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Chapter No. Ch.-1.0 1.1 1.2 1.$ Ch.-2.0 2.1 2.2 2.$ 2.* 2., 2.Ch.-$.0 $.1 $.1.1 $.1.2 $.1.$ $.1.* $.2 $.2.1 $.2.2 $.2.$ $.2.* $.2., $.2.$.$ Ch.-*.0 *.1 Subject Executive Summary Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers ther ma!or motorcycle com"anies in Indian Mar#et Sales %i&ures of motorcycle com"anies in Indian Mar#et 'esearch Methodolo&y (roblem )efinition 'esearch )esi&n Sam"le )esi&n. Sam"le si+e Sco"e of the Study .imitations Industry / Com"any (rofile Industry (rofile 01o 2heeler Mar#et 3lobally 01o 2heeler Mar#et4 0he Indian Scenario 'ise of a (roduct4 0he motorcycles Mar#et Se&ment for Motorcycles Com"any (rofile India 5amaha Motor (rivate .imited 6ision Mission Core com"etencies Manufacturin& "rocess Conclusion S2 0 Analysis )ata Collection (rimary )ata Page No.

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7uestionnaire 7uestionnaire )esi&n (rocess %indin&s / )ata Analysis Conclusion 'ecommendation 'eferences ;iblio&ra"hy Annexure

'andom Survey 1as used for the "rimary data collection. 0he <uestionnaire consisted of 21 <uestions in all. Sam"le si+e 1as limited to $*,.


nly the brands actively "resent in the Indian motorcycle 1ere considered namely1. =ero =onda Motorcycles .imited. 2. ;a!a! Auto .imited. $. India 5amaha Motor (rivate .imited. *. =onda Motors and Scooters .imited. ,. 0.6.S. Motor .imited. -. Su+u#i Motorcycle .imited. 8. > thers? 1as used as a &eneric cate&ory for all other brands.

".1 object#$e%

'andom Sam"lin& 1as used for the surveyin& for the "ur"ose of "rimary data collection.

(ur"ose of the survey 1as to study the follo1in& in "articular4

0o understand the ;rand Ima&e of 5amaha vs. its com"etitors so as to hel" the com"any to focus on its mar#etin& "lan and stren&then its future "ositionin&. 0he tar&et &rou" of 5amaha is youn&sters so the tar&et &rou" for our study is mainly youn& "eo"le mainly in the a&e &rou" of 19-$, years so that 1e can #no1 about their vie1 and "erce"tion about 5amaha. 0o chec# the <uality of a1areness of 5amaha and its com"etitors amon& the Indian customers. 0o chec# the "resent "erformance of the com"anies and study the attributes 1hich are li#ed and considered by "eo"le and also to #no1 about the re"utation of com"any in mar#et. 0o study the "arameters 1hich "eo"le associate 1ith a certain ;rand. 0o chec# the effectiveness of "resent 06C% and other advertisin& and "romotional media. 0o study the chemistry behind "reference of a "articular bi#e "reference and is the colour "reference uniform across all other "roducts they buy. Characteristics the buyers associate 1ith different colours.

".1 Re%earch De%#g& 0he data obtained from the survey 1as sorted out in a "ro"er se<uence for analysis "ur"ose. Incom"lete <uestionnaires 1ere discarded. Analysis 1as done thereu"on usin& Microsoft ffice Excel 2008 "latform. Extensive use of barto the different &ra"hs@ "ie-charts 1as em"loyed. 2here there 1ere more than more than one "reference for a &iven <uestion@ "ro"er 1ei&hta&e 1as &iven "references accordin& to the order of "reference.

Microsoft Cor"oration.

ffice Excel 2008 is a &eneral analysis "latform from Microsoft A.S.A. Microsoft ffice Excel has &ained across industry

acce"tance for the sim"licity and com"leteness for analysis "ur"oses. 0he results obtained from the analysis usin& Excel "latform are usually not directly a""licable but nevertheless "resent the bare facts and data can thus be deci"hered.

".' Sa(p)e De%#g& Ba%#% o* Sa(p)#&g P)a& a&+ Sa(p)e S#,e Sam"lin& is the com"onent of our research desi&n. A Sam"le is a sub&rou" of the "o"ulation for "artici"ation in the study. 0ar&et "o"ulation - Males bet1een the a&e &rou" of 19 B -0 years 0he tar&et &rou" of motorcycles is youn&sters so the tar&et &rou" for our study are mainly youn& "eo"le mainly in the a&e &rou" of 19- *0 years so that 1e can #no1 about their vie1 and "erce"tion about 5amaha. A&e &rou" above *0 till -0 1as also considered so as to &ain com"rehensive "icture of the Indian motorcycle mar#et Sam"lin& techni<ue - Cud&mental sam"lin& 1as used. Cud&mental sam"lin& is a ty"e of non-"robability sam"lin&. (o"ulation elements are selected on the basis of !ud&ment of researcher. 'esearcher chooses elements to be selected in the sam"le. f all sam"lin& ty"es@ convenience sam"lin& is least ex"ensive and least time consumin&. Don-(robability sam"lin& "rocedure 1as used. Don(robability Sam"lin& relies on the "ersonal !ud&ment of the researcher rather than chance to select sam"le elements. 'esearcher decides 1hich elements to ta#e in the sam"le. ;ecause there is no 1ay of determinin& the "robability of selectin& any

"articular element for inclusion in the sam"le@ the estimates obtained are not statistically "ro!ectable to the "o"ulation. %or data &atherin& "ur"oses friends@ relatives@ 1ere surveyed. Also s"ot surveys 1ere conducted in the 6ehicle "ar#in& stands of MME Mall FSahibabadG and Shi"ra Mall F3ha+iabadG. Sa(p)e %#,e -N. B $*, Sam"le si+e refers to the number of elements to be included in the study. )eterminin& the sam"le si+e is com"lex and involves several <ualitative and <uantitative considerations. Im"ort <ualitative features that 1e considered in determinin& the sam"le si+e include4

1. Im"ortance of the decision ". Dature of the research '. Dumber of variables /. Sam"le si+es used in similar studied 0. Com"lication rates 1. 'esource constraints

"./ Scope o* the Stu+2

0he "ro!ect is concerned 1ith the motorcycle customers of =yderabad . It is aimed to analy+e the brand ima&e of six ma!or "layers of Indian motorcycle industry. 0he "ro!ect includes a detailed study of various "arameters that "eo"le associate 1ith a certain brand and attributes 1hich are li#ed and considered by "eo"le. It also aims to chec# the <uality of a1areness of 5amaha and its com"etitors. Also the chemistry behind the different

colour "references of "eo"le 1as studied. Aim 1as to study the attributes@ if any@ "eo"le form 1ith re&ard to different colours.

".0 L#(#tat#o&%3 iG 0he survey 1as restricted to =yderabad re&ion in "articular. iiG iiiG ivG vG viG Inade<uate time to follo1 the customer res"onse. .ac# of ex"erience in handlin& surveys. Most of the res"ondents 1ere havin& inade<uate time for fillin& in the <uestionnaire. An1illin&ness of res"ondent to "rovide information. Inability of res"ondent to "rovide the exact information.



H#%tor2 0he 1ord HbrandH is derived from the ld Dorse brandr@ meanin& Hto burn.H It refers to the "ractice of "roducers burnin& their mar# For brandG onto their "roducts. Althou&h connected 1ith the history of trademar#s and includin& earlier exam"les 1hich could be deemed H"rotobrandsH Fsuch as the mar#etin& "uns of the H6esuvinumH 1ine !ars found at (om"eiiG@ brands in the field of mass-mar#etin& ori&inated in the 1:th century 1ith the advent of "ac#a&ed &oods. Industriali+ation moved the "roduction of many household items@ such as soa"@ from local communities to centrali+ed factories. 2hen shi""in& their items@ the factories 1ould literally brand their lo&o or insi&nia on the barrels used@ extendin& the meanin& of HbrandH to that of trademar#.

;ass / Com"any@ the ;ritish bre1ery@ claims their red trian&le brand 1as the 1orldIs first trademar#. .yle?s 3olden Syru" ma#es a similar claim@ havin& been named as ;ritainIs oldest brand@ 1ith its &reen and &old "ac#a&in& havin& remained almost unchan&ed since 199,. Cattle 1ere branded lon& before thisJ the term Hmaveric#H@ ori&inally meanin& an unbranded calf@ comes from 0exas rancher Samuel Au&ustus Maveric# 1ho@ follo1in& the American Civil 2ar@ decided that since all other cattle 1ere branded@ his 1ould be identified by havin& no mar#in&s at all. Even the si&natures on "aintin&s of famous artists li#e .eonardo )a 6inci can be vie1ed as an early brandin& tool. %actories established durin& the Industrial 'evolution introduced mass-"roduced &oods and needed to sell their "roducts to a 1ider mar#et@ to customers "reviously familiar only 1ith locally-"roduced &oods. It <uic#ly became a""arent that a &eneric "ac#a&e of soa" had difficulty com"etin& 1ith familiar@ local "roducts. 0he "ac#a&ed &oods manufacturers needed to convince the mar#et that the "ublic could "lace !ust as much trust in the non-local "roduct. Cam"bell sou"@ Coca-Cola@ Cuicy %ruit &um@ Aunt Cemima@ and 7ua#er ats 1ere amon& the first "roducts to be IbrandedI@ in an effort to increase the consumerIs familiarity 1ith their "roducts. Many brands of that era@ such as Ancle ;enIs rice and Kello&&Is brea#fast cereal furnish illustrations of the "roblem. Around 1:00@ Cames 2alter 0hom"son "ublished a house ad ex"lainin& trademar# advertisin&. 0his 1as an early commercial ex"lanation of 1hat 1e no1 #no1 as brandin&. Com"anies soon ado"ted slo&ans@ mascots@ and !in&les that be&an to a""ear on radio and early television. ;y the 1:*0s@ manufacturers be&an to reco&ni+e the 1ay in 1hich consumers 1ere develo"in& relationshi"s 1ith their brands in a socialL"sycholo&icalLanthro"olo&ical sense. %rom there@ manufacturers <uic#ly learned to build their brandIs identity and "ersonality Fsee bra&+ #+e&t#t2 and bra&+ per%o&a)#t2G@ such as youthfulness@ fun or luxury. 0his be&an the "ractice 1e no1 #no1 as Hbrandin&H today@ 1here the consumers buy Hthe brandH instead of the "roduct. 0his trend continued to the 1:90s@ and is no1 <uantified in conce"ts such as bra&+ $a)ue and bra&+ e8u#t2. Daomi Klein has described this develo"ment as Hbrand e<uity maniaH. In 1:99@ for exam"le@ (hili" Morris "urchased Kraft for six times 1hat the com"any 1as 1orth on "a"erJ it 1as felt that 1hat they really "urchased 1as its bra&+ &a(e. Marlboro %riday4 A"ril 2@ 1::$ - mar#ed by some as the death of the brand - the day (hili" Morris declared that they 1ere to cut the "rice of Marlboro ci&arettes by 20M@ in order to com"ete 1ith bar&ain ci&arettes. Marlboro ci&arettes 1ere notorious at the time for their heavy advertisin& cam"ai&ns@ and

