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Mini Project (BT0079)

of the course

BSC IT !e" #009

Thir$ Se%ester

Directorate of Distance Education



1. Objectives 2. Hardware Requirements 3. Software Requirements 4. Broad rea of !!"ications #. $rob"em Definitions % Some E&am!"es '. (uide"ines for $roject Re!ort $re!aration ). Eva"uation

/0 +"jecti1es2
*+e mini !roject is desi,ned to +e"! students deve"o! !ractica" abi"it- and .now"ed,e about !ractica" too"s / tec+niques in order to so"ve rea" "ife !rob"ems re"ated to t+e industr-0 academic institutions and com!uter science researc+. *+e course 1ini $roject is one t+at invo"ves !ractica" wor. for understandin, and so"vin, !rob"ems in t+e fie"d of com!utin,. Students wi"" se"ect individua""- 2ommercia" or *ec+nica" $roject based on !!"ication Deve"o!ment *ec+no"o,ies "earnt in !revious semesters. Eac+ student wi"" +ave to !re!are !ro!er documentation consistin, of Software Requirements S!ecification 3SRS40 1ode"in, *ec+niques0 Deve"o!ment Strate,ies0 5m!"ementation and *estin, Strate,ies. Student mause an- Desi,n 1et+odo"o,ies suc+ as SS D0 OO D and 6170 etc. *+e !roject wor. wi"" be !resented b- students usin, $ower $oint $resentation *oo" to t+e !ane" of E&aminers.

#0 ,3r$43re )e5uire%ents2
$58 2om!uter #12 1B R 1 49(B Hard Dis.

60 Soft43re )e5uire%ents2
)DBMS 7 B3c8 en$ Too9s2 1-S:7 L3n:u3:es2 20 ;ava Internet Techno9o:ies2 DH*170 ;ava Scri!t0 8B Scri!t0 $er" < 2(5 Scri!t0 ;ava0 ;S$0 S$0 =170 E;B0 ;ava Beans0 Serv"ets +;er3tin: S<ste%s2 >indows 2999 / 1E / ?* / =$ / 8ista0 6ni&0 7inu& ctive =0 R150 2ORB 0 Swin,0

=0 Bro3$ 're3 of ';;9ic3tions2


5nsurance 1anufacturin, 1u"timedia 2om!uter (ra!+ics 5nstructiona" Desi,n Database 1ana,ement S-stems 5nternet 5ntranet 2om!uter ?, 2ommunication EA2ommerce ER$ *2$A5$ $ro,rammin, Routin, $rotoco"s $ro,rammin, $ro,rammin,

>0 Pro"9e% Definitions ? So%e E@3%;9es

set of !ossib"e !roject names and t+eir detai"s are !resent +ere. However0 t+e students are encoura,ed to be creative and deve"o! !rojects in simi"ar areas. ';;9ic3tion De1e9o;%ent Projects2 Project N3%e2 Person39 Ne4s M3n3:er Descri;tionB "ar,e amount of da-AtoAda- news re!orts are avai"ab"e on t+e web and manof t+em are u!dated continuous"- "i.e 2??0 BB2 etc. But we rea"iCe t+at fo""owin, suc+ news sites is time wor.. Dou s+ou"d deve"o! a s-stem t+at understands user requirements and re,u"ar"- u!dates t+e news re"evant to suc+ needs. @or e&am!"eB 6ser is a teac+er of com!uter science and s/+e " to see an- news re"ated to t+e com!uter science researc+. So in t+e $ersona" ?ews 1ana,er users +ave to "ist some favourite news sites and0 it wi"" automatica""- searc+ t+e webAsites as bac.end !rocess and if t+ere is an- news conformin, to t+e ,iven .e-words0 it wi"" ,ive t+e user a messa,e about it. "0 Project N3%e2 I$entic39 Projects !in$er Descri;tionB Deve"o! software to identif- identica" !roject re!orts. *+e software com!ares a !roject re!ort wit+ ot+er !roject re!orts to searc+ for simi"arities between different re!orts. 5f an- two or more re!orts are more t+an 19E simi"ar to eac+ ot+er0 t+en t+e- are mar.ed as

