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Holidays (las vacaciones) A holidaymaker: un veraneante A festival: una fiesta Fortnight: quince das Easter: Pascuas Holy Week:

Semana Santa Christmas: Navidad Abroad: en el extranjero Beach: la playa Coast: la costa Sunglasses: las gafas de sol In the o en air: al aire libre Isolated: aislado A tri : una excursin Souvenir: el recuerdo !ravel agency: una agencia de viajes !ourist office: una oficina de turismo A brochure: un folleto A lan: un plano Climate: el clima Atmos here: el ambiente Wave: la ola Sand: la arena Sandy: arenoso !ide: la marea "ight#house: el faro Entertainment: la distraccin Season: la temporada

!o go on holiday: ir de vacaciones !o rela$: relajarse !o en%oy oneself: divertirse !o have a good time: pasarlo bien !o have a bad time: pasarlo mal !o go cam ing: hacer camping !o take a hoto: sacar una foto !o have a snack: merendar !o sunbathe: tomar el sol !o get a suntan: broncearse !o rent: alquilar !o remember: acordarse recordar !o forget: olvidar

Vocabulary TOURISM English - Spanish English only (para practicar) Spanish only (para practicar) accomodation alojami nto admission ! costo d la ntrada brochur !oll to camping sit " campsit sitio para acampar car r ntal (US) al#uil r d autos car hir ($%) al#uil r d autos car par& ($%) stacionami nto cara'an casa rodant " rulot" cara'ana city c ntr ($%) c ntro d la ciudad cruis cruc ro doubl room habitaci(n dobl doubl room )ith t)in b ds habitaci(n dobl con dos camas do)nto)n (US) c ntro d la ciudad !light 'u lo !ortnight #uinc na gu sthous casa d hu*sp d s" p nsi(n guid gu+a high s ason t mporada alta hi&ing trail s nd ro d caminata holidays ($%) 'acacion s

holidayma& r host l hot l hot l chain inn lo) s ason motor-hom on -)ay tic& t (US) pac&ag d al par&ing lot (US) r sort r turn tic& t ($%) round tic& t (US) s ason sights ing tour singl tic& t ($%) singl room sights r s&i r sort sun lotion sunglass s sunbloc& sunburn th m par& tim -sharing tour op rator tourist o!!ic tra' l ag ncy tra' l ag nt 'acation (US) 'oyag )aiting list youth host l to boo& to con!irm to dri' to !ly to go on holiday ($%)" 'acation (US) to go abroad to go camping to go climbing to go hi&ing to go mountain ring to go sights ing to go s&iing to go s)imming to go to th b ach

' ran ant " turista hostal hot l cad na d hot l s posada t mporada baja casa rodant 'iaj d ida pa#u t stacionami nto lugar d 'acacion s 'iaj d ida y 'u lta 'iaj d ida y 'u lta t mporada 'isita con gu+a 'iaj d ida habitaci(n simpl turista" ,cursionista staci(n d s#u+ bronc ador ga!as d sol !iltro solar #u madura d sol par#u d di' rsion s ti mpo compartido mpr sa d 'iaj s o!icina d turismo ag ncia d 'iaj s ag nt d 'iaj s 'acacion s 'iaj ( n barco o na' spacial) lista d sp ra alb rgu ju' nil r s r'ar con!irmar conducir 'olar irs d 'acacion s irs al ,tranj ro ir d camping ir a scalar ir a dar una caminata hac r alpinismo 'isitar lugar s d int r*s ir a s#uiar ir a nadar ir a la playa

to ha' a good tim pasarlo bi n to ha' a bad tim pasarlo mal to ma& a r s r'ation r s r'ar to hold a r s r'ation mant n r una r s r'a to plan organi-ar to r nt a car al#uilar un auto to stay p rman c r to sunbath tomar sol to ta& a holiday ($%)" tomars 'acacion s 'acation (US) to ta& a photograph tomar una !otogra!+a to tra' l 'iajar US./m rican English GB.%ritish English


Types of holidays When you are on holiday you can go : Abroad !o the seaside !o the mountains !o the country Cam ing &n a 'alking holiday &n a sightseeing holiday &n a ackage holiday Transport, Accessories you can go : by car( by ferry( by train( by bus( or you can fly you need useful accessories: Suntan Beach umbrella )ass ort !raveller*s che+ues(currency ,our luggage A camera A ma A hrasebook Activities

you can : )ut your feet u -o some sunbathing .et sunburnt !ry the local food .o out at night -ive you can do : Sailing Windsurfing Waterskiing Scuba diving /ock#climbing /afting Snorkelling 0ayaking Horse#riding )ony#trekking

Th )ords b lo) ar som o! th most important us d )h n tal&ing about Tra' l0 Travel - Air
airport check-in fly land landing plane take off

Travel - General Related Words

destination journey passenger route travel travel agent trip

Travel - Holidays
camp go camping charger flight cruise excursion (youth) hostel hotel luggage motel package holiday self-catering holiday sightseeing go sightseeing suitcase tour tourism tourist vacation

Travel - and
bicycle bike bus bus station car coach coach station lane motorbike motorway rail go by rail railway railway station road main road minor road taxi

traffic train tube underground subway

Travel - Sea
boat crossing ferry port sail sea set sail ship voyage

Travel - !er"s
board (boat / plane) go by go on board get on board hitch-hike set off

