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is soliciting proposals from highly creative and qualified professional planning and design consultants for the development of specific community driven and market responsive Design Standards, Form Based Codes, or Village District Regulations (hereinafter defined as Design Regulations) for State Route 44 (Albany Turnpike) and Collinsville. The selected consultant(s) will work under the direction of the Director of Planning and Community Development and will be expected to demonstrate professional experience in architecture, site design, landscape architecture, engineering, economic market analysis, facilitating public input and involvement, consensus building, regulation drafting, and presentation of community planning, market data and analysis to Town officials and the general public. Scope of Services The anticipated initial Scope of Services is generally described below however respondent proposals will be evaluated to determine the best possible work program that will result in Design Regulations that meet the needs of the Town. The Town has wealth of historical, architectural, cultural, and natural resources that appeal to businesses and residents. In an effort to guide future development in a manner that is acceptable to the community and reasonable within in the market, the Town proposes to develop comprehensive Design Regulations for up to 4 sections of the State Route 44 (Albany Turnpike) corridor and the historic neighborhood of Collinsville. It is expected such Design Regulations will be developed with consideration of the following: Process: 1. A preliminary assessment of sites within the study areas including but not limited to: site conditions; development constraints; area/neighborhood concerns; character concerns; traffic; utilities; stormwater; and natural resources, among others 2. A comprehensive marketing assessment providing an understanding of real market demands and realistic development potential 3. Research of the Towns historic architecture and design traditions 4. An analysis of existing Design Review Guidelines, Zoning Regulations, Guidelines for Construction and Alterations in the Collinsville Historic District, and the current and pending Plan(s) of Conservation and Development. 5. An intensive public engagement process (encompassing approximately 4 days) including:

a. Stakeholder interviews b. Public outreach, marketing, and facilitation c. Public engagement sessions deriving an assessment of community concerns, and desires to formulate an understanding of what the community is willing to accept, or not accept (public assessment) d. Public input and design workshops utilizing the public assessment, market assessment and site assessments (assessments) to derive consensus e. The development of mapping, graphics, renderings, and associated data through planning and design exercises at public workshops, to illustrate existing conditions, proposed conditions, and design related recommendations. 6. The drafting of Design Regulations using information gathered through the assessments, taking into consideration community priorities such as: a. Increasing the tax base b. Increasing the workforce c. Diversifying the local economy d. Enhancing quality of life e. Preserving and enhancing community character f. Building and sustaining economic vitality g. Capitalizing on community assets and respecting the unique and varying character of the town h. Providing safe and pleasant environments for residents and visitors to shop, obtain services, and live i. Respecting the authenticity of historical design components of the Town through future design projects j. Providing a sense of community and source of pride for Canton residents Product/ Deliverable: 7. The resultant product should be a comprehensive Design Regulation submitted in a format that is able to be readily integrated into Town Zoning 8. The Design Regulations will cover: a. Types of land use b. Density of infill c. Site planning principles d. Site design standards e. Standards for architectural and aesthetic treatments f. Transportation options, including incentives to decrease reliance on the automobile g. Realistic parking needs h. Stormwater management solutions (based on densities) i. Conservation and enhancement of natural resources j. Responsible expansion of the Towns tax base

9. The Design Regulations will be consistent with the Plan of Conservation and Development. 10. The Design Regulations will: a. Be user friendly and will include design objectives, detailed standards, diagrams, photographs and other information necessary to clearly illustrate appropriate design principles for buildings, storefronts, streetscapes, structures, landscapes, and other pertinent site design information b. Be predictable, and economically realistic c. Be presented in a manner in which compliance with such regulations can be readily determined and measured d. Be specific and understandable and will provide criteria for use by residents, business owners, property owners, developers and staff e. Promote and result in high quality, architecturally appropriate development that reflects the character interests of the Town f. Be capable of being applied and utilized administratively by Town staff g. Incorporate mapping, graphics and associated data to illustrate existing conditions, proposed conditions, and design related recommendations. Such mapping/ graphics shall be provided in paper plots and electronic format (including data) that can be utilized by the Towns Geographic Information System 11. Applicable portions of the Design Regulations must meet the requirements of the State funded Incentive Housing Zone program and be found acceptable by the State Office of Policy and Management 12. A complete Market Assessment 13. Background analysis and raw data must be provided 14. Attendance sheets for all public meetings including names and addresses of participants must be submitted separately 15. Copies of the Design Regulations will be provided by the selected consultant (9 bound paper copies, and an electronic copy capable of being edited in MS Word 2007) 16. Design specificity, clarity, internal consistency, ease of use, and administrative function are top priorities The Town of Canton reserves the right to modify or expand the Scope of Services in a manner that best services the interest of the Town. Respondents may also separately offer alternate proposals or additional services. Submission of Statement of Qualifications Interested consultants who wish to be considered for this work shall provide eight (8) sets of the following information to Neil Pade, Town Planner. The information shall be delivered to the Town of Canton CT Land Use Office at 4 Market Street, P.O. Box 168, Collinsville, CT 06022-0168, no later than 12 pm local time on December 6, 2013. A digital/ electronic version of the proposal response on CD, flash drive or other comparable form shall accompany the submission. The submission shall also include:

