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Star Wars Takes to the Screens of Wayang Kulit Date: 29/11/2013 Slug: Malaysia puppet Reporter: Faidzal Mochtar

Mkini !"R# $ %ayang &ulit 'ersion o( Star )ars is in the *aking in Malaysia+ "he idea is to attract a ne) generation o( (ans to the ancient shado) puppet tradition+ Faidzal Mohtar *ets the people ,ehind the creation+ "-." SF. )ayang kulit "his *ay look like a traditional )ayang kulit sho) ,ut there are so*e di((erences+ /isual e((ects and sound e((ects ha'e ,een added to enhance the e0perience (or the audience+ $ni*ator 1huo 2uan 3ing has tea*ed up )ith reno)ned shado) play per(or*er Muha**ad Dain #th*an in this *odern take on the puppet sho)+ 1huo clip 1 4Male5 -nglish6: 7 )ant to pro*ote this traditional art to the younger generations so*e like it ,ut so*e (eel that this is old and outdate5 so in order to get their attention5 is to do so*ething that they kno)+8 So*ething they kno) is the Star )ars *o'ie series+++ 1huo clip 2 4Male5 -nglish6: 7"he t)o *ain characters are Sangkala /ader and 3erantau 9angkit+ "he good and the ,ad5 the (orce and the darkside+ "he character that they are (a*iliar )ith is di((erent+ So ne) *eets old5 traditional *eets sci:(i+8 "he ai* o( the pro;ect is to re'i'e a traditional culture not to co*pletely change it+ Reno)ned per(or* Muha**ad Dain says the tradition allo)s (or inno'ation as long as key ele*ents are there+ Muha**ad Dain clip 1 4Male5 -nglish6: 7 ( you )ant to per(or* an outside story like Star %ars+ "he *aster puppeteer *ust ,e there5 the screen *ust ,e there and the percussion *ust ,e there+8 $s ani*ator5 1huo 2uan 3ing )ants to enhance the old 'ersion o( )ayang kulit ,y adding sound e((ect5 'isual e((ect5 and so*e ne) )ays o( puppets+ #ne o( the changes is the character *usic says Muha**ad Dain+

Muha**ad Dain clip 2 4Male5 -nglish6: 7%hen it co*es to star )ars they )ant to create a speci(ic *usic (or darth 'ada+ "hey created the *usic using the percussion used in traditional shado) play+ ( they insert in another kind o( instru*ent5 that is not shado) play any*ore+8 "he sho) has ,een *ore than year in the *aking and 1huo says there ha'e ,een *any challenges along the )ay+ 1huo clip 3 4Male5 -nglish6: 7!o,ody has done this ,e(ore5 its like ho) should )e do it< 1an )e do that< %e had a lot o( challenges here and there (ro* puppet cutting5 to 'isual a((ect until song *aking5 so )e actually ha'e constant challenges+8 SF. *usic =is ai* is to hold a one hour sho) ,ased on the (ourth *o'ie o( the Star %ars (ranchise+ "he hope is that this traditional art (or* )ill ,e preser'ed through this (usion+ For $sia 1alling this (eature is produced ,y Faidzal Mohtar (ro* Malaysia+