Fsus!ectedG and wi"" be eva"uated manua""-. *+e software wi"" ,enerate a tab"e to s+ow t+e "ist of simi"ar re!orts a"on, wit+ t+e !ercenta,e of simi"arit- of eac+. c0 Project N3%e2 Person39 'ssist3nt Descri;tionB Desi,n and deve"o! software t+at can !rovide faci"it- to users to !"an t+e timetab"e and sc+edu"e for a da-0 wee. and mont+. *+e timetab"e s+ou"d remind t+e user about t+e tas.0 wit+0 a messa,e and some musica" tones. (ive t+e faci"it- to t+e user to set different !riorit- "eve"s. tones s+ou"d a!!ear. $0 Project N3%e2 M< 'ccount3nt Descri;tionB Deve"o! software t+at +e"!s t+e user 3eit+er t+e service !erson or business !erson4 to com!ute +is/+er income ta& or sa"es ta& returns. 5t s+ou"d ca"cu"ate returns for t+e user to review t+e return. benefits etc. Net4or8in: Projects2 30 Project N3%e2 Grou; Co%%unic3tion Descri;tionB Deve"o! ,rou! communication c"ient and server software w+ere mu"ti!"e users can communicate t+rou,+ te&t messa,es 3simi"ar to -a+oo messen,er4. 5t s+ou"d !rovide faci"it- to broadcast and mu"ticast t+e messa,e. *+e server !ro,ram wi"" be insta""ed on one mac+ine and c"ients can be insta""ed on different mac+ines in a "oca" area networ.. 2+at server !ro,ram "istens for incomin, ca""s from c"ients. 2"ient runnin, in an- $2 can connect to t+e server if 5$ address of t+e server is .nown. 5t "istens for messa,es from a"" t+e connected c"ients. 5t broadcast t+e messa,e from c"ients to a"" t+e c"ients connected to t+e server. Dou can a"so t-!eAin messa,es in t+e server0 w+ic+ wi"" be broadcast to a"" t+e c"ients. 2+at c"ient !ro,ram sends messa,es to t+e server as we"" as a"" t+e connected c"ients. 5t views t+e messa,es from a"" t+e c"ients and t+e server. >+en some c"ients want to send some messa,e to ot+er c"ients it s+ou"d ,ive t+e mac+ine name0 user name0 5$ address and ot+er re"evant information about t+e senders c"ient so t+at t+e receiver c"ient wi"" ,ive aut+entic !ermission to t+e sender c"ient. "0 Project N3%e2 I%;9e%entin: +SP! '9:orith% Descri!tionB Routin, !rotoco"s are used to ensure !ac.ets are routed correct"- from source to destination in data networ.s and idea""- s+ou"d be o!tima"0 sim!"e0 stab"e and robust. O!en S+ortest $at+ @irst 3OS$@4 is a wide"- de!"o-ed routin, !rotoco" in 5nternet !rotoco" 5m!"ement a"" necessar- income ta& ru"es0 re"a&ations0 ccordin, to t+e !riorit- "eve"s different reminder messa,es and

