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Starting Secondary
School 2010

Transfer from Primary to Secondary School Apply online:
for Admission in September 2010
For children born between 1st September 1998 and 31st August 1999 by Friday
23 October 2009 25

Welcome 01

Applying Online 02

Schools in Merton and their location 03

Key dates 06

Guide to applying for a secondary school place 08

Which school should I apply for? 08
How do I apply? 08
How are places allocated? 09
When will I know? 09
What if my application is late or I change my preferences? 09
What is a waiting list? 10
Can I appeal if I don’t get the place I want? 10
My child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs 10

Admissions criteria 11
Merton’s Academies 11
Merton’s Community & Voluntary Controlled Schools 14
Merton’s Voluntary Aided Schools 16

Completing the Common Application Form (CAF) 18

Schools in Merton 20
Bishopsford Community School 20
Harris Academy Merton 22
Raynes Park High School 24
Ricards Lodge High School 26
Rutlish School 28
St Mark’s Church of England Academy 30
Ursuline High School Wimbledon 32
Wimbledon College 34

Schools in neighbouring boroughs 36

Frequently asked questions 41

List of educational terms 44

Translation advice 45
Letter from the Director of
Children, Schools and Families
Dear Parents and Carers
Transferring from primary Please keep this brochure until
to secondary school is an
important step in your child’s
you have received and accepted
education. I am delighted an offer of a secondary school
that you are considering a place for your child.
secondary school in Merton.
This brochure provides If you have any questions regarding school
an introduction to the admissions, please contact:
diverse range of learning School Admissions Team
opportunities and specialist Children, Schools and Families
facilities provided in Merton’s London Borough of Merton
eight secondary schools. While all the schools share Civic Centre
common features, just as each child is unique, so each London Road
school is unique in the ethos and qualities offered. Morden SM4 5DX
Please take your time to find out as much as you can
about your local schools to enable you to make a fully Opening hours:
informed decision about which schools to apply for. Monday - Friday, 9.00am-5.00pm
Visit as many of the schools as you can and involve
your child in this process.
Phone: 020 8274 4906
Merton is committed to developing its schools and the
opportunities available for students. We already have Fax: 020 8545 3443
successful 6th Forms at Ursuline, Wimbledon College, Email:
St. Ann’s, Harris Academy and St Mark’s Academy.
In September 2010 Ricards Lodge and Rutlish will Website:
become 11-19 schools operating a joint co-educational
6th form, and Bishopsford and Raynes Park will each
have 6th form provision on site in partnership with
Merton College. The new provisions will complement
and enhance existing 6th Form learning opportunities.
If you have access to a computer, consider applying
online. This is a quick, convenient and secure method
of applying for your secondary school place in 2010.
Finally, I hope the application process runs smoothly for
you, and I wish your child every success in their new
secondary school.

Yvette Stanley
Director of Children, Schools and Families
London Borough of Merton

Applying Online

This brochure has two main aims: The online application form is straightforward and asks
the same information as the paper form. If you have any
• to provide parents and carers of children living doubts about the information you should enter, please
in Merton with information needed to apply for a see pages 18 -19 of this guide.
secondary school place in this or any other council’s
area for September 2010; and Once you have registered to apply online, please keep
a note of your user name and password below, so that
• to provide information regarding all eight Merton you may return to your form to make amendments until
secondary schools. the closing date of 23 October 2009 and to view the
outcome from 2 March 2010.
Applying online If you apply online, please do not also submit a paper
Parents of children living in the London Borough of form. Submitting more than one application could, at
Merton can apply online for a secondary place at: the very least, delay your application.
In 2008/9, 51% of Merton residents applied online.

This has several advantages:

• no forms will get lost in the post For online admissions
• data validation system prevents you from naming
incorrect school names and numbers USER NAME/EMAIL:
• you will receive an instant email confirmation of your PASSWORD:
completed application
• it is quick, simple, and no paper is involved
• there are no postage costs
• it is a safe and secure password operated system
• changes and amendments can be made right up to
the closing date
• there is no risk of data input errors once the online
form has been completed.

Schools in Merton

Bishopsford Community School Rutlish School

Lilleshall Road, Morden SM4 6DU Watery Lane, London SW20 9AD
Headmaster: Mr A Barker Headteacher: Mr A Williamson
Tel: 020 8687 1157 Tel: 020 8542 1212
DCSF number: 315 4061 DCSF number: 315 4500
210 places for Boys & Girls: 240 places for Boys only:
211 preferences were received last year. All those who 427 preferences were received last year. All those who
applied by the closing date were offered a place, if they applied by the closing date were offered a place, if they
did not receive a higher preference offer. did not receive a higher preference offer.

Harris Academy Merton St Mark’s Church of England Academy

Wide Way, Mitcham CR4 1BP Acacia Road, Mitcham CR4 1SF
Principal: Mr A Halpin Principal: Ms E Holland
Tel: 020 8623 1000 Executive Principal: Mr P Evans
DCSF number: 315 6905 Tel: 020 8648 6627
180 places for Boys & Girls: DCSF number: 315 6906
618 preferences were received last year. Please contact 180 places for Boys & Girls:
the Academy for details of how places were offered. 311 preferences were received last year. All those who
applied by the closing date were offered a place, if they
Raynes Park High School did not receive a higher preference offer.
Bushey Road, London SW20 0JL
Headteacher: Mr I Newman Ursuline High School Wimbledon
Tel: 020 8946 4112 Crescent Road, Wimbledon SW20 8HA
DCSF number: 315 4052 Executive Headteacher: Ms J Waters
Tel: 020 8255 2688
240 places for Boys & Girls:
614 preferences were received last year. DCSF number: 315 5400
Places were offered as follows: 196 places for Girls only:
7 SEN/LAC/Social/Medical 763 preferences were received last year.
53 Siblings Please contact the school for details of how places
180 Distance (to 5162 metres) were offered.

Ricards Lodge High School Wimbledon College

Lake Road, London SW19 7HB Edge Hill, London SW19 4NS
Headteacher: Mrs A Jerrard Headmaster: Father A Porter SJ
Tel: 020 8946 2208 Tel: 020 8879 9355
DCSF number: 315 4050 DCSF number: 315 4701
240 places for Girls only: 199 places for Boys only:
691 preferences were received last year. 651 preferences were received last year.
Places were offered as follows: Please contact the school for details of how places
8 SEN/LAC/Social/Medical were offered.
54 Siblings
178 Distance (to 3260 metres)

Location of Merton
secondary schools

1 Bishopsford Community School
2 St Mark’s Church of England Academy
3 Raynes Park High School
4 Ricards Lodge High School
5 Rutlish School
6 Harris Academy Merton
7 Ursuline High School Wimbledon
8 Wimbledon College

Key dates 2009/2010

September 2009 If your child lives in the London Borough of Merton, you should receive your
Common Application Forms (CAFs) and this booklet via borough primary schools
or by post from Merton School Admissions Team.

September Secondary schools’ open days and open evenings. Prospectuses are available for
- October 2009 collection from the schools at these events.

Friday 23 October 2009 Closing date for receipt of online applications, Common Application
Forms and any supplementary forms.
After this date your application will be considered as late.

27 November 2009 Admissions authorities rank applications according to admissions criteria.

- 15 January 2010

Friday 11 December 2009 Closing date for applications from people moving into the borough, or changing
address after 23 October 2009.

Monday 1 March 2010 National Offer Day. We will post letters by first class post to tell you the result
of your application.

Monday 15 March 2010 Date by which you must accept or decline your offer of a school place.

June – July 2010 Admission appeals.

June – July 2010 All students transferring to Merton secondary schools spend a day at their
new school.

Open evenings and mornings

Bishopsford Community School Open Evening: Tuesday 29 September 2009 6.00–8.30pm

Lilleshall Road, Morden, SM4 6DU Personal Tours: Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7, Tuesday 13 and
020 8687 1157 Wednesday 14 October 2009

Harris Academy Merton Open Evening: Wednesday 16 September 2009 5.00–8.00pm

Wide Way, Mitcham, CR4 1BP Last entry 7.30pm
020 8623 1000

Raynes Park High School Open Evening: Thursday 1 October 2009 6.00–9.00pm
Bushey Road, London, SW20 0JL Open Mornings: Monday 5, Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7
020 8946 4112 and Thursday 8 October 2009
Tours start at 9.30am and at 11.30am
Visitors are welcome at other times, please contact the school
office to arrange

Ricards Lodge High School Open Evening: Tuesday 22 September 2009 5.30–8.00pm
Lake Road, Wimbledon, SW19 7HB Open Mornings: Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 September 2009
020 8946 2208 9.30am–12.00 noon

Rutlish School Open Evening: Tuesday 22 September 2009 6.00–9.00pm

Watery Lane, Merton, SW20 9AD Open Mornings: Thursday 24 and Friday 25 September 2009
020 8542 1212 9.00–11.00am

St Mark’s Church of England Academy Open Evening: Wednesday 30 September 2009 5.30–8.00pm
Acacia Road, Mitcham, CR4 1SF Open Mornings: Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 September,
020 8648 6627 Thursday 1 and Friday 2 October 2009

Ursuline High School Wimbledon Open Evening: Wednesday 23 September 2009 6.30–8.30pm
Crescent Road, Wimbledon, SW20 8HA Open Mornings: By appointment only from Mrs Martin
020 8255 2688 on 020 8879 4381
Friday 11 and Friday 18 September,
Thursday 1, Friday 2, Tuesday 6 and
Thursday 15 October 2009

Wimbledon College Open Evening: Thursday 24 September 2009 6.30–8.30pm

Edge Hill, London, SW19 4NS
020 8879 9355

Guide to applying for a
secondary school place
Which school should How do I apply?
I apply for? Decide which schools you would like for your
child in your preferred order and apply online at
Before deciding which schools to apply for, gather as You will receive
much information about the schools as possible using a an automated reference number to show that your
variety of sources: application has been submitted.
• visit the schools If you do not have access to a computer, complete
(see page 7 for details of open events) the Common Application Form (CAF) and send it
• obtain their prospectuses to the address shown on the form. If you require an
acknowledgement, please also send a stamped
• look at their website self-addressed envelope.
• research their Ofsted reports at You may also need to complete supplementary
• read the descriptions in this guide. forms for some schools that require additional
information. The school prospectuses will tell you which
Please do not base your decisions on previous exam schools need these.
results of the school or what other people say about
it. We recommend that all families make up their own Each applicant in London is limited to a maximum of
minds and that your child is involved in the application six preferences on their Common Application Form.
process. Visit the open days/evenings with your child It is recommended that you name at least one school
and remember that different children thrive in different for which your application is likely to be successful,
environments, not just those that the parents feel are for example, your local community school. If you need
appropriate. Also take into account the accessibility advice about this please contact the School Admissions
of the school from your home address and your child’s Team on 020 8274 4906.
friendship groups.
It is also important that you consider the admissions
criteria for each school - how places are awarded and
who gets priority when a school is oversubscribed.
These may not necessarily be the same (see pages 11
to 17 to view the criteria for Merton schools).
If you are considering applying for a selective school in
one of our neighbouring boroughs, speak to your child’s
primary school headteacher who should be able to give
you a guide on your child’s likely chance of passing the
entrance test.
Merton schools do not have selection tests as Merton
has a fully comprehensive system. However, due to
the banding system operated by the Harris Academy
Merton to ensure a comprehensive intake, all applicants
for this Academy will be required to sit a test (see page
11 for details).
If you are thinking about applying for any schools
outside Merton, please also get a copy of their brochure
(see pages 36 to 40 for details).