1. Letter of Introduction 2. Firm's Information Package 3. An outline and description of the firm's understanding of the Project and proposed approach necessary to meet requirements of the Scope of Services 4. Detailed fee proposals identified by task as presented in the Scope of Services, including a total cost and schedule for completing the initial Scope of Services 5. Resumes of personnel who will work on the Project 6. Recommendations for the management of the Project 7. Qualifications for, and experience with conducting public workshops, soliciting public opinion, analyzing data and drafting legally defensible Zoning and Design Regulations 8. Methods for solicitation and analysis of public input 9. Methods for collection and analysis of market data 10. Demonstration of the teams ability to efficiently represent the effect/ build out of Design Regulations graphically 11. At least four references for on-going and recently completed similar municipal planning projects (including contact person and phone number) 12. Detailed and specific examples of similar work products and areas that have been studied that have resulted in Design Regulations, and where available, examples of the resultant physical development 13. Certificate of liability insurance 14. Any additional information that will assist in evaluating the qualifications of the consultant Additional Responses Interested consultants may submit responses for portions of this request for proposals or alternate proposals. Separate fees shall be provided for alternate proposals and any scope of work not included as part of this request. Alternate proposals must provide a clear description of tasks to be completed, a detailed approach in how such tasks will be completed, in addition to proposed deliverables. Schedule It is expected that the process to develop Design Regulations will consider the following schedule. December 6, 2013 December 2013 January 2014 January 2014 February 2014 April May 2014 May August 2014 August November 2014 Submission Deadline for Responses Respondents Interviewed and Rated Consultant Selection and Budget Determination Town Meeting to Approve Funding Market Analysis/ Public Participation Process Draft Design Regulations Proposed Design Regulations Submitted to Planning and Zoning Commission

Additional Requirements Respondents with questions regarding the submission requirements may contact the following purchasing agent via email only (telephone inquiries related to proposal requirements shall not receive a response): Neil S. Pade AICP, Director, Planning and Community Development Town of Canton An electronic copy of this request for proposal, along with any changes, will be posted on the Town web page ( It is the respondents obligation to visit the web page frequently for any addendums. Selection of Consultant(s) The Chief Administrative Officer shall designate a selection committee. The selection committee shall evaluate the responses, and if desired, create a short list for the purpose of conducting interviews. The selection committee shall recommend the retention of a consultant(s) to the Chief Administrative Officer, who shall select the consultant(s) based upon Town administrative policy and procurement procedures. All submissions shall be final and binding on the respondent for acceptance by the Town for 120 days from the proposal closing date and time. A respondent filing a Statement of Qualifications thereby certifies that no officer, agent or employee of the Town who has a pecuniary interest in this request for proposal neither has nor shall participate in the contract negotiations on the part of the Town, that the proposal is made in good faith without fraud, collusion or connection of any kind with any other respondent of the same call for proposals, and that the respondent is competing solely in its own behalf without connection with or obligation to, any undisclosed person or firm. Respondents must fully disclose, in writing to the Town on or before the closing date of this request for proposals, the circumstances of any possible conflict of interest or what could be perceived as a possible conflict of interest if the respondent were to become a contracting party pursuant to this request for proposals. The Town shall review any submissions by respondents under this provision and may reject any proposals where, in the opinion of the Town, the respondent could be in a conflict of interest or could be perceived to be in a possible conflict of interest position if the respondent were to become a contracting party pursuant to this request for proposals. Respondents shall make all investigations necessary to inform it regarding the service(s) to be performed under this request for proposal.

Any act or acts of misrepresentation or collusion shall be a basis for disqualification of any proposal or proposals submitted by such person guilty of said misrepresentation or collusion. In the event that the Town enters into a contract with any respondent who is guilty of misrepresentation or collusion and such conduct is discovered after the execution of said contract, the Town may cancel said contract without incurring liability, penalty, or damages. Minority and Woman Business Enterprises are encouraged to consider submitting qualifications for consideration. The Town is an Affirmative Action - Equal Opportunity Employer. The Town is issuing this request for proposals for the purpose of determining the benefits of retaining consultants to provide the services described in this Scope of Services and reserves the right to reject any or all responses and to amend this Scope of Services in the process of selecting a Consultant. The Town reserves the right to enter into a contracted service agreement with more than one consultant, to divide up services, and to include or not include portions thereof, within any such service agreement as may be required to meet the specialized needs of the Town. Upon the execution of a contracted service agreement, the Town may take the proposed scope of work and responses (work program) to the legislative body for review and approval of funding. The selected consultant, at no cost to the Town, shall be responsible for attending any and all meetings, public or internal to secure funding for the contracted work program. The contract service agreement will be contingent upon municipal approval of funding. The applicant is responsible for monitoring the Town website for any possible amendments to this request. The Town reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals in whole or in part that it deems to be in the best interest of the Town. The individual or firm selected will be required to abide by the Town Municipal Code of Ethics. Dated at Canton, CT this 15th day of October 2013 Robert Skinner Chief Administrative Officer