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The _____ states that a foreign key must either match a primary key value in another relation or it must be null. (a) entity integrity rule (b) referential integrity constraint (c) action assertion (d) composite attribute (e) None of these 2. An applet __________ (a) is an interpreted program that runs on the client (b) tracks the number of visitors to a Website (c) is a compiled program that usually runs on the client (d) collects data from visitors to a Website (e) None of these

3. A _____ sometimes called a boot sector virus, executes when a computer boots up because it resides in the boot sector of a floppy disk or the master boot record of a hard disk. (a) system virus (b) Trojan horse virus (c) file virus (d) macro virus (e) None of these

4. Which error detection method uses ones complement arithmetic? (a) Simply parity check (b) Checksum (c) Two-dimensional parity check (d) CRC (e) None of these

5. A result of a computer virus can not lead to ___. (a) Disk Crash (b) Mother Board Crash (c) Corruption of program (d) Deletion of files (e) None of these

6. The network interface card of LAN is related to following layer of OSI Model(a) Transport (b) Network (c) Data Link (d) Physical (e) All of these

7. Which of the following does not describe a data warehouse? (a) Subject-oriented (b) Integrated (c) Time-variant (d) Updateable (e) None of these

8. Which of the following is true ? (a) Logical design is software-dependent (b) In a distributed database, database is stored in one physical location (c) Conceptual design translates the logical design into internal model (d) Logical design is software independent (e) None of these

9. A range check _____ (a) ensures that only the correct data type is entered into a field (b) verifies that all required data is present (c) determines whether a number is within a specified limit (d) tests if the data in two or more associated fields is logical (e) None of these

10. The total set of interlinked hypertext documents worldwide is(a) HTTP (b) Browser (c) WWW (d) B2B (e) None of these

11. With the object-oriented (OO) approach, an object encapsulates, or_____.a programmer. (a) carries out, the details of an object for (b) hides, the details of an object from

(c) reveals, the details of an object to (d) extends, the details of an object beyond (e) None of these

12. Every computer connected to an intranet or extranet must have a distinct_____ (a) firewall (b) proxy server (c) IP address (d) domain name (e) None of these

13. A table of bits in which each row represents the distinct values of a key? (a) Join index (b) Bitmap index (c) B + Tree (d) Hierarchical index (e) None of these

14. The degree of detail that should be incorporated into a database depends on what? (a) Data integrity (b) The type of database (c) The users perspective (d) The business practices and policies (e) None of these

15. The ___.converts digital signals to analog signals for the purpose of transmitting data over telephone lines. (a) Modem (b) Router (c) Gateway (d) Bridge (e) All of these

16. Before a package can be used in a java program it must be___. (a) executed (b) referenced (c) imported

(d) declared (e) None of these

17. Choose the correct way to indicate that a line in a C++ program is a comment line, that is, a line the will not be executed as an instruction___. (a) begin the line with a # sign (b) begin the line with double slashes (/ /) (c) begin and end the line with double hyphens (-_-) (d) indent the line (e) None of these

18. Programming language built into user programs such as Word and Excel are known as____ (a) 4GLs (b) macro languages (c) object-oriented languages (d) visual programming languages (e) None of these

19. Firewalls are used to protect against___. (a) Unauthorized Attacks (b) Virus Attacks (c) Data Driven Attacks (d) Fire Attacks (e) All of these

20. This is a standard way for a Web server to pass a Web users request to an application program and to receive data back to forward to the user(a) Interrupt request (b) Forward DNS lookup (c) Data-Link layer (d) File Transfer Protocol (e) Common gateway interface

21. Three SQL, DDL, CREATE commands are__. (a) Schema, Base and Table (b) Base, Table and Schema (c) Key, Base and Table

(d) Schema, Table and View (e) None of these

22. Data are ________ in client/server computing. (a) never sent to the client machine (b) sent in very large sections to save processing time (c) sent only upon the clients request (d) sent in complete copies for the client to filter and sort (e) sent from the client to the server for processing

23. Which of the following will not eliminates the ambiguities of a null value? (a) Define the attribute as required (b) Define subtypes (c) Define each attribute as having an initial value that is recognized as blank (d) Define supertypes (e) None of these

24. The____directory is mandatory for every disk. (a) Root (b) Base (c) Sub (d) Case (e) None of these

25. This is a group of servers that share work and may be able to back each other up if one server fails. (a) Channel bank (b) Cluster (c) Tiger team (d) Serverless backup (e) Logical unit

Part I : General Awareness 1. Article 17 of the constitution of India provides for (a) equality before law. (b) equality of opportunity in matters of public employment.