networ.s. Desi,n and deve"o! a !ro,ram for OS$@ routin, !rotoco" and demonstrate t+ow data !ac.ets are routed t+rou,+ t+e OS$@ a",orit+m. c0 Project N3%e2 Mu9ti%e$i3 Se3rch En:ine Descri!tionB 1u"timedia searc+ en,ine s+ou"d su!!ort efficient stora,e0 retrieva" and mana,ement of co""ection of ima,es0 audio and video fi"es. user wi"" searc+ ima,es0 audio and video fi"es w+i"e !rovidin, some te&t not detai"s of t+e desired fi"e. Eac+ ima,e0 audio and video fi"e in t+e database wi"" +ave its descri!tion. 7ist a"" t+e ima,es0 audio and video fi"es accordin, to descri!tion as.ed b- user. @or "ar,e siCe ima,es searc+ en,ine !ro,ram s+ou"d convert t+e ori,ina" ima,e into its tem!orar- sma"" ima,e version0 w+ic+ wi"" use "ess bandwidt+. 2", on sma"" versions of t+e ima,e0 it wi"" o!en t+e ori,ina" ima,e. $0 Project N3%e2 )outer Si%u93tion Descri!tionB router is a device t+at forwards data !ac.ets a"on, networ.s. router is connected to at "east two networ.s0 name"- two 7 ?s or > ?s or a 7 ? and its 5S$ networ.. Routers are "ocated at ,atewa-s0 t+e !"ace w+ere two or more networ.s connect. Routers use +eaders and forwardin, tab"es to determine t+e best !at+ for forwardin, t+e !ac.ets0 and t+e- use !rotoco"s suc+ as 521$ to communicate wit+ eac+ ot+er and confi,ure t+e best route between an- two +osts. Desi,n and deve"o! a software simu"ator for a router wit+ n in!uts and n out!uts to ana"-Ce router !erformance under burst- traffic and com!are it to t+at under nonAburst- traffic. S<ste% Soft43re De1e9o;%ent Projects2 30 Project N3%e2 I%3:e !i9ter Descri!tionB *e&ture s-nt+esis is a tec+nique for fi""in, in +o"es or tears in ima,es w+en missin, !arts of t+e ima,e are not .nown. One a!!roac+ to doin, t+is is to use a tec+nique not un"i.e t+e Frubber stam!G0 too" in $+otos+o!. *+is invo"ves usin, statistica" inferences on te&ture around t+e +o"e and t+en fi""in, t+e +o"e in from t+e outside usin, !ieces 3bim!"ication statistics of !ieces4 of t+e ima,e0 w+ic+ best around t+e current ti! of t+e +o"e. "0 Project N3%e2 Co993"or3ti1e Docu%ent E$itor Descri!tionB Durin, meetin,s !eo!"e often create s+ared te&tua" documents0 or discuss and wor. on documents0 w+ic+ +ave been !re!ared before t+e meetin,. basic c+aracteristic of a s+ared meetin, document is t+at it often serves as a source of information for !artici!ants0 eit+er durin, or after a meetin,. @or instance0 a s+ared document suc+ as t+e minutes of a meetin, cou"d be used to identif- t+e contributions of different !eo!"e0 to find out about !ro!osed dead"ines0 !endin, tas.s0 and so on. *+e objective of t+is !roject is to deve"o! a

;avaAbased co""aborative document editor w+ic+ a""ows com!uter su!!orted co""aborative meetin, !artici!ants to structure t+eir s+ared documents b-, u! various !arts of t+e documents in a wa- t+at faci"itates !ostAmeetin, information retrieva". c0 Project N3%e2 S;9it Do4n9o3$ Descri!tionB Deve"o! an a!!"ication t+at wi"" im!rove t+e down"oadin, !rocess0 b- s!"ittin, bi, fi"es into different !arts0 and down"oad eac+ !art of t+e fi"e !ara""e" and t+en combine t+em !ro!er"-. 5t s+ou"d maintain trans!arenc- to users. $0 Project N3%e2 Bro4ser ,istor< (ie4er Descri!tionB >eb !ro&- a""ows a userGs web browsin, activit- to be "o,,ed to a fi"e or database. na"-sis and access to t+ese "o,s of web site are ver- "imited. 5n t+is !roject0 Browser Histor- 8iewer0 -ou wi"" deve"o! a s-stem t+at a""ows users to browse t+ese web +istories in a number of different wa-s. 6sers s+ou"d be ab"e to browse t+eir +istories usin, t+umbnai"s of t+e !a,es t+e- visited. dditiona" dis!"a-s wou"d a"wa-s t+e web sites t+e"ternative dis!"a-s cou"d use +ave accessed to !roduce a ,ra!+ica" tree of web use.

te&tua" ana"-sis to ,rou! simi"ar !a,es to,et+er in usersG +istories. Ae" De1e9o;%ent Projects2 30 Project N3%e2 +n9ine )e%in$er Descri!tionB Desi,n a website0 w+ic+ wi"" send reminder to t+e user on +is/+er eAmai"0 on s!ecific dates. 5t wi"" mana,e different users and eac+ user wi"" "o,in secure"-0 eac+ user can !"an0 sc+edu"e t+e dates in t+e ca"endar and set reminder for e&am!"e birt+da-s0 anniversaries0 im!ortant da-s of t+e w+o"e -ear0 mont+. On t+at s!ecific date0 t+e !ro,ram wi"" send a reminder to t+e users eAmai" account and inform t+e im!ortance of t+at date. "0 Project N3%e2 +n9ine E$itor Descri!tionB 2reate a website for an on"ine editorH t+e user s+ou"d be ab"e to t-!e t+e messa,e or be ab"e to send an- .ind of te&t document. *+e !ro,ram on t+e website s+ou"d c+ec. t+e s!e""in, and ,rammar 5f t+e s!e""in, is wron,0 on ri,+t c"ic. of mouse it s+ou"d ,ive t+e !robab"e correct s!e""in, and t+e user can correct it easi"-. 2a"cu"ate t+e F"o, inde&G for t+e t-!ed !ara,ra!+ or fi"e data sent b- t+e user. c0 Project N3%e2 Ae" B3se$ Course )e:istr3tion Descri!tionB Deve"o! a >eb based course re,istration !ro,ramH students can re,ister for different avai"ab"e courses. @or eac+ course +e/s+e wi"" fi"" an on"ine form0 w+ic+ wi"" contain detai"s of DD/2+eque no etc. Detai"s of t+e form s+ou"d be forwarded to t+e administration. fter, t+e e"i,ibi"it- criteria0 fee detai"s etc. t+e administration wi"" !rovide t+e user