1ell-nuanced brand ima&e. In res"onse to the announcement 2all street stoc#s nose-dived for a lar&e number of IbrandedI com"anies4 =ein+@ Coca Cola@ 7ua#er ats@ (e"siCo. Many thou&ht the event si&nalled the be&innin& of a trend to1ards Hbrand blindnessH FKlein 1$G@ <uestionin& the "o1er of Hbrand valueH. Ho9 +o cu%to(er% re(e(ber: 0he tendency of a brand to be thou&ht of in a buyin& situation is #no1n as Nbrand salienceO. ;rand salience is Nthe "ro"ensity for a brand to be noticed andLor thou&ht of in buyin& situationsO and the hi&her the brand salience the hi&her it?s mar#et "enetration and therefore its mar#et share. Salience refers not to 1hat customers thin# about brands but to 1hich ones they thin# about. ;rands 1hich come to mind on an unaided basis are li#ely to be the brands in a customer?s consideration set and thus have a hi&her "robability of bein& "urchased. Advertisin& 1ei&ht and brand salience are cues to customers indicatin& 1hich brands are "o"ular@ and customers have a tendency to buy "o"ular brands. Also@ an increase in the salience of one brand can actually inhibit recall of other brands@ includin& brands that other1ise 1ould be candidates for "urchase. It is 1idely ac#no1led&ed that buyer?s do not see their brand as bein& any different from other brands that are available. 0hey buy a "articular brand because they are more a1are of it@ not because it is more distinctive@ or has a "oint of difference. 2e no1 #no1 that all decisions made by humans involve memory "rocesses to a &reater or lesser extent. Incomin& information from the external environment travels by the sensory memory into the short-term For 1or#in&G memory FS0MG but if it is not acted u"on in a very short time the brain sim"ly discards it. ;ut salient information that is im"ortant and received on a re&ular basis throu&h different channels is "assed to the lon&-term memory F.0MG 1here it can be stored for many years. Memories are stored or filed via connections bet1een ne1 and existin& memories in the different "arts of the memory. 0hey are laid do1n in a frame1or# ma#in& some memories easier to access than others. 'ecall is the "rocess by 1hich an individual reconstructs the stimulus itself from memory@ removed from the "hysicality?s of that reality. Global Brand

A &lobal brand is one 1hich is "erceived to reflect the same set of values around the 1orld.3lobal brands transcend their ori&ins and creates stron&@ endurin& relationshi"s 1ith consumers across countries and cultures. 3lobal ;rands are brands 1hich sold to international mar#ets. Exam"les of 3lobal ;rands include CocaCola@ Mc)onaldIs@ Marlboro@ .eviIs etc.. 0hese brands are used to sell the same "roduct across multi"le mar#ets@ and could be considered successful to the extent that the associated "roducts are easily reco&ni+able by the diverse set of consumers. Be&e*#t% o* G)oba) Bra&+#&g In addition to ta#in& advanta&e of the outstandin& &ro1th o""ortunities@ the follo1in& drives the increasin& interest in ta#in& brands &lobal4 Peconomies of scale F"roduction and distributionG Plo1er mar#etin& costs Playin& the &round1or# for future extensions 1orld1ide Pmaintainin& consistent brand ima&ery P<uic#er identification and inte&ration of innovations Fdiscovered 1orld1ideG P"reem"tin& international com"etitors from enterin& domestic mar#ets or loc#in& you out of other &eo&ra"hic mar#ets Pincreasin& international media reach Fes"ecially 1ith the ex"losion of the InternetG is an enabler Pincreases in international business and tourism are also enablers G)oba) Bra&+ 6ar#ab)e% 0he follo1in& elements may differ from country to country4 Pcor"orate slo&an P"roducts and services P"roduct names

P"roduct features P"ositionin&s Pmar#etin& mixes Fincludin& "ricin&@ distribution@ media and advertisin& executionG 0hese differences 1ill de"end u"on4 Plan&ua&e differences Pdifferent styles of communication Pother cultural differences Pdifferences in cate&ory and brand develo"ment Pdifferent consum"tion "atterns Pdifferent com"etitive sets and mar#et"lace conditions Pdifferent le&al and re&ulatory environments Pdifferent national a""roaches to mar#etin& Fmedia@ "ricin&@ distribution@ etc.G Local Brand A brand that is sold and mar#eted Fdistributed and "romotedG in a relatively small and restricted &eo&ra"hical area. A local brand is a brand that can be found in only one country or re&ion. It may be called a re&ional brand if the area encom"asses more than one metro"olitan mar#et. It may also be a brand that is develo"ed for a s"ecific national mar#et@ ho1ever an interestin& thin& about local brand is that the local brandin& is mostly done by consumers then by the "roducers. Exam"les of .ocal ;rands in S1eden are Stomatol@ Mi!erierna etc.. Bra&+ &a(e 0he brand name is <uite often used interchan&eably 1ithin HbrandH@ althou&h it is more correctly used to s"ecifically denote 1ritten or s"o#en lin&uistic elements of any "roduct. In this context a Hbrand nameH constitutes a ty"e of trademar#@ if the brand name exclusively identifies the brand o1ner as the

commercial source of "roducts or services. A brand o1ner may see# to "rotect "ro"rietary ri&hts in relation to a brand name throu&h trademar# re&istration. Advertisin& s"o#es"ersons have also become "art of some brands@ for exam"le4 Mr. 2hi""le of Charmin toilet tissue and 0ony the 0i&er of Kello&&Is. .ocal ;arandin& is usually done by the consumers rather then the "roducers. T2pe% o* bra&+ &a(e% ;rand names come in many styles A fe1 include4 Acro&2(4 A name made of initials such as A(S or I;M De%cr#pt#$e4 Dames that describe a "roduct benefit or function li#e 2hole %oods or Airbus A))#terat#o& a&+ rh2(e4 Dames that are fun to say and stic# in the mind li#e 'eeseIs (ieces or )un#inI )onuts E$ocat#$e4 Dames that evo#e a relevant vivid ima&e li#e Ama+on or Crest Neo)og#%(%4 Com"letely made-u" 1ords li#e 2ii or Koda# Fore#g& 9or+4 Ado"tion of a 1ord from another lan&ua&e li#e 6olvo or Samsun& Fou&+er%; &a(e%4 Asin& the names of real "eo"le li#e =e1lett-(ac#ard or )isney Geograph24 Many brands are named for re&ions and landmar#s li#e Cisco and %u!i %ilm Per%o&#*#cat#o&4 Many brands ta#e their names from myth li#e Di#e or from the minds of ad execs li#e ;etty Croc#er 0he act of associatin& a "roduct or service 1ith a brand has become "art of "o" culture. Most "roducts have some #ind of brand identity@ from common table salt to desi&ner !eans. A brandnomer is a brand name that has collo<uially become a &eneric term for a "roduct or service@ such as ;and-Aid or Kleenex@ 1hich are often used to describe any #ind of adhesive banda&e or any #ind of facial tissue res"ectively. Bra&+ #+e&t#t2 A "roduct identity@ or brand ima&e are ty"ically the attributes one associates 1ith a brand@ ho9 the bra&+ o9&er 9a&t% the co&%u(er to perce#$e the bra&+ - and by extension the branded com"any@ or&ani+ation@ "roduct or service. 0he brand o1ner 1ill see# to brid&e the &a" bet1een the brand ima&e and the brand identity. Effective brand names build a connection bet1een the brand "ersonality as it is "erceived by the tar&et audience and the actual "roductLservice. 0he brand name should be conce"tually on tar&et 1ith the "roductLservice F1hat the com"any stands forG. %urthermore@ the brand name should be on tar&et 1ith the brand demo&ra"hic 0y"ically@ sustainable brand names are easy to remember@

transcend trends and have "ositive connotations. ;rand identity is fundamental to consumer reco&nition and symboli+es the brandIs differentiation from com"etitors. ;rand identity is 1hat the o1ner 1ants to communicate to its "otential consumers. =o1ever@ over time@ a "roducts brand identity may ac<uire FevolveG@ &ainin& ne1 attributes from consumer "ers"ective but not necessarily from the mar#etin& communications an o1ner "ercolates to tar&eted consumers. 0herefore@ brand associations become handy to chec# the consumerIs "erce"tion of the brand. ;rand identity needs to focus on authentic <ualities - real characteristics of the value and brand "romise bein& "rovided and sustained by or&anisational andLor "roduction characteristics 6#%ua) Bra&+ !+e&t#t2

0he visual brand identity manual for Mobil il Fdevelo"ed by Chermayeff / 3eismarG@ one of the first visual identities to inte&rate lo&oty"e@ icon@ al"habet@ color "alette@ and station architecture to create a com"rehensive consumer brand ex"erience. 0he reco&nition and "erce"tion of a brand is hi&hly influenced by its visual "resentation. A brand?s visual identity is the overall loo# of its communications. Effective visual brand identity is achieved by the consistent use of "articular visual elements to create distinction@ such as s"ecific fonts@ colors@ and &ra"hic elements. At the core of every brand identity is a brand mar#@ or lo&o. In the Anited States@ brand identity and lo&o desi&n naturally &re1 out of the Modernist movement in the 1:,0?s and &reatly dre1 on the "rinci"als of that movement B sim"licity FMies van der 'ohe?s "rinci"le of H.ess is moreHG and &eometric abstraction. 0hese "rinci"les can be observed in the 1or# of the "ioneers of the "ractice of visual brand identity desi&n@ such as (aul 'and@ Chermayeff / 3eismar and Saul ;ass. Co(pa&2 &a(e ften@ es"ecially in the industrial sector@ it is !ust the com"anyIs name 1hich is "romoted Fleadin& to one of the most "o1erful statements of Hbrandin&HJ the sayin&@ before the com"anyIs do1n&radin&@ HDo one ever &ot fired for buyin& I;MHG.

