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Pension Chalet of stories

I. Description of Business Chalet of stories is a company that was founded in 2008, aiming inauguration pension in Doftana Valley, Prahova. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Company name: Chalet of Stories Address: Doftana Valley, Prahova, no 11,str. Lunca Date of commencement of work: 1 January 2013 Types of activities undertaken: travel services: accommodation / hostel, recreation; Shareholders: Catalin George-Gabriel and Chivu Oana-Amelia

Pension Chalet Of Stories is located in Doftana Valley, is situated in a picturesque, environment is conducive to total relaxation enjoy both holidays and just a weekend. As a location, the town is located north of the county Prahova, between the Prahova valley and Teleajenului. The way to the pension is paved, and is functional throughout the year. It is easily accessible both by car and by bus. II. Vision Chalet of stories wants to become a landmark in the field of tourism and lodging and provide customers a high standard of quality and complexity services. The variety and complexity of tourism services of the tourist reception Chalet of stories will lead to the complete satisfaction of its customers and ensure the reputation of the institution both Doftana Valley and in Prahova. III. Mission Company mission Chalet of stories is to become a regionally recognized brand of high quality tourist services. Chalet of stories promote quality tourism in Romania promoveaz n Romnia turismul de calitate to meet the needs and requirements of customers by services at the highest standards. Our guests, tourists should feel like home , to find tranquility, they need to feel relaxed and carefree because we'll take care of everything. IV. Accomodation First, the role is to provide accommodation to its guests. To do this in the best conditions, will be made available to guests throughout the building. Accommodation possibilities consist in 5 rooms with double bed, 3 rooms with one bed and one apartment with 2 rooms which can accommodate five guests. This structure was chosen because the targeted customers are families with young children, who generally prefer to have them in the same room while traveling. If parents who come with more than one child in their desire can add a folding bed (for this purpose were purchased four folding beds), or you can rent one of the rooms with two beds.

V. Meals Besides providing accommodation, in a pension must be given the possibility to dine. Hosts at the guesthouse "Chalet of stories" will do everything possible to offer guests an experience they cross the threshold enjoyable. VI. Market and competition The market in Romania began to grow again, but still the tourism potential is not exploited nearly enough. The demand is favored by the development possibilities of information exchange, as well as difficulties and lower travel costs. With greater access to international transport, more and more tourists are heading to destinations novel in search of new experiences. Competition in this field is large, which is due to an increase of the tourism industry continue its development of and a continuous improvement of the services offered in this area. Most competitors are pensions and hotels located in the Prahova Valley, which favor the one hand but on the other disadvantages. VII. Swot Analysis For an overview of the business and the issues that advantage, and the negative issues that might face is that they need to be as well known and acknowledged. Strengths *The location of the guesthouse in an area away from traffic, *Pension equipment with many leisure facilities, *Large area of land which will expire subsequent expansion, Weak spot * Lack of effective experience. Opportunities *Settlement near the national road DN1, *Also there is a relatively small distance from Sinaia, Brasov and Predeal. *This traditional architecture in the area. Threats *The lack of facilities for winter sports *Experience in the field of competition.

VIII. Business Promotion Strategy

Given that the Internet is becoming increasingly popular and the most populous in recent years, it is a means of promoting the reach and affordable. In this regard, it will work in two directions. First, it will create a website of the guesthouse, providing complete and detailed information. Easier to reach the target segment will buy advertising space in magazines aimed at young people. Travel agencies that are collaborating in turn will make known guesthouse, on a commission from sales made. Also for promotion it will use MiniCard. IX. Strategies of marketing products and services For the pension to be more accessible to the targeted customer segment will proceed to a sliding scale of prices depending on the season, practice common in the tourism especially on the coast, but not yet used among the hostels. Since most targeted customers will bring their children with them, they will be charged for special prices with a 15% discount. Also a 15% discount will be offered to customers who are returning to the hostel next year, aiming thus their loyalty and gain new clients among their friends. As sales service pension will be not only to this, as well as travel agencies with which it works, they will be accessible to those who do not yet know of the existence of the pension, thus increasing its popularity.