name0 enro"ment no.0 !assword to t+e student and t+e student can join t+e course. 5f aninformation is missin,0 t+en t+e software wi"" inform t+e student on t+eir eAmai" re,ardin, t+e !rob"em. Securit- at ever- sta,e s+ou"d be maintained !ro!er"-. $0 Project N3%e2 Ae" B3se$ Li"r3r< Descri!tionB 5m!"ement and desi,n a >eb based "ibrar-H w+ic+ s+ou"d a""ow t+e user to issue boo.s and ot+er onA"ine materia"0 issue t+e user id and !assword to t+e user for t+e s!ecific duration of an academic -ear. issues in t+e software. ut+enticate t+e user. 5m!"ement a"" "ibrar- re"ated

B0 Gui$e9ines for Project )e;ort Pre;3r3tion

*+e $roject Re!ort s+ou"d contain t+e fo""owin, +eadin,sB a. *it"e of t+e $roject b. 5ntroduction and Objectives of t+e $roject c. $roject 2ate,or- 3 !!"ication/?,/S-stem Software/>eb Based4 d. *oo"s / $"atform0 Hardware and Software Requirement S!ecifications e. $rob"em Definition0 Requirement S!ecifications 3Detai"ed @unctiona" Requirements and *ec+nica" S!ecifications40 $roject $"annin, and Sc+edu"in, 3(antt c+ar/$ER* c+art4 f. Sco!e of t+e $roject ,. na"-sis 3D@Ds0 ER dia,rams/2"ass dia,rams etc. as !er t+e !roject requirements4 +. com!"ete structure w+ic+ inc"udesB i. ?umber of modu"es and t+e descri!tion to !rovide an estimation of t+e studentGs effort on t+e !roject. ii. Data structures as !er t+e !roject requirements for a"" t+e modu"es. iii. $rocess 7o,ic of eac+ modu"e. iv. 5m!"ementation 1et+odo"o,v. 7ist of re!orts t+at are "i.e"- to be ,enerated i. Overa"" networ. arc+itecture 3if required for -our !roject4 j. 5m!"ementation of securit- mec+anisms at various "eve"s .. @uture sco!e and furt+er en+ancement of t+e !roject ". Bib"io,ra!+-

70 E139u3tion
Metho$o9o:< of Con$uct of Project *+e course tit"ed I1ini $rojectJ bearin, t+e subject code B*99)K +as 4 credits wei,+t and t+e !roject +as to be com!"eted for duration of 129 Hours.

TABLE 1 - COMPONENTS OF PROJECT EXAMINATION PAPER PE 1 PE 2 Participation in Project Work and Acco p!is" ent PE 3 PE 4 PE 5



Project Report



TABLE 2 - PROJECT MARKS DISTRIBUTION PAPER %A&'%(% %AR)S '*T E&T 140 PE %A& 200 '*T 30 PE 1 E&T *A PE 2 '*T 30 E&T *A PE 3 '*T *A E&T ,0 PE 4 '*T *A E&T 20 PE 5 '*T *A E&T 40





PR-.E/T E&A% %A&'%(% %AR)S 6 A PASS'*7 %AR)S 6 & ,0

/-%PRE0E*S'#E E&A% %A&'%(% %AR)S 6 B *A PASS'*7 %AR)S 6 3 *A

T-TA1 %AR)S A2B 200

PASS %AR)S & 2 3 4 40 5 ,0