How are places When will I know?
allocated? All councils will send out letters to their own residents
on Monday 1 March 2010. These letters are posted first
Merton Council will always try to offer a place at the class on that date. You should send your reply slip back
school you have named as the highest preference. to accept or decline the offer you have been made by
Merton’s admission process is operated within an Monday 15 March 2010.
equal preference scheme. The admissions authority will
consider applications without referring to the preference
order on your Common Application Form. This system What if my application
means that, if your child is unsuccessful at your first
preference school, they will not get overlooked by is late or I change my
schools lower down your order of preference.
The admissions authority, which can be the Local
Authority or the school itself, will make the decision If your application is made after the closing date of
on whether a place can be offered. Where a school is Friday 23 October 2009 or if you change your existing
oversubscribed, the admissions criteria are used to rank preferences after this date, your application will be
the children. This is the order by which children will be treated as late.
offered places. A late application will not be considered until after all
If a child is only eligible for one school within the listed those that were received on time and may jeopardise
preferences by this ranking process, this will be the offer the possibility of your child being offered a place at one
made. Where a child is ranked highly enough to receive of your preferred schools. If the application is late, or
an offer from two or more of their preferred schools, the preferences are changed for ‘good reason’, such as a
offer will be made for the highest preference school. change of address, these will be considered as ‘on time’
Any lower preferences will be automatically withdrawn. providing the evidence of the change is received by 11
December 2009. Any applications or changes after this
Where you have applied to schools in more than one date will not be considered until after 1 March 2010.
London borough, these boroughs exchange details
electronically and the process is repeated. Again, To help us decide whether cases are late for ‘good
the highest potential offer is retained and the others reason’, parents must submit written evidence giving
discarded. This process continues until each child has details of their case. A copy of their new Council Tax
no more than one offer. bill together with a solicitor’s letter regarding contract
completion or a copy of the new tenancy agreement,
If your child is not eligible for any of the schools you must accompany changes of address. If you are unsure
applied for, and you are a Merton resident, Merton whether your circumstances would be regarded as
Council will offer you a place at the nearest Merton ‘good reason’, please contact School Admissions Team
school with a vacancy. for advice (see page 01 for contact details).

Guide to applying for a
secondary school place
What is a waiting list? Can I appeal if I don’t get
Where a school is oversubscribed and has more
applicants than places available, offers are made
the place I want?
according to their admissions criteria. Those who All parents have the right of appeal against a decision
cannot be offered a place will be added to a waiting not to offer a place for a child, providing an application
list, providing they are not offered one of their higher has been made. For Community and Voluntary
preference schools. Waiting lists are kept in the same Controlled Schools these should be lodged with
order as the admissions criteria of the school. the Local Authority. For Voluntary Aided Schools or
Academies, they should be lodged directly with the
All applicants will be automatically held on waiting governing body of the particular school.
lists for the higher preference schools than the one
offered. If the schools are outside Merton, we will pass Information about how to appeal will be sent to all
the child’s information to the relevant borough(s) to applicants who do not get offered their first preference
add to their waiting lists, providing they are eligible school with their letter on Monday 1 March 2010.
(e.g. a child cannot be added to the waiting list for a Appeals are likely to be heard during June and July.
selective school if they did not pass the entrance test). Only a few appeals are upheld; recently experience
If you want to know if your child is on a waiting list for shows approximately 1 in 10 have been successful.
a school in another borough you should contact its Those that are upheld tend to have significant
admission authority (Local Authority or school). supporting professional evidence. If you do have
Waiting lists for Community and Voluntary Controlled supporting evidence, please supply this with the
Schools are maintained by the Local Authority; original application as it may help avoid the need for
Voluntary Aided Schools and Academies maintain an appeal hearing.
their own. Waiting lists will remain open until the end
of the 2010 Autumn Term. If you wish to remain on the
list after this date you must write to the admissions My child has a
authority (Local Authority or school).
Waiting lists can change; for example, if a child moves
statement of special
into the area after the initial allocations have been
made, their name will be added to the waiting list in
educational needs
accordance with the admissions criteria. If they live If your child has a statement of special educational
closer to the chosen school than you do, their name needs and you live in Merton, you will need to call
may go above your child on the waiting list. Once your the SEN Team on 020 8545 4811 as your application
child’s name reaches the top of the waiting list, if a process is different to that described within
vacancy occurs you will be offered a place. this brochure.

Admissions criteria for
Merton’s academies
Harris Academy Merton 50% of the remaining places in each band will be
offered to students living within a two mile radial
The Academy has an agreed admission number of 180
distance of the Academy on the basis of proximity.
pupils and a total pupil number of 1200 (including the
Distance to be measured using the straight line distance
Sixth Form). The Academy will accordingly admit at
(defined by the Academy) between the main entrance
least 180 pupils in the relevant age group, each year,
to an applicant’s home and the main entrance to the
if sufficient applications are received.
Academy site. Where a pupil lives for part of each week
The Academy will consider all applications for places. at different addresses, the ‘home’ address shall be
Where fewer than 180 applications are received, the that address where the pupil spends the majority of
Academy will offer places to all those who have applied. the week.
Where the Harris Academy Merton is oversubscribed,
The remaining 50% of the places in each band will
the allocation of places will take place within a
be offered to applicants living within a four mile radial
framework of fair banding whereby all applicants
distance on the basis of proximity.
are placed in 9 ability bands based on Nationally
Standardised Results (NSR) depending on the score If at the end of this process there are unallocated places
an applicant achieves in a Non-Verbal Reasoning test in any band these will be filled by unallocated applicants
(ranked from the lowest to the highest band). The from the next nearest band alternatively above or below
number of places offered from each band is based on using the same allocation criteria set out above.
the NSR suggested intake. This process is to ensure a
If the number of applications from within four miles is
comprehensive intake into the Academy.
exhausted then applicants outside of the four mile zone
Where the number of applications for admission will be considered using the same criteria as above.
is greater than the published admissions number,
If an applicant does not sit the test, they will be
applications will be considered against the criteria,
considered after those who have, and will be considered
and in the order set out below:
on a straight line distance basis only. Given the level of
a) students in public care/looked-after children; oversubscription that the Academy has, it is most likely
not to be in a position to offer places to children who do
b) students for whom it is essential that they be
not sit the test.
admitted to the Academy because of significant
medical needs evidenced by written medical
evidence. The Academy will make a judgement
based on the evidence provided as to whether it
is the only school able to meet the child’s needs.

Admissions criteria for
Merton’s academies
St Mark’s Church of England Academy Governors’ Places
The governing body is responsible for the admission The governing body has designated 20 places each
of pupils to St Mark’s Church of England Academy year as Governors’ places, to be offered to pupils
and admits 180 pupils to Year 7 each September. This whose families are members of another faith community
admission number applies to the year 2010/11. and who live within the deaneries of Merton, Lambeth
South, Croydon North or Sutton. Written evidence of
Out of the 180 places, the governing body intends to
applicants’ commitment to their place of worship (in
allocate 40 Foundation places (for practising Christians);
the form of a faith leader’s reference) will be required
20 Governors’ places (for other faith communities) and
at the time of application. If there are more than 20
120 Open places for the local community (i.e. for those
applicants, places will be allocated according to the
who live closest to the Academy).
following criteria. These are stated in order of priority:
(i) looked-after children; (ii) children with known medical
Foundation places or social or pastoral needs who have an exceptional
The governing body has designated 40 places to be need for a place in this particular Academy; (iii) children
offered to pupils whose families are faithful and regular who will have a brother or sister in the Academy at the
worshippers in an Anglican or Christian Church. Written time of admission; (iv) the nearness of the home to the
evidence of applicants’ commitment to their place Academy, measured as a straight line measurement
of worship (in the form of a clergy reference) will be from the applicant’s home address to the Academy
required at the time of application. If there are more than entrance gate.
40 applicants, places will be allocated according to the In the event that two or more applicants have equal
following criteria. These are stated in order of priority: right to a place under any of the above criteria, the
(i) looked-after children; (ii) children with known medical governing body will apply the subsequent criteria, in
or social or pastoral needs who have an exceptional order of priority, to these applicants. If applicants live
need for a place in this particular Academy; (iii) children equal distant from the Academy the governing body will
whose families are faithful and regular worshippers in an draw lots to decide between applicants.
Anglican church in the deaneries of Merton, Lambeth
South, Croydon North or Sutton and who live within If there are fewer than 20 qualified applicants for
the deaneries; (iv) children who will have a brother or Governors’ places, any unfilled places will become
sister in the Academy at the time of admission; (v) the additional Open places. All applicants for Governors’
nearness of the home to the Academy, measured as places will also be considered for Open places, and if
a straight line measurement from the applicant’s home they are successful in gaining a Governors’ place, their
address to the Academy entrance gate. name will be removed from the list of Open candidates.

In the event that two or more applicants have equal

Open Places
right to a place under any of the above criteria, the
governing body will apply the subsequent criteria, in The governing body has designated 120 places each
order of priority, to these applicants. If applicants live year as Open places, to be offered to pupils who do
equal distant from the Academy the governing body will not qualify for a Foundation or Governors’ place, but
draw lots to decide between applicants. whose parents have chosen the Academy for the
type of education it provides. Parents applying for an
If there are fewer than 40 qualified applicants for
Open place do so knowing that the Academy aims to
Foundation places, any unfilled places will become
provide an education based on Christian principles and,
additional Open places. All applicants for Foundation
therefore, the governing body hopes that all pupils will
places will also be considered for Open places, and if
take part in the Christian worship of the Academy and
they are successful in gaining a Foundation place, their
will attend religious education lessons.
name will be removed from the list of Open candidates.

If there are more than 120 applicants, places will be
allocated according to the following criteria. These
are stated in order of priority: (i) looked-after children;
(ii) children with known medical or social or pastoral
needs who have an exceptional need for a place in this
particular Academy; (iii) children who will have a brother
or sister in the Academy at the time of admission; (iv)
the nearness of the home to the Academy, measured as
a straight line measurement from the applicant’s home
address to the Academy entrance gate.
In the event that two or more applicants have equal right
to a place under any of the above criteria, the governing
body will apply the subsequent criteria, in order of
priority, to these applicants. If applicants live equal
distant from the Academy the governing body
will draw lots to decide between applicants.

Faithful and regular worshipper is defined as worshipping
twice a month for two years prior to application.
Brother or sister is defined as blood relatives, step-siblings,
foster and adopted children living at the same address.
Any application based on medical or social or pastoral
needs must be supported by (an) appropriate professional
reference(s), e.g. specialist health professional, social worker,
educational psychologist, priest or faith leader. Applicants
should be able to demonstrate why St Mark’s Church of
England Academy is the most suitable school and the
difficulties that would be caused if the child had to attend
another school.
The straight line distance to the Academy’s main gate will be
calculated through the Local Authority’s computer system.
All applications will be considered on an equal preference
Waiting lists will be held for each of the three admission
categories (Foundation, Governors’ and Open places). Where
in any year St Mark’s Church of England Academy receives
more applications for places than there are places available for
any of these particular categories, a waiting list will operate.
This will be maintained by St Mark’s Church of England
Academy and it will be open to any parent to ask for his or
her child’s name to be placed on the waiting list, following an
unsuccessful application.
Children’s position on the waiting list(s) will be determined
solely in accordance with the oversubscription criteria
set out above. Where places become vacant they will be
allocated to children on the waiting list in accordance with the
oversubscription criteria.

