(trading centres ha"e tradition of medicinal plants as a farming option and has ?@1 institutions(SAUs for technology dissemination and capacity building. 7hile the A5Ls scheme implemented by AP51A has primary focus on e,ports the present scheme see+s to add "alue to the medicinal plants culti"ated(collected and meet large domestic re#uirement of the AYUSH industry. Additionally the species ha"ing e,port mar+et !ould also be co"ered !ith a "ie! to increasing share of "alue added items in the e,ports of herbal(AYUSH products. 8he species targeted for e,port should be finali6ed after assessing the e,port mar+et for such species. 8he illustrati"e list of facilities to be created in the post/har"esting

infrastructure is as follo!sB


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D)7!n" 7$)ds<= 1rying yards to accomplish the primary tas+ of drying the products in hygienic conditions. -n addition cleaning and grading infrastructure is an essential acti"ity to be lin+ed to drying to increase the shelf life and the mar+et price of herbs. Since herbs ha"e to be dried in shades drying yards !ith shade net pro"ision or facilities for lo! temperature drying !ill ha"e to be created.


St')$"e "'d':ns< 8 8he storage godo!ns is e,pected to recei"e produce from nearby drying yards. 8he storage godo!ns as a lin+ bet!een drying yards and processing units. Storage godo!ns ha"e to be ade#uately "entilated and set up at strategic locations. 8he storage godo!ns and drying yards ha"e to be located in such a manner that they are not "ery far from the farm lands and cater to the identified clusters of culti"ation.


P)'%ess!n" #n!t<= Processing unit based on the medicinal plants gro!n in the clusters !ould ha"e to be set up some of !hich !ill be plant specific. 8he

processing unit should preferably be set up !ithin the e,isting industrial estates !hich ha"e the necessary infrastructure of po!er road net!or+ and lin+ages !ith rail head(sea ports. i"; >#$.!t7 test!n" '& )$: m$te)!$.<= Gaboratories for testing of ra! material and "alue added items and their certification for domestic consumption as !ell as e,ports !ould be done through the e,isting accredited laboratories. -n the

absence of such laboratories in the 6one( clusters ne! laboratories !ill be set up preferably in a PPP Mode. "; M$)9et!n"<= 8he main objecti"es of pro"iding assistance under this component areB/ :a; 8o strengthen infrastructure of !holesale mar+ets mandies for mar+eting of medicinal plants. :b; 8o set up herbal mandies !here"er they do not e,ist. agriculture


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:c; :d;

8o strengthen lin+ages bet!een farmers and industry(traders. 8o disseminate information on mar+et prices mar+et trends to enable farmers in selection of appropriate medicinal crops.

8he components admissible for assistance areB :a; M$)9et P)'m't!'n<= 8he programmes for mar+et promotion li+e media promotion participation in e,hibitions trade fairs hiring

display facilities are project based but limited to ?s. 1% la+hs for each cluster !ill be eligible for 4%& assistance under mar+et promotion for the herbs(ra! material produced by the cluster. :b; M$)9et Inte..!"en%e<= 8he Action Plan may include collection compilation and dissemination of mar+et intelligence to gro!ers. Any other inno"ati"e acti"ity relating to mar+et intelligence may also be supported under this component. 8he assistance for this component !ill be project based. :c; B#7 8 *$%9 Inte) ent!'ns<= 8he buy 3 bac+ inter"entions in the form of buyer 3 seller meetings fle,ible and inno"ati"e mar+eting arrangements *reation of re"ol"ing fund at *luster le"el for

mar+eting of medicinal plants and mobili6ation assistance to SH9s cooperati"es producer companies could be pro"ided under this Any other acti"ity !hich see+s to

component of the scheme.

strengthen mar+eting and institutionali6e lin+age bet!een buyer and seller may be included under this component. 8he assistance !ill be project based. :d; M$)9et In&)$st)#%t#)e<= Under this component herbal mandies that are proposed to be set up at the "illage le"el can be gi"en assistance up to ?s 1% la+hs. Assistance !ill also be a"ailable for upgradation(creation of infrastructure in the agriculture mandies for


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trading of medicinal plants !here"er such mandies e,ist at the "illage le"el. Similarly assistance !ill be pro"ided to 1istrict(State

agriculture mandies for creating and upgrading physical infrastructure for trading of medicinal plants. Assistance !ill also be a"ailable for setting up herbal mandies at State(1istrict le"el. 8he le"el of financial assistance for rural mandies through "illage bodies(SH9s(

*ooperati"es !ill be ?s. 1% la+hs and for State(1istrict le"el mandies upto a ma,imum of ?s. ' crores. "i; >#$.!t7 test!n"( %e)t!&!%$t!'n $nd !ns#)$n%e :a; >#$.!t7 Test!n"<= 8he #uality testing of herbs(medicinal plants produced by gro!ers is +ey to reali6ation of remunerati"e prices. 8he gro!ers !ill be entitled to 4%& of the testing charges subject to a ma,imum of ?s. 4%%% if the herbs(medicinal plants are tested in AYUSH(=A>G accredited Gaboratotries. :b; Ce)t!&!%$t!'n<= Organic and 9AP certification are the +ey to ensuring #uality of the medicinal plants(herbs and can secure benefits to farmers through better prices for their produce and to consumer by !ay of better #uality of herbal(AYUSH products. 8he certification

charges !ill be admissible on a group basis to the limit of ?s. 4 la+hs for 4% hectares of culti"ation in groups(clusters. :c; C)'+ Ins#)$n%e<= Medicinal plants are a ne! acti"ity under farming and therefore farmers need to be co"ered !ith crop insurance. 8his component see+s to pro"ide assistance to!ards payment of 4%& of the premium for particular crop. 8he premium and the details of the scheme !ill be finali6ed in consultation !ith Agriculture -nsurance *orporation.