In this case a very stron& brand name For com"any nameG is made the vehicle for a ran&e of "roducts Ffor exam"le@ Mercedes-;en+ or ;lac# / )ec#erG or even a ran&e of subsidiary brands Fsuch as Cadbury )airy Mil#@ Cadbury %la#e or Cadbury %in&ers in the Anited StatesG.

Att#tu+e bra&+#&g a&+ !co&#c bra&+% Att#tu+e bra&+#&g is the choice to re"resent a lar&er feelin&@ 1hich is not necessarily connected 1ith the "roduct or consum"tion of the "roduct at all. Mar#etin& labeled as attitude brandin& include that of Di#e@ Starbuc#s@ 0he ;ody Sho"@ Safe1ay@ and A""le Inc.. In the 2000 boo# No Logo@Q12R Daomi Klein describes attitude brandin& as a Hfetish strate&yH. HA &reat brand raises the bar -- it adds a &reater sense of "ur"ose to the ex"erience@ 1hether itIs the challen&e to do your best in s"orts and fitness@ or the affirmation that the cu" of coffee youIre drin#in& really matters.H - =o1ard Schult+ F"resident@ CE @ and chairman of Starbuc#sG

!co&#c bra&+% are defined as havin& as"ects that contribute to consumerIs self-ex"ression and "ersonal identity. ;rands 1hose value to consumers comes "rimarily from havin& identity value comes are said to be Hidentity brandsH. Some of these brands have such a stron& identity that they become more or less Hcultural iconsH 1hich ma#es them iconic brands. Exam"les of iconic brands are4 A""le Inc.@ Di#e and =arley )avidson. Many iconic brands include almost ritual-li#e behaviour 1hen buyin& and consumin& the "roducts. 0here are four #ey elements to creatin& iconic brands F=olt 200*G4 1. HDecessary conditionsH - 0he "erformance of the "roduct must at least be o# "referably 1ith a re"utation of havin& &ood <uality. 2. HMyth-ma#in&H - A meanin&ful story-tellin& fabricated by cultural HinsidersH. 0hese must be seen as le&itimate and res"ected by consumers for stories to be acce"ted.

$. HCultural contradictionsH - Some #ind of mismatch bet1een "revailin& ideolo&y and emer&ent undercurrents in society. In other 1ords a difference 1ith the 1ay consumers are and ho1 they some times 1ish they 1ere. *. H0he cultural brand mana&ement "rocessH - Actively en&a&in& in the myth-ma#in& "rocess ma#in& sure the brand maintains its "osition as an icon. <No4bra&+< bra&+#&g 'ecently a number of com"anies have successfully "ursued HDo-;randH strate&ies by creatin& "ac#a&in& that imitates &eneric brand sim"licity. Exam"les include the Ca"anese com"any Mu!i@ 1hich means HDo labelH in En&lish Ffrom B HMu!irushi 'yohinH B literally@ HDo brand <uality &oodsHG@ and the %lorida com"any Do-Ad Sunscreen. Althou&h there is a distinct Mu!i brand@ Mu!i "roducts are not branded. 0his no-brand strate&y means that little is s"ent on advertisement or classical mar#etin& and Mu!iIs success is attributed to the 1ord-of-mouth@ a sim"le sho""in& ex"erience and the anti-brand movement. HDo brandH brandin& may be construed as a ty"e of brandin& as the "roduct is made cons"icuous throu&h the absence of a brand name.

Der#$e+ bra&+% In this case the su""lier of a #ey com"onent@ used by a number of su""liers of the end-"roduct@ may 1ish to &uarantee its o1n "osition by "romotin& that com"onent as a brand in its o1n ri&ht. 0he most fre<uently <uoted exam"le is Intel@ 1hich secures its "osition in the (C mar#et 1ith the slo&an HIntel InsideH. Bra&+ e=te&%#o& 0he existin& stron& brand name can be used as a vehicle for ne1 or modified "roductsJ for exam"le@ many fashion and desi&ner com"anies extended brands into fra&rances@ shoes and accessories@ home textile@ home decor@ lu&&a&e@ Fsun-G &lasses@ furniture@ hotels@ etc. Mars extended its brand to ice cream@ Cater"illar to shoes and 1atches@ Michelin to a restaurant &uide@ Adidas and (uma to "ersonal hy&iene. )unlo" extended its brand from tires to other rubber "roducts such as shoes@ &olf balls@ tennis rac<uets and adhesives.

0here is a difference bet1een brand extension and line extension. A line extension is 1hen a current brand name is used to enter a ne1 mar#et se&ment in the existin& "roduct class@ 1ith ne1 varieties or flavors or si+es. 2hen Coca-Cola launched H)iet Co#eH and HCherry Co#eH they stayed 1ithin the ori&inatin& "roduct cate&ory4 non-alcoholic carbonated bevera&es. (rocter / 3amble F(/3G did li#e1ise extendin& its stron& lines Fsuch as %airy Soa"G into nei&hborin& "roducts F%airy .i<uid and %airy AutomaticG 1ithin the same cate&ory@ dish 1ashin& deter&ents. Mu)t#4bra&+% Alternatively@ in a mar#et that is fra&mented amon&st a number of brands a su""lier can choose deliberately to launch totally ne1 brands in a""arent com"etition 1ith its o1n existin& stron& brand Fand often 1ith identical "roduct characteristicsGJ sim"ly to soa# u" some of the share of the mar#et 1hich 1ill in any case &o to minor brands. 0he rationale is that havin& $ out of 12 brands in such a mar#et 1ill &ive a &reater overall share than havin& 1 out of 10 Feven if much of the share of these ne1 brands is ta#en from the existin& oneG. In its most extreme manifestation@ a su""lier "ioneerin& a ne1 mar#et 1hich it believes 1ill be "articularly attractive may choose immediately to launch a second brand in com"etition 1ith its first@ in order to "re-em"t others enterin& the mar#et. Individual brand names naturally allo1 &reater flexibility by "ermittin& a variety of different "roducts@ of differin& <uality@ to be sold 1ithout confusin& the consumerIs "erce"tion of 1hat business the com"any is in or dilutin& hi&her <uality "roducts. nce a&ain@ (rocter / 3amble is a leadin& ex"onent of this "hiloso"hy@ runnin& as many as ten deter&ent brands in the AS mar#et. 0his also increases the total number of Hfacin&sH it receives on su"ermar#et shelves. Sara .ee@ on the other hand@ uses it to #ee" the very different "arts of the business se"arate S from Sara .ee ca#es throu&h Ki1i "olishes to .IE&&s "antyhose. In the hotel business@ Marriott uses the name %airfield Inns for its bud&et chain Fand 'amada uses 'ode1ay for its o1n chea"er hotelsG. Cannibali+ation is a "articular "roblem of a HmultibrandH a""roach@ in 1hich the ne1 brand ta#es business a1ay from an established one 1hich the or&ani+ation also o1ns. 0his may be acce"table Findeed to be ex"ectedG if there is a net &ain overall. Alternatively@ it may be the "rice the or&ani+ation is 1illin& to "ay for shiftin& its "osition in the mar#etJ the ne1 "roduct bein& one sta&e in this "rocess. Pr#$ate )abe)%

2ith the emer&ence of stron& retailers@ "rivate label brands@ also called o1n brands@ or store brands@ also emer&ed as a ma!or factor in the mar#et"lace. 2here the retailer has a "articularly stron& identity Fsuch as Mar#s / S"encer in the AK clothin& sectorG this Ho1n brandH may be able to com"ete a&ainst even the stron&est brand leaders@ and may out"erform those "roducts that are not other1ise stron&ly branded. !&+#$#+ua) a&+ Orga&#,at#o&a) Bra&+% 0here are #inds of brandin& that treat individuals and or&ani+ations as the H"roductsH to be branded. (ersonal brandin& treats "ersons and their careers as brands. 0he term is thou&ht to have been first used in a 1::8 article by 0om (eters. %aith brandin& treats reli&ious fi&ures and or&ani+ations as brands. 'eli&ious media ex"ert (hil Coo#e has 1ritten that faith brandin& handles the <uestion of ho1 to ex"ress faith in a media-dominated culture. Dation brandin& 1or#s 1ith the "erce"tion and re"utation of countries as brands.

!&+u%tr2 a&+ Co(pa&2 Pro*#)e
'.1 !&+u%tr2 Pro*#)e The T9o 7hee)er Mar>et G)oba))2 0he t1o-1heeler industry is concentrated in the develo"in& 1orld@ es"ecially China and India@ 1hich to&ether account for over half the total 1orld1ide sales of t1o-1heelers. 0he Ca"anese manufacturers@ =onda@ 5amaha@ Su+u#i and Ka1asa#i@ dominate the t1o1heeler industry &lobally. Currently@ all ma!or t1o 1heeler mar#ets@ exce"t India@ are dominated either by Ca"anese firms or their !oint ventures. =ero =onda Motor Cycles .imited@ an Indian motorcycle com"any is the 1orld leader by sales. Motorcycles are used for many different "ur"oses. Some use it for daily commutin& F es"ecially in develo"in& and under-develo"ed 1orldsG and for hobby "ursuitsF in develo"ed 1orldG. =arley )avidson@ 'oyal Enfield@ ;M2@ 5amaha etc are the com"anies that satisfy this hobby "ursuit of the "eo"le@ the 1orld over. T9o 7hee)er Mar>et3 The !&+#a& Sce&ar#o 0he Indian t1o-1heeler industry can be divided into three broad cate&ories4 scooters@ motorcycles and mo"eds. Each of these cate&ories can be further se&mented on the basis of several variables@ li#e "rice@ en&ine "o1er@ ty"e of i&nition@ and en&ine ca"acity. 0oday@ India is the second lar&est "roducer and customer of t1o-1heelers in the 1orld. 0he Indian t1o-1heeler industry has under&one a si&nificant chan&e over the "ast 10 years 1ith the "reference chan&in& from mo"eds to scooters@ and more recently@ from scooters to motorcycles. 2ith the reduction in the "rice differential bet1een scooters and

motorcycles@ there has been a "erce"tible shift to1ards motorcycles because of their better stylin&@ hi&her fuel efficiency@ and hi&her load carryin& ca"acity. f late@ scooters have made a resur&ence. =onda Motors and Scooters India .imited is the mar#et leader in the scooter se&ment. Also female centric t1o-1heelers li#e (e" have &ained ma!or "ortion of the mar#et.