Admissions criteria for Merton’s
community & voluntary controlled schools

These apply to Bishopsford Community Please note we cannot accept letters from yourself or
School, Raynes Park High School, Rutlish from other members of your family, nor from your health
visitor. We do not consider childminding or parents’
School and Ricards Lodge High School. working arrangements as evidence of social need.
Bishopsford has applied for Trust school status. If this
takes effect before September 2010, the school will
become responsible for implementing their admissions Third Criterion
policy and appeals process. However, the policy printed Children who have a brother or sister (sibling) registered
on this page will apply for September 2010 entry. at the school who will be attending the school at the
If a community or voluntary controlled school has more time of their admission. A qualifying sibling is a brother
places available than applicants, then all children will be or sister (or step brother or sister, adopted brother or
offered places there. If there are more applicants than sister) who is part of the same family unit living at the
places, all applications are ranked according to the same address. This does not include a sibling in Year 11
admissions criteria. The criteria for the allocation of Year at the time the application is made.
7 places in oversubscribed schools are as follows, and
applied in the order shown: Fourth Criterion
All other students in order of nearness to the school.
First Criterion We measure the straight line distance between the
Children in public care (i.e. children looked after by child’s home address and the school concerned. The
a Local Authority). If you make an application under distance between these points will be calculated using
this criterion, it must be supported by a letter from the a computerised mapping system. The child’s address
relevant Local Authority. should be that of the child’s permanent residence.
You may not give the address of a relative or carer
unless they have legal custody of the child. If parents
Second Criterion are separated and share custody of the child, the
address given should be that of the parent with whom
Children with an exceptional and professionally
the child spends most of the school week, which will
supported medical or social need for a place in a
normally be the address where Child Benefit is payable.
particular school. You must submit evidence from
If the parent making the application lives at a different
a professional person with the application form (or
address from the child, a letter of explanation should be
separately if applying online) otherwise it will not be
attached. An application can only be made from a single
possible to take the particular need into account. The
address, and only a single application can be made
School Admissions Team will consider if the evidence
for each child. It is not acceptable for a family to use a
shows a need for the child to attend a particular school,
temporarily rented address to secure a place of their
which could not reasonably be supported in another
preference. In disputed cases, the School Admissions
school. Please note that the Admissions Team will not
Team will make a judgement based on the evidence
seek evidence on behalf of an applicant, and that it
available to them.
is the responsibility of an applicant to ensure that all
evidence is made available with the application, or sent It should be noted that the computerised system,
separately to the Local Authority if an application is which uses Ordnance Survey Maps, measures from a
made online. In the case of a medical need the Local start point plotted within the centre of the property at
Authority will consider if it is essential, on medical which the applicant lives to the appropriate school gate
grounds, for the child to attend the school of the and the measurement calculated. Where a school has
parents’ preference. If you require a place at a particular more than one entrance gate, the one closest to the
school on the basis of a medical need, please contact applicant’s home will be used for this purpose. Where
the School Admissions Team on 020 8274 4906 for computerized maps are unavailable the same procedure
an additional form to be completed by a relevant is followed but measurements are undertaken using A-Z
medical professional. maps and a map distance measurement wheel.

Where more than one applicant has the same
straight line distance measurement and distance is
the determining factor, lots will be drawn to determine
the rank order.
Applicants wishing to query a distance from home
to school or a route used should contact the School
Admissions Team on 020 8274 4906.
In cases where a distance calculation is disputed
applicants should write to the School Admissions
Manager, 10th floor, Civic Centre, Morden SM4 5DX. All
disputes will be investigated. Where it is agreed that the
basis of the calculation was incorrect the measurement
will be recalculated. The calculation will be re-run for
both the applicant in question and any other applicant
shown to be affected by the issue.

Applications relating to twins, triplets or

other multiple births
Where a parent applies for entry into the same year
group for more than one child and it is not possible to
offer a place to all of them, the names of the children
who were unsuccessful will be added to the waiting list
in accordance with the published admissions criteria,
in the same way as for other children. Where distance
is the determining factor, and these children have the
same home to school distance, lots will be drawn to
determine the rank order.
Where there is one school place available and there is
more than one sibling who is eligible for a place under
the published admissions criteria, lots will be drawn
to determine the rank order. The parent can then
determine whether to accept or reject those places on
an individual basis.

Admissions criteria for Merton’s
voluntary aided schools
Ursuline High School Wimbledon In relation to oversubscription criteria No 2:
There are 196 places in Year 7. If the number of Strong and relevant evidence in the form of a letter must
applicants exceeds the number of places the be provided by the present school and an appropriate
governors will apply the following criteria selection authority (e.g. qualified medical practitioner, education
in the order stated: welfare officer, social worker, priest). This must be
submitted with the supplementary form otherwise it will
1. Looked after Catholic (i) girls or Looked After girls in
not be possible to take the particular need into account.
the care of Catholic families;
2. Girls who are baptised and practising Catholics;
In relation to category 4 parents or carers:
3. Other looked after girls;
Must submit a written reference from the family’s
4. Girls who are practising of other faiths; minister or religious faith leader stating their daughter is
a practising member of the relevant faith.
5. All other applicants (i.e. applicants who do not meet
the criteria above).
If the number of places available is oversubscribed in
any one of the above categories priority will be given to: (i) Catholics include Latin Rite Catholics (Roman Catholics)
and Oriental Rite Catholics in communion with the See of
1. Girls who have a sister at the Ursuline or a brother at Rome: the Maronite and Italo-Albanian Catholic Churches; the
Wimbledon College (ii); Chaldean and Syro-Malabar Catholic Churches; the Armenian,
Coptic, Ethiopian, Syrian and Syro-Malankara Catholic
2. Girls who have a strong social or compassionate
Churches; the Melkite, Ukranian, Ruthenian and Romanian
need which makes the school particularly suitable;
Catholic Churches; the Greek Catholic Church, the Byzantine
3. Girls who live nearest to the Ursuline. Distance will be Catholics in former Yugoslavia, the Bulgarian, Slovak and
measured in a straight line from girls’ homes to the Hungarian Catholic Churches and the Eastern Catholic
school (iii). Communities (Russian, Belarussian, Georgian and Albanian)
without hierarchies.
(ii) Brothers and sisters include blood siblings, and also
Definition of practising Catholic:
siblings by marriage (stepbrothers and sisters). The sibling
a) The applicant is baptised; must be in the school at the time of the applicant’s admission.

b) For at least the last three years the applicant has (iii) The distance is measured by the London Borough of
regularly attended mass on Sunday or Saturday Merton on behalf of Ursuline High School using a GIS system,
evening (as a minimum, three out of four) and from the girls’ homes to the main gates in Crescent Road.
regularly on Holy Days of Obligation (as a minimum, These oversubscription criteria have been
three out of four) except in times of sickness or for extracted from the school’s admissions policy.
other urgent reasons. Please contact the school directly to obtain the
full policy.
In relation to category 1 and 2 parents or carers:
a) Should submit a certificate of baptism for their
daughter with the Ursuline supplementary form;
b) Should also complete the information required of
them on the Catholic practice section of the Ursuline
supplementary form. The school will then ask the
nominated priest to complete section D;
c) Applicants enrolled in the catechumenate will be
considered in category 2.

These schools require a supplementary form to assess faith elements of the
admissions criteria. If applicants do not submit a supplementary form, they will only
be considered after applicants who have submitted this form. These schools are
normally oversubscribed with Catholic applicants.

Wimbledon College Special Circumstances

Wimbledon College will admit 199 boys into Year 7. Special circumstances include educational, medical,
If the number of applicants exceeds the number of social and compassionate reasons why the application
places, the governors will apply the following criteria of of one boy should be given precedence over others.
selection in the order stated: Other circumstances which may merit special
consideration include the children of Crown servants,
1. Catholic boys in public care (looked-after children); diplomats and forces personnel, those returning or
2. Boys who are baptised and practising Catholics (i); moving to the UK from overseas, refugees and asylum
3. Other boys in public care (looked-after children); seekers, and social or family circumstances in which
the child is adversely affected. Each application made
4. Other boys.
under the special circumstances category must
If the number of applicants in any one category above include at least one letter from a relevant professional
exceeds the number of places available, the governors (such as a social worker, doctor, priest, primary
will admit boys in the following order: school headteacher or educational psychologist)
which sets out evidence in support of the application
1. Boys who have special circumstances which, in
to be considered under special circumstances. The
the judgement of the governors on the evidence
application and supporting evidence will need to set
submitted to them, makes Wimbledon College out the particular reasons why Wimbledon College is
particularly suitable for the boy; the most suitable school for the boy and the difficulties
2. Boys who are currently pupils at one of the following that would be caused if he had to attend another
primary schools in the Archdiocese of Southwark and school. The governors will weigh each application on its
the Deanery of Merton (ii): individual merits, considering all and only the evidence
submitted to them, also taking into consideration the
• Sacred Heart RC Primary School, New Malden
ability of the school to meet individual needs and the
• St John Fisher RC Primary School, Morden overall balance of the school population. On the basis of
• St Mary’s RC Primary School, Wimbledon the case presented to them, the governors will decide
• SS Peter and Paul RC Primary School, Mitcham whether or not an application is eligible for admission
under special circumstances.
• St Teresa’s RC Primary School, Morden
• St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School, Notes:
Mitcham (i) Catholics include Latin Rite Catholics (Roman Catholics)
If the number of places available is oversubscribed in and Oriental Rite Catholics in communion with the See of
Rome: the Maronite and Italo-Albanian Catholic Churches;
any one of the above categories, priority will be given to:
the Chaldean and Syro-Malabar Catholic Churches; the
1. Boys who currently have a brother (iii) at Wimbledon Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Syrian and Syro-Malankara
College at the time of admission (September 2010); Catholic Churches; the Melkite, Ukranian, Ruthenian and
2. Boys who live nearest to Wimbledon College. Romanian Catholic Churches; the Greek Catholic Church,
Distance will be measured in a straight line from the the Byzantine Catholics in former Yugoslavia, the Bulgarian,
Slovak and Hungarian Catholic Churches and the Eastern
boy’s home to the school (iv).
Catholic Communities (Russian, Belarussian, Georgian and
Albanian) without hierarchies.
Religious Practice
(ii) The schools listed will be given equal consideration.
Catholic practice means being baptised and attending
(iii) Brothers include blood siblings, adopted children and
liturgy on Sundays (v) and Holydays. A baptismal
siblings from marriage (stepbrothers) who reside at the same
certificate is required for those wishing to be considered address.
as Catholic applicants. The supplementary information
(iv) The distance is measured by the London Borough of
form is used by Wimbledon College to assess whether
Merton on behalf of Wimbledon College using a standard
an applicant meets the school’s admissions criteria. system.
If you choose not to submit the supplementary
(v) Mass attendance on Sundays and Holydays includes the
information form, Wimbledon College is unable to
vigil Mass on the Saturday evening or the day before the
assess your application and will be unable to offer your Holyday.
son a place.
These oversubscription criteria have been
extracted from the school’s admissions policy.
Please contact the school directly to obtain the
full policy.