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1etailed project report(business plan !ill be prepared for each cluster through so as to establish

consultancy firms !hich ha"e the core competence in this area

synergy bet!een other schemes of the 1epartment of AYUSH and those of other Ministries before implementation of the scheme. 8he State implementation agency for the Mission !ill be permitted to engage Project Management *onsultants for preparing business plans(detailed project report for clusters selected for support under the Scheme. -n areas outside the designated 6ones(clusters support for creating

infrastructure li+e pac+ing sheds processing units testing labs !ill also be pro"ided if lin+ed to clusters of culti"ation. All the projects !ill be entrepreneur dri"en based on proper business plan and mar+et sur"eys. 8he detailed project(business plan for

different clusters !ill be consolidated into the State Action Plan to be submitted to =MP>. 8he State implementation agency !ill also be permitted to engage project

management consultant. ? ?.1 i; ii; ELIGIBILITY F') C#.t! $t!'n@ 9ro!ers farmers culti"ators 9ro!ers Associations Aederations Self Help 9roups *orporates gro!ers cooperati"es. ?.2 i; F') P)'%ess!n" $nd P'st H$) est M$n$"ement In&)$st)#%t#)e 9o"ernment (=on 9o"ernment organi6ations federations *ooperati"es

-ndustry !ith ?@ 1 unit duly registered and recogni6ed as such by the appropriate authority !ith a minimum three years of e,perience in the field ii; iii; i"; 1A 5ntrepreneurs -ndustries etc. =A>G accredited laboratories ? @ 1 institutions @ Uni"ersities PATTERN OF FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE

F') %#.t! $t!'n<


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Selection and prioriti6ation of plant species for financial assistance under the

schemes of =MP> !ould ha"e to be based on demand in the domestic and international mar+ets their a"ailability in the !ild and their conser"ation status Also the #uantum of subsidy

:critically endangered threatened "ulnerable etc;.

should be different for trees !hich ha"e long gestation period as opposed to crops that are annuals bi/annuals and perennials !hich start yielding after 1/' years. 8he cost norms of plantations as applicable no! are indicated in Anne-#)e=I. 8he list of plants for culti"ation together !ith the subsidy admissible for each category of plants is at Anne-#)e=II. 1%.' 8here are other species li+e 9uggal Asho+ Arjun >ael Harad >eheda

=ag+esar Aonla !hich ha"e long gestation period and therefore !ill re#uire support during the gestation period. Also there are species !hich are on *-85S Appendi, - and -- Schedule F- of 7ildlife :Protection; Act negati"e list of plants for e,port and plants presently imported !hich need to be supported through culti"ation. 8he pattern of subsidy !ill be a graded pattern of financial assistance as detailed belo!B i; 04& subsidy for gro!ing of species of plants !hich are included in *-85S list schedule F- of 7ildlife Protection Act and negati"e list of e,ports and are highly endangered. ii; 4%& subsidy for culti"ation of medicinal plants !here sources of supply are critically declining and are long gestation. iii; 1%.) '%& subsidy for culti"ation of other species needing support. 8he o"erall !eighted a"erage of subsidy !ill ho!e"er be +ept !ithin )%& !hile

preparing action plan for the State and identifying plants to be supported under the scheme. 8he list of $) plants is not e,hausti"e and more plants may be added to the list based on demand in trade 5,penditure Ministry of Ainance. after obtaining concurrence of 1epartment of


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8he subsidy for nursery and plantation is bac+ ended credit lin+ed !ith '%&

credit component. Ho!e"er credit re#uirement in case of cooperati"es corporates 9o"t. companies SH9s ant 8rusts may not be insisted upon if these organi6ations ha"e surplus funds supported !ith ban+ certificates or are other!ise financially sound. F') P)'%ess!n" &$%!.!t!es $nd !n&)$st)#%t#)$. s#++')t< 1%.4 Ainancial assistance K '4& of the project cost limited to a ma,imum of ?s. 4%

la+hs !ill be a"ailable as bac+ ended subsidy for setting up of "alue addition and processing unit li+e a sol"ent e,traction(distillation unit for production of "alue added items. 1%%& financial assistance limited to ?s. 1% la+hs each for constructing drying sheds and storage godo!ns as an adjunct to culti"ation cluster !ill be admissible each if set up by SH9s( *ooperati"es of medicinal plants gro!ers. Assistance for this !ill be limited to 4%& if set up by indi"iduals or the entrepreneurs. 1%.. Ainancial assistance K )%& of the project cost subject to a ma,imum of ?s. )%

la+hs !ill be admissible for setting up of #uality test labs for testing of ra! material and "alue added products in a PPP mode on the basis of an MoU bet!een organi6ation State -mplementation Agency and =MP>. Additionally financial assistance for mar+et promotion through the media participation in e,hibitions trade fairs de"eloping and hiring of display facilities !ill be a"ailable K 4%& of the project cost limited to ?s. 1% la+hs. 1%.0 8he subsidy for "alue addition processing and testing facilities is bac+ ended.

