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Getting To Know Anxiety

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A Short Forward
Alone. Confused. Scared. That's how I USE to feel. Until I discovered what it was that ade e feel this way. I could have all the !eo!le around e in the world" and still I would feel all by yself. The only one on the !lanet that was having such difficult !roble s that were beginning to anifest the selves outward and affecting y ability to #I$E #I%E. At first" I thought either I was co !letely I&SA&E" or that I ust have an isolated case of so e weird disease" that" of course" I could &E$E' reveal to another living soul. (therwise I'd end u! #(C)E* U+ in a ental health facility, I had &( C#UE what was ha!!ening to e. (' that other !eo!le were also suffering -ust as I was. These un!rovo.ed 'attac.s' would -ust s!ur u! fro out of nowhere. (r so I believed at the ti e. /hile I was" driving" eating" or doing any array of everyday tas.s. /01 was this ha!!ening to e2 /0AT was ha!!ening to e2 And" would it E$E' ST(+22 I didn't have anyone to s!ea. with about this !roble " because I didn't )&(/ what it was. Today" I' a $E'1 different !erson. I )&(/ what it is I a battling with on a daily basis. I )&(/ I' not the only one who struggles with it. I )&(/ that this will be a condition I will ost li.ely have for the 'EST (% 31 #I%E. And I' ()A1 with that. Because I )&(/ that I suffer fro An4iety *isorder. 0o!efully by sharing the infor ation I have found will hel! you in even the tiniest easure to get control bac. of your life and live with An4iety and +anic *isorder.

1our heart starts to !ound. . .1ou begin to feel di55y or faint. . .1ou e4!erience shortness of breath. . .1ou feel tingling or nu bness in your hands and feet. . .1ou start to feel !ressure in your chest. . .1ou thin. you ay be dying or at the least having a heart attac.. . .1ou thin. you ay be going cra5y. . .But you're &(T, These are the classic sy !to s of an An4iety Attac.. 3illions of !eo!le scattered about the United States" not to ention other countries across the world" have the every single day. 1ou ay be one of the . (r you ay .now so eone that is battling with this affliction. Either way" you need to .now how to hel! yourself" or so eone you care about deal with An4iety. And the best way to do this is through understanding what An4iety is and offering the " or getting" the su!!ort they des!erately need. 3y ho!e is that as a long ti e sufferer of An4iety and *e!ression" you can hel! yourself" or a loved one" not feel as if they are alone in this horrific disorder by reading through this guide. That there are other !eo!le out there that are suffering -ust as you ay be right now at this very o ent. And that you CA& get hel! and overco e this affliction. 1ou CA& learn to #I$E /IT0 IT and ST(+ letting IT control 1(U.

Who Suffers From Anxiety?

+eo!le who you would never sus!ect in a illion years, In fact" An4iety is such a wides!read disorder that virtually ANYONE can suffer fro it. 1our uncle Buddy" your 6rand a 7ean" your sister Annie" your neighbor 7oe" your best friend +atti" or your brother 6eorge. But" because An4iety is one of those 'swee! it under the car!et'" 8e barrass ent9ty!e9I9 thin.9I9 ight9be9going9cra5y: disorders" !eo!le don't li.e to tal. about it. (r ad it they are long ti e sufferers. Es!ecially if you are so eone always in the !ublic eye" such as )i Basinger. )i had a long" difficult struggle with An4iety disorder" and .e!t it a secret for ;uite a good !ortion of her life. 1ou would never guess it to see her u! on the 'silver screen' though would you2 But she in fact has s!o.en out !ublicly about her battle with An4iety in the ho!es that this ay raise awareness of this dreaded disorder. And it has. She is one brave soul to e4!ose a huge !ortion of her !rivate life li.e this. )udos to you )i , #et us not forget also that An4iety is believed to be an inherited disorder" although your o or !o! ay not show the outward sy !to s of it. 'e e ber" this is an e barrass ent disorder" or one that the sufferer believe they are" or are going" cra5y. 0owever" not every !erson who has e4!erienced an An4iety attac. will develo! a full blown disorder" but don't discount the fact that !otentially they C(U#*. 0ere's an interesting statistical fact for you. According to &I30<&ational Institute of 3ental 0ealth= a!!ro4i ately >.? 3I##I(& adult A ericans suffer fro so e for of An4iety or +anic *isorder. That's about ?@ 3illion, And" it is twice as co on in wo en as it is in en. 0 . . .3aybe this could be a contributing factor in why wo en worry so uch about things2 A9= Coincidentally" the a-or reason for !eo!le not .nowing what is ha!!ening to the " or that they are suffering fro An4iety or +anic *isorder C(U#* be attributed to the fact that any cases re!orted began in adolescence. Therefore" a child ay not be as affluent in describing what they are e4!eriencing co !ared to the ability of that of an adult. The .ey here is to LISTEN TO YOUR CHILDREN 1ou would &(T want the endure a childhood full of suffering and not even .now the reason for it. to

Another interesting fact to be aware of is that An4iety attac.s don't only ha!!en when a !erson is awa.e, They can" and often do" ha!!en while slee!ing. 0ow scary do you thin. that ay be to wa.e u! to2 Indescribable would be !utting it 3I#*#1.