R#%e o* a Pro+uct3 The Motorc2c)e% Motorcycles are the most ex"ensive of all t1o-1heelers. 0hey are more "o1erful than scooters and mo"eds@ have the hi&hest load carryin& ca"acity F1hich is essential for rural areasG@ are fuel-efficient@ have better road &ri"@ and are also the most ex"ensive. ;esides@ motorcycles are vie1ed as NtrendyO in the urban areas as com"ared 1ith scooters and mo"eds.

0he fortunes of the motorcycle industry chan&ed after the announcement of the liberal licensin& "olicy in 1:92 1here by forei&n collaboration 1ere allo1ed. In 1:92@ the 3overnment allo1ed forei&n "layers to enter the industry throu&h !oint ventures. 2ithin four years@ the 06S 3rou" tied u" 1ith Su+u#i@ the =ero 3rou" 1ith =onda@ the Escorts &rou" 1ith 5amaha and ;a!a! Auto .imited F;a!a! AutoG 1ith Ka1asa#i. 06S / Su+u#i introduced Ind-Su+u#i in 1:9*@ =ero =onda Motors .imited F==M.G launched C)100 in 1:9,@ and both Escorts and ;a!a! Auto launched their models in 1:9--98.

Also@ ne1 entrants have entered the mar#et by introducin& their "roducts at lo1er "rice "oints@ 1hile the existin& "layers have announced "rice cuts. 0his has led to "rice com"etition in the domestic mar#et.

Mar>et Seg(e&t *or Motorc2c)e% 0he motorcycle mar#et in India can be se&mented on the basis of "rice and "o1er. 0he motorcycle mar#et is divided into five se&ments. Ba%#c categor2 models "riced bet1een 's.$0@ 000 - 's.*0@ 000. =ere the focus is @ by and lar&e@ on "rice and fuel efficiency. In this cate&ory@ ;a!a! Auto has (latina @ ==M. has C)-)eluxe and 5amaha has Crux. In the %ta&+ar+ categor2 i.e. ;et1een 's.$1@ 000 B 's.*2@ 000@ ;a!a! Auto has (latina12,@ ==M. has S"lendor and S"lendor DE3 and 5amaha has Alba and 3S-,.

E=ecut#$e categor2 models "riced bet1een 's.*$@000 and ,,@000. 0hese are models 1ith Ca"anese and Euro"ean standards of en&ineerin&@ stylin&@ manufacturin& and ridin& comfort. 0his se&ment has stron& brand such as 6ictor F06SG@ (assion (ro and Su"er S"lendor F==M.G@ )iscover F;a!a! AutoG@ 3ladiator F5amahaG@ Stunner and Shine F=MSIG and Tesus FSu+u#iG. De)u=e categor2 F's.,-@ 000 B 's.-8@000G includes %T-S and %T-1- F5amahaG@ =un# and C;T Etreme F==M.G@ (ulsar1,0 and 190 F;a!a!G@ A"ache F06SG@ Anicorn F=MSIG and 3S-1,0 ' FSu+u#iG. Pre(#u( categor2 models "riced above 's. -,@000. ;a!a! Auto has the (ulsar 200 and 220@ A"ache- '0' E%I F06SG and '1, F5amahaG and Kari+ma F==M.G. ==M. is the mar#et leader in the motorcycles se&ments. Since =onda has al1ays been one of the &lobal "ioneers in develo"in& fuel-efficient en&ine technolo&y@ the uni<ue sellin& "ro"ositions of all ==M. motorcycles are fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance. Motorcycles are "ositioned as "erformance oriented@ economy oriented and more recently@ as "roducts offerin& a mix of "erformance and economy.

'." Co(pa&2 Pro*#)e

!&+#a a(aha Motor Pr#$ate L#(#te+ India 5amaha Motor FI5MG is a 100M subsidiary of 5amaha Motor Cor"oration of Ca"an. 0he com"any has its manufacturin& unit in %aridabad and Sura!"ur@ 1hich su""orts the "roduction of motorcycles for domestic as 1ell as overseas mar#et. (resently 10 models roll out of this t1o "lant.

5ear of Establishment Industry International =ead<uarter

Culy 1@ 1:,, F5amaha Ca"anG Motorcycle manufacturin& 2,00 Shin&ai@ I1ata-shi Shi+uo#a-#en@ Ca"an

6#%#o& 2e 1ill establish 5AMA=A as the Hexclusive / trusted brandH of customers by Hcreatin& KandoH Ftouchin& their heartsG - the first time and every time 1ith 1orld class "roducts / services delivered by "eo"le havin& H"assion for customersH.

M#%%#o& ;e the Exclusive / 0rusted ;rand reno1ned for mar#etin& and manufacturin& of 5AMA=A "roducts@ focusin& on servin& our customer 1here 1e can build lon& term relationshi"s by raisin& their lifestyle throu&h "erformance excellence@ "roactive desi&n / innovative technolo&y. ur innovative solutions 1ill al1ays exceed the chan&in& needs of our customers and "rovide value added vehicles.

;uild the 2innin& 0eam 1ith ca"abilities for success@ thrivin& in a climate for action and deliverin& results. ur em"loyees are the most valuable assets and 1e intend to develo" them to achieve international level of "rofessionalism 1ith "ro&ressive career develo"ment. As a &ood cor"orate citi+en@ 1e 1ill conduct our business ethically and socially in a res"onsible manner 1ith concerns for the environment. 3ro1 throu&h continuously innovatin& our business "rocesses for creatin& value and #no1led&e across our customers thereby earnin& the loyalty of our "artners / increasin& our sta#eholder value.

Core co(pete&c#e% 1. Customer U1 5amaha "ut customers first in everythin& they do. 0hey ta#e decisions #ee"in& the customer in mind. 2. Challen&in& S"irit 5amaha strive for excellence in everythin& they do and in the <uality of &oods / services they "rovide. $. 0eam-1or# 0hey 1or# cohesively 1ith the collea&ues as a multi-cultural team built on trust@ res"ect@ understandin& / mutual co-o"eration. *. %ran# / %air r&ani+ation 5amaha Motor is a com"any that has 1or#ed ever since its foundin& to build "roducts defined by the conce"ts of Nhi&h-<uality and hi&h-"erformanceO and Nli&ht 1ei&ht and com"actnessO as they have continued to develo" ne1 technolo&ies in the areas of small

en&ine technolo&y and %'( "rocessin& technolo&y as 1ell as control and com"onent technolo&ies. It can also be said that their cor"orate history has ta#en a "ath 1here N"eo"leO are the fundamental element and their "roduct creation and other cor"orate activities have al1ays been aimed at touchin& "eo"le?s hearts. 0heir &oal has al1ays been to "rovide "roducts that em"o1er each and every customer and ma#e their lives more fulfillin& by offerin& &reater s"eed@ &reater mobility and &reater "otential. As a com"any that ma#es the 1orld its field and offers "roducts for the land@ the 1ater@ the sno1fields and the s#y@ 5amaha Motor strives to be a com"any that Noffers ne1 excitement and a more fulfillin& life for "eo"le all over the 1orldO and to use our in&enuity and "assion to reali+e "eo"les? dreams and al1ays be the ones they loo# to for Nthe next Kando.O Kando is a Ca"anese 1ord for the simultaneous feelin& of dee" satisfaction and intense excitement that "eo"le ex"erience 1hen they encounter somethin& of exce"tional value.

Ma&u*actur#&g proce%% I5MIs manufacturin& facilities com"rises of 2 state-of-the-art (lants at - %aridabad F=aryanaG and Sura!"ur FAttar (radeshG. Currently 10 models roll out of the t1o 5amaha (lants. 0he infrastructure at both the "lants su""orts "roduction of motorcycles and itIs "arts for the domestic as 1ell as oversees mar#et. At the core are the ,-S and 0(M activities that fuel a&ile Manufacturin& (rocesses. 0hey have In-house facility for Machinin&@ 2eldin& "rocesses as 1ell as finishin& "rocesses of Electro"latin& and (aintin& till the assembly line. 0he strin&ent 7uality Assurance norms ensure that our motorcycles meet the re"uted International standards of excellence in every s"here.As an Environmentally sensitive or&ani+ation 1e have the conce"t of HEnvironment-friendly technolo&yH in&rained in our Cor"orate (hiloso"hy. 0he Com"any boasts of effluent

0reatment "lant@ 'ain 1ater - =arvestin& mechanism@ a motivated forestation drive. I5M .td. is IS0-1*001 certified. All our endeavors &ive us reason to believe that sustainable develo"ment for 5amaha 1ill not remain merely an idea in "i"eline. a(aha;% Motorc2c)e operat#o&% #& !&+#a

Co&c)u%#o& As the auto industry 1itnessed yet another year of &ood sales@ there is clear evidence that the dynamics of the Indian t1o-1heeler industry has chan&ed si&nificantly over the last fe1 years. 2hile everyone #no1s that there has been constant shift in demand to1ards

motorcycles from &eared scooters. 6arious com"anies have entered into the t1o-1heeler industry. 0here are various com"etitors of 5amaha comes from =ero =onda. 0he driver of &ro1th for =ero =onda 1as the launch of entry level@ value-for-money bi#e NC)-)a1nO and the u"&raded version of NS"lendorO and N(assionO. 0he com"any 1hich had lost its mar#et share in %502 has made a stron& comebac# and re&ained its share. Secondly another com"any ;a!a! is also leadin& in the t1o-1heeler in the mar#et. 0he success ;a!a!?s latest model (ulsar has hel"ed the com"any to stay clear of ado"tin& an a&&ressive "rice reduction strate&y. ;esides@ the recently launched C0100 had also en!oyed a fair de&ree of success. 06S is also tryin& to ca"ture the &ood mar#et share by introducin& the different models of bi#es. 0he industry has no1 ac<uired the traits of the consumer durable industry@ of "rice 1ars@ celebrity endorsement and ever-increasin& sales and "romotional out &o. Earlier@ =ero =onda and ;a!a! Auto 1ere the only "roducers of four-stro#e motorcycles. Do1@ 06S Motor is also !ostlin& for s"ace in the four-stro#e mar#et. India 5amaha Motor last year achieved a dramatic turnaround on the bac# of the success of its 12,cc Enticer and 10-cc .ibero models. I5M is also tryin& to retain their mar#et share by introducin& different bi#es. 0hey have launched t1o bi#es in 200* as chan&e .ibero and %a+er. In 2009@ they have launched %T-1- and '1,. 0hey have also launched an u"&raded version of %T-1- i.e. %T-S. Currently@ 5amaha have a mar#et share of about $.,M in the Indian t1o-1heeler mar#et.

