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Hi Nuzroz, I have copied it from HSM mode Installation Guide on use of Crosix studio for skin installation , You

can use this procedure for any skins . HSM Mod if this info is not to be shared pls inform , I would edit this message . Hope this helps, WARNING : Altering ww2Art.sga and relicCOH.module files doesn't prevent to play online, but prevents to make a game update so it's necessary to save the genuine files and put them back before any patching.

First get Corsix tool program. (

Phase one: Unpack used archives Launch Corsix; Select load single sga archive Select "THQ\Company of Heroes\WW2\Archives\ww2Art.sga" On the left, top window, an "data" folder appears. Right click on it and select "extract all files in this folder", then "go!" Choose where to extract folder... I suggest to create a new folder where you have space enough, call it "myWW2" then 'OK'. You will see the extraction in progress. Then close Corsix. Phase two: Insert HSM mod files in 'myWW2Art' Download the 'Historical Skin Mod' from Download Section Copy the directory ww2/Data/art from the mod .zip file Paste it in 'myWW2', the one you've created. You will be ask to overwrite existing files. You have to answer yes. Phase three: repack ww2Art.sga Open Corsix again Open an sga archive (or open or create a mod)... this steps just allow you to access some options of Corsix. On the top left menu bar, select 'MOD', 'SGA Packer' In the Input directory, browse to 'myWW2' directory In the SGA to create browse to 'THQ\Company of Heroes\WW2\Archives\ww2Art.sga' then click 'Create'. This process might take few minutes.

Phase four : Modify relicCOH.module Edit the RelicCOH.module file with notepad and modify the following part that way: Genuine file : [attrib:common] folder = archive.01 = WW2\Archives\AttribArchive Modified file : [attrib:common] folder = archive.01 = WW2\Archives\Attribhsm archive.02 = WW2\Archives\AttribArchive Phase five: Play Regards Rishad

oposing front key 01b8-bbaf-3bcb-d180-e976

iron front cd ki:F9G3-66VRF-69KG9-HZ90H-M6C4S



mod "ottoman_realizm_twt_mod.pack";mod aum_mod_dm.pack;

-mod EuropeanTheater1944


*How do I configure my shortcut to play EaW?

-Adds this on your CoH shortcut "c\Program files\THQ\Company of heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -mod Europe_At_War

-For steam version: "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\company of heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -mod Europe_At_War

*How can I add maps in EaW?

-"My Documents\My games\Company Of Heroes\Europe_At_War\Scenarios\"

modern combat sortcut launrc: -dev -mod ModernCombat

01. DMUC_v62_Full_Installer.exe [1310MB] 02. DMUC_62_to_70_Patch.exe [556MB] (with 11/14/2011 hot fix) 03. DMUC_Music_Pack_v16.exe [369MB] 04. DMUC_DFM_v11_Setup.exe [48MB]

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