(c) abolition of titles. (d) abolition of untouchability 2. Article 370 of the constitution of India provides for (a) temporary provisions for Jammu & Kashmir. (b) special provisions in respect of Nagaland. (c) special provisions in respect of Manipur. (d) provisions in respect of financial emergency 3. How many permanent members are there in Security Council? (a) Three (b) Five (c) Six (d) Four 4. The United Kingdom is a classic example of a/an (a) aristocracy (b) absolute monarchy (c) constitutional monarchy (d) polity. 5. Social Contract Theory was advocated by (a) Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau. (b) Plato, Aristotle and Hegel. (c) Mill, Bentham and Plato. (d) Locke, Mill and Hegel. 6. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha is elected by the (a) President (b) Prime Minister. (c) Members of both Houses of the Parliament. (d) Members of the Lok Sabha. 7. Who is called the Father of History'? (a) Plutarch (b) Herodotus (c) Justin (d) Pliny 8. The Vedas are known as (a) Smriti. (b) Sruti. (c) Jnana. (d) Siksha.

9. The members of Estimate Committee are (a) elected from the Lok Sabha only. (b) elected from the Rajya Sabha only. (c) elected from both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. (d) nominated by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. 10. Who is the chief advisor to the Governor? (a) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. (b) Chief Minister. (c) Speaker of the Lok Sabha. (d) President. 11. Foreign currency which has a tendency of quick migration is called (a) Scarce currency. (b) Soft currency. (c) Gold currency. (d) Hot currency. 12. Which of the following is a better measurement of Economic Development? (a) GDP (b) Disposable income (c) NNP (d) Per capita income 13. In India, disguised unemployment is generally observed in (a) the agriculture sector. (b) the factory sector. (c) the service sector. (d) All these sectors. 14. If the commodities manufactured in Surat are sold in Mumbai or Delhi then it is (a) Territorial trade. (b) Internal trade. (c) International trade. (d) Free trade. 15. The famous slogan "GARIBI HATAO" (Remove Poverty) was launched during the (a) First Five-Year Plan (1951-56) (b) Third Five-Year Plan (1961-66) (c) Fourth Five-Year Plan (1969-74) (d) Fifth Five-Year Plan (1974-79) 16. Bank Rate refers to the interest rate at which (a) Commercial banks receive deposits from the public. (b) Central bank gives loans to Commercial banks.

(c) Government loans are floated. (d) Commercial banks grant loans to their customers. 17. All the goods which are scare and limited in supply are called (a) Luxury goods. (b) Expensive goods. (c) Capital goods. (d) Economic goods. 18. The theory of monopolistic competition is developed by (a) E.H.Chamberlin (b) P.A.Samuelson (c) J.Robinson (d) A.Marshall 19. Smoke is formed due to (a) solid dispersed in gas. (b) solid dispersed in liquid. (c) gas dispersed in solid. (d) gas dispersed in gas. 20. Which of the following chemical is used in photography? (a) Aluminum hydroxide (b) Silver bromide (c) Potassium nitrate (d) Sodium chloride. 21. Gober gas (Biogas) mainly contains (a) Methane. (b) Ethane and butane. (c) propane and butane. (d) methane, ethane, propane and propylene. 22. Preparation of Dalda or Vanaspati' ghee from vegetable oil utilises the following process (a) Hydrolysis (b) Oxidation (c) Hydrogenation (d) Ozonoloysis 23. Which colour is the complementary colour of yellow? (a) Blue (b) Green (c) Orange (d) Red

24. During washing of cloths, we use indigo due to its (a) better cleaning action. (b) proper pigmental composition. (c) high glorious nature. (d) very low cost. 25. Of the following Indian satellites, which one is intended for long distance telecommunication and for transmitting TV programmes? (a) INSAT-A (b) Aryabhata (c) Bhaskara (d) Rohini 26. What is the full form of AM' regarding radio broadcasting? (a) Amplitude Movement (b) Anywhere Movement (c) Amplitude Matching (d) Amplitude Modulation. 27. Who is the author of Gandhi's favorite Bhajan Vaishnava jana to tene kahiye? (a) Purandar Das (b) Shyamal Bhatt (c) Narsi Mehta (d) Sant Gyaneshwar 28. Which one of the following is not a mosquito borne disease? (a) Dengu fever (b) Filariasis (c) Sleeping sickness (d) Malaria 29. What is the principal ore of aluminium? (a) Dolomite (b) Copper (c) Lignite (d) Bauxite 30. Which country is the facilitator for peace talks between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan Government? (a) The US (b) Norway (c) India (d) The UK 31. The highest body which approves the Five-Year Plan in India is the (a) Planning Commission

