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Automatic Multiple Pig Launching System

AMPL is an Automatic Multiple Pig Launching System that allows a series of pigs to be launched into a pipeline from a pig launcher at operator controlled intervals, while minimizing the number of times a pig trap door has to be opened to access a pipeline for pigging. This process enables AMPL to provide significant cost savings for pipeline pigging operations, as well as providing health, safety and environmental benefits.

Where Is AMPL Used?

Typically the AMPL automatic multiple pig launching system is ideal for use on

Unmanned platforms Isolated pig launching sites Subsea pigging sites Regularly pigged pipelines Existing pig launchers

What Are The Benefits Of Using AMPL?

Minimum access to the pipeline is required to launch a series of pigs Less manpower is required for pigging operations AM L significantly reduces the cost of pigging AM L is suitable for most pipeline pigging requirements AM L pigs can be launched remotely AM L greatly reduces the potential for accidents for personnel operating the pig trap ig trap modifications are not normally required to use AM L !o external power is required to launch the AM L pigs AM L pro"ides health# safety and en"ironmental benefits

Operation Of AMPL
AMPL pigs are loaded into a cassette which is inserted into the pig launcher. The number of AMPL pigs that can be inserted is determined by the length of the barrel on the launcher. The closure door is shut. This is where the true benefits of the AMPL system are clear as the closure door will not need to be opened again until all the pigs in the cassette have been sent through the pipeline. The pigs in the cassette are interloc!ed. As with normal pigging operations, product is diverted through the launcher which bypasses the pigs until it reaches the lead pig. This pig is set to prevent product bypass and is not interloc!ed to the other pigs. This therefore allows the first pig to be launched into the pipeline. "ith a pre#determined pressure drop in the pig launcher a trigger on the ne$t pig is armed which prevents product bypassing this pig which is now ready to launch. This process allows the full series of pigs to be launched without needing to access the pipeline for each launch.

Industry Support

Pipeline %ngineering developed the AMPL multiple pig launching system after e$tensive research, development and testing. This process was supported by several leading &il ' (as )ompanies who recognized the substantial benefits and cost savings the AMPL system offers. *sing the AMPL automatic multiple pig launching system improves the efficiency of pigging operations as well as being safer for personnel and the environment. +f you would li!e additional information, please clic! on any literature lin! below or )ontact *sdirectly so that we may provide you with detailed specifications.