Ho!e"er re#uirement of credit !ill not be necessary if the organi6ation cooperati"es 8rusts corporates PSUs ha"e surplus funds supported !ith ban+ certificates and the organi6ations are other!ise financially sound and are not in default !ith any financial institution. 8he component/!ise pattern of assistance admissible under the scheme is gi"en at Anne-#)e 8 III. 11 MANAGEMENT SUPPORT


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8he State implementation agency for the Mission should be such that it has the

infrastructure at the district le"el and belo!. Aor this purpose departments li+e the Horticulture and Agriculture 1epartment may be considered as appropriate as the State le"el implementation agency. 8he State Horticultural Mission may therefore be designated as the State implementation agency for the Mission if considered

appropriate by the State 9o"ernment. -f SMP>s are gi"en the nodal responsibility the States should appoint full time *5Os of the States Medicinal Plants >oards and it shall be mandatory to register the SMP>s as a society to enable flo! of funds in states !hich do not ha"e State Horticulture Mission. 11.) Also the states !ill be re#uired to ma+e Annual action plans and prepare road

map for de"elopment of the sector. Assistance !ill be admissible to only those states !ho prepare the State Action Plan. 8hose states !here processing 6ones(clusters !ill be established !ill ha"e to prepare detailed project reports(business plans for the identified 6ones(clusters group of clusters and incorporate specific business

plan(project report into State Action Plan. 11.2 -t is proposed that 4& allocation !ill be a"ailable for management support

!hich !ill go to the states for acti"ities li+e payment of the salary of the contractual staff and project management consultant engaged for implementing the scheme preparation of annual plans monitoring administrati"e e,penses li+e tra"el etc. and e,posure "isits. 12. 1'.1 PREPARATION AND SUBMISSION OF PROPOSAL 8he State 9o"ernment shall prepare an Annual Action Plan 5Anne-#)e=I26 for

the "arious acti"ities under the Scheme and after appro"al at the State le"el Steering *ommittee headed by the Additional *hief Secretary(Agriculture Production

*ommissioner(1e"elopment *ommissioner at the state le"el for!ard '% copies of the Action to the =MP>. 8he Action Plan may also be sent in a soft copy to the >oard.


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=MP> shall place all the Annual Action Plans before the 8echnical Screening

*ommittee. 8he Annual Action Plan after screening by the 8S* !ill be placed before the SA* !hich shall accord appro"al and recommend release of financial assistance to the States through the State implementation agency in one installment. 8he State implementation agency for this purpose shall be registered as societies under the Societies ?egistration Act so that the funds could be channelised through it directly for on!ard release to the 1istrict and sub/district(cluster le"el or to the SH9 *ooperati"e Society or the producer company at the cluster le"el as the case may be. releasing funds to the state le"el implementation agency >efore

a Memorandum of

Understanding :MoU; !ill be entered into !ith the states incorporating the duties responsibilities and commitments of the state and the *entral 9o"ernment. 1'.) Aurther release of the funds for the appro"ed acti"ities and to the indi"idual

farmers(culti"ators(groups !ill be done by the State implementation agency based on the beneficiaries groups and entrepreneurs identified for "arious acti"ities in different clusters. 8he credit lin+ed subsidy may be released after "erification of the !or+ in the field in one installment but after certification by the ban+ about the progress achie"ed on the ground. Aor long/gestation crops and other project acti"ities the SA* may fi, suitable number of installments as may be re#uired for smooth implementation of the Action Plan. 1'.2 8he State implementation agency may spend upto 4& of the outlay proposed in

the Action Plan on the management support !hich may include preparation of Action Plan for the state and project report(business plan for each cluster proposed to be co"ered under the scheme in the state. 8he format for preparing the Action Plan is gi"en at Anne-#)e 8 I2. 13. 1).1 MONITORING AND E2ALUATION 8erm end e"aluation !ill be conducted at the end of the M- Plan. Aor effecti"e the acti"ities under the scheme Programme

planning and implementation of


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Management consultants !ill be permitted to be engaged both at *entral and State le"els for the duration of the scheme. 8he Project Management unit shall consist of as many consultants and support staff of data entry operators etc. as may be considered necessary for effecti"e implementation and monitoring of the scheme. -ndependent concurrent monitoring and e"aluation !ill also be carried out by engaging professional agencies !ith e,pertise in the field. 8he scheme !ill also be subjected to mid/term e"aluation after ' / ' years of its implementation. 8he funds under the head Management Support !ill be utili6ed and pro"ided for in the Annual Action Plan for the Project Management *onsultant. 1).' 8he state/!ise physical targets and outlays !ill depend upon the proposals

recei"ed from the state 9o"ernments and the a"ailability of funds for the purpose. 8he SA* !ill ha"e the authority to re"ise the targets and outlays among different acti"ities !ithin the o"erall outlay a"ailable under the scheme and allocate funds among states based on the utili6ation and physical progress achie"ed on the ground. 8he o"erall target is to pro"ide financial assistance for culti"ation spread o"er D% %%% ha. 3 1 la+h ha. of area raise production of medicinal plants upto ' la+h tones reduce dependence on !ild collection to about 4%& and increase the share of "alue added items in e,ports. -t is estimated to also generate . crores mandays of rural

employment during the Plan period.


