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You are what you “eat”


Is what you view and read

food or poison?

Good input or bad

—who’s to say?
A look at how values
are formed

Endtime insights
The Rise, Reign, and Wars
of the Antichrist, Par t 2
c ti v te
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or visit our Web site at www. in 1958 by Edward R. Murrow, the U.S. journalist who helped pioneer broadcast reporting in the early days of television:
“We are currently wealthy, fat, comfortable, and complacent.
Activated Ministries Our mass media reflect this. But unless we get up off our fat
P.O. Box 462805 surpluses and recognize that television is being used to distract,
Escondido, CA 92046–2805 delude, amuse, and insulate us, then television and those who
USA finance it, those who look at it, and those who work at it may see a totally different picture too late. This instrument can teach, it
(877) 862–3228 can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only
to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends.”
Activated Europe With all the talk there is these days of declining moral
Bramingham Pk. Business Ctr. values and the part that the entertainment industry—particu-
Enterprise Way larly television and Hollywood—has played in that, Murrow’s
Luton, Beds. LU3 4BU words seem prophetic. We are seeing a very different picture
England today. But is it too late? For society at large, I’m afraid so. I say that not out of pes-
(07801) 442–317 simism, frustration, or despair, but because this trend away from
a clearly defined and universally accepted standard of right and
Activated Africa wrong is one of the signs that Jesus said would signal His soon
P.O. Box 2150 return. “Because iniquity [sin] shall abound, the love of many
Westville 3630 shall wax [grow] cold” (Matthew 24:12 KJV).
South Africa But what about you and yours? Is it too late for you? That depends largely on your choices, whether you decide to just “go
083 55 68 213 with the flow,” or buck the tide. You can’t control what’s out there,
you can’t control what’s on TV or in movies or on the radio or in
Activated India print, but you can control what you take in. You can’t determine
P.O. Box 5215 society’s values, but you can determine your own.
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Trade the trade
“PAPA , LOOK !” Someone had just given a six-year-old a string of
plastic pearls, and she was bubbling over with excitement as she ran
to show them to her father.
“These are beautiful,” her father said. For a long, thoughtful
moment he turned them over in his hand and watched them shine in
the light from the lamp next to his easy chair. Then he asked, “Will
you do something for me? Will you give me these beads in exchange
for something I will give you tomorrow?”
“What’s that?” asked the little girl.
“You’ll see tomorrow,” her father replied.
The little girl’s eyes betrayed her inward struggle.
“It’s up to you,” the father said. “You don’t have to make the trade
just because I am asking you to, but have I ever asked you to do
anything that wasn’t for your good? Can you trust that I know best?”
e I
eve It wasn’t easy, but the little girl handed the beads to her father.
r He slipped them into his pocket, and gave her a big hug that said,
ke “I’m proud of you.”
d y
do o u t
an o The next day, the father gave the little girl a gift that was far more
yt beautiful and valuable—a delicate gold chain with a genuine pearl
w hi
as ng pendant. The little girl forgot all about the string of plastic pearls.
n’ th
t fo at “I did this to teach you to trust the Father in Heaven,” her father
ou explained. “Many times in your life He will ask you to give up
rg something you want, or to avoid something that to you looks good,
d? and often you won’t understand why. But if you trust your heavenly
Father as you have trusted me, you will find that He always knows
best. When He asks you to give up some things, it’s because He wants
to give you much better things.”

i n one of the parables that Jesus told, He likened the Kingdom of Heaven to a pearl so rare,
so beautiful, and so costly that one man sold everything he owned in order to buy that
one pearl (Matthew 13:45–46). We can have a little bit of Heaven here and now, but the gifts
and treasures of the spirit come at a price. To experience and enjoy the things of eternal value,
we have to make room for them; we have to be willing to give up some of our “trinkets,” the
trivialities and fleeting pleasures of this life. God satisfies the hungry hearts with good things,
but the rich—those who are too busy or satisfied with other things—He sends away empty
(Psalm 107:9; Luke 1:53). Will you “sell” the things of this world in order to gain the true riches?


