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Role P#o/ile

A. JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title Department Reports to Duration o" job Consultant Youth and Society Based in Islamabad Project and Programmes !ead o" Programmes #outh $ Society Country, Region Pay Band Pakistan, South sia %& Salary' P(R )*%,+,,

)- months contract o" ser.ices until pril /,)+

PURPOSE OF JOB To manage and speci"ied outputs targets, metrics and milestones "or British Council Pakistan0s programmes CONTE T AND EN!IRON"ENT Ou# P#o$#a%%es &o#' The British Council creates international opportunities "or the people o" the 1( and other countries and builds trust bet2een them 2orld2ide3 4ur 2ork is organised into the separate business areas o" rts, 5nglish and 5ducation and Society3 Arts: 6e2 2ays o" connecting 2ith and understanding each other through the arts English: 7ore 2idespread and better 8uality teaching, learning and assessment o" 5nglish 2orld2ide Education: 5nhanced 1( leadership o" and shared learning "rom international education Society' Societies 2hose young people, citi9ens and institutions contribute to and bene"it "rom a more inclusi.e, open and prosperous 2orld (EY RESPONSIBI)ITIES *. P#o$#a%%e "ana$e%ent Contribute to project design and shaping o" targets:milestones, using practical e;perience and kno2ledge, as and 2hen needed 7anage and elements o" the programme, including market research, de.elopment, product launch 7anage monitoring and e.aluation o" programme 2ork, including production o" regular progress reports +. Sta'eholde# "ana$e%ent Communicate 2ith partners:internal stakeholders to coordinate project deli.ery and to deal 2ith day&to&day project deli.ery issues ,. Co%-liance and Financial "ana$e%ent Propose detailed project and budget plans "or by more senior colleagues, outlining ho2 project "unds or resources 2ill be used to speci"ied annual targets and metrics

Interpret and "ollo2 British Council project procedures <project, "inancial and risk reporting= to ensure compliance 2ith all systems and standards

(EY PERFOR"ANCE CRITERIA >uality o" 2ork ccuracy and timeliness o" 2ork Compliance 2ith procedures (EY RE)ATIONS.IPS The post holder 2ill need to de.elop success"ul relationships 2ith (ey programme stakeholders Programme teams "or rts, 5nglish, 5ducation and Society in Pakistan
) o" ?

OT.ER I"PORTANT RE0UIRE"ENTS OF T.E JOB The post holder is re8uired to tra.el e;tensi.ely and occasionally 2ork unsocial hours Passport:.isa and:or nationality re8uirement3 Security or legal checks re8uired "or this role3 Right to 2ork in Pakistan @ocal police checks

/ o" ?

B. PERSON SPECIFICATION Essential Beha2iou#s assessed du#in$ inte#2ie3 sta$e o/ #ec#uit%ent -#ocess Connecting Aith 4thers B
More demanding level


Assess%ent sta$e

Please see The Behaviours Dictionary for behaviour definitions and levels

Being ccountableB
More demanding level

Aorking Together B
Essential level

The position holder 2ill be re8uired to demonstrate all si; beha.iours, on the job3 These 2ill be assessed during year end per"ormance e.aluations3 Beha.iours to be assessed during the inter.ie2 stage o" recruitment are mentioned3

Beha2iou#s not assessed du#in$ #ec#uit%ent -#ocess Creating Shared Purpose&

Essential level

Shaping the Cuture B

Essential level

7aking it !appen B
More demanding level

Project and Contract 7anagement <@/= S'ills and (no3led$e

See The Generic Skills Dictionary for details

Business 7anagement and De.elopment <@/= Cinancial Planning and 7anagement <@/= Communication Skills <@/= Computer Skills <@?=

1p to date kno2ledge o" youth and society issues bility to 2ork independently nalytical skills Short listing, Test and Inter.ie2


4ne year o" rele.ant e;perience )% years o" education

Short listing and Inter.ie2


)* years o" education

Pro"essional 8uali"ication in Project 7anagement or a related "ield Date

Short listing

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Recruitment Team

6o.ember /,)?

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