(b) National Development Council (c) The Union Cabinet (d) Finance Ministry 32. Ceteris Paribus is Latin for (a) " all other things variable " (b) "other things increasing" (c) "other things being equal" (d) "all other things decreasing" 33. Who has been conferred the Dada Saheb Phalke Award (Ratna) for the year 2007? (a) Dev Anand (b) Rekha (c) Dilip Kumar (d) Shabana Azmi 34. Purchasing Power Parity theory is related with (a) Interest Rate. (b) Bank Rate. (c) Wage Rate. (d) Exchange Rate. 35. India's biggest enterprise today is (a) the Indian Railways. (b) the Indian Commercial Banking System. (c) the India Power Sector. (d) the India Telecommunication System. 36. The official agency responsible for estimating National Income in India is (a) Indian Statistical Institute. (b) Reserve Bank of India. (c) Central Statistical Organisation. (d) National Council for Applied Economics and Research. 37. Which of the following has the sole right of issuing currency (except one rupee coins and notes) in India? (a) The Governor of India (b) The Planning Commission (c) The State Bank of India (d) The Reserve Bank of India 38. In the budget figures of the Government of India the difference between total expenditure and total receipt is called. (a) Fiscal deficit (b) Budget deficit

(c) Revenue deficit (d) Current deficit 39. Excise duty on a commodity is payable with reference to its (a) production. (b) production and sale. (c) Production and transportation. (d) Production, transportation and sale. 40. In the US, the President is elected by (a) The Senate. (b) Universal Adult Franchise. (c) The House of Representatives. (d) The Congress. 41. Fascism believes in (a) Peaceful change (b) Force (c) Tolerance (d) Basic Rights for the individual 42. Which is the most essential function of an entrepreneur? (a) Supervision (b) Management (c) Marketing (d) Risk bearing 43. Knowledge, technical skill, education etc.' in economics, are regarded as (a) social-overhead capital. (b) human capital. (c) tangible physical capital. (d) working capital. 44. What is the range of Agni III, the long-range ballistic missile, test-fired by India recently? (a) 2,250 km (b) 3,500 km (c) 5,000 km (d) 1,000 km 45. Nathu Laa, a place where India-China border trade has been resumed after 44 years, is located on the Indian border in (a) Sikkim. (b) Arunachal Pradesh. (c) Himachal Pradesh (d) Jammu and Kashmir.

46. M. Damodaran is the (a) Chairman, Unit Trust of India. (b) Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India. (c) Chairman, Securities and Exchange Board of India. (d) Chairman, Life Insurance Corporation of India. 47. What is the name of the Light Combat Aircraft developed by India indigenously? (a) BrahMos (b) Chetak (c) Astra (d) Tejas 48. Who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain? (a) Tony Blair (b) Jack Straw (c) Robin Cook (d) Gordon Brown. 49. The 2010 World Cup Football Tournament will be held in (a) France. (b) China. (c) Germany. (d) South Africa. 50. Who is the present Chief Election Commissioner of India? (a) Navin Chawla (b) N.Gopalswamy (c) T.S.krishnamoorty (d) B.B.Tandon 51. The title of the book recently written by Jaswant Singh, former Minister of External Affair, is (a) A call of Honour - In the Service of Emergent Inida (b) Whither Secular India? (c) Ayodhya and Aftermath (d) Shining India and BJP. 52. What was the original name of "Nurjahan"? (a) Jabunnisa (b) Fatima Begum (c) Mehrunnisa (d) Jahanara 53. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched ? (a) Lord Dallhousie- Doctrine of Lapse (b) Lord Minto- Indian Councils Act, 1909