It reminds me of the fol-

{Based on the writings of David Brandt Berg} lowing verses from the Bible:
“Why do you spend money
for what is not bread, and
your wages for what does not

satisfy? Eat what is good, and
let your soul delight itself in
abundance” (Isaiah 55:2),
saying about health, “You are what you eat,” physically. and, “Do not labor for the food
Well, you are what you read, mentally and
spiritually. And the same is true of movies,
TV, music, and other forms of input, like the TELL ME WHAT KIND OF INPUT
Internet and computer games. Tell me what SOMEONE ENJOYS MOST, AND
kind of input someone enjoys most, and I I CAN USUALLY TELL WHAT
can usually tell what that person’s spiritual THAT PERSON’S SPIRITUAL
condition is like. CONDITION IS LIKE.
God created people with a spiritual hunger
for truth—insights and ideas that will feed
their souls, bring them closer to Him by helping them better which perishes, but for the
understand Him and His loving ways, and inspire them to food which endures to ever-
live better lives. But sad to say, a lot of people today have lasting life” (John 6:27).
developed perverted spiritual appetites through reading The portrayal of attitudes
and viewing the wrong kinds of things, similar to what hap- and actions that are contrary
pens when people develop an appetite for junk food and to the way God wants us to
sweets, and lose their appetite for good wholesome food. think and act really does have


an effect on people, whether world is absolute foolishness to God (1 Corinthians 3:19).
they like to admit that or not. People eat junk food because it looks like food and is tasty,
Filling their minds and hearts but enough of it will eventually kill them. That’s why it’s so
with lies and half-truths dangerous—because it’s so deceptive. And the same is true
will eat away at their spirits, of junk reading and viewing.
even if they are only reading The Devil is a liar and the father of lies (John 8:44). And
or viewing for relaxation or let me tell you, his lies are very clever! Part of what he says is
entertainment. Multiply that always true, because he couldn’t get people to believe his lies
effect a few million times, and unless he told some truth along with them. He mixes in little
it has the same bad effect on truths, like he did with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
society. The world today is When he tempted them to disobey God and eat the forbidden
proof of that! fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he told
them, “You will be like God” (Genesis 3:5). What a tempting
DISCERN AND truth that was—and they swallowed it! (Genesis 3:6).
Everything that you take HOW ABOUT YOU?
into your mind affects your It is not wrong to sometimes read or watch for relaxation,
spirit. Movies, music, books, but if you aren’t choosey about what input you receive, if you
newspapers, magazines, TV, don’t guard yourself against ungodly input, it will be more
radio, and the Internet are draining to your spirit than beneficial. “Whatever things are
all mediums for conveying a true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just,
whatever things are pure, what-
ever things are lovely, whatever
EVERYTHING THAT YOU TAKE INTO things are of good report, if there
YOUR MIND AFFECTS YOUR SPIRIT. is any virtue and if there is any-
thing praiseworthy—meditate on
these things” (Philippians 4:8).
message, and that message is Even books and movies and other things that are mostly
either inspired by God and in good can influence you adversely if you don’t make a con-
line with His Word, or it’s not. scious effort to focus on the positive and reject the negative,
Much of what’s out there either during or after your reading or viewing. The Bible says
today is what the Bible calls to “eschew [abstain from] evil, and do good” (1 Peter 3:11,
“cunningly devised fables” KJV)—a verse that applies not only to what we do, but also
(2 Peter 1:16)—cunningly what we take in, since that will ultimately affect our actions.
inspired not by God, but You also need to make sure you’re getting filled up with
by the dark side to deceive the truth of God’s Word to counteract any bad influences
people, lead them astray, and that whatever else you’ve been reading or watching may
numb them spiritually to have on you. “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it
where they no longer know spring the issues of life” (Proverbs 4:23).
what is true or right. There is a saying about prayer: “You believe in prayer as
Reading the wrong kind of much as you pray.” I would say the same about God’s Word
books or watching the wrong and worldly input: You believe the Word as much as you
kind of movies does not make read it, or you believe in that other stuff as much as you
people wise! It leaves them take it in. I hope that you are getting good spiritual food,
dumber and more confused because your spiritual health and happiness depend on it.
and further from the truth You are what you take in! 
than ever! The wisdom of this


PR iOR iti ES

Our souls receive

personality from God.