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%'st Pe) $%)e 5Rs.6 '. %%% 12 %%% D1 %%% 1D %%% '4 %%% 1% %%% 22 %%% '4 %%% 1. %%% 1. %%% 2% %%% '4 %%% 11 %%% 2' %%% 1. %%% )) %%% '% %%% )1 %%% 10 '%% '4 %%% 1D %%% 10 %%% 11 %%% 1% %%% .2 %%% 1. %%% D1 %%% 44 %%% 1% %%% '4 %%% D %%% )4 %%% 24 %%% '% %%% 1% %%% 1. %%% 2% %%% 1. %%% C'st n')ms +e) He%t$)e 5Rs.6 .4 %%% )4 %%% ' %' %%% 24 %%% .' 4%% '4 %%% 11% %%% .' 4%% 2% %%% 2% %%% 1%% %%% .' 4%% '0 4%% 1 %4 %%% 2% %%% D' 4%% 4% %%% 00 4%% 2) %%% .' 4%% 24 %%% 2' 4%% '0 4%% '4 %%% 1 .% %%% 2% %%% ' %' %%% 1)0 4%% '4 %%% .' 4%% '% %%% D0 4%% 11' 4%% 4% %%% '4 %%% 2% %%% 1 %% %%% 2% %%%

S. N'. 1 2 3 0 1 3 4 ; ? 1A 11 12 13 10 11 13 14 1; 1? 2A 21 22 23 20 21 23 24 2; 2? 3A 31 32 33 30 31 33 34 3;

C)'+ N$me Amla Anantmool Archa Arjun Asho+ Ash!agandha Atis >ach >ael >ahera >an+a+ri >eledona >humlamala+i >i,a >rahmi *hirata *hitronella *innamon *oleus 1aruhaldi 9ambari 9hrit Jumari 9iloe 9udmar 9uggal Harar Eatamansi Jalihari Jalmegh Jo++um Jonch Juth Jut+i Gemon grass Ma+oy Mandu+parni Manjishtha Mint

B't$n!%$. n$me 5mblica officinalis Hemidesmus indicus ?heum emodi 8erminalia arjuna Saraca asoca 7ithania somnifera Aconitum heterophyllum Acorus calamus Aegle marmelos 8erminalia bellirica Podophyllum he,andrum Atropa belladona Phyllanthus amarus >i,a orellana >acopa monnieri S!ertia chirata *ymbopogon !interianus *innamomum 6eylanicum *oleus fors+holii >erberis aristata 9melina arborea Aloe "era 8inospora cordifolia 9ymnema syl"estre *ommiphora !ightii 8erminalia chebula =ardostachys jatamansi 9loriosa superba Andrographis paniculata 9arcinia indica Mucuna prurita Saussurea costus Picrorhi6a +urrooa *ymbopogon fle,uosus Solanum nigrum *entella asiatica ?ubia cordifolia Mentha piperita( Mentha ar"ernsis


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3? 0A 01 02 03 00 01 03 04 0; 0? 1A 11 12 13 10

Mulethi Mus+dana =eem Patchouli Pippali Punarna"a Push+ar Mool ?atalu Sadabahar Safed Musli Sarpgandha Sea >uc+thorn Sena Shata"ar Siris Ste"ia 8agar 8ulsi Fia"idang

9lycyrrhi6a glabra Abelmoschus moschatus A6adirachta indica Pogostemon coblem Piper longum >oerhaa"ia diffusa -nula racemosa 1ioscorea bulbifera *atharanthus roseus *hlorophytum bori"illianum ?au!olfia serpentina Hippophoe rhamnoides *assia angustifolia Asparagus racemosus Albi66ia lebbec+ Ste"ia rebaudiana Faleniana !allichii Ocimum sanctium 5mbelia ribes

2% %%% D %%% 14 %%% '. %%% '4 %%% 1' %%% 14 1'% '4 %%% 1% %%% 1'4 %%% '4 %%% '% %%% 1% %%% '4 %%% 14 %%% 1 '4 %%% '2 %%% 1' %%% 10 %%%

1%% %%% '% %%% )0 4%% .4 %%% .' 4%% )% %%% )0 D%% .' 4%% '4 %%% )1' 4%% .' 4%% 4% %%% '4 %%% .' 4%% )0 4%% ) 1' 4%% .% %%% )% %%% 2' 4%%

:1; 5conomics on culti"ation ha"e been finali6ed based on reports of =A>A?1 *S-? -*A? -*A?5 Aorest 1eptt =H> and other reliable sources. :'; 5conomics of species ha"e been !or+ed out on the basis of inputs in the form of elite #uality planting material. :); 8hese cost norms do not include e,penditure to!ards manpo!er infrastructure de"elopment and cost of land. :2; More plants may be added to this list as and !hen cost norms become a"ailable.


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Anne-#)e =II

D 1. B't$n!%$. N$me C'mm'n N$me E.!"!*.e s#*s!d7 5C6 Rem$)9

'. ). 2. 4. .. 0. D. $. 1%. 11. 1'. 1). 12. 14. 1.. 10. 1D. 1$. '%. '1. ''. '). '2. '4. '.. '0. 'D. '$. )%. )1. )'.