Completing the Common
Application Form (CAF)
We recommend that you apply online (see page 2) via Section 2 – Parent or Carer’s details
the Merton website
We also need your name and address. We will check
If you do not have access to a computer, or your child’s
your address against Council records and may request
school is unable to support you in making an online
supporting evidence in the name that matches the one
application, please use the paper Common Application
given on the application form. If you move house you
Form supplied with this brochure.
should notify the School Admissions Team immediately,
If you need to complete a paper form, each Local providing proof of the new address.
Authority issues its own application form and you
It is not permitted for a family to use a temporarily
must obtain one from the borough in which you
rented address to secure a place of their preference.
live, regardless of which schools you are naming as
The Council will investigate any cases:
preferences. Please do not complete the Merton form
unless you and your child permanently reside in Merton. • where there are any doubts;
You may only complete ONE Common Application • where information has been received from a school
Form. If you apply online, please do not complete the or member of the public to suggest a fraudulent
paper form. If more than one form is completed for a application has been made;
child, the one with the latest date on it will be accepted • where records show a recent change of address.
and the earlier one withdrawn.
The Local Authority reserves the right to seek evidence
Guidance notes and help with completing the online from parents, council records, primary schools or any
application are available when completing the online other source deemed appropriate. The Local Authority
form. If you apply online, the form will validate as you may also make a home visit and refer cases to the
complete it to help ensure mistakes are not made. borough’s Investigation Officers where benefits are
The following notes will be of help if you need to being paid. An application that uses false information
complete the paper form. It is essential that the may be subject to legal proceedings. If an application is
application is completed fully and accurately. The paper found to be fraudulent after places have been offered,
form is divided into six sections. Please ensure that you the place will normally be withdrawn.
complete them all.
Section 3 – Children in public care
Section 1 – Your child You need to state whether or not the child is in care.
• We need your child’s full name, date of birth and If they are, you must enclose a letter from the social
gender. worker confirming the legal status of the child.
• The child’s address should be that of the child’s
permanent residence. You may not give the address Section 4 – Special Educational Needs
of a relative or carer unless they have legal custody of
Please tick the appropriate box. If your child is
the child. If parents are separated and share custody
undergoing the statementing process but it is not yet
of the child, the address given should be that of
complete, please tick ‘NO’ and complete the form as
the parent with whom the child spends most of the
normal and attach a letter telling us that this is the case.
school week, which will normally be the address
We will then liaise with the SEN Team before the offers
where Child Benefit is payable. If the parent making
are made. If your child already has a statement you do
the application lives at a different address to the
not need to complete this form. Your preferred school
child, a letter of explanation should be attached.
will be named on the statement.
• Please give the name and address of your child’s
current primary school. You can check the DCSF
number with the school.

Section 5 – School preferences Where do I send my completed form?
• You may name up to six schools on the form. The If you are completing a paper form rather than applying
schools can be in any borough, and do not have to online, and your child attends a Merton community
be in Merton. Please give the name and the DCSF primary school, your form should be returned to the
number (available in this brochure for most local school by the closing date, Friday 23 October 2009.
schools). Schools in adjacent boroughs may have
Forms for children who attend any other schools should
similar names so it is important that we know which
be sent to School Admissions Team, Children, Schools
one you prefer. Limiting the number of schools you
and Families, London Borough of Merton, Civic Centre,
name will not improve your chance of securing a
London Road, Morden SM4 5DX.
place at your first preference school but please do
not name schools that you do not wish your child to We recommend sending a stamped, self-addressed
attend. envelope so that we can acknowledge receipt of your
application form.
• Please think carefully about your preference order.
If you receive an offer at a preference school, it may Please note that, if you send a paper form in an A4
not be possible to offer a place at a lower preference envelope, postage will be in excess of a single first class
school later on if you change your mind. stamp. If insufficient postage is paid, the form may not
reach our office and your application will be jeopardised.
• Private (fee paying) schools are not part of the
scheme and should not be included on your Online applicants will automatically receive a
application. reference number to confirm that their application
has been received.
• Please name any sibling(s). You should check the
admissions criteria for the school concerned as
sibling rules may not be the same for each school.
• You may state a reason for your preference if you
wish. If you are attaching supporting documents, you
should state this in the ‘reason’ box.

Section 6 – Declaration and signature

Please read the declaration carefully and sign the form.
We cannot process forms that are not signed.

Both Wimbledon College and Ursuline High School

require a supplementary form to assess faith elements
of the admissions criteria. If applicants do not submit
a supplementary form, they will only be considered
after applicants who have submitted this form.
These schools are normally oversubscribed with
Catholic applicants.
St Mark’s Church of England Academy requires a
supplementary form for Foundation and Governors’
places. If applicants do not submit a supplementary
form, they will only be considered for Open places.
Harris Academy Merton only requires a supplementary
form if the applicant has any special educational or
medical needs that the Academy should be made
aware of before the test day.

Bishopsford Community School

“Challenging all to achieve, respect and excel”

A school committed to excellence, with high expectations and a

caring and safe ethos.

Vision and Specialism

At Bishopsford, our mission is life-long learning through participation and performance.
We provide excellent facilities and resources, a high quality stimulating learning
environment and a rich and varied curriculum. We have talented and committed staff
who challenge and support our students to develop and achieve their full potential and
are committed to ongoing school improvement. Our students are confident, articulate
individuals fully involved in the school community.
Bishopsford is a Specialist Arts College, with ‘Artsmark Gold’ accreditation and was
recently recognised by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust as one of the most
improved schools in the country. We are fast becoming a centre of excellence for
Performing and Expressive Arts. The Arts enrich and extend our curriculum and help
Bishopsford Community School raise standards of student learning and achievement.
Headmaster: Andrew Barker
Our excellent specialist facilities include a purpose built industry standard multi-media
Lilleshall Road, Morden performance suite, dance studio, art rooms, main hall with lighting and public address
Surrey SM4 6DU system, music and music ICT rooms and drama studio. Our students have access to
the latest ICT software and technology in all the Art subjects.
Telephone: 020 8687 1157
Website: We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that challenges, extends and develops
all students whatever their ability. Our curriculum is tailored to individual needs
Places in September 2010:
and abilities, with a gifted and talented programme and additional support for those
210 for boys and girls in Year 7
experiencing difficulties.
Open Evening: In Years 7 to 9, students follow the National Curriculum with an emphasis on literacy
Tuesday 29 September 2009 and numeracy. All Year 7 students have the opportunity to take two hours of specialist
6.00-8.30pm learning to extend their ability and talents. They also follow modular programmes in
the Creative Arts, Humanities and Technology, a Modern Foreign Language, ICT, Physical
Personal Tours:
Education (PE) and Personal and Social Education.
Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7, Tuesday 13 and
Wednesday 14 October from 9.30-10.30am In Years 10 and 11, all students take English Language and Literature, Science, ICT and
Mathematics as well as a BTEC Performing Arts course. They also choose a further
three subjects to match their own interests. All students continue to take PE.
An exciting new curriculum development in 2009 has been the start of our
Challenging, extending Media diploma.

and developing all students

whatever their ability

Each student is valued
as an individual and
celebrated for the
unique qualities they
bring to our school
Extra-Curricular Activities
Bishopsford offers a varied programme of recreational and academic extra-curricular
activities, which develop students’ skills and enhance their ability to succeed in all
areas of the curriculum. Students can develop their interests in a variety of sports
(trampolining, football, rugby, basketball and athletics); the Arts (dance, drama, music
and art) as well as ecology, ICT and journalism.
We organise frequent visits to theatres, galleries, universities and museums as well as
residential trips at home and abroad. Throughout the year we celebrate our students’
talents in a number of dance, drama and music performances.
We work hard to develop positive links with local businesses, charities and residents
and we provide opportunities for students to show initiative and take positions of
responsibility. The School Council meets regularly and their views inform many of the
decisions taken in school.

Care, Guidance and Support

Each student at Bishopsford is valued as an individual and celebrated for the unique
qualities they bring to our school. Students are supported at every stage of their
education in a culture that praises and rewards hard work and positive behaviour.
On admission to the school, all parents are offered an interview with a senior member
of staff to discuss any issues or concerns. When they start at Bishopsford, each student
is placed in a tutor group and, as far as possible, will remain in the same group for the
next five years. Their tutor sees them daily, developing a relationship which enables
them to offer personal support and guidance.
We are keen to involve parents in school life as much as possible, so that there can
be continuity of support between home and school. Each Year Team is managed by
an experienced pastoral leader, who is the first point of contact for any concerns
from home.

Sixth Form
In September 2010, the exciting opening of our Sixth Form will enable our students to
stay at Bishopsford through to Year 13 to complete their studies.

Harris Academy merton

“Achievement is Success”

Harris Academy Merton, an independent Academy sponsored

by the Harris Federation of South London Schools, provides
education for students, aged 11-19, with specialisms in
Enterprise and Sport.

The Academy’s overriding aim is to raise aspiration and achievement through
transformational teaching and learning, enhanced by the specialisms of Enterprise
and Sport, which support the work of the Academy both organisationally and through
the curriculum.

Harris Academy Merton All students are allocated to one of four faculties that include tutor groups of students of
Principal: Mr A Halpin all ages. The faculty system is effective in providing students with a sense of belonging,
as well as promoting healthy competition.
Wide Way, Mitcham
Committed subject specialists deliver the curriculum with strong support from teaching
Surrey CR4 1BP assistants and innovative technology within the Academy’s excellent facilities. Class
sizes are sufficiently small to provide for individual attention but large enough for
Telephone: 020 8623 1000
students to interact with each other and the teaching staff. The average class size in
Email: Key Stage 3 is 24 and students are set according to attainment.
Website: There is a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy and the Academy provides a
rigorous programme to ensure that all students acquire the basic skills that underpin
Places in September 2010: academic performance.
180 boys and girls in Year 7
150 boys and girls in Year 12 The Key Stage 3 curriculum follows the full range of National Curriculum subjects. The
Key Stage 4 curriculum provides a cross curricular vocational dimension based on
Open Evening: the Academy specialisms of Enterprise and Sport, and delivers BTEC diploma courses
Year 7: Wednesday 16 September 2009 alongside traditional GCSE subjects.
5.00-8.00pm. Last entry 7.30pm
The Key Stage 4 curriculum provides a foundation platform for students to progress
Sixth Form: Thursday 22nd October 2009 onto Level 2 and Level 3 courses in the Sixth Form.
The Sixth Form will offer Level 2 and Level 3 BTEC courses, as well as AS and A levels.
Testing for new entrants:
Monday 14 December 2009 Specialisms
The Academy specialisms of Enterprise and Sport, integrated into the curriculum and
the overall ethos of the Academy, are designed to help students develop academic
Raising aspiration and achievement knowledge and important life skills.

through transformational teaching

and learning

The Sports element of the
specialism stresses healthy,
safe and enjoyable activities

The Enterprise specialism helps students to develop a range of skills, knowledge

and understanding that includes decision making, team working, problem solving,
presentation skills and risk analysis, as well as promoting confidence, initiative taking
and workplace awareness.
The Sports element of the specialism underpins a culture that embraces the Every
Child Matters agenda and stresses healthy, safe, enjoyable activities. Specialist coaches
and training clinics are provided and participation in sporting events and competitions
is encouraged.

Extra-Curricular Activities
The Academy offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Teachers and students
work together through the Student Council to provide a programme of activities.
As part of a Federation of Academies, students at the Harris Academy Merton have
access to facilities in the Federation with opportunities to participate in cross
Academy competitions.

Student Welfare
Parents/Carers of incoming Year 7 students are invited for an induction evening in
July to learn more about the Academy. Students spend one day in the summer term
at the Academy in their tutor groups getting to know their classmates and tutors,
and participating in taster lessons.
As well as giving students the best opportunity to achieve academic success, the
Academy maintains an excellent level of pastoral care. Students have access to the
School Nurse, Safer Schools Police Officer or a trained Counsellor if they have a
problem or feel they need confidential help.

Admissions Procedure
Students who apply for a place at the Academy are required to sit the National
Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) non-verbal reasoning test. The test ensures
that the Academy admits a representative intake of students across all ability bands.
In the event of oversubscription, places will be offered in each band, ensuring an even
distribution of ability. Priority in each band will be given to students with special needs
and children in care, with the remaining places offered on the basis of proximity to
the Academy.