They are designed to

be filled by Him. The

danger for us all comes

when we crowd them

full of our own petty I F TODAY WAS YOUR LAST and

you knew it, how much
ambitions and our time would you spend on
things that mean nothing
shortsighted ideas of in the scope of eternity?
Your minutes would be
fulfillment and leave no extremely valuable, and
you would choose to spend
room for the work that them on the things that
were most important to
must be done in us. you. The things of the
world would seem point-
less—almost offensive
— WILLIAM K IRK K ILPATRICK to your spirit. You would
want to love those dearest
to you, and to make sure
T HE HAPPINESS AND JOY THAT J ESUS CAN GIVE YOU is light years they know how much they
beyond anything that the world can offer. Fulfillment, mean to you. You would
peace, love, satisfaction, knowledge, truth—there is no be righting any wrongs
way that the world can compete with Him in those areas. It and working out anything
takes discipline of mind and body to learn to treasure those that came between you. If
things above the sights, sounds, tastes, and pleasures that you have ever come face
the world has to offer. It’s a matter of satisfying your heart to face with death, or been
and mind more than your five senses. When it comes down with a loved one through
to it, that’s really all the world can give you—temporary a life-threatening illness
satisfaction of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches. and seen their priorities
But beyond those things, nothing the world has can satisfy realign, you understand
the other cravings in your soul. Only Jesus can really sat- this. Everything becomes
isfy. He is the answer. But as long as you’re still looking for abundantly clear in those
the things of this world to satisfy and make you happy, you moments. The only thing
won’t find the truth (1 John 2:15–17). that matters is love.



The downside of TV
Television is an invention that I’m always amazed that people will
permits you to be entertained in actually choose to sit in front of the
your living room by people you television and just be savaged by stuff
wouldn’t have in your home. that belittles their intelligence.—ALICE

Don’t you wish there were a knob on the

Television was the ultimate TV to turn up the intelligence? There’s
evidence of cultural anemia. one marked “Brightness,” but it doesn’t

Time sidles by: on television Television’s perfect. You turn a few knobs, a few
The soaps dissolve, the jingles change. of those mechanical adjustments at which the
Defeat or pity or derision higher apes are so proficient, and lean back
Constricts our hearts. Our looks grow strange and drain your mind of all thought. And there
Even to us. you are watching the bubbles in the primeval
—VIKRAM SETH (1952– ), INDIAN NOVELIST AND POET, ooze. You don’t have to concentrate. You don’t
THE GOLDEN GATE have to react. You don’t have to remember. You
don’t miss your brain because you don’t need
it.—R AYMOND CHANDLER (1888–1959), U.S. WRITER
Each day a few more lies
eat into the seed with
which we are born, little
We are bombarded today by such a quantity of
institutional lies from the
images that we can no longer distinguish direct
print of newspapers, the
experience from what we have seen for a few
shock waves of television,
seconds on television. The memory is littered
and the sentimental cheats
with bits and pieces of images, like a rubbish
of the movie screen.
—NORMAN MAILER (1923– ),

Television has proved

that people will look at Television is a gift of God, and God
anything rather than will hold those who utilize His divine
each other. instrument accountable to Him.
—ANN L ANDERS (BORN —Philo T. Farnsworth (1906–1971), U.S.
ESTHER PAULINE FRIEDMAN; inventor and television pioneer
1918–2002), U.S. COLUMNIST





who’s to say?

VALUES COMES UP these days, it’s often in the

context of what kinds of movies, music, reading
material, computer games, and Internet usage are
good or acceptable, and which aren’t. Often, this
generates quite a bit of disagreement between the
generations and even between peers. That’s not
surprising, because all of these things are highly
subjective. Something that has an obvious bad
effect on one person may not seem to have a bad
effect on someone else.
Some people have the attitude that a lot of
violence, gore, and foul language in movies, for
example, don’t have a bad effect on them. They like
that kind of movie, and don’t think it’s harmful for
them personally. They think they “can handle it.”
Whether they realize it or not, or want to admit
it or not, regular intake of things that promote “Does this
or condone these types of ungodly attitudes and movie,
behavior does have a detrimental effect on their music, book,
spirit, and will eventually come out in their own or whatever
attitudes and behavior. They would probably be contain
better off if they took the opposite approach and information
instead of asking themselves, “Is this harmful to or some
me?” they asked, “Is this good for me?” moral value
Of course the smartest thing any of us can do that will
when we aren’t sure whether or not something is help me to
good is to look to God’s Word, the Bible, and to mea- be a better
sure that thing against the standard we find there. person?“
The word used in most English versions of the
Bible for the kind of good I’m talking about here is
“edify,” which means “to enlighten; to improve the
morals or knowledge of somebody.” The Bible makes
it clear that we should pursue things that are edify-
ing, and avoid things that aren’t.
So the question to ask is, “Does this movie,
music, book, or whatever contain information or
some moral value that will help me to be a better
person? Does it promote things or attitudes that