'.' S7OT A&a)2%#% STRENGTHS =i&h <uality "roducts to exceed 7EA?NESSES 5amaha has narro1 "roduct line in

customer ex"ectations. Attractive desi&n and colours. Stron& brand name all over the 1orld as 1ell as in India. Availability of schemes from %inance. easy finance ;ussan Auto

Indian mar#et. %e1 "eo"le are not satisfied 1ith the milea&e of the bi#es. Dot &ivin& "romotional schemes for lon&er time "eriods. (oor advertisement of the "roduct.

Ase of latest technolo&y for "roduction. .o1 maintenance and ex"enses "er #ilometer. lo1

Do1 it comes 1ith a chan&ed handlebar 1hich is more comfortable to drive. Availability of the "roduct in the mar#et. ;road and intensive distribution net1or# across the country.



0he Sales may be increased if advertisements are made more attractin& to the youn& &eneration and the advertisement is made 1ith any celebrity. 0ar&etin& the u""er-middle class "eo"le and the youn& &eneration. 'etailer?s motivation. )emand is increasin& 1ith the

.o1 end cars li#e 0A0A Dano are eatin& a1ay the share of hi&h end motorcycle manufacturers. ;a!a! and 06S are also "roducin& same se&ment bi#es at same "rice 1ith more "o1erful en&ine. ;a!a! (ulsar is the stron&est rival 1ith hi&h "erformance and fre<uent variations and u" &radations.

time in the motorcycle se&ment. ne of the best and "o"ular brands of the 1orld@ so com"any can use its brand ima&e for advertisin& and attractin& "eo"le.

)ifferent effective schemes of com"etitors.


=onda Motors / Scooters .imited is "ursuin& Indian Motorcycle Mar#et vi&orously.

0he vast rural mar#et is o""ortunity in 1aitin& by caterin& to attractive financial schemes.

Chapter /

Data co))ect#o&
)ata collected is an elaborate "rocess in 1hich the researcher ma#es a "lanned search for all the relevant data. )ata is the foundation of all mar#etin& research. It is the ra1 material 1ith 1hich a researcher functions. 4.1 Primary Data (rimary )ata is the ori&inal data collected by the researcher. It has a s"ecific "ur"ose of addressin& the "roblem at hand. ne set of <uestionnaire 1as "re"ared. 0he structured <uestionnaire consisted of closed ended <uestions. 0he <uestions 1ere made sim"le and easy to ans1er for the intervie1er. 0he customers to be intervie1ed 1ere selected by the

researcher.. 0he res"ondents had to be in the a&e &rou" bet1een 19 B -0 years and they must o1n a t1o-1heeler in =yderabad Metho+% o* +ata Co))ect#o& u%e+3 @ue%t#o&&a#re3 In "ersonal intervie1s@ res"ondents are face to face 1ith the intervie1er@ thus com"lex and varied <uestions could be as#ed. @5EST!ONNA!RE DES!GN PROCESS.
Specify the information needed

Specify the Type of interviewing method

Determine the content of individual questions

Design the questionnaire to overcome the respondents inability and unwillingness to answer the questions

Decide on question structure Determine the question wording Arrange the questions in a proper sequence

Identify the form and layout

Reproduce the questionnaire liminate bugs by pre! testing

F#&+#&g% A Data A&a)2%#%


Age Group Ander 20 5ears 21-2, 5ears 2--$0 5ears $1-$, 5ears $--*0 5ears *1-,0 5ears Above ,1 5ears 0 0A. 'ES( D)ED0S

F#gure 21,1 98 $9 19 19 8 $*,

Perce&t 8.,$-M *$.8-9M 2,.218M 11.01*M ,.218M ,.218M 2.02:M 100.000M

All the "ossible a&e &rou"s from 19 years of a&e till -0 years of a&e 1ere considered. Since youn&sters are the ma!or mar#et for the motorcycles@ a&e &rou" 21-$, 1ere a&&ressively surveyed. As is evident from the sam"le data@ "reference for motorcycle &oes on decreasin& as the a&e limit crosses $, years. A&e limit above ,1 years is the least attractive se&ment for the motorcycle com"anies. 0o be a leader in the motorcycle mar#et @ thus@ every com"any should try to "ursue 19-$, years of a&e. ;etter still if the com"any is able to cater to distin&uish bet1een these sub-se&ments.


Occupat#o& Student ffice Em"loyee %actory 2or#er Sho" 1ner ;usiness Man (rofessional Fla1yers@ doctorsG %armer thersF 'etired "ersonnelG 0 0A. 'ES( D)ED0S

F#gure 1*$ 10: 12 21 1$: $ 2 $*,

Perce&t *1M $2M $M -M ,M 11M 1M 1M 100M

All the occu"ation &rou"s 1ere tried to be covered. Ma!ority of the sam"le 1as students@ the ma!or mar#et of motorcycles. Also this se&ment is most volatile. 5amaha can levera&e this se&ment by "rovidin& them certain motivations Fli#e increased number of free servicesG. ffice &oers come second. )istant third come "rofessionals F doctors@ la1yers@..G. 0o&ether these three se&ments ma#e for 9, "ercent of the motorcycle mar#et in the surveyed &rou". 0hese se&ments should be holistically "ursued to emer&e a mar#et 1inner.

'. 7h#ch t9o (otorc2c)e attract% 2ou a )ot

Mo+e) (ulsar1,0 Kari+ma TM' '1, Kari+ma (ulsar190

Ser#e%1-*#r%t pre*ere&ce. $9 28 22 $$ 2,

Ser#e%"-%eco&+ pre*ere&ce. 29 *: 29 11

Ser#e%' 10* 10$ 82 --1

A"ache (ulsar200 %T-S %a+er (ulsar220 Ser#e%1B *#r%t pre*ere&ce

1* 212 10 *

2: 19 18 2-

,8 ,2 *2 $8 $*

Ser#e% "B %eco&+ pre*ere&ce

Ser#e%'B-%er#e%1.C"D-%er#e%". In the surveyed &rou"@ clearly (ulsar 1,0 is the first "reference. Kari+ma TM' is the second most "referred brand. 5amaha has three models in the to" ten most "referred bi#es namely@'1,F third most "referred bi#eG@ %T-S Fei&hth most "referred bi#eG and %a+er Fninth most "referred bi#eG. Also effectiveness of brand "romotion by constant bombardment is de"icted from the (ulsar Model bi#es from the stables of ;a!a!. (ulsar is mainly "ositioned in consumers bi#es as Nthe bi#eO.

/. The%e (otorc2c)e% be)o&g to 9h#ch co(pa&#e%

Bajaj A"ache '0' (ulsar1$, $.*9M :8.$:M

Hero a(aha Ho&+a $.00M 2.0$M ,.,1M 0.2:M

T6S 9-.-8M 0.2:M

HMS! 0.2:M 0M

Su,u># 0.2:M 0M

Other% 0.2:M 0M

Kari+ma TM' %a+er 3S1,0 ' C;% Stunner

1.1,M 0.2:M 0.2:M 1.**M

1.**M 1$.0*M 1$.0*M 1.**M

:-.2$M 2.:0M 2.:0M 1$.-2M

0M *.:$M *.:$M 2.$0M

1.12M 9.::M 9.::M -9.::M

0.2:M -9.::M -9.::M 11.,:M

0M 1.12M 1.12M 0.,9M

0he most stri#in& feature of this <uestion 1as its outcome. Ma!orL ne1 brands from all the stables are 1ell #no1n@ irres"ective of the a&e of the res"ondents. Also (ulsar and Kari+ma TM' are 1ell #no1n brands as no >other? o"tion 1as tic#ed for these t1o bi#es. Also@ there 1ere some "ercenta&es of the >other? o"tions for all other bi#es. 0his calls for further "ositionin& on "art of these com"anies. 0. 7h#ch Bra&+ 2ou )#>e (o%t

Co(pa&2 ;a!a! 5amaha =ero =onda =onda 06S Su+u#i

Perce&tage 28.9$M 19.9*M $:.1$M *.$,M 9.80M 1.1-M

=ero =onda Motorcycles .imited F the 1orld leader in salesG to"s the list. Dext comes ;a!a! Auto .imited. %ollo1ed by India 5amaha Motorcycles .td. 5amaha far out1ei&hs its ma!or rivalsF bi& brothers in the Indian mar#etG-06S@ =onda. 0his establishes the fact that 5amaha needs to "romote its bi#es a&&ressively. It is very much feasible for 5amaha to become number three in the Indian mar#et. 0his also

establishes the fact that consumers "refer 5amaha bi#es as an efficient bi#e manufacturer 1ith the ca"ability to satisfy their inherent bi#in& needs. Also since youth se&ment 1as the a&&ressively "ursued brand@ this bodes 1ell for 5amaha. Some stimulus is needed to &ain the "oc#et share of consumers com"ared to 06 and =MSI. 1. Spec#*2 2our %ource *or a9are&e%% o* (otorc2c)e%. Source 06C% De1s"a"er Ma&a+ine Sho1room %amilyL %riends Internet =oardin&s 'oad Sho1 thers Perce&tage 1:.*2M 1-.91M 1,.-,M 12.18M 2$.88M 9.*1M 2.:0M 0.98M 0.00M

Interestin&ly family and friends to"s the ma!or source of a1areness for motorcycles. 0his 1as s"ecifically true in the case of students. 0hus "ositionin& itself as a >manufacturer of safety first? bi#es@ com"anies tar&etin& this com"any stand a &ood chance to be the mar#et leader. ;ut also@ this is the most style conscious se&ment. 0hus it is im"erative to maintain the style <uotient in the models. 06C% comes as the second best source of a1areness. 0hus this source of advertisement cannot be ne&lected. 0his calls for more a&&ressive advertisin& on "art of 5amaha. De1s"a"ers come at third "lace. Also@ ne1s"a"ers are a robust source of advertisement in rural areas@ 1here electricity is a rare commodity. 0his "rint media should be assiduously "ursued to au&ment the brand reach in the 1hole country.