Acorus calamus Ginn. Aloe "era :Ginn.; >urn. Andrographis paniculata :Ginn.; >urn Artemisia annua :Ginn.; Asparagus racemosus 7illd. A6adirachta indica A. Euss >acopa monnieri :G.; Pennell >oerhaa"ia diffusa Ginn. *assia angustifolia Fahl. *aesalpinia sappan Ginn. *entella asiatica :Ginn.; Urban *hlorophytum bori"illianum Sant. *innamomum "erum Presl *. tamala and *. camphora *oleus barbatus >enth. *oleus "etti"eroides J.*. Eacob *on"ol"ulus microphyllus *ryptolepis buchanani ?oem @ schult 1igitalis purpurea Ginn. 1ioscorea bulbifera Ginn. 5mbelia ribes >urm. f. 5mblica officinalis 9aertn. 9arcinia indica *hoisy 9in+go biloba 9ymnema syl"estre ?. >r. Hedychium spicatum >uch/ Ham.e, Smuth Hemidesmus indicus ?.>r. Holarrhena antidysenterica 7all. -pomoea petaloidea *hoisy -pomoea turpethum ?. >r. Gitsea glutinosa Gepidum sati"um Ginn. Mucuna prurita Ginn.

Fach 9hrit+umari Jalmegh Artemisia Shata"ari =eem >rahmi Punarna"a Senna Patang Mandoo+parni Sh!et Musali 1alchini 8ejpat Japoor Pather *hur Hri"era Shan+hpushpi Jrsna sari"a Ao,glo"e ?otalu 9ethi Fai Fidang Amla Jo+um 9in+go 9udmar Japur +achari Anantmool -ndian Sarsaparilla Jurchi(Jutaj Frddhadaru+a 8ri"rit Gistea *handrasur Jonch

'% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '%

*ommercial *rop


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)). )2. )4. ).. )0. )D. )$.

Ocimum sanctum Ginn. Phyllanthus amarus Schum @ 8honn. Piper longum Ginn. Pluchea lanceolata :1*; *> *lar+. Solanum nigrum Ginn. Ste"ia rebaudiana

8ulsi >humi amla+i Pippali ?asna Ma+oy Madhu+ari Arjuna >ehera Harad 9iloe =irgundi Ash!agandha 1hata+i

'% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% '% Rem$)9 G9 ?oot G9 >ar+ G9 >ar+

5,port Potential

8erminalia arjuna :?o,b.; 7t. @ Arn. 2%. 8erminalia bellirica 9aertn. 21. 8erminalia chebula ?et6. 2'. 8inospora cordifolia Miers 2). Fite, nigundo 22. 7ithania somnifera :Ginn.; 1unal 24. 7oodfordia fruticosa Jur6. P.$nts e.!"!*.e &') 1AC s#*s!d7 D B't$n!%$. N$me 2.. 20. 2D. 2$. 4%. 41. 4'. 4). 42. 44. 4.. 40. 4D. 4$. .%. .1. .'. .). .2. .4. ... .0. Aegle marmelos :Ginn; *orr. Albi66ia lebbec+ >enth. Alstonia scholaris ?.>r. Altingia e,celsa =oronha Anacyclus pyrethrum 1*. Atropa belledona *oscinum fenastratum :9ertn; *olebr. *ratae"a nur"ala >uch 3 Ham. 1actylorhi6a hatagirea hatagirea :1.1on; Soo 9loriosa superba Ginn. 9lycyrrhi6a glabra Ginn. 9melina arborea Ginn. Hippophae rhamnoides Ginn. -nula racemosa H+. f. Geptadenia reticulate :?et6; 7t. @ Arn. Mesua ferrea Ginn. Pana, pseudo/ginseng Parmelia perlata Ach. Piper cubeba Ginn. f. Plumbago 6eylanica Ginn. Pueraria tuberosa 1*. Premna integrifolia Ginn.

C'mm'n E.!"!*.e N$me s#*s!d7 >eal 4% Shirish 4% Sat"in Saptaparna 4% Silarasa 4% A+ar+ara 4% Atropa 4% Peela *handan 4% Farun Salampanja 4% 4%

G9 >ar+

Jalihari 4% Gicorice ?oots 4% Mulethi 9ambhari 4% Seabuc+thorn 4% Push+armool 4% Ei"anti 4% =aga+eshar 9inseng Saileya Jababchini *hitra+ Fidari+and Agnimanth 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4%

G9 ?oot

G9 HA S9

HA ?oot


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.D. Pterocarpus marsupium ?o,b. .$. ?au!olfia serpentina >enth. e, Jur6 0%. Salacia reticulata Salacia oblongata 01. Saraca asoca :?o,b.; 1e 7ilde 0'. Smila, china Ginn. 0). Stereospermum sua"eolens 1*. 02. 8acomella undulate :Sm.; Seem. 04. 8ylophora asthmetica 0.. 8a,us !allichiana Ginn. 00. Urarea picta :Eac#.; 1es". P.$nts e.!"!*.e &') 41C s#*s!d7 D B't$n!%$. N$me 0D. Aconitum fero, 7all.(A. balfouri 0$. Aconitum heterophyllum 7all. e, ?oyle D%. A#uilaria agallocha ?o,b. D1. >erberis aristata 1*. D'. *ommiphora !ightii >handari D). Aerula foetida ?egel. D2. D4. D.. D0.