I consider true and worthwhile, or does it ‘preach’
against what I believe and stand for?”
Of course, nearly all movies these days contain worldly values
some measure of violence, bad language, and other
negative elements, but there is certainly a differ-
ence in the degree of negativity a movie contains.
and input
And the same is true of different types of music, Though in this world, we
reading material, computer games, and other are not to be part of it.
forms of entertainment.
The Bible tells us, “Come out from among them
[the ungodly elements of this world] and be sepa-
rate” (2 Corinthians 6:17). “For all that is in the John 17:14–16
world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and Romans 12:2
the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the Ephesians 2:2–3
world” (1 John 2:16). It’s impossible in this hi-tech, Philippians 2:15
media-driven age to block out everything that is 1 John 5:19
ungodly or that could have a bad effect on you, but if
you recognize it as a real danger, you will try to mini-
mize its effect by minimizing your exposure to it. We are not to love this
It’s much harder, of course, to minimize present world.
something we enjoy, even if we realize it’s
basically a waste of time, so this often brings
up the question of how much or how little is
“minimizing”? Perhaps this example can provide James 4:4
a practical definition: If someone suggested that 1 John 2:15–17
you minimize the time you spend on some job or 1 Peter 2:11
activity that you dread doing, how often would you Titus 2:12–13
do it? Probably not very often—maybe never. Well, Hebrews 11:24–27
that would be your definition of minimize. So if James 1:27
you would minimize something that you don’t like
to do by cutting back to almost never doing it,
then you should apply the same interpretation of
minimize when it comes to ungodly influences. We should resist being
If you aren’t sure where to draw the line in influenced by shallow
your viewing, reading, gaming, and other forms trends, fads, and media.
of worldly intake, either in general or in specific
situations, ask the Lord to show you. He knows
what’s best for your spirit and what will make
Exodus 23:2a
you happiest in the long run. You may also want
Psalm 1:1
to discuss this issue with family or friends whose
Psalm 101:3
moral values you respect, and to use their opinions
Psalm 119:37
and example to help you set personal limits for
Proverbs 1:10
yourself. The bottom line is that it all comes down
Matthew 7:13–14
to personal conviction—how convinced you are
Ephesians 5:11
that something is harmful to your spirit and how
Colossians 2:8
serious you are about avoiding it in order to stay
1 Timothy 5:22
on the straight and narrow path that leads to God’s
2 Peter 3:17
greatest blessings. He will lead, if you will follow. 


Let ItFlow
I was in Mumbai (Bombay),
India, a few days
before the monsoon
season arrived.

E VERYONE IN I NDIA looks for- I asked my daughter, who

ward to the monsoon. You can lives there, why they did this,
read predictions of its arrival and she explained, “They trim
and of its daily progress around the trees to prevent any weak
the country in the newspaper. branches from breaking off and
The heavy rains clean the dirt falling on power lines or caus-
that has accumulated over the ing other damage, and they clear
months. The rains also help to the drains so the rainwater will
cool things down. Without them, flow freely. It’s not enough to
not much will grow. The mon- clear the drains and just pile
soon is India’s lifeblood. the trash on the side of the road,
In anticipation of the rains, though. If the monsoon were
many trees are trimmed back to hit before trucks arrived to
and drains are cleaned. Until cart the trash away, it would
it is collected, all along the either be washed back down the
roadside next to the drains lies drains and clog them again, or
all manner of trash, much of it be washed elsewhere. Either
decomposed into a sort of black way, it would contribute to the
goo. monsoon flooding and carry all