#$ TS Holiday !oca"ulary
1 bruary 23" 4526 %y admin Topic !oca"ulary %% esson &: Holidays

IE7TS 8oliday 'ocabulary 9ou probably &no) th m aning o! indi'idual )ords li& :!light;" :tour; and :'i );0 8o) ' r" th & y to sho)casing your ad'anc d English is to sho) you ar abl to us th s indi'idual )ords in combination )ith oth r )ords to !orm s t phras s and ,pr ssions0 R ad th !ollo)ing IE7TS-styl #u stions and ans) rs b lo) and pay att ntion to th phras s in "old0 Us th :< !initions; s ction at th bottom o! th pag to ch c& th m aning o! any phras s you don;t und rstand0

'art &-style (uestions E,amin r= >hat &ind o! holiday do you li& ? Migu l= I try to a'oid tourist traps @ I li& to g t a)ay !rom it all and pr ! r going som )h r off the "eaten trac) @ last y ar I had the holiday of a lifeti*e @ a t)o ) & +ildlife safari in A nya0 E,amin r= >hat do you li& to do )h n you;r on holiday? /nna= I njoy 'isiting th local places of interest @ I li& to go sightseeing and al)ays sign up !or guided tours as it;s a chanc to b sho)n around and ta& photographs @ on o! my hobbi s0 E,amin r= <o you ha' many tourists in your country? /my= 9 s @ ) ha' a lot o! holiday resorts along th coast that ar popular )ith tourists @ most p opl com on pac)age holidays and stay in on o! th many hot ls and self-catering apartm nts0 'art ,-style tas) < scrib a b auti!ul plac you onc 'isit d0 9ou should say= )h n you ) nt to this plac )h r it )as )ho you ) nt )ith and say )hy you li& d it so much0 Sally= / ! ) y ars ago I ) nt on a long +ee)end to th 7a& <istrict in th UA @ it;s a ' ry popular holiday destination in th north o! England @ I ) nt on my o)n and had a )ond r!ul tim @ I stay d in a youth hostel and m t som r ally nic p opl @ but th most m morabl thing about th holiday ) r th "reathta)ing vie+s @ and lo' ly pictures(ue villages @ it can g t ' ry busy )ith hordes of tourists so I d cid d to go out of season in th autumn @ th ) ath r )as !antastic and th shops ) r !ull o! local crafts @ a r ally gr at holiday @ it;s c rtainly not th &ind o! short "rea) !or som on loo&ing !or a busy nightli! but i! you )ant to r la, in th middl o! stunning landscape I )ould c rtainly r comm nd a holiday to th 7a& <istrict0 'art --style (uestions E,amin r= >hat do you thin& has l d to th gro)th in th tourist industry? Migu l= It;s much asi r and a!!ordabl to tra' l no) @ no)adays you can g t ch ap charter-flights or all-in pac)ages @ to som )h r n ar or to a far-off destination0 E,amin r= 8o) do p opl t nd to choos a d stination? /nna= Th Int rn t is a gr at sourc o! in!ormation and high str t travel agents ar still ' ry popular @ that;s )h r I li& to go to g t holiday "rochures !or th plac I;m int r st d in0 E,amin r= B opl som tim s say !lying is th most glamorous !orm o! tra' l0 <o you agr ? /my= I;m not so sur r ally @ !lying can b #uit boring @ #u uing up at th chec)-in des) @ going through passport control @ sitting !or ag s in th departure lounge @ th n th !light its l! can b #uit uncom!ortabl @ no @ I;m not sur I agr 0 .efinitions all#in ackage1 ackage holiday= a holiday )h r you purchas th tra' l and accommodation tog th r breathtaking vie'= an ,tr m ly b auti!ul 'i ) charter#flight= a ch ap r !orm o! !lying than a sch dul d !light check#in desk= th plac at th airport )h r you r gist r !or your !light and d posit your luggag de arture lounge= )h r you )ait !or your !light to b call d far#off destination= som )h r a long )ay a)ay to get a'ay from it all= to ta& a holiday to scap a busy or str ss!ul li! styl guided tour= an organis d group sho)n around a plac o! int r st by an ,p rt holiday brochure= a glossy publication )ith d tails o! holiday pac&ag s

holiday destination= )h r you go !or a holiday holiday of a lifetime= a sp cial holiday that you ar unli& ly to r p at holiday resort! a plac )h r lots o! p opl go !or a holiday hordes of tourists= cro)ds o! tourists local crafts= obj cts produc d locally long 'eekend= an ,t nd d ) & nd holiday including 1riday or Monday out of season= outsid o! th main holiday p riod ictures+ue village= ' ry pr tty 'illag ass ort control= th plac )h r your passport is ch c& d laces of interest= sit s o! int r st to tourists 'ildlife safari= a holiday" o!t n in /!rica" to obs r' )ild animals self#catering= a holiday )h r you supply your o)n !ood short break= a short holiday to go sightseeing= to loo& around th tourist sit s stunning landsca e= ,tr m ly b auti!ul countrysid travel agent= a shop that sp cialis s in boo&ing holidays tourist tra = som )h r )h r too many tourists go youth hostel= a ch ap !orm o! accommodation

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