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Good manners

are not innate,good manners are taught and learned.

Are we all just that much angered and busy that we can sacrifice good manners!?It seems like it's easier to be rude and it's harder to be polite. Manners might seems old fashioned but they are one of those things that never go out of style. When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that his four fingers are pointing at himself." A powerful quote about manners inspired by Louis Nizer. Indeed, we should not immediately judge a person without a firm reason. Manners is definitely, undoubtedly a mirror on one's personality. It is transmitted from generation to another through inheritance and also acquired through environmental influences. It serves as a recipe for us to have a tasty and yummy lives. Everyone has a manners, of course. Two kinds of manners, actually. The first one is the proper and advantegeous while the second one is the displeasing behaviors. Humans as we are, we both encompass the two stated manners. As for the inspiring reading text, "No One Stops To Say Thank You .when a homeless, very scruffy man entered a restaurant, all talk stops and everybody feels discomforted by his presence. I've experienced a similar incidentin my English lesson ie accept good and bad with gratitude. While we are eating in a glass-walled restaurant, some street children,homeless individuals were passing by and sometimes stare us for a very long time. Their presence made me feel annoyed, irritated and anxious. Because it's impolite to stare, right? But the fact that these people are uneducated, I just ignored them and continue what I'm doing. What a person I was! Actually, we have the same perspective when it comes to the homeless man saying "thank you very much". As the population increases, the well-mannered person suddenly decreases. Very limited individuals of today's generation who are well-mannered. Most of the people acquired degrading attitudes. Because of some human and environmental causes which serves as factors such as poverty, injustice, unemployment and the like, people are tend or force to develop a very displeasing behavior. But then again, no one is perfect. And no person in this universe will be. Only God is the unchanging, perfect and omnipotent One. There are simple rules for us to lessen our discouraging behaviors and zoomed up our good manners. We should practice discipline and of course surrender everything to the Lord. As long as we are still living, we should develop a good relationship with God even though we can't live for a very long time. It is our responsibility, the reason why we are created and blessed with life. And most of all, cultivate the attitude of being grateful. let us not limit ourselves to say Peers pressure Peer pressure is when "friends" persuade you to doing something that you do not want to do. But maybe you want to do it, and you just don't have the courage to do it and your friends talk you into it. Good peer pressure is being pushed into something that you didn't have the courage to do or just didn't cross your mind to do. Bad peer pressure is being talked into doing something that you didn't want to do because your friends said that you should. Why do teens give in? Peers can influence their friends to do absolutely anything. That is why the majority of teenagers base their decisions on their friends' actions. The more time teenagers spend with their peers, the more they trust them. If a teenager trusts a friend, they will most likely follow that friend's examples. Saying NO to peer pressure

Although many teenagers do base their decisions on peer pressure, there is a way to say no. What most teenagers don't do is think about their own feelings and what they feel is right or wrong. When someone does something it is important that they want to do it and that they are not doing it just because of what everyone else thinks. What many teenagers need to do is build the self confidence to say no and walk away. Teenagers can reject negative offers by finding

they aren't the only one doing or not doing something. Staying away from
another friend who will say no with them. By having someone beside them, the teenager feels like

people who do drugs, cut class, smoke and drink is helpful because there will not be any peer pressure to deal with. Making excuses like "I can't hang out tonight, I have to study." or "Sorry I'm busy tonight." can be of assistance when trying to avoid groups of teenagers who smoke, drink or do drugs. Talking to people close in age can help teenagers relate with each other. Many teenagers share the same problems and issues. The key to dealing with negative peer pressure is self-confidence. Be yourself, make your own decisions, regardless of what others think. Listen to your gut

Learn to feel comfortable saying "no." Hang with people who feel the same way you do. If a situation seems dangerous, don't hesitate to get an adult's help. There are ways to say no to peer pressure that will help you get out of the situation. The trick is to practise these when youre alone, or with your parents or someone you trust. Then, when you need to use one of these, you will be more comfortable doing so. 1. Just say no. In some situations, just saying no without a lot of arguing and explaining is the best response. Just make sure your no is a strong and determined one.

2. Give a reason why its a bad idea. Say no, and explain why you feel this way. Maybe you cant go to the party because its not worth the chance of being grounded. Maybe you dont want to drink because you know someone who is an alcoholic and you can see how drinking has messed up his/her life. 3. Make a joke. Humour is a great way to change the topic and the mood. It can take the attention away from you. 4. Make an excuse why you cant. Maybe you have something else to do, you have to be somewhere at a specific time, or your mom will kill you. It doesnt matter what excuse you use, just stick to it.

5. Suggest a different activity. By thinking of something better to do, youre offering everyone an out. You just might be surprised who might take you up on it. 6. Ignore the suggestion. Pretend you didnt hear it, and change the topic to something else. Act like you dont think the idea was even worth discussing. 7. Repeat yourself if necessary. Sometimes youll be asked over and over again. Stick to your decision, dont be talked into doing something you dont want to. 8. Leave the situation. If you think the others are going to do something you dont want to be involved in, just leave. You can make up an excuse, or you can say nothing

at all. If you lead the way, others may follow. 9. Thanks, but no thanks. You can be polite, but you still arent interested. You can say, Its something Im just not into. 10. The power of numbers. Talk to your closest friends about how you feel. Then you can support each other. Agree up front that we will stick togethe If u feel the peers pressure is for wrong thing dnt hesitate to inform it to yi Ourn elder it is so dangerous that it can even lead to death.