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Machine On A Mission
In December 1999, widespread floods and mudslides destroyed the Vargas State of Venezuela. Over 8000 homes were swept away and the countrys infrastructure crumbled. Vermeer Corporation responded to the crisis with their first block press machine. The Vermeer block press machine has undergone technological advances since the Venezuela disaster, but the mission has remained the same by the Vermeer Charitable Foundation. The BP714 was engineered to provide a solution to the critical housing shortage all over the world. People have used earth blocks for housing for thousands of years; Vermeer has designed the BP714 block press to produce consistent compressed earth blocks made from soil with a marginal amount of cement. As global stewards, Vermeer invested in the BP714 to not only construct dwellings, but to reconstruct lives.

Robust chamber design permits quick changing of wear plates to produce blocks with either flat tops and bottoms or self-aligning interlocking open or self-aligning interlocking closed for seamless joints.

Exclusive compression manifold delivers even, consistent compression and three-dimensional accuracy with less energy to produce consistent height blocks regardless of regional conditions and soil type availability.

The Press that Impresses

The BP714 has the latest technology in block press equipment. The two-stage compression system delivers a block that is both density and dimensionally consistent for the first time. Through simplistic design and function, output capabilities of block formations surpass current U.S. standards for concrete blocks.* Unlike deforestation and air pollution associated with clay brick and cement block production, the BP714 produces blocks with low to no negative impact on the environment. Blocks are made by compressing a mixture of soil and stabilizer, but use a third less material than other block press machines. The BP714 is designed to be fully operational without electricity and can produce four blocks a minute. User-friendly simple, yet reliable, hydraulic controls allows for use in remote underdeveloped areas of the world where access to sophisticated repair services are limited.
*With certain soil compositions, testing has shown that blocks produced by the BP714 meet the minimum test requirements of the U.S. Uniform Building Code Standard 21-9, Section 21.808, for Compressive Strength and section 21.909 for Modulus of Rupture.

Large, easy to load, hopper position and size allows easy manual loading with minimal spillage.

One third of the worlds population live in structures made from the earth. The people who live in these earthen structures range from, the poorest of the poor in developing countries, to the richest of the rich in developed countries. Dwell Earths mission is to bridge this gap by providing innovative cross cultural building solutions using local resources to transform lives by addressing critical housing shortages. Adam De Jong, Dwell Earth, LLC


Weight: 2400 lb (1088.6 kg) Dimensions: 80.4 H x 100.1 L x 40.9 W (204.2 cm H x 254.3 cm L x 103.9 cm W) Engine: Hatz 1D81Z single-cylinder, air-cooled diesel with manual start Engine power: 12.6 hp (9.2 kW) at 2700 rpm Hydraulics: Suction and return hydraulic filtration Hopper capacity: 30 gal (4 ft3) [113.6 L (.1m3)] approx. 14 blocks Normal block production: 3 blocks per minute



With the Vermeer BP714, we have been able to build on to our missionary campus, which we use to provide food, health care and shelter to people living with little resources in rural South Africa. The block press machine is at the core of our construction business within the community, which is creating jobs and improving lives for many families. Jim Blessman, Blessman Ministries, Inc.

Electrical system: None Skid-mounted with fork truck access Compression chamber: Unique dual-stage compression. Abrasion-resistant steel wear plates for added life. Quick change compression, top and bottom, plates for various profiled blocks.


Wall surface area: .388 ft2/block (.036 m2/block) Block dimensions: 4 H x 14 L x 7 W (10.2 cm H x 35.6 cm L X 17.8 cm W) Estimated weight: 20 lb (9.1 kg) Block configurations: Flat top and bottom as well as interlocking profiled block plates Blocks: Flat or interlocking block configurations. Dry-stacking for faster construction. Hollow cores for vertical reinforcement rods, filling with cement mortar and horizontal reinforcement cavity permitting use in designs for seismic zones. One-third less soil needed for block configuration due to hollow cavities *Consult competent builder or architect who knows the intended application and applicable building codes.

Taking care of customers worldwide has exposed Vermeer to the deplorable living conditions of much of the worlds population. We wanted to deploy the right tool to build homes for those living in underdeveloped countries. The BP714 is built to last, requires no electrical hookup and most importantly, empowers people to build a safe, affordable home from the dirt beneath their feet. Terry Butler, Vermeer Corporation

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