(c) Lord Wellesley- Subsidiary Alliance (d) Lord Curzon- Vernacular Press Act, 1878 54. The province of Bengal was partitioned into two parts in 1905 by (a) Lord Lytton. (b) Lord Ripon. (c) Lord Dufferin. (d) Lord Curzon. 55. The essential features of the Indus Valley Civilization was (a) worship of forces of nature. (b) organized city life. (c) pastoral farming. (d) caste society. 56. Name the capital of Pallavas. (a) Kanchi. (b) Vattapi. (c) Trichnapalli. (d) Mahabalipuram. 57. The Home Rule League was started by (a) M.K.Gandhi (b) B.G.Tilak (c) Ranade (d) K.T.Telang 58. The Simon Commission was boycotted by the Indians because (a) it sought tocurb civil liberties. (b) it proposed to partition India. (c) it was an all-white commission Indian representation. (d) it proposed measures for nationalism. 59. Storm of gases are visible in the chamber of the Sun during (a) Cyclones (b) Anti-cyclones (c) Lunar-eclipse (d) Solar eclipse. 60. The Indian Councils Act of 1990 is associated with (a) The Montagu Decleration. (b) The Montagu- Chelmsford Reforms. (c) The Morley-Minto Reforms. (d) The Rowlatt Act.

61. The age of tree can be determined more or less accurately by (a) counting the number of branches. (b) measuring the height ,of the tree. (c) measuring the diameter of the trunk. (d) counting the number of rings in the trunk. 62. Of all micro-organisms, the most adaptable and versatile are (a) Viruses (b) Bacteria (c) Algae d) Fungi 63. What is an endoscope? (a) It is an optical instrument used to see inside the alimentary canal (b) it is device which is fitted on the chest of the patient to regularize the irregular heart beats (c) It is an instrument used for examining ear disorders (d) It is an instrument for recording electrical signals produced by the human muscles. 64. The disease in which the sugar level increase is known as (a) Diabetes mellitus (b) Diabetes insipidus (c) Diabetes imperfectus (d) Diabetes sugarensis 65. The President of India is elected by (a) members of both Houses of the Parliament. (b) members of both houses of Parliament of State Legislatures. (c) members of both Houses of the State Legislative Assemblies. (d) Elected members of both Houses of the Parliament and members of Legislative Assemblies. 66. The nitrogen present in the atmosphere is (a) of no use to plants. (b) injurious of plants. (c) directly utilized by plants. (d) utilized through micro-organisms. 67. Diamond and Graphite are (a) allotropes (b) isomorphous (c) isomers (d) isobars 68. Kayak is kind of (a) tribal tool. (b) boat.

(c) ship. (d) weapon. 69. Which of the following has the highest calorific value? (a) Carbohydrates (b) fats (c) Proteins (d) Vitamins. 70. Rotation of crops means (a) growing of different crops in succession to maintain soil fertility. (b) some crops are growing again and again. (c) two or more crops are grown simultaneously to increase productivity. (d) None of these. 71. Suez Canal connects (a) Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. (b) Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea. (c) Lake Huron and Lake Erie. (d) Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. 72. Which of the following ports has the largest hinterland? (a) Kandla (b) Kochi (c) Mumbai (d) Vishkhapatnam. 73. "Slash and Burn agriculture" is the name given to (a) method of potato cultivation. (b) process of deforestation. (c) mixed framing. (d) shifting cultivation. 74. The main reason for deforestation in Asia is (a) excessive fuel wood collection. (b) excessive soil erosion. (c) floods. (d) construction of roads. 75. Recharging of water table depends on (a) amount of rainfall. (b) relief of the area. (c) vegetation of the area. (d) amount of percolation.

Click for Syllabus of SSC Data Entry Operator Recruitment Exam 1. The banks use ................ device to minimize conversion process. (a) Keyboard (b) MICR (c) OCR (d) Scanner 2. .................. can't be used for source of data automation. (a) POS terminal (b) OCR (c) Keyboard (d) UPC 3. Under which case will intranet be an effective networking tool? (a) In a distributed decision-making environment (b) Where heterogeneous applications are involved (c) In a centralised organization (d) In a decentralised organization 4. When an organization gives contract for development of software, it has to give data to the service provider. In Such cases, the ownership of data should be_________ (a) Transferred to the service provider (b) With the client/organization that outsource services (c) Shared by both parties (d) Not transferred

5. A modem performs_________ (a) Modulation (b) Demodulation (c) Data compression (d) All of these 6. Which of the following is NOT done by modem? (a) Transmission Speed (b) Data Accuracy (b) Error detection and Correction (d) Data Compression 7. A program coded in programming language is____________. (a) Target code (b) Source code (c) Block (d) None of these 8. "Platform" in computer world means___________. (a) Computer hardware used (b) Operating Systems used (c) Both of these (d) None of these 9. Which of these biometric tools use thermal sensors along with infrared rays for identification? (a) Key stroke dynamics (b) Iris Retinal scans