(JOHN 15:4).
In the beautiful in His love and directly from the
15th chapter of His Word—then Lord Himself. A lot
John, Jesus says, “I you will become of how you grow is
am the Vine, you unfruitful and up to you and how
are the branches. withered, and you much nourishment
He who abides in will be pruned from you receive, so don’t
Me, and I in him, the tree as a dead cut yourself off
bears much fruit; branch. You won’t from the Vine.
for without Me you lose your salvation,
can do nothing. If but you will be cast Jesus said, “Without
anyone does not aside as being no Me you can do noth-
abide in Me, he is longer useful to God ing” (John 15:5).
cast out as a branch and His kingdom. But if you are dwell-
and is withered; and ing in the Vine, as
they gather them Without the flow of one of the branches,
and throw them God’s Spirit there then you can
into the fire, and is no life. You must produce beautiful
they are burned” be firmly attached leaves and beautiful
(John 15:5–6). to the Vine where fruit so that He and
If ever you, as a you’re receiving the the Father may be
branch, don’t abide spiritual sap and glorified and have
in the Vine, Christ— life and nourish- much fruit (John
if you don’t abide ment that you need 15:8).

kinds of germs with it, creating person we feel has wronged us what it is that is blocking the
a lot of problems.” (Hebrews 12:15). Or it could be flow of God’s Spirit to ours, and
In our spiritual lives, we have materialistic “thorns and weeds” then to get rid of those hin-
to do much the same thing. We that choke out our love for the drances before they can do any
have to get rid of any obstruc- Lord and others—the “cares of more damage.
tions that drag us down or this life,” which Jesus warned There is victory to be had!
hinder our spiritual growth— against (Matthew 13:22). Or Let’s ask God today to show
the things that keep God’s it could be our own pride—an us what could be hindering us
cleansing, renewing Spirit from exaggerated feeling of self- spiritually, and then go to work
flowing freely through us. importance or self-reliance that to clear away the trash in our
This “trash” in our lives could hinders our link with the Lord hearts so the fresh, clean waters
be anything that has come through prayer and causes us to of His Spirit and Word can flow
between the Lord and us. For miss out on some of the bless- freely. As we do our part, God
example, it could be a grievance ings He has for us. will do His and we will experi-
we have against someone—a If not thoroughly removed, ence Him working more fully in
“root of bitterness,” like the Bible these obstacles will weaken our lives, we will receive more
warns against, which will eat us. They will also spill out and of His blessings, and we will go
away at us if we don’t recognize infect others. It is really worth on to become all He wants and
it and make amends with the our while to first of all identify knows we can be. 



Q: My children are at the age that watching

TV or movies on video or DVD is one of their
favorite activities. The problem is that nearly
everything they want to watch has some
attitudes, language, or behavior that I don’t
approve of. It also seems that these negative
aspects are what my children remember
most and tend to copy. How can I protect my
children from that?

A: M ANY PARENTS TODAY share goal of helping them get the most So if you can, record shows and
the same concern. They realize positive and the least negative from then show them to your kids
the importance of monitoring the experience. This also gives you later. (That way you can also skip
and sometimes restricting what an opportunity to discuss problem the commercials, which promote
their children view and listen to, attitudes or behavior from a third- materialism, pitch some products
and certainly it is their right and party perspective—“What do you you may feel would not be good
responsibility to do so. At the same think that character should have for your children, or are otherwise
time, it is virtually impossible for done in that situation?” Over time, detrimental.) If young children
parents to shield their children this will help your children form are going to be scared or not
from every negative inf luence that strong personal values, as well as understand certain parts, then stop
comes their way. If the children teach them to be more selective in and explain or fast-forward. Older
don’t get exposed to these things what they watch. children usually prefer to watch
via TV, movies, and computer It’s important to preview the the movie straight through and
games, they will through their material whenever possible, or at have the discussion afterwards.
peers or other avenues. You can’t least read the reviews on it so you In your discussion, the objec-
always protect your children from are aware of the content. This tive is to get the children to think
the negative, but you can counter gives you a chance to make sure it about what they have just watched,
it. Here’s how: is age-appropriate and otherwise and to help them arrive at more
As is true of nearly all parent- suitable for your children. It also mature conclusions than they
ing challenges, two keys are prayer gives you time to think and pray would on their own. Children
and time—two-way prayer, asking about what lessons or information learn better by asking questions
Jesus for both insights into their can be gained. Think in terms of, and thinking things through than
needs and help with their prob- “How can this benefit my chil- they do when all the answers
lems, and time spent with your dren?” If you draw a blank, it’s are supplied too quickly. Also,
children, instilling the positive probably not worthwhile for your they tend to more readily accept
values you want to see them carry children to watch. guidance when it comes in the
into life. Gear both viewing and form of answers to their questions
In this case, time means making discussion to the age of the or thought-provoking questions
it a practice to watch with your children. Videos have an advantage that you put to them, than they
children and to discuss the show over “live” TV in that you can do when they feel they are being
with them afterwards, with the pause to answer their questions. “preached to.”