We believe that parental involvement is vital to students’ academic attainment and
personal development, and we expect parents/carers to support us in ensuring their
children attend regularly and arrive punctually in full uniform, fully equipped and
ready to learn. Parents/carers make an invaluable contribution towards ensuring that
homework is completed and helping us to know when students need extra support
or more challenges. The learning environment is calm and orderly because policies
on behaviour and uniform are strictly enforced. Achievements are celebrated and
rewarded with certificates and cash prizes.

Raynes Park High School

“To each his need, from each his power”

Raynes Park High School is a successful specialist mixed

comprehensive school, with a tradition of academic excellence
and an active House system, which supports the social, cultural
and sporting life of the school.

Vision and Specialism

We have high expectations of all our students and are committed to identifying,
encouraging and developing our students’ talents and skills so that they achieve
their best.
Our Technology College status has provided additional resources for the teaching
of Mathematics, Science, ICT and Design, as well as the impetus for continuing
improvement across the whole curriculum. We value the need for students to acquire
‘Information Literacy’ skills to equip them effectively for their post-16 education
Raynes Park High School and employment.
Headteacher: Ian Newman

Bushey Road Curriculum

London SW20 0JL We provide a broad and balanced curriculum that challenges and develops all students.
Telephone: 020 8946 4112 During their first half term, Year 7 students study a transition curriculum ‘Me, my family
Email: and my London’, designed to help them settle in secondary school, develop their
abilities to work independently and collaboratively and enjoy making new friends.
Website: The culmination of this work is an exhibition of student work, a competition and a social
event for students, parents and staff.
Places in September 2010:
240 for boys and girls in Year 7 At Key Stage 3, students study the full range of national curriculum subjects. Teaching
is a balance of mixed ability and ‘setting’ according to ability and as appropriate to
Open Evening: the subject.
Thursday 1 October 2009
6.00-9.00pm At Key Stage 4, students study English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science
(two GCSEs), Design Technology (Graphic Design, Resistant Materials, Textiles and Food
Open Mornings: Technology or a BTEC Catering course) and Religious Education. Students who achieve
Monday 5, Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7 well in Science have the option to study three separate Sciences or a BTEC Applied
and Thursday 8 October 2009 Science course.

Tours start at 9.30am and at 11.30am Students also have the opportunity to study a foreign language (French, German or
Spanish) and may choose from the following options: Art, Drama, Geography, History,
Visitors are welcome at other times - please contact ICT, Media Studies, a second foreign or community language, BTEC Sport, Music,
the school office to arrange. RE (GCSE full course), Diploma in Society, Health and Development and BTEC Dance.
Students can also study, during and after school, for a GCSE in either ICT or Business
Committed to identifying, and Communications Systems, or the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL).

encouraging and developing our

students’ talents and skills

Extra-Curricular Activities
Raynes Park High School offers a rich variety of sporting, musical, artistic, dramatic,
debating and technological extra-curricular activities, opportunities to take part in
recreational and competitive team sports and participation in the Duke of Edinburgh’s
Award scheme.
The Air Training Corps based at the school provides a range of trips and accredited
activities, including gliding and flying.
Our Learning Resource Centre (Library) is accessible to students before and after school
and hosts a fully staffed homework club every evening. We organise a variety of ski
trips, field trips, modern language visits and study-linked educational trips within the UK
and abroad to further enhance our curriculum.

Care, Guidance and Support

Our programme of pastoral care is designed to encourage students to be happy at
school and have a sense of purpose. Mentoring days are provided in the Autumn and
Spring terms for tutors to interview each student to assess their progress and set
targets for the coming months.
We offer all new families a personal interview in the term before entry and work with
staff in our feeder primary schools to place students in tutor groups where they will feel
happy and secure.
We have a House system which provides new students with a sense of identity and
belonging. There is a tradition of house competition in Debating, Drama, Music,
Technology and Sport. Through the House system and the School Council, students
have opportunities to exercise responsibilities and leadership, such as the production
and direction of plays and fundraising for charities.
We have high expectations for behaviour and our Behavior for Learning policy is based
on consideration for others and personal responsibility.

Working Together
We recognise that parents’ involvement in their children’s education helps to raise
achievement. We keep parents up-to-date with their children’s academic progress
through termly reports, their attendance at one of the ‘mentoring’ sessions with tutors
as well as consultation evenings to meet with subject teachers. We encourage parents
to contact the school should they have any concerns.
The Raynes Park High School Association, open to all parents, staff and friends of the
school, arranges social, information and fund-raising events throughout the school year.

Raynes Park High School Sixth Form Centre

We are delighted to confirm that from September 2010, our students will have the
option to continue their post-16 education at Raynes Park. There will be separate
accommodation for our Sixth Form Centre and a full range of academic and vocational
A broad and balanced
courses available both on-site and through our partnership with Merton College.
curriculum that challenges
and develops all students

Ricards Lodge High School

“Educating Successful Women of the Future”

Ricards Lodge is a successful, vibrant and innovative school with

specialist status as a Performing and Visual Arts College. Our girls
study in an atmosphere of achievement within which we value their
success as individuals.
The school is set in beautiful and spacious grounds with excellent
facilities for learning.

Vision and Specialism

Ricards Lodge is dedicated to providing a stimulating, secure and purposeful
environment within which each student is motivated to strive for excellence in both
academic achievement and personal growth. We aim to ensure all our students are
able to take full and equal places as women, who take opportunities and assume
Ricards Lodge High School responsibility in a changing global society.
Headteacher: Mrs A Jerrard
Our specialist status as a Performing and Visual Arts College enables our students to
Lake Road, Wimbledon access up-to-date and industry standard resources to support achievement in the Arts
London SW19 7HB and wider curriculum and to extend opportunities for students to experience the rich
cultural and artistic life of nearby London.
Telephone: 020 8946 2208
Email: Curriculum
Website: Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a broad, balanced and flexible
programme of study, enabling each and every girl to become a successful learner,
Places in September 2010: confident individual and responsible citizen. Our girls are taught by well-qualified,
240 for girls in Year 7 dedicated and forward thinking staff who challenge and motivate all students to develop
their individual abilities and talents to the full. Ricards’ girls study in an atmosphere that
Open Evening:
celebrates and rewards academic excellence as well as good conduct, good citizenship,
Tuesday 22 September 2009
effort and improvement.
At Key Stage 3, girls follow the national curriculum. At Key Stage 4, there is a common
Open Mornings: core of English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Core Science, Technology, Careers
Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 September 2009 and Citizenship, PSE and RE. In addition students select from four complementary options
9.30am-12.00 noon including Modern Foreign Languages, History, Geography, Art, Drama, Music, Triple Science,
Media Studies, Performing Arts, ICT and Sport and the Creative and Media Diploma.
Our curriculum is designed to
Enrichment Activities
enable each and every girl to
We actively encourage and reward students for their full involvement in enrichment
activities. Our sports facilities and extensive grounds allow for a full range of sport and
become a successful learner, health related activities and a number of our girls are selected to train as ball girls at the
Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships.
confident individual and
responsible citizen

Your daughter is treated as an
individual and will benefit from
As well as regular trips to museums, galleries and theatres to enhance school-based
a high level of pastoral care
study, our students may visit France, Germany and Spain to support their linguistic skills
and to extend their understanding of other cultures. and support
We develop students’ confidence, self-discipline and maturity by encouraging each
girl to take on responsibilities within our developing school community. We have a
Head Girl Team of eight who run the School Council. We have a trained team of student
counsellors (Youth That Care) and a structured system of tutor group and department
representatives throughout the school.

Nurturing and Development

At Ricards Lodge, your daughter is treated as an individual and will benefit from a high
level of pastoral care and support.
Our high standards of achievement are based on good working relationships supported
by our system of rewards and sanctions. We expect all students to behave responsibly
and courteously both on and off the school premises. Form tutors and subject teachers
closely monitor academic progress and tutors regularly meet with their students to
review achievement and set targets for future progress.
Our Inclusion Team have a highly effective system of assessing individual need and
work with appropriate staff to provide additional help and support while ensuring equal
access to the curriculum.
Through our dedicated Gifted and Talented co-ordinator we ensure our most gifted
and talented students access an enriched curriculum. Girls are given opportunities to
extend and develop their skills through a series of activities tailored to meet their needs
including master classes, university visits and shared activities with other state and
private schools.

Working Together in Partnership

We believe that education is a partnership and we need, and rely on, your support in
encouraging your daughter to aim high and give of her best to support the school and
the wider community in which we work.
We regularly contact parents through student planners, our termly newsletter, school
reports, parent and teacher consultation evenings and invitations to attend special
performances and events. Parents contribute to school planning and development
through our Parent Governors and the Parent Teacher Association.

Sixth Form
In September 2010, the exciting opening of our joint Sixth Form with Rutlish School will
ensure continuity for our students, allowing them to remain at Ricards in Years 12 and
13 to complete their studies. A separate prospectus will be available with further details
on our website giving information on the range of courses and opportunities available in
our new facilities.

Rutlish school

“Successfully educating young men for over one hundred years”

Rutlish School has a long history of providing high quality

education for boys in the area and has established links with the
local community. We are determined that our boys have the best
possible education and opportunities.

Vision and Specialism

At Rutlish, our focus is on learning. Our expectations are high and we believe in
challenging students to achieve more than they thought possible. We aim to create
an environment where students behave responsibly, contribute fully and develop a
clear sense of belonging to the school community.
We have created a stimulating and safe learning environment in which all students aim
to achieve their full potential, both inside and outside the classroom. Our boys develop
as individuals who recognise and respect the differences between themselves and
Rutlish School others. Individual achievement is recognised and rewarded so that all members of the
Headteacher: Mr A Williamson Rutlish community feel valued. Our boys leave us as confident, articulate and sensitive
young men, fully equipped to take up a place in further education or employment.
Watery Lane, Merton
London SW20 9AD Our Mathematics and Computing College specialist status has helped to raise standards
across all departments.
Telephone: 020 8542 1212
Rutlish is beautifully situated in its own grounds and playing fields, surrounded by the
Email: John Innes gardens and parks. We are fully equipped, offering 21st century facilities
to support our students’ education over the coming years.
Places in September 2010: Curriculum
240 boys in Year 7
We offer a broad and balanced curriculum designed to meet the needs, interests and
Open Evening: abilities of all students as well as ensuring the delivery of the core subjects - English,
Tuesday 22 September 2009 Mathematics, Science and ICT.
At Key Stage 3 students follow the national curriculum as well as a weekly programme
Open Days: of sport and a full course of Personal, Social and Health education.
Thursday 24 and Friday 25 September 2009
At Key Stage 4, the core subjects studied by students include: English Language and
Literature, Mathematics, and double award Science (with the most able studying for
the triple award), ICT, RE and Citizenship. We offer a wide range of GCSE subjects
including two languages, History, Geography, Drama, Media Studies, Music, Art, Physical
We believe in challenging Education (PE), Technology and Statistics in Year 11. Additionally we offer a broad
choice of vocational qualifications to meet the needs of all our students including
students to achieve more BTEC Performing Arts, Science, Sport, Leisure and Tourism and Business Studies.

than they thought possible

We try to develop students’
talents by ensuring that
they take part in a range of
enhancement activities

Our subject areas are accommodated in specialist, modern facilities including six ICT
suites, three art studios, two professionally equipped drama studios, two ICT linked
music classrooms with six practice rooms, seven fully equipped technology workshops
and ten science laboratories. The school ICT network provides high-speed internet
access to all classrooms, all of which have interactive whiteboards.
Our attractive Learning Resources Centre provides students with access to staff, books,
computers with internet access, CD-ROMs, DVDs, photocopiers, television, video and
careers advice.