E. 7hat #&*)ue&ce+ 2ou (ore #& purcha%e o* 2our b#>e

Factor %amilyL %riends 3irl %riend =oardin& Sho1 ff (ersonal Ex"erience Information from )ealerL Sho1room 0est )rive 'esale 6alue Perce&t *0.00M 12.8,M *.0-M ,.,1M 2:.29M 1.8*M $.1:M 2.:0M



Across all a&e &rou"s@ family and friends 1as the most influencin& factor in the "urchase of motorcycles. Also since students FyouthG are the ma!or mar#et for motorcycles@ favourable "ositionin& as a value brand@ the motorcycle manufacturer can &ain acce"tance. In the a&e of nuclear families@ "arents are the main source of influence. 0hus motorcycle com"anies should "osition themselves as a Nsafety firstO bi#e manufacturers. %or all other a&e &rou"s@ "ersonal ex"erience is the main influencin& factor. 7uality is im"erative to &ain acce"tance. Satisfied customers

s"read a "ositive 1ord for the brand. Also tend to become re"eat buyers. 0hus satisfyin& the needs in a better 1ay than com"etitors 1ill cata"ult 5amaha to be the mar#et leader in the Indian mar#et.


Co(pa&2 2ou a%%oc#ate 9#th rac#&g Perce&tage 1-.,2M *,.,1M 1-.2$M *.$,M 8.9$M :.,8M

Ma&u*acturer ;a!a! 5amaha =ero =onda 06S =onda Su+u#i

5amaha is #no1n as a racin& bi#es manufacturer. 5amaha?s 'E 100 is still revered for its "ic#-u" and s"eed. S"eed ;i#in& is mainly attributed to 5amaha. It holds the record for maximum 1ins in 3rand (rix. 0he 3overnment of India is investin& heavily in roads and hi&h1ays. (ro"erly "ursuin& the inherent racin& tendency in youn&sters by "rovidin& racin& bi#es 1ill set 5amaha a"art from its com"etitors. 0ill no1@ no Indian manufacturer has "rovided the su"er bi#es. 0hese bi#es are mainly im"orted. Settin& u" s"eed bi#es manufacturin& 1ill "rovide 5amaha early mover advanta&e in the Indian mar#et. Also this can be com"etitive advanta&e for 5amaha. ;ut caution must be "rovided to train safe bi#in& habits amon&st the consumers.


7h#ch b#>e 2ou %tro&g)2 a%%oc#ate 9#th 2outh

Ma&u*acturer ;a!a! 5amaha =ero =onda 06S =onda Su+u#i

Perce&tage 2:.9-M $*.20M 28.9$M $.1:M $.*9M 1.*,M

5amaha is the bi#e of the youth. In the survey conducted@ it far out1ei&hed ;a!a! and =ero =onda. Most stri#in& feature 1as that all the res"ondents@ irres"ective of the a&e &rou"s o"ted 5amaha as truly associated 1ith youth. 5outh bein& the ma!or mar#et for motorcycles@ it is a favourable outcome of 5amaha?s >5outh

A""roaches?. %T series and '1, are the bi#es desi&ned 1ith youth in mind. 5amaha should further ex"lore this "rofitable se&ment and try to more than satisfy this se&ments needs.


6a)ue po%#t#o&#&g o* (otorc2c)e% #& the (#&+% o* co&%u(er% St2)#%h I Sport2 18.:8M 2*.-*M *0.98M ,.22M ,.90M *.$,M 1.1-M

Tra+#t#o&a ) Hero Ho&+a Bajaj a(aha T6S HMS! Su,u># ,*.*:M 2*.:$M :.,8M $.88M 2.0$M 2.0$M $.1:M

A+$a&ce+ Tech&o)og 2 20.,9M $$.:1M $1.,:M $.88M -.-8M $.*9M 0M

Re)#ab)eI Tru%t9orth 2 ,1.,:M 2:.,8M 11.01M *.$,M 1.8*M 0.98M 0.98M

H#gh Per*or(a&c e $,.$-M $0.82M 22.$2M $.88M *.:$M 2.:0M 0M

Tre&+ Setter $$.-2M 29.::M 18.:8M ,.22M $.*9M *.:$M ,.90M

Hero Ho&+a Bajaj a(aha T6S HMS! Su,u>#

!&&o$at#$e 2,.22M 2*.:$M 28.,*M *.-*M -.$9M ,.,1M ,.90M

Goo+ M#)eage ,1.99M 20.98M 9.12M 11.,:M *.$,M 2.:0M 0.2:M

Pa%%#o&ate $0.82M 2*.0-M 20.98M 8.,*M -.:-M $.1:M -.-8M

A**or+ab)e Pr#ce $8.-9M 2:.29M :.,8M 1,.-,M *.$,M 2.$2M 0M

Interestin&ly for attribute F barrin& technolo&y@ "erformance and affordabilityG there seemed to be lac# of customer satisfaction on other #ey attributes. 0hese are the attributes to be "ursued reli&iously and conveyed to the consumers. 0hese are some of the attributes that can be "ositioned in the minds of consumers to

satisfy their unmet needs. =ero =onda dominates nearly all the attributes. 0his elucidates the reason for its mar#et leader "osition. 5amaha as a brand leads as bein& the most innovative and most stylish bi#es manufacturer. 0his su""orts the endeavor of 5amaha as the >youth centric?. 0his ma#es it all the more li#eable brand amon& the youth@ the ma!or mar#et for motorcycles. 5amaha should assiduously "ursue this se&ment to out-beat its com"etitors.


Gaug#&g co&%u(er% attach(e&t 9#th the bra&+%.

Bra&+ ;a!a! 5amaha =ero =onda 06S Su+u#i =MSI

Reco((e&+er% $,.$-M 21.1-M $*.*:M -.-8M $.1:M 2.0$M

Pre*erer% 2:.9-M 20.98M $8.10M 9.12M 1.8*M 2.$2M

=ero =onda is the most "referred bi#e 1hile ;a!a! is the most recommended brand in the surveyed &rou". 0his sho1s an interestin& dichotomy on "art of consumers. Ideally there should be a common yardstic# for li#in& of a bi#e. 'es"ondents had ran#ed ;a!a! hi&her on > advanced technolo&y? and >stylish? vis-V-vis =ero =onda. May be this is the reason for this dichotomy. 5amaha 1as ad!ud&ed as the most stylish bi#e@ but is not the

most recommended. May be >advanced technolo&y? attribute is the reason behind this. As re&ards to other brands@ 5amaha out1ei&hs 06S@ Su+u#i and =MSI on >recommender? and >"referers?. 0his establishes the fact that 5amaha is on the 1ay to beat these rivals in the intensely com"etitive Indian mar#et. Au&mented brand "romotion is needed on "art of 5amaha to increase its mar#et share. > Kando? 1ill definitely be &ained throu&h intensive "romotion of the brand.

Bra&+ ;a!a! 5amaha =ero =onda 06S =MSI Su+u#i

7h#ch Bra&+ 2ou 9#)) &e$er bu2

Perce&tage ,.,1M 11.01M $.88M $0.1*M 22.$2M 28.2,M

Mar#et leader "osition doesnot indicates that the brand is revered by all. =ero =onda Motorcycles@ the most sellin& bi#es brandF in the 1orldG by volumes is also a no-no for $.88M of the res"ondents. ,.,,M of the res"ondents are averse to ;a!a!. 0his establishes that it is im"ossible for any sin&le brand to satisfy the mar#et as a 1hole@ hence the utility of se&mentation. 5amaha fairs much better com"ared to other brands. 0his a&ain establishes the im"ortance of "romotional activities. Au&mented "romotional activities on national scale can cata"ult 5amaha far ahead of 06S and =MSI.


Rea%o&% *or reject#o&3 Baja a(ah j a Hero T6 HMS Su,u> TOTA Ho&+a S ! # L 1 1 1 2

Already have ;ad en&ine

;alancin& "roblem Chain set "roblem )ue to obsolescence %riends comments =i&h maintenance =i&h "rice .ac# of A1areness .ac# of &ood models .ess features .ess "ic#u" .ess 6arieties .o1 milea&e lo1 "erformance Dever tried Do connection 1ith youth Do interest in brand Do li#in& for the brand Do ne1 models Dot attractive Dot comfortable Dot com"etitive Dot innovative (ast ex"erience (ast mar#et "erformance

2 1 1 $ 1 1

1 2 $ 1 1 11 , 1* 1 1 : 1: 2 1 * 2 1 2 10 10 1 , 1 9 1 8 * 1 $ $ 2 , $ 9 1$ $ 2 11 * 1

$ $ 1

1 1

: 1

* 1 1 1 *

2 1 1 1

$ 19 $ 1 1 1

$ 1 1 9 12 20 $0 22 2 1 19 22: 1 1 $ 29 $ *8 , 2 10 9 $

(oor after sales service (oor brand ima&e 'esale value Shoc#er "roblem Short in si+e 0est drive 6ery common 2ea# body@ Dot reliable TOTAL

Baja a(ah Hero j a Ho&+a 2 2 2 2

T6 S

1 1: 1 $9

$ 1 1$

HMS Su,u> TOTA ! # L $ * 11 1 1 10 1 2 1 2 2 2 2 * * * , * 18 10* 8:$

Several 'easons 1ere attributed for re!ection. 2e &ra"hed to" 1, reasons for this re!ection. =ere some tandem 1as seen as "er the mar#et "osition of the to" 2 "layers in the Indian motorcycle se&ment. ;oth =ero =onda and ;a!a! have les ne&ative attributes assi&ned to them. Im"rovin& on other attributes and these attributes in&eniously can levera&e 5amaha to much better mar#et share. Also 5amaha is 1ay ahead com"ared to other brands. 0his au&ments 1ell for 5amaha. 5amaha should hone u"on the milea&e "roblem. Ma!ority of the res"ondents com"lained about 5amaha?s lo1 avera&e attribute. Also their bi#es are "ositioned as costly. 0his "resents uni<ue technical challen&e for 5amaha. Costs should be re&ulated considerin& the demand. (o1erful bi#es &u++le "etrol. 0hus 5amaha should launch more economical bi#es 1ith o"timum milea&e. Care

should be ta#en that "ro"er se&mentation is "ositioned in the minds of consumers re&ardin& "o1er bi#es and economical bi#es.


