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'**************************************************** 'DIRECTORATE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION CHENNAI 600025, TAMIL NADU '**************************************************** STUDENTS INFORMATION AND ADMISSION APPROVAL ***SOFTWARE

FOR POLYTECHNIC COLLEGES *** Admissions to FIRST YEAR DIPLOMA COURSES 2012-2013 '**************************************************** MINIMUM ELIGIBILITY MARKS FOR ADMISSION ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR ADMISSION IN THE POLYTECHNICS OF TAMIL NADU STATE CANDIDATES: All those who have passed in 10th standard S.S.L.C be made eligible for admission into the polytechnics of Tamil Nadu from the academic year 2002-2003 as per G.O (Ms. )No 1,Higher Education (B2) Department Dated 2-1-2010. **************************************************** Resevation: OC-31%,BC(O)-26.5%,BC(Muslim)-3.5%. MBC/DNC-20%,SC-15%,SC(A)-3%, ST-1% '**************************************************** OTHER STATE CANDIDATES: *Eligibilty Criteria regarding subject of study and award of pass for admission into First Year Diploma Courses for other state candidates". The candidates who have passed their Xth or equivalent examinations under the Other State Boards subject to the fulfillment of the AICTE Norms for eligible qualifications

*************************************************** Guidelines to be followed for the Installation of the Software In connection with approval for admissions made in the Government, Government aided and Self Financing Polytechnic colleges during the academic year 20012-2013. 'B', 'C', 'F1' and 'F2' Forms are to be prepared in uniform pattern. Principals are requested to submit the proposal in the required format. The downloaded software may be installed into your computer by following the instructions given below:I.Minimum Requirements

1.Pentium IV with 128Mb RAM 2.Laser Printer 3.CD Writer $.Microsoft Windows XP II.Important Settings 1.Monitor Resolution:1024 by 768 pixels. 2.The Printer has been set to "A4" Paper Size before Printing. III.Installation 1.Download the software from the website and Store in your Computer. 2.Double Click "Setup.exe". 3.To Install Dote Programme" - Click Ok. 4.Create "C:\Program Files\Dote" Folder. 5.Create Start Menu Program Group-"Directorate Of Technical Edu\Dote" This will install Approval Software Pogramme under "C:\Program Files\Dote" directory. After the installation is complete, you can open the program from ususal windows start as given below Start ---> Programs ---> Directorate of Technical Edu --->Dote '**************************************************** INSTRUCTIONS TO COLLEGES 1.Select the appropriate college code then the corresponding college name will be displayed automatically. 2.Select the branch code the branch text and name corresponding to the code will be displayed automatically. 3.Enter the student ID. This Id should be unique for each student. It should be of the format COLL CODE followed by serial Number.(for example: 101001,372001) It Should be Unique ID fo r each student. 4.The Photo ID is the same as the Student ID. The Photo ID appears automatically as you type the student ID. The photo ID can also be changed if necessary. 5.Enter the Name of the Student with the initial. 6.Select the Scheme of Admission. 7.Enter the Correct Address of the Student. 8.Select the Community of the Student. 9.Select the Gender of the Student. 10.Enter the BirthDate of the Student. It should be of the format DD/MM/YYYY eg: 02/08/1995. 11.Select the Religion of the Student. 12.Choose the Qualifying Exam of the Student. 13.Choose the Mother Tongue of the Student. 14.Enter the Year of Passing of the Student. It should be of the Format MMM-YYYY .eg: MAR-2012. 15.Choose the State of the Student. 16.Choose the Allotted Quota of the Student. 17.Choose the Category of Admission of the Student. i.GOI Government of India ii.GQ Government Quota iii.MQ Management Quota

18.Enter the Marks of the Student for Maths, Science and English. Also choose the Maximum marks for each subject. 19.Enter the total marks obtained by the Student as per Mark Sheet. Also enter the maximum total marks. 20.The Average will be calculated automatically as per the Total Marks obtained and the Maximum Marks. 21.Choose among the Remarks. i. SPOR Sports Person ii.TFWS Tution Fees Waiver Scheme iii.EXS Ex-Serviceman iv.DABL Differently Abled v.SPON Sponsors vi.ITI Industrial Training Institute vii.--None Commands Add: Clears all the Fields so as to Enter the Details of a new Record. Save: Saves the Details of the new record into the database. No fields should be left blank. Delete Removes the Current Record from the DataBase. Update Updates the changes made in the Current Record. It allows changing all the fields in the Record except the Student ID. No fields should be left blank. Clear Clears all the fields in the Form. Close Closes the Current form. '*******************************************************' 'Warning : Software should not be redistributed or sold to any 'other person without prior permission from the 'DIRECTORATE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION. 'Kindly give your suggessions to '**************************************************** Clarifications on ADMISSIONS PL. Contact: Liaison Officer/ I- Section