(c) Speech recognition (d)Fingerprint scanning 10. What is incorrect about software? (a) It can manipulate computer (b) It has programs, instructions (c) It cannot be touched (d) It can be touched 11. Disadvantage of distributed database is. (a) Unreliability (b) Easy implementation (c) Insecurity (d) High communication cost 12. Which of the following transmission techniques let computer to alternatively send and receive data? (a) Simplex (b) Half duplex (c) Full duplex (d) Multiplexing 13. What is NOT a feature of networking? (a) Reliability (b) Greater storage space (c) Connectivity (d) All are features of networking 14. Taking back-up of a file against crash is a

(a) Preventive measure (b) Curative measure (c) Decisive measure (d) None of these 15. A memory that is referred by its contents instead of physical address is called ________ (a) Associative memory (b) Content addressable storage (c) Both (a) and (b) (d) None of these 16. Most dangerous risk in leaking of information is : (a) Ready access to online terminals (b) Online processing of data (c) Ignorance about the existence of risk (d) All of these 17. A camera is an (a) Input device (b) Can be either input or output (c) Processing machine (b) Output device 18. Using anti-virus software is (a) Preventive measure (b) Detective measure (c) Corrective measure

(d) All the above 19. An online transaction is (a) One that is done in real time (b) Transaction done via internet (c) One that is done via telephone (d) None of these 20. A clerk in a bank has to access data n customer account. Logical access control for these users would be. (a) Use of individual passwords (b) Use of an Accounts Receivable Section password (c) Use of individual passwords plus separate access passwords for customer data and product data (d) Can't say 21. To stop unauthorized access to the computer system we should (a) Have a trustworthy system administrator (b) Have a good passwords policy (c) Have a sound encryption policy (d) All of the above 22. Which cannot assure data accuracy in an application? (a) Limit and reasonableness test (b) Echo checking (c) Control total (d) None of these 23. Maximum storage space is available on

(a) CDs (b) ROM (c) Hard disks (d) Floppies 24. Jon Von Neumann developed: (a) First electronic chip flip flop (b) Stored-program concept (c) The first electronic computer (d) None of these 25. Which of the following is single user computer with many features and good processing power? (a) Minicomputer (b) Workstation (c) Macintosh (d) None of these

1. Which is the largest airport in the world? (A) Singapore Airport (B) The Kaulalumpur International Airport (C) Heathrow at London (D) The King Khalid airport at Saudi Arabia 2. Prithvi is a? (A) Surface-to-air missile (B) Surface-to-surface missile (C) Air-to-surface missile (D) Air-to-air missile

3. At the end of 2001, the Indian government approved the cultivation of B. T. Cotton. Which multinational company is the major beneficiary of this deci sion? (A)Cargil (B) BASF (C) Monsanto (D) All of these 4. The World Literacy Day is celebrated on? (A) 8th September (B) 5th June (C) 15th August (D) 5th September 5. Which was the first University to be established in the world? (A) Harvard University (B) Nalanda University (C) Oxford University (D) None of these 6. The speed of light will be minimum while passing through? (A)glass (B) vacuum (C)air (D) water 7. Which of the following chemicals has been recently allowed by the government of India to be mixed with petrol? (A) Methanol (B) Ethanol (C) Kerosene (D) Butanol 8. What is the name of the instrument used to measure blood pressure? (A) Barometer (B) Hygrometer (C) Hydrometer (D) Sphygmomanometre 9. Who was the Prime Minister of England when India got independence? (A) Attlee (C) Thatcher (B) Churchill (D) Wilson

10. Which, among the following, would you consider a historical source? (A) Numismatics (B) Epigraphs (C) Rock paintings (D) Census reports 11. What is not correct about a soft loan? 1. It is a loan bearing no rate of interest 2. It has an interest rate which is above the true cost of the capital lent 3. The world bank gives soft loans to developing countries for long-term capital projects (A)Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C)2and3 (D) 1 and3 12. Which is the only historical monument which can be seen by the naked eyes from the moon? (A) The Leaning Tower of Pisa (B) The Pyramids of Egypt (C) The Statue of Liberty, NewYork (D) The Great Wall of China 13. Formal services of Credit do not include? (A) Self-help groups (B) Cooperatives (C) Employers (D) L.I.C. 14. The most common route for investments by MNCs in countries around the world is to? 1. Set up new factories 2. Buy existing local companies 3. Form partnerships with local companies 4. Invest in companies with low turn over (A) 1,3 and 4 (B) 2and3 (C) 2,3and4 (D) All of the above 15. How many faces are there in an octahedron? (A)4 (B)6 (C)8 (D) 12