At Rutlish, we try to develop our students’ talents by ensuring that they take part in a
range of enhancement activities.
We have a long history of individual and team sports played at all levels. The more
traditional games make up the core of our provision but we are constantly expanding
the activities we offer in order to give every student the opportunity to take part in the
sport he enjoys. We have an impressive record and enter competitions at Borough,
County and National level in athletics, basketball, cricket, cross-country, football
and rugby.
Our excellent on-site sporting facilities include; a sports hall, gymnasium, climbing wall,
rugby and football pitches in winter and, in summer, a 400 metre athletics track, cricket
nets and square. We also have access to tennis and squash courts.
There are many opportunities for students to work within the community, raise funds for
various local and international charities and support our linked school in The Gambia.
Primary pupils regularly visit to use our facilities and Rutlish students have hosted them
in projects in Art, Mathematics, Science and PE.

Care, Guidance and Support

At Rutlish, our caring and committed teachers, offer support to students when needed.
Staff in our Progress Centre teach individual or small groups of pupils for literacy and
numeracy ‘catch-up’ and booster classes. If needed, students have access to expert
help - speech and language therapists, counseling, or the advice of a learning mentor.

Sixth Form
In September 2010, the exciting opening of our joint Sixth Form with Ricards Lodge
High School will ensure continuity for our students, allowing them to remain at Rutlish
in Years 12 and 13 to complete their studies. This will be a broad offer of traditional
A level subjects and a range of vocational courses.


“Inspiring the talent and imagination of our community”

St Mark’s Church of England Academy is committed to

creating an outstanding learning environment for your
child and for the community.

Vision and Specialism

At St Mark’s our vision is to raise the achievement and life chances of our students and
to serve our community by providing access to a range of activities, first class resources
and opportunities.
St Mark’s is an 11-18 mixed Academy situated on extensive grounds near the new
Mitcham Eastfields mainline station. Our specialisms of Science and Performing Arts
mean that we have the resources and expertise to encourage students to develop
confidence, understanding and skills in these areas.
As a Church of England Academy, we promote the development of the moral and
St Mark’s Church of England Academy spiritual well-being of our students. We embrace Christian tradition and beliefs and
Associate Headteacher: Esther Holland support unity between different religions, culture and beliefs.
Executive Principal: Peter Evans

Acacia Road, Mitcham Curriculum

Surrey CR4 1SF St Mark’s is an exciting and inspiring place to learn. The development of literacy and
numeracy are key features of our curriculum.
Telephone: 020 8648 6627
Email: We have a specialist programme that supports the individual needs of our Year 7
students at transition. Homework is an important part of every student’s programme
Website: of study.

Places in September 2010: In the first three years at Key Stage 3, students follow the National Curriculum, working
180 boys and girls in Year 7 in either set or mixed ability groups as appropriate.
75 boys and girls in Year 12 In Years 10 and 11 at Key Stage 4, students follow a two-year course leading to GCSE
Open Evening: examinations and a common curriculum that includes: English Language and Literature,
Wednesday 30 September 2009 Mathematics, Science (Double Award), PE, RE and ICT.
5.30–8.00pm As well as these core subjects, students are able to select from a broad range of
additional GCSEs, and other vocational options, enabling them to make choices that
Open Days: reflect their aptitudes and interests. These include: Art and Design, Business and
Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 September
Communications Studies, Dance, Graphics, Drama, Geography, History, ICT, Leisure and
and Thursday 1 and Friday 2 October 2009
Tourism (Double Award), Media Studies, French/German, Music, PE, RE, Triple Science
and vocational courses in Construction, Painting & Decorating, Sports Leadership and
from 2010 Hair and Beauty.

Raising the achievement and

life chances of our students

Providing a range of
services that support
students, families and
community throughout
the week
Enrichment Programme
St Mark’s offers an extended Academy programme, providing a range of services
that support students, families and community throughout the week.
We have many clubs associated with our specialisms of Science and Performing Arts
and we offer a number of other extra-curricular opportunities including ICT, boxing,
dance, homework club, basketball, table tennis, drama, food technology, cycling and
roller skating.
We also run exciting visits to museums, galleries and theatre, geography field trips,
and trips to Europe. These provide our students with challenging activities in a safe
and secure setting and are invaluable experiences for personal and social development.

Care, Guidance and Support

At St Mark’s, our pastoral care process ensures that every student is supported and
motivated. On admission to the Academy, your child will be assigned to a tutor group
under the care of a form tutor. The tutor will build a strong relationship with each
student and will also monitor their academic progress, target setting, attendance,
punctuality and behaviour. This enables us to support each student in an individual way
and to promote maximum progress. Older students are used as ‘Heroes’ to mentor and
support younger students, under the guidance of the tutor, establishing a community
which supports and develops all its members in a safe and caring environment.
Student Services supports all students and those with additional needs. If a student has
special needs, we ensure that there is a tailored learning plan and support programme
in place to meet the identified needs. Where a student is particularly gifted or talented
in a subject we aim to develop this through extended opportunities, early entry to
examinations and individualised programmes of study.

Partnership with Parents

At St Mark’s, we believe the involvement of parents and carers in their child’s education
is the key to their academic success. Parents and carers are involved in their child’s
induction, and contact continues through the student planner, students’ progress
reports, consultation evenings and academic review days.
We keep in touch with parents via our half termly newsletters and coffee mornings and
invite parents and carers to a variety of Academy performances and events throughout
the year.

Sixth Form
St Mark’s Sixth Form offers a range of vocational and academic opportunities from
BTEC to A level. We have developed a new study and social area equipped with ICT
resources and we offer an extensive range of cultural, social and sporting activities.
Our Sixth Form students are used as leaders and role models across the Academy.


Ursuline High School Wimbledon is an 11-18 Roman Catholic

Business & Enterprise Specialist and Languages Specialist School
for Girls. It is part of a worldwide network of schools that draw
their inspiration from the life and work of St Angela Merici.
The school was designated as a lead school for Gifted and
Talented students in 2009, and our programme allows more
able students to achieve the highest academic standards.
Ursuline Education is characterised by academic excellence,
addressing individual need, service in the spirit of St Angela and
developing young women as leaders. Here at the Ursuline we are
Ursuline High School Wimbledon very proud of our strong sense of community.
Executive Headteacher: Julia Waters

Crescent Road, Wimbledon Curriculum

London SW20 8HA Our curriculum aims to develop those skills which will equip our young women for the
21st century. We aim to develop them as independent and critical learners who are
Telephone: 020 8255 2688 confident and articulate communicators.

Website: ‘ Students make outstanding progress

in Years 7, 8 & 9 with GCSE results
Places in September 2010:
196 girls in Year 7
consistently well above average
and rising ’
A prospectus and application form are available from 1
September. Applications must be made on our school’s 1 in 3 grades at GCSE are at A or A*
Admission Form in addition to the common application
form. Support for applicants will be sought from parish Our curriculum allows for choice so that students can follow courses which both
or other nominated priests/ministers of religion. The motivate and challenge them but prepare them for university and further learning.
closing date for applications is Friday 23 October 2009 The personalisation of the curriculum at all key stages allows students the freedom
to develop at the pace which is right for them.
Open Evening:
Wednesday 23 September 2009
6.30-8.30pm ‘ Students enjoy school and greatly
Open Mornings:
appreciate the opportunities provided
For Year 6 students starting in September 2010, by the school’s broad curriculum
by appointment only on: as well as those offered outside
Friday 11 and Friday 18 September, Thursday 1,
Friday 2, Tuesday 6 and Thursday 15 October 2009. school time ’

To book an appointment please contact

Mrs Martin on 020 8879 4381

Personalisation of the
curriculum at all key
Extra-Curricular Activities
We strongly believe that our extra-curricular programme enriches the experience of stages allows students
young women and supports both their personal development and enjoyment of school.
the freedom to develop
Opportunities for extra-curricular involvement include Choir, Orchestra, Drama, Sports,
Dance, Art, Music and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. We hold a number of school at the pace which is
performances each year including annual drama and musical productions, variety nights
and a St Cecilia’s Day concert. right for them
Over the school year there are numerous residential opportunities for students including
Language trips to Paris and Barcelona, cross-curricula trips to Normandy, Business &
Enterprise to New York and China, and supporting communities in Africa and India.

Care, Guidance and Support

Students are known and valued as individuals. Every young woman receives the highest
possible standards of care, guidance and support as she moves through the school.
Tutors, Heads of Year and our non-teaching Pastoral Support Assistants are foremost in
supporting the personal development of our students.
The school seeks to encourage mutual respect, self-discipline and understanding in its
students. We also keenly recognise achievement and improvement.

Our chaplaincy offers a wealth of opportunities for students to develop their faith. Our
school motto ‘Serviam’ is at the heart of what we do, and is clearly seen at work in the
range of charity work and involvement of students in community projects.

‘ Inclusion is a strong feature of

the school which is a diverse but
harmonious community ’ ‘...students
take excellent advantage of the
presence of students from many
different cultures and faiths ’

Sixth Form
The great majority of our students continue on into the Sixth Form which provides not
just a very broad range of courses but opportunities for leadership through our prefect
system, for mentoring students in the lower school, and opportunities in sport, music,
school productions and cultural trips.
Sixth formers make a much valued contribution to the life of the school.

Wimbledon College

“A Jesuit school founded in 1892 for improvement in living and

learning to the greater glory of God and the common good.”

Wimbledon College is a Catholic secondary school for boys, ages

11 to 18. The school is in the trusteeship of the Society of Jesus
(Jesuits) and follows a 450-year old tradition of Jesuit education
for “improvement in living and learning to the greater glory of God
and the common good.”

Wimbledon College is a specialist Science and Mathematics school.

199 boys will be admitted to Year 7 in September 2010.
Christian belief and practice lies at the heart of the school. Morning prayers are said
and the great feasts and seasons of the Church are celebrated.
Wimbledon College A key characteristic of Jesuit education is the service of others and boys are involved
Headmaster: Fr Adrian Porter SJ in service and charity activities, including a weekly luncheon club for the elderly and an
annual visit to India to build and resource a school for the dalit.
Edge Hill, Wimbledon
The curriculum is broad and traditional (with separate subjects in History, Geography
London SW19 4NS
and Religious Studies and separate Sciences at GCSE for the more able, for example).
Telephone: 020 8879 9355 Boys are assessed every fortnight and their progress closely monitored to
ensure progress.
The Arts are strong and there are many opportunities to perform in Drama and Music.
Website: Instrumental lessons are offered in almost every instrument and voice and there is also
a Saturday Music School which is open to everyone. Major productions are staged in a
Places in September 2010:
fully equipped auditorium.
199 in Year 7 (11 year olds)
Most boys will take 7 or 8 core subjects and a further 3 options at GCSE. GCSE results
Open Evening: are good with 70% achieving five or more A*-C grades with 65% including English and
Thursday 24 September 2009 Maths. 20% of GCSE grades were A* and A. At A Level 81% of results were A-C grades
From 6.30-8.30pm with 23% at grade A.
Sixth Form Admissions Exhibition: Boys are set according to ability by subject from the beginning of Year 7. In this way
Wednesday 21 October 2009 they can be taught, encouraged and challenged, with others of similar ability.
From 5.00-7.00pm
Academically able pupils will take some GCSEs early. They will also take
additional GCSE in Statistics, a Higher qualification in Mathematics and an
AS Level in Critical Thinking.
The school suits boys who
The school has an extensive extra-curricular programme of Sport, Music, Drama and
thrive in an ordered, safe and other activities. Boys are expected to participate in at least two activities. The school
has its own Army Cadet Detachment.
demanding environment which
sets high expectations

Sport plays an important part in the life of the school. All Lower Line (Y7-9) boys have
PE, games and a fitness session every week. Over 80% take part in after school and
Saturday sport.
Wimbledon College suits boys who thrive in an ordered, safe and demanding
environment which sets high expectations.
There is a strong pastoral system in the school and firm expectations of behaviour and
attitude summed up in a simple 5-point behaviour code.
Around two-thirds of boys continue into the Sixth Form, with a further 30 entering
from other schools. The Sixth Form works in partnership with the Ursuline Sixth Form.
There are some 250 boys in the Sixth Form.