What Is Anxiety?
I agine being stood in front of a high s!eed loco otive and you are fro5en solid to the s!ot. Unable to ove" .nowing what is about to ha!!en" and can do &(T0I&6 to hel! yourself esca!e. &ow i agine being !lunged into this scenario several ti es A *A1. This is what it feels li.e for an An4iety *isorder sufferer. (r as close as it can be described. The only difference is" there is no s!eeding train barreling towards you. It's unseen. And co es fro out of no where. /ithout warning. Cri!!ling you in utter fear. Sound intense2 It IS. The 'official' 'unofficial' descri!tion of An4iety is a disorder in which the individual afflicted feels an intense" irrational fear and an i !ending sense of doo or dread. /hat this eans is that" in 'lay an's ter s'" if you suffer fro An4iety *isorder" or any for of it" that you will be confronted with !araly5ing fear for no a!!arent reason that will a.e you feel as if there is no !ossible way out of it. And you can e4!erience this un!rovo.ed fear at any ti e within the course of a day. In addition to suffering fro An4iety *isorder" an individual ay also have other co on disorders that go hand9in9hand with it such as *e!ression" (bsessive9 Co !ulsive *isorder" Agora!hobia" or any other nu ber of +hobias that a.e it all the ore i !ortant to see. treat ent for.


auses Anxiety?

Short and sweet2 Everything and &(T0I&6, 'eread the definition of it above. &ow the !icture should beco e a bit ore clear. In ost docu ented cases of An4iety attac.s" the !atient rarely re!orts any event that would have triggered the onset of the attac. itself. &ow" with that said" let e also e4!lain that when an An4iety sufferer returns bac. to a situation or setting where a !revious attac. ha!!ened" this could trigger another attac." -ust because they'll be re inded of how terrifying that first attac. was" and unconsciously be about it successfully triggering yet another attac., It's a vicious cycle of fear. And the greatest fear of an An4iety attac.Bdisorder sufferer2 To have A&(T0E' ATTAC), 0o!efully this is beginning to a.e a little ore sense to you now. (f course the attac. hasn't .illed the " and ost li.ely won't" but it can sure feel li.e you're dying at the o ent when an attac. is occurring though. So" the greatest deter iner of having an An4iety attac. is also your greatest treasure" your 3I&*. Even though you can tell so eone that is having an An4iety attac. that CIt's All In 1our 3indC" this usually co es out leaving the feel you are trying to be condescending to their !light. &ot a nice feeling I' sure you'll agree. Even though you don't ean it in that way" this is ost li.ely the way it is received. To be ore 'clinical' about An4iety" it is" in fact" 'all in your ind'. Because the B'AI& is where all your An4iety ste s fro . 3any studies have focused ainly on two s!ecific !ortions of the brain that are res!onsible for inducing feelings of fear and an4iety. It is si !ly an unannounced trigger that sets off one's 8fight or flight: defense echanis " .ic.s in the adrenaline" and BA3, A full blown An4iety attac. is on it's way forward. 3any ti es" An4iety is brought about due to increased stress fro daily life. Bills !iling u!" children see ingly out of control" !ressure fro wor." fa ily" and other events can trigger this disorder bringing it to the surface of an otherwise 8dor ant: carrier of the genetic traits !assed on by their !arents.

What Are The Different Ty!es "f Anxiety?

