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Base Material: Alloy Designation: Principal Composition: PNumber: Group No.

: Preheat Temperature: Filler Wire (GTAW): FNumber: ANumber: AWS: Interpass temperature: Electrode (SMAW): FNumber: ANumber: AWS: Postweld Heat Treatment: General Comments:

SA312 Gr. TP347H to: SA312 Gr. TP347H S34709 S34709 18Cr10NiCb 18Cr10NiCb 8 8 1 1 10 C (50 F) ER347 /ER1682 /ER1910H 6 all 8 all 5.9 all 175 C (347 F) max. E34716 /15 /E168216 /15 5 both 8 both 5.4 both None

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