The College gives priority to baptised and practising Catholic boys. Places are heavily
oversubscribed and the majority of applications are from the Catholic community.
Priority is given to boys attending Catholic primary schools in Merton. Beyond this there
are around 100 places a year which are assigned on the basis of a boy having siblings
in the school and then on distance criteria.
The full admissions policy is available from the school.
Application must be made to your Local Authority (on its own Common Application
Form – usually available from your son’s primary school) and also directly to Wimbledon
Sport plays an important part
College on its own Supplementary Information Form (available from the school and on
our website).
in the life of the school
Both forms must be returned by Friday 23rd October 2009.

Schools in neighbouring
If you are applying for schools which are not in Merton, you still need to name them as one of your six preferences.
If you do not name them as a preference, they will be unable to consider your application.

LONDON BOROUGH OF CROYDON Harris City Academy Crystal Palace

Department for Children, Young People & Learners, DCSF Number: 306 6906
Taberner House, Park Lane, Croydon, Surrey CR9 1TP Maberley Road, Upper Norwood SE19 2JH
Telephone Number: 020 8771 2261
Telephone Number: 020 8760 5453 / 020 8726 6400

Norbury Manor Business & Enterprise

Addington High School College (Girls)
DCSF Number: 306 4042
DCSF Number: 306 5406
Fairchildes Avenue, New Addington, Croydon CR0 0AH
Kensington Avenue, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 8BT
Telephone Number: 01689 842545
Telephone Number: 020 8679 0062

The Archbishop Lanfranc School Oasis Academy, Coulsdon

DCSF Number: 306 5408
DCSF Number: 306 5404
Mitcham Road, Croydon CR9 3AS
Homefield Road, Old Coulsdon, Surrey CR5 1ES
Telephone Number: 020 8689 1255
Telephone Number: 01737 551161

Archbishop Tenison’s CofE School Oasis Academy, Shirley

DCSF Number: 306 4600
DCSF Number: TBC
Selborne Road, Croydon CR0 5JG
Shirley Road, Croydon CR9 7AL
Telephone Number: 020 8688 4014
Telephone Number: 020 8656 0222

Coloma Convent RC School (Girls) Riddlesdown Collegiate

DCSF Number: 306 5405
DCSF Number: 306 5400
Upper Shirley Road, Croydon CR9 5AS
Honister Heights, Purley CR8 1EX
Telephone Number: 020 8654 6228
Telephone Number: 020 8668 5136

Edenham High School Selsdon High School

DCSF Number: 306 5401
DCSF Number: 306 4033
Orchard Way, Shirley, Croydon CR0 7NJ
Farnborough Avenue, South Croydon CR2 8HD
Telephone Number: 020 8776 0220
Telephone Number: 020 8657 8935

Harris Academy Purley Shirley High School

DCSF Number: TBC
DCSF Number: 306 5407
Kendra Hall Road, South Croydon CR2 6DT
Shirley Church Road, Shirley, Croydon CR0 5EF
Telephone Number: 020 8681 1141
Telephone Number: 020 656 9755

Harris Academy South Norwood St Andrew’s CofE High School

DCSF Number: 306 6905
DCSF Number: 306 4603
2 Cumberlow Avenue, South Norwood
Warrington Road, Croydon CR0 4BH
London SE25 6AD
Telephone Number: 020 8686 8306
Telephone Number: 020 8405 5070

St Joseph’s College (RC Boys) ROYAL BOROUGH OF
Beulah Hill, Upper Norwood, London SE19 3HL
School Admissions, Guildhall 2, Kingston upon
Telephone Number: 020 8761 1426
Thames, Surrey KT1 1EU
Telephone Number: 020 8547 4610
St Mary’s Catholic High School
DCSF Number: 306 4702
Woburn Road, Croydon CR0 2AB Chessington Community College
Telephone Number: 020 8686 3837 DCSF Number: 314 4006
Garrison Lane, Chessington, Surrey KT9 2JS
Telephone Number: 020 8974 1156
Thomas More Catholic High School
DCSF Number: 306 5403
Russell Hill Road, Purley CR8 2XP Coombe Boys’ School
Telephone Number: 020 8668 6251 DCSF Number: 314 5403
College Gardens, Blakes Lane, New Malden
Surrey KT3 6NU
Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School Telephone Number: 020 8949 1537
(RC Girls)
DCSF Number: 306 5900
Coombe Girls’ School
147 Central Hill, Upper Norwood, London SE19 1RS
Telephone Number: 020 8670 6917 DCSF Number: 314 4004
Clarence Avenue, New Malden, Surrey KT3 3TU
Telephone Number: 020 8942 1242
Westwood Girls’ College for Languages
& Arts (Girls)
The Hollyfield School
DCSF Number: 306 4024
and Sixth Form Centre
Spurgeon Road, Upper Norwood, London SE19 3UG
Telephone Number: 020 8653 1661 DCSF Number: 314 5404
Surbiton Hill Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 4TU
Telephone Number: 020 8339 4500
Woodcote High School
DCSF Number: 306 4031
The Holy Cross School (RC Girls)
Meadow Rise, Coulsdon, Surrey CR5 2EH
Telephone Number: 020 8668 6464 DCSF Number: 314 5402
Sandal Road, New Malden, Surrey KT3 5AR
Telephone Number: 020 8395 4225

Richard Challoner School (RC Boys)

DCSF Number: 314 5401
Manor Drive North, New Malden, Surrey KT3 5PE
Telephone Number: 020 8330 5947

Southborough High School (Boys)

DCSF Number: 314 4009
Hook Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 5AS
Telephone Number: 020 8391 4324

Schools in neighbouring
The Tiffin Girls’ School (Selective) Dunraven School
DCSF Number: 314 4010 DCSF Number: 208 5402
Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames 94-98 Leigham Court Road, London SW16 2QB
Surrey KT2 5PL Telephone Number: 020 8677 2431
Telephone Number: 020 8546 0773
Elmgreen School
Tiffin School (Selective Boys) DCSF Number: 208 4731
DCSF Number: 314 5400 Gipsy Road, London SE27 9TG
Queen Elizabeth Road, Kingston upon Thames Telephone Number: 020 8766 5020
Surrey KT2 6RL
Telephone Number: 020 8546 4638
Evelyn Grace Academy
DCSF Number: 208 6906
Tolworth Girls’ School and Centre for (Interim address) Somerleyton Road, London SW9 8ND
Continuing Education
(Permanent address from 2010)
DCSF Number: 314 4011 Shakespeare Road, London SE24 0PZ
Fullers Way North, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7LQ Telephone Number: 020 72745 9395
Telephone Number: 020 8397 3854

Lambeth Academy
DCSF Number: 208 6905
Elms Road, London SW4 9ET
School Admissions Team, ERAA Service, 4th Floor Telephone Number: 020 7819 4700 / 020 7819 4718
International House, Canterbury Crescent, Brixton
London SW9 7QE
La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls’ School
Telephone Number: 020 7926 9503
DCSF Number: 208 5400
Atkins Road, London SW12 0AB
Archbishop Tenison’s School (Boys) Telephone Number: 020 8673 5644
DCSF Number 208 5403
55 Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SR Lilian Baylis Technology School
Telephone Number: 020 7735 3771
DCSF Number: 208 4321
323 Kennington Lane, Kennington, London SE11 5QY
Bishop Thomas Grant Telephone Number: 020 7091 9500
Catholic Secondary School
DCSF Number: 208 5401 London Nautical School (Boys)
Belltrees Grove, London SW16 2HY DCSF Number: 208 5405
Telephone Number: 020 8769 3294 61 Stamford Street, Blackfriars, London SE1 9NA
Telephone Number: 020 7928 6801
Charles Edward Brooke School (Girls)
DCSF Number: 208 4509 Norwood School
Dennen Site, Cormont Road, London SE5 9RF DCSF Number: 208 4223
(Lower School) Crown Dale, London SE19 3NY
Langton Road, London SW9 6UL (Upper School) Telephone Number: 020 8670 9382
Telephone Number: 020 7274 6311

St Martin in the Fields High School for Girls Nonsuch High School for Girls
DCSF Number: 208 5404 DCSF Number: 319 5401
155 Tulse Hill, London SW2 3UP Ewell Road, Cheam, Surrey SM3 8AB
Telephone Number: 020 8674 5594 Telephone Number: 020 8394 1308

Stockwell Park High School Overton Grange School

DCSF Number: 208 4322 DCSF Number: 319 4019
Clapham Road, London SW9 0AL Stanley Road, Sutton, Surrey SM2 6TQ
Telephone Number: 020 7733 6156 Telephone Number: 020 8239 2383

St Philomena’s Catholic High School

Learning for Life, Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way DCSF Number: 319 5406
Sutton, Surrey SM1 1EA Pound Street, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 3PS
Telephone Number: 020 8642 2025
Telephone Number: 020 8770 6080

Carshalton Boys Sports College Stanley Park High School

DCSF Number: 319 4015
DCSF Number: 319 4000
Stanley Park Road, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 3HP
Winchcombe Road, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 1RW
Telephone Number: 020 8647 5842
Telephone Number: 020 8644 7325

Carshalton High School for Girls Sutton Grammar School for Boys
DCSF Number: 319 5404
DCSF Number: 319 4002
Manor Lane, Sutton, Surrey SM1 4AS
West Street, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 2QX
Telephone Number: 020 8642 3821
Telephone Number: 020 8647 8294

Cheam High School The John Fisher School

DCSF Number: 319 5402
DCSF Number: 319 5403
Peaks Hill, Purley, Surrey CR8 3YP
Chatsworth Road, Cheam, Surrey SM3 8PW
Telephone Number: 020 8660 4555
Telephone Number: 020 8644 5790

Glenthorne High School Wallington County Grammar School

DCSF Number: 319 5407
DCSF Number: 319 4011
Croydon Road, Wallington, Surrey SM6 7PH
Sutton Common Road, Sutton, Surrey SM3 9PS
Telephone Number: 020 8254 7920
Telephone Number: 020 8644 6307

Greenshaw High School Wallington High School for Girls

DCSF Number: 319 5405
DCSF Number: 319 4007
Woodcote Road, Wallington, Surrey SM6 0PH
Grennell Road, Sutton, Surrey SM1 3DY
Telephone Number: 020 8647 2380
Telephone Number: 020 8715 1001

Schools in neighbouring
Wilson’s School Ernest Bevin College (Boys)
DCSF Number: 319 5400 DCSF Number: 212 4297
Mollison Drive, Wallington, Surrey SM6 9JW Beechcroft Road, Tooting, London SW17 7DF
Telephone Number: 020 8773 2931 Telephone Number: 020 8672 8582