Bra&+ Per%o&a)#t2 o* !&+#a a(aha Motor P$t. Lt+.

per%o&a)#t2 5uvra! Sin&h M S )honi =rithi# 'oshan Cohn Abraham

Perce&tage -.0:M 9.::M 11.$0M 8$.-2M

b!ective behind as#in& this <uestion 1as to &au&e the consumer a1areness of 5amaha brand "articularly. Consumers identify the brand 1ith the "ersonality endorsin& the brand. Cohn Abraham is an avid bi#er. Also he is the "erfection of ty"ical Indian youth. =e has his o1n cult follo1in& amon&st the youths. 0he "ercenta&e of correct a1areness commensurate 1ith the brand a1areness of the consumers. 8*M of the res"ondents correctly identified Cohn as the brand "ersonality of I5M .td. Most interestin& fact 1as that re&ardless of a&e@ consumers had this a1areness. 0his establishes that consumers follo1 5amaha. 5amaha needs to seriously ada"t itself to the Indian mar#et needs@ to beat its rivals. Serious analysis of all the various as"ects of the business is necessitated

by this findin&. It comes distant , even 1hen ade<uate a1areness levels about the brand "ersist.


Fa$our#te a&+ &o&4*a$our#te co)our #& ge&era)

Fa$our#te Co)or Cream Maroon Metallic ran&e 3rey (ur"le Silver 5ello1 3reen 2hite (in# ;lue 'ed ;lac#

Perce&tage 0.2:M 1.1-M 0.,9M 0.,9M 1.*,M 0.98M 1.*,M 2.-1M $.1:M $.1:M $.*9M 1.1-M 22.-1M *-.:-M

Not Fa$our#te Co)or Maroon Metallic Cream 3rey (ur"le ;ro1n Silver (in# ran&e 2hite 3reen ;lac# ;lue 5ello1 'ed

Perce&tage 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.98M 1.8*M 1.8*M 2.$2M $.1:M ,.90M ,.,1M 8.9$M 9.80M 21.1-M 1$.0*M 19.2-M 1:.81M





0he ob!ective behind this <uestion 1as to as# their favourite and non-favourite colour. 0his 1as done to #no1 if there is a &eneral tendency to choose "articular colourFsG in favourite and non-favourite cate&ory@ by the 1hole sam"le. Also the re"ly to this <uestion 1as to be com"ared 1ith favourite and non-favourite colour of their bi#es. Any relationshi"@ if any@ bet1een the res"onses 1as to be studied. Interestin&ly@ "reference and disli#e 1as concentrated to fe1 colours4 F1G %avourite colour-'ed F 22.-1M G and ;lac#F*-.:-M G F2G Don-favourite 'edF1:.81MG colour-;lac#F21.1-MG ;lueF1$.0*MG 5ello1F19.2-MG

'ed and ;lac# dominated in both favourite and non-favourite cate&ories. May be this is due to the lar&ely reli&ious nature of Indian culture. Indian?s seem to buy "roducts 1ith reli&ious "ers"ective.


Fa$our#te a&+ &o J*a$our#te co)our (otor4c2c)e co)our.

MC Fa$our#te Co)or (in# (ur"le 3reen Metallic 3rey 5ello1 2hite Silver

Perce&tage 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.98M 0.98M 1.8*M 1.8*M 2.:0M $.1:M

MC Not Fa$our#te Co)or Metallic Maroon ;ro1n Cream (ur"le ran&e 3rey Silver

Perce&tage 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.,9M 0.,9M 1.:$M 1.8*M 2.$2M *.0-M

;lue 'ed ;lac#

9.80M 20.00M ,:.*2M

2hite ;lac# 3reen ;lue 5ello1 'ed

8.$,M 9.::M 10.*$M 1$.$$M 2*.0-M 2*.0-M






2hite@ Silver@ ;lue@ 'ed and ;lac# are the main favourite and non-favourite colours on motorcycle. 5ello1 is one of the to" non-favourite colour. Interestin&ly@ the 1hole 1orld of colours seems 1ra""ed to fe1 chosen colours. Also@ the very same very colours 1hich are to" favourite are also to" non-favourite colours. ;lac# is the overall favourite bi#e colour. Also@ the overall "reference for colours in &eneral F<uestion no. 1, / 1-G are nearly similar. 0hus@ motorcycle com"anies should loo# into this s"ecial relationshi" bet1een colours and consumer "references.



Co)our o* 2our pre%e&t (otorc2c)e

Mo+e) Co)or Cream Maroon (ur"le 2hite Metallic 3reen 3rey 5ello1 Silver

Perce&tage 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.,9M 0.98M 1.1-M 1.*,M 1.*,M *.$,M

;lue 'ed ;lac#

9.::M 19.,,M -1.8*M

'ed and ;lac# are the ma!or bi#e-colours 1ith the res"ondents. ;lue comes distant third. Motorcycle-Com"anies should concentrate on these colours and try to brin& as many variants in these colours. 5amaha 1ith its %a+er bi#es has successfully launched bi#es in red@ blac# and red-blac# colour. A"art from red@ blac#@ blue@ silver other colours are ne&li&ent in vehicles. 0his also "rovides o""ortunity for com"anies. 0hey should try and "rovide some ne1 colours to consumers. (ro"er mar#et testin& should be done. 0his may thro1 u" some unex"ected o""ortunities.






7h2 +#+ 2ou choo%e the part#cu)ar co)our #& 2our (otorc2c)e.

'es"ondents 1ere "rovided 1ith 2, attributes in all namely 1G Macho 2G 'ich 8G Safe 9G Shiny $G So"histicated :G S"orty *G 5outh 1*G Smart ,G 0rendy 11G )ecent 1,G ;ri&ht 1-G Stylish -G Ani<ue

10G 'acy Ima&e

12G Eye CatchyL Attractive 1$G (rofessional

18GSuits (ersonality Sober 22G Dever %ade

19G 6ibrant

1:G Maintenance %ree 20G 'eli&ious 21G 2*G (assionate 2,G %un#y

2$G )ustLScratch less visible

2-G others "lease s"ecify4 WWWWWWWWWWWW 0hey 1ere as#ed to o"t for the attributes they thin# is "rovided by the colours they chose. 0he res"onses varied for each colour as-



S!&'0 S6*# 0 Y*+ ! M%5!* D+$ 21#"" U'&7+" D"5"' T#"'30 S*6!&$ &5 S 0(&$! R%50 A #%5 &," R&5! S4%# S+& $ N","#21%3" P#*1"$$&* S%1" P%$$&*'% $*-"# .+'/0 B#&)! ,&-"#%' R"(&)&*+$ M%&' %&'% O !"#$ 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35


S"#&"$2 S"#&"$1




S!&'0 T#"'30 M%5!* Y*+ ! S 0(&$! D"5"' S6*# 0 S4%# P#*1"$$&*'%( B#&)! U'&7+" R"(&)&*+$ S%1" R&5! R%502I4%)" N","#21%3" A #%5 &," ,&-"#%' S+& $ S*6!&$ &5% "3 M%&' %&'%'5" D+$ 21#"" 0 2 4 6 8 10 12





S6*# 0 S 0(&$! S+& $26"#$*'%(& 0 S4%# .+'/0 N","#21%3" S!&'0 U'&7+" Y*+ ! S*6!&$ &5% "3 M%&' %&'%'5"21#"" P#*1"$$&*'%( A #%5 &," D"5"' R%502I4%)" R&5! B#&)! S%1" M%5!* 0 1 2 3 4 5 6






S!&'0 M%&' %&'%'5" S%1" U'&7+" S*6!&$ &5% "3 R&5! D+$ 21#"" ,&-"#%' S+& $26"#$*'%(& 0 S 0(&$! B#&)! S4%# R%502I4%)" S6*# 0 T#"'30 Y*+ ! M%5!* 0 085 1 185 2 285 3





Regar+#&g Motorc2c)e +e%#g& 9hat are the #(porta&t a%pect%.

Regar+#&g MC De%#g& ;ody StyleL )esi&n =i&h Contrast Color Com"onent Color Stic#er )esi&n ;ody Color 'idin& Comfort

Perce&tage 1.8*M 9.*1M 1,.08M 21.1-M *9.::M *.-*M


180 160 140 120 100 NO. OF SAMPLES 80 60 40 20 0

S"#&"$1 S"#&"$2 B*302C*(*#2S &5/"# C*46*'"' H&)! R&3&') D"$&)' C*(*# C*' #%$ C*41*# C*(*# FACTORS B*30 S 0("9 D"$&)'

0o" features o"ted by the res"ondents 1ere;ody colour@ stic#er desi&n and com"onent colour. Sur"risin&ly@ ridin& comfort and body style 1ere lo1er on the count. 0his may be com"rehended as consumers ta#e ridin& comfort and body desi&n as an acce"ted@ irrefutable offerin& and they further as# for these aesthetic features. Also since youth is the ma!or mar#et for motorcycles@ this sho1s the demandin& "references of today?s youn&er &eneration.

