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NAME:______________________________________ DATE: AUGUST 7, 2009 GRADE SIX_______SCORE___________


Write the etter !" the #!rre#t $%&'er.

_____1. Why plants called producers? They _____________. a. b. c. d. Consume food Make their own food Provide food for other or anisms !ll of the above

______ ". Why animals called consumers? They ______________. a. b. c. d. #o not eat plants Produce their own food #epend on other plants food #epend on plants for protection

______ $. Which of the followin can cause dead plants and animals to decay and turn into useful substances? a. b. c. d. Mosses Producers Consumers #ecomposers

______ %. Which of these materials is &'T needed durin photosynthesis? a. b. c. d. Carbon dio(ide Water )unli ht '(y en

_______ *. The transfer of food ener y from the producers to a series of consumer is called a. b. c. d. +ood web +ood chain +ood cycle !ll of the above

________ ,. Plant ives off______ which animals and human bein s breathe in order to live. a. b. c. d. Carbon dio(ide '(y en Carbon mono(ide -ydro en

________ ..What activity can disturb the carbon dio(ide o(y en cycle in an a/uarium? a. Placin enou h amount of water.

b. Placin e/ual amount of plants and fishes. c. Puttin too many fishes with small amount of plants. d. Placin the a/uarium in a place where there is enou h sunli ht. ________ 0. Which is the correct se/uence of or anisms in a food chain? a.1ice rain b. Chick chick hawk hawk rice rains decomposers decomposers

c. -awk rice rains decomposers chicks d. 1ice rains decomposers chick hawk

________ 2. What does a food web show? 3t shows a. b. c. d. ! series of food links The role of the consumers ! series of eatin activities !n interlink amon food chain

________ 14. What is the role of producers in a food chain? a. b. c. d. They They They They make their own food. feed primary consumers. replace nutrients in the soil. provide o(y en in the air.

________ 11. Photosynthesis is performed by a. b. c. d. -erbivores Producers Primary consumers decomposers

_________ 1". The role or profession of an or anism in an ecosystem is its a. b. c. d. -abitat Consumption 5colo ical niche Production

_________1$.What happens in a food chain? a. b. c. d. 5ner 5ner 5ner 5ner y y y y is is is is lost to the air. transferred from producer to consumer. transferred from consumer to producer. increased from consumer to another consumer.

_________1%. Why are decomposers important? a. b. c. d. They They They They break down comple( wastes into simple materials. provide carbon dio(ide and o(y en to the soil. deplete the soil of nitro en and other minerals. make the soil dry.

_________1*. What is transferred in a food web? a. b. c. d. 33. Parasites Predators 5ner y Water +ill in the blanks. Choose your answer from the list below.

1,. Plants are called_______________________ because they manufacture their own food. 1.. __________________ shows the path way of food from producers to a series of consumers. 10. When several food chains are interwoven and takin place in a particular community6 a ___________________ results. 12. The chemical ener y of food taken from the plants is trans fomed in the bodies of ______________________. "4. The_____________ is the main source of ener y for all livin thin s.