Graveney School
Education Department, Town Hall Extension, Welham Road, Tooting, London SW17 9BU
Wandsworth High Street, London SW18 2PU Telephone Number: 020 8682 7000
Telephone Number: (020) 8871 8265
John Paul II School (RC)
DCSF Number: 212 5404
Ashcroft Technology College
Princes Way, Wimbledon, London SW19 6QE
DCSF Number: 212 6905 Telephone Number: 020 8788 8142
100 West Hill, Wandsworth SW15 2UT
Telephone Number: 020 8877 0357
Saint Cecilia’s, Wandsworth CofE School
DCSF Number: 212 4734
Battersea Park School
Sutherland Grove, London SW18 5JR
DCSF Number: 212 4329 Telephone Number: 020 8780 1244
401 Battersea Park Road, London SW11 5AP
Telephone Number: 020 7622 0026
Salesian College (Boys)
DCSF Number: 212 5403
Burntwood School (Girls)
Surrey Lane, Battersea, London SW11 3PB
DCSF Number: 212 5401 Telephone Number: 020 7228 2857
Burntwood Lane, London SW17 0AQ
Telephone Number: 020 8946 6201
Southfields Community College
DCSF Number: 212 5405
Chestnut Grove School
333 Merton Road, Wandsworth, London SW18 5JU
DCSF Number: 212 4328 Telephone Number: 020 8875 2600
Chestnut Grove, Balham, London SW12 8JZ
Telephone Number: 020 8673 8737

Elliott School
DCSF Number: 212 5402
Pullman Gardens, Putney, London SW15 3DG
Telephone Number: 020 8788 3421

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find out more about If I already have a child at my preferred
admissions to Merton Secondary schools? school will I automatically get another
If you need any further information about admission place?
to secondary school, you can contact the School No. If you are applying to a community secondary
Admissions Team at Merton Council (see page 43 for school in Merton, we will only note that your child has a
contact details), where staff will be pleased to help sibling (see pages 14-15) at the school if:
you. Alternatively, you can contact each school directly
for more information about what each offers and any • you complete the ‘sibling’ section of the Common
specific admissions requirements they may have. You Application Form; and
can also visit the schools’ websites. • your child’s brother or sister will still be attending the
school in September 2010.
If I complete the form on-line, should I send If this is the case and your first choice school is
in a paper copy as well? oversubscribed, we will apply the criteria for the
allocation of places to oversubscribed schools. This
No. If you complete the on-line application form you does give some priority to children who have an older
should print out and retain your receipt but please brother or sister at the school but we cannot guarantee
do not fill in a paper copy as well. If we receive two they will get a place.
applications it will, at the very least, delay the process
and may jeopardise your school offer. We recommend If you are applying to a Voluntary Aided School, an
you apply online only wherever possible. Academy or a school in another borough, you will
have to ask them what their sibling policy is, as not all
schools give priority in the same way.
I don’t live in Merton. Can I apply for
Merton schools?
Do I have to name six schools?
Yes. You must apply on your home council’s Common
Application Form (CAF). No. You may name up to six schools. Please make sure
that you only name schools that you would be happy
for your child to attend and think about your preference
I live in Merton. Can I apply for schools in order very carefully. We would recommend using as
other boroughs? many of your preferences as you can to maximise your
chances of being offered a school place on Monday
Yes. You apply on the Merton Common Application 1 March 2010, as it is not always possible to allocate
Form and name all schools in order of preference. You places later if you add schools or change your mind.
should check with out of borough schools to see if there (Refer to the question on late applications and changes
is a supplementary form (see pages 36-40). of preference on page 09.)

Which Merton schools require Are my preferences confidential?

supplementary forms?
Yes. Your preference order and the names of other
If you are applying for Wimbledon College or schools you list will not be released. All schools
Ursuline High School you will need to complete a will consider your applications without reference
supplementary form. to this information.
If you are applying for a faith based place at St Mark’s
Academy you will also need to complete their form. We live in Merton. Do I have a right to a
You must contact the schools directly for these forms.
place in a Merton school?
Harris Academy Merton has an additional form for
A Local Authority has a responsibility to provide school
anyone who has any special requirements for sitting
places for children in its area. However, the 1996 Act
their test. This form is available in their prospectus or
(Section 18) does not specify that schools have to be
from their website.
located in that area.

Frequently asked questions

What do I do if I don’t get the place I want? I have been offered a place off a waiting list
You are entitled to reject any place offered. However, if at a school outside Merton. What should
you reject an offer it will then become your responsibility I do?
to secure an alternative. Accept or decline the place in writing as your offer letter
If you are offered a place at anything other than your tells you.
first preference school, you will automatically go on Write to the admissions authority of the school you have
the waiting list for your higher preference schools. Any already accepted to let them know. It is very important
preferences that are lower than the offered preference that you do this, especially if you are sending your child
are withdrawn. You will also have the right of appeal to a school outside the scheme e.g. a private school. If
against any school which does not offer a place, you don’t let us know, you may be preventing another
providing it was named as one of your preferences child receiving an offer of a school. Also, if your child is
(refer to the appeals question on page 10). expected to start at a school in September and does
If you are offered one of your lower preferences, we not turn up, the Education Welfare Officers will visit you
recommend that you accept the place while waiting to to find out what arrangements you have made for his or
see if a higher offer can be made. This ensures that your her education.
child will have a school to go to in September and does
not prejudice your right of appeal or place on higher
preference waiting lists.
I live in Merton. Is my child entitled to free
school travel?
I am a Merton resident. What happens if I Children can travel free on the buses and trams
provided they have a child photo oyster card. An
don’t get any of my preferred schools? information leaflet and application form can be obtained
If you are a Merton resident and we are unable to offer from the post office.
you any of your preferences, we will allocate you a place Some families who have a low income may qualify for
at the nearest school to your home address that has a assistance if it is essential that your child travels by train
vacancy. You do not have to accept this but doing so or underground and the school is a long distance from
will not prejudice your right of appeal or your position on home. If you think your child may be eligible you can
the waiting lists for your preferred schools. get an application form from the School Admissions
Team (see page 43 for contact details).
If I do not get a school offer that I am Please note that, where assistance is agreed, it is for the
happy with, can I educate my child at child only and not for any accompanying adult.
You may choose to take this option but we do not I don’t live in Merton. Is my child entitled to
recommend that you do so. If you decide that this is the free school travel?
best option for you, you must notify the Local Authority
in writing. You must provide a curriculum suitable for You will need to contact the Local Authority in the
a student of secondary age and the Local Authority borough where you live for further information, as each
has a duty to ensure that the education you provide is borough is responsible for the travel arrangements for
appropriate. The Local Authority will ask for full details their own residents.
of your arrangement and Local Authority advisers will
make monitoring visits while you are educating your
child at home.

Is my child entitled to claim free school Where can I get more help?
meals? If there is anything that you are still unsure of, the
To qualify for free school meals at a Merton school you School Admissions Team at Merton Council will be
must be receiving Income Support or Income Based pleased to help you at:
Job Seekers Allowance, or getting Child Tax Credit
Children, Schools and Families
where the income is less than £16,040 a year.
London Borough of Merton
You do not qualify for free school meals if you receive Civic Centre, London Road
Working Families Tax Credit.
Morden SM4 5DX
From 1 May 2009 where a parent is entitled to Working
Tax Credit during the four-week period immediately after Telephone 020 8274 4906
their employment ceases, or after they start to work less Email
than 16 hours per week, their children are entitled to
free school lunches. Eligibility under this criterion must
be supported by a letter from HM Revenue & Customs.
Please note that we will ask you to provide proof of
Child Benefit for the children named on the application
form, and evidence of the qualifying benefits. If you
are an asylum seeker who gets Income Support and
not Child Benefit, we will ask you to show immigration
papers for both yourself and the children. If you are an
asylum seeker being supported by NASS then you must
provide the letter from them naming the dependant.
If you think your child is eligible for free school meals
you can get an application form from the School
Admissions Team (see contact details on this page).

Does Merton provide clothing grants for

school uniforms?
No. There is no grant available for clothing. However,
many schools offer their own discount schemes, and
some organise sales of nearly new uniforms.

What if my child has health problems?

You should make an appointment with the headteacher
to discuss the problem. If you want to discuss problems
further, you can phone the Child Health Department on
020 8770 8411.

Do schools provide for children with

Merton schools have access for children with
disabilities. Please take the opportunity at the school
open events to discuss your child’s needs with the

List of educational terms

Academies - are publicly funded independent Oversubscribed - a school is oversubscribed when

secondary schools with sponsors from the private or the number of applications exceeds the number of
public sectors or from churches or other faith groups. places available.
They provide free education to the local community.
Parent/carer - in this booklet the term parent includes
Admissions Criteria - are the conditions set by the carers and legal guardians.
Local Authority (for Community and Voluntary Controlled
Schools) or the governing body (for Foundation and Preference - is a school named by the parent that they
Voluntary Aided schools) that are used to decide would like their child to attend. It is not always possible
whether or not a place can be offered to a child. to meet parental preference.

Common Application Form (CAF) - is the form that you Published Admission Number - shows the number
complete to make your application. You must obtain it of children that a school will admit for a particular
from the Local Authority of the borough in which you year group.
live and to whom you pay your Council Tax. You may
name up to six schools from any Local Authority on it. Selective Schools - schools can be wholly or partially
selective and choose their students on the basis of
Community Schools - are run by the Local Authority ability, usually determined by examination. Merton does
who employ the staff, own the land and buildings and not have any selective schools.
are responsible for admitting pupils.
Sibling - is a brother or sister living at the same address
Comprehensive Schools - Merton schools are all who is part of the same family unit. It also includes half
comprehensive. They are non-selective and admit brothers and sisters, step brothers and sisters and
children of all academic abilities. foster children, provided they live at the same address
as the child named on the application form.
DCSF - Department for Children, Schools and Families,
previously the Department for Education and Skills. Voluntary Aided Schools – are owned and run by
Trustees (usually a religious body) and funded by the
ICT – Information Communications Technology. Local Authority. The Trustees appoint a majority of the
governors, determine the ethos of the school, and are
Independent Schools - are fee paying schools which responsible for the school’s admissions arrangements.
provide full-time education for five or more students of
compulsory school age, which are not maintained by Voluntary Controlled Schools - are run by the Local
the Local Authority. Authority who employ the school’s staff and runs the
admissions procedure. The school’s land and buildings
The Local Authority - the Council that is responsible for are normally owned by a charity which appoints some
education in each area. members of the governing body.

Looked-after Children (LAC) - children who are in the Waiting List - if a school is oversubscribed, the children
care of the Local Authority, for example, foster care, who did not get a place are placed on a waiting list.
children’s home. As places become available children are placed from
the top of this list. The waiting list is held in order of the
OFSTED - the Office for Standards in Education is the admissions criteria.
government department responsible for inspecting
schools and reporting on standards of achievement and
the quality of education provided.

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Merton Form Partnership

Realise Why 6th Form?

• The opportunity to study
within a familiar environment

your full potential...

• Develop friendships already
made as well as make
new ones
• A wide range of academic

stay on for 6th Form and work-related

qualifications to suit all
students’ talent and potential
• Excellent teaching and high
From September 2010, This new provision will complement quality academic support
and enhance 6th Forms at:
an increased range • Harris Academy Merton
and careers guidance
of post-16 learning • St Ann’s School • Lifelong enrichment and
opportunities will be extra-curricular opportunities
• St Mark’s Church of England
to complement academic
available in Merton. Academy
• Ursuline Sixth Form
Exciting new 6th Form opportunities • Wimbledon College • Strong links with business
will be available at: and universities
• Merton College
• Bishopsford Community School
• Specially designed purpose-
• Raynes Park High School built facilities equipped with
• Ricards and Rutlish Combined modern technology
6th Form

For more information go to: “We’re absolutely committed to driving up standards in our schools and improving the
life chances of all Merton’s young people. By
establishing the new 6th Forms, we hope to build
on the significant improvements seen to date,
particularly at GCSE level. These exciting new
opportunities will also enable more of our young
people to enjoy the benefits of continuing their
post-16 education here in the borough.”
Merton’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services,
Councillor Debbie Shears