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Sample Letter of Interest for Promotion

Gambit Magazine 222 St. Charles St. New Orleans, LA 70115 Erin Brown 890 Prytania St. New Orleans, LA 70114 Dear Mr. Fletcher, Im writing to express my interest in the newly available assistant editor-in-chief position. Ive been sucessfully editing Gambit articles and ads for the past eight years, and I have consistently met my production deadlines. Im interested in taking on more of a leadership role with the magazine and believe that my editing experience will help me excel in the assistant position. I feel that I will not only be of great use to the editor-in-chief, but also be a very successful leader to my coworkers. I am confident that I would be a reliable and knowledgeable mentor for experienced employees and new hires alike. I would look forward to editing the magazines feature stories and larger ads, helping to format the magazines layout, and training new editors. This position requires someone who has extraordinary time management skills, and I believe I have proven that I do, especially since taking on some of the responsibilities that the previous assistant editor handled. I plan to use those skills to continue to meet my deadlines while devoting time to working with new editors. I feel that I would be perfect for this position because I am already very familiar with the editorial process and have received high praise as one of the more senior staff members at Gambit. I love my city, and Im very dedicated to this magazine. Ive very much enjoyed developing my editing skills with Gambit and wish to continue to grow with the company as an assistant editorin-chief in the years to come. Sincerely, Erin Brown Company title Street address

City, state and zip code Your name Street name and number City, state and zip code Dear (Managers Name), Here you will express your interest in the newly opened (position name). List the qualifications you have that pertain to this job, why youre interested, and how you and the company could both benefit from this promotion. Here you will describe how you see yourself in this new position. Think about your daily duties, how you would relate to possible new coworkers, and how you would handle new responsibilities. This is a good place to recognize that the new position would hold new challenges and obstacles. You can discuss your qualifications and the strategies you would use to handle these obstacles. Also discuss why you are a better candidate than other people who might apply for the position. Lastly, list your contributions to the company and any achievements or recognition youve received. Discuss your dedication to your current position and to the company. Explain that you wish to grow with the company over the years. Sign off (something like Best or Sincerely), Print your name
Name of Institution Address of Institution Date TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Please send a copy of my transcript to: Apprenticeship Office New England Carpenters Training Fund 13 Holman Rd Millbury, MA 01527

Fax: (978) 658-3879 My student information is as follows: Name/Former Name: _________________________________________ Years of Attendance: _________________________________________ Date of Graduation: _________________________________________ Student ID Number (if available): _________________________________________ Date of Birth: _________________________________________ Sincere thanks, Your Name Your Address Your Phone Number Your E-mail