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Name some human activities resulting in air pollution. Where Does Acid Rain Originate? What are the health consequences of air pollution? Why the marble structure of Taj mahal affected by acid rain? How has the Taj Mahal been affected by acid rain? Why the marble structure of Taj mahal affected by acid rain? How bad is air pollution? As a student what all actions can you take to make your environment clean

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(3) 9. Where does PM10 come from? (3) 10. What are the objectives of NAMP? (3) 11. Gwalior and Raipur are the top five critically polluted cities in India, comment (3) 12. What is PM10? (3) 13. What are the effects on health from PM10 exposure (3) 14. How does acid rain affect Taj Mahal? (3)
15. How can air pollution affect me?


16. A boy baths in the first shower of rainfall during rainy season and his body gets yellowish brown colour patches on the whole body for which he was medicated. (5) Answer the following questions: (a)Why the skin of the boy got yellow patch (b)How is it caused? (c)Suggest some methods to reduce it 17. The oxygen-ozone balance in atmosphere is maintained by continuous formation and dissociation of ozone. The Uv light needed for this purpose is absorbed from sunlight. In this way ozone layer is helpful in protecting the earth from uv-rays which can otherwise cause variety of skin problems and damage the DNA mutation. The pioneer work of researchers discovered the depletion of ozone layer. Answer the following questions: I. Name the gas which causes the depletion of Ozone layer. II. Write one consequence of Ozone depletion? III. How the use of CFC be reduced? (5)

18. The Taj Mahal has been "diagnosed" with marble cancer. What are they doing to stop this? (5) 19. How Does Acid Rain Affect the Environment? (5) 20. What are the challenges countries faces, and what obstacles are preventing assistance in improving air quality? (5) 21. Air pollution-fifth largest killer in India (5)

a) What are the effects of agricultural burning? b) What are the health effects of Carbon Monoxide? c) How can pollution prevention be achieved? 22. Extract based questions


The human lifestyle in many developed countries is also causing another serious problem in the form of depletion of ozone layer. The use of refrigerators and air conditioners, fire extinguishers, aerosol sprays like deodorants etc. results in release of CFCs and N2O in the atmosphere which is responsible for depletion of ozone layer. This results in ultraviolet radiations entering the atmosphere unobstructed causing damage to all kinds of life on Earth. a) What is the ozone layer? b) Expand and explain CFCs.