An!iet"#$%nic Disorder This is the for of the disorder that brings on sudden attac.s that !araly5e you with fear for no a!!arent reason. (f course there are absolutely underlying factors that cause these attac.s" however" the sufferer rarely .nows what those are" unless they see. !rofessional hel! fro a fa ily !hysician or a clinical s!ecialist who are e;ui! to deal with this ty!e of disorder. 3ost co on sy !to s" or the sy !to s of the attac.s would be di55iness" feeling faint" increased breathing" !ounding heart" tingling or nu bing sensations in the hands and feet" fear of i !ending doo " a disconnection with reality" or a total lac. or loss of control. +eo!le that suffer fro this disorder ay honestly feel as if they are dying" having a heart attac." or losing their inds. These attac.s can occur at any ti e" and even while the sufferer is aslee!. An4ietyB+anic *isorder is often connected with other serious disorders such as de!ression. *ue to the fact that the attac.s associated with this disorder are such terrifying events" the sufferer ay a.e several tri!s to the local e ergency roo not really .nowing the true cause as it ay be difficult to get a correct diagnosis at first. This disorder can be very debilitating to the sufferer and can e4tre ely hinder their daily activities. If a sufferer e4!eriences an attac. while driving" they will avoid driving to avoid having another attac.. This can be true of any ty!e of daily activity such as grocery sho!!ing" doing dishes" watching television" etc. 0owever" this for of disorder is the ost treatable of all the An4iety *isorders" and so an individual e4!eriencing" or believe they are e4!eriencing sy !to s of this disorder should see. hel! and effective treat ent through their chosen health care !rofessional. Soci%l An!iet" Disorder This ty!e of disorder ore co only when a sufferer is !laced within a social setting. It is also referred to as Social +hobia and can be a very trau atic and debilitating disorder it near i !ossible for one afflicted with it to be co fortable at any social gathering. This includes everyday functions such as attending class" going out to dinner at a restaurant" or even going to wor..

The !erson suffering fro this disorder has strong self9conscious issues and ay often ti es feel as if they are not welco e" or really a !art of the social setting. They feel as if they are constantly being -udged or watched by others for no a!!arent reason other than those things they the selves feel self9conscious about. The social settings can be those that occur on a daily basis" or those that are rare occurrences" such as a !arty" !ublic s! events" etc. (ften ti es" the sufferer will e4!erience any of the following sy !to s when !laced in social gatherings: !rofuse sweating" tre bling or" feeling sic. to their sto achs" inability to s!ea." or blushing. A !erson suffering fro this ty!e of disorder can beco e so u!set by an u!co ing social event that it will !lague the for wee.s in advance the into an an4ious fren5y by the ti e the event finally co es around. In an atte !t to 'self9 edicate'" a !erson e4!eriencing this disorder will often ti es turn to alcohol or 'street' drugs to co!e which leads to ore disorders s!ringing u!. This disorder usually ha!!ens so eti e during early childhood or adolescence and continues on throughout adulthood. Treat ent for this disorder can be acco !lished through careful and consistent counseling and edication. &ener%l An!iet" Disorder This disorder is a heightened sense of an4iety or worry e4!erienced on a daily basis. It is a chronic disorder that is continuous throughout the sufferers day. They e4!erience difficulty concentrating or constant" e4cessive worry about every day concerns with an inability to control those overwhel ing feelings of worry. Sy !to s can also include increased nervousness" irritability" fatigue or restlessness. /hile not as e4tre e a condition such as An4ietyB+anic *isorder" it is still a serious illness that re;uires !rofessional treat ent fro a ;ualified health care !rovider or counselor.


an #ou Do To $attle $ac%?

%irst and fore ost" you 3UST reali5e this An4iety attac. for what it is when you are having one. Understand that you A'E 0A$I&6 A& A&DIET1 ATTAC)" and that it won't last forever. 3ost attac.s only last anywhere fro a few inutes u! to no longer than a half an hour. 6ive or ta.e. Even though it ay be difficult" try to lay down and 'E#AD. If you can't lay down" sit still" close your eyes and focus on slow" even" breathing. This will hel! ease the sy !to s so ewhat. &ot co !letely ind you" but enough that you can a.e it through. The 'EA# tric. in battling An4iety is to redirect your train of thought. )ee! yourself as busy as you can and let the thoughts of fear of an onco ing attac. elt away. They will. And the ore you !ractice this reversal of thought" the better you will get at it and be able to anage your An4iety attac. better the ne4t ti e you feel one co ing on. If it beco es too uch to anage on your own" see. edical assistance ; *on't feel stu!id for having to call an e ergency s;uad. That's their -ob, These courageous fol.s get calls li.e this A## T0E TI3E" so you shouldn't feel the least bit of e barrass ent or guilt in needing their aid.

What an #ou Do To Su!!ort Someone Suffering From An Anxiety Disorder?