0hey need bi#es to flaunt besides servin& the basic bi#in& 1ants. 0hus@ to &ain lar&er share of the mar#et com"anies should focus on these and other innovative aesthetic a""eals in the models. 5amaha has lately offered several such innovations. 0his has resulted in ever &reater mar#et share for 5amaha in the Indian mar#et.


our Drea( Motorc2c)e

Mo+e) 0hunderbird %T-1Machismo A"ache '0' ;ullet (ulsar190 'E100 C;' C;T Etreme )ucati 'oyal Enfield Classic %a+er ;ullet ,00 =arley )avidson (ulsar220 '1 Aven&er Kari+ma Kari+ma TM' Ka1asa#i Din!a '1,

perce&tage 0.98M 1.1-M 1.1-M 1.*,M 1.8*M 2.0$M 2.0$M 2.$2M 2.$2M 2.:0M $.*9M $.88M *.:$M *.0-M ,.90M *.$,M ,.22M -.-8M 8.,*M 9.*1M :.,8M

(o+e) Achiever A"rilia Caliber )iscover 1$, 3s1,0' Intruder K0M::0 M001 (assion (ulsar1$, (ulsar200 ''a!doot S"lendor ;ullet $,0 )iscover 100 3lamour S"lendor "lus =un# (ulsar1,0 =ayabusa

perce&tage 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.2:M 0.,9M 0.,9M 0.,9M 0.,9M 0.98M 0.98M 10.1*M

0he ob!ective behind as#in& this <uestion 1as to #no1 the as"irations of consumers. )ifferent se&ments have different as"irations. 0here 1as "reference for "o1erful bi#es as 1ell as economical bi#es. 0his can be inter"reted as Bneeds

and as"irations evolve 1ith a&e. Also@ financial stability alon& 1ith "ersonality ty"e is also an im"ortant consideration. 5amaha has seven bi#es in the treasured cate&ory. 0his sho1s that 5amaha has an avid follo1in& amon&st the consumers.


Top three cha&&e)% 2ou 9atch (o%t

1%t Pr#or#t2 0en s"orts 6 ;indaas =; Star ne1s Star S"orts Colors ES(D Tee 0v Sony Star (lus )iscovery Aa!ta# Mtv D)06 19 12 19 $$ $0 19 *2 *, 21 *, 82 9* :0 :: 10,

"&+ Pr#or#t2 1* 20 19 12 1* 22 21* ,* *9 $9 29 ****

'r+ Pr#or#t2 10 1$ 11 9 12 10 20 1: 12 1$ 19 20 1* 19

9e#ghte+ :2 9: 101 12: 12110 199 19$ 1:0 2*$ $0, $2$92 *0$ *21

9e#ghte+B*#r%t pr#or#t2C'D%eco&+ pr#or#t2C"Dth#r+ pr#or#t2

7e#ghte+B-F#r%t pr#or#t2.C' D -Seco&+ pr#or#t2.C"D -Th#r+ pr#or#t2.

b!ective behind this <uestion 1as to #no1 the channels 1hich 1ill &ain maximum eyeballs to 06C%. M.0v to""ed the list for entertainmentF son& channelsG D) 0v is the number one vie1ed channel It far outstri"s other ne1s channels. )iscovery channel is the favourite of all a&e &rou"s. 0hus it can be a very &ood source of brand "romotion. ES(D to"s the s"orts channels. )urin&

s"ecial s"ortin& festivals li#e 020@ com"anies should "rovide 06C% round the year on ES(D. Idiot box is the favourite source of "ast time for ma!ority of Indians. 0hus this medium should be considered for maximum brand a1areness. Also this can be a very &ood medium to influence "arents as youth ma!orly de"end u"on their family for their o1n motorcycles. If cleverly "ursued@ this can be a ma!or influence on elders re&ardin& safety of bi#es li#e on mothers 1hile they are 1atchin& their favourite soa"s.


F1G 5amaha is the most favourite brand amon&st youths in the Indian mar#et. F2G 5amaha is re&arded as the ori&inal ma#ers of racin& bi#es by the res"ondents. F$G 5amaha is the third most "referred brand after =ero =onda Motorcycles .td. And ;a!a! Auto .td.

F*G 5outh FStudentsG are the ma!or mar#et for motorcycles in India. F,G %amilyLfriends@ 06C% and ne1s"a"ers are the ma!or source of a1areness for motorcycle brand a1areness. F-G Ma!or influencin& factors in the "urchase of bi#es are-familyL friends@ "ersonal ex"erience and &irl friend. F8G '1,@ %a+er@ %T-S from 5amaha are amon&st the to" ten favourite bi#es in the surveyed &rou". F9G =ero =onda and ;a!a! are considered as brands 1ith most consumer favourable attributes. 0hey are also the brands most li#ely to be "referred and recommended. F:G 5amaha is 1ay ahead in overall consumer favourable res"onse com"ared to 06S@ Su+u#i@ =MSI. F10G Ma!ority of the Consumers "refer red and blac# colour in &eneral and also in their bi#es. F11G 5amaha has maximum number of models in the dream bi#es cate&ory. F12G (ulsar variants from the ;a!a! stable is the most favourite model from any com"any.


;ased on research@ follo1in& recommendations are made to 5amaha F1G 5amaha should ex"and its %T series. It should "romote ne1er models. 5amaha is seen as the bi#e of youth. Also 5amaha is ori&inally considered as the racin& bi#e manufacturer. F2G 5amaha should s"onsor youth festivals. It should consider every contact "oints that can be made 1ith the youth. F$G 5amaha should also introduce bi#es in the economical ran&e. (oor milea&e is seen as the ma!or dra1bac# associated 1ith the 5amaha bi#es. F*G 5amaha should actively consider brand "romotions. 5amaha lac#s as far as brand "romotion is considered com"ared to other brands. F,G 5amaha has much favourable "osition in the minds of consumers as com"ared to 06S@ Su+u#i and =MSI. 5et it comes distant fifth in the Indian motorcycle mar#et. It sho1s lac# of consumer?s confidence. )irected "romotions to1ards this concern should be vi&orously held on the national scale. F-G Com"any should focus on after-sales service. (roficient service 1ill "rovide 5amaha a leadin& ed&e. F8G 5amaha should consider and "ro!ect itself as a service oriented or&anisation. 0oday consumers demand effective and "rom"t continuous service. 5amaha should meet and exceed this 1ant of consumers.

REFERENCE!a! 111.icra.inLfilesL()%LS"ecialCommentsL2010-%ebruary-t1o-2heeler."df htt"4LL111." 0he Economic 0imes

Statistics for Mana&ers by Levine,Stephan,Krehbiel,Berenson Mar#etin& Mana&ement by Kotler,Keller,Koshy,Jha Strate&ic Mar#etin& by Anderson,vincze

Chapter E



P)ace 4XXXXXXXX Mo+e) &a(e 4 XXXXX



$. 2hat is your occu"ationY


2G ffice Em"loyee

$G %actory Em"loyee *G Sho" 1ner 9G others4

,G ;usiness (erson -G (rofessionals F)r.@ .a1yer...G 8G %armer

*. 2hich motorcycle attracts you a lotY WWWWWWWWWWWWWWW



,. 2hich com"any the follo1in& motorcycle brand belon&s Y ;a!a! 5amah a =ero =onda 06S =MSI Su+u# i thers

A"ache '0' (ulsar1$, Kari+ma TM'

;a!a! %a+er 3S1,0' C;% stunner

5amah a

=ero =onda



Su+u# i


-. 2hich brand you li#e the mostY 1.G ;a!a! 2.G5amaha $G =ero =onda *.G=onda ,.G 06S -.G Su+u#i

8. (lease s"ecify your source of a1areness for motorcycles4 1.G 06C% 2.G De1s"a"er -.G Internet $G Ma&a+ine *.G Sho1room ,.G %amilyL %riends

8.G =oardin&s9.G 'oad Sho1

:.G thers@ "l+ s"ecifyXX..

9. 2hatL2ho influenced you more for "urchasin& a motorcycleY 1G %riendsL %amily Ex"erience 2.G 3irl %riend $.G =oardin&s *.G Sho1 off ,.G (ersonal -.G Information from )ealer L motorcycle sho" 8.G 0est )rive 9.G'esale

value :G thers@ "l+ s"ecify

:. 2hich com"any you associate 1ith racin&Y 1. ;a!a! 2. 5amaha $. =ero =onda *. 06S ,. =onda -.Su+u#i

10. 2hich com"any you stron&ly associate 1ith youthY 1. ;a!a! 2. 5amaha $. =ero =onda *. 06S ,. =onda -.Su+u#i

11. 2hich of the 1ordsLstatements you thin# best describes the follo1in& com"aniesY

=ero =onda 0raditional Advanced 0echnolo&y


5amaha 06S

=MSIF=ondaG Su+u#i

'eliableL 0rust1orthy =i&h (erformance StylishL S"orty 0rend setter Innovative 3ood Milea&e =ero =onda (assionate Affordable (rice ;a!a! 5amaha 06S =MSIF=ondaG Su+u#i

12. 5ou 1ould li#e to be in 1hich cate&ory for the follo1in& Motorcycle ;rand4 ;a!a! F1G'ecommenders 2.G (referrers 5amaha =ero =onda 06S Su+u#i =MSI F=ondaG

1$. 2hich ;rand you 1ill never buyY 1. ;a!a! 2. 5amaha $. =ero =onda *. 06S ,. =MSI -.Su+u#i

1*.a. 'eason for re!ectin& this "articular brand. XXXXXXXXX

1,. 2ho is the brand ambassador of 5amahaY 1. M.S. )honi 2. =rithi# 'oshan $. Cohn Abraham *. 5uvra! Sin&h

1-. (lease 1rite the color name of your favorite / not favorite. %avorite Color WWWWWWWWWWWWW Dot %avorite Color WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

18. (lease 1rite the Motorcycle color name of your favorite / not favorite. %avorite Color WWWWWWWWWWWWW Dot %avorite Color WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

19. (lease 1rite the color of your current motorcycle. (resentWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW a. 2hat did you choose the above colorY FChoose from the belo1 listed Key1ords / "ut on the box accordin& to your "riorityG 1G Macho 2G 'ich 8G Safe 9G Shiny $G So"histicated :G S"orty *G 5outh 1*G Smart ,G 0rendy 11G )ecent 1,G ;ri&ht 1-G Stylish -G Ani<ue

10G 'acy Ima&e

12G Eye CatchyL Attractive 1$G (rofessional 18GSuits (ersonality Sober 22G Dever %ade 2$G )ustLScratch less visible 19G 6ibrant

1:G Maintenance %ree 20G 'eli&ious 21G 2*G (assionate 2,G %un#y

2-G others "lease s"ecify4 WWWWWWWWWWWW

1:. 'e&ardin& Motorcycle )esi&n@ 1hat is an im"ortant as"ect for youY FWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWG

1G ;ody color

2G Stic#er )esi&n $G Com"onent Color *G =i&h Contrast Color

,G ther (lease S"ecify4WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

20. 2hat is your dream motorcycleY Model Dame - XXXXXXX.

21. 0o" $ channels you 1atch most.. 1XXXXX.. 2XXXXXX. $XXXXXX.