GUIDANCE.  A predominantly positive  A message that undermines
message that inspires noble good morals, where the main
qualities in the viewer or reader, characters are criminals or liars,
such as love, self-sacrifice, for example, or the “end justifies
courage, conviction, or perse- the means” rationale is used to
verance in the face of seemingly condone or glorify wrongdoing
As you watch, you may also insurmountable odds  A storyline that promotes
want to make note of points that  A portrayal of the triumph of wrong attitudes, such as
you could use as springboards for good over evil selfishness or racial or cultural
more fun, positive, educational  An exposé of injustice, cor- discrimination
interaction with your children, ruption, hypocrisy, vice, or other  A message that is anti-God
such as reading more about wrongs, provided the depiction or undermines faith in God, His
historical figures, places, events, of the problem is not so trau- Word, or other spiritual truths
or activities depicted in the show, matic that it overshadows the  A storyline that glorifies evil
or taking them for an outing that positive and evokes fear, such as horror
somehow relates to the show.  An insight into human nature stories involving Satanism,
You just might be surprised or a particular cultural or social vampires, werewolves, zombies,
at how much your children can group that helps the viewer or demon possession, or sexual or
benefit from movies and documen- reader be more understanding, other perversions
taries with a little guidance. They tolerant, etc.  Violence and gore, especially
can learn about life and human  A storyline that is humorous if they are graphic or senseless
nature; they can learn how to deal or otherwise entertaining and and not essential to getting
with crises and hardships; they relaxing, provided it is done in across a predominantly positive
can learn to empathize; they can good taste message
see that bad choices have con-  A storyline that keeps the  Abundant foul language
sequences, and thus learn from viewer or reader guessing, such  Humor that is vulgar,
others’ mistakes; they can see how as a good mystery derisive, or otherwise distasteful
many people struggle through life  Historical information,  Promotion of unhealthy
without the Lord, when He could information on current events or ungodly habits, such as
help solve their problems if only or trends, or other educational smoking, taking drugs, or
they would turn to Him. So while material, provided it is reason- overdrinking
potentially harmful if not prop- ably accurate and balanced  Promotion of worldly
erly channeled, movies and TV  A good ending—not neces- hang-ups, such as unrealistic
can actually be a good teaching sarily a happy ending, but a get-rich-quick schemes or
tool and bring your family closer “right” ending that leaves the an overemphasis on beauty,
together if used prayerfully and viewer or reader with a good fashion, dieting, or bodybuilding
selectively.  feeling




OF THE ANTICHRIST Daniel 11, Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, the Cyprus”—from the west, in

prophet Daniel (circa 538 BC) other words.
began to recount a vision con- Verse 31: “Forces shall be
cerning the “latter days”—the mustered by him, and they
Endtime, in which we are now shall defile the sanctuary
living. The first part of the fortress; then they shall take
vision describes in some detail away the daily sacrifices, and
the coming world dictator place there the abomination
known as the Antichrist, as of desolation.”
well as the first two wars he This is a key verse because,
will wage to seize and try to together with Daniel 9:27, it as has not been since the
hold on to power. But there is tells us that three and a half beginning of the world until
more to come. … years after confirming the this time, no, nor ever shall
seven-year covenant, the be” (Matthew 24:3,15,21).
DANIEL 11:29–31—THE Antichrist will break it when It seems that three wars
THIRD ANTICHRIST WAR? he forcibly enters the Jewish precede the breaking of the
Verse 29: “At the appointed Temple (soon to be rebuilt on seven-year covenant—one
time he [the Antichrist] shall Mount Moriah, Jerusalem), before it is made, one at some
return and go toward the “takes away the daily sacrifice,” point during the first three
south; but it shall not be like and places there something and a half years, and one that
the former or the latter.” called the “abomination of ends with the breaking of the
It’s somehow going to be desolation” (also referred to covenant.
different this time, but again in Revelation chapter 13 as
it sounds like war because it the “image of the Beast”). TRIBULATION TYRANNY
says in the next verse… Five hundred years after AND TRIUMPHS
Verse 30: “Ships from Daniel gave this prophecy, Verses 32 through 35 deal
Cyprus shall come against when Jesus’ disciples asked with the next three and a half
him; therefore he shall be Him what would be the signs years—after the covenant is
grieved, and return in rage of His return and of the broken: “Those who do wick-
against the holy covenant, end of the world, He cited edly against the covenant he
and do damage. So he shall this development. “When shall corrupt with flattery; but
return and show regard for you see the ‘abomination the people who know their
those who forsake the holy of desolation,’ spoken of by God shall be strong, and carry
covenant.” Daniel the prophet, standing out great exploits. And those
“From Cyprus” could in the holy place … then there of the people who understand
mean “from the direction of will be great tribulation, such shall instruct many; yet for



