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CIO has the unique ability to provide insight into a CIOs priorities, their challenges and their ever

evolving role to help you effectively reach your target customers and prospects.

Within 3-5 years, CIOs aspire to spend their time on more strategic activities:

Insights into what you need to know about

of CIOs determine the business need stage.

of CIOs lead the approval stage.

Heads of IT keep up-to-date with New Technology using these top sources:

Content Sites

1. Technology

2. Peers 3. Search Engines 4. Technology Publications

off is required on all IT expenditures.

41% Identifying opportunities for competitive differentiation

45% Developing and refining business strategy

54% Driving Business Innovation

54% say IT Executive sign

comprised of CIOs.

71% of IT steering committees are

Mobility and BI are top priorities:

5. Technology Vendors

Mobility - 52% expect to

complete projects in the next year. projects in the next year.

BI - 47% expect to complete

Cloud has the MOST profound effect on the CIOs future role.

Investment increases go to edge technologies:

online to receive tech solution content in the past 6 months.

86% of Heads of IT registered

CIOs Organization Structure:

69% - Centralized 24% - Federated

CIO controls centralized IT assets/budgets. Some decisions and budget are centralized, but other choices and assets are distributed.

The average ITDM needs to consume 5 pieces of content before they are ready to speak with a sales representative. 60% consume at least 2 pieces of content.

7% - Decentralized

Each IT business unit is fully independent when it comes to projects and budgets.

registering for content. (Higher than mid-level IT, IT pros and LOB).

37% of CIOs use a personal email when

CIOs say the #1 way to achieve all strategic business objectives is to increase the degree of interaction between IT and end/external customers.

42% of Heads of IT notice/appreciate

vendor related content sent to them based on a previous download.

IT are actively researching SDN. On average, CIOs have a household income of

30% of Heads of

On average, CIOs download 8 informational assets during the purchase process: 4 of those assets were produced by the vendor they ultimately selected.

The median age of CIOs is 50 years old. Media/Collaboration are of greatest new interest: 50% are actively researching


have completed a Masters degree or higher.

48% of CIOs

43% of
Type of Role CIOs see themselves in:

enterprise CIOs report to the CEO.

CIOs want to be contacted 5 days after they have consumed the proper amount of content. Contact outside of desired timeframe is worse than no contact at all.

70% of CIOs say

64% who say no

Server virtualization tops the implementation phase: 68% are in production either in their BI or enterprise-wide.


53% of CIOs are

responsible for one or more non-IT areas of the business.





contact outside the desired timeframe decreases likelihood to purchase.

contact at all decreases likelihood to purchase.

66% of Heads of
IT hold a seat on the Executive Committee.

82% of CIOs say they are

68% of the total dollars invested in tech is

directly controlled by IT (now and in the next 3 years) Other groups that currently also have budget for tech investments:



more likely to purchase a product if the sales rep is highly knowledgeable about the product and able to answer questions.

Tenure of CIO at all-time high.


CIO reaches CIOs. Monthly Traffic: 4.4 MILLION Page Views 1 MILLION Unique Visitors visitors purchase authority: $287 Million average IT budget 76% involved in the IT purchase process.

consultants who evaluate and advise. CMOs are split when it comes to how they characterize CIOs:

36% of CIOs view CMOs most often as

Actionable Results:

see CIOs as consultants who evaluate and advise.

see CIOs as strategic advisors who proactively identify business need and make recommendations.

84% have taken any action as a result of visiting

94% of readers take one or more actions as a result of seeing an ad in CIO magazine.
Qualified Circulation: 140,000

87% of CIO event attendees plan to, or are considering, following up with a sponsor.