16. Night-blindness is caused by lackof which vitamin? (A) Vitamin A (B) Vitamin B (C) Vitamin C (D) Vitamin D 17. The most abundant element in Earths atmosphere is? (A) Argon (C) Oxygen (B) Nitrogen (D) Krypton 18. The breadth of the railway broadgauge is approximately? (A)2m (B) 1.88 m (C)1.67 m (D) 1.33 m 19. Which is the richest soil among the following? (A) Black soil (B) Red soil (C) Laterite soil (D ) Alluvial soil 20. Sun rises in the east and sets in the west due to the? (A) shape of earth (B) revolution of earth around the sun (C) rotation of earth on its axis (D) movements of the sun 21. A person of which of the following blood group can receive blood of any group? (A)A (B)AB (C)B (D)0 22. Evergreen type of forests are found in? (A) Equatorial climate (B) Monsoon climatic region (C) Desert regions (D) Mediterranean region 23. What is the other name for River Gangas? (A) Sapthanadi (B) Bhageerathi

(C) Savitri (D) Bhadravati 24. The earth is? (A)Spherical (B)Elliptical (C)Oblate spheroid (D) Pralate spheroid 25. Which of the following set can not enter into the list of fundamental quantities in any system of units? (A) Length, mass and velocity (B) Length, time and velocity (C) Mass, time and velocity (D) Length, time and mass 26 Which of the following is / are the main agents of soil erosion? (A) Wind and water (B) Rocks (C) Sand (D) High temperature and humidity 27. Who is the Minister of Agriculture of India? (A) Sharad Pawar (B) Ran Vilas Paswan (C) Shiv Raj Patil (D) None of these 28. Monsoon is caused by? (A) Revolution of Earth (B) Movement of Clouds (C) Seasonal reversal of the winds (D) Larger change in amplitude of seasonal cycle of land temperature 29. Which is the last letter of the Greek alphabet? (A) Omega (B) Sigma (C) Zeta (D) Chi 30. Which is the birth place of Hitler? (A) Germany (B) Hungary (C) Austria (D) France

31. Who elects President of India? (A) Lock Sabha (B) Rajya Sahha (C) People of India (D) Parliament and State Assemblies 32. Which country is called the Land of Cakes? (A)Britain (B) Spain (C)France (D) Scotland 33. Which of the following books is not written by Kalidas? (A) Kathasaritsagar (B) Meghdutam (C) Raghuvansham (D) Pushpavan Vikasam 34. In India, the Chief Minister of a State is not eligible to vote in the Presidential elections if? (A) he himself is a candidate (B) he is yet to prove his majority in the State legislature (C) he is a member of the upper house of the State legislature (D) he is a caretaker Chief Minister 35. When can the Speaker exercise his right to vote in the house? (A) Whenever he desires (B) Whenever the house desires (C) In the event of equality of votes (D) Whenever his party directs 36. which of the following is not a cash crop? (A)Jute (B) Paddy (C)Cashew-nut (D) Rubber 37. Which TV channel has been in the news for its coverage of the Bin Laden crisis, especially for having carried out the broadcast of Osama Bin Laden to audiences in West Asia? (A) Star Asia (B) B. B. C. Asia (C) Al Jazeera (D) Khaleed Times 38. The oldest monarchy in the world is that of? (A) Nepal (B) U. K.

(C) Spain (D) Japan 39. Who was Karl Marxs main collaborator on his famous works? (A) V.I. Lenin (B) Max Weber (C) Fredrick Engels (D) Joseph Stalin 40. Which is the first Asian country to host the Commonwealth Games? (A) South Korea (B) Japan (C)Malaysia (D) China

FCI AGRICULTURE Solved objective Question:

1. How many factors are identified for influencing plant growth till now ? (A) 55 (B) 60 (C) 52 (D) 50 Answer:C 2, How does the moisture stress affect the cell (A) Affect cell division (B) Affect cell expansion (C) Cell mortality rate is affected (D) No effect on cell Answer:A 3. At the vegetative growth stage, flowering is stopped in foodgrain crops, known as(A) sigmoid growth curve (B) determinate growth (C) indeterminate growth (D) grand growth period Answer:B 4. Which one of the following can be assessed by using the following equation ? A= Economic Production / Biomass Production (A) Panicle emergence rate (B) Rate of flowering (C) Harvest Index (D) Leaf production rate Answer:C

