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Report of QA

Introduction Testing is the process of evaluating a system or its component(s) with the intent to find that whether it satisfies the specified requirements or not. This activity results in the actual, expected and difference between their results. In simple words testing is executing a system in order to identify any gaps, errors or missing requirements in contrary to the actual desire or requirements. According to ANSI/IEEE 1059 standard, Testing can be defined as A process of analysing a software item to detect the differences between existing and required conditions (that is defects/errors/bugs) and to evaluate the features of the software item. Definition of QA Engineer Quality assurance (QA) refers to administrative and procedural activities implemented in a quality system so that requirements and goals for a product, service or activity will be fulfilled. It is the systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes and an associated feedback loop that confers error prevention. This can be contrasted with quality control, which is focused on process outputs. Quality assurance is the planned and systematic set of activities that ensures that software processes and products conform to requirements, standards, and procedures. Quality Assurance is not just about testing a system. The role of QA on an agile team is much greater than that, elevating the QA engineer to a god among men. By Mark J. Balbes, Ph.D. Although to pinpoint or to count the quality characteristics seems like an infinite loop, but there are some of the common quality attributes and characteristics and those can be listed as: Correctness Reliability Integrity Usability

Efficiency Maintainability Testability Interoperability Flexibility Reusability Portability Clarity Modifiability Documentation Resilience Understand ability Validity Functionality Economy

From this figure it describes as QA is a subset of STLC QC is a subset of QA QT is a subset of QC Finally, STLC subparts are QA , QC and QT so to complete the life cycle of software all the process plays a important role.

QA: Quality Assurance

QC: Quality Control

QT: Quality Testing

STLC: Software Test Life Cycle

fig: Software Test life Cycle(STLC)

Types of Testing

There are different types of testing such as

Black box testing White box testing Unit testing Incremental testing Functional testing System testing End-to-end testing Sanity testing Regression testing Acceptance testing Load testing Performance testing Usability testing Recovery testing Security testing Compatibility testing Exploratory testing/Adhoc testing User Acceptance testing Alpha testing Beta testing Manual testing Automation testing

Design testing Smoke testing Browser testing Among this different types of testing in the 4 months duration I ve done functional testing, design testing, smoke testing, manual testing, black box testing, user acceptance testing, regression testing, security testing, system testing, compatibility testing, negative testing and browser testing. While testing the websites as the QA or tester I ve seen lots of problem due to the insufficient of time span programmers and designers cannot focus in their work as they can perform. So, to maintain this gap QA plays a vital role in it. According to the product wise QA helps to minimize the risk of failure and error in the project. But in my perspective, if there is small project and the enough time can be given by programmers and developers then it is not necessary to be QA in the company because this can be done by the programmer by separating the time for the testing before delivery to the client. But in context to our company I have tested almost 17 projects where I have found minor as well as major issues so I think to avoid the issues which have been done by the programmers and designers in our company QA is must necessary resource of out company.

Overflow According to our company after analysing the plan design is done by the designers. After completing the designers programming is done. After the completion of the programming, the designers again complied programming and designing. And at the end the testing is done by the QA.

In the testing process QA identifies defect which is fixed by developers and rechecked the issues done by QA.

Goals of QA It is a process full of risks. To reduce the risk that the project will overrun cost or schedule are programmatic risks To have no QA activity is to increase the risk that unacceptable code will be released. To analyse the client requirements and detects the error as well as informed to the respective person.

Requirements Knowledge about the programming knowledge. Overall flow of the website. Maintain communication skill with the manager, programmer and designer. Knowledge about the testing types in practical as well as theory. Bug reporting clearly. English language fluent. Spelling check thoroughly. Skills to bug report clearly. Able to check the seo title, breadcrumbs and credit links. Able to remove the malware in website

Able to use FTP server. Changes in frontend and backend. Able to check the data in the front end and back end. Up-to-date client requirements. Check according to the client requirements.

Tools Used spelling checker for website in front end only which helps to reduce the error in mistakes. Webmaster tools for the security purpose. Iphone testing tools. Ipad testing tools. Comparing the load time for the previous and new websites. Online website checked.

Benefits of QA Overall management of quality of applications. Significant reduction in costs due to the implementation of defect prevention practices and sustainable production support processes. Optimized resource utilization by improving the overall quality of applications and enabling valuable resources to focus on new development, which enabled our Client to deliver higher business value through IT services. Improved quality levels for new or enhanced products, as well as reduction in release cycle times. Creation of a Knowledge Base pertaining to on the implementation of a solid documentation policy, preventing the loss of relevant business knowledge and allowing for shorter ramp-up times for new resources. Support the deployment of best practices in QA and test projects and standardization of these best practices. The implementation of solid QA practices along the SDLC, enhanced the analysis and design capabilities.

Problems in absence of QA Lack of communication poor information work flow. Lack of processes. Lack of standards and/or procedures. Lack of process for integration. Lack of functional testing and design testing. Insufficient time for developers to test the website. More issues from client. Cannot maintain standard of website. Minor mistakes may not be considered. Cannot meet the deadlines of the project. Relation between the client may not be good. Lacks of quality website produced from the company. Overload to the developers. Lack of time to the developers and designers. Decrease the product of the company. Every programmer doesnt know about the way of testing. Insufficient time to put the data in the backend and observer the changes in the front end. Form validation, number masking, cropping image programmers. SEO is always be the issues in any website. Problem in live and localhost website. Missing requirements according to the client. Cannot deliver the project on-time. arent checked by

Conclusion Although, in this agile model every works are not clearly defined and frequently changes due to the client requirements and becomes hurry to deliver and meet the deadlines. Programmers and designers are rushed to do their work due to the deadlines. Due to this reason QA is very necessary in company to test the website because dissatisfied project may leads to the bad relation in the future also. QA minimise the issues when deliver to the client. Even though, programmers cannot be good tester because they dont want to point out their faults by themselves too. At last but not the least, tester are the mediator between the programmer and designer so to maintain the communication between them as well as to up-to-date the project QA plays a really vital role in a company.