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To Whom It May Concern: Kayla Bruggeman student taught for eight weeks in math at Mason Middle School.

Mason Middle School is comprised of over 1,500 students from diverse backgrounds. While on Team Reliance, Kayla was accountable for 112 students. Kayla was responsible for teaching two math classes, 7th Grade Math and an Introduction to Algebra Class (7th grade honors), as well as a twenty-five minute intervention class. Additional duties included supervision of students, attendance, staff and math department meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and daily team meetings. Kayla is the definition of professionalism. On a daily basis she arrived at least thirty minutes before her report time and stayed at least thirty minutes past the end of the day. She showed a very caring and energetic attitude as well as maintained a professional appearance. Through her sincerity and dedication not only to the subject matter, but also to the students, she was able meet both the academic and social needs of the students which is critical at 7th grade. She also displayed professionalism by adding valuable information in meetings to parents, students, and teachers. Kayla is a very reflective teacher. She consistently redesigned lessons from day to day and even class to class to meet the needs of the students. Her lessons demonstrated confidence in her ability to have all students become successful learners and participants, which promoted self-confidence and a higher comfort level for the students in the classroom. Kayla was never afraid to ask the question Why? She was confident in her content knowledge to be able to dig deeper into her students understanding of the concepts being taught. Both in and out of the classroom, Kayla demonstrated outstanding fairness and consistency in dealing with behavior management. She created a climate of mutual respect, friendship, and a sincere understanding of each students self-esteem and ability level. Students trusted her both personally and academically, which created a comfortable and productive learning environment. Kaylas lessons were always delivered with clear and concise directions. She has a gift of questioning techniques that elicits responses from all students. When clarification was needed, students were comfortable seeking out Kayla for help, which she was more than happy to provide. Communication was not only great with the students but she also communicated with me on a professional and friendly level. Kayla would not hesitate to ask questions and was very accepting of constructive feedback. She almost always implemented the suggestions immediately. I have thoroughly enjoyed supervising and watching Kayla flourish as a teacher. It is without hesitation, and my personal opinion, that Kayla will be a phenomenal addition to any school faculty. Her dedication to the education field, her outstanding organizational skills and her exemplary teaching ability, leads me to believe that Kayla has the dedication and knowledge to be a successful teacher and will have much to offer the teaching profession. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions. Sincerely, Amber Hawk Cooperating Teacher


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