>eejasar Sarpgandha

4% 4%

M9 ?oot

Saptacha+ra 4% :Saptarangi; Asho+ 4% Hrddhatri :Madhu 4% snuhi; *hob *hini Go+handi Patala 4% ?ohita+ 4% 1amabooti 4% 8huner 8alispatra 4% Prishnaparni 4% C'mm'n N$me Fatsnabh Atees Agar 1aruhaldi 9uggal Hing 8rayamana Eatamansi Syona+a Jut+i >an+a+ri -ndian podophyllum Mahameda ?a+tachandan ?ed sanders *handan Juth Justha *hirata *harayatah E.!"!*.e s#*s!d7 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04

G9 >ar+

G9 ?oot

Rem$)9 HA HA HA G9 5ndangered HA ?oot G9 Go! Yield G9 ?esin from base of stem HA HA ?hi6ome G9 ?oot


9entiana +urroo ?oyle =ardostachys jatamansi 1*. Oro,ylum indicum Fent. Picrorhi6a +urroa >enth. e, ?oyle DD. Podophyllum he,andrum ?oyle. D$. Polygonatum cirrhifolium 7all. $%. Pterocarpus santalinus $1. Santalum album Ginn. $'. Saussurea costus *.>. *lar+e $). S!ertia chirata >uch/Ham
HA / High Altitude G9 / Gong 9estation M9 / Medium 9estation S9 / Short 9estation Uni / Uni"ersal


G9 7ood G9 7ood HA


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Anne-#)e = III


1. D P)'")$mme NURSERY Production of planting material $6 P#*.!% se%t') i; Model nursery :2 ha.; ii; Small =ursery :1 ha.; *6 P)! $te Se%t') i; Model nursery :2 ha.; ii; =ursery :1 ha.; 2. CULTI2ATION i; Species that Est!m$ted C'st Adm!ss!*.e Ass!st$n%e

?s. '% la+hs ?s. 2 la+hs

Ma,imum of ?s. '%.%% la+hs Ma,imum of ?s. 2.%% la+hs

?s. '% la+hs ?s. 2 la+hs

4%& of the cost limited to ?s. 1%.%% la+hs 4%& of the cost limited to ?s. '.%% la+hs



As per Anne-#)e 8 I E II As per Anne-#)e 8 I E II As per Anne-#)e 8 I E II

04& of the cost of culti"ation 4%& of the cost of culti"ation '%& of the cost of culti"ation )4&

endangered and in high demand by AYUSH industry ii; Species that are endangered and sources of supply are declining iii; Other species in demand by AYUSH industry and for e,ports i"; 8he !eighted a"erage of subsidy for $) plants as per list 3.

at Anne-#)e 8II POST HAR2EST MANAGEMENT i; 1rying sheds ?s. 4 la+hs

1%%& assistance for SH9s(*ooperati"es(Public Sector and 4%& for Pri"ate 1%%& assistance for SH9s( *ooperati"es(Public Sector and 4%& for Pri"ate

ii; Storage godo!ns

?s. 4 la+hs




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i; Processing unit

?s. '%% la+hs

'4& of the project cost subject to a ma,imum of ?s. 4% la+hs )%& of the project cost subject to a ma,imum of ?s. )% la+hs 4%& of the project cost Project based Project based Project based. 1%%& assistance to Public(SH9s( *ooperati"es

ii; Setting up testing laboratories iii; Mar+et promotion i"; Mar+et -ntelligence "; >uy bac+ inter"ention "i;Mar+eting infrastructureB/

?s. 1%% la+hs

?s. 1% la+hs Project based Project based / Aor rural mandi N ?s. 1% la+hs / Aor district mandiN?s. '%% la+hs 4%& of testing charges subject to ?s. 4 %%%(/ ?s. 4 la+hs for 4% ha. 4%& of premium

"ii;8esting charges(reimbursement "iii;Organic(9AP certification i,;*rop insurance MANAGEMENT SUPPORT i; State and 1istrict le"el organi6ations implementing the programme including additional manpo!er.

As per =HM


4& of the total annual e,penditure on the basis of appraised need. staff and 8he salary of the contractual project consultant management

for each component of the scheme to be paid under ii; Project preparation cost and Project based other office administrati"e e,penses cost including hiring of transport 85 hard!are( soft!are etc. the scheme 7ithin 4& a"ailable for management support


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e,penses "isits

including the

Project based

7ithin 4& a"ailable for management support



country and abroad Anne-#)e = I2


Des%)!+t!'n 1. B$%9")'#nd In&')m$t!'n 1.1 9eography and *limate 1.2 Potential for Medicinal Plants 1.3 5,isting infrastructureO!arehouse(cold storages mar+ets mandies manufacturing units nurseries :public and pri"ate sector; certification ?@1 institutions agencies testing laboratories farmers

2. 3.