5. How much radiation energy percentage radiating on plant is used in photosynthesis ? (A) 0-50%-210% (B) 0-42%-166% (C) 0-25%-0-30% (D) 0-16%-0-24% Answer:B 6. The crop with yarns of sunnhemp is prepared in(A) 12-15 weeks (B) 15-17 weeks (C) 10-12 weeks (D) 8-10 weeks Answer:A 7. Which is not an inorganic matter in the following ? (A) Magnesium (B) Iron (C) Fat (D) Iodine Answer:C 8. Which is the highest digestible protein non-leguminous crop among the following (A) Napier (B) Maize silage (C) Maize (D) Iowar Answer:D 9. Which disease occurs, when more sorghum is consumed ? (A) Rickets (B) Scurvy (C) Nightblindness (D) Pellagra Answer:D 10. Which Sorghum variety is not multicut ? (A) Pusa Chari-2 (B) M.P. Chari-2 (C) M.P. Chari (D) U.P. Chari-1 Answer:D 11. Which is not true in relation to Bajra ? (A) Penniseturn typhoides (B) Graminae family (C) Chromosome No. 20 (D) OriginAfrica Answer:D 12. Which variety of Barley is huskless

(A) Pragati (K 508) (B) Ritambhara (K 551) (C) Geetamjali (K 1149) (D) Karan-3 Answer:D 13. Which is not true in relation to Gram ? (A) SubfamilyPapilionaceae (B) Chromosome No.22 (C) AcidMa.lic and Oxalic (D) OriginNorth America Answer:D 14. Which does not match in relation to Cotton ? (A) C-520 Diploid (B) G-27 Diploid (C) Vikas American (D) Ranivan American Answer:D 15. Which is not matched in relation to sugarcane ? (A) Seed treatment-Aglol 3% (B) For seed6-7 month old crop (C) SowingUpper portion is more used (D) After floweringUsed for sowing Answer:D 16. Which is not basic principle of Agronomy ? (A) To select appropriate materials for seed & sowing (B) Management of soil and climate (C) Appropriate intercropping activities management for crop (D) Livestock management for Agriculture Answer:D 17. Where and when was World Meteorological Organization established ? (A) New York 1980 (B) Washington-1978 (C) Geneva1978 (D) Rome- 1976 Answer:C 18. Effective cause of atmospheric pressure is not(A) temperature (B) altitude from the sea level (C) rotation of earth (D) soil erosion Answer:D

19. Which is not correct in the following ? (A) X-rays and Gamma rays 9% of energy (B) Visible lighting rays -41% of energy (C) Infrared rays -50% of Y energy (D) Ultraviolet rays- 10% of energy Answer:A 20. Match List-I with ListII and select the correct answer using the codes given belowList-I (a) Paddy (b) Wheat (c) Maize (d) Groundnut List-II 1. 20C 2. 22C 3. 25C 4. 26C Codes (a) (b) (c) (d) (A) 4 2 3 1 (B) 2 1 4 3 (C) 3 4 2 1 (D) 1 3 4 2 Answer:B 21, Which states are the highest 8: lowest producers of Potato crop ? (A) Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand (B) Gujarat and Assam (C) Uttar Pradesh & Himachalpradesh (D) Bihar & Kashmir Answer:A 22. Which elements are useful in energy storage, transfer and bonding ? (A) N P K (B) N S P (C) N K S (D) None of these Answer:C 23. Which of the following elements play an important role in nitrogen metabolism ? (A) Magnesium (B) Manganese (C) Molybdenum (D) Iron Answer:C 24. How much Brinjal seed may be obtained from one hectare area 7