many days they shall fall by “THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW THEIR GOD
sword and flame, by captiv- SHALL BE STRONG, AND CARRY OUT
ity and plundering. Now GREAT EXPLOITS.”
when they fall, they shall be
aided with a little help; but
many shall join with them by
intrigue. And some of those
of understanding shall fall, to lions of God’s children will be done.” Revelation 13:5
refine them, purify them, and keep going for Him till the parallels this statement, and
make them white, until the very end. also tells us how long this
time of the end; because it is Verses 36 and 37: “Then will go on: “And he [the Beast,
still for the appointed time.” the king [Antichrist] shall do or Antichrist] was given a
Although much of the according to his own will: mouth speaking great things
world will continue to follow he shall exalt and magnify and blasphemies, and he was
the Antichrist, some people himself above every god, shall given authority to continue
are going to be desperate speak blasphemies against for forty-two months [three
for the truth, and those who the God of gods, and shall and a half years].”
know God’s Word and are prosper till the wrath has Verse 38: “But in their
faithful witnesses for the been accomplished; for what place he shall honor a god of
Lord are going to teach and has been determined shall be fortresses [or “god of forces,”
encourage millions. done. He shall regard neither as the Hebrew ma` owz is
“The people who know their the God of his fathers nor the translated in the King James
God shall be strong, and carry desire of women, nor regard Version]; and a god which his
out great exploits.” In spite of any god; for he shall exalt fathers did not know he shall
all that the Devil’s forces will himself above them all.” honor with gold and silver,
do to try to stop them, mil- The Antichrist is going to be with precious stones and
so full of pride that he will try pleasant things.”
to exalt himself above every- This “god of forces” could
one and every “god”—even be armaments, and the fact
the one true God Himself. 2 that the Antichrist will honor
Thessalonians 2:4 says the this god with “gold and silver”
Antichrist will oppose and could refer to his military
exalt himself “above all that spending. That’s nothing new,
is called God or that is wor- because even the empires
shiped, so that he sits as God of Daniel’s day made a “god”
in the temple of God, showing of power and spent much of
himself that he is God.” their empires’ revenue on
The Antichrist “shall armaments and maintaining
speak blasphemies against their armies. What is new in
the God of gods, and shall the last couple of generations
prosper till the wrath has is nuclear arms—“a god which
been accomplished; for what his fathers did not know.” 
has been determined shall (To be continued)



It’s sad how so many people are It starts by making a habit of taking
content to just let life pass them by. a few quiet minutes at the start of
Sure, they may be busy keeping up every day for prayer and reading My
or trying to get ahead, and they may Word. Then take what I have taught
fill every spare moment with activities you in the “classroom” and apply it
that they hope will be relaxing and throughout the day. If you don’t know
enjoyable, but where is all that busy how, just shoot up a quick prayer and
activity taking them? When do they I will show you. On the job, running
really live? errands, or relaxing with family and
friends, I can make you a greater
The secret to getting the most out of blessing to others and bless you in
life is in living close to Me and living the process. Life will become richer
in My Word. By that I don’t mean and more meaningful as I help you
that you should hide away and give make more time for the most inter-
yourself solely to quiet reflection and esting and rewarding thing I have
study; I mean that you should try to going—people. You’ll even get much
include Me in your daily activities and more out of such everyday things as
apply My Word to whatever you’re reading the newspaper or watching
doing. If you can learn to do that, a movie or TV if you ask Me for My
your life will take on new meaning mind on each matter. I think you’ll be
and depth. You will not only be much surprised to find how much I know
happier and feel more fulfilled, but and how much I have to offer!
you will brighten the lives of those
around you as you reflect My love
and the light of My Word in all you do.