As we go through this infor ation" I want you to understand that this section is of i !ortance to those trying to hel! another !erson who is e4!eriencing" or dealing with" An4iety on a daily basis. 0ow you !rovide su!!ort to the ay hel! the to control their An4iety to so e degree. %irst thing is first. NE'ER belittle or try to down!lay so eone's An4iety *isorder. This is a REAL disorder and should be res!ected as such. *on't -ust dis iss their e!isode as a one ti e event" or try and 'solve' their !roble through rationali5ation. 1ou have to understand that when a !erson is actually going through an An4iety attac. rationality is not so ething they are concentrating on. (r listening to. This is an e4tre ely frightening e4!erience and no atter how uch you'd want to" you CANNOT MAKE THIS EXPERIENCE GO AWAY . (nly the individual who is 0A$I&6 the attac. has the !ower to do this. &ot 1(U. The absolute (ORST thing you can do is to act as if they are #1I&6 or ACTI&6 to get attention. This is si !ly not the case. /hile you ay BE#IE$E this to be true because you have never yourself e4!erienced the unrelenting terror of an An4iety attac." that doesn't ean that it isn't ha!!ening to so eone you care about. I agine for a second that you had witnessed a C!hysicalC accident that your loved one or dear friend was a !art of. So ething you could SEE the outco e fro . /ouldn't you do everything in your !ower to hel! the 2 /hat if they were tra!!ed inside a car that was on fire2 /hat if they were tra!!ed underwater and were drowning2 1ou would want to aid the " wouldn't you2 /hat if they had sto!!ed breathing2 /ould you -ust stand around watching the !ass away2 (r would you do everything you could to ad inister C+' to the " even if you weren't sure you were doing it correctly2 /hile the above e4a !les are e4tre e" so eti es" to an An4iety sufferer" it absolutely feels li.e the end of their world. As if they are drowning in a sea of chaos and dis!arity"unable to !ull the selves out. Also" by atte !ting to in effect ignore the An4iety attac." you are !robably contributing

to another disorder that goes hand in hand with An4iety. . .*e!ression. Instead of holding the down 'under water'" try throwing the ti e they have an attac.. a life !reserver the ne4t

0ow can you do that2 7ust BE there for the . #et the .now that while you ay not understand what they are going through" you are there for the and will stay until they feel better. Do NOT try and force so eone out of an An4iety attac.. It could a.e the attac. that uch worse for the . 7ust let the attac. ha!!en naturally" and in ost" if not all" cases" their bodies will hel! the co e out of the 'hot' 5one all on it's own. And if it doesn't" get the to the nearest e ergency roo as soon as you can. (r call an e ergency s;uad to ta.e the . Also" NE'ER try and give so eone suffering fro an An4iety attac. any ty!e of !rescri!tion drugs that have not been !rescribed by their fa ily !hysician. See s li.e co on sense" but when you see a loved one going through such a !ainful event" you really want to hel! the . Believe e" THIS (ILL NOT HEL$ THE). 6etting the to a !rofessional source" such as an e ergency roo or their own fa ily !hysician" for hel! WILL.

Where To Get &el! For #our Anxiety?

If you have e4hausted all your own ental !ower to overco e An4iety on your own" there is still hel! for you. The best course of action for you at this !oint is to see. out !rofessional hel! through your trusted fa ily !hysician. 0e will tell you what you should do and the best ste!s for you to ta.e to have fulfilling life with a dash of An4iety on the side A9=. If you don't have a fa ily !hysician" you can still get hel! for An4iety through your local area ental health facilities. +laces such as &etCare are e;ui!!ed to deal with any different ental health disorders and illnesses" one of which is An4iety and +anic *isorder. &ever thin. that you are going through this alone. There are illions of other !eo!le struggling with An4iety -ust as you are every single day. There are su!!ort grou!s" counseling services you should ta.e advantage of" An4iety related !rogra s to hel! you a.e sense of and learn to control your An4iety" and of course there are effective edicines your doctor can !rescribe for you if necessary.


/ell" you have ade it to the end of this eboo. and ho!efully you are co ing away with ore hel!ful infor ation that when you began reading. Also" I ho!e that you were able to a.e it this far so I can leave you with a few ore words of encourage ent. If you suffer fro An4iety" I co end you for a choice to learn ore about what it is" what you can e4!ect" so e ste!s you can ta.e to get your An4iety under control" and last but not least" finding so eone that can understand what you are going through and .now that you are not alone in your fight. 1ou can get hel! and you should under no circu stances feel stu!id" e barrassed" or any other -udg ental thing about yourself for doing so. 1ou are a !erson with feelings that ha!!ens to suffer fro a serious disorder that deserves the right to be ha!!y and co fortable with your life, If you are on the other side of the to.en" and you are living with" care about so eone with" or .now so eone with An4iety" I truly ho!e that you have a clearer understanding of what that !erson faces on a daily basis and how you can hel! the get through the tough ti es. /hether you are so eone battling with An4iety or so eone who loves a !erson fighting this battle" I wish you all the best life can give to you. 1ou are a wonderful !erson for ste!s to educate yourself on this serious illness. Congratulate yourself for a -ob well done,

The #inden 3ethod 9 EF An4iety G +anic Cure +rogra +anic Away 9 End An4iety G +anic Attac.s

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