(A) 150-200 kg (B) 100-150 kg (C) 200-300 kg (D) 75-125 kg Answer:D 25. Which species of honeybee is not Indian ? (A) Apis florea (B) Apis dorsata (C) Apis cerana (D) Apis mellifera Answer:D 26. Which of the following is the cross of Karan Swiss ? (A) Sahiwal x Brown Swiss (B) Sahiwal x Holstein (C) Hariyana x Brovsm Swiss (D) Hariyana >< ]ersey Answer:A 27. For how many years is Sheep able to breed ? (A) 10 years (B) 7years (C) 5 years (D) 12 years Answer:A 28, l-low much area mz is required for a Goat ? (A) 0-9 ~ 1O m2 (B) 1-1-5 m2 (C) 0-75 090 mz (D) 1-5 1-75 mz Answer:C 29. Goal of extension education is(A) To promote income of the farmers (B) To promote production of the crops (C) To promote new crops (D) To promote scientific outlook Answer:D 30. The major fungi that effect foodgrains in storage are- (A) Mucor (B) Rhizopus (C) Candida (D) Aspergillus Answer:A 31. The leaching loss of Nitrogen (N) is more in the form of (A) Ammonia

(B) Nitrate (C) Nitrogen (D) Water solution Answer:B 32. Which is not a natural factor affecting soil fertility ? (A) Topography (B) Soil age (C) Air (D) Parent material Answer:C 33. Approximately how much area in lakh hectares of saline and alkali soils are there in Uttar Pradesh ? (A) 15-00 lakh hectares (B) 12-4 lakhhectares (C) 10-4 lakh hectares (D) 14-4 lakh hectares Answer:B 34. How much percentage of soluble salts are present in Alkali soils ? (A) 1% 2% (B) 0-1% 0-2% (C) 1-5% 2-5% (D) 2% ~ 3% Answer:B 35, How much is the cropped area in Uttar Pradesh ? (A) 9% (B) 11% (C) 12% (D) 8% Answer:C 36. The monsoon airs in the country reaches at which bank first of all ? (A) Coastal region of Orissa (B) Bay of Bengal region (C) Coastal region of Kerala of South Indian region (D) Kachchh region of Gujarat Answer:C 37. A.D.P. to A.T.P. change is called (A) Photosymthesis (B) Phosphorylation (C) Transpiration (D) Oxidation Answer:B 38. What is the order of C 4 plants 7 (A) Sugarcane Maize Sudan grass Bajra

(B) Sugarcane Cotton Paddy - Maize (C) Sudan grass Sugarcane Paddy - Bajra (D) Cotton Maize ~ Bajra Sugarcane Answer:A 39. At what stage are more nutrients essentially required in cereal crops ? (A) Growth stage of plants (B)` Formation of leaves (C) Particle initiation (D) Maturity of crops Answer:A 40. At which stage of crop, there is no compehtion for light, moisture and nutrients 7 (A) Node formation stage (B) Seedling stage (C) Grain formation stage (D) Before maturity stage Answer:D 41. Approximately how much HCN dose is harmful for animal feeding (A) 0-25 gm (B) 050 gm (C) 250 gm (D) 3-50 gm Answer:B 42. Due to which reason is the Napier Grass mixed with Cluster bean or Cowpea for feeding ? (A) Due to high crude fibre (B) Due to oxalic acid (C) Due to more carbohydrates (D) Due to more HCN content Answer:A 43. Which is the perennial variety of Elephant Grass (Napier Grass) ? (A) Pusa Giant (B) NB-21 ` (C) Pusa Giant Napier (D) Napier-1 Answer:C 44. More than how much percentage of loss of urea should not be during silage fermentation ? (A) 20% 22% (B) 15% 18% (C) 10% 12% (D) 8% 10%

Answer:D 45. From where is Krishak Bharati magazine published ? (A) G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pant Nagar (B) C. S. A, University of Agriculture & Technology, Kanpur (C) Narendra Dev University of Agriculture and Technology, Fajzabad (D) Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology, Meerut Answer:B 46. How much minimum temperature is essential for wheat germination and optimum temperature for crop growth in degree Celsius ? (A) 35C-55C and 20C22C (B) 56C75C and 16C18C (C) 8C10C and 30C35C (D) 10C12C and 25C30C Answer:D 47. In case of availability of two irrigations for wheat, at which critical stage crop should be irrigated ? (A) Tillering and Flowering (B) Crown Root Initiation and Milking stage p (C) Crown Root Initiation and Flowering (D) Late joint and Dough stage Answer:C 48. Which is not the symptom of Khuim disease (A) Dark grey colour spots on leaves (B) Adverse effect on root growth (C) More diseases stop the crop growth (D) Stem of plants tum and fall 1 down Answer:A 49. What is the suitable Rabi maize variety ? (A) Sharadmani (B) Azad Uttam (C) Naveen (D) Ganga 5 Answer:A 50. Which disease is not related to

Bajra ? (A) Green Ear (B) Ergot (C) Wilt (D) Rust Answer:C