associations(cooperati"es(SH9sP 1.0 Gand a"ailability :cluster/!ise; 1.1 5,isting le"el of culti"ation SFOT $n$.7s!s Det$!.s '& t/e Ann#$. A%t!'n P.$n 3.1 Objecti"e and strategy 3.2 -mplementation agency at the State le"el !ith contact address phone e/mail -1 3.3 Salient aspects of the Annual Action Plan and the implementation details at district(sub/district le"el and ho! different organisations are proposed to be brought together to achie"e the Mission objecti"es 3.0 *omponents :!ith physical targets and financial outlays; 3.0.1 =ursery :a; Public sector :b; Pri"ate sector 3.0.2 *ulti"ation :species/!ise proposed area and financial outlays for different clusters; :a; Storage(!arehousing :b; 1rying(grading sheds :c; Processing unit :d; Quality testing laboratory :e; Support for #uality testing 3.0.0 Mar+eting :a; Mar+et promotion 3.0.3


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:b; :c; :d;

Mar+et intelligence Mar+eting infrastructure >uy 3 bac+ inter"entions including


mobilisation of SH9s(cooperati"es 3.0.1 *ertification and -nsurance :a; Organic(9AP certification :b; *rop insurance 3.1 L!n9$"es 3.1.1 7ith ?@1 -nstitutions(Aacilitation centres 3.1.2 7ith AYUSH industry cluster scheme 3.1.3 7ith =ational Horticulture Mission 3.1.0 7ith Manufacturing units(traders for mar+eting M!ss!'n M$n$"ement 0.1 Project Management *onsultant 0.2 Salary of the contractual staff monitoring tra"el and other administrati"e e,penses Anne-#)es Map of the State gi"ing potential areas and location of e,isting and the proposed infrastructure under the Action Plan


Anne-#)e = 2


S. St$te N$me '& O)"$n!G$t!'n Acharya =.9. ?anga Agricultural N$me '& PIs 5Te.., F$-. N'6 1r. ?. Mohan ?ao Sr. Scientist @ Head :Hort.; Herbal 9arden Scheme Acharya =.9. ?anga Agricultural Uni"ersity ?ajendranagar

N'. 1. And/)$ P)$des/


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Hyderabad / )% 8el. =o. '2%1)))1 Mob. =o. %$D..D/.$1D$



Assam Agriculture Uni"ersity

1r. M.P. >ortha+ur 1irectorate of 5,tension 5ducation Assam Agriculture Uni"ersity Eorhat / pin codeB 0D4 %1) 8eleB %$2)4%$2)'. :M; %)0./')2%%)% :off; Aa,B %)0./')1%D)1 :c(o 1?A; %)0./')2%%%1 :c(o F*; 5/MailB @ -s! E.J. Handoo Uni"ersity Professor @ *hairman 1epartment of >otany @ Plant Physiology Aaculty ?ajendra '2%'0' of >asic Sciences @ Humanities Pusa %.'02/ 5/mailB 8elB S Agricultural D2D1'4 :O; Uni"ersity >ihar.



?ajendra Agricultural Uni"ersity >ihar




C//$tt!s "$)/

-ndira 9andhi Jrishi Fish!a"idyalaya

raupusaKSancharnet. 1r. Ar"ind Jumar 9eda Head 1epartment of Medicinal Aa,B @ Aromatic Plants *oA -9JF e/mailB @ Head ?aipur/ 2$'%%. :*.9.; 8eleB $1/001/'22)%$) $1/001/'22'1)1 Professor 1r. F.P. *ho"atia Agricultural Uni"ersity ).$ :M; %$D0$40%%D0 1irector of ?esearch Uni"ersity



Eunagadh Agricultural Uni"ersity

1epartment of Agricultural >otany Eunagadh Eunagadh. Pin code/ ).' %%1 9ujarat 8eleB %'D4/'.0'%D% e,t./



Anand Agricultural Uni"ersity


Agricultural 9ujarat PhB

Anand/ )DD 11%

:%'.$'; '.).%% Aa,B :%'.$'; '.1%40 5/mail/ 1r. P.J. Ferma Sr. Scientist @ Head Medicinal Aromatic and Under/Utili6ed Plants Section 1epartment of Plant >reeding Hisar/ 1'4 %%2. $D1'%44'%$ :M; **S HAU Ph./ %1..'/'D$'D) :O;



*h. *haran Singh Haryana Agricultural Uni"ersity


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H!m$%/$. P)$des/

1r. Y.S. Parmar Uni"ersity of Horticulture @ Aorestry -ndian -nstitute of -ntegrati"e Medicine Eammu >irsa Agricultural Uni"ersity

1r. =.S. *hauhan 1eptt. Of Aorest Products 1r. YSP UHA =auni/ Solan :HP; Pin code/ 10) ')% PhB %10$'/'4'2$4 :O; $21D%/0$%1' :M; e. mailB 1r. M.J. Jaul Head >iodi"ersity @ Applied >otany 1i"ision ---M Eammu/ 1D%%%1 E@J. 8el./ :O;/ %1$1/'4.$%%%/1% S/ %1$1/4)D...T 5/mailB/ Prof. >.=. Singh 1irector ?esearch Agricultural Uni"ersity P.O./ Jan+e >irsa ?anchi e/mail /


J$mm# E I$s/m!)

1A. J/$)9/$n d

pin code/ D)2 %%. Ehar+hand 8el. =o. %.41/ '24%.1% Aa, =o. %.41/'241%11 bnsingh' 1r. M. Fasundhara Uni"esity of Agricultural Sciences 1i"ision of Horticulture 9JFJ >angalore/ .4 8ele fa, =o. %D%/')))%'%.

11. I$)n$t$9 $

9andhi Jrishi Fignana Jendra

12. Ie)$.$

Jerala Agricultural Uni"ersity

:1irector of ?esearch; 1r. >aby P S+aria Associate Professor @ Head Jerala Agricultural Uni"ersity Aromatic and Medicinal Plants ?esearch Station Oda++ali Asamannoor P.O. 5rna+ulam 1istrict Jerala Pin/ .D) 42$ $220D0)$'' 8el./ :%2D2; '.4D''1 :M; Aa,B :%2D2; '.4$DD1T 5/mailB/

13. M$d/7$ P)$des/

Ea!aharlal =ehru Jrishi Fish!a Fidyalaya 1r. S.1. Upadhyaya 1epartment of *rop @ Herbal Physiology Fish!a Fidhyalaya code/ 2D'%%2 Ea!aharlal =ehru Jrishi Adhartal Eabalpur 8eleB/ pin Pradesh. 5mailB %0.1/


'.D1D4D(2%02).0 :O; %0.1/'.D1'10:?; Aa,B 10. M$/$)$s /t)$ Mahatma Phule Jrishi Fidyapeeth %0.1/'.D1)D 1r. 9ada+h Sharad ?amrao Officer -ncharge Scheme for Medicinal @ Aromatic Plants 1epartment of >otany Mahatma Phule Jrishi Fidyapeeth ?ahuri. 1ist. Ahmednagar 21)


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%$D''%1241D 8.Aa,/ %'2'./'2)'2$

11. M$/$)$s /t)$

>SJJF Jon+an Jrishi Fidyapeeth 1apoli 1istt. ?atnagiri -nstitute of >ioresources and Sustainable 1e"elopment :->S1;

1r. S.9. >ha"e Associate 1ean 1r. >alasaheb Sa!ant Jon+an Jrishi Fidyapeeth *ollege of Aorestry 1apoli / 214 01' 1ist. ?atnagiriT 8el. =o. %')4D/'D).44 'D2%1) Aa, =o. %')4D/ 'D2%1)T 5/mailB / 1r. F.S. ?ana Scientist / > @ -n/charge Medicinal Plants @ Horticultural ?esources 1i"ision %%1 -nstitute / of >ioresources and Sustainable 1e"elopment :->S1; -mphal / 0$4 8elefa,B %)D4/'22.1'1 e/mailB rana"s' 1r. Anupam Mishra Principal Scientist @ -ncharge A8-* @ =odal officer JFJs -*A? ?esearch *omple, for =5H ?egion Umiam Meghalaya / 0$) 1%) 8el. =o. %).2/'40%%'$ Mob. =o. %$2).1/..4%4 1r. Arun Jumar 1as Professor Agriculture OUA8

13. M$n!+#)

14. Me"/$.$ 7$

-*A? ?esearch *omple, for =5H ?egion

1;. O)!ss$

Orissa Uni"ersity of Agriculture @ 8echnology

Office/Associate 1ist/

1epartment of Hort. *ollege of >hubanes!ar

Jhurda Orissa. Pin *ode/ 041%%) Ph./%.02/ ')$'D1D 5,tn./ 1'2 e/mailB arundasRa+das K Head 1epartment

1?. P#nH$*

Punjab Agricultural Uni"ersity




Agricultural Uni"ersity :P.A.U.; Gudhiana. Pin *ode/ 121 %%2 PhB %1.1/'2112'0 :1irect; %1.1/ '2%1$.% e,tn/ )%D of Aa,B %1.1/ '2%%$24('2%'2D) 1r. 5. Fadi"el

2A. T$m!. N$d#

8amil =adu Agricultural Uni"ersity



5ducation 8amil =adu Agricultural Uni"ersity *oimbatore. Pin code/ .21 %%) 8amil =adu 8el. =o. %2''/..11)4' ..11'))T Aa, =o.


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%2''/..112))T 5/mailB/

21. Utt$)$9/ $nd

9.>. Pant Uni"ersity of Agriculture @ 8echnology

1irector of ?esearch 9 > Pant Uni"ersity of Agriculture @ 8echnology Pantnagar pin code/'.) 124 Ph. =o./ %4$22/%)).'4 :O;

U$1$21'1'111$ :M; Aa,B %4$22/'))20) 5/ mailB 1r. O.P. Singh Plant >reeder =arendra 1e"a Uni"ersity of Agriulture @ 8echnology =arendra =agar Jumarganj Aai6abad / ''2 ''$ 8el. =o. %4'0%/'.'2.) Aa, =o. %4'0%/ '.'%$0 5/mailB Assistant Ashrama 0%$ M/ S!ami Fish!amayananda Secretary '200 ?ama+rishna Mission /

22. Utt$) P)$des/

=arendra 1e"a Uni"ersity of Agriulture @ 8echnology

23. Fest Ben"$.

?ama+rishna Mission Ashrama =arendrapur

=arendrapur Jol+ata/ 0%% 1%) Ph. =o./ %)) /''%1(%'(%) 5,tn. $2)))4)1.0 Aa,./ :%));/'200 '